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Friday-Monday  Feb 17-20, 2006   Volume 1711 - Certain Damage

Quote of the Day

"We shouldn't be discouraged about setbacks, 
  short term setbacks, or the enemy's capacity 
  to take innocent life, because we've seen 
  democracy change the world in the past." 
    -- Monkey, who has no idea what he's saying,
        speaking to another private audience,  Link

"Mr. Bush spoke before a friendly audience 
  and took questions after his prepared remarks. 
  The first questioner said the nation was blessed 
  to have Bush as president. The next questioner 
  referred to Jeb as "your great brother." 
       -- AWP,  Link

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Upside-Down Media 
Check Cheney's Story 
Eureka! Bada-Bing! 
The Gasbag Gap 
Pigboy Screws Up
Scooter Graymailing
America Abandoned 
Political religion 
Kristen Chenoweth


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"Is there any aspect of Bush's miserable record on intelligence that Senator Pat Roberts,
  chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, is not willing to excuse and help to cover up?
  For more than a year, Mr. Roberts has been dragging out an investigation into why Bush
  presented old, dubious and just plain wrong intelligence on Iraq. It was supposed to start
  after the 2004 election, but Mr. Roberts was letting it die of neglect until the Democrats
  protested by forcing the Senate into an unusual closed session last November. Now Roberts
  is trying to stop an investigation into Bush's domestic spying."
        -- NYW Times Editorial,   "Doing the President's Dirty Work",


Upside-Down Media
  by Robert Parry  as seen on consortiumnews.com


As Sherlock Holmes famously observed, sometimes it's the dog that didn't bark that is most instructive.
In the United States, that rule could be applied to a national news media that goes about its daily routine
without treating George W. Bush's extraordinary seizure of constitutional power as a major story. It is a grave
indictment of the U.S. press that Bush could replace America's two-century-old democratic Republic with
his personal authoritarian rule and that earth-shattering development would barely be noticed.

Note: consortiumnews.com  is the most important site on the internet


Checking Cheney's Story
  How many lied have been caught?


In the first days after, blame was placed on the victim for not announcing his presence to fellow hunter Cheney.
The about-face came Wednesday when Cheney made his first public comment on the accident.
"It was not Harry's fault," he said.

"No one was drinking," Cheney's new spokeswomen Armstrong said at the outset. "No, zero, zippo."
Authorities did not investigate the accident until the next day.  Four days later, Cheney said, "I had a beer at lunch"

In the rush to assure everyone Whittington was "just fine," some important details were left out.  The truth?
After being taken to a small hospital ER, he was flown to the intensive care unit of a larger hospital in Corpus Christi.
Whittington had one eye open and did not respond. He was, however, conscious.

Many, many more lies are exposed in BCR 89, up soon.



"They will come up with excuse after excuse as to how and why he did not know me.
  I could have spent four months alone with him in Bolivia and he would not know me."
    -- Jack Abramoff, on Dubya,   Link

 Sounds like a thinly veiled threat. 
 Did Jack and Der Monkey take a private, four-month cocaine vacation?
 Does Jack have evidence that Bush did a little "experimenting" in his younger days?

 That'd make Jack the Top, right?


Subject: my lying eyes

With the new Abu Ghraib torture pictures that just surfaced
you have to wonder when Bush tells us, "We do not torture."

What am I to do?
Am I supposed to believe him or my own lying eyes?

Marc Perkel
San Francisco, CA.

What torture?


From truthout.org

Donations Are Still Way Short

Donations for February are still far short of where they need to be for the month.
We often say that only 1% of our readers donate.
Actually, it's not even that much - more like 0.7% donate and 99.3% do not.
We answer to you because you fund the project. What's that worth?

Dudes, welcome to the club.
Democrats are broke.
All we can do is hang on until the season heats up.



"Who needs sophomoric cartoons to inflame the Muslim world when you've got Bush's prison system?
  One reason the White House is so helpless against the violence spawned by those Danish cartoons
   is that it has squandered so much of its moral standing at Guantánamo Bay and Abu Ghraib."
       -- NYW Times Editorial, in a rare critical look at their Boy George,  Link


Eureka! Bada-Bing!


We've only scratched the surface, but the more we learn about the Armstrong Ranch,
the more it feels like the GOP equivalent of Tony Soprano's joint, the Bada Bing.

CNN described the remote 50,000-acre Armstrong ranch as "a private getaway."
It's the kind of place the goodfellas of the Republican crew can go to kick back,
put their feet up, have a beer (or two) with lunch, talk a little business, raise a little money,
make a few deals, maybe meet a girl.

Of course, at the Bada Bing the girls are strippers; at Armstrong they're the ambassadors
to Switzerland and Liechtenstein. But both hot spots feature quite a bit of gunplay.



