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  Show 90 is Up 

 Friday  March 24, 2006 Volume 1732 - You Can't Fix Stupid

Quote of the Day

"It shows how dangerously incompetent he is." 
     -- Harry Reid, on Monkey saying troops will
         stay in Iraq as long as he's president, Link

  I think what Bush meant was America will stay
  in Iraq until he sucks it free of every drop of oil.

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Bush's 9-11 Negligence
Mehlman to Resign? 
Specter: Bush is Wrong
9-11 Conspiracies 
Russ Never Sleeps 
Blogger as Plagiarist 
Prayer and Healing 
The Juggernaut 
Yasmeen Ghauri is 36 



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"I knew that the farther we got away from September the 11th, 2001, the more likely
  it would be that some would forget the lessons of that day.
       -- America's Giggling Murderer,  Link

 Hey Monkey, YOU forgot 9-11 when you called of the hunt for Osama
 so you could invade Iraq and steal their oil, ...ya lying bastard.


9/11 & Bush's 'Negligence'
 by Robert Parry as seen on  Consortiumnews.com


In the government's pursuit of the death penalty for Moussaoui, FBI officials have inadvertently revealed
how an even mildly competent Bush could have prevented the 9-11 attacks that killed nearly 3,000 people
- and set the country on a dangerous course for revenge.

A... big part of the problem was the lack of urgency at the top. Bush, who had been President for half a year,
was taking a month-long vacation at his ranch and shrugged off the growing alarm within our intelligence community.

Bush's role was crucial. As President, he was the best-positioned official to force the various parts of the government
to undertake a top-down review of what was known, what evidence was being missed, what could be done.

Counterterrorism chief Richard Clarke said Clinton reacted to such threats with urgent top-level meetings to
"shake the trees" at the FBI, CIA, Customs and other relevant agencies.  Clarke said senior managers would
respond by going back to their agencies to demand a search for any overlooked information and to put rank-and-file
personnel on high alert, as happened when an al-Qaeda plot to bomb Millennium celebrations was thwarted in 1999.

One thing is certain: Bush is no Clinton.
Clinton sought to prevent attacks, Bush sought to profit from them after we buried the dead.

Note: Consortiumnews.com  is the most important site on the Internet


Bush: I Don't Have to Obey the Law
 No need for him to obey his own Patriot Act


When Bush signed the reauthorization of the USA Patriot Act this month, he included an addendum
saying that he did not feel obliged to obey requirements that he inform Congress about how the FBI
was using the act's expanded police powers.

The bill contained several oversight provisions intended to make sure the FBI did not abuse the special
terrorism-related powers to search homes and secretly seize papers. The provisions require Justice
Department officials to keep closer track of how often the FBI uses the new powers and in what type
of situations. Under the law, the administration would have to provide the information to Congress by certain dates.

Bush signed the bill with fanfare March 9, calling it "a piece of legislation that's vital to win the war on terror
and to protect the American people." But after the reporters and guests had left, the White House quietly
issued a "signing statement," that said that Nush did not consider himself bound to tell Congress how
the Patriot Act powers were being used

We need to impeach this bastard.
Where can we find a Republican who respects the rule of law?


Pickles, Curb Your Monkey


Dear Laura, It's time for you to act. Nancy Reagan did it. You can, too.
Things are falling apart. They always do in the second term. And when they do, 
there's only one person who can change things: the wife. You are the only one who 
can tell him the truth. You are smart, astute; you're not afraid of him and you love him."


Subject: Hillary

so let me get this straight - when you criticize previous candidates for not fighting hard enough,  that's constructive 
criticism, but when someone else criticizes hillary (or clark, or at one time kerry) for not being left enough, 
pro-choice enough, anti-war enough you wonder why they'd want to "hurt the obvious front-runner"?!?!

