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  Show 90 is Up 

 Thursday  March 23, 2006 Volume 1731 - Drunk Donkey

Quote of the Day

"Stupidity is the basic building block of the universe." 
       -- Frank Zappa

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
States Repudiate Bush
Bush Still Lying 
No, impalement
Abortion is murder?
New Tower 7 Video
Atrocities in Iraq 
Cruella Sells Makeup
Dick Demands FOX
Keri Russell is 30 



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"You couldn't sit in that press room day after day. Every time, every time it was mentioned 
  by Ari Fleischer or Scott, they would say in one breath, 9/11, Saddam.   9/11, Saddam. 
  I don't blame the American people for thinking there was a [connection.]" 
     -- Helen Thomas, a member of the press we can respect, Link


States Repudiate Bush
 by Robert Parry as seen on  Consortiumnews.com


The collapse in public support for Bush is extending across the United States, even reaching into staunchly
Republican areas, according to new state-by-state polls. Bush is now viewed unfavorably in 43 out of 50 states,
including double-digit net negatives in SC, IN, VA, TN and his home state of Texas.  Bush also isn't likely to have
helped himself by admitting that he expects to leave the Iraq War mess to his successor to clean up.

Note: Consortiumnews.com  is the most important site on the Internet


Bush Still Trying, Lying
 ...but only 34 percent believe him


Standing on a rooftop, an American soldier recently fired a shot at an Iraqi man walking down the street.
As the dying Iraqi grabbed at his wound, he cried out: "What did I do?"
That's for every American to answer.

But right now we will have to make do with Bush's new flurry of speeches as he seeks to justify
claims of progress at the start of the fourth year of the U.S. war in Iraq.

Bush said he "will settle for nothing less than complete victory" but admitted that "more fighting and
sacrifice" are needed. He remains optimistic "because slowly but surely our strategy is getting results."
He coupled that statement of hope with the warning that the terrorists "will attack us again."


Impeachment? Hell no, impalement
  by Will Durst


I don't know about you guys, but I am so sick and tired of these lying, thieving, holier-than-thou, right-wing,
cruel, crude, rude, gauche, coarse, crass, cocky, corrupt, dishonest, debauched, degenerate, dissolute,
swaggering, lawyer shooting, bullhorn shouting, infrastructure destroying, hysterical, history defying,
puppy stomping, roommate appointing, pretzel choking, collateral damaging, aspersion casting, wedding
party bombing, clear cutting, torturing, jobs outsourcing, torture outsourcing, "so-called" compassionate
-conservative, women's rights eradicating, Medicare cutting, uncouth, spiteful, boorish, vengeful, noxious,
homophobic, xenophobic, xylophonic, racist, sexist, ageist, fascist, cashist, audaciously stupid, brazenly
selfish, lethally ignorant, journalist purchasing, .....


Subject: Afghanistan

I thought Afghanistan was liberated. I thought we won the war there,
gave them freedom and democracy, and that victory there had been achieved.

Now we find out that under their laws, a person can get the death penalty for being a Christian.
Under the new Afghan constitution being a Christian is a death penalty offense.
How can we liberate a country and have them bless killing Christians in their Constitution?
Is this what we sent our Christian soldiers there to fight for? I'm an Atheist and this even offends me!
Only Bush and his ilk could call this a victory.

Marc Perkel
San Francisco, CA.


Check out   liquiddaddy.com


"The most powerful man in the world tells bald-faced lies that result in the death of possibly 
  hundreds of thousands of people and the mainstream media pretends it hasn't happened. 
  It keeps happening, and nobody seems to think it's a big deal.  Well, I do.  The WaHoPo
  found the president's press conference to be "sometimes blunt, sometimes joking and 
  sometimes unpolished" but "sounded authentic," I found it to be "lying." 
      -- Eric Alterman,  Link

Wolf the Whore was worse, going on and on about how "relaxed and commanding" Bush was at 
his lil' whore press conference.  Sure, if you never answer a question it's easy to put on a performance
that looks authentic. The White House press treats Bush like Playboy bunnies treat Hugh Hefner.



