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Friday-Monday  Feb 3-6, 2006  Volume 1702 - More Gitmos?

Quote of the Day

"Rep.  Bill Young (R-FL) said he wouldn't be so mad 
  if it were just Cindy Sheehan, because he disagrees 
"with everything she stands for," but by removing his
  wife, officers clearly "acted precipitously". 
                   --Wake-Up Call,  Link

  Like all Republicans, Young believes freedom
  of speech only applies to people he agrees with.

  Which freedoms does Osama hate us for?

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Bin-Laden's Truce 
Lies about Wars? 
Boehner to Lead House
BFEE Pawn Guilty
Join the 'No Spy' List
Bush: New Gitmos 
Specter: Bush Guilty 
Jack Bauer TV Ads
Lady Heather's Divorce 



"You got I.D.?"

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"Our president feels the heaviness sending these young men out to fight for you and me.
  It is clear that this president feels his responsibilities.
  I am filled with confidence in our commander and chief.
  It's a shame some people (Cindy Sheehan) don't know how to behave themselves."
      -- Sara Jo Clay, who lost a son on Dubya's Sword of Greed,  Link

 Our president feels the heaviness of $135M new petrol dollars every day.
 It is clear that this president is making a profit from his fabricated war.
 I loathe any bastard who would profit from dead American soldiers.
 It's a shame that these Gold Star Mothers lost their sons to greed.


Scheuer on Bin-Laden 'Truce' Tape
  by my good friend, Tulsan Richard Fricker  as seen on consortiumnews.com


is an interview with Michael Scheuer, a former CIA counter-terrorism expert on al-Qaeda,
commenting about Osama bin-Laden's proposed "truce" for the United States if it leaves
Iraq and halts other military operations in the region.

Not surprisingly, the Bush administration rejected bin-Laden's offer, but there has been a difference
of opinion among Middle East analysts about whether bin-Laden's "truce" offer was just a political stunt
or whether it foreshadowed another terrorist attack inside the United States. Scheuer believes the latter.

Note: consortiumnews.com  is the most important site on the Internet.


 Lies About Blowjobs, That's a crime
 Lies about Wars?  We forgive you, George


It soon became clear that the insider press corps had developed a set of values almost completely antithetical
to those of the majority of the American people. This disjunction is frequently misinterpreted--often deliberately
--as one of snooty liberal elitists versus God-fearing, Darwin-disbelieving, upright common folk. It's almost
impossible to find reliable evidence for this characterization, either in what the press corps believes or what
the public does. Ironically, the media elite are attacking themselves when they embrace this myth, which is
purposely stoked by the far right, as I've demonstrated ad nauseam.

The public begged the fascist House dogs to stop the Impeachment.
Clinton's approval was in the seveneties, and terroprists were taking flying lessons,
but the Republicans said Clinton had to be brought down "to save the flag from falling."

Instead, the World Trade Centers fell.


GOP Elects Boner to Lead House
 Handed out Tobacco Bribes on the House Floor

"Want some tainted money?"


House Fascists elected Rep. John Boehner (R-Corrupt) of Ohio as their new majority leader,
choosing a self-proclaimed reform candidate to replace indicted Tom DeLay (R-Corrupt) as the
party struggles with an ethics scandal. Boehner, (pronouned "BO-ner) flanked by Sweaty Wrestler
Dennis Hastert (Delay Pawn), said Republicans will "rededicate ourselves to dealing with big issues
that the American people expect us to deal with" such as fewer rights and more Bush wiretapping,


Subject: Troop withdrawal

There will be no troop withdrawl any time soon.
The US Military is there to stay into the unforseeable future.

Halliburton and "companies" are undoubtedly building permanent bases all over Iraq,
as many of the Iraqi people believe.  The oil fields and oil industry must be under
solid US interest, influence and control before any US troops leave Iraq.

People in the US must be incredibly delusional to believe that the war was about "WMD"
or democracy.  In fact, the Bush administration must certainly be in favor of all the chaos there,
because this kind of unstable insurgent activity makes for an excellent argument for staying as
long as possible.  That is why Bush keeps saying that things are going well.

They are, for him and his cronies.
 Charlie D.


