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Wednesday  Feb 8, 2006   Volume 1704 - Stiff Competition

Quote of the Day

"We know now there were no WMDs over there 
  [standing ovation]... but Coretta knew and we know 
  that there are weapons of misdirection right down here. 
  Millions without health insurance. Poverty abounds. 
  For war, billions more but no more for the poor." 
    -- Reverend Dr. Joseph Lowery, smacking Der Monkey's
       oil greed at Coretta's funeral, in front of 4 presidents,Link

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
'Talkin' Texan' = Lying
The Cruelest Cuts 
Boner's Apartment
Saying Nothing 
My Boss is Lying 
Soldiers Face Diseases 
Missed Opportunities
Bush without Terror 
Janet Gretzky caught 



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"Our enemy is listening, and I cannot help but wonder if they aren't shaking their heads 
  in amazement at the thought that anyone would imperil such a sensitive program. 
  How can anyone conclude that it is not appropriate to intercept al Qaeda phone calls?" 
    -- Tortureboy Gonzales, pretending they're only listening to terrorists  Link

Hey TBG, if you're only listening to terrorists, why did the FISA court turn you down?
They approve 99.99 percent of every request they get, but they refused you.

That's proof you're spying on Americans for no valid reason.


'Talkin' Texan' Means Lyin' Big
  by Richard Parry  as seen on consortiumnews.com


George W. Bush told an audience at the Grand Ole Opry that he would explain his warrantless wiretap program
in "Texan," presumably straight-shootin' talk. He then proceeded to give a fictional account of how his special
spying program only targets Americans who are calling al-Qaeda operatives. The reality is much different, with
vast amounts of data from Americans being mined for leads that almost invariably turn out to be worthless.

Note: consortiumnews.com  is the most important site on the Internet.


The Cruelest Cuts


President Bush said in his State of the Union address, ''we strive to be a compassionate, decent, hopeful society."
The next day, he and his fellow Republicans ambushed the poor...Bush said that we strive for a compassionate society. 
But the Institute of Medicine report concluded, ''we cannot excuse the unfairness and insufficient compassion with 
which our society deploys its considerable healthcare resources and expertise." The rich get compassion and tax cuts. 
The poor get no compassion. They just get cut.

Hmmm, this guys seems surprised that Bush would tell a bald-faced lie
and then kick the poor people in the teeth because they were powerless to stop him.

Maybe he's new.


Boner Rents Lobbyist's Apartment


Rep. John A. Boehner (R-Tobacco Whore), who was elected House majority leader last week, is renting 
his Capitol Hill apartment from a veteran lobbyist whose clients have direct stakes in legislation Boehner has 
co-written and that he has overseen as chairman of the Education and the Workforce Committee. The relationship 
between Boehner, John Milne and Milne's wife, Debra R. Anderson, underscores how intertwined senior 
lawmakers have become with the lobbyists paid to influence legislation. Boehner's primary residence is in 
West Chester, Ohio, but for $1,600 a month, he rents a two-bedroom basement apartment near the House 
office buildings on Capitol Hill owned by Milne, Boehner spokesman Don Seymour said yesterday.


Subject: Bart the liar

Hey Bart,
Is Parry paying you to say this crap?

> "Note: consortiumnews.com  is the most important site on the Internet."


Richard, if you have a problem with something Parry wrote,
why not address it like an adult?

Or, if you know of a more important site, why name name it?


Subject: Best.Issue.Ever

Hey Bart, this was your Best.Issue.Ever.

No. 1702 was not too angry, not too silly, but JUST RIGHT.
Great links, great commentary, good stories, good images.
(Thanks for the George Clooney pix!)

Congratulations on Ten Years.
I've been with you, oh, I can't remember now how long I've been looking in.
Best wishes for however many more years you want.

Keep swingin',


The Art of Saying Nothing


We thought President Bush's two recent Supreme Court nominees set new lows when it came to giving 
vague and meaningless answers to legitimate questions, but Attorney General Alberto Gonzales made them 
look like models of openness when he testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday about 
domestic spying. Mr. Gonzales seems to have forgotten the promise he made to the same panel last year 
when it voted to promote him from White House counsel to attorney general: that he would serve the 
public interest and stop acting like a hired gun helping a client figure out how to evade the law.




