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  Show 90 is Up 

 Weekend-Monday  March 25-27, 2006   Volume 1733 - Pretty Baby

Quote of the Day

"The Statue of Liberty is no longer saying, 
 'Give me your poor, your tired, your huddled masses.' 
  She's got a baseball bat and yelling, 
 'You want a piece of me?' " 
        --Robin Williams,   Link

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Big Gov for Iraq?
Starr Deputy on Court 
Bush & Ports Terror
Frist Leads Poll 
Bush Uncle Profited 
Arkie Evolution 
News 'Credibility' 
Charlie Sheen WTC 
Sophie Bush Worth 



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"Why not? The man's been lying from Jump Street on the war in Iraq. Bush says there
  were WMDs but there wasn't. Says we had enough soldiers, but we didn't. Says it's not
  a civil war -- but it is. I was really upset about 9/11 -- so don't lie to me."
     -- Ira Clemons, Vermont resident, asked if he would support impeachment,   Link


Big Government Solution for Iraq?
 by Ivan Eland  as seen on  Consortiumnews.com


Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice says the U.S. invaded Iraq because Saddam Hussein was 
"part of the old Middle East," which inspired the hatred behind the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks
-- even though Rice admits Iraq had no direct role in those attacks. Yet, even as the Bush administration 
expands on its rationale for going into Iraq, most Americans are more interested in how to get out. 
In this guest essay, Ivan Eland offers some insights on an exit strategy.

Note: Consortiumnews.com  is the most important site on the Internet


Starr Deputy to Surveillance Court
 'Green Light' Johnny Bates turns into a Stop sign


The third Starr retread currently wielding a gavel, District Judge John Bates, played a major role in stymieing
a more substantive investigation than the one he pursued under Starr. The GAO brought the first lawsuit in its
80-plus-year existence after Cheney stonewalled info about his energy task force.   Bates, who provided the
rationale for subpoenaing any woman to whom Clinton may have talked dirty about Whitewater, dismissed
the GAO's effort to learn with whom Cheney's task force conferred..  Bates replaces Judge James Robertson,
who resigned last December to protest Bush's illegal domestic wiretapping program..

Crooked sons of bitches...
They're putting cronies in charge of the surveillance court so Bush can spy on Democrats.

If he was spying on terrorists, the court would never have turned him down.


Exxon put IRS on Greenpeace


The Wall Street Journal revealed this week a little-known watchdog group was responsible for getting 
the IRS to audit Greenpeace. Two years ago, Public Interest Watch challenged their tax-exempt status 
and accused the group of money laundering and other crimes. According to the Journal, tax records show 
more than 95 percent of the funding of Public Interest Watch was provided by the oil giant ExxonMobil.

This is news, but it's not a shock.
BIG OIL has been running our government for five years.


Subject: Laura Bush - smart and astute?

Smart, astute?  Give me a break.

She married a sociopath who is responsible for the death of tens of
thousands of people (based on a lie) and she raised twin alcoholics.

The perennial quasi-smile must be drug induced or else she is as much a sociopath as he is.
(Plus, she killed her boyfriend when she was a teenager.)


Check out   liquiddaddy.com


"If the president says 'We made mistakes,' fine, let's move on.
  But if he lied to get America into a war, I can't imagine anything more impeachable."
      --  Rep. Michael Capuano (D-Mass.) eager to let Bush skate,   Link

Bush has 2320 military deaths on his bloody hands, 
plus he has been stealing over $100M a day for over 1,000 days
- and all he's got to say is, "Mistakes were made," and we'll all just  move on?

...Clinton was impeached for having a girllfriend.


Subject: a wurst case of Da Scenario

I just wanted to add to your own post-Heimlich addvice that in a worst case when there is no
soda or beer fountain tubing available to stick down the dead persons neck slot then try anything else
tubular like a disinterred inkpen or even a straw.

If at home or you have a bicycle tire or soccer ball pump perchance then slowly administer one pump and
one pump at a time to the tubular device brathing apparatus, and allow the dead person to exhale and respond.
Remember, one pump at a time....slooooowwwlly, and wait for the dead person to respond.
It's better for the dead person than your boozy cigarette breath.
  Wolfgang Jones Ph.Z

My Slice of Coke article caused a stir when it was printed. People asked questions like,
"Should you ask if there's a doctor in the house?" and "What if you get sued?"

Any amateur surgery that you do on a stranger should only happen when death is certain and immediate.
When someone says, "That's all we can do, she's dead," then get creative - not before.


