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Tuesday  Feb 21, 2006   Volume 1712 - Dissenter prisons

Quote of the Day

"Look at what's happened so far. Someone in the 
  administration acted negligently and illegally. Then, 
  those investigating find roadblocks placed in their 
  way. Further, it appeared as though the White House 
  was more concerned about keeping the story from 
  getting out than answering questions. All the while, 
  partisan allies blamed the victim. Sound familiar? 
  It should, because it has been at the core of every 
  Bush-era debacle." 
        -- Joe Hughes,   Link

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Bush's New Programs
Bush is insane 
Republican Malaise
Chain of Failure 
The Abramoff Scandal 
Eyes Wide Open 
Dangerous incompetence 
Where's my Country? 
Suing Jessica Simpson



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"I voted for the guy - I love him," says Lance Lyons, professional hunter
"But the guy made a mistake. He's the trigger man."
       -- Steve Tuttle, talking about Dead Eye Dick,  Link


Bush's Mysterious 'New Programs'
  by Nat Parry  as seen on consortiumnews.com


But recent developments suggest that the Bush administration may already be contemplating 
what to do with Americans who are deemed insufficiently loyal or who disseminate information
that may be considered helpful to the enemy.

Detention Centers

Plus, there was that curious development in January when the Army Corps of Engineers awarded 
Halliburton's KBR, a $385 million contract to construct detention centers somewhere in the United 
States, to deal with "an emergency influx of immigrants into the U.S., or to support the rapid
development of new programs," KBR said. [Market Watch, Jan. 26, 2006]

There also was another little-noticed item about the Pentagon's Civilian Inmate Labor Program. 
This program "provides Army policy and guidance for establishing civilian inmate labor programs
and civilian prison camps on Army installations."

Note: consortiumnews.com  is the most important site on the internet


"President's gone insane"


How, asks Gadiel, whose son James died in the 9/11 attacks,
can a company owned by a terror-linked country get control of our nation's ports?
"I'm a lifelong Republican and I think the President's gone insane," said Gadiel, 58, of 9/11 Families for a Secure America.

Two of the 19 hijackers were from Dubai, whose bid to run ports in New York, New Jersey and four other cities was
okayed by Bush even though investigators have found signs that money used to finance terrorism flowed through Dubai banks.

"How the hell could this happen?" fumed Bill Doyle, 58, whose son Joseph also died that day.

"Arabs are good partners..."



"This allowed us to see how his behaviour and judgement operated in real time.  It covered all
  the problems of the Bush/Cheney administration-secrecy and stonewalling- then blowing off
  the rules that are at the heart of our democracy-then using a filter to try and put the truth out
  in a way that would most suit their political needs and then bad political judgment in bungling
  a crisis...He blows off the FISA courts, he blows off the Geneva conventions, he blows off the
  UN to go to Iraq, he wants to blow off everything. He's got a fever about presidential erosion
  just the way he had a fever about going into Iraq.."
      -- Maureen Dowd, she hates everybody - this week it's Cheney, Link


Subject: Why not have Americans running our ports?

Everyone is arguing about if we should let the foreign Arab countries run US ports.
Especially countries involved in the 9-11 hijackings.

I have a radical idea. Why don't we let United States companies run our own ports?
Maybe it's time to start doing things ourselves rather than rely on the Muslims and the
Communist Chinese to take care of us.

These kind of decisions makes it seem as if America is deliberately trying to destroy itself.

Marc Perkel
San Francisco, CA.


Cheney ballistics test


It appears Whittington was a lot closer than 90 feet away from Cheney.


Republican Malaise
 by the Duke of Douche-baggery


Cheney is unique in the way he fills his constitutional office. Previous vice presidents either have been
ignored or delegated specific duties, but Cheney is alone in emerging as an independent power center.
Cheney is at least the equal of Card and Rove. Under this system, Cheney was able to keep quiet for
14 hours his accidental shooting of a fellow hunter. The result was a week full of embarrassment and
confusion, but the broader message is a dysfunctional White House that helps bring about a second
term with an unclear domestic agenda and sagging party morale.

Does Bob Novak not know who the real president is?
Why is he playing Bobby Dimwit?

Hey Bob, who was president from March 1981 until January 1993?



"Venezuela today is one of the most democratic countries in the entire world.
  They should be allowed to [live] without further interference from George Bush."
       --London Mayor Ken Livingstone,   Link


Subject: Hillary

If you vote Dem or Pub the YOU are the problem in America.
That should be your message daily Bart
but I guess the Dem. money would dry up for you then.

vote third Party.

J, please tell the Democrats to send my check to PO Box 54466 Tulsa, OK 74155
So far, they haven't found me.