"There is no excuse for violating the rule of law. You can listen to [suspects] and get the warrant afterward. 
  Not to do that appears to be an expression of contempt for the idea of warrants." 
     -- Grover Norquist, (R-Nazi) saying Bush is breaking the law,  Link



"I always really admired her.  I liked the way she maintained her dignity in the face of all the 
difficulties she faced. One of the most vivid things to me, although most nobody has mentioned it, 
is less than a week after he was shot, she and her children went to Memphis and led that march 
that he was down there to lead. And you know, she would have been forgiven, I think, by everyone 
concerned if she had chosen just to be a mother and to focus on her own life. Instead it was her cause, 
too, and she continued it and broadened it." 
     -- Bill Clinton, America's last elected president,  Link 


Subject: are Democrats being blackmailed?

Hey Bart,

On one hand, we know that Little bush has been illegally spying on people
and was embarrassed/ashamed/too sneaky to even ask for a warrant.

On the other hand, we have a bunch of Beltway Democrats who seem
to be scared of their own shadows, or something.

It sure looks to me like some of these Democrats are being blackmailed.
Or is it just me?


HW, they can't all be vulnerable to blackmail.

Recently, I said that *I* can't be blackmailed,
and I've got lots of stuff in my past - just nothing serious.

Can every Democrat have a deep, dark secret that's so bad that he or she
would be willing to sell out the country to prevent that secret from coming out?

Let's say Democratic Senator X is gay, and that would shock a lot of people.
If they blow his whistle, so to speak, he can say, "They found out I was gay
because they used the Patriot Act to illegally listen to my phone calls."

Seems like that would be worse for Monkey and Cheney than Senator X.


'My Boss is Lying' Quotes

"Previous Presidents have used the same constitutional authority I have,
  and federal courts have approved the use of that authority."
       -- Dubya, lying like always in his State of the Union address, Link

Feingold:  Do you know of any other President who has authorized
                  warrantless wiretaps outside of FISA?

Alberto Gonzales: Um, none come to mind, Senator.  I can't give you an answer.  Link

Did Feingold follow-up with, "So why did your president lie last Tuesday?"

That was a dumb question on my part.


Subject: Kerry & Alito filibuster

Bart, if "Kerry [is], always the meekest, mildest and most cautious tutu in the room"
why was he the one to start the filibuster?

Clearly, he was shamed into it.
In 2003, he said (my words) "I vow to block any anti-choice nominee Bush sends up."
Instead of doing that, he jetted off to Switzerland for a skiing vacation.
(Don't tell he he was there for a "conference.")

Once the bigger websites (not bartcop.com) started rubbing his nose in his "vow,"
he said, "Whoops, my bad" and came running home to do the job too little, too late.

It's like he wants to be Dick Clark, but he always has "other plans" on New Years Eve.
He can't be bothered with work - he just can't f-ing be bothered with saving this country..

Whichever it is, it seems that at least this time he was not "the meekest,
mildest and most cautious tutu in the room."

Doesn't mean he has real brass ones (Helen Thomas, call your office.)
Keep the hammer going.
Dick P

True, on the SAC scale, Kerry was a three this time instead of a zero.
We still lost, because "leader Kerry" went to sleep - AGAIN.

He knew Alito had confirmation momentum when he left the country - the coward.
He would've gladly forgotten his vow had he not been shamed into facing it


Random thought...

Is FOX News going to have Arianna Huffington on their network 
to trash Hillary every day between now and the 2008 elections?

I wonder - does she trade "Why I hate Hillary" stories with Susan Estrich
Mara Liason and Tom Williams while the make-up lady gets them ready for Hannity?. 


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'Bush is great!'


"My criteria for judging this stuff is what would a President Hillary do with these same powers. 
 And if I'm troubled by what she would do, then I have to be troubled by what Bush could do, 
 even though I have more trust in Bush than I do in Hillary." 
   -- Paul M. Weyrich, (R-Nazi) saying Bush is breaking the law,   Link

 They seem to think Hillary is going to win.
 That being the case, it's the smart move to stop Bush's crimes now,
 before Hillary talkes over and has unlimited Presidential powers for two terms.


Subject: American joke of the Day

Bartcop, Small-time website publisher


Believes Ms Clinton is the only person who can beat Bush.

As of today, that is what I believe.

Supports Bush's torture agenda

That is false.