Bush invites Ports Terror


Lapses by private port operators, shipping lines or truck drivers could allow terrorists to smuggle
WMDs into the United States, according to a government review of security at American seaports.

The study found that cargo containers can be opened secretly during shipment to add or remove items
without alerting U.S. authorities, according to documents obtained by The Whore Associated Press.

Problems were not limited to overseas. A warehouse in Maine was less secure than any in Pakistan.

When Bush is asked what happened to the missing $11 trillion, he answers, "9-11."
But what did he spend the money on?


Subject: ducking a question?

I haven't seen any response to my response to your response about "Senator Chuck" 
being in favor of nuking the East Coast Sean ( I mean Bart) nor have I seen where you 
rebuke my comment that there are other ways to raise money for tsunami victims than 
by cavorting with criminals like Poppy. 

Isn't fair, fair ??
 chuck w 

Chuck, to answer your question, yes, fair is fair, whatever that means.
I take it you sent in a response that I have failed to address...

For the record, we don't duck anything here at  bartcop.com
There's lots we don't know, and when that happens I admit it.

<after a search>

I found your previous letter, but it's a big mess.



Hillary haters will LOVE this

Frist Leads GOP Poll for 2008


With home-field advantage, cat killer Bill Frist placed first in an informal poll of 2008
presidential hopefuls at a Republican conference Saturday night.

Frist got 37 percent of the votes in the all-white Southern Republican Leadership Conference's "straw poll."
Mitt Romney finished second with 14% and Sen. George Allen of Virginia tied for third with Bush, who may
decide to forego the Constitution and run for a third term.

Isn't Frist a first term senator?
Does he have the experience to run the government?


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Dueling Quotes

"The tone of a whole lot of this Iraqi coverage has been negative, has been downbeat, has been
  pessimistic, in part that's because a lot of the news out of Iraq has not been good. But I think we
  may be reaching kind of a tipping point here that we saw in Vietnam where the press coverage
  seems to tilt against this war effort."
       -- Howie Kurtz, (R-Sillibitch) beginning to learn that most of America considers Bush's
           bloody quagmire anything but the fun picnic he said it was going to be,    Link

"If somebody came into New York City and blew up St. Patrick's Cathedral and in the resulting days 
  they were finding 50 and 60 dead bodies a day on the streets of New York, you suppose the news media 
  would cover it?  You're damn right they would.  And it's the media's fault? I beg to differ."
         -- CNN's Jack Cafferty, telling Howie the Whore to stop lying,   "Cafferty smacks down Kurtz"


Subject: my Nazicon-2004 arrest

Bart, I saw that you mentioned my arrest at 2004 Republican Convention yesterday.

To clairify my situation, I actually had my charges dismissed without having to appear in court at all.
My lawyer was able to answer for me, and after the first postponment,

The charges were dropped for all 227 People arrested at the World Trade Center, on 8/31/04.
Almost all 1800 people that were arrested that week eventually had the charges dropped.
Now we are waiting to find out about a lawsuit. I heard that a settlement has been offered for
the people arrested at Union Square, (of which I was not one) but no word on whether it will be accepted.
I'll keep you posted.

If you want to read the whole story go to


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Bush lovers welcome

Subject: Feedback on BCR 90


I agree with you on the news stuff, although I don't think it's as covert or diabolical as you suggest, that they take
their orders from Rove or someone else. I think it's more an access thing, where they sense that they, the press,
will lose access and relevance, if they press this administration on the truth, and so in the interest of profits, they try
not to rock the boat. Not that this excuses them for their actions, this is more of a explanation for their behavior,
not an excuse, they are still responsible for their actions in support of this administration's goals.

When a story critical of Bush appears - then is quickly taken down - I think it's safe to assume the publication
got a hot phone call and they caved in to Rove's demands. In that regard, he's calling the shots.


Charlie Sheen Video

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Bush Uncle = War Profiteer


As Bush embarks on a new effort to shore up public support for his bloody quagmire, his uncle
is collecting $2.7 million in cash and stock from the recent sale of a company that profited from the war.
A report filed with the SEC shows that William H.T. Bush collected just under $1.9 million in cash plus
stock valued at more than $800,000 from the sale of Engineered Support Systems Inc. to DRS Technologies."

SEC filings show that two federal investigations of ESSI are underway. One inquiry involves a stop order
from the government on the field generators. The order was issued because the units didn't operate properly.

That's our Bush.
Giving no-bid contracts to his crooked uncle for war machinery that doesn't work.