"I look at the assets Hillary brings to bear, and the conventional wisdom.
  Do I need $40 million, like they're saying? How do I get there?
  And if the mood of the party is so far left, then possibly that's death for me."
    -- Bush's best friend (behind Joe Lieberman) Joe Biden in the upcoming GQ.

 Hillary, vilified by the far left as "Bush's twin," called "so far left" by the Biden Monkey.


Dick Cheney - Rifleman

Subject:  9-11 conspiracies


When a right wing-nut sends you a foam-flecked e-mail full of wild accusations,
you put it under a "Monkey Mail" icon, and sometimes include helpful facts about
our simian brethren or the bananas they love so much.

So when you get e-mail from a left wing-nut who can't understand that crashing a plane
into a tall building can make it fall down without government intervention, or thinks Hillary
is secretly an agent of Karl Rove, why doesn't he get an icon?


Joe, is there an "accepted" view of why the towers fell?
Is there some version that most Democrats believe?

I hate being the last one to know...

 I Can Answer That, Bart!


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 Thank yew.

The Gasbag Gap


Mainstream reporters tend to see both liberal and right-wing critics as a bunch of whiners who "just don't get it."
And in many cases, they're right. But being mainstream reporters, they tend to believe--nay, know--that they are
always right. In fact, journalism is just about the only field whose practitioners routinely justify themselves on the
basis of the fact that they receive criticism from "both sides." The possibility that they might be screwing up in two
(or more) ways simultaneously appears to be beyond their imaginative capabilities. During the past generation,
these same mainstream journalists have lurched to the right, thanks in large measure to an extremely well-funded,
well-organized and well-disciplined conservative political assault comprising, essentially, two tactics: a willingness
(and ability) to make life miserable for those who don't go along, and a determination to shape the zeitgeist in such
a way that those who do go along may not even know they're doing so. In other words, what Tony Soprano
cannot accomplish, leave to Antonio Gramsci."


Subject: Tom Cruise

Tom is waiting until after the baby is born to marry Katie so she can
look good in the wedding dress HE PICKED OUT FOR HER.

My gay friends know how über-gay that is.



Be a part of Bartcop Radio

Bush callers welcome


"Cheney is violating the basic "first do no harm" commandment for Vice Presidents.
  This shooting incident, the Libby indictment, and the Libby admission that he leaked
  classified documents at the VP's instructions are all unnecessarily embarrassing to Bush.
  Cheney is getting to be a liability."
    -- Dick Morris, sucker of prostitutes' toes,   Link


Unka Dick Huntz

Subject: Scottie the Underbear

Bart, you said

> Scottie the Underbear, who knew Cheney's victim suffered a heart attack,
> but, as always, he witheld that info from the White House Press,

More to the point: Why did he make jokes about the shooting
at the same time he withheld  the information about the heart attack?

Why hasn't one reporter asked that?



Subject: required reading

Bart --

You have to read Carville and Begala's new book, Take It Back.

    Click  to  Order

It's like they've been reading  Bartcop.com  for a few years.

These two have a moral obligation to come out of retirement and be the campaign managers
for the next Democratic presidential candidate.  Let's not forget they are the last ones to win
a presidential  election (1996), and it's been long overdue.



Political religion


This week, the issue of which side of the political spectrum is more hateful is back. Andrew Sullivan
and Marshall Wittman both tut-tut the barbaric behavior of the left today, saying that it is actually
much worse than the unpleasantness they sometimes hear from the right. Hatefulness is not confined
to any particular political persuasion -- but there is only one side that makes a fucking profit at it.


Subject: Bart's Libertarianism


Followed with interest the latest example of you inadvertantly pissing off a contingent of readers -- gambling.

Like Prohibitionists, the anti-gambling people don't realize that people WILL gamble. Gaming is as old as humankind.
Humans have been tossing rocks and flipping cards longer than they've been farming. Deny folks mind altering substances,
such as alcohol, and they'll spin like dervishes or even hold their breath til they see stars.

That said, Bart, Gretzsky's wife should not have betting on hockey, any more than a football official's wife should bet
on a game hubby is calling. I think you know this -- you are just letting your liberitarian streak get the best of you.

Thanks for hammering!
 David F

Dave, it's my understanding she bet on football, but I haven't kept up with that.
But remember, you're gambling when you go into business for yourself - or even ask for a raise.
You gamble each time you pick a doctor, a realtor, a spouse or a cute doggie at the pound.
You gamble when you buy a car, pick a restaurant, a running mate, or take a check from a customer.

Gambling is something everybody does 25 times a day, so why not try to get good at it?


