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Thurs-Friday   Dec 15-16, 2005  Volume 1672 - They let him go 

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Power of Nightmares

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
CIA's 'War on Terror' 
Bush caves on Torture 
We had Zarqawi 
Feingold takes a stand 
NSA Spying on us
Wild Monkey Mail
Moon & the Media
Handjobs at FOX 
Lesbian Angelina Jolie? 


 Quote of the Day

"Bob Woodweard was a great reporter.
  Now he's a stenographer for Bush."
    -- Bush stenographer Howard Fineman  Link


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"If he ever tries to exercise that, he's going to see a real filibuster if I'm living and able to stand
on my feet or sit in my seat. If the senator wants a fight, let him try it. I'm 88 years old, but I can
still fight, and fight I will for freedom of speech. I haven't been here for 47 years to see that freedom
of speech whittled away and undermined."
     --Sen. Robert Byrd, on Bill Frist threatening the "nuclear option." if they filibuster Alito,  Link

 I don't care if they filibuster Alito or the new patriot Act, but if the Democrats want to hang on
 to a sliver of power they need to strike while Bush's poll numbers are still crazy-low.


Ex-CIA Agent's 'War on Terror'
  by Robert Parry at  consortiumnews.com


Michael Scheuer, who tracked Osama bin-Laden for the CIA, says the Bush administration misrepresents
al-Qaeda's motivation by claiming that Islamic militants are driven by a hatred of America's freedoms, rather
than a resentment of U.S. policies in the Middle East. While framing the issue around "freedom" may help rally
support inside the United States, it creates more opportunities for al-Qaeda in the Muslim world, Scheuer warns.


Subject: Lying or negligent?

If the number one export of Iraq were olive oil
instead of petroleum oil would we be there today?

Anna T

Anna, no.



"It is true that much of the intelligence turned out to be wrong. As president I am responsible for
the decision to go into Iraq. And I'm also responsible for fixing what went wrong by reforming our
intelligence capabilities. And we're doing just that. We are in Iraq today because our goal has always
been more than the removal of brutal dictator. It is to leave a free and democratic Iraq in his place."
      --Dubya,         Link

 George, you're just lying again.
 You said we had to go to Iraq to prevent mushroom clouds in America.

 Now you claim we went there to remove an oil-rich, former partner of yours who wasn't a problem.
 How many more thousands of American lives will you throw away, George?


Bush caves on Torture
 America got a little less tarnished yesterday
McCain makes Bush kiss it

 "Can I kiss it off camera?"


Bowing to pressure from allies and foes, foreign and domestic, the Giggling Murderer was
forced to abandon his public support for torture and then ordered all cameras banned from
the various secret torture prisons located around the world by the former "Beacon of Freedom."


Subject: Bart-loves-Hillary rift

Alto Said: "Clintons fight for themselves, but the party went even further to Hell under them"

Blaming the Clintons for the Dems going to Hell "under them"?
The problem was that the Democrats weren't under them, behind them, side by side with them,
or running ahead of them.   They were on the other side of the fence helping the Republicans demolish them.
The party was fighting the Clintons (and each other) because each little faction thought the control of two
branches of govt' was their personal ticket to ride in with their own little agendas.

I agree - that's how we lost health care.
The dems agreed that the Clintons and their "crazy plans" had to be stopped.

They all went ballistic when the Clintons didn't say "yes" to every single one of them.
After they lost control of Congress as a result, they spent the rest of the time helping the GOP
smear the Clintons or refusing to back them up.  If they'd even _listened_ to the Clintons,
let alone allowed themself to be led, the world might be a different place now.

_Dave In Half Moon Bay

p.s. And I'm supposed to back someone that won't fight for themself?  Been there, done that.



Please visit our longest running sponsor

Six Years for Clinton


What a difference six years make. In 1999,     Hillary was skewered as a carpetbagger
who would get her comeuppance at the hands of the mayor of New York City.
Today, she's coasting to re-election that could set up her White House run.