America is willing to put up with this - why?
That's our money they're stealing, and it's our ass when the machinery fails.


No Evolution in ARK Classrooms


But Bob's personal issue was more specific, and the prohibition more insidious. In his words,
"I am instructed NOT to use hard numbers when telling kids how old rocks are. I am supposed to say
that these rocks are VERY VERY OLD ... but I am NOT to say that these rocks are thought to be
about 300 million years old."... 'I am under censure for mentioning numbers. I find that my 'fire' for
this place is fading if we're going to dissemble (He means 'lie.') about such a basic factor of modern science.
I mean ... the Scopes trial was how long ago now??? I thought we had fought this battle ... and still it goes on.'"


Subject: WTC facts

Bart, the guy who said the fuel melted the building was full of it and he knows it. 
Here is some brand new information the shows that they were not really ariliners at all.



This is why I have resisted getting into this.

It's a never-ending argument requires a degree in metalurgy and architecture and physics 
and aerodynamic applied theory that only NASA people and Boeing employees can figure out.

I can only tread the air above the din.
You all will have to hammer this out yourselves.

From now on, when you send in an opinion on the WTC, allow me to print 
your e-mail so you can argue amongst yourselves with me out of the loop. 



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Subject: More on the WTC


1727°C  is not hot enough to do to the towers what we saw done to them.

Even if it was how hot the fires were. The fires burned out/were burning out, quickly.
The jet fuel burns out fast. To destroy steel you need high temperatures over long periods of time.
The fires were not even hot enough for working metal - they burned black smoke.

That is why South Tower had to come down first. The fire was burning out.
The smoke was black, Bart. That indicates a cool fire.

I don't know anything about it.


Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

Subject: Sorry

I suggest youcheck with Dr. Jones et. al. 
The fires weren't even as  hot asyousay. But, regardless, the issue is moot.
I suppose your argument accounts for building 7 as well.
And accounts for all of the evidence regarding explosions.
And everything else.
I do not find your argument credible.

No, youare simply in denial. 
And I can understand that. But it doesn't make you right. Simply misled by yourown emotions.

Dr. Richard W
Clinical Neuropsychologist

Doctor, who are you talking to?

*I* said the fires were a certain temperature?
*I* have an argument for Bldg 7?
*I* have an argument that's not credible?
*I* am in denial?
*I* have a problem with my Bldg 7 emotions?

Why do people constantly read things that aren't there?

Doctor, when have *I* ever offered an opinion on the WTC falling?

If you were under oath, you'd swear *I* said those things?


Subject: news flash

I'm in the business. No Gay Gene..ever!!!!!!!!!!!!
We haven't even come close to finding one.

Stem cells....same thing.
We're a long way away.

Shannon, I'm not in the business, but I don't think you can say that.

If your odds increase with every older brother, statistics can be measured and recorded.
With computers, they can follow thousands of cases at a time and make predictions.
How can you disagree with medical science?

I have a feeling your prediction is more political than scientific.



"Of course the people don't want war. But it's the leaders of the country who determine the policy, 
  and it's always a simple matter to drag the people along. Voice or no voice, the people can always 
  be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being 
  attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism, and exposing the country to greater danger."
        -- Herman Goering at the Nuremberg trials    Link

 Damn, he sounds just like Bush.


Visit   cgvitaminfacts.com

Charlie Sheen: How did Building Fall?
 Polls show 82% agree something's fishy


Sheen reiterated his main focus as being on what caused Building 7, which wasn't hit by a plane,
to become only the third steel building in history to collapse from fire damage (the others are the twin towers).
Photographs taken prior to the building's collapse show minor fires before it falls in a textbook demolition fashion.

"If there's a problem with Building 7 then there's a problem with the whole damn thing and guess what?
There's a serious problem with Building 7," said Sheen.

Note: *I* didn't say this - Charlie Sheen did.


Subject: oceans protect us?


That Bush continues to get away with brain dead pronouncements like

"One of my jobs is to constantly remind people of the lessons.
 The first lesson is, is that oceans can no longer protect us."

is another illustration of the tragic absence of anything resembling a critical independent media.
In an earlier America, buffons such a Bush would have been ridiculed in every media outlet
for his hopelessly stupid comments.  As you pointed out, he not only forgot Pearl Harbor
but even more importantly, he forgot this little 40 year historical episode called the Cold War
wherein the Soviet Union could have launched at any moment, thousands of hydrogen bombs
into the US atop ICBM's which never seemed to have much trouble transversing oceans.