Fitzgerald: Libby lawyers "graymailing"


Patrick Fitzgerald accuses lawyers for Scooter Libby of trying to "graymail" the government by demanding
access to thousands of pages of classified documents that Fitzgerald says are irrelevant to his defense.
"Graymailing" -- a tactic used by defendants in Iran-Contra -- occurs when a government official charged
with a crime demands access to large quantities of classified material in an attempt to force prosecutors
either to put national security at risk by producing the material or put the prosecution at risk by allowing
the defendant to argue that he can't get a fair trial without it.


Subject: VP shooting

I have been all on the Cheney shooting, crying fowl, but I see the millionaire lawyer from Texas
has been released, and in a first time ever about face in Cheney's favor, 26 tequillas too many
or straight shooting sober, I may have shot the man too, he looks a whole lot like a bird here

the way you hammer you must have been sword maker in a past life.
hammer on!

No way that guy should be going home this early, but the doctor is no doubt getting pressure
from the White House to make this look like he was barely scratched by Dead Eye Dick.

It reminds me of the Challenger explosion.


Man swallows girlfriend's nose in Tulsa
 It's a great place to raise your kids


After police arrived, they had to use pepper spray on Hill, 45, while trying to arrest him, Edwards said. 

Hill denied having bitten off Bennett's nose, Detective Demita Kinard said. 
Before police took him to jail, Hill sat handcuffed under a porch light while firefighters 
cleaned orange pepper spray and blood off his face. 

He was booked on complaints of aggravated assault and battery, resisting arrest and destroying evidence.  



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Army Girls Gone Wild

Subject: Hackett

You know Bart, I think the Dems treatment of Paul Hackett is tantamount to admitting 
they don't want real fighters in the party for fear of making them into an effective opposition.  
I don't think thats the role they are required to play.  

It seems to be a common theme in the English speaking former Democracies of the USA, England 
and Australia: oppositions that cannot pull together coherent opposition.  One has to ask when watching 
their internal bickering and stupid decision making, that this is by bad management and not by design.  
How many in the Democrats ( and the Tories in the UK and Labour in Australia) are provocateurs secretly 
working to keep those parties weak and divided.  They should all be electoral shoe-ins against the 
Governments they oppose but instead they flounder, looking weak and inept.  

Why?  Who benefits?

Paul in Australia

We don't know the whole truth about what happened to Hackett.
Maybe they really saw Brown as a better candidate - who knows? - but we don't know 
because the Democrats don't have a clue how to form a message to tell their side of this.

Think of our Democrats as scared stupid bunglers, not evil and scheming.


Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

Subject: Cheney lying his ass off

Hey Bart:
Any hunter who has used No. 8 birdshot will tell you that, unless a human is fired at point-blank
from six inches away, No. 8 will hardly penetrate a person's clothing, let alone his or her chest.
No. 8 is very light so that there's something of your pheasant, quail or grouse left for eating once you've hit it.
Anything bigger blows your game to smithereens.
It's very unlikely that this episode unfolded the way the official report says it did.

Speaking of animal torture, this won't make national news, so thought I'd share:
There is currently a bill before the Utah state legislature to ban the torture of animals after a cockfighting ring
was recently busted in Utah County.  I saw the first billboard supporting the bill today in Salt Lake City.
It reads:  "Ted Bundy started out torturing animals."

After wiping Diet Pepsi from my dashboard, I turned to my husband and said, "So did Bush."
But Bundy didn't have rich influential family members to paper over his screwups.
Or a Congress full of sheep giving him carte blanche to authorize torture of humans.

Love the site.
Keep up the good work!


saw it on democratsforum.com

Pigboy Screws Up


When Paul Hackett was forced out of the Democratic primary in Ohio, the vugar Pigboy criticized
The New York Whore Times for not saying that the Democrats' preferred candidate is black.
Limbaugh later found out from e-mails to his Nazi radio show that Rep. Sherrod Brown is white.

"Uh, Sherrod Brown's a white guy? Then I'm confusing him with somebody. OK, I'm sorry," Limbaugh said.
Later in his show, Limbaugh said "I'm not gonna apologize because I don't think it's an insult to be black."


Subject: Paul Hackett

Makes me sick!  They screwed Hackett, probably because he would, in their view, "come on too strong".
Bullshit!  Or bullfeathers --or whatever's considered "appropriate" to say these days.  I see on other sites
that Richard Dreyfuss at least has the balls to say that our current office-holder President should be impeached!
Way to go, Richard!

There was also something about Alec Baldwin fingering Dick "Boom-Boom" Cheney as a terrorist.  Way to go, Alec!
I'm not even in Ohio, but I was watching the progress of Paul Hackett as a candidate, believing he might be the antidote
to these Sunday-morning-talk-show accommodationist type Democrats.  I'm not sad.  I'm very, very angry.

And I am definitely going to find a way to let Harry Reid and other key Dems know my views.
Hell, they're always sending me fund raising letters.  Maybe that's a good way to let them know my disgust?
Just send back their postage pre-paid envelopes with a note inside saying that they're a bunch of back-stabbing sons-of-bitches?
Rich in Dairyland


"I'm trade young men for oil."