Subject: a bad case of Da Funk

I got a bad case of da funk today. This morning I read the obit of reknowned American Doctor,
infectious disease and AIDS expert Steve Gluckman, who was working to save untold lives in Botswana
and was apparently snatched from his canoe by a crocodile right in front of his wife and the tour guides,
never to be seen again.

Life can be really cruel sometimes...and ironic...
Gluckman is a German name and translates as LuckyMan.

I need two shots...


The author of "George W. Bush Is Shameless"
and "Bush Guide 2004" has released his newest book "FIGHT",
available free online for everyone to read.


Abortion is murder?


Although I've met some rank-and-file "pro-lifers" whose policy preferences were consistent with
a belief that a fetus is morally indistinguishable from a child, those folks usually have policy preferences
which are totally out of step with the abortion criminalization movement as a whole.

In contrast, the leaders of the abortion criminalization movement have consistently put their political weight
behind policies which make little or no sense if they genuinely think that abortion is identical to child murder.
And those same leaders routinely endorse policies that make a lot of sense if their goal is to penalize women who
have sex. And they've done so with the apparent backing and blessing of the vast majority of the rank and file.


NY Cops Lying about Nazi-Con Arrests?


The accusations stem from a tense standoff in 2004 between police and the tens of thousands of
demonstrators at Nazi-Con 2004, President Bush accepted his party's nomination for a second term.

While demonstrations were mostly peaceful, sporadic clashes between police and protesters resulted in
more than 1,800 arrests, mostly on misdemeanor charges like obstructing governmental administration.

Up to 10,000 officers were deployed at the four-day event a show of force the ACLU called overkill
and a threat to free speech. Two pending federal lawsuits claim most of the arrests were illegal.

The group's letter cited sworn statements by officers who said they were told by a supervisor, Deputy Inspector
James Essig, that the protesters near Union Square had been warned to stop blocking traffic and disperse before
the arrests began. About 400 people ended up in custody, including some rounded up with a mesh net.

During a deposition earlier this month, Essig testified that "at no time did he give an order to disperse
nor did anyone else give such an order to disperse," Dunn wrote.

If you remember,  The Hollywood Liberal flew to NY to protest and he was caught up in that.
They arrested him for following a policeman's order - and he fought them in court.  Trouble is, they kept
postponing his court date and he couldn't afford to fly to NY for every fake court date they scheduled.


Subject: grams in an ounce

Bart, I assume you know that there are 28 grams in an ounce.
Or was that meant to be funny ha ha?

Just wonderin',
Rev. Jim

ps  Keep swingin' that hammer!!!

James, back in college, I knew dozens of businessmen who didn't know their math.
That always struck me as crazy, ...and proof there is a God.
Did you know there are 18 ounces of hashish in a pound?  ha ha

If you're the buyer, that is.
If you're the seller, there's just 14 :)


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"I met an onion grower today at the airport and he said, 
 'You got to help me find people that will grow onions' 
  pluck them, or whatever you do with them, you know." 
      --  Dubya, about meeting Jeff Zellers, a farmer,   Link

Hmmm, I don't know Bush about farming, but I'd think a fella who 
grows onions would want to meet onion buyers, not other onion growers.


Subject: enough about the Clintons

Ok Bart, now it's "the Clintons are the only Dems who ever tried to get elected."

I'll bet I never said that - are you a gambler?

Give it up will you? 

ha ha

There are a hell of a lot of committed Dems who do not agree with you.
And among them are people who spent hours volunteering on campaigns to prevent the BFEE from getting power.
You insult me and every other Gore and Kerry campaigner when you put them down.

When a coach tells his team at halftime, "You're playing like girls," does he say that to hurt their feelings?
Or is he trying to pound some pride into them, to get them fired up for the second half of a big game?

