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Wednesday  Feb 22, 2006   Volume 1713 - Fuel me once

Quote of the Day

"Bush's decision to turn over operations of any 
  American port is reckless. It is outrageous and 
  irresponsible. We are not going to turn over the 
  port of Baltimore to some foreign government. 
  It's not going to happen." 
     -- Baltimore Mayor Martin O'Malley, Link

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Munich In America
Bush: Oil attacks 
Frist: There is No 4th
Dean Slams GOP 
Cheney was Drunk 
The Big Lie Culture 
Dubai a BFEE Partner
Bush Fabricated War 
Pink on Paris Hilton



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"On Meet the Whore, Mary Matalin claimed that the public should be "presuming what we all know,
  that Cheney doesn't drink." I don't think we should presume that about anyone who has already
  admitted to drinking before the hunting accident in question. Plus, Cheney has been convicted
  twice of drinking and driving."
      -- David Sirota,   Link


Munich In America
 There Will Be No Normandy


It's Munich in America, people. We can dream the pleasant dream that if we just stand by quietly while the
Boy King gobbles up some of our liberties, he won't want any more, but that would be a lot like Chamberlain
dreaming that a chunk of Czechoslovakia would be enough to appease Hitler. It wasn't, and it won't be.

Do I overstate the concern?
The New York Times recently editorialized "We can't think of a president who has gone to the American people
more often than George W. Bush has to ask them to forget about things like democracy, judicial process and the
balance of powers - and just trust him. We also can't think of a president who has deserved that trust less."
The Times should know.

Between rah-rah'ing the war for Bush, sitting on the Downing Street Memos as if they were banana import trade
policy documents, and covering for Judith Miller while she covered for The Cheney Gang, they have about as
much blood on their hands as does Donald Rumsfeld. But if even the Times can work up the concern to print
a line like that, we're in a world of hurt.

Those shreds of parchment on the floor of the National Archives
aren't from Mrs. Washington's shopping list, I'm afraid to say.


Bush: Oil attacks cost Iraq $6.25bn


Attacks by insurgents on Iraq's oil industry cost the country $6.25bn in lost revenue during 2005,
according to the people who are stealing the oil they claim wasn't pumped. A total of 186 attacks
were carried out, they claim on oil sites last year, claiming the lives of 138 guards, they claim.

"Would evil oil men lie to steal $6.25 billion dollars?"



"It will take a generation to undo the damage that Bush has done to conservatism, America's
  fiscal health, and the whole idea of limited government. My prediction: we will see huge tax
  increases soon after Bush leaves the scene. He will insist they are a betrayal of his legacy.
  They will, in fact, be the logical consequence of everything he has said and done."
     -- Andrew Sullivan, broken hearted after his public breakup with Der Monkey,  Link


Subject: In Iraq

Bart, my little bro has just started his tour in Iraq.
My little bro.

How fucked up is it when your little bro will be responsible for killing
some people who certainly need to die, but also some people who are
just pissed off that their country has been invaded?

Won't be any humor out of this mind till he's home safe and sane.


Dean Draws Crowd, Slams GOP


Washington Democrats greeted Howard Dean on Monday night as if it were early 2004,
when his presidential campaign was igniting liberals in the party. A record crowd of more than
1,200 Democrats packed the party's annual crab-feed fundraiser and gave Dean a series of
standing ovations, screaming their support for his condemnation of Republicans.

If only Democrats would stand with their party chairman.
Whenever Dean tells the truth, elected Democrats say, "He doesn't speak for me."


If this graphic isn't moving, hit "refresh"


"Bush's propaganda effort is unprecedented and disturbing. The American people are stuck with
  high prescription drug prices, high gas prices, and high college costs. This report raises serious
  questions about this Administration's priorities for the country. Changes need to be made to
  reign in the President's propaganda machine."
     -- California Rep George Miller, finding out that Bush spent $1.6 BILLION,
          yes, that's $1.6 BILLION, on domestic propaganda since 2003,  Link

 Bush has been paying whores like Armstrong Tom Williams, Bob Novak and Judith Miller BILLIONS
 to spread his bullshit around so they can quote the NY Whore Times as "proof" that they're honest and good.