I'm going to vote for the Democratic nominee. Anyone else who says that has my blessing.
People who look forward to throwing their vote away on a candidate who won't get three
percent of the vote must want more of the hell we're in now.

just because your life fared better under the clintons doesn't mean everything they touch turns to gold. 
there were millions of newly created poor in this country and throughout mexico, and central america who 
think clinton is just the 42nd american president trading dark people's livelihoods for multinational corporations profits. 
and the better those of us here in the bully of the beast fared under clinton, and the more his loyalists had to defend him 
from those GOP blow job police, the more he was able to pass nafta and the like.

i get trying to keep her momentum going, but you can do that through criticism. and the more hillary gets, the better, 
its the only way she's going to hear what 'the people' are needing. otherwise the only criticism she's going to hear is 
going to be coming from religious groups, and business groups and they'll pretend they speak the  people's words. 
and without anybody telling hillary otherwise, she'll probably believe them - why else would we actually consider 
that in 2006 to 'play it safe' the liberal would have to be warm to banning certain abortions, not be 'too' anti-war?

i've enjoyed reading your site for years but i just don't get this blanket apology/free pass you are giving to hillary
- she's DLC for christ sakes. her interests appear to be business interests - not yours.

keep swinging
travis in portland, OR 

I think the DLC beats the BFEE.


Check out   liquiddaddy.com


"One of my jobs is to constantly remind people of the lessons.
  The first lesson is, is that oceans can no longer protect us."
    -- America's braindead Monkey,  Link

Hey Monkey, ever heard of Pearl Harbor?


Subject: Afghanistan killing Christians?

Meanwhile in Iraq, Ayatollah Sistani issus a fatwah against homosexuals 
demanding they be killed in the "worst possible way." 

Gays (or merely suspected gays) who beg for protection from US troops 
are met with derision and turned away...


That reminds me - I haven't read any feedback on that 60 Minutes Part 5 of BCR 90.

I thought it was damn fascinating that science has, to some degree, cracked the "gay code,"
to find out why some people are born with the gay gene.

Of course, the right-wing bastards will deny the facts like they deny all science,
but it takes away their "We didn't know" and changes it to "We don't care."


Mehlman To Call For Mehlman's Resignation?


In light of his recently-revealed connection to the New Hampshire phone-jamming scandal, here's a fun memo
from Ken Mehlman from August 2005 talking about how it is "vitally important that our election system be free
from fraud and intimidation." The RNC Chairman was responding to an American Center for Voting Rights report
on voter fraud in the 2004 presidential election. Mehlman waxed particularly sanctimonious when noting the RNC's
"zero-tolerance policy" for voter fraud, intimidation and suppression.

"The position of the Republican National Committee is simple: we will not tolerate fraud; we will not tolerate
intimidation; we will not tolerate suppression. No employee, associate, or any person representing the
Republican party who engages in these kinds of acts will remain in that position."

That letter, dated August 9, 2005, was sent just two days before the RNC admitted they were paying for
James Tobin's legal defense. Note that Tracey Schmitt, the RNC media contact on the anti-voter
suppression memo, was also the one quoted by AP defending the RNC's support for Tobin.


Russ Never Sleeps


"The fear factor inside the Democratic Party is appalling," he added. "You've got these small-minded
Democratic-consultant-driven political leaders, and then you've got real neocons who refuse to listen
to the base of the party...You have these voices of unbridled ambition - Hillary Clinton first among them
- who are asking the base to nominate them, when they're not even listening to the base when it comes to
the most important issue in American politics today."   Look at the 2004 convention in Boston, Michael said:
"Ninety percent of the people in that nominating hall wanted to end this war, and they wound up voting in
a ticket where both candidates voted for it - and said they still supported it.'"

Correction to his Hillary frothing - Hillary has not asked anyone to nominate her.
    We assume she's running, but she's not going to mention it until 2007.

I want unbridled ambition in a Demo candidate. Without it, we're stuck with candidates
    who don't mind losing and aren't we all damn tired of that?

I want to end this war, but I doubt 90% of Democrats do, even today.

It might not be a great article, or even a decent one, but I loved the title.


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"When I was coming up in the '50s in Texas, it seemed like we were pretty safe.
   In the '60s it seemed like we were safe."
    -- America's ignore-the-PDB Monkey,  Link

 Hey Monkey, we were safe in the fifties, we were safe in the seventies, we were
 safe in the eighties, even with Reagan as president, and we were safe in the nineties.
 We didn't lose our safety until YOU took the controls, ...ya lying bastard.

 After YOU stole the White House, you ignored the warnings and went on vacation.

 Later this year, YOU will have killed more innocent Americans than Osama.
 Suck on that.


Subject: Are democrats in a Suicide Pact with Bush?


