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Wednesday  March 1, 2006   Volume 1717 - President Evil

Quote of the Day

"Cheney accused Democrats of wanting 
   to offer 'therapy' to the terrorists. 
   Now he wants to do business with them."
      --Alan S,   Link

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Disconnect on Bush
Bush in Afghanistan 
Egypt: Back off, Bush
New Mexico dries up
Blogads Reader Survey 
Willis mocks Cheney 
Stern Sued by CBS 
Enron Stole Money 
Hilton-Theron Fight



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"Until now terrorists had no means of delivering their weapons to the US except
  through the theft of an airplane or two. Now they have access to every ship
  entering American thanks to King George, the Duke of Dubai."
       -- Clyde the Ripper,    Link


US Disconnect on Bush Abuses
  by  Robert Parry as seen on  consortiumnews.com


The Washington Post and other leading U.S. news outlets are having trouble bridging the widening chasm
between the American self-image as the world's beacon for human rights and the new reality under George
W. Bush of the United States as a country that practices torture, assassination and "disappearances."
This disconnect arose on the Post's Feb. 28 editorial page as the newspaper took note of the mounting
evidence that the Bush administration is letting its torturers off the hook, while simultaneously writing
as if Bush has the moral standing to condemn the U.N.'s human rights body.

The New Tork Times and The Washington Post have been protecting Bush since 1999.
They have constantly withheld damaging Bush facts while printing salacious rumors about Democrats.

Note: Consortiumnews.com  is the most important site on the Internet


Mubarak to Bush: Back Off Iran


Egypt's Mubarak strongly advised Bush not to attack Iran, warning that military action would create more
terrorists in Iraq.  Mubarak also warned Cheney that ground troops "will have a hard time" in such a conflict.

"If an airstrike (against Iran) takes place, then Iraq will be turned to terror groups," Mubarak warned.

He said Shiite Muslims in the Gulf region also could turn against the United States because "Iran generously
provides for Shiites in every country and these people are ready to do anything if Iran is attacked."

So our best option is to let Iran have the bomb?
After Bush wanred them they'd soon be the next Iraq?

Dear Republican Party leaders:
We gotta get these blood-thirty fools out of the White House and we don't have much time left.
Please allow this madmen to be investigated they'll be forced to resign for their many crimes.

The Democrats are frozen with fear and action needs to be taken right away,
unless we want evidence of Bush's blunders to come in the form of a mushroom cloud.



"Listen to my advice for once.
  You have vital interests in the Gulf region, especially oil."
    --  Hosni Mubarak telling - get this - Cheney - that there's oil in The Gulf,   Link


Subject: Parker & Stone

You say you know Parker and Stone are super-rich Republicans.
As you often ask your readers, Can you prove that you know this with confirmed facts?
Can you quote reliable sources to back what you "know" up?


CC, they've been on TV for years and years and had a fairly successful movie,
plus other stuff I don't know about - so they probably make a few million each, each year.

And the last interview I heard them do, they were good ol' boy Republicans.
Have you heard different?

You know me - never one to pick a fight, but they said what they said.
If they now denounce Satan, let them say so clearly so all can hear.


Boondocks taking a Break
  Saw it on  Marty's Bartcop Entertainment!

Aaron McGruder said Tuesday he would take about six months off beginning in March.

"Every well needs occasional refreshing," he wrote to editors carrying the strip. "I hope that this fall
you will agree that the time away from the demands of deadlines has served the strip, your readers and me."

McGruder offered no further explanation and declined interviews

Hmmmm, we needs all guns firing while the beast is wounded, but I sorta understand.
If he needs a break, he needs a break - let's hope it's not serious.
If his head's about to bust open, there's not much else he can do.



"McCain is now Bush's Bitch."
    -- Jimbo,   Link

I'm not sure I get the "now" part of that.
McCain became Bush's bitch in Carolina in 2000.


Bush Surprises Afghanistan


Bush made a previously unannounced visit to Kabul Wednesday to rally U.S. troops in Afghanistan
and praise oil puppet Hamid Karzai at a time of rising violence from the Taliban and al Qaeda terrorists.

After a brief, four-hour visit Bush was expected to land in New Delhi Wednesday night for two days
of high-level talks about India's nuclear program and why their economy is better than ours.

Something that's true, but they never point out?

When Bush or Dick the Killer or Rummy or Condi go to Iraq or Afghanistan,
they have to make it a surprise because after all these years of US military might,
neither country is stable enough to announce a state visit in advance.

The only chance they have to visit either country is to zip in and out,
making sure there's no news of their visit until they're long gone.

And after four long and bloody years, we can't even control Baghdad's Airport Road.
Gee, do they think we might control Baghdad's Airport Road by, ...say, ...2010?

Meanwhile, Bush and the networks tell us, "We're winning the war!"



"Our seaports and our border crossings are prime targets for terrorists.
  Why let a foreign operation control vital Texas infrastructure and property?"
     -- Carole Strayhorn, Scottie the Underber's Momma,  Link

   "My mother is crazy - I wash my hands of her..."