Her approval ratings are far ahead of the potential Republican competition. She also has a ton of money.
On Tuesday, she and her famous husband hosted 900 people at $500 a plate in New York City.

Yet Democratic groups are lining up to prevent their best candidate from winning.
Oh, how I love being a Democrat.


Subject: Tookie Williams

"Why do we kill people to teach people that killing is wrong?"

It's a simple question.

CY, the whole world wonders why America is so backwards and blood-thirsty.


Why media won't cover Sun Myung Moon


Using his swindled money, political operatives and front groups, Sun Myung Moon has been wildly successful
in moving our nation, and more specifically the Republican Party, hard right to the point where what would be
extremism a couple decades ago is now considered everyday "conservatism" today. The most visible example
of Moon's effort has been the Washington Times which gave hard right wing views backbone and served as
Washington's journalistic farm system for conservative writers. This was done while Moon moved in other areas
to empower the theocrats within the conservative movement, nurturing his goal of a more theocratic America.
Yes, he has been extremely successful in his role as molder and savior of the conservative movement, yet you
won't hear any of it on TV, the main way most people get their news. Wonder why TV won't inform the nation?

Well, one reason is because they would have to admit they have helped him.


 Chapter Ten

Today: The Holy Trinity Constitutional Amendments.

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Bush Permitted NSA to Spy in U.S

 "It's my country and I'll do 
   whatever I like with it."


The National Security Agency has eavesdropped, without warrants, on as many 500 people 
inside the United States at any given time since 2002, The New York Whore Times reported. 

That year, following 9-11, Bush authorized the NSA to monitor the international phone calls 
and international e-mails of hundreds perhaps thousands of people inside the United States.

Before the program began, the NSA typically limited its domestic surveillance to foreign embassies 
and missions and obtained court orders for such investigations.

You know this bastard was reading Kerry's mail and listening to his phone calls.
They can't be trusted with power and we know that because they've already been caught.

But for Republicans, there's no penalty for getting caught, so the same bunch of
nasty-ass felons are back in charge, abusing power on a scale never seen before.


saw it on warcrimeswatch.org

Subject: Bush spies everywhere

The revelation that the Bush administration is using the NSA to spy on Americans without a court order 
is disturbing for many reasons. Besides the obvious move towards a communistic society the fact that the 
New York Times sat on this story for more than a year because the White House requested they keep it 
secret shows that not only are we secretly being spied on, but also that Bush has control over the press. 

Congress has just passed a bill specifically written to try to get Bush to stop torturing people. I think it's time 
to make it illegal for Bush to stop spying on his political enemies by urging Congress to stop the so called "Patriot Act". 
The idea that moving towards Communism is a patriotic act is against everything America stands for.

Marc Perkel
San Francisco, CA.


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including teas, crackers, olive oils and spreads.

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If we ever get to Ely, Minnesota, the first place we're going is Chapman Street Market.
I have good friends there.

If you ever get to Ely, Minnesota, stop in, buy something
and tell Cathy behind the counter that "Bart says Hey!"

Scottie the Underbear's Daily Denial

"I did not have sex with Bo Derek.
 Why would I?  She's a woman..."



"Yes, I do."
   -- Der Monkey, when asked by Britney Hume if he believes Tom DeLay is innocent.   Link

 That's strange, because when they asked Bush "Is Karl Rove innocent?" he said "I can't comment on that."


They had Zarqawi, but they let him go
  They didn't recognize the most wanted man in Iraq?


Iraqi security forces (What does that mean?) caught Zarqawi last year but released him
because they didn't realize who he was, deputy minister Kamal told reporters. He said that
Iraqi police "suspected this man" and detained him "along with other members" of his group.

"Afterward, he was released because we did not know the identity of this criminal," Kamal said.

"He was not armed," Kamal said. "He was like any other citizen who was suspected.
There was a simple interrogation with him and he was released."