Katrina's Chain of Failure


If Katrina represented an act of God, the official response to it clearly came from somewhere else.
The federal government of the richest, mightiest and most technologically sophisticated nation on Earth
stood by and did next to nothing while a hurricane and subsequent flooding destroyed one of its major cities
- despite plenty of warnings that the city was vulnerable. Was it sheer incompetence? If so, it rose to levels
that Americans might expect in places such as Bangladesh or the Congo but certainly not from the United States.
Was it merely indifference? That, too, would require a degree of disregard for the lives of common folk
that we've seen in the leaders of distant, undeveloped lands, but not here.

They've explained Katrina about like they explained Cheney's hunting "accident."



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"If the United States wants to survive as a country - $450 billion mistakes like Iraq
  and obviating the rule of law will take anyone down - Bush, Cheney and the Republicans
  have to be stopped in 2006 by Democrats taking Congress. Our elected Democrats have
  a unique, historical duty to save the country or be forever, irrevocably known as the
  clueless clowns who stood there and let it happen."
       -- paradox,   Link


Subject: Hackett and Dean

Bart, Howard Dean showed the Dems the way to take back the country.

Oppose the WAR!!!   Howard is a centrist, doctor and ex-Wall Street guy. Not a wild man.
He said NO to the war and became the front runner up to the Iowa caucus. He totally energized the party.

Joe Trippi helped raise millions. I went to bed thinking Dean was the nominee in Iowa
and woke up hearing that Kerry was now the nominee. HUH!!!

Obviously the DNC, the DLC and all the Democratic power brokers did not want Dean.
He would have destroyed Bush in the debates and every other way, if he had lived.

So, the Dems had a bloodless assasination - HIS SCREAM etc. They're a pathetic excuse for a party.
The only thing that will save us now is if someone can conjure up a Golem and have him help take back our Democracy.


Jack, if only Dean had won Iowa.
Why do we let Iowa pick our nominee every election?

That's suicidal.
But then, we're Democrats.


Subject: GOP worried about 2008

Republicans aren't worried about Hillary being the Democratic nominee in 2008.
They know they can beat her.

I'd love to see those poll numbers.
With Bush at 40 % and Cheney at 29, are people wanting more Republicans?

The one they are worried about is Mark Warner the former Governor of Virginia.
Remember the Watergate line: "Follow the money."
After the 2006 elections, "follow the attacks" by Republicans on potential Democratic candidates.
Warner will be #1 on their hit list.
In Republican circles, the talk is how they got to stop Warner from being the nominee.


Mary Matalin: Who do I Believe?


At about 8 a.m. Sunday, a Cheney aide called Cheney advisor Mary Matalin,
The aide read her a statement about the accident that Cheney had considered releasing.
The statement 'didn't say much of anything,' Matalin says—not even that Cheney was the shooter.
Matalin then spoke with a second aide and with Cheney's family and heard different versions of
what had happened in the shooting. She decided no statement should be released amid the "confusion."

Cheney's approval rating stands at 29%; Der Monkey's is 40%.

So, they couldn't even get their story straight for the Cheney advisor?


Subject: When did Dick shoot Harry?

Also on Randi Rhodes last Friday I believe she played a clip of Whittington
saying he was shot on the previous Friday, not Saturday as we had been told.
I have not heard a thing about this since.


Scott, I, too, have not heard that.


Halliburton's New Detention Centers


Now is the time to be paranoid. Paranoia should now be the normal state of mind for thinking people.

Sneers and dismissive remarks about "conspiracy theorists" must be ignored. We don't want to end up
like the proverbial frog who boils to death because the heat was turned up slowly...What sort of national
emergency requires detention centers? America has plenty of prisons. More of our population is behind bars
than in any country on earth. There are detention centers for immigration in existence already. As for helping
in case of a natural disaster, hurricane Katrina proved that saving American lives is not on the Bush agenda.
When the word detention comes up, hairs should rise on the back of every neck. Thanks to the Patriot Act
and the creation of "enemy combatants" these detention centers can be used to lock up anyone for any
reason for any length of time that Uncle Sam wishes.


Subject: the dog that doesn't bark

Dear Bart,

As a former reporter, I occasionally drink with current members of the Fourth Estate.
Thursday last, over the malt, I asked some of these members what improvements they could think of for their papers.
Not one had any suggestions.  Think of that!  Their papers were perfect!
Not one had any idea how their paper could be improved!

The American media is not muzzled, for as Aneurin Bevan aptly said, "You don't need to muzzle sheep."
They are not asleep, they are busy chasing runaway brides and sniffing at celebrity keyholes.

Zorch, amazing that, with bloggers scooping major news outlets, it's crazy that they
think they don't need to do their jobs better.  They may find out the hard way.

They say craig's list is killing city newspapers because they get so much revenue from Want Ads,
but craigslist does them for free.  Goodbye, Dead tree Whores for Bush.