Subject: Bart on Buzzflash


C.I., due to family history, knows quite well how "professionalism" was used to water down reporting.
We've noted it here before but we try to be professional without being a professional (phrase stolen from Michelle Phillips).
We're also bothered by the emegence of gatekeepers, the net's own Cokie Roberts, Sam Donaldsons, Gwen Ifells . . .
A lot of net space has been wasted with talk of "tone." People rushed to give props to a New Republican who felt the "tone"
was shocking. That would be The New Republican that cheerleaded the war. (Which one? As Marty points out, every one.)
It was sites like BuzzFlash and Bartcop, with their attitude (which we don't consider a bad word) that led the online challenges
to this administration. They didn't do it by fretting about "tone."

thanks to PT



Bruce Willis mocks Cheney on Dave
 Wore 'Harry Whittington' make-up at Dave's couch


The actor (ha ha) had tiny wounds on the left side of his face, resembling a spray of buckshot holes
and when he smiled he revealed one tiny hole in his front tooth where he was allegedly hit by the ammunition.

Willis joked, "I got shot."

Poor Bruce Willis
Has he become another Dennis Miller at the Box Office?

Looks like the habitual wife-cheater needs to put some daylight between him and Dick the Killer.


Click  to  visit  politicalplace.com

Subject: Sex Pistols & Bart

Bart, you wrote:

> You see, I had the bad manners to remember watching them say that when the band started,
> they couldn't even play their own instruments. One guy worked in a used clothing store, and they
> let him in the band so they would have colorful costumes if they ever got a gig.

billy says:

lol bart!!!!

that's THE Perfect setup for a fiercely angry sub-working class gang of hopeless heretics
to take on the very Queen of England; and score a number one single!!!

while being ferociously banned from the airwaves and charts...they had a BLANK for number one, LOL,
in the UK charts when they did that...they just had the #1 and then left the rest of that entry EMPTY...lol...

pistolas are sayin' "dixie-chick this u muthaaas"
the most viciously honest political mi lai massacre on a subway train noise that ever shook the earth...johnny ROTTEN...

bart, i know u for years every day now...you ARE smart enough to get how important and cleansing and necessary
they were and how grateful we should be...listen to that neil young song abou johnny rotten if that's an easier entre for you...
tho i know u like the more hard rockin' blues stuff and this is really not about music; it's about anti-music and it's
purposefully desperate and ugly as life really is...as you've been teaching so many...by reporting on the blood-money
murder neocon genocidal mega elitie bfee...

i do love you bart...i never ever ever miss one ish...ever...dude, you can get behind this...i'll help you thru it...lol.
we need their equivalent right now; we needed them right after the bush coup for koresh sake...
i'll help you with this...lol...

Dude, I'm hip to the Pistols and the value of fighting back against The Man.
I'm just saying music-wise, they weren't the best we have.

Thanks for the offer to help :)


Be a part of Bartcop Radio

Bush lovers welcome


"The president has already decided. He said he's for it.
  So he has the verdict already, and now he's having the trial."
    --  Chuck Schumer, on the 45-day review for Bush's secret ports giveaway,Link


Subject: coat hangers to South Dakota


The Maggot Punks (www.maggotpunks.com) have decided to send out a bunch of coat hangers
to Mike Rounds (R-Woman Hater) the governor of South Dakota.   He has legislation on his desk
that would ban virtually all abortions in his state. We just want him to see some of the medical
"instruments" that will be used to perform abortions if he decides to sign this bill.

If anyone wants their name on a coathanger, Click  Here  for all the details.
Keep swingin' that hammer,

Spot the Dog

"Women need men to decide for them..."

Dude, I heard about that situation.
The only Women's Services are provided by people from out-of-state.
They come in once a week to assist those who can't afford to travel to a civilized state.


Enron got rich from phoney "energy crisis"
 Bush and Cheney called Enron's gouging, "market forces"


Timothy Belden, who ran Enron's Western power trading desk in 2000 and 2001, testified that
California's "dysfunctional" market in the aftermath of electricity deregulation left it ripe for high prices.
Enron pocketed stole almost $1 billion over nine months in late 2000 and the first half of 2001.


Subject: Autistic

Geeeeeee, that s great, Bart.
Now if you could only find a poker story that does nt  ...mmsuck !

stay strong,

Actually, that wasn't a poker story.

The poker story that didn't get written was about Daniel Negranu hitting a straight on the flop
so he picked up these three bricks - no, loaves of money and bet, I think, $300K in cold cash money.
I think it was Johnnie Chan who stuck around and eventually hit a flush on the last card, screwing him.

The story I told yesterday was about the striking imagery of seeing $100K bundles being
tossed back and forth like kids playing with a beach ball in the back yard.


Parched New Mexico gets a whif of climate change


New Mexico got a stark glimpse this year of what the future could be if steps aren't taken to curb climate change.

A state report predicted a possible rise of 8-12 degrees in New Mexico's temperature by the end of this century.
That would bring hotter summers and shorter, warmer winters with less snow, the 47-page study said.

New Mexico's chief environmental official says the forecast describes the state's plight already.

