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Thursday  Feb 9, 2006   Volume 1705 - Show me the Monkey

Quote of the Day

"Free nations are peaceful nations..."
     -- Murder Monkey, this morning on TV

 But Mr President, America is free, yet we invaded Iraq.
 If we're free, was our invasion a peaceful one?

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Yet Another Bush Lie
Feingold Steps Up  
Playing the fear card
Abramoff, Bush Close  
Story of Emmett Till  
Ordinary George
More Torture at Gitmo 
Trapped like a Rat 
Paris Hilton - stalker? 




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Jack Cafferty:  These guys are either arrogant or stupid and neither of those is a good thing 
                           if you're going to be the House majority leader--am I missing something here? 
                          Where's the reform part? I wonder how long this guy is going to last.

Wolf the Whore: You did hear Ed Henry say that it is a basement apartment 
                             which is not necessarily all that desirable...

Cafferty: Yea...and pigs fly upside down and the moon is made of green cheese 
                and there's no quid pro quo from a lobbyist who is also your landlord. 
                Do I look like I just fell out of the back of a vegetable truck to you?

Blitzer: No, you look like Jack Cafferty...

 - Jack Cafferty, on why a corrupt bastard (Boner) is replacing a corrupt bastsrd (DeLay)   Link


Yet Another Bush Lie
  by Richard Parry  as seen on consortiumnews.com


George W. Bush tells Americans that they have nothing to fear from his warrantless wiretapping because the 
program has been reviewed and approved by lots of lawyers and other professionals. What he doesn't say is 
what happens to those administration officials who object to his assertion of unfettered presidential power. 
Many are isolated in their jobs or pushed out of the government. One even got a derisive nickname from Bush.

For instance, when Deputy Attorney General James Comey refused to recertify the spying program in March 2004
Bush gave Comey a derisive nickname, as "Cuomey" or "Cuomo" after New York's former liberal Democratic 
Gov. Mario Cuomo, Newsweek has reported.

More and more, we see evidence that Bush is the spoiled little boy from the Twilight Zone.
The little monster who will hurt you if you disagree with anything he says.

The bad news is, he's taking our country down a road it doesn't want to do down.
Who will be the first to tell him, "No, little boy. You can't have that!"

My money is on a Republican.
One day, hopefully soon, Specter, ...or Hagle, ...or McCain or Graham or somebody
is going to pop up and say, "OK, that's enough - the bull shit comes to and end right now."

Too bad nobody in the opposition party will say that.

Note: consortiumnews.com  is the most important site on the Internet.


Sharpton can't win this fight.
He was crazy to start it in the first place.

The President's Warrantless Wiretapping
  by Russ Feingold


Last week the President invoked the principle of freedom, and how it can 
transform nations, and empower people around the world.

But, almost in the same breath, the President openly acknowledged that he has ordered 
the government to spy on Americans, on American soil, without the warrants required by law.

The President issued a call to spread freedom throughout the world, and then he admitted that 
he has deprived Americans of one of their most basic freedoms under the Fourth Amendment
- to be free from unjustified government intrusion.

The President was blunt, so I will be blunt: This program is breaking the law, and this President is breaking the law. 
Not only that, he is misleading the American people in his efforts to justify this program. 

<Bart faints>

Did a Democrat really use the dreaded "L" word?
Did a Democrat actually speak plainly and clearly?
Did a Democrat really say something with a mealy-mouthed apology attached to it?

<Bart faints again>


Playing the fear card
 Hillary stepping up attacks


Hillary on Wednesday accused Republicans of "playing the fear card" of terrorism to win elections 
and said Democrats cannot keep quiet if they want to win in November. She said Republicans won 
the past two elections on the issue of national security and "they're doing it to us again."

She said a speech by Karl Rove two weeks ago showed the GOP election message is: 
"All we've got is fear and we're going to keep playing the fear card."

"I take a back seat to nobody when it comes to fighting terrorism and standing up 
for national homeland security," she said.  Referring to Bush partner Osama, Clinton said, 
"You cannot explain to me why we have not captured or killed the tallest man in Afghanistan."

She added, "Since when has it been part of American patriotism to keep our mouths shut?"

