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Wednesday  Feb 15, 2006   Volume 1709 - Appliance Fetishist

Quote of the Day

"All kidding aside, in fairness to Cheney, 
  every five years he has to shed innocent blood 
  or he violates his deal with the devil."  
    -- Jimmy Kimmel, forgetting about Iraq,  

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Why Intelligence Failed
Playing the Fear Card 
CIA Chief Fired
Katrina Brownout 
The Fever Swamp 
Plame worked Iran 
$7 Billion to Oil Buds 
Billions Missing 
Katie Holmes alone? 



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"The reason they didn't release the facts about the Cheney shooting right away 
  is they said "We had to get the facts right." That's never stopped them in the past."  
   -- Craig Ferguson


Why U.S. Intelligence Failed, Redux
  by Robert Parry  as seen on consortiumnews.com


In a scathing critique of the Bush administration's manipulation of Iraq War intelligence, former senior U.S. 
intelligence analyst Paul Pillar confirms the assertions of the "Downing Street Memo," which alleged that the 
facts were being "fixed" around the policy. Pillar accuses Bush's neoconservative advisers of "cherry-picking" 
the evidence to create a pretext for an invasion. But the neoconservative assault on objective intelligence 
actually dates back three decades. 

Note: consortiumnews.com  is the most important site on the internet


How Cheney Stalled Shooting News
  Karl Rove told to shut up and butt out


Cheney overruled the advice of several members of the White House staff and insisted on sticking to 
a plan for releasing information about his hunting accident that resulted in a 20-hour, overnight delay in 
public confirmation of the startling incident, according to several Republican sources. 

"This is either a cover-up story or an incompetence story," said a Bush-loving Republican. 
"Karl was constrained because Cheney had arranged for how this was to come out." 



"People who believe the Constitution would break if it didn't change with society are idiots."
    -- Tony "Three Fingers" Scalia, the smartest judge in history, if you ask the whore press   Link


Subject: Lynn Swann

It's curious to see that Lynn Swann announced that he is running for governor of Pennsylvania as a Republican. 
Someone should ask Swann what he thinks about Bush's non response to the dying New Orleans residents, 
most of whom were African-Americans? Or what about Bush's phony war in Iraq for oil profiteers, where a 
disproportionate number of African-Americans have lost their lives for nothing? Or what about Bush's cuts to 
Medicare and Medicaid that will adversly affect the African-American community more than any other ethnic group? 
How about Bush's valiant attempt to destroy Social Security that would have had a crippling effect on African-Americans 
on fixed incomes? How about the Republican perpetual effort to freeze the minimum wage? How do you think that 
policy affects African-Americans? Hey Lynn, there is a reason why 90% of African Americans vote for Democrats. 
They will not be fooled by people like you, Condolleezza Rice, Colin Powell and Armstrong Williams who have 
sold their souls for 30 pieces of silver.

Jenny in Troy, Michigan


Playing the Fear Card 


Nine months before the November midterm elections, the Republican campaign theme is already clear: 
It's the terrorism, stupid. The Bush White House has not been shy about its political use of an event, 
the 9/11 terrorist attacks, which for a time lifted Americans above their sharp partisan divide. 
Now, Bush faces increasing pressure to prove that he is on top of his game as the nation's protector 
against both terrorists and natural disasters, and that his party can continue to outshine the Democrats 
on the central issue of homeland security."



"Moms, dads, do not let your kids go on hunting trips with the vice president. 
  I don't care what kind of lucrative contracts they're trying to land, 
  or energy regulations they're trying to get lifted -- it's just not worth it."  
       -- Jon Stewart


Plame was working on Iran when Cheney outed her 


According to current and former intelligence officials, Plame Wilson  was part of an operation 
tracking distribution and acquisition of weapons of mass destruction technology to and from Iran. 

Speaking under strict confidentiality, intelligence officials revealed heretofore unreported elements of Plame's work. 
Their accounts suggest that Plame's outing was more serious than has previously been reported and carries grave 
implications for U.S. national security and its ability to monitor Iran's burgeoning nuclear program.


Is this a picture of Bush with Abramoff?


"Did you know that Dick Cheney tortured the guy 
  for a half hour before he shot him?"  
       -- Jay Leno


Bush may give another $7 billion to oil buddies


Bush  may waive up to $7 billion in royalty payments from companies pumping oil and natural gas 
on federal territory in the next five years, the New York Times quietly reported on Tuesday.
The royalty relief would amount to one of the biggest giveaways of oil and gas in U.S. history, 
even though the oil industry in drowning in profits from gouging the American consumer.