Wages have been driven down in agriculture, in hotels, in construction, in factories, and even among
computer programmers in this country on account of cheap labor imported or outsourced.  The buying
power of the working poor, and the lower half of the entire wage spectrum, is being destroyed by a
human tidal wave of illegals invading this country.


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"She seems like she hates him -  in fact, she seems like she burns with hatred. 
  Her smile is just a little bit too, well, wide. It's more like a grimace." 
     -- comedian Margaret Cho, on Pickles, 


Subject: yesterday's Cruella survey


I question the results that had 100% support for Katherine Harris among 
800 voters surveyed, including support from all 101 dalmations.

Why would all 101 dalmations support Cruella DeVille?


Special discount for all Bartcop customers through the end of the month.

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Specter: Bush is 'just plain wrong'
 ABC News is a Mickey Mouse company in bed with America's biggest criminals


Senator Arlen Specter, A vocal Republican critic of  Bush's secret spying program will preside over
Senate efforts to make Bush's illegal spying legal, but he was pessimistic that Bush wanted to listen.

"They want to do just as they please, for as long as they can get away with it," he said said.
"I think what is going on now without congressional intervention or judicial intervention is just plain wrong."

Specter was one of the first Republicans to publicly question Bush's authority to monitor international
calls when one party is inside the United States without first getting court approval. The NSA has
been conducting the surveillance when calls and e-mails are thought to involve al-Qaida.

That bold print is what the lying government claims they are doing.
Why is ABC News printing Bush claims as tho they are proven facts?

Because they are whores who are doing all they can to help Bush hide the truth from Americans.

I'm so old, I remember when the press wasn't a partner in government crimes.
I'm so old, I remember when the press refused to ignore alledged presidential affairs.

Now they're complicit in real crimes that involve wars, murders and the rape of the Constitution.


9-11 Conspiracies are Wrong
  by Houston Wade


Prolonged heat will cause recrystallization of steel and make it weaker.  The flames from the jet fuel and other materials
that caught fire inside the World Trade Centers did not have to reach temperatures to where the steel would melt;
instead they only had to heat the steel to a point of creep, about 1000°C.  This was easy to do because contrary to
what Loose Change and many conspiracy sights out there suggest the adiabatic flame temperature of the kerosene
fuel Jet-A is 1727°C, not 800°C.  As you can see here  Jet-A gets hot.

According to my Pocket Ref the highest melting point any type of steel can achieve is 1,505°C  and lowest
melting point for any type of steel is 1,388°C.  Jet-A easily overcomes these temperature barriers.



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Subject: We've been stupid for too long

 Link   (Now with working link)

I told you; long before the war began, that before we were through with the Iraqis they'd 
be begging for Saddam to return. The latest poll out of the "cradle of civilization" shows 
around 70% would prefer Saddam over America. 

So much for the "Mission Accomplished," eh? 

Trouble is there is no end in sight, at least not for the Junta. Von Rumsfeld, Dead-eye Dick, Kindasleezy 
and Smirky have all crawled out from under their rocks to beat up a little support for the current and the 
new oil wars to come. Before we can conquer the world we have to control all the energy that we can, 
or as Bush puts it, "My preciousssss." 


Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

Subject: Is this victory?

Sometimes it's easier to tell what isn't a victory than what is a victory.
The current government of Afghanistan has a constitution that says
anyone converting from Islam to Christianity is to be put to death.
That my friends is NOT a victory.

Bush says that he is deeply troubled that Christians can be executed for their faith.
I was expecting Bush to be outraged rather than just troubled because after all,
he is a Christian, isn't he?

Marc Perkel
San Francisco, CA.

Good point.
Pat Tilman and others died in Afghanistan - so they could execute Christians?


Make Der Monkey Dance
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The Hillary Juggernaut
 Why she might already be unstoppable


[Opponents] will face in Hillary the most formidable presidential front-runner in modern political history.
(And, yes, I am counting George W. Bush in 2000.) Here are 10 reasons why she will be a daunting foe:

1) Universal name recognition.

2) Her capacity to raise $100 million like that. (snaps fingers)

3) The ability to dominate the free media, tracked by 100 reporters.

4) Her emotional support from a significant percentage of women voters out to make history.

5) Nostalgia for Bill Clinton's peace and prosperity.

6) Continuing Democratic resentment over impeachment. (That's hueueueuge.)

7) Hillary's over-cautious political style that avoids risk and mistakes.