If they can't tell when they've hit the jackpot, why are they detaining anybody?
If they let Zarqawi go - who are they detaining?


Random Thought...

Why do church bastards lie so much?

I just heard a TV commercial here in Tulsa where the preacher claimed,
"We're no longer allowed to sing Christmas carols."

That's a bald-faced lie and the preacher f-ing knows it's a lie,
but he also knows he can make more money with a lie than with the truth.
With church bastards, like with Bush, it's always about more money.

Why can't these liars be at least an honest as Ol' Bart?


Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.


"We all know that the bedrock pillar of a free society is a free press
  and that it is crucial for the foundation of any democracy."
     --Condi, explaining why Bush has been caught paying whore journalists
         like Tom Armstrong Williams to spread BFEE propaganda,   Link

 "I'm not black, I'm green - like the color of money.
  I'll help Bush spread any lie ...if he pays me enough."


Does anybody know how to get away from these bastards?




Subject: donation

Damnit, Bart, now why did you have to go and get me addicted to that radio show of yours? 

My brother Robert has been threatening to send me the CD's for a long time, but I basically said, 
"Nooooooo way bro, I spend way too much time thinking about all this shit as it is."

It's hard to conceive of laughing too much.

You can donate with PayPal...or  snail mail.

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 Tulsa, OK  74155

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"I think we are welcomed (In Iraq) but it was not a peaceful welcome."
       --Dubya,    Link

 We knew five years ago how stupid this Monkey is.
 Now the country is beginning to see it - finally.


Feingold takes a stand
 A Demo senator actually came to work????


He was a minority of one four years ago, when he cast the lone Senate vote against the Patriot Sham.
The law, he said, gave Bush too much power to investigate its citizens. Ninety-nine whores disagreed.

Now add more than two dozen senators to Feingold's side, including the leaders of his party and
some of the chamber's most conservative Republicans, and the balance of power shifts.

The new Senate arithmetic that emerged this week is enough to place the renewal of major portions of 
the law in doubt. It was enough to inspire Senate Republican leaders to consider a backup plan in case 
Feingold's filibuster threat succeeded. Enough to prompt Bush to dispatch Tortureboy Gonzales to 
Capitol Hill twice in two days to lobby on the accord's behalf.

No luck so far, said the chief Senate sponsor.

For the last few months, Bush has had terrible poker hands, but the Democrats are too afraid to bet.
We need better poker players in Washington.


Subject: Bird flu

Sincerely, these people don't think beyond their noses. 
In their minds, it certainly would solve the Medicare/Social Security problem once and for all. 

Nursing homes filled with people in close contact. 
The rich could wall themselves off and the rest of us would be scrambling for meds. 

Things have not changed, the rich are the aristocracy and we are their unwashed masses- fools, if you will. 
Buy, Buy, Buy little people and amuse us. 


Is your  bartcop.com  subscription up to date?

Subject: liberal media mias

'Ok, so I read your "what if?"

Dateline wouldn't do a story ripping Bush because he's such a great president.
Naturally the media reports on what is true, otherwise nobody would watch the news shows or buy newspapers.

Now about defending Clinton, well, there was nothing to defend. He was a cheat
of a president, everyone knows it and to defend him would be a mockery of media news.
People would have stopped watching the news shows and buying the newspapers if
Clinton was defended because the public will not take being lied too.

So I think you actually answered your own question by saying "what if"
It would have to be "what if" because you Liberals live in a world of day-dreaming
where only rhetorical questions can be used to discredit conservative views.

I let the facts speak for themselves.


MeL, how many thousands of soldiers died because Clinton was "a cheat?"

You say, "The public will not take being lied too,"
Tell me - why are we in Iraq?

Are the families of the military dead "day-dreaming?"
Or did Bush really send them to die because he wanted to steal Iraq's oil?

