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  Show 90 is Up 

 Tuesday  March 28, 2006  Volume 1734 - Don't Forget

Note: Scalia - minutes after attending a Mass.

Quote of the Day

"If they are competent to fight this war, 
  then I ought to be on American Idol." 
      -- Cheney,   Link

  Hey Dick, our best-of-all-time military is being handled 
  by handjob cave-dwellers from the Old Testament.
  How could Democrats do any worse?

  Bill Clinton won his war - and no Americans died.
  Suck on that.

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Talk War Crimes 
Bush: Set on War 
B-Gov Cuts off US
Bring Down FOX 
Is Rove Cooperating? 
Weinberger dead 
More Indictments? 
Exorcism in Tulsa 
Scarlett Rules 2006 



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"I'm not surprised that Hillary doesn't know the Bible. Her of both the law and the Bible are wrong. 
  This has nothing to do - the bill we passed has nothing to do with criminalizing Good Samaritans." 
      -- Rep. Tom Tancredo, Latino-hating Fascist slut     Link

"According to Los Angeles Cardinal Roger Mahoney, the proposed provision "is so broad that it would 
  criminalize even minor acts of mercy like offering a meal or administering first aid." Mahoney has 
  instructed the priests of his archdiocese to disobey the law if it is enacted. As for Clinton's knowledge 
  of the Bible, it's Tancredo who needs a refresher. Take Isaiah 49:10: "They will neither hunger nor thirst, 
  nor will the desert heat or the sun beat upon them. He who has compassion on them will guide them and 
  lead them beside springs of water." 
      -- Think Progress,    Link


Time to Talk War Crimes
 by Robert Parry  as seen on  Consortiumnews.com


The Nuremberg trials after World War II established universal rules against aggressive wars, principles that 
George W. Bush willfully violated by invading Iraq. A newly disclosed memo from January 2003 reveals 
Bush's contempt for these fundamental rules of international behavior as well as his plans to trick the public 
into accepting his actions. The evidence now is increasingly clear that in a world where might did not make right, 
Bush and his advisers would be in shackles at the Hague facing war crimes tribunals. 

As always, Parry said it best, but think how lucky we were to be born in America.
We're lucky enough to be the invaders instead of the invadees.

If we didn't have the world's mightiest military, any two-bit punk like Bush could invade, 
steal our assets, put our leaders on trial and hunt down his kids and shoot them in the street 
like dogs and put their bloody bodies on TV and brag about it.

If only the leaders of the world's only superpower were decent and moral men. 
But no - they are murdering, thieving sons of bitches.

Note: Consortiumnews.com  is the most important site on the Internet


Bush Was Set on War
 NY Whore Times is catching up!


In the weeks before he invaded, Bush's public ultimatum to Saddam was blunt: Disarm or face war.
But behind closed doors, the president was certain that war was inevitable. 

During a private two-hour meeting in the Oval Office on Jan. 31, 2003, he made clear to Blair that he 
was determined to invade Iraq without the second resolution, or even if arms inspectors came up empty, 
said a confidential memo about the meeting written by Mr. Blair's top foreign policy adviser.

"Our diplomatic strategy had to be arranged around the military planning," David Manning, 
Blair's chief foreign policy adviser at the time, wrote in the Bush-Blair meeting summary.


Baghdad Gov Cuts off USA


    Argument swells in Baghdad the day after a raid conducted against Shiites that left twenty of them dead. 
While America denies any involvement, the Governor of Baghdad announces the suspension of his cooperation. 
The Shiite alliance in power demands a transfer of responsibility for the maintenance of order in the country.

    The bloody raid conducted in Baghdad against Shiites assembled in a mosque in the country's capital continues 
to elicit reactions. Shiite leaders, who suggest there were around twenty deaths, denounce an American bungle. 
The Unified Iraqi Alliance, the Shiite coalition in power, describes that operation as a "massacre" and demands 
that the American government cede responsibility for the maintenance of order to the Iraqi government.

    "American forces and Iraqi Special Forces committed an odious crime when they attacked the Ur Mosque," 
says the Shiite bloc. "It's an organized crime with security implications. It aims to incite a civil war.
To kill such a great number of the faithful of the family of the Prophet after torturing them is indefensible. 
It's an attack that strips away any credibility from the slogans of freedom and democracy flaunted by Bush."


Subject: packaged news


On the first Sunday after Katrina I took my 3 boys to the Cajun Dome in Lafayette, LA  to drop off donations. 
We stayed there and organized the donations for about 3 or 4 hours. My oldest son Josh (16) was working with 
a teen boy from New Orleans to bring in what was needed to the evacuees. His story was amazing. 