Due Vigilance in the Abramoff Scandal
  Didn't we run this weeks ago?  The NYW Times just found out?


The influence peddling scandal surrounding the indicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff is at a critical point.
Noel Hillman, the respected Justice Department public integrity chief who bird-dogged the inquiry
for two years, has been nominated for a federal judgeship by the White House. The timing is curious;
the nomination came only weeks after the investigation advanced significantly with Mr. Abramoff's
plea-bargain agreement to talk about his dealings with capital politicians.



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Subject: Cheney is lying?

You democraps are so pathetic.  All y'all can do is sit around, piss & moan, and complain.
Y'all have nothing to offer the country other than bitching and complaining.

We didn't shoot anybody.
We didn't get 2300 soldiers killed for no reason.
We didn't ruin the economy.
We didn't start a war that made the world hate us.
We didn't lose New York or New Orleans.

I can understand making fun of Cheney but it has gotten so bad that y'all actually believe your own bull shit.

Well, he did shoot the guy...

Cheney has come out and taken full responsibility,

Only after trying to blame Whittington for walking behind him...

...his friend has forgiven him and said that the liberal communist press has blown it way out of proportion,
and the Democrap Sheriff won't press charges.  And some how out of all that, you nut jobs are convinced
that Cheney is lying or covering up the real story.  So Bart, where did you get your medical degree to write:
> "No way that guy should be going home this early, but the doctor is no doubt getting pressure from the
> White House to make this look like he was barely scratched by Dead Eye Dick"?

Where did I get my medical degree?
Johns Hopkins, but that's beside the point.

The poor bastard was in intensive care with a heart attack and just a few days later
they push him out the hospital door so he can show the cameras that he's doing better?

Oh you don't have a medical degree and didn't make it past 10th grade.  Figures!!!

ha ha
Wanna play Jeopardy or Trivial Pursuit for $50 a question?

The only unfortunate part of the hunting accident is that he didn't go
deer hunting with Al "I'll go rally the terrorists" Gore, and Hillbilly Clinton.

They're too smart to hunt with a violent drunk like Cheney.

Banana Fact: Banana stems average 150 fingers and weigh 85 to 100 pounds each.


Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

Subject: Bart's Law #12

I'm confused, in the exchange between you and Craig, it sounded like you support
Bush's determination to stay the course and fight the war Rummy says may never end.

Bush took out the guy who held Iraq together.
Now we're stuck with trying to contain the damage Bush caused.

America's snotty little nine year-old boy threw a rock thru our neighbor's window.
We can't just say, "Our bad," and walk away. We have to patch our neighbor's hole.
We have a real problem now, one that didn't exist until after Der Bloody Monkey invaded.
Now, Iraqi kids who used to like Friends and Metallica can't wait to kill US soldiers.

Do you agree it's best to trade trillions of taxpayer dollars and thousands of American lives for BFEE profits?

No, not at all.
Not one dollar, not one twisted ankle for the BFEE sons of bitches and their crooked oil gouging.

Are there only two ways to go, and only two outcomes?
Please help me out here.

We can't walk away.
We can't stay forever.
We need to turn things over to the UN and make Bush apologize to the world before he and
his bloody-handed thugs are put on trial for war crimes, torture, rape, plunder and mass murder.


What Happened to my Country?


My God! What has happened to my nation?
My nation that no longer pays more than lip service to its Constitution and Bill of Rights, which have been
a beacon to the world for over two centuries. My nation that unilaterally discards treaties that were the hope
of a world of peace, guided by law and diplomacy. My nation that will wage a war of aggression against a
far off nation that was no threat to it, but that has lots of oil. My nation that gives all of its wealth to the rich
and is satisfied to leave its citizens to starve, homeless, unemployed and sickly.


Subject: gambling

You're confusing gambling with rational risk management.
When taking a risk, the actor has an effect on the outcome (such as starting a business).
Not so with gambling, where the outcome is determined mostly by factors outside your control.
(I know you'll disagree with that statement, especially concerning poker).

ha ha
Yeah, I'll disagree with that all day long.

If you're behind by one run in the eighth inning and you finally get a man on first base,
you need to gamble on a hit-and-run because the odds say you'll win more games that way.
Those who choose not to gamble will lose to the team manager who does.

Some states codify this difference in their anti-gambling statutes, so that it is illegal
to bet on poker, dice, the numbers, cockfighting, whatever; but not illegal to bet
your buddy you can beat him in a round of golf, where your skill level affects the outcome.

Paul, I think you just said, "There is no skill in poker."
Good thing you're not a gambler.


"I'm trade young men for oil."

 Iraq pumps 2,000,000 barrels a day,
(and that was before the 2002 Halliburton Upgrade)
 times today's oil price which is  $61.29 a barrel
makes $122,580,000 Bush stole just yesterday

2274   2277 have died for his oil hardon

Bush's gusher of profits.