The report cited estimates in the Interior Department's recent budget plan that would allow 
Bush's friends to pump about $65 billion in oil and natural gas without paying royalties.


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"I lament all these ads comparing our president to Adolf Hitler."
       --the vulgar Pigboy

 Rush is right.
 Bush hasn't killed anywhere near 6 million people - yet.


Subject: Drunk Cheney avoids law

Texas sheriff were barred from interviewing Cheney about shooting incident. 
Why is Cheney always above the law? 

Because he is a dicktator and the Democrats are afraid to call him on it.

Reports out of Corpus Christi indicate that Cheney had been drinking before shooting that hunter. 
That would explain why the Secret Service kept him away from the sheriff until the next day. 
It seems that the VP gets a lot of privaliges that the rest of us commoners would not receive.

Dean in Waterford, MI


Subject: Democrats are racist

Democrats created the "Black Caucus" to establish segregation within their party and to avoid 
giving blacks positions of real power. The success of this ploy illustrates the intellectual inferiority 
of  the 91% of blacks who didn't vote for Bush because they cannot see they've been duped.

Dissident Dexter

So, if black people were smarter, they'd realize, for instance, how great a job Bush did with Katrina?


CIA Chief Fired
 Because he wasn't into torture


The CIA's top counter-terrorism official was fired last week because he opposed detaining Al-Qaeda suspects 
in secret prisons abroad, sending them to other countries for interrogation and using forms of torture such as 
"water boarding", intelligence sources have claimed. Robert Grenier, head of the CIA counter-terrorism centre, 
was relieved of his post after a year in the job.  Vincent Cannistraro, a former head of counter-terrorism there, 
said: 'It is not that Grenier wasn't aggressive enough, it is that he wasn't 'with the program'. He expressed 
misgivings about the secret prisons in Europe and the rendition of terrorists.'"


Subject: Zarqawi

Bart, you asked: 

> Can we afford to give Zarqawi a billion dollars a week?

Is this our only option? 
How did you arrive at this? 


The oil fields produce $135M worth of oil every day, or a billion a week.

Zarqawi and his merry men are running circles around our military, 
so I assume they could easily dominate the people of Iraq once we leave.


Katrina Brownout


For a time last fall, it appeared that Richard Baker, a Louisiana congressman, had come up with a plan 
that would help homeowners swept away by the storm. The Feds would give them 60 percent of the 
pre-Katrina value of their homes, enough for most to rebuild or move on. But in late December, as the 
Baker bill seemed headed for passage by Congress, the White House balked

Nagin, as well as other African-American leaders in New Orleans, have strongly harbored suspicions 
that the White House does not really want blacks to return to the city. Katrina drove tens of thousands 
of blacks from their homes. A whiter New Orleans could mean a more Republican state.


Subject: question for the Democrats

Tell me how it is possible that a political party that has broken campaign finance laws, destroyed environmental 
protections, gave tax breaks to the elite while cutting programs from the poor, lost the world trade centers while 
the president read My Pet Goat, lost an entire US port city, lied us into a pre-emptive war, let bin Laden go, 
let OBL's family go without even asking them a single question, passed countless pieces of legislation in the 
wee hours of the morning, extorted a member of Congress ON THE FLOOR to pass the Medicare bill, 
appointed ultra-right wing conservatives to the Supreme Court, funded religious organizations using taxpayer 
dollars, lost a spy plane to China, attacked the one country in the Axis of Evil that didn't have nukes and 
wasn't trying to build them, cut funding to planned parenthood and countless other programs, passed and 
then underfunded No Child Left Behind, lied about the costs of the Medicare Bill...and on and on and on...

Tell me how it is possible that the Democratic Party has been unable to defeat these people in elections, 
using the rule of law, and is unable to sway public opinion to vote for them, when the President has an 
approval rating in the 30's.  Explain that to me, and maybe I'll even consider donating to your sorry asses.

Tom, the Democrats will lose until two things happen:
They have to fix the Diebold problem and they have to fight back.