He and his family had stayed in their home  near the Superdome for the storm and everything was fine until the
flooding started. This boy told my son that when his aunt and others tried to leave their homes in the "projects", 
they were held at gunpoint by the NO Police and told that they were not leaving. He told Josh that they had 
commandeered an ice cream truck and about 16 people drove to Lafayette. This boy had no reason to lie to Josh. 

When I have told other people this story, I have been called crazy, insane, etc. so I just keep it to myself. 


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"Some Democrats in Congress have decided the president is the enemy 
  and the terrorist surveillance program is grounds for censuring the president. 
  The American people have already made their decision. They agree with the president." 
     -- Cheney, pretending that Bush's approval is above 40 percent   Link


Subject: Jay has an opinion on abortion - so does Bart


As a delusional, racist, gay bashing and woman hating fool. I applaud your robust defense of abortion.
While holding the opinion that women should just have babies is boorish and ridiculous, it was fairly
impressive on your part to launch a broad-brush attack on all Christians, of which I am one.

Dude, the first step is admitting you have a problem - just kidding.

I know you're answering Pam, but she can't answer so let me try.
I argue abortion different than most liberals.


Help Bring Down FOX 
 Fox allows 's' word. Take a stand for our children!
    by Donald Wildmon (R-Fascist, Self-Appointed Moralist, nanny and Book Burner)

Dear Bart
Tired of all the profanity on TV? Want to do something about it? Here is your opportunity.
File a complaint with the FCC against Fox Network for using the "s" word.

Sunday FOX broadcast the NASCAR race. During the course of the race, Martin Truex crashed his car 
after being bumped by another driver.  Fox aired a conversation between Truex and his crew chief, Kevin Manion. 
Manion told his driver, "We missed the set-up today. It (the car) was a piece of shit."

ha ha
Is beheading them coddling to the Devil too much?

Fox had been warned about allowing the "s" word on the air. 
They could have used a delay and bleeped the profanity. 
But they chose not to. The network chose to air the segment live. 
Millions of viewers, including children, were offended by the crude profanity.

Also, please forward this to your family and friends. 
Together, we can make a difference!
 by Donald D. Wildmon 

 Click  Here  to stick it to that bastard Rupert Murdoch

"I'm too rich - you can't break me!"


Subject: Bartcop mention

From Wayne Madsen Report:

*March 26, 2006 -- WMR is on a special investigation assignment today. 
But this is a good opportunity to thank some patriotic Americans for their courage: 
Russ Feingold, The Dixie Chicks, George Clooney, Cindy Sheehan, Joe Wilson, 
former NSA analyst Russ Tice, former Reagan Navy Secretary and Virginia Democratic 
Senate candidate James Webb, Professors Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer, and 
retired General Paul Eaton. There are many, many others, of course, too many to recognize here. 
And many thanks for the laughs and the anti-regime barbs to Stephanie Miller and her radio show staff and Bartcop.
  --- http://www.waynemadsenreport.com/

*(Just in case no one's told you yet.)



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Dirty Bombs Get into U.S. in Test
 Bush - keeping us safe like he promised


Undercover investigators slipped radioactive material enough to make two small "dirty bombs"  
across U.S. borders in Texas and Washington state in a test last year of security at American points of entry. 

Radiation alarms at the unidentified sites detected the small amounts of cesium-137.  But customs agents 
permitted the investigators to enter the United States because they were tricked with counterfeit documents.

Bush said that now that the "bombs" are inside our country, he will give Border Protection agents the tools 
they need to verify such documents in the future.

Reminder: Al Qaeda can hit us any time they're given the order,
                            but they've been ordered to stand down - by whom?


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"Huh? Who's that?" 
     -- 16-year-old golf phenom Michelle Wie, asked about the vulgar Pigboy's
         description of her as a "triumph of marketing",    Link


Subject: stay away from WTC shit 

Bart about this shit with the WTC and conspiracy theorists, stay the hell away from it. 
It only makes your site look a little weird and unstable. 

ha ha
Get out of here!

I  know you only respond  but it is showing up on these sites as a refering  page and looks bad.
Sure, we don't know all the answers and probably never will but don't go there...
Keep up the good work Bart


Tim, I hear you, but one would think like-minded adults could discuss a topic like the WTC
without everybody's passions getting inflamed and suddenly - personal insults are flying everywhere.

Same with Hillary, same with Israel, same with the subject of  torture and Piss Christ and Pat Tillman.
What makes people (not talking about Repubs, either) go all postal if someone has a difference of opinion?
Same with guitar players, golfers, non-actors and hot babes.
I got hate mail for running a picture if Lindsay Lohan after one of her car wrecks. ("She is soooo ugly!")

As you know, Ol' Bart is calm and logical and ooooozing with common sense.
If someone has a difference of opinion - fine. 
We can't all be right.

I prefer the high road, and if someone needs slapping I try to do it with humor.
Everybody should light up or lighten up.