"I think the White House should have said something about it (Cheney's hunting accident) sooner.
  I think that it's gotten a little more light than it would have because the administration has an
  enormous penchant for secrecy for not telling anybody anything about anything."
      -- Bill Clinton, who never sent a man into battle who didn't come home  Link

"But I'm a war hero..."



Eyes Wide Open


Let's lay the blame for these tortures squarely where it belongs: on the shoulders of the "Commander-in-Chief."
It's only fair; if this gibbering goon is going to lay claim to unrestricted powers, then by God he will have to bear
unrestricted, unmitigated responsibility as well. And in truth, it has been well-documented by now that the widespread,
systematic -- and on-going -- use of torture throughout America's new worldwide gulag was instigated at Bush's order,
"justified" by the pretzel logic of his legal bagmen -- Alberto Gonzales and John Yoo, among many others -- and
promulgated through presidential "executive orders" and directions laid down by Rumsfeld.

Good point.
Bush has been on a power-grab since before the towers fell, but when he falls down on the job,
he and his bought-and-paid-for whore media chirp, "Who could have known?"


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"Try not to laugh when someone says these are the world's greatest athletes.
  The Winter Olympics looks like a GOP convention."
      -- Bryant Gumbel,    Link


Subject: postage pre-paid envelopes

Hey Bart,

It's kinda mean, but it gets the point across: If you recieve a "postage-paid" envelope
from any business or group and want to get under their skin, tear the entire mailing to bits,
put the shreds in the postage paid envelope, then add a few pennies.

Due to the added weight, the letter will be returned to the sender with "postage due".
I've gotten myself knocked off a couple of mail lists with this trick.

-Grass Valley Rogue


 Call the all new, toll-free 
 GOP callers Welcome (snicker)

Dangerous incompetence


'September the 11th changed the way I think,' George W. Bush says.   The president was talking about
protecting the American people from future terrorist attacks. That commitment is sincere, passionate and
all-encompassing. But it also stands at odds with Bush's disinterest in governing and his proven inability to do it.
None of this is surprising.  Bush and Cheney came to Washington not to run the government but to run it down.
The main mission of Bush and Cheney was to leave Washington less than they found it.

How crazy and wrong is this dude?
Bush & Cheney's main mission was to steal trillions of dollars - and they've done that.
Mission accomplished - and they don't give a rat's ass about some damn approval rating.
They measure "approval" in petro dollars, and they've stolen trillions of those.

Not only that, but they managed to fool people who lost children and spouses in the war into praising them.
"I don't mind losing a son for Halliburton, 
  and I have a daughter who's 17, Mr. President. 
  Would you like her life, too?"


Subject: Hackett vs Brown in Ohio


I totally get that he wouldn't "go back on his word" and run for
the House (he apparently promised other DNC hopefuls that
he wouldn't spoil their run at the House) and i admire his integrity.
but in addition to that, he's announced that he's GIVING UP ON

This was the guy who was going to "fight for us"? the DNC is
being heralded as cowards -- saying they don't like a FIGHTER?
but as soon as things got ugly (and face it, in politics, things WILL
get ugly sooner or later) he cut and ran. now, i know for a fact
that this guy is NO coward. this guy has done some heroic things
for our country. this guy has said some heroic things about our
current government. this guy is the very antithesis of a coward.

But he MIGHT not be much of a politician.



The bad news - my microphone stopped working. I can hear it, but it's not recording.
The good news - Tommy Mack is flying to Tulsa this weekend, he'll fix it.

The bad news - it has slowed production on BCR 89, which is heavy on Dead Eye Dick.
The good news - I can call the BartPhone 50 times and finish BCR 89.

I have to finish BCR 89 before he gets here so we can start the new and improved BCR 90.
We're going to line my office walls with accoustical tile like Great White uses.

Note to Right Wing Jack

Dude, as much as your calls are in BCR, you should be a subscriber.
If you're not, you won't hear your phone calls and my scathing rebuttals.


TV Stuff

ABC is rerunning the two-hour series premier of Lost for the 17th time tomorrow night.
Wanna bet it beats the Olympics in the ratings?
Once again, CBS is all reruns, running in a panic from the paper-tiger Olympics,
furthering rumors that CBS's entertainment division is run by scared Democrats.

My lady picks are Becky O'Donahue for her Lisa-Marie look,

Kellie Pickler for her Clarkson-likability 

and Paris Bennett has the voice of an angel - who will win?

Also, Forest Whitaker continues to pressure Vic Mackey on The Shield.
Will be be able to bring these killers to justice?
Not a chance.


Nick Lackey sues Jessica Simpson


Nick Lachey wants spousal support from Jessica Simpson.

Isn't it suicide for his career for him to tell the world that has to have her money?
His career is such shit, that he needs a handout from Daisy pants?


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