Dispatches From The Fever Swamp


The president's approval rating is stuck at around 40% and I think it's pretty clear that it isn't the reporting 
in the mainstream media or by the "reasonable" Democrats at the New Republican that brought that about. 
If left up to them the Republicans would be coasting to another easy re-election.

I don't say this because I think that liberal blogs are taking over the world and have changed the face of politics 
as we know it. I say it because I know that without us there would have been virtually no critical voices during 
the long period between 2001 and the presidential primary campaign during 2003. We were it. The media were 
overt, enthusiastic Bush boosters for well over two years and created an environment in which Democratic dissent 
(never welcome) was non-existent to the average American viewer. In fact, it took Bush's approval rating falling to
below 40% before they would admit that he was in trouble.



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Subject: Zeppelin

Hello again. Just a note to Vic who says Zep was successful because the record companies can ultimately gain control 
of what the kids love and want to buy if they just ram it down their throats enough.   I was one of those kids back in 
the 70s in the height of Zep's popularity, and where I lived you almost NEVER heard a Zep song on the radio or saw 
a Zep title on a jukebox. We got Heart, Foreigner, Journey, REO, Fleetwood Mac and the like for the most part, 
and if you did hear a Zep it was "Stairway to Heaven" or "Rock and Roll" and that's about it. We bought the records, 
without being told to by anybody, because we dug how Page went beyond those "few stolen blues riffs" and made 
something really new out of it, and how Bonham was undeniably one of the most powerful and intricate drummers in 
rock history, and how JPJ held it all together at the bottom and wove amazing instrumental textures around the songs
-- and as for "skinny rock god" singers, you can ask my wife about the 70s Robert Plant, which enthusiasm can make 
me a touch jealous sometimes...
Was this Mr. Vic even around in the 70s? Did he notice what was going on around him? Those of us who were 
aspiring guitarists, for example, ALL wanted to play like Jimmy Page, right there with Hendrix and Clapton and Beck 
and, well, you can make your own list. And so did a lot of those bands "carrying the real water", I would guess. 
Who are these mystical groups that Mr. Vic is talking about, anyway? 
Paul in Ohio

Some people feel a need to attack the front-runner
without ever bothering to suggest a better alternative.


Subject: Hackett

Jeezus Bart,

I am so sorry I didn't finish reading your page before I filled out that DCCC survey! 
Had I known about this shafting of a viable candidate beforehand, I wouldn't have watched my language.

WTF is WRONG with these people? And who the hell am I supposed to vote for if all I've got are people 
who act like they're new in town and somebody gave them a map written in Chinese?

Their major is cowardice, their minor is stupidity.
I've never heard of Sherrod Brown, but Paul Hackett is known nationwide. 


 Action at the White House


"Why was the White House relying on a Texas rancher to get the word of Cheney's hunting accident out 
 over the weekend, asked Gregory, accusing McClellan of "ducking and weaving.'' ""David, hold onů 
 the cameras aren't on right now,'' McClellan replied. "You can do this later.'' 

"Don't accuse me of trying to pose to the cameras,'' the newsman said, his voice rising somewhat. 
"Don't be a jerk to me personally when I'm asking you a serious question.'' 

"You don't have to yell,'' McClellan said.


Subject: BCR 88

Hey Bart,

Loved #88.  I have to agree with you, Reid IS sorry--a sorry sack of shit.  

All the comedy clips were great, but I especially appreciated your insurance industry piece.  
Entertaining, what with your anecdotal style, and yet very enlightening.  
Lots of good information, and certainly tactics that I will put to use, given the opportunity.



"I'm trade young men for oil."

 Iraq pumps 2,000,000 barrels a day,
(and that was before the 2002 Halliburton Upgrade)
 times today's oil price which is  $61.03 a barrel
makes $122,060,000 Bush stole just yesterday

2267   2269 have died for Bush's oil greed

Bush's gusher of blood.

What date will oil hit $100 a barrel?

Two weeks?
Christmas Day?
March 4, 2008?



"How about this idiotic comment by Hillary Clinton: 
 'How hard can it be to find the tallest man in Afghanistan?' 
  How hard can it be to find the Rose Law Firm billing records?"  
   -- The vulgar Pigboy

 But Rush, they did find the Rose Law Firm billing records,
 and they proved there was nothing "funny" going on.

 ...and the Rose Law Firm billing records didn't kill 3,000 Americans.

 So why can't Bush remember that vow he made? 

"We'll invade Iraq and steal their oil."