Subject: Bush joy buzzer

Bart, I was forwarded an e-mail that said Bush used a joy buzzer on a Gold Star Mother that
he met in the Oval Office. Her son had been killed in Iraq and Bush was supposed to comfort her,
but instead he buzzed her when she reached out to shake his hand.  She apparently started crying,
and Bush apologized and said he was just trying to cheer her up.

It sounds fishy to me - what do you think?
Ed in Pontiac

Bush is a 9-year old boy with unlimited power and nobody ever tells him no.
I wouldn't put anything past him.
He is a vfery sick bastard.

If you still have that e-mail, send me a copy.


BFEE Bastard Pleads Guilty
 Bush put a felon in charge of money in Iraq


Robert J. Stein, the Bush confederate accused of stealing millions of dollars through corrupt
efforts in Iraq, pleaded guilty to five charges, including conspiracy, bribery and money laundering.

Stein worked in Iraq from late 2003 to December 2004 as a contract employee on behalf of the BFEE.
He was accused of rigging contracts and stealing at least $2 million, which he used to buy cars and airplanes.

There are a hundred more like this guy on Bush's payroll.
He puts these crooks in charge, then they steal millions and kick back to Bush.
There are a hundred more like this guy on Bush's payroll.
Bush is going to do the same with Katrina, too.

Guilty Plea, Wider Scheme Play into Iraq


Despite a felony fraud conviction that his Pentagon background check apparently missed,
Mr. Stein was hired and put in charge of at least $82 million of taxpayer money.     


The Pentagon didn't "miss" a damn thing.
Bush ordered them to give the money to Stein.
Why do you think Bush started this bloody quagmire?

They can't steal hundred of billions of dollars in peacetime and
 they can't steal hundred of billions of dollars if the levees hold.

...and the military families love this murdering bastard?



"The Super Bowl isn't a fotball game.
  It's an excuse to exhume the Rolling Stones."
     -- some sports Dude in USA Today

Y'know, it makes me wonder...
Detroit has lost half its population in the last 25 years or so - it's dying.

Instead of the Rolling Stones, why couldn't they have gotten stars from Motown
to get this once-vibrant city's blood pumping again, instead of the need-to-retire Stones?

I accidentally ran into this review:

"Unlike U2's performance four years ago at the Super Bowl, the Stones' set
  was not an example of a band at its peak rising to the majesty of the event."
       -- David Bauder   Link

Did you see Prince on SNL Saturday?
Damn - that was a musical performance.
Prince isn't a dinosaur that people stare at like a five-legged cow.
Some of his performance slipped into BCR 88, out soon.


Subject: more WTC collapse


start with: "The Destruction of the World Trade Center:
Why the Official Account Cannot Be True"

by David Ray Griffin, Ph.D.

The truth could make you sick.

Dude, I'm with you, but you gotta be leary of "the truth."

This guy has an opinion - he knows more than me, but until someone with national gravitas
can put the truth into plain language that a person can fit in his or her own hand, we got nothing.

Years ago, the country slowly turned against the Vietnam War.
When Walter Cronkite said, "We have no business dying in Vietnam," people noticed.

We need a Cronkite for 9-11 and Bush's bloody quagmire.
Somebody with unassailable character needs to stand up.

Author David Ray Griffin might be the smartest, most honest patriot in America,
but I've never heard of him so America has probably never heard of him.

I'm with you, but so far - we have no traction on this.


Late, but worth seeing...

The Vulgar Pigboy
  Randi Rhodes Newsletter


For 8 years I listened to a drug-addled Rush Limbaugh and his wannabes call me a Communist.

In their twisted logic peace, prosperity, fiscal and social responsibility, smaller government, merit over
cronyism, personal privacy, and homeland security through competence and vigilance somehow equated
to Cold War era Soviet Union governance...I know, it makes ZERO sense but consider the source.


Subject: AAR Bartcop.com plug heard in Sacramento on KCTC

Dearest Bartcoppers:
The following is an email I sent out today to folks, some of whom are IN Tulsa,
some who are FROM Tulsa and some who have NEVER been to Tulsey Town in their lives.
Gary Chew/Sacramento/Got KWGS affiliated with NPR in 1977.


This web site is out of Tulsa, Amerika.
Not everyone there is a right wing wacko.

The other day, I heard someone on the Air America Radio Network plugging this site.
Wouldn't it be loverly if AAR had an affiliate in Tulsa; reminds of when it didn't have an NPR affiliate;
you know, that moderate network with the best radio news coverage in America.