The Torturers Win


Terrible things were done to Maher Arar, and his extreme suffering was set in motion by George Bush.
With the facts carefully documented, he tried to sue for damages. But last week a federal judge waved
the facts aside and told Mr. Arar, in effect, to get lost. We're in a new world now and the all-powerful
U.S. government apparently has free rein to ruin innocent lives without even a nod in the direction of
due process or fair play. Mr. Arar, a Canadian who has led an exemplary life, was seized and shackled
by U.S. authorities at Kennedy Airport in 2002, and then shipped off to Syria, his native country, where
he was held in a dungeon for the better part of a year. He was tormented and at times tortured.

I'm so old, I remember asking on ths page how the people of late-thirties Germany could 
just stand there and watch as a fascist, madman killer, with the support of the press, industry 
and the military, turned them into a fascist country that was the most feared of all nations.

Here we go again...



"Expecting politically smart, brave behavior from Democrats could easily be classified as aneurosis,
  even a psychosis. There is no depth to which Demcorats will plummet a soul into screaming horror
  as their manifest incompetence trashes the republic. Biden? Bayh? Lieberman? Rockefeller?
  I'm surprised these guys can find their dicks in the morning, let alone show up for work."
      --paradox, speaking the plain truth,  Link

              "This guy sounds just as mean as that Bart fella..."


Subject: Der Monkey is insane


Some people say this is a rotten idea because two of the 9-11® hijackers were from Dubai.
On the other hand, all but two of the members of the Bush administration are native born
Americans and look at the damage they've done!!!


Roy A, SMSgt. USAF (Ret.)

Roy, glad you made it to retirement.


Letterman does Cheney

Frist: There is no Fourth Amendment


Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist said Bush didn't need court approval when he authorized
his little surveillance program, and that the U.S. law establishing a special court to review wiretap
requests doesn't need to be changed. "I don't think that it does need to be rewritten," Frist, who
adopted cats in medical school so he could kill and dissect them for practice, said on "Face the Whore."
When asked if spying was OK without a warrant, he said, 'I personally don't think so.'"


Subject: holy crap, it's Tommy Mack

er, hi.

Last night i was watching Comedy Central and caught "Distraction" for the first time.
While i was watching, i said, "Hey, that looks like Tommy Mack. I went to high school with him."
Then a little web research got me to the picture on your site, and lo and behold, it was him.

It seems you guys know him pretty well, so please tell tommy that Mandi says hi, and drop me a line. :)

Mandi, I'm just his partner in show business - so there's no reason for him
to bother to tell his show business partner that he's going to be on TV.

They're re-running his (hopefully) painful episode Thursday jusr before Jon Stewart,
so tune in tomorrow night for the Tommy Mack/Jon Stewart Comedy Hour.

This episode includes ""Stunt bottles," "blinking electro" and "rope burn."
I hoping to see him get with some "rope burn," myself.

When they ask him what he does for a living, if he fails to reply, "I produce the great 
and wonderful BartCop Internet Radio program located at  bartcop.com ,"
he'll be sleeping in my garage this weekend - and winter finally came to Oklahoma..


Be a part of Bartcop Radio

Bush callers welcome


"On FOX Whore News Cheney said he can't blame anybody else. Boy, the only time you get
  accountability out of this administration is when they are actually holding a smoking gun."
      -- Bill Maher, who you should be watching on HBO

"Have him pantsed and brought to my office immediately!"


Subject: Iowa getting first pick

Hey Bart, last issue 1712, Jack said, "I went to bed thinking Dean was the nominee
 in Iowa and woke up hearing that Kerry was now the nominee. HUH!!!"

We should never forget that Iowa used voting machines with no paper trail.
How do we know that 4th-place Kerry really won?



Subject: 31 years after

Bart, you wrote:

> We can't walk away.
> We can't stay forever

I say we don't usually walk when we lose a war..

American Embassy, April 1975

April 1975,  US chopper atop
Saigon building, symbol for loss of war


Geoff, no need to apologize for the truth,


Bush Shrugs Off Objections to Port Deal
 The King has spoken...