 Iraq pumps 2,000,000 barrels a day,
(and that was before the 2002 Halliburton Upgrade)
 times today's oil price which is  $61.29 a barrel
makes $122,580,000 Bush stole just yesterday

2269   2274 have died for his oil hardon

Bush's gusher of blood.



"I have to admit that I turned away from the Olympics yesterday.
  Fox had a more exciting event: Softball with Dick Cheney and Britt Hume.
  I don't want to say Fox News was lenient, but the first question they asked was,
  'Who do you like on American Idol?'"
        -- Jay Leno


Subject: still no courage

I have a question for you. Do you have the courage to answer it?

Please stop scaring me...

Can the U.S. afford another $2 trillion down the toilet, and thousands more American lives,
tens of thousands more wounded, the hatred of the Middle East (where our oil comes from),
creating thousands of new terrorists, simply because we're afraid of what will happen
once we leave the disaster we've created?

The one-word answer is "yes," because your question assumed things can't get any worse.
Things have been steadily getting worse every year that Bush has been in office.
More money and thousands more lives may end up being cheap compared to the alternative.

Tell me yes or no, and publish and stand by your answer.

You want me to repeat it?

Yes, you would like to flush another $2 trillion and see thousands more Americans die
or come back with missing limbs, and a war that will never end, simply because
the terrorists we're creating might wind up better financed than they are now.

Betting on the Middle East to get worse is always a guarantee.

Bart's Law #12
Betting on the Middle East to get worse is always a guarantee.

That's a great reason for Bush not to have started this endless, bloody quagmire..

Or no, you're willing to take our changes now instead of 5, 10, 15, 20 years later.
Which is it?

Please don't hurt me.


Random Thought

Do you think people get that we use different fonts and colors on this page?

So many people are reading things *I'm* not saying.

When I quote someone else, that typically looks like this, or like this.

If there's a third voice in the conversation, they get green.

The page narrator writes this way, in Arial

So if you ever see anything that doesn't make perfect sense on this page, double-check
the color of the words because I've been documented as being right 98.4 percent of the time.


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"Cheney sat down for a one-on-one with Fox News. Very bold.  Cheney sitting down
   with Fox News is like Mrs. Butterworth sitting down with the Pancake Channel."
      -- Jimmy Kimmel


Abramoff photos
   from  rense.com

The photos purporting to show George Bush with disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff hit the net last week 
and were in extremely wide circulation. We also received them...and from a generally extremely reliable source 
who assured us the photos were indeed of Abramoff. The photos are actually of Congressman Rick Renzi.


 Call the all new, toll-free 
 GOP callers Welcome (snicker)

America Abandoned
  by Alex Sabbeth  as seen on consortiumnews.com


With the rush of daily scandals, it's easy to concentrate on each complicated tree and miss
the full scariness of the forest. It's also hard to believe that millions of Americans still don't "get"
the underlying reality of the Bush administration -- its endless deceptions, its arrogance,
its incompetence. This guest essay from longtime reader Alex Sabbeth turns a wide lens
on the panorama of what George W. Bush has wrought.


Subject: gay


You missed a great chance to out Melhman!
I would bet 85% of the fundies don't know how many gays represent them.


Sure, there's Ken (I'm gay, I'm a Jew, what's it to you?) Mehlman, the RNC "head,"
and there's Bush's cheif mouthpiece Scottie the Underbear.
David Dreier is Under-speaker of the House, something like that,
there's Bob Barr - no wait, he aborted his baby and he passes for white - my bad
there's Jeff Gannon Dick Gukkert whatever, Bush's favorite reporter with four names,
there's Dick Stone, a Bob Dole senior campaign advidor with the "hard and deep" wife,

...and some people say "Brownie" was a pretty sharp dresser.


Sadr rejects phoney Bush constitution 

Influential Shi'ite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr said he rejects Bush's phoney constitution, 
threatening to reignite one of the country's most explosive issues. 
"I reject this constitution which calls for sectarianism and there is nothing good 
in this constitution at all," he told Al Jazeera television late on Saturday.

Sadr, a rebel leader turned political kingmaker, said the charter was unacceptable, 
complicating efforts to form a government more than two months after parliamentary elections.

"If there is a democratic government in Iraq, nobody has the right to call for the establishment 
of federalism anywhere in Iraq whether it is the south, north, middle or any other part of Iraq," said Sadr.


Sad news from West Wing

     Tulsa native Kristen Chenoweth

The West Wing writers were going to put John Spencer's "Leo McGarry" character into an affair 
with Kristen Chenoweth, his sexy little assistant on the show. I'll bet he would've liked that - the old guy 
with heart trouble trying to keep up with the young hottie teammate who kills in a bikini.


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