Bartcop has been up on the web for 10 straight years.  Well, I guess there's at least
one left wing wacko in Tulsa. And happy first decade anniversary.

Thanks be to Oral and his brother Anal.

Let's hear it for diversity, whether it be in a red or blue state.
Liberal democracy works best that way, it seems.

Click and cackle.


gchw/sac...a guy who loves Tulsa, still...and anyway.  Doh!!!

Gary, thanks for that.


Join the 'No Spy' List


Complete the "No-Spy List" sign-on below to ask for protection from domestic eavesdropping.
We'll deliver it to the Senate Judiciary Committee during their domestic spying hearings.


Subject: hey, who are you?

The other day the Village Voice did a piece that had my website and a couple
of quotes in it, and I got perhaps 25 hits as a result of that.

Today, you drop in a (edited, but we'll get back to that) quote, and I get like 150.
So who?  Wha?  BartCop?
Either you ride the subway in San Francisco, or your name is Bart.

OK, one gripe: If you edit my quotes (as you did when you changed the casualty rate),
could you please do it the newspaper-geek way?  You know, with the square brackets?
I know that would have probably dulled the impact of the quote... but it's the Way of Truthfulness,
something it would seem you and I are both fighting to uphold.  But not a huge issue, really.

Anyhow, keep up the good work!


Mike, my name is Bart.
I'm glad you got some hits.
When you buy an ad, you get tens of millions of hits, ...possibly.

For the editing explanation  Click  Here


Bush Orders Vast New Detention Camps
 Want to split a duplex in British Columbia?


Halliburton just received a $385 million contract from the Bush to provide
"temporary detention and processing capabilities."

The contract calls for preparing for "an emergency influx of immigrants, or to support the rapid
development of new programs" in the event of other emergencies, such as "a natural disaster."
The release offered no details about where Halliburton was to build these facilities, or when.

I think the coming "natural disaster" is Bush getting impeached.
Why is Halliburton getting hundreds of millions more dollars to built giant prisons?

Who's going in there?
Intellectuals, Jews, gypsies and teachers?

"Almost certainly this is preparation for a roundup after the next 9/11 for Mid-Easterners,
Muslims and possibly dissenters," says Daniel Ellsberg, the famous former military analyst.
"They've already done this on a smaller scale, with the 'special registration' detentions of
immigrant men from Muslim countries, and with Guantanamo."

Tim soldiers and Monkey coming,
We're finally on our own.


Quagmire costs $100,000 per minute


The White House plans to ask for another $70 billion to pay for Bush's wars, driving the cost of
military operations in the two countries to $120 billion this year, the highest ever. Most of the new money
would pay for the war in Iraq, which has cost an estimated $250 billion since the U.S. invasion in March 2003.

The additional spending, along with other war funding Bush will seek separately in its regular budget next week,
would push the price tag for combat and nation-building since Sept. 11, 2001, to nearly a half-trillion dollars,
approaching the inflation-adjusted cost of the 13-year Vietnam War.

Currently, the DoD is spending $4.5 billion a month on Iraq, about $100,000 per minute.
Current spending in Afghanistan is about $800 million a month, about $18,000 per minute.

You know what the Republicans are saying?
"That's a lot of money, and we can't really afford it, but at least that money
  isn't going to the darkies or the lazy poor or the self-inflicted queers with AIDS."


Way Cool!
The Mike Malloy Movie


Subject: Congrats BartCop


Wow, ten years, that's a long time to think of "stuff" every single day
and to make it entertaining as well as knowledgeable.

And then there are the things to tickle the thinking process and you've done it all every day.
I hope you have many, many more great years.

I've always enjoyed your site BartCop.
Shirley S

Shirley, thanks for that.


Be a part of Bartcop Radio

Specter Believes Spy Program Violates Law
 But wimpy Democrats say, "Maybe he did, maybe he didn't..."


Tortureboy's explanations so far for Bush's failure to obtain warrants for its domestic spying
are "strained" and "unrealistic," the Senate Judiciary Committee chairman said Sunday.

Sen. Arlen Specter (More balls than a Democrat), whose committee has scheduled hearings Monday,
said he believes Bush violated a 1978 law specifically calling for a secretive court to issue warrants.
Specter, (R-Go Figure), said he might subpoena documents that would detail Bush's justification for the crimes.

