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Wednesday  March 8, 2006   Volume 1721 - A Slice of Coke

Quote of the Day

"Iran is currently putting people into Iraq 
  to do things that are harmful to the future 
  of Iraq. And we know it."  
    -- Rumsfeld, setting up their next invasion,  Link

 Does this mean Iraq is almost dry?

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
India: Future menace?
Bush Caves in India 
Feds in Your Face 
GOP Stops Ports Deal? 
Back to New Orleans
Democrats' Message 
DeLay wins Primary 
The Truthiness Taliban 
Shakira's No-Lie Hips 



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"Bush speaks to the audience as if they're idiots. I think the reason he 
  does that is because that's the way these issues were explained to him." 
     -- Graydon Carter, on Dubya,    Link

Can there be any doubt?


Nuclear India: Future menace?
  by Ivan Leland as seen on  Consortiumnews.com


Bush is playing a high-stakes game of nuclear-roulette as he embraces India's rogue nuclear weapons program
-- and tolerates nuclear bombs in Pakistan and Israel -- even as he rallies international pressure to stop Iran from 
advancing its nuclear ambitions. Rather than developing a strategy for eliminating nuclear bombs in the volatile region, 
Bush's thinking apparently is that he should be the one to pick and choose which nations should have nuclear weapons 
and which ones shouldn't. In this guest essay, Ivan Eland expands on Bush's risky nuclear gamble

Note: Consortiumnews.com  is the most important site on the Internet


Bush Caves in India
 Desperate to claim "we signed something"

A cardinal rule of negotiation is don't be afraid to leave the table. Bush broke this rule.

India needed this deal more than the United States did. But India that got everything it wanted—and Bush caved. 
Bush reportedly ordered his negotiators to give in on the final disputes rather than defer the accord and mangle his timetable.
Under the deal, India gets all the benefits of a country that has signed the Nonproliferation Treaty—without having to sign it. 

Fourteen of its reactors, designated as "civilian," will be permanently subject to the safeguards and inspections of the 
International Atomic Energy Agency. But another eight reactors, acknowledged as "military," will not be. In fact, the deal 
permits India to install fast-breeder reactors in these uninspected military facilities. This was one of the issues that Bush caved on 
in the final hours; until then, the U.S. negotiators were insisting that the fast-breeder reactors be placed in the inspected 
civilian facilities. Fast-breeder reactors can produce enough plutonium to build dozens of nuclear weapons a year.

More nukes for hot-headed India - so Der Monkey can claim a "victory."
GOP, isn't it time you took some action?



"You can see this man's greatness."  
   -- Chris Matthews, fellating another Republican, this time it's John Boehner,   Link


Subject: Keith Richards

"Satisfaction" is not all that complicated, but *REMEMBERING* such a riff is another thing altogether.

ha ha  

I think Jimmy Page, Frank Zappa or the Del Castillo brothers could out-play Richards,
but I'm just saying it's not so easy to write and remember those "easy" riffs.  
Especially on drugs!

T for Texas


Pay too much, Feds get Involved
 Bush is crazier than you think


The balance at JCPenney had gotten to an unhealthy level.
So they sent in a large payment, a check for $6,522.
The check had arrived, but the amount on their account hadn't changed.

They were told that the amount they had sent in was much larger than their normal monthly payment.
And if the increase hits a certain percentage higher than normal, Homeland Security has to be notified.
And the money doesn't move until the threat alert is lifted.

Walter made some inquiries and found out about the Bank Privacy Act.

So, the "Bank Privacy Act" means Bush is all in your business - again?
The government investigates you if you write a check for $6500?
Is this another "secret law" that nobody knows about?

I'm so old, I remember when the GOP was about "less government,"
but that was before they traded their souls for Der Monkey's "jenius."

C'mon, GOP - you're going to have to stop this madman sooner or later.



"Too many bills passed by Congress include unnecessary spending."  
   -- Thrill-Killa Dubya, confessing that he stole billions from the Treasury?
       No, he wants the line-item veto, so he can steal billions from the Treasury

       while doing away with hot lunch programs for inner-city schoolkids,    Link


Subject: Only The Christian Right Loves Bush

Bush's approval numbers are down to 34%.
Don't look for them to go much lower because in that 34% who still back him lay the Christian Right.

This group will stand behind him despite all the corruption and scandals.
This is the "Anti-Choice" crowd that insists that a woman have her father's baby or her rapist's.
Yet these same fine upstanding Christians have no problem with Bush lying us into war.
He trumped up the non-existing evidence of WMD. When Bush had the chance to serve his country
he went AWOL. Bush is himself responsible for the abortion of 2,300 of our troops, and another
100,000 Iraqi civilians because of his lies. His lies were designed to reward war profiteers who
were also huge campaign donors. The Christian Right needs to ask itself, whom would Jesus bomb?