Step by step, she'g going to ratchet-up the attacks.
She's going on her timetable, not anybody else's.
I'm sure they have a 30-month plan and she's working it.

Someone asked me why Hillary gets a pass but not Kerry, Biden or Feingold.
I said, "because Hillary's going to be president."


Subject: Monkey in the Mourning Suit 

Can you imagine the absolute shock of our Fearless Monkey when he met a crowd 
that was not hand picked admirers with an IQ of 60 on their best day? 

Good Lord, he must have thought that the King family was happy to have his lying,
war mongering, stupid ass there to try to speak "Texan" about their mother's death.
When they decided to use the death of a civil rights warrior to speak truth to his arrogant, 
power mad self, he squirmed in his seat like a guilty criminal at his sentencing hearing.

And how about lovely Pickles scowling at anyone with the balls to tell it like it is 
with regard to the Monkey's destruction of the fabric of our society? 

When the two of those phony children of unearned privlege leave this life 
I hope that the Invisible Cloud Being sees fit to have me say a few words for them on their way out.
All the best....    


Subject: NAFTA is a disaster

Someone writes in...

"NAFTA works when you have a president with a brain in office."

And you write, " I can believe that"..
Even though it been a HUGE FAILURE, which was PREDICTED!!

Assumes facts not in evidence.
Do you know what that statement means?

I can scream, "Everybody knows Shirley is the greatest," 
but that doesn't mean anything - don't you get that?

What makes NAFTA a failure - because Rob screamed it?
Do you think you're going to convince anyone that way?

But you "need proof that you can hold in your hands", about 911 being an inside job...

Yeah, "proof" is different than a screamed opinion.
Tell me you understand that.

Even though over 70 experts and professionals have come forward...including ex-military 
& statesmen, who all claim the same thing...IT WAS AN INSIDE JOB!

Screaming "experts and professionals" doesn't impress me at all.
If you had more control over yourself, you might do a better job of convincing people.

Yes, they have "proof", it's called VIDEO EVIDENCE!!!
But that's NOT GOOD ENOUGH for Bart to even consider.
Your mental degeneration is extremely evident. Sorry but it is!

Rob, you see this?

If I say this is "proof" that you blew up the WTC, did you?

That's how you come off.

You can't point to a picture or a video and scream,
"How much more proof do you need!?!?!?!!!"

Folks in denial ALWAYS have a "reason", why they just don't get it.

Rob, stop screaming and calmly think about things like facts, and evidence, 
and credibility, and logic and how to build a case framed around reason.

I'm trying to help you learn how to win a debate.


Owning MLK


What so disturbed me about Kate O' Beirne's filthy comments is that is part of a conservative shell game 
to claim the legacy of Martin Luther King, by denuding every bit of the radical nature of his message and 
tying it to some bland form of equality. One would need either a strong stomach or short memory to see 
Sonny Perdue and Poppy Bush talking about King's legacy and not snicker. Perdue's Voter ID law is 
designed to disenfranchise blacks and George Bush ran heel and toe with the segs as much as he could.



"According to today's NYWT, Democrats are fretting about their lack of a coherent message. 
  I want to suggest this: Corruption is Cowardice. Only cowards skulk about spying on their neighbors, 
  violating the constitution because they are scared to trust the rule of law. Only cowards lie to get what 
  they want, whether it's a war in Iraq or public school vouchers. Corruption is cowardice."
         -- Glenn Smith,  Link


Subject: why the enemy wants Bush to stay in power 

Everytime we think President Bush is in trouble, the enemy (you know who) 
quickly releases something to help him win. 

Oh, my God, the enemy wants to use Bush's incompetency to destroy America. 
Please wake up Bush supporters and let them understand the enemy's line of thinking!

One who really loves America.



"He wants another kiss from Dubya."  
    --  Michael Bersin, on Joe Lieberman siding with John McCain over Barack Obama,   Link

 Doesn't Lieberman's behavior reflect badly on Gore?
 Gore thought Lieberman was the very best running mate in America? 


Subject: presidential spying 

Abu Gonzales says, "Washington did it, and Lincoln did it, and Wilson did it, and Roosevelt did it."  