"The president could've taken this there and lay it on the line," Specter said.

    "Why are you giving OUR president such a hard time, Arlen?"

 Tutus, Stop helping Bush!!!!!!


Subject: FOX News being #1

FOX is number 1 strictly due to production values.
It's fast and visually riveting to watch.

Flip back and forth between FOX, CNN, and MSGOP,
and you'll see what I mean.


Well, they have that Bush-worship thing going on,
so 30 percent of the audience is a lock, but you're right.
CNN is slow, boring, lazy and old.

If CNN went "screw Bush 24/7," then we'd each have a network.



"This is Glen Beck, coming to you live from sunny Philadelphia, via Los Angeles
   with talent on loan from a retarded angel named Fred..."
     -- AM radio Nazi Glen Beck, mocking the vulgar Pigboy or organized religion - I heard it myself


Subject: Bill established the precedence

Clinton survived but not for long by selling out on Nafta
and killing ADC children
and giving handouts to the poor starving Corporations.


LJT, this is a test, not an attack.
What can YOU tell me about NAFTA?

Don't send me someone's link, don't send me someone's quote.
I want to know what YOU know about the harm NAFTA caused.

Pre-emptive strike:
If your answer is "Look how many jobs we lost," I'll blame Bush.
When Clinton was president, everyone had jobs.

This is a test, not an attack.


Just in time for Valentine's Day.
 Feb 6 Last day to order for Valentine's delivery

Why Republicans Hate Bush
   By Robert Novak, (R-Douchebag)


While jumping up on cue to cheer during the speech and delivering rave reviews afterward,
conservative members of Congress were deeply disappointed by Bush's speech Tuesday night.
It was not merely that the president abandoned past domestic goals. He appeared to be moving
toward bigger government. The consensus on the Right was that Bush's fifth SotU was his worst.


Flamey McGassy

Subject: a Finnish fan

Hi, Bartcop!

Just letting you know that you have an ardent fan in Finland, Northern Europe.
Your tequila tree house is one of the very few sites I visit almost daily.

I have lured even my American, conservative wife to read a Bartcop rant every now and then.
Before we got married this summer, she had been thoroughly brainwashed by Fox News.
She had been a leftist prior to 9/11, but, sadly, she had started listening to Sean Hannity
without knowing how to take his words: with a truck-load of salt.

Anyway, with your help, Bartcop, I have been able to drive a few points home with my wife.
We live in Finland now. So far, people here have enjoyed almost free health care and education,
plus relatively large wages for working class.Why should we go along with the crappy right-wing
politics and agree that it is best if a small percentage of people gets almost all the benefits of
economic growth while the others have to settle for less than they have now.

Thanks for the sanity you bring to my life.
All the best,


Pauli, thanks for that.
Stay warm.


24's Jack Bauer in Patriot Act Fray


During a commercial break while the fictional Bauer was desperately searching for canisters of deadly
nerve gas that had fallen into the hands of terrorists, viewers in the DV area saw an ad questioning the
wisdom of senators who would "weaken" the Patriot Act.    "What if they are wrong?" the ad asked.

It marked a blurring of Hollywood fantasy with political reality that represented a sharp departure even in
the no-holds-barred world of political campaign advertising.

I think the show is very anti-Bush.

Several seasons have featured traitorous White House bastards murdering for fun and profit.
They even talked about why the White House would intentionally start a false war so they 
could get their precious pipeline to bring oil to the Gulf so the Ameri-bastards could make 
hundreds of billions of dollars without caring for the thousands they were murdering.

Jack Bauer may be GOP, but Keifer is one of us.



"Americans haven't seen an increase in real wages since the 1970s...But are you rioting?
  No.   You're voting for Republican candidates who give people like me tax cuts.
  You know what? I think that's your way of saying 'thank you.' "
      -- Stephen Colbert,  Comedy Central


Subject: we need a new team

I am so disgusted with the Democrats for not fighting for anything that is really important.
We are all just as disgusting if we don't try and start a new party.  It is obvious to me
(and I am pretty dumb) that the Democrats are not ever going to fight for what is right.

We need a new party.

JP, seems we have two choices:
We can slap (or financially starve) Democrats into action OR
we can spend the next 30-40 years building an alternative party.

I don't have 30-40 years, and neither does the America we once knew.