Believes all American soldiers are heroes.

Most are.

Insults readers who support him.
Wal from Australia

I sometimes insult those who lie to themselves.
Dude, relax, have a Fosters...


Subject: Canada after 50


When I called my brother on his 50th birthday, he was really upset. 
Not about turning 50, but because you can't emigrate to Canada once you turn 50. 
Just thought you may want to have a plan "B". 

See you on the cattle car when they round us up,

Ria, thanks, I didn't know.
My friend good friend Tom at  funnyfarmonline.org
says Honduras is pretty nice place to settle down...


Wilson Calls for Wiretap Inquiry
   She's the Repub who oversees the NSA


A House Republican whose subcommittee oversees the National Security Agency broke ranks with Bush
and called for a full Congressional inquiry into the Bush administration's domestic eavesdropping program. 
The lawmaker, Representative Heather A. Wilson of New Mexico, chairwoman of the House Intelligence 
Subcommittee on Technical and Tactical Intelligence, said in an interview that she had 'serious concerns' 
about the surveillance program. By withholding information about its operations from many lawmakers, 
she said, the administration has deepened her apprehension about whom the agency is monitoring and why.


Subject: Monkey at Coretta's funeral


I see that the "liberal" media is piling on regarding the overt and subtle criticism of Monkey during 
the Coretta Scott King funeral. Not unexpected from the same bunch of scumbags that feigned fake outrage 
over the Wellstone funeral leading to the election of AbNorm Coleman. The fact that the Democrats will 
likely stand by and let it happen without a peep is no surprise either.   (I expect them to apologize.)

President Weak and Stupid's very presence at the funeral was a complete mockery that would be easy for 
the Democrats to exploit if they had a brain or courage.... (never mind.) The "leader of the party of racists 
who has done everything he possibly could to marginalize darkie while in the White House (not to mention 
the New Orleans debacle!) is allowed to stand up there and spew disingenuous platitudes about this great 
woman and her husband with no recourse?!  Not only does a lack of fighting back by the Democrats allow 
the right-wing nut jobs to position him as the victim they actually help give him cover from any accusations of racism.

I'm not sure if the sound I hear is the Bush family's plot in hell being stoked even hotter 
or the spinning of the Kings in their graves.



One man stood tall,
even among other presidents.

Soldiers Face Debilitating Diseases
 More victims of Bush's oil greed


"I have good days, I have bad days," said M. Sterry, of New Haven. 
"There were eight of us that served together. Six of my friends are dead."
She looks healthy, but Sterry is a very sick woman who has no idea how much longer she will live.

"I've had three heart attacks, two heart surgeries. I have chronic headaches, chronic upper respiratory infections. 
I get pneumonia two or three times a year," she said. "I have chronic fatigue, joint aches, muscle aches. 
I have a rash that migrates all over my body."

Sterry figures the initial symptoms began in Saudi Arabia in September of 1991 while she was serving with the 
National Guard. Three years later, the symptoms were still there, but much more severe.

State Sen. Gayle Slossberg said one of the sources of the diseases may be depleted uranium.

Thousand of our soliders will get very sick and die,
yet they still volunteer for Bush's failed quagmire - why? 



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''Their argument is extremely dangerous in the long term because it can be used to justify 
  all kinds of things that I'm sure neither the president nor the attorney general has thought about.
  A president ''could just do whatever [he] wants to do...The American system was set up on the 
  assumption that you can't rely on the good will of people with power." 
      -- David Keene, on Dubya's illegal spying program,   Link


Click  Here

Democrats sense Missed Opportunities


Democrats are heading into this year's elections in a position weaker than they had hoped for, 
stirring concern that they are letting pass an opportunity to exploit what they see as widespread 
Republican vulnerabilities. In interviews, senior Democrats said they were optimistic about 
significant gains in Congressional elections this fall, calling this the best political environment 
they have faced since President Bush took office."

It's not to late to pretend this is an important fight.
Bush is in the high thirties approval, yet you're still scared to challenge him?

Nobody likes the war.
Nobody likes Bush's illegal spying.
Nobody likes that America is nearing bankruptcy.

America is hungry for change.


Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

Subject: Hillary

Bart, you nailed it here: 

> "I agree, the Left is her biggest obstacle, besides Diebold. " 

Bart, the voting fraud issue is the BIGGEST obstacle to regaining our democracy...these people are 
on a weird drug cocktail composed of fear, power, religion and hubris not to mention HYPOCRISY,
the attribute vice pays to virtue and in that deluded state the 1984/Metropolis/Manchurian Candidate/
Animal Farm syndrome has taken over the entire right side of the isle...

Christopher in Nevada

I don't know why Democrats don't take Diebold seriously.
Maybe they could call Max Cleland for an opinion?

He was 4-5 points ahead the day before the election, then lost by 2-3.
Then he said, "Darn it," and accepted defeat with grace and dignity.

I'm getting reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally f-ing tired of accepting defeat with grace and dignity.


Bush bullies hiding  bartcop.com  from you?

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Where would Bush be without Terrorism?


Where would the Bush administration be without terrorism? Like the Cold War before it, the "war on terror" 
is a conveniently sweeping rationale for all manner of irrational governance, such as the outrageous $2.77 trillion 
budget the president proposed to Congress on Monday. Without terrorism, how could Bush justify to fiscal 
conservatives the whopping budget deficits that he has ballooned via his tax cuts for the wealthy that he now 
seeks to make permanent?...In order to pay for the money pit that is Iraq, the Bush budget demands draconian 
cuts in 141 domestic programs, led by a $36 billion cut in Medicare spending for the elderly over the next five years. 
This from a president re-elected after promising to expand rather than curtail health-care services to seniors. 

Note: Sorry this issue is late.
I've went to  huffingtonpost.com  to get this story and I've been closing pop up ads for the last two hours.


Subject: Scottie Mac Mugged by Old Lady

Bart Ol' pal

Who knew a spiral notebook could be a blunt weapon?

Theodoric of Brooklyn 


"I'm trade young men for oil."

 Iraq pumps 2,000,000 barrels a day,
(and that was before the 2002 Halliburton Upgrade)
 times today's oil price which is  $63.09 a barrel
makes $126,180,000 Bush stole just yesterday

2258   2261 have died for Bush's oil greed

Bush's gusher of blood.

What date will oil hit $100 a barrel?

Two weeks?
Christmas Day?
March 4, 2008?


"We need more dead."

Resurgent Mariah Has Momentum for Grammys 


In less than a year's time, Mariah Carey managed to escape pop's most dreaded fate - faded superstar - 
to become its reigning queen, ruling the record charts with the year's most popular single and its best-selling album. 

Carey could also become queen of the Grammys if her momentum carries in to Wednesday night. The diva, who won 
her only two Grammys 16 years ago as a multiplatinum newcomer, has the opportunity to win a record-setting eight trophies, 
including the categories of record, song, and album of the year. No woman has won more than five Grammys in one evening.

I saw something this week about Mariah's great "sense of fashion," which made me gag.
I think she thinks she's in great shape but she's always coming out of her less-than-ample clothes.

Mariah's not my favorite, althought she can sing, but I gotta salute this comeback.
Forget that "faded superstart" crap - a few years ago, the attack bastards in the whore press ran 
a new story each day about how she was "crazy" and "unbalanced" and "unable to cope with reality."

Can you imagine what it's like to be that famous, and every time you walk in a room you hear
people whisper about the state of your sanity?   I'd rather see Kanye and U2 and others win some
awards tonight, but if Mariah wins, that's OK, too. 

Coming back from, "She's just crazy," to me, is a bigger comeback than Sinatra's.

A shot of Grey Goose to Mariah Carey.



''It's Bush's defenders who are embracing the most liberal and utopian view of human nature 
  with their 'trust me' argument, a view that would cause the Founding Fathers to weep. 
  The real conservatives treasure the original understanding of the Constitution, 
  and clearly this is inconsistent with the separation of powers." 
     -- Bruce Fein, on Dubya's illegal spying program, Link


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Janet Gretzky caught Gambling
   I always liked her


Janet Gretzky various and NHL players placed football and short-pants bets with a nationwide
sports gambling ring run by Phoenix Coyotes assistant coach Rick Tocchet, cops claim.
Janet's husband, Wayne, played hockey professionally and owns a piece of the Coyotes.

The developments came at a sensitive time for the NHL, which is trying to win back fans
after a season-long lockout and...

Wait - where the crime?
Big headline, "Lady caught gambling," but where's the crime?


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