What are we - Sectarians?  (That's a Bush joke)


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Bush lovers welcome

Subject: Brokeback comments in BCR 90

Hi Bart

I am disappointed that you had to share the fact that you and all straight men 
prefer to see women kissing as opposed to two men loving each other. 
As IF that is something most people aren't aware of--the GOP loves those type of remarks--
--"I just don't wanna see that!" so what? 

You think as a gay man I want to see str8 preople making out? 
--you seem to think it is OK to be grossed out by the guys in OZ , 
just remember--it takes two of you to make ONE of ME!  HAHA! 

ha ha

And the incredible irony is that most gay men aren't attracted to the typical lazy, fat straight married man. 
I know I am rambling--but I am very disappointed in your remarks, Bart. 
Straight people do not have a monopoly on the Democratic Party.


Dude, it would seem I have three choices:
Avoid controversial subjects
Write what I think people want to hear
Be honest about what I write

I would understand if you didn't want to sit thru two hours of some Kate Hudson movie.
She's no Dakota Fanning, she's no Alfre Woodard, but she's fun to stare at, and I would 
understand if you, as a gay man, had no interest at staring at her for two hours.

Put another way, I have no interest in country music, unless a hot babe is involved.
That doesn't mean country music fans should be offended.


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Is Rove Cooperating?


Karl Rove, Scumbag Emeritus and Thug adviser to Der Monkey, has recently been providing 
information to Patrick Fitzgerald in the ongoing CIA leak investigation, sources say.

They say Rove tipped off Fitzgerald to information that led to the recent "discovery" 
of 250 pages of missing email from the office of  Cheney le Dick.

Rove has been in the crosshairs of Fitzgerald's investigation in the Plame affair in retaliation 
against her husband, Joe Wilson. Wilson had been an ardent critic of pre-war Iraq "intelligence."

Maybe Rove knows he can't get a pardon from Cheney - so he's sticky with his Monkey.


Caspar Weinberger dead at 88
 Sometimes traitors get away with their crimes


Caspar Weinberger, who served in the Cabinets of both Nixon and Reagan and needed a pardon 
from a crooked president to escape justice in the Iran-Contra crime spree, has died at the age of 88.

"I was deeply disturbed to learn of the death of a great American and a dear friend," 
said Colin Powell. who may also need a pardon from a crooked president to avoid prison. 


Subject: BCR 90 feedback

Hi Bart:

I haven't finished the show yet, but I don't want to go another minute 
without telling you the audio quality is SUPERB.

AND your voice and intonations are great.

AND, I'm thoroughly enjoying #90 content.

90... wow.

...all praise to Tommy Mack.

       "Long live soccer!"


Authentic Richard Pryor FU Tee-Shirt on e-Bay


Current bid: US $20.00 

Just before his passing, Richard Pryor began a 501c3
non-profit  animal rescue/rights organization. 

100% of the final sale price will support Pryor's Planet,
grass roots rescuers saving dogs, cats and any animal in need.



Subject: Bush Needs To Apologize For Invading Iraq

Protests of this war are the right thing to do. It doesn't much matter where they occur. 

A military funeral is appropriate in that it reminds us that the person gave their life for Halliburton, 
or they die for nothing.  Bush needs to admit that he made a big mistake in invading Iraq. 
He should apologize to the American and Iraqi people. 

Then he should start withdrawing troops. It is time to correct this big mistake. 
The Iraqi people want us to leave so that they can sort out their problems. 
They were much better off before we invaded their country. 

 Bonnie in Birmingham


Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

Subject: bartcop sign made NBC national News Sunday

Bart, your Worst President Ever poster was shown on NBC Evening News, Sunday March 26.

It was a close up shot of protesters in LA holding posters-- your signage was in the center,
it was a fairly close-up clear view of Bart's poster. It was EASILY read


your long long long time reader

...hell--I think I didn't even have any grey hair when I started reading bartcop


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Rahal-Letterman Driver Killed In Crash 


Driver Paul Dana died after a two-car crash Sunday during the warmup for 
the season-opening IRL IndyCar Series race at Homestead-Miami Speedway.

The other driver, Ed Carpenter, was awake and alert at a Miami hospital, IRL officials said.
Dana left a wife, Tonya. They lived in Indianapolis, according to his biography on the Rahal Letterman Racing Web site.

Dave was a puddle last night, talking about this.
I saw a replay of the wreck - he died at 200 MPH.

Then it was Sharon Stone's job to lighten things up.


Subject: political reality 

I just finished reading "Stupid White Men", Michael Moore's polemic from a few years back....and if I ever 
considered  voting for Hilary,well not now....or ever,and primarily because the book reminded me, there is no 
honor among thieves and Bill Clinton was one of the best...this coming from a person who voted for him twice..