"In New Mexico this year, we have no ski areas operating on natural snow," says Ron Curry, secretary of
the state's Environment Department. He notes the huge loss last year of pinyon pines was worsened by drought and warmth.
"This just adds to the argument of what global warming is doing to the climate."

Bush puts religious insanity (and personal greed) over science and logic.
Bush says the scientists are wrong, that warmer temperatures mean nothing.

This is another Bush disaster that will take 100 years to turn around, if then.

Can we please impeach this bastard while we still have a country planet to fight for?



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God talks to Bush

Subject: troubled times

What the fuck are we gonna do Bart?
I'm 48 years old and for the first time in my life, I'm ashamed of my country.
That just pisses me off to no end. That these evil, greedy pieces of shit have brought us to this.

You and I are about the same age, grew up in the same culture. My dad was a WWII vet and
I was taught to be proud of my country as I'm sure you were too. Now that has been taken from us
in 5 short years. I knew when Der Monkey was elected, we were in for a shit-storm, but what the fuck?

It boggles the mind just how bad things are right now and Koresh knows what we don't even
fucking know about yet that's just ready to drop on our heads at any time.

Thank you for a little daily dose of sanity, the internet(s) is about all we've got anymore
and who knows how long before they go after that too?


My plan is to drink one, smoke one, stay focused, pay attention, keep my eyes open,
keep my powder dry, and when the time is right, ...jump in and make a big splash.


Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

Howard's new tormentor


Howard Stern says CBS  is "bullying" him with their lawsuit against him for financial damages.

Stern said CBS accused him of reaching a "secret agreement" with his new employer, Sirius Satellite,
even though he disclosed it to CBS executives and discussed his intentions to move to Sirius on the air.

Howard, I thought you were going to be happy with all that freedom.


"This is perhaps one of the biggest and most high-profile failures in radio history.
  These ratings show that all of New York has pretty much rejected David Lee Roth
  as Howard Stern's replacement."
     --  Adam Jacobson, editor of Radio & Records magazine, after Roth's ratings showed him
          down by 90 percent from Howard's drawing power     Link


Blogads Reader Survey

Time for Blogads' annual blog reader survey.
Right now we'll survey JUST readers of politically influential blogs... you.

This project helps us all better understand blogs and where we all fit in the infosphere.
Too many pundits, advertisers and journalists are still blind to the political bloggers' radical force.

If you take the survey, don't forget to say good things about  bartcop.com


These Blogads guys have been good for us.

(February is brutal for fund-raising. Blogads helped us make it thru the thin times.)
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 If  you want to make money with a left-leaning blog -  sellers@blogads.com


 Iraq pumps 2,000,000 barrels a day,
(and that was before the 2002 Halliburton Upgrade)
 times today's oil price which is  $61.41 a barrel
makes $122,820,000 Bush stole just yesterday

2287  2298 have died for Halliburton


Subject: Halliburton

The old bank robber, Willie Sutton, said, "I rob banks because that is where the money is."

Halliburton has found that robbing the taxpayers is even more lucrative than robbing banks.



"He's always taking flak from the left on the charge that he's too zealous about
  hunting terrorists, and now, Republicans say that, with this ports deal, Bush is
  soft on terrorists. He was just furious that they'd question his commitment."
       -- Rich Galen, on Dubya calling Republicans racists, Link


You might be Republican if...

You support the "war on drugs" but you think Rush Limbaugh is being prosecuted unfairly.


Yeah, I agree - let's put this to a vote.
Do we want peace, prosperity and sex scandals
or war, terrorism and our ports owned by Arabs?


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Winter in Oklahoma

It was semi-cold, for about three days, but summer is back for the Winter of 2006.
They're calling for a high of 86 degrees today in Tulsa.
That's 86 degrees in the Winter, where it's usually 22 degrees, but then,
I've only lived here 30 years, so what would I know?.


Disappearing the Smart people


In a letter to a friend in Europe, Abdul Na'as, a Baghdad university professor in his 50s,
grieved for his killed friends and colleagues. His letter concluded: "I wonder who is next!"
He was.

On January 28 Na'as drove from his office at Baghdad University. Two cars blocked his,
and gunmen opened fire, killing him instantly. Al-Na'as is not the first academic to be killed
in the mayhem of the "new Iraq". Hundreds of academics and scientists have met this fate
since the March 2003 invasion. Baghdad universities alone have mourned the killing of over
80 members of staff. The minister of education stated recently that during 2005, 296 members
of education staff were killed and 133 wounded.

Just like the Nazis, Job #1 is killing the smart people, the educated people, the teachers,
the liberals, the Jews, the gays and anybody who might be willing to utter a complaint.

Why are Death Squads always a part of every covert BFEE-CIA job?


Subject: Please


In all the tallies please don't forget the innocent Iraqi casualties of the invasion
- 25000 and counting and also the suicides of the returning soldiers - 300 and counting.

Love your website here in Canada.


Paris Hilton, Charlize Theron Dust up

       Note: Paris's rat is "Cinderella."


Paris has warned Oscar-winner Charlize Theron to watch out
- because the pair could soon be battling for the same movie roles.


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