He didn't get to Nixon who was president at the time the Supreme court declared presidential 
spying unconstitutional  (I suppose that's why Bush has made his current SCOTUS choices).  
But the fact is that Jimmy Carter signed the FISA act into law in 1978.  
Washington, Lincoln, Wilson, and Roosevelt were not so encumbered with a 1978 law.

Abu is really a Nazi, isn't he?

Jim H.

PS:  Still trying to figure out Washington's electronic spying.  
       Maybe he spied on that key at the end of Franklin's kite


Random thought...

CNN has chosen their Scott Peterson for 2006.
His name is Entwistle and CNN is having multiple orgasms many times per hour.

No other story on the whole planet is as important as this guy's mkurder charge.
Everything pales in comparison - the war, the wiretaps, terrorism, it's all secondary. 

My God, that means Nancy Grace will be impossible to avoid for another year?
If she gets this guy killed, I hope he's guilty.


Be a part of Bartcop Radio

Bush callers welcome


"Looking at the exchange between you and Obama, you initially put together a bipartisan effort, 
  and then he withdrew from the deal and then told you in no uncertain terms, "I'm not dealing 
  with you anymore in a bipartisan fashion. I'm going to go off and do this as a Democrat."  
    -- Chris the Screamer, auditioning for a job as McCain's Communications Director,   Link

 Chris, spinning lies so hard, so early?
 You'd make a great Scream Rep for a Republican.



Subject: voting irregularities

Bart, I agree that Diebold and the rest of those companies are one of, if not the, 
biggest roadblocks to getting the nation back on track.
The easiest argument to win with a bonehead Republican is to point out all the "mysterious irregularities" 
that have taken place in recent elections.  Each time I have done so they say "well of course every election 
has problems" to which I answer, "yes, that is true, but how come ALL of those irregularities benefited the Republicans?"  
Even their bigoted, hate-filled brains can comprehend that fact is pretty strange.
However, not all Republicans are stupid.  
I'm concerned that in upcoming elections, there will be convenient irregularities that "benefit" Democrats, 
except these will be carefully done to make sure the overall results still go the GOP's way. 
I'm not a particularly smart fellow myself, I suspect this subject has already been considered by smarter Liberals.  
I just wanted to make sure this possibility was out there where the best people might read it.  
And I can't think of a better place than Bartcop.
I love you, man.  Keep up the great work.
 JV, Proud Liberal 

Plus, remember that the GOP fights us when we ask to take a look at the paper trail.
They know they're getting ther benefit of those crooked machines.
That's why they fight the paper trail that would prove they're crooked.


Subject: your highly tuned BS detector 

Hey Bart, you disappoint me on this one.  
Is there some type of bias that is not allowing you see what the real issue is here?

It depends - what is the issue?

It's the "Great White"  errrrr  I mean the "Great One"

Still not registering... you mean Jackie Gleason?

You mean to tell me that his team, his coach, and his wife 
are involved in this but he knew nothing about this?

Oh, are we talking about Janet Gretzky gambling?
She's a great one, all right.

While the media has done an ace job of vilifying the black athlete, I do not think this has 
gotten the appropriate amount of coverage considering that in all likelihood this involves the "Great One".

Oh, Gretzky is "The Great One?  In Oklahoma, Barry Switzer is "The Great One."
We don't get much hockey news here because it never gets cold.


This is almost as bad as Romanowski's wife trying to take the fall for him.
It will be real interesting to see how the media and fans try to sweep this one under the rug.
Love your stuff, for the most part.

Dude, as far as I know, by bullshit detector is working just fine.
My issues here are that I think gambling should be legal and she's a hottie.


The Untold Story of Emmett Till 

In 1955, Mamie Till of Chicago sent her only child, 14-year old Emmett Till, to visit relatives in Mississippi.  
Little did she know that 8 days later, Emmett would be abducted from his Great-Uncle's home, brutally beaten 
and murdered for one of the oldest Southern taboos: addressing a white woman in public.  The murderers were 
soon arrested but later acquitted of murder by an all-white, all-male jury. However, Emmett did not die in vain.  
His horrific, senseless death sparked national media attention when his mother insisted on having an open casket.  
Her decision was controversial but her reason was simple: "I want the world to see what they did to my son." 
Till's death sparked the Black Resistance of the South which later became known as the Civil Rights Movement.  
Scholars and historians have studied the murder of Emmett Till ever since, and the case has even made its way 
through African-American folklore. Today, people continue to be fascinated and troubled by the murder of Till.  
Many books have been written revealing the incongruous facts surrounding the influential case and controversial jury decision.  