If you had spent time in a campaign office in '00 and '04 you would know how the candidates,
their staffs and volunteers poured their hearts and souls into their efforts.
I simply can't stand your sniping at these people.

But what if I'm right?  In 1992, they told Clinton he had the contest won, ...but did he rest?
No, he kept flying from one town to the next, campaigning and shaking hands and making speeches
after they told him he had already won, that's what winners do...

Certain other candidates took looooooooooong vacations during their campaigns and still had 
millions of campaign dollars in the bank after losing a squeaker - that's not what winners do.

How much of Gore's loss was due to Jeb Bush, Catherine Harris and the Supreme Court?
How much of Kerry's loss was due to Ohio Secy of State Blackwell, Bob Ney's wife and Diebold?
IF you're going to attack, pick the right targets. 

I think that's good advice.
Let's you and I go after those Bush bastards!.

Focusing in on these candidates lets the thieves who control the voting machines 
and the pitiful press who won't report the truth off the hook.

I think fighting back aggressively is better than taking vacations during a close campaign.
Fighting back is what winners do.


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Bush lovers welcome


"Congress has approve a new ceiling for the national debt. They had to, it was going to go
  past the legal limit, so they just raised it. And our new national debt is $9 trillion, not billion.
  Every American owes $30,000, including kids. Bush borrowed $30,000 from each of us and
  blew it on Hummers and grenade launchers.  It's like we're all married to Kevin Federline."
     -- Jimmy Kimmel

 By and large, Democrats have not cracked the Google code, so let me help you out:
 Kevin Federline is Britney Spears's most recent useless, jobless husband.

 Who is Britney Spears?
 You'll have to Google and find out.


Subject: Bush lies, again

First of all, most of what America saw re: the Bush - Helen Thomas exchange is what they saw on the nightly news.
And the segemnt was chopped all to hell. God forbid the network news show anything that may take a little time
and cut into their prima donna's face time. Unless you watched it live on C-Span or heard the whole thing repeated
on the BBC or Australian Radio (as I did) then what you heard and saw was misleading.

The networks made Thomas look weak when she repeatedly tried to get the Giggling Moron to answer her question.
This is not the first time Thomas has been crapped on by the big boys. She makes them look bad and asks the
questions the others don't have the guts to. Because of her tenacity, this was the first time in over two years
President Brain Dead called on her. I doubt if he ever will again as he is a coward and has absolutely no honor.

The interesting part of the whole exchange was that Thomas specifically asked about the war in Itaq and true to form,
President Shit for Brains changed the subject to Afghanistan and completely dodged her original question.
 S. Bennett

I remember when Bush's WMD claims turned to dust, the whore media got together and said,
"Yes, we should've been tougher on Bush," then they went right back to being good little puppy dogs.



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Chavez Blasts "drunk donkey" Bush


Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on Sunday lobbed a litany of insults at Our Monkey ranging from
"donkey" to "drunkard" in response to a White House report branding the left-wing leader a demagogue.
Chavez has repeatedly accused Bush of seeking to oust him from Venezuela to steal their oil.

"You are a donkey, Mr. Bush," said Chavez, speaking in English on his weekly Sunday broadcast.

 ha ha

"You're an alcoholic Mr. Danger, or rather, you're a drunkard," Chavez said, referring to Bush
 by a nickname he frequently uses to describe the U.S. president.



New Video Questions 9-11 Collapse
  saw it on  marc.perkel.com

 Link  (scroll down a click ot two)

Was the world trade center building destroyed by the plane crashes or were they blown up?
I just came across this video that is very pursuasive raising the question - was this yet another Bush plot?



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Subject: Bob Schieffer: Bush Ass Monkey

Bart, his statement doesn't shock me.  This guy's been the Ass Monkey for Lush
from the beginning.  i was appalled during the debates when Bob Schieffer moderated a debate.