Would Jesus lie about WMD? Would Jesus wait 5 full days before sending in federal aid to New Orleans?
Hundreds are still missing in New Orleans. What did Jesus say about what you do unto the least of these?
Elderly people drowned 4 full days after the storm hit.   Babies died of thirst waiting for Bush to send help.

The federal government, and specifically the Defense Dept. is the only agency with the resources necessary
to deal with a catastrophe of this magnitude. That agency is controlled directly by Rumsfeld and Bush.
Did they respond?  No, because it was the incompetence stupid.

This is when America finally woke up to the fact that our country is being run by an 8th grader.
The Christian Right is the last one standing in defense of Bush.
Now America sees just what hypocrites they truly are.

Jim In Rochester, Michigan


The Truthiness Taliban
 by Arianna Huffington


On CSI, when they break the facts down to the level of DNA and sub-microscopic particles,
they always get their perp. Wiggle room dies a rapid death in their labs. And we love getting to
the truth. But when we turn off the TV and turn our attention to far weightier matters, we seem
willing -- indeed eager -- to forget about the facts and throw our arms around truthiness.

That's how they sold us the invasion of Iraq (Saddam-unleashed mushroom clouds could be the logo
for the Truthiness Society). And it's how they are trying to sell us the consequences of that invasion
as something other than an unmitigated disaster.

Good column by Huffington, and she's right.
Everyone knows Bush lied about WMDs and how great the war is going,
but they choose to lie to themselves about the facts staring them right in the face.

If Bush lied, that means those 2303 brave soldiers died for Bush oil greed - and we can't have that..
We, as a nation, would rather look at the facts and say, "That can't be right - Bush wouldn't lie,"
even tho everyone knows Bush lied each time he changed the reason why he HAD to invade Iraq.

Everyone knows Bush was lying when he promised 100 times that "Invasion is my last option," then we
found out they jump-started their Iraq plans while the WTC was still burning, the bastards. but then
Bush would never lie to us, right?

If you want to talk about a liar, let's talk about Bill Clinton.
Yeah, he had a girlfriend, and he disgraced our nation much worse than Bush's 2300 dead, the hate
of all our former friends and allies and, oh yeah, his bungled world war against the suicide bombers..

Grow up, America.
It's time to face the damn facts.

Bush is killing this country.
How long do we let him continue?


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Subject: "Hooray, we're going to war" rallies

What a sight it was: Old rich men, old rich women and a few young republicans with more
important things to do than go themselves.  All rallying for war, offering the support of buying cheap
"Support our troops" magnets, mostly made in communist China, and cutting Veterans benefits for
returning wounded, and slashing funds to the VA hospital system.  Not to mention screeching manically
at anyone with the sense to ask what was the plan for occupation, and how are you going to get out.

Sure was nasty and unpatriotic for us to question the wisdom of invading Iraq.
We were so right, now they can only repeat endless mantras that the media that
supported starting the war is undermining their victory celebration.

Mike R.

Mike, wasn't that whole "Freedom Fries" bullshit a part of that?

Bush and his media went downright postal on France for saying we shouldn't invade, calling them
"cheese-eating surrender monkeys" because they asked Bush not to get everyone killed in a quagmire.


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Bush lovers welcome


"President Bush and I don't agree on much, 
  but I fully support giving him the line-item veto."  
     -- John Kerry, doing what he can to help a Bones brother,  Link

"Can Bush give some examples of what Bush would have cut in previous years, if he had this? 
  That would help us understand the sense of scale here, and also the potential for partisan chicanery. 
  Would this all just amount to chump-change compared to Bush's multi-hundred-billion-dollar deficits? 
  And would it simply become another way for Bush to punish political opponents?"  
     -- Dan Froomkin, on the line-item-veto,   Link


Subject: Forcing women to bear the children of their rapist is wrong

To piss on the wounds inflicted upon the women of South Dakota by banning abortion,
it seems this same Sharia Legislature nowhere denies parental rights to the perps.

Thus victims of rape and incest, to enhance their ordeal, must not only bear the child,
but must, again, accommodate their attacker, even if the attacker's wishes wend their way from a prison cell.

Only in Amerika... 'where not-men are chattel' rules.

We'd be a lot better off with a mostly female Congress.
They wouldn't make any decisions by way of penis size.



Random Thought

The whore media is going berzerk over Dana Reeve, and maybe rightly so, 
but only one person, the great Lance Armstrong, has had the balls to mention that 
Bush cut funding for breast cancer research.

Of course, the super-rich bastard had to so he could give his super-rich friends another huge tax cut.

Dana didn't even get a year between diagnosis and death, but that's OK with Bush because stopping 
breast cancer won't put a single dollar in his pocket and it won't provide him with a single drop of oil.