From yesterday

> Prediction: The illogical left will refuse to answer that simple question because, horrors,
> answering truthfully would cause them to agree with Hillary and they'd rather die than do that.

That was probably the most accurate prediction I ever made.
Lots of screaming, lots of hate mail, lots of name-calling, and lots of reasons not to answer the question.


Abramoff - Close to Rove?


Three former associates of Jack Abramoff say the now-convicted lobbyist frequently told them he had 
strong ties to Karl Rove. The White House said Monday night that Rove remembers meeting Abramoff at 
a 1990s political meeting and considered the lobbyist a "casual acquaintance" since Bush stole power.
Three former business associates of Abramoff, who worked with the lobbyist in various roles between 
2001 and 2004, told the whore AP that Abramoff routinely mentioned Rove when talking about his influence 
inside the White House. One said he was present when Abramoff took a call from Rove's office to confirm a 
White House meeting had been approved between Malaysia's prime minister and Bush in May 2002. 
Abramoff was being paid by Malaysia for helping it in DC, according to evidence the Senate has made public.


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"Cheney shot another hunter. He should own up to his mistake."
    -- Field and Stream,     Link 


 Call the all new, toll-free 
 GOP callers Welcome (snicker)

Billions Missing in Iraq 
 Senate hopeful Matt Brown demands accountability


Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate Matt Brown today called for accountability and a full investigation 
into alleged war profiteering in Iraq by companies such as Halliburton and Custer Battles - a company that 
was profiled on CBS's 60 Minutes on Sunday, February 12, 2006. 

In an interview with 60 Minutes, Stuart Bowen, the special inspector general for Iraq reconstruction, said oversight 
of the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) "was relatively non-existent" and that the $8.8 billion dollars the coalition 
seems to have lost track of is "not accounted for."  No one knows exactly where the money went. 

I do.
I know exactly where that money went.
Why do you think they fabricated a war?

"It's outrageous that $8.8 billion dollars has gone missing," said Brown. "From Halliburton's multi-billion dollar 
no-bid contracts and overcharging for meals for our troops to Custer Battles' alleged fraud of the government
- someone must be held accountable. War profiteering is despicable and this demands a full investigation."

     "Always bothering our Fearless Leader?  You must stop!"


Subject: The 9-11 debate


A few quick rebuttals to the conspiracy arguments:

First, the argument that kerosine only burns at 1700 degrees and cannot melt steel because steel melts at 
2800 degrees is false.  Kerosine's adiabatic flame temperature is 1727C and the melting point of steel is 1570C.  
Steel also reaches a plastic state where creep can take place at only 1000C; this is how black smiths pounded 
swords in the old days.  By getting steel to around 1000C where they could make it "bend" to their will much 
easier than when it was at room temperature.

Another argument is that the Twin Towers had charges set and were professionally demolished.  
If this is true then why did the towers collapse from the top down?  No intentionally demolished
building in history has ever collapsed from the top down.


A Whole Lotta BCR

My good friend Faun Otter had an idea.
He recently sent a large check and asked for all the BartCop Radio Shows.

I reminded him that all subscribers get all the BartCop Radio Shows for free
but he's getting all the shows in stereo, 128-bit whatever that's called.
For financial reasons, we have to post the shows in lesser quality.

You can get all 100 shows in the best quality possible for, say, $2.50 per show.
Note: Only 88 shows have been completed, I'll owe you the last dozen shows.

Update: It was pointed out that all 100 shows would probably fit on 2-3 DVDs.


Sheriff Barred From Interviewing Cheney
 Cheney too drunk to talk to sheriff until 14 hours later?


CBS reports that local law enforcement officials were prevented from interviewing Cheney 
after he accidentally shot a 78-year-old man during a hunting trip:

CBS's Peter Maer reports Texas authorities are complaining that the Secret Service barred them 
from speaking to Cheney after the incident. 

Of course, the question is not whether the Secret Service informed law enforcement, but whether 
law enforcement was permitted to speak with Cheney. As Talk Left notes, although the incident 
was an accident, it could constitute criminal negligence. 


Tom Cruise, Katy Holmes Deny Breakup Report 
 Can his career survive having that child inseminated, then dumping her?


The Feb. 27 issue of Life & Style magazine, on sale Friday, says Tom & Katie
"plan to keep up the charade of their romance until after their baby's birth this spring."


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