Comatose America makes me puke.
 David G

David, another mystery is why doesn't his staff correct his idiotic mistakes?

It's like that unfunny "trifecta" joke he kept telling after 9-11.
Why didn't somebody tell him that the families of the dead weren't laughing?


 Iraq pumps 2,000,000 barrels a day,
(and that was before the 2002 Halliburton Upgrade)
 times today's oil price which is  $64.26 a barrel
makes $128,520,000 Bush stole just yesterday

2321  2322 have died 
...for no good reason



Forgive, sounds good
Forget, I'm not sure I could
They say time heals everything
But I'm still waiting

I'm through with doubt
There's nothing left for me to figure out
I've paid a price  And I'll keep paying

I'm not ready to make nice
I'm not ready to back down
I'm still mad as hell and
I don't have time to go round and round and round
It's too late to make it right
I probably wouldn't if I could
'Cause I'm mad as hell
Can't bring myself to do what it is you think I should
   -- Natalie Maines, still pissed about getting "Dixie Chicked"
       when it turns out she was right all along - he IS a Monkey   Link


Subject: Abortion and the Bible

Bart, that crazy Monket wrote:

> "Women who have sex (voluntarily or not) should have babies.
>   It's their purpose. It's in the Bible, look it up."

I just love this delusional fools that use the bible to justify their racist, woman hating, gay bashing beliefs.
They don't understand that the bible is just a collection of Judeo-christian mythology, not any different
than Roman, Greek, Norse, Chinese, etc, mythology.

According to this Richard Young fool, women should do nothing but have babies, they don't have a choice
in the matter because it says so in some book of folklore.   I'm like you, I wonder how many women he has raped,
because with his attitude towards women, none would have wanted to sleep with him voluntarily.

There is a billboard in my town that states:  "Abortion: The Ultimate Child Abuse".
If I had the time & spray paint, I would erase "The Ultimate" part and write "Prevents" in its place.
Why can't the religiously delusional people understand that?

 Pam from Pendleton


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DeLay Carry Permit Revoked


Tom DeLay has lost his right to carry a concealed handgun in Texas.
Under Texas law, indicted felons are not allowed to carry concealed handguns.

ha ha

So what will he do if he runs into some Mexicans who need shooting?
Run over them with his pickup?


Subject: prayer and healing

Hi Bart,
They don't have anything on the Landover Baptist church!!!!!!  Ha ha ha.

Don the Day Trader

Landover Baptist is one of the funniest sites on the net.


Fascists on the Run


Considering that Cheney had come a long way to help Florida Congressman Ric Keller raise $250,000 last week,
the reception he got in the Sunshine State could have been a bit warmer. After extolling Cheney as "one of the most
effective VPs in history," Keller launched into all the times he had recently opposed the Bush Administration, including
the Dubai deal. And then Keller went right for the punch line: "'Don't be too hasty,'" he claimed the Devil had pleaded with him.
"'Let's go hunting. We'll talk about it.'"

If the midterm elections were held today, top strategists of both parties say privately,
the Republicans would probably lose control of the House.

So, if victory walks up to House Democrats' front door and knocks, they might answer it,
but they're not willing to work for it or fight for it?  Why don't they look for new jobs?.


'Inside man' $29M tops Box Office
 Denzel and Spike get biggest opening ever

I had no idea Spike Lee read  bartcop.com
Those who read bartcop.com and saw the movie know the name of this movie should've been:

"The Life and Times of _______ ____."

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Packaged News Destroys Credibility
 by Ted Rall

 Temporary Link

Network news buried the Congressional hearings on Katrina; so did the next day's papers. 
The New York Times never covered it.  Only three groups of people know that New Orleanians 
drowned because they were too terrified to leave their homes, after watching their neighbors shot 
by rampaging police officers and national guardsmen: New Orleanians, people who have talked 
to them, and those who watch CNN while everyone else is at work. As far as the rest of America 
is concerned, these atrocities never occurred.


 Call the all new, toll-free 
 GOP callers Welcome (snicker)

Sophie Bush

 Finally, a Bush who's not worthless


By the way, you probably know about IMDB.com - internet movie data base.

Have you ever been watching a show and recognized someone but you couldn't place them?
That's when you need IMDB.com - just punch in the show and they usually have your info.

Want to list a list of every show William Shatner has ever been on?
Ever tried to remember who starred in some movie, but can't?

IMDB.com - works great. You can search by star, by show, by movie, by director etc.


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