8) The most potent candidate surrogate in political history - her husband.

9) The ability of the Clinton name and legacy to attract minority voters.

10) At least a half-dozen candidates who will divide the anti-Hillary Democrats.
      She could win major primaries with 35 percent of the vote.

Hmmmm, ...I was just thinking of how poorly I've set this up.
When she wins, dozens of people will hate me for being right.


...have I mentioned lately what a great guy Russ Feingold is?

Hillary is so fake - I hate her.


Subject: More magazine

So, because there are "older women" that have magazines geared towards their interests,
that means there is no credibility?  That means that every "older" woman should like Hillary Clinton?

To whom are your angry questions addressed?
Who said More Magazine had no credibility?
Who said every "older" woman should be like Hillary?

What a narrow minded perspective you have on this.

Who is narrow minded, and why would you make that charge?

You never heard of More Magazine because it was geared to "older women".

That's your first factual statement.
Why would you expect Ol' Bart to have heard of More Magazine?
Have they been in business a long time?  Have they made the news before?
Are men expected to read a magazine for older women?

Confession: I've never heard of Working Mother magazine, either.
I've never heard of Disgruntled Housewife or Moondance, either, so I guess I'm a bad man.

Well, maybe you should gear your observations towards "older women"
and learn a few things about a legitimate outlook on politics and the outcome
of voting with you visual observations and not your brain.....if you have one.

Oh, now I'm starting to understand.

You don't like Hillary.
As of today, I think she has the best chance of winning in 2008, so I have no brain.
My political opinions aren't "legitimate" because you disagree with them.

Like most people who shudder at the thought of Hillary taking our country back from Bush,
you have failed to mention a possible alternative to Hillary and I think I know why.

The reason people are afraid to mention another candidate is because right now
whoever is Number Two is so far back, they can't even be seen in the rear view mirror.
Anyone you name is going to invite laughter - and I apologize for that.

Lastly, if your logic says insulting me is your best option, I say go for it.
I mean, why use reason and manners and common sense when you have insults?


 Iraq pumps 2,000,000 barrels a day,
(and that was before the 2002 Halliburton Upgrade)
 times today's oil price which is  $63.91 a barrel
makes $127,820,000 Bush stole just yesterday

2318  2321 have died for Halliburton



"I've got a 45-second commute to my office. The food is pretty good. 
  It is a -- I've enjoyed every second of the presidency." 
     -- Oil Boy, who stole $127,820,000yesterday,Link


Subject: Hillary - the lesser of two evils?

Hey, Bart --

I'm not trying to insinuate that your support for Hillary in '08 is misplaced,
but I thought you might be interested in reviewing some of the reasons she might not be our best choice:

  Click The Hawk to Read

Note: They couldn't draw a nastier look on Hillary's face?

Hillary's newfound centrism isn't completely insincere. Her bellicose interventionism has a history: 
it was Hillary who berated her husband for not bombing Belgrade soon enough and hard enough. 
As Gail Sheehy relates in Hillary's Choice:

Hillary expressed her views by phone to the President: 'I urged him to bomb.' The Clintons argued 
the issue over the next few days. [The president expressed] what-ifs: What if bombing promoted 
more executions? What if it took apart the NATO alliance? Hillary responded, 'You cannot let this 
go on at the end of a century that has seen the major holocaust of our time. What do we have NATO 
for if not to defend our way of life?' The next day the President declared that force was necessary.

Love the site!

Van, thanks for that, but that's a right-wing rag quoting a whore named Gail Sheedy.

Sheedy recalls what Hillary told Bill on the phone? 
Unless Bill or Hillary repeated the conversation to the Sheedy whore (not even implied)
it means Sheedy is either a mind reader or a just another Beltway whore fabricating quotes.

Besides Sheedy being a mind reader, the author can see into the future!

Hillary would have occupied Iraq a decade earlier, riding into Baghdad at the head of her troops 
like Pallas Athena descending on the Trojans, striding boldly into what Gen. William E. Odom 
has described as "the greatest strategic disaster in our history."

How about that!
Hillary is going to be guilty of  "the greatest strategic disaster in our history."


When you're young and in love,

...what matters most?