Bob Schieffer is a close personal friend of George W Lush.  They play golf together; Lush hosted
Ass Monkey in his box at the Rangers Games and Ass Monkey's brother, Tom Schieffer, was a
business partner in the Texas Rangers with Lush and has napped in the Lincoln bedroom.

At no time did Ass Monkey get up and look into the camera and disclose any of this to the people watching.
i supppose the voters don't need to know that.

Hell maybe he slipped Bob the tongue during a Rangers game.



Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

Subject: We've been stupid for too long


I told you; long before the war began, that before we were through with the Iraqis they'd 
be begging for Saddam to return. The latest poll out of the "cradle of civilization" shows 
around 70% would prefer Saddam over America. 

So much for the "Mission Accomplished," eh? 

Trouble is there is no end in sight, at least not for the Junta. Von Rumsfeld, Dead-eye Dick, Kindasleezy 
and Smirky have all crawled out from under their rocks to beat up a little support for the current and the 
new oil wars to come. Before we can conquer the world we have to control all the energy that we can, 
or as Bush puts it, "My preciousssss." 


Iraqi Police Report US Atrocities


Iraqi police have accused American troops of executing 11 people, including a 75-year-old woman
and a 6-month-old infant, in the aftermath of a raid last Wednesday on a house north of Baghdad.

The villagers were killed after American troops herded them into a single room of the house, according to
a police document obtained by Knight Ridder Newspapers. The soldiers also burned three vehicles,
killed the villagers' animals and blew up the house, the document said.

A U.S. military spokesman said that the U.S. military has no information to support the allegations.

Well, I guess that puts that rumor to rest.


Subject: the Bush lie about weapons inspectors

Does Bush truly not know that Hussein allowed weapons inspectors into Iraq 
and that they were pulled so Bush could invade.  That is the follow-up question,

"Mr. Bush, do you truly not know that weapon inspector were allowed into Iraq 
and were pulled out only days before you invaded?  Didn't you staff tell you? 

We know you don't read newspapers or watch television, but didn't someone in 
your administration let you know that Hussein had allowed weapon inspectors into 
Iraq and that they were not having any success finding what didn't exist?"

Bob, good point.
But as long as the Democrats and the press refuse to correct his lies or mistakes,
he will continue to tell them - and he will continue to believe them.

BTW, did anybody see the most recent The West Wing?
Vinnick held a press conference in front of a crippled nuke-you-ler reactor that he
pressured the NRC to get online earlier than necessary and the press hammered him.

Press gal: "Was it a mistake to push this plant into production 25 years ago?"

Vinnick: "We all make mistakes, and I'm 25 years smarter than I was then..."

Press gal:  "Was it a mistake to push this plant into production?"

Vinnick:  "It's not that easy, back then things were..."

Press gal: "Was it a mistake?"

Too bad we can't have a press like the fictional one on The West Wing.
Too bad our press lets Bush answer "9-11" when they ask about his bloody quagmire.

Besides Helen Thomas, the White House press corps is nothing more than 
a gaggle of servile, self-seeking flatterers and suck-up sillibastards. (new word)


 Iraq pumps 2,000,000 barrels a day,
(and that was before the 2002 Halliburton Upgrade)
 times today's oil price which is  $61.77 a barrel
makes $123,540,000 Bush stole just yesterday

2318  2321 have died for Halliburton



"Bush met with the Prime Minister of Ireland, who gave him a bowl of shamrocks.
  There was an awkward moment when Bush said, 'Where are the pink hearts and yellow moons?' "
     --  Conan O'Brien


Subject: Saddam and 9-11

Are these 39% idiots? Can they read?

Saddam is on trial in Iraq - has he been charged with anything connected to 9-11?

My heavens, can it be that 39% of Americans are truly complete idiots??