But…the true story had never been revealed - until now.


Subject: Boner rents apartment from lobbyist?

Because this is a Republican it has to be above board, honest deal? 
Who do they think they are bullshitting?  

Why the press does not report what the real cost of a apartment of this quality and location would really cost? 
I am just betting that the real cost to us slaves in the world would be at least 2X and probably 3X that $1600. 

Hell I rented a 2 bedroom apartment in Peekskill NY, near the ghetto in 1989 and it cost me $1350 per month. 
Why the hell is the press and the world letting this bastard get away with it!


Abramoff Describes Relationship With Bush


Bush has one of the best memories of any politician I have ever met. It was one of his trademarks though of course, 
he can't recall that he has a great memory!  [Bush] saw me in almost a dozxen settings, and joked with me about a 
bunch of things, including details of my kids. Perhaps he has forgotten everything - who knows?

Jack doesn't know they write major donor facts on 3x5 cards to refresh his Monkey mind when they meet?




"If I lived promiscuously, I would not want anyone bugging my phone"  
   -- Jerry Falwell, on Ted Kennedy and Bill Clinton opposing illegal wiretapping,  Link

Why don't the Democrat call his bluff?
They should demand that falweell release every e-mail and every telephone bill he has
so everyone can see about what subjects and to whom Falwell has been communicating.

 And if he refuses - ask him what he has to hide.

 It's easy, if you have the will to fight back.


Ordinary George


It's no secret that since he was governor of Texas, all George W. Bush has done is toss regular folk 
the occasional sop while doling out favors to his wealthy compatriots. It's worth asking: If not born with 
a silver spoon in his mouth, might Bush have been more sensitive to our needs? With the populist demagogue 
an American tradition, there's no guarantee. It's likely, though, that his life would have taken a different turn if 
he had not been the great-grandson of a business magnate, the grandson of a senator and the son of a president; 
if, instead of the Chosen One, he had been born Ordinary George.

I don't think Ordinary George would've made it without Poppy.
He's never learned a skill - how do we know he can?


Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

Subject: BCR 88 feedback

Hi Bart

I've only listened to the first part of #88, and I know how eager you are for feedback.
I agree with you on Christiana Amanpour.  
She's a real reporter, I remember the pics of her dodging the gunfire in the Balkans, I think it was, 
running through the trenches they had dug, so they could move around in some sembelnce of safety. 
Anyway, I agree, a shot of Chinaco for her.

Also, agree with you on the whole Bob Woodruff thing. I 'm sorry he got hurt and I hate to see anyone
ever get hurt, but not that he was asking for it, but I think he understood the risks of what he was doing,
and accepted them, and basically lost in his gamble against the risks.

Anyway, time for some golf, know you don't like it, but I enjoy it for the little exercise that it provides.
Good job on the first part, hope to listen to the rest by tomorrow, so will send more then.


 Dude, thanks for that,


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More Defense Dollars, Less Security
  by Ivan Eland  as seen on consortiumnews.com


The Bush administration says it enhances national security through aggressive military operations abroad 
and expanded presidential powers at home. The tradeoffs are fewer liberties for Americans, greater sacrifice 
from U.S. troops and a bigger military budget. But a pressing questions remains: is George W. Bush actually 
making America more secure? In this guest essay, the Independent Institute's Ivan Eland looks at that question


"I'm trade young men for oil."

 Iraq pumps 2,000,000 barrels a day,
(and that was before the 2002 Halliburton Upgrade)
 times today's oil price which is  $62.55 a barrel
makes $123,100,000 Bush stole just yesterday

2261   2264 have died for Bush's oil greed

Bush's gusher of blood.

What date will oil hit $100 a barrel?

Two weeks?
Christmas Day?
March 4, 2008?


"We need more dead."

Grammy Report 

Madonna opened the show and she never disappoints.
She was all legs and she looked like a teenager up there.