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VH-1 to Air '99 Red Balloons' for an Hour


To raise money for Katrina victims, viewers could request one video to be played on VH1 Classic
for every $25 donation. For a $35,000 donation, they could select an hour's worth of music.
One viewer paid %35,000 for continuous playing of "99 Luftballons.

"99 Luftballons" is a Cold-War era protest song that tells the story of 99 red balloons floating
into the air, triggering an apocalypse when the military sends planes to intercept them.

People need to remember we have a religiously-insane Monkey controlling of our nukes.
The sick bastard can't even pronounce "nuclear," but he is capable of launching them.
He is a petty tyrant with delusions of godhood - but he's much more vengeful than God.
he is a proven liar who goes to war to make a profit.
He is a very sick bastard.


Subject: V for Vendetta

Greetings Bart!

Have you seen V for Vendetta?  I saw it last night and was surprised at how sophisticated it was
and how damning of the government and fascism.  It's like a combination of Fight Club, Batman Begins
and the Matrix (but is better in some ways than all three!)

It takes place in slightly futuristic Britain but has many familiar themes to us - constant surveillance of the population,
a 9-11 style attack used by the warmongers to seize power, curfews, martial law.  Gays are being rounded up and
thrown into gitmo-style detainment camps.  Religious fundamentalism is being used as propaganda to manipulate the
population.  There is even a British Rush Limbaugh character who is secretly addicted to over-the-counter meds!

ha ha

"V" is Hugo Weaving and the femme Natalie Portman.  There is a hardcore scene where Portman's character
confronts her fear of death and emerges stronger for it which speaks volumes about the controlling power of fear.

I'm sure everyone in the theatre went home and had the same conversation we did - about the tactics of fear,
the slide into fascism at home and what we can do about it.   It's quite a conversation starter and brings up
questions about when treason and sedition are necessary.

Maybe you could see it and write a review?  I thought your analysis of "War of the Worlds" captured the
essence of that movie perfectly!  I'd really enjoy reading your analysis of this one.

Keep swinging the hammer!
All the best,

Rush (No, not that one)



Prayer and Healing
 Researchers look for a connection


At the Fairfax Community Church in Virginia, the faithful regularly pray for ailing strangers...
(if they're white, straight and voted for Der Monkey) The outpouring of spiritual healing has inspired
a small group of researchers to attempt to use the tools of modern science to test the power of prayer
to cure others. The results have been mixed and highly controversial.

ha ha
Yes, "mixed" in that some people were cured by God's intervention
and some who God didn't like enough to bother saving, I suppose.

As long as they're not using my money, I don't care if they try to connect healing with unicorns.
But look for these good Christians to lie about the results - what choice to they have?

They're either going to prove that God doesn't listen to prayers, (bad for business),   or
They're going to prove prayers work, and Oh I hope they're willing to bet on that.

You crazies at Fairfax Community Church in Virginia?  Leave this one alone - you can't win.

Trust me.


Subject:  abortion is murder

Abortion is murder.
Murder should be punished, personally I enjoy public hangings.

ha ha
When did you leave Saudi Arabia?

I think they will be very effective.

I agree that, once a women has been hanged, she will no longer be able to produce life.

Women who have sex (voluntarily or not) should have babies.

Whoa, women should have their rapist's babies?
Are you from South Dakota?

It's their purpose.

If it's a woman's "purpose" to have babies, it would then follow that
a man's purpose to impregnate them, "voluntarily" or not, right?
How many women have you raped?  Care to confess?

It's in the Bible, look it up.
Richard Young

Richard, while I was looking for that passage, I ran into this one:

Leviticus 25:44 states that I may own slaves if they're bought from neighboring nations. 
A friend says this applies to Mexicans, but not Canadians. Can you clarify? 

Why can't I own Canadians?


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Blogger as Plagiarist
 WaHoPo prints fake Russert quote  by Joe Conason


The Post may be deaf to complaints about overheated rhetoric and insults to a civil rights hero,
but the plagiarism and quote-fabrication charges can't be ignored. It's hard to imagine Domenech
will survive this, but whatever happens next, the Post's failure to adequately vet its new hire in its
fretful search for "balance" could damage its credibility substantially. For now it looks like the paper
hired the love child of Janet Cooke and Donald Segretti.

ha ha
Joe shoots, he scores!



 Call the all new, toll-free 
 GOP callers Welcome (snicker)

Yasmeen Ghauri turns 36



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