Marton, 39 percent is optimistic.
Hell, I have an IQ of 64 and I feel like I'm in the top third :)


Cruella to Sell Makeup Box


U.S. Rep. Katherine Harris continued her attempt to take her campaign to national television and to
play the religious card to secure a U.S. Senate seat with an appearance on whore ABC's "Nightline" Tuesday.

Harris told John Donvan, of "Nightline," that she intends to sell all of her personal assets to fund the race.
"My husband has real estate, (and $27M of his own) but *I* will not own anything."

Since making a pledge last week to put $10 million of her money into the race, Harris has made the phrase
"putting everything on the line" a new campaign theme.

Gee, if she loses "everything," she'll only have $27 million to fall back on?
She's a gambler!


Subject: Nader

I vote for the person that I believe will do the best job of representing my beliefs regardless of party.

Even if it puts Bush in power for eight years?

Gore represented more of the same Clinton policies with which I disagreed. Remember NAFTA?

Yes, I remember peace and prosperity, too,
but we lost that when people failed to vote against Bush.

You and others seem to wish to try to make our vote for Nader in 2000 into a cause of some of what has
happened in this country since then. This is horse hockey. None of us knew what would happen in the future.

Excuse me, but aren't you promising to make the same mistake in 2008?
Isn't that why you sent this e-mail?   To let us know you're going to do it again?

All I can do as an individual is stand up for my beliefs and when/if those beliefs are proven wrong, change them.

Or, you could cast a vote to stop the BFEE madness...

I am sorry that Gore did not win.

Are you not promising to make the same mistake a third time?

Especially now that he is actually standing up for what he believes.
Blaming those of us who voted for Nader for the policies of George Bush is faulty thinking.

Even if it means Bush gets power for eight long and bloody years?

Because I voted for the man who polices most closely represented my beliefs
that does not make me responsible for the reprehensible policies of the Bush assministration.


No, mathematics does that.
There are only two votes on the 2008 ballot:

( ) Do you want four more years of wars and invasions?


( ) Do you want the Democrats to take their place?

Leon, will you send me an e-mail in 2009 vehemently insisting that your
anti-Democratic vote did not contribute to the Republican's razor-thin victory?


Dick Cheney's Suite Demands
 thesmokinggun.com lists Lucifer's travel demands


Cheney's standard "tour" rider wants his suite at a comfy 68 degrees. 
And, of course, all televisions need to be preset to Fox Whore News.


Subject: You're the monkey

Two of your readers felt the need to write you and remind
you that Kerry won in 2004 because of your b.s. assertion...

< However one feels about this subject, isn't that the primary reason Bush "won" in 2004?
< Because people felt he'd "break the speed limit" while Kerry would let his daughter, or New York,
< or the nation, die because he'd nuance every issue to death instead of taking bold action?

You are the monkey, because you are writing lies and uncomprehendable assertions, 
 like the snip from above!

If you're right, and Kerry is president, why does he let Bush live in the White House?

You try to justify illegal torture, through the above statement about Kerry, and it doesn't work.
You just come across as confused and forgetful. You are becoming more monkey-like every day.

Rob, if you'd rather let your daughter bleed out than break the speed limit,
I'm sure your wife and daughter would understand the "logic" of letting her die, but I don't. 

Sorry you cannot comprehend that torture is ILLEGAL!
 Rob Mahon

Oh, I comprehend just fine, and so does my daughter, who said to tell you that she's feeling fine...


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Fly into a building? Who could imagine?


Of all the through-the-looking-glass moments in the last few days, the strangest is this: 
The F.B.I officer who arrested and questioned Moussaoui told a jury that he had alerted 
his superiors about 70 times that Moussaoui was a radical Islamic fundamentalist who hated 
America and might be plotting to hijack an airplane. 

Seventy? That makes one time for every virgin waiting for Mr. Moussaoui in Heaven. 
Judging by how disastrously the prosecution is doing, the virgins will have to wait.


 Call the all new, toll-free 
 GOP callers Welcome (snicker)

So good, we gave it an encore...

Keri Russell turns 30



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