Brushing aside objections from Republicans and Democrats alike, Bush endorsed the takeover of six major
U.S. seaports by the United Arab Emirates. He pledged to veto any bill Congress might approve to block the agreement.

The president on Tuesday defended his administration's earlier approval of the sale to Dubai Ports World,
despite concerns in Congress it could increase the possibility of terrorism at American ports.

The sale would put Dubai Ports in charge of major shipping operations in New York, New Jersey, Baltimore,
New Orleans, Miami and Philadelphia. "If there was any chance that this transaction would jeopardize the
security of the United States, it would not go forward," Bush said.


 "Thanks for the port, George..."


Subject: Port issue a political ploy

This port issue is a pure political ploy.
Bush wants to take on Congress and have Congress win this by overriding his veto.

Because Bush, Rove, Cheney are deathly afraid that one House of Congress will flip to the Democrats
in the 2006 election.  If that happens, hearing are going to be held on a ton of issues with the possibility
of Bush being impeached on the illegal wiretap issue.  The way to stop this is to have the Republican
Congress "show" to the American people that they are independent of the White House.

Seriously -- this is a classic Republican political play.  People like Rick Santorum will run ads saying:
"Santorum stood up to the President when he was wrong on the port issue.  We need independent
leaders like Rick Santorum."  We are in the middle of a failed Presidency.  Bush has given up on the
American people and is just trying to preserve some kind of legacy that is not tainted with illegal
activities being uncovered.  If illegal activities were to be uncovered, then Jeb Bush would never
have a chance to become President down the road.


Bush Unaware of Dubai Sellout, WH Claims


 Der Monkey was in ignorant bliss of the pending sale of six major U.S. seaports to Dubai
until the deal already had been approved by his administration, the White House said Wednesday.

I guess that shows how well he's "protecting America's interests."

Defending the sellout, his posse said that it should have briefed Congress sooner about the transaction,
which has triggered a major political backlash among both Republicans and even some Democrats.

Bush on Tuesday blew off objections by leaders in the Senate and House that the $6.8 billion sale could
raise risks of terrorism at American ports. In a hissy, he pledged to veto any bill Congress might approve
to block the agreement involving the sale to the Arab firm.

Dubai Firm a BFEE Partner
 They wouldn't sell us out without a profit


The Dubai firm that won the Bush lottery to run six US ports has at least two ties to the BFEE.
One is Treasury Secretary John Snow, whose agency heads the federal panel that signed off on the
$6.8 billion sale to government-owned Dubai Ports World, the other connection is David Sanborn,
was tapped by Bush last month to head the US Maritime Administration, proving that Bush knew
this sale was pending.


Subject: its a good thing

man its a good thing assholes like you arnt in charge of the country or wed all be dead by now  ,
lol  why dont you just scream that you love obl and want your wife to have his children, asshole!

Jay Hunter 2

Jay, good thing we have a brave, competent, strong and honest leader like Bush, right?

Banana Fact: Banana plants are the largest plants on earth without a woody stem.


Cheney was Drunk
 'Wild claim' site swears it's true


A written report from Secret Service agents guarding Cheney when he shot Harry
two weeks ago says Cheney was "clearly inebriated" at the time of the shooting.

Agents saw Cheney using alcohol during the hunting expedition, the report notes, and Cheney
exhibited "visible signs" of impairment, including slurred speech and erratic actions, the report said.

Note: Capitol Hill Blue is possibly as reliable as The Onion.



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Subject: Criminal negligence

'September the 11th changed the way I think,' George W. Bush says.
He was talking about protecting the American people from future terrorist attacks.

So naturally he decides it perfectly reasonable to turn over six major ports to
a government on record as having bankrolled 9/11 and other terrorist acts.

Dangerous incompetence???
Try criminal negligence.



Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

Subject: sending Harry home with birdshot in his heart

I worked the last 20 yrs. of my 40 yr. career in nursing in ICU, and I can tell you with certainty
that Harry went home with a nurse trained in ACLS, cardiac monitor and emergency equipment.
And probably a para-medic also.