U2 was next with Vertigo, and they always deliver.
Mary J. Blige came out and sang One, and this time, unlike New Orleans,

she was free to bust loose and give us her version of the song.  Nice.

Kelly Clarkson, then Ellen introduced Paul McCartney with,
"This man doesn't need an introduction..." and walked off.
Paul did some boring new song, then a blistering Helter Skelter,
reminding us that he didn't stab anybody.

Mariah was next, and she was the first big highlight.
She sang with more grit and emotion that I've seen from her before,
and at the end she went up and hit those notes in that dogs-only area.
Damn, can anybody else in the building do that?
I don't think so...

Keith Urban and Faith Hill had to follow that - too bad.
Worse yet was the tribute to Sly Stone.

Too many people onstage, not enough hours of rehearsal - it was a mess.
Eventually, Sly came out with his white mohawk, which was stunning, but 
either Sly doesn't sing anymore or they had a world of microphone problems.

I was hoping for a Thankyou Falettinme Be Mice elf, but no.
Sly mumbled a few lines, then waved goodbye to the crowd and left.
The band looked at each other with an "I don't know" look on their faces.

Stringsteen did Devils & Dust, like he'd made his own deal at the Crossroads.
I kept hearing Dylan - that's a compliment, Bruce.  He closed with a terse "Bring 'em home," 
which left the censors unprepared to cut his message of peace.

Then Kanye reminded the crowd why thw word "show" is in "show business."
Golddigger was Shirley the most infectious song of this past year...

Herbie and Christina did Leon, and I said to Mrs. Bart,
"Christina has more torch, but Mariah more range than Montana."

Winding down, they seemed to have a Richard Pryor tribute ready to roll,
but maybe they were late, because they just blew right past Richard.
Seems like everybody forgot Richard.
SNL could hardly be bothered, Dave was too busy, Leno did 30 seconds,
but I guess Richard died when people were busy with other things - that's sad.

Then they closed with the massive jam to New Orleans and Wilson Pickett..
Still, I thought it was a night of highlights. I was surprised.
So often these shows can totally suck.


More Torture at Gitmo


U.S. military officials at Gitmo strapped hunger-striking prisoners into restraint chairs for hours 
to feed them through tubes and preventing them vomiting afterwards, and isolated them in cold cells, 
The New York Times said on Thursday.  The Times, citing unnamed military officials, said tougher 
measures came after authorities concluded some of the prisoners were determined to kill themselves.

The apparent result has been a sharp drop in the number of inmates refusing to eat. 
Only four hunger strikers remain, down from 84 at the end of December, said Lt. Col. JM Martin.
But lawyers called the treatment abusive. 

Only four hunger strikers remain?
And we have our government's word on that?

Can this government be trusted?


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 Trapped like a Rat
 Bush forced to listen to America


This was a day for speaking truth to power, but it was more than that. Mr. Bush and his people have worked incredibly hard 

to keep this president from hearing anything that rubs against what he believes to be true. He speaks before hand-picked 
crowds of adoring supporters, never once seeing the face of someone who thinks he is running the nation into the ground. 

On Tuesday, by his own design. George W. Bush was trapped like a rat on that stage. He was forced to listen to denunciations 
of his politics and his policies, perhaps for the first time since he took office. The effect upon him was clear; during the speeches 
delivered by Rev. Lowery and president Carter, Bush looked as if he was sucking on a particularly bitter lemon.

When one speaks truth to power, especially arrogant power, that is usually the effect. 
Coretta Scott King would have approved.


Paris Hilton ...stalker? 

          Tinkerbell is more dangerous than Paris...


A court commissioner issued a TRO Tuesday against Paris Hilton, ordering her to stay away from 
Brian Quintana, 37, who said that Hilton, 24, shoved him on at least three occasions and badmouthed him. 
He claimed she threatened and harassed him. 

Hilton spokesman Elliot Mintz said Parise was happy to keep distance between herself and Quintana. 
"If this results in Mr. Quintana having to have a distance between himself and Paris Hilton, she's delighted." 

I'd rather take the ass-whooping from Paris Hilton and Tinkerbelle than get a judge to make her stop.


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