And Dude, I've been doing this since 1992, and I've never, ever heard anybody say
that the media reports on what is true - you're the first person who's ever said that.


 Iraq pumps 2,000,000 barrels a day,
(and that was before the 2002 Halliburton Upgrade)
 times today's oil price which is  $61.10 a barrel
makes $122,220,000  Bush stole just yesterday

2150 2153 have died for Halliburton

Three more in Cheney's meat grinder
I'm so old, I remember when the GOP used to say,
"Every life is precious..."

Does the evil bastard care?

"Do I look like I care?
I made $122M today - what'd you make?
Heh heh..."

Bush brought in a gusher of blood.


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The Handjobs at FOX News
    by Cal Thomas, of all people


I have never understood why so many Christians feel the need to see and hear "Merry Christmas" proclaimed
to them at stores by people who may not believe its central message. While TV personalities, junk mail letters
and some of the ordained bemoan the increasing secularization of culture; perhaps some teaching might be
helpful from the One in whose behalf they claim to speak.

I do not care if a mall employee wishes me a "Merry Christmas," or not, or if mall managers favor snowpersons
over manger scenes, or erect trees they call "holiday" and not "Christmas." It isn't about their observing this event,
giving us a "religious rush" and creating a false sense of security that culture is better than it is. It is about people
who believe in this historic event observing it in a way that recalls the birth of the Savior of the world (not the
savior of the bottom line): silently, wondrously and worshipfully.


Why does Keith Olbermann buy ads on  bartcop.com?
 Because he's smart and that's what smart people do

Watch Keith on MSNBC every chance you get.
He's a lot like Jon Stewart, he's a Monkey-handler, but Jon's still funnier.


Subject: hot teacher? You're dead wrong, Bart

Let's talk about this "hot teacher sex" between this male shop teacher and these 15 and 16 year old girls. 

I am not aware of that story.

Let's go ahead and legalize adult/child sex regardless of sex. 

Let's not.

Apparently you seem to be aroused by the raping of boys by adult women. 

So far, you're 0-for-3.

<snippage, including the c-word>

You and Perkel claim to be so scientific in your beliefs, yet act like a total caveman on this issue. 

Men are cavemen.
Are you just now figuring that out?
Sexual attraction is what makes the world go 'round.

Girls are actually more mature than boys at these ages, yet you wouldn't think so listening to you 
or your ape-like friends on the other side of the fence (Hannity, Limbaugh, Medved, Oreilly, Harvey, etc.).

Wait, I'm a Republican because I think the teacher is hot?

Also, this woman could be spreading herpes or some other STD to these young boys. 

She could be slitting their throats, too - but there's no evidence of that, either.

I used to love your site, but now I hate you. 

Welcome to the club.

I nailed you to wall and now you can demoralize and demean me as well. 
Let's hear it, Ape, what do you have to say? 

I think you have enough problems without me piling on.

You are a such a sick perverted old man,


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Pop Quiz

On the Christmas episodes of "Bones," the team had to be quarantined.
For them to see their family at Christmas, their family had to come to them.
They couldn't touch, so everyone's family had to stand behind a glass wall.

Getting out in front of the situation, Angela said, "You might recognize my dad."
Her famous Dad showed up, and in a classy move, they never mentioned his name
or the "organization" which which he is affiliated.

Since it's almost Koreshmas, I'll give a 30 day subscription to BCR to the
first five people who can give me the father's real name.  And just to throw you a curve,
you can't win if you mention his "organization" - just send Angela's father's real name.

  We have our winners!! 

 It was Billy Gibbons

Lesbian Ex Still Has Feelings for Jolie
 And you thought she couldn't get any hotter...



Angelina Jolie's former lesbian lover Jenny Shimizu still has feelings for her even though Jolie is with Brad Pitt.

"She's always had lovers that she relies on. If she can ring you and you can meet up 
then she can take care of her sexual needs. Whenever she calls me up I go and visit her."


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