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"I'm watching some B-I-itch from the Friends of the Earth.
  My gosh, Bush just offered you switchgrass.
  You people ought to be having multiple orgasms.
  It was a hydrogen car last year; switchgrass cars this year."
     -- Rush the vulgar Junkie, clearly pissed at his president,  Link

 Wasn't Cheney on Rush's show just before the SotU speech?
 Didn't he tell the Pigboy he'd really like the speech when he heard it?

 I guess this make Bush a left-wing kook and Cheney a liar.


Subject: Hillary

Don't you like the sound of Edwards-Clinton,  in that order?

All I know about Edwards is from the 2004 campaign
where he was ordered by Kerry to "play nice."

Plus, by 2008, Hillary will have more senate experience than Edwards,
not to mention her eight years co-running the White House.


Gambling on Religion



Subject:  failed filibuster

Kerry's filibuster may be "obviously" doomed today, but it wasn't last week...

It was a long shot from the beginning, but Kerry and those who tried
deserve credit for making the fight.


Steve, semi-disagree.
If Kerry acted like a leader and threatened to filibuster Alito within 24 hours
of his being named, I think more Democrats would've signed on.

But Kerry, always the meekest, mildest and most cautious tutu in the room.
He had to be shamed into keeping his damn 2003 promise by certain websites.

The Democrats don't want to win.


Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

Subject: Truman comments

St. Bart,

In the "Bush=Truman" article link that you included,
I'm wondering if the author of that article mixed up his Trumans.
Perhaps he meant Capote, not Harry...

After all, whatever happened to Ganon-Guckert?
Or how many Log Cabin Republicans have visited the Lincoln Bedroom "under" Bush?
(Lord, forgive me for that terrible pun).

 ha ha

Hope all is well in Jesusland, my son.
Give my best to the lovely Mrs. Bart...
I will pass on your good wishes to Mrs. Mushroom, too.

Fr. Mushroom
Vatican City West, Minnesota


Rainproof WPE poster seen in Eureka, CA rally
Thanks to soaringmouse

Bush bullies hiding  bartcop.com  from you?

Surf anonymously
by entering bartcop.com at

The 2006 SotU Contest Winners


 A squeaker!
 First and fifth places decided by less than ten votes.

 Don't you wish you had voted?


Subject: saw it in L.A.

Bart, new bumper sticker:

Being a Liberal in America today feels like
being a Mensa member stuck on the Short Bus.



"I'm trade young men for oil."

 Iraq pumps 2,000,000 barrels a day,
(and that was before the 2002 Halliburton Upgrade)
 times today's oil price which is  $65.37 a barrel
makes $130,740,000 Bush stole just yesterday

2248   2252 have died for Bush's oil greed

Does the BFEE have a marble or granite franchise in the DC area?

Bush's gusher of blood.

What date will oil hit $100 a barrel?

Two weeks?
Christmas Day?
March 4, 2008?


Bush Voter Nabbed after Gay Bar Hatchet Attack


A teenage Republican, suspected of a hatchet-and-gun attack in a Massachusetts gay bar,
shot and killed his passenger and a cop before he was critically wounded in a gun battle
with police Saturday, authorities said.

Walsh said Jacob Robida shot Officer Jim Sell, during a traffic stop in Gassville, Arkansas.
"He started firing at our officer and a state police officer, and the officers returned fire,"
said Baxter County Sheriff John Montgomery.  "They went medieval on his ass."

Update: Jacon Robida was met at the Gates of Hell by Paul Hill.


George Clooney's Three-bagger


Oscar golden boy George Clooney didn't spend the day toasting his good luck after grabbing
nominations for supporting actor in Syriana and for director and co-writer of the Edward R.
Murrow bio Good Night, and Good Luck, which also is a best-picture candidate.

Clooney's output might be more serious, but he's not. Asked what social issues, beyond the power
of the press in Good Night and oil-industry corruption in Syriana, he wants to tackle next and he jokes,
"I want to do a film about clown drug addicts. It's a big political issue in the next election cycle."

Actually, George, it was a big political issue the last 2-3 elections,

...but the Democrats were too polite to mention it.



You remember I told you about my fancy new CD replicator?
I put in a CD that I want to copy and then add up to four blanks,
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That is all.


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Heather Locklear's Divorce

   "My GOP heart repels men."



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