Subject: The Stones

t's a miracle that Keith Richards is capable of functioning at all, let alone play guitar to some extent.
The real talent behind the Stones is Charlie Watts...

Chris from Soviet Canuckistan

Chris, I've heard people say that about Charlie.
I played drums, and it boggles to think he's the best musician in the group.

Now I will admit the Stones wrote some good songs...



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GOP to Stop Ports Deal?
 At least someone is fighting the bastard...


House Republican leaders on Tuesday embraced legislation that would block Dubai from taking over 
several U.S. ports, brushing aside a veto threat from President Duncil.  "We want to make sure that the 
security of our ports are in America's hands," said Rep. Jerry Lewis, R-Calif., whose Committee planned 
to approve the measure today.  The move marks the latest step in a Republican revolt in Congress unlike 
any other in Bush's five years in office. The president has yet to veto any legislation, and GOP leaders have 
been careful to avoid sending him anything that he wouldn't sign. Now, eight months before an election, 
they have decided to challenge him.

Thank Koresh for the GOP.
While the Democrats are under a table wetting themselves in fear like Bernard Shaw in baghdad, 
finally someone is standing up to the bully - and the voters are going to love them for it.

Too bad we couldn't convince a Democrat to do the right thing and declare, "Over my dead body."

Democrats are so scared (or stupid) they can't do the math. Bush's approval is under 40 percent.
That means over sixty percent (we call that a majority) want him stopped, but the Democrats are
unable or unwilling to do what the voters are demanding, so it's a good thing the GOP is stepping up.

Who could have predicted the GOP would do such a thing?


Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

Back to New Orleans


Bush returns to New Orleans today seeking to fend off the latest fallout from a political storm that has battered 
his popularity and shows no sign of blowing over..."It's a shame to call this America," said Briscoe Brazella as he 
pulled waterlogged belongings from his home in the city's Lower Ninth Ward. "If this was America as God intended
... every home here would just about be rebuilt by now." More than six months after Katrina, much of New Orleans, 
once best known as a boozy tourist mecca that lived by the motto "Let the good times roll," is still in ruins. Barely a 
third of its nearly half a million inhabitants have returned and it's not clear how many more will.

We talked about, "Where was Bush in the days after Katrina?"
Where is he six months after Katrina?

He keeps taking tours, but those taxpayer-paid-for mobile homes are still sitting empty in Arkansas,
while tens of thousands of families still have no place to live, no jobs, no food, no nothing.

You know why?

                 Thanks to dubyasworld.com



"Since the GOP took Congress in 1995, home-district earmarks has jumped from $29 billion
  to nearly $53 billion today. Meanwhile, Bush forecast a record deficit of $439 billion."  
    --Michael Fletcher, allowing the facts to interfere with Monkey Spin,   Link


Democrats Need a Strong Message
 by Robert Parry at  consortiumnews.com


Election 2006 -- and voter dissatisfaction with the Republicans -- offer hope for the Democrats to reclaim 
one or both houses of Congress. But Democratic leaders have shown little understanding of the potential for 
a powerful national message that targets George W. Bush's trampling of constitutional principles that Americans 
hold dear, not to mention his use of fear and deception to stampede the public into a disastrous war in Iraq. 
Instead Democratic leaders are falling into their old uninspiring pattern of passivity, triangulation and 
check-list issues aimed at disparate interest groups.


 Iraq pumps 2,000,000 barrels a day,
(and that was before the 2002 Halliburton Upgrade)
 times today's oil price which is  $61.58 a barrel
makes $123,160,000 Bush stole just yesterday

2302  2304 have died for Halliburton




"If Democrats do gain control, Republicans should expect to be investigated.  
  If we get subpoena power, the corruption will come out on America's TV screens, 
  and that scares the daylights out of the Republicans.''  
    -- Howard Dean, showing everyone his poker hand before the flop,   Link


Bush's Democracy


The president's virtuous plan to spread democracy like bird flu goes apace. 
The rascal is imposing democracy right and left, though mostly left as it turns out. It is working. 
Well, it is having an effect. In Venezuela democracy brought about Hugo Chavez, who hates the United States. 
In Bolivia it produced Evo Morales, who hates the United States. In Iran it empowered Ahmawhatsispelling, 
who hates the United States. So does the elected government in Iraq. In Palestine Mr. Bush's righteousness 
elected Hamas, which hates the United States, perhaps as much as does the Muslim Brotherhood, which keeps 
getting more elected in Egypt. There's nothing like democracy, I say.


Subject: Tillman

I am an anomaly in the Defense business.  I am a liberal with a military background.  
I teach soldiers almost daily and have an appreciation for the sacrifices and dedication.  