They'd sneak this stuff into his home while everyone else was watching the hospitial.
 Joy the R.N.

If I was Cheney, I'd use some of my stolen billions to move a doctor in with Ol' Harry.
If he died, there might be a trial.

Would those SS agants commit perjury for the heartless Cheney?


The Big Lie Culture


In the US those with power and influence do everything they can to keep the American public delusional,
so they can do what they want. And be clear that the way they do it, on big issues, is nothing more or less than
the Big Lie technique pioneered by pre-World War II Germans. Tell a big lie, and stick to it. Iraq has WMD.
We can cut taxes and revenue will increase. Iraq was involved with 9/11. John Kerry was a coward in Vietnam.
The solution involves drumming out of journalistic life those who continually lie to the public.


"I'm trade young men for oil."

 Iraq pumps 2,000,000 barrels a day,
(and that was before the 2002 Halliburton Upgrade)
 times today's oil price which is  $62.74 a barrel
makes $125,580,000 Bush stole just yesterday

2277   2279 have died for Halliburton

Bush's gusher of profits.



"It is the returning soldier's mentality. You spend a year in combat, getting shot at, escaping death.
  When you get back, you've got a pocketful of money. So you get a fast car or motorcycle."
      -- Cliff Capps, on the 350 soldiers who have died in motorcycle crashes since returning from combat,   Link

 That's another 350 men who would be alive if Bush wasn't consumed with oil greed.


Subject: Why do we let Iowa pick our nominees?

Bart -

An EXCELLENT question.  As a native Iowan and current resident, I think it's stupid.
I'm sure that Dean won the Caucuses in 2004, but the Democrats never release the 
actual vote totals, and there is no control on that.  I think the establishment (whatever we
mean by that) decided that Kerry would need to be the nominee, so he had to win Iowa.  
So they just announced that he won, with Edwards just behind.

On the other hand, we're about to hand over the governor's mansion and power to a current 
Congressman who is responsible as chairman of the House Finance committee for the huge deficits
and previous achievement was putting a bag over his head when talking on the floor of the House 
about the House Banking Scandal and divorced his wife when she got sick (no, it's not Newt).
Stupid Iowans.

Keep that hammer swingin'
Mike in Des Moines




"Accidents do and will happen - and that's what happened last Friday.
    -- Harry Whittington's statement, claiming he wasn't shot Saturday as Cheney claims

 msnbc link

 perma link  after msnbc goes into 'protect Bush' mode


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"Bush seems to be wrapped in bubbles, surrounded by sycophants. Bush was in Tampa today
  in front of one of those invited audiences he speaks to. The first question, this is not a joke,
  said the nation was blessed to have Bush as president. That was a question. The second one
  called Jeb 'your great brother.' You know, at least when Clinton got blown it was in private."
     -- Bill Maher


 Call the all new, toll-free 
 GOP callers Welcome (snicker)

How Bush Fabricated his War


More than 2,200 dead troops and $250 billion later, either incredibly stupid or surpassingly dishonest souls
still tell us that there was no lie involved, just "intelligence failure." If we actually believe that, then the true
intelligence failure is between our own ears...Such a failure, were it genuine, would constitute the greatest
espionage blunder in history. If someone actually got it that wrong, they'd be disqualified from just getting out
of bed to face the day, let alone going on to gather information relating to the conduct of the resulting war.
But, of course, it was all a cruel, malicious ruse. An outrageous scam on an unprecedented scale.


Subject: Katrina's Chain of Failure

The main difference between Whittington and the people of New Orleans
is the VP's friend got immediate and expensive intensive care.



Monkey Mail

TV Stuff

...will have to wait until tomorrow..


Pink challenges Paris Hilton


Pink has lashed out at Paris Hilton, challenging her spelling ability.

Hilton has been quoted saying Pink - silent since 2003 - is just using her and other celebrities
to make a musical comeback, after lampooning her and other celebrities in her video, Stupid Girls.

Pink has furiously challenged Hilton in return saying, "Spell it.  Spell comeback!"


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