If you havent read this book yet and it is like 5 years old,please read.and if you did read, reread....and remember,
when you question how various politicians can behave in ways that appear unacceptable and in ways that are 
anathema to all you personally hold dear, remember this - business is business and love is bullshit...


Dude, what could Moore say to get me to vote against the Demo nominee?

In late 2004, on Bill Maher's HBO show, Bill and Michael literally got down on their knees
in front of Ralph Nader and begged him not to run and siphon off votes from the Democrat.

If Mike wasn't too big to reach, I'd ask him if he plans to back the demo nominee in 2008.
Or does Moore want Bush to pick the fascist who will pardon him?

Maybe people resent not having a choice, but you don't shoot yourself to fix that..
Maybe people resent me for pointing out the obvious, but that would be illogical.

In November 2008, your choices are:

more murder, more death, more invasions and worsening economic depression
the Democrat.

Only a Bush lover could disagree.
Please don't tell me how things ought to be.
We have to play the hand we're dealt.

If Michael Moore, or anyone who loves this country disagrees, 
maybe I need to straighten him/them out :)


 Iraq pumps 2,000,000 barrels a day,
(and that was before the 2002 Halliburton Upgrade)
 times today's oil price which is  $64.16 a barrel
makes $128,320,000 Bush stole just yesterday

Oil drops ten cents and costs Bush $200,000.
Isn't that sad?

2322  2323 have died
...for the 'noble cause' of Bush
wanting to be a war hero.


Bitch Quotes

"The mainstream media calls it a lynch mob. I call it a truth squad." 
    -- Michelle Malkin, on the right's takedown of Eason Jordan for his assertion 
        about the American military targeting journalists, last year  Link

"The Left should cease its sick gloating and leave him and his family alone." 
    -- Michelle Malkin, on the left going after Ben Domenech for plagiarism, this year,   Link


Subject: BCR 90 feedback

Bart, I thought BCR 90 was the best yet, and that's saying something!



Subscribe today 

Fitzgerald: More Indictments Coming?
 Karl Rove sells out the Cheney bastard?


The second part of the Plame investigation is nearly complete, with those close to the probe saying 
that a grand jury will likely return an indictment against one or two more senior Bush bastards.

Fitzgerald will present to the grand jury seeking an indictment against Karl Rove or Stephen Hadley.

Once he's indicted, he can be convinced to talk to avoid prison.

And if the Democrats would listen to me, they wouldn't get blindsided, but here's what's up:
Reid and Pelosi need to make a letter toi Bush public that says, "You have the right to pardon
your co-conspirators, but we're warning you that if you issue the pardons before the trial,
we will shut down your crooked government until the House impeaches you," and mean it.

But no, they refuse to take steps to avoid being blindsided.

When Bush pardons his bloody gang of thugs, the Democrats will be caught off-guard.
Then they'll call a press conference to say there are "disappointed" in Bush.

How did I get in a party of quitters who hate winning?


Andrew Card (R-Scapegoat) Pushed Overboard


Monkey chief of staff Andy Card was pushed overboard today and will be replaced by Joshua Bolten.
Bush announced the blood-letting today amid growing calls for a White House shakeup and Republican 
concern about Bush's tumbling poll ratings. 

"I blame Andy card for every bad decision made by myself, Unka Dick and Unka Rummy," Bush said. 
"The next three years will be blamed on Joshie - who'll do a heckuva job as our new scapegoat."


(Held Over)

'Inside man' $29M tops Box Office
 Denzel and Spike get biggest opening ever

I had no idea Spike Lee read  bartcop.com
Those who read bartcop.com and saw the movie know the name of this movie should've been:

"The Life and Times of _______ ____."

90 days of BCR (a $25 value) to the first three people who can correctly fill in the blank.


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Exorcism in Tulsa

 Link scroll down

When Sherri roared like a bull, rolled her eyes into her skull, and lunged against the men holding her, 
Bob Larson says he saw the devil. He should know. Larson is one of the leading practitioners of modern, 
Christian exorcisms, and here I was in a hotel conference room in Tulsa, Oklahoma, right across from 
Oral Roberts University, watching him wrestle with demons.

On this night, as Larson stood with his Bible in hand and called out demons, a half-dozen people howled, 
cried, and bellowed in strange voices, while he ordered their possessors back into the pit of hell.
I am naturally skeptical of things that cannot be proven, so I had to ask: Is all this just a show?.

Oklahoma has a collective IQ of 30.
Seriously, I'm one of the smartest people in the state.

I should be super-rich, separating these idiot cavepeople from their money
but my damn conscience keeps getting in the way.


 Call the all new, toll-free 
 GOP callers Welcome (snicker)

That's good for a shot of Chinaco.

Scarlett Johansson - FHM's 2006 Sexiest Woman



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