For the most part, their dedication is not to the BFEE, but rather to each other and their country.  
I hear from young soldiers returning from the fray that they are proud to have served and maybe made a difference. 
A lot of them also see the futility Iraq, but would go back if called upon to do so.  

These are not highly educated or privileged souls.  They are just trying to make sense of it all.  
The soldier haters have no clue about the lives these youngsters lead or the boredom they suffer or the fear they feel.  
Maybe they should take the time to speak with a 22 year-old Spec 4 who has just returned from the sandbox and 
has to have WIC so he can get milk for the baby he has seen for the first time.  

Soldier haters.....go after the regime instead of the kids who have been duped.

Jim H

Funny, the baggage left over from Vietnam.

Some people say the GOP hated Clinton because he was against Vietnam.
Many on our side still hate the "baby-killing" soldiers.


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Random Thought

Say you're having dinner in a local, not-crowded restaurant, and a guy at the next table starts choking.
You do the Good Samartan thing, and Heimlich the dude (let's make it a her, I'd rather lich a girl.)
The food pops out, everybody's happy and she buys you a bottle of Chinaco for helping.
(Be sure to tell her it's the Anejo you want.)


What if the Heimlich doesn't work - what then?

You younger kids missed that M*A*S*H when Father Mulcahey was in a jeep with a soldier in the field 
when the soldier started choking.  Knowing he only had minutes to save his life he radioed the camp to talk 
to good old, Dr. Hawkeye Pierce who coached the priest thru an emergency tracheotomy.

You may have to do this someday, so lissen up.

If someone is choking, you Heimlich them until the food pops out.
The panic-part of this comes when the chokee stares at you wide-eyed with "I'm dying" written on her face.
If the food doesn't pop out, the girl will soon lose consciousness.
Once that happens, she has 3-6 minutes to live, so you'll need to do something.

You're in a restaurant, so scream "Call 9-1-1," before you start, but if the ambulance is ten minutes away, 
you've got to act and there's no time to look something up, take a poll or try to call somebody.

Mouth-to-mouth won't help, neither will chest compressions because the Heimlich is chest compressions,
so you're going to need to grab the nearest sharp knife and cut a new airhole or the girl will die while you watch. 

There's a little valley just below where her Adam's Apple isn't (unless it's Ann Coulter.)  
That's where you cut a 3/8 to 1/2 inch hole  because if you don't, she's dead.

Once you get the hole cut, you'll need something to keep the hole from closing. 
Restaurants sell Coke or Pepsi - cut a 3-inch piece of syrup tubing and insert it or she's gone.

This is the first time we've ever dispensed surgical advice at  bartcop.com  and don't even think of doing this 
unless after she loses consciousness and the ambulance is too many minutes away to save a life.

So file this in your head, and don't do it until after she goes limp AND there are no other options.

If this happens to you, write to me right away so I can take this down.


Subject: Oil


It is undeniable. A simple search on Google—Cheney + Oil---Cheney + Pnac
—Pnac + 1992 Report---1992 Report to Bush—Wolfowitz + Oil---
Wolfowitz + 1992 Report—Pnac 1998 Letter to President Clinton.

There is no denying that per the 1992 Report by Wolfowitz and Libby to 
Cheney to President Bush I the goal is to ----CONTROL MIDDLE EAST OIL.

They wrote "we cannot allow any nation to challenge America economically, militarily or politically".
Folks! Read it. Hundreds of pages.

We are surrounding the Middle East Oil Reserves with Military Bases. 
No question. Undeniable. Their reports are on record.

CW Swinney 
Political Historian.


 Call the all new, toll-free 
 GOP callers Welcome (snicker)

DeLay wins GOP Primary
 They love crooked politicians in Texas


In his first election since he was indicted and forced to step aside as majority leader, Tom DeLay held off 
three challengers to keep his House seat. Now he faces what many consider the real contest  - a general 
election fight against an organized, well-funded Democrat with a score to settle.

ha ha
Sorry to laugh, but t did they really use "organized" and "well-funded" to describe a Democrat?


Subject: I may be wrong...

Maybe the repugs just can't get enough of the BFEE. 
Tom DeLay just won the Texas Primary by a margin of 2 to 1.

Ramstein AFB


TV Stuff

Tonight, the premiere of  'Black. White.' on FX.
They say this is a really good (and serious) show.

A black family puts on white makeup and mingles.
A white family puts on black makeup and mingles.

I predict FX with censor the hell out of this TV show 
because they can't air the word "nigger" 100 times in 22 minutes.

I say black people don't know how whitey talks about them when they're not in the room,
any more than women know how men talk about them behind their backs.

This would've been better on HBO, where we could get the straight truth, but no,
America would rather lie to themselves and pretend our race problems are in the past.

Thanks to   for the heads up.


Shakira's 'Hips Don't Lie'




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