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 Tuesday     April 18, 2006   Volume 1747 - Born to Kill

Quote of the Day

"I've got a pretty good idea 
  who the seven lawmakers are." 
    -- Tom Coburn, (R-Jesus Twin) who says 
        seven GOPers are going to prison,  Link

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Jack Bauer's Monkey
Theocons, Theocrats 
War-Happy Simpletons
President Gingrich? 
Best Pot Ever 
Bush Killing GOP 
Hannity Loves Bush 
New Del Castillo CD 
Anna Faris Movie 




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"I admire those who have stepped forward, and I agree with
  the arguments they are making. I count myself in the same camp."
    -- retired Gen. Paul Van Riper, a lifelong Republican
        and the seventh general to ask for Rumsfeld's resignation,  Link


'Jack Bauer,' Bush & Rummy
  by Robert Parry   as seen on consortiumnews.com


This season's TV drama "24" features an in-over-his-head U.S. President who sets in motion a dangerous
plot that he can't handle, forcing counter-terrorism agent Jack Bauer into a position of having to "take down"
the President. Meanwhile, in real life, the United States faces a parallel crisis, a reckless George W. Bush
taking actions that have spiraled out of control. Only in this world, the call is for Rumsfeld to resign.

Note: Consortiumnews.com  is the most important site on the Internet


Theocons and Theocrats


As a great power, a large heterogeneous nation like the United States goes about as far in a
theocratic direction as it can when it meets the unfortunate criteria on display in Bush's Washington:
an elected leader who believes himself in some way to be speaking for God; a ruling party that
represents religious true believers and seeks to mobilize the nation's churches; the conviction of
many rank-and-file Republicans that government should be guided by religion and religious leaders;
and White House implementation of domestic and international political agendas that seem to be
driven by religious motivations and biblical worldviews.

Nothing is more dangerous than an armed religio-nut doing God's will.

Bush and Osama think alike.


War-Happy Simpletons
 Please God, save us from your followers


Reports that Bush is considering a nuclear strike on Iran may not frighten the mad mullahs in Tehran,
but it will scare the hell out of many Americans here at home. It's hard to believe that with one military venture
gone bad (two counting Afghanistan) and a world that now sees Washington as the greatest threat to peace,
the Bushies would contemplate attacking a second nation, this time with tactical nukes.

Which prompts two questions: Are these guys obsessed with a messianic sense of world mission
that has robbed them of common sense? Or are they just plain nuts?"

Nothing is more dangerous than an armed religious fanatic doing God's will.


Subject: Flight 77

The defenders of the Bush line of BS on what hit the Pentagon are getting shrill…perhaps they're worried?

I'm an airline pilot, and that was no B757 that nailed that building (and even if it was, it wasn't flown by any 'student' pilot!)

I can see hitting the WTC, because it's the tallest pair of buildings on the coast, but yes,
the Pentagon is 1/20th as tall as the WTC and the first-time flyer never even touched the ground.



"I retired.  I have nothing to gain in doing this. There is no political agenda at all.
  For 31 years I was a loyal subordinate and did not tolerate dissension in the ranks.
  My sole motivation, are the servicemen and women and their families."
    -- Major General John Batiste, not so good with English, asking for Rumsfeld's resignation,  Link


From: RB Ham

Hey Bart,

I'm working hard, still researching 9-11 and sharing with others.
I got tombstoned at my regular place for calling out the administrators as
"gate keepers" intent on keeping the official story of 9-11 sacrosanct...

Nowadays, I hang out at progressiveindependent.com and 911blogger.com...

I still retain hope that the American people will rise up and take back their government...
But I also KNOW that the BFEE and their PNAC ideological minions,
are planning a second false flag terror attack - to be blamed on Iran - and that
these neo-con bastards are COMMITTED to a world war.

Hope you're doing well.
I'm glad to see that so many people are waking up to the Grand Deception (thank you Charlie Sheen).

9-11 is the key. The BFEE uses 9-11 at every opportunity to whip up their dwindling support
and keep the American people blinded with revenge...

Take 9-11 away...they got nothin'.
 RB Ham

Dude, great to hear from you.
Don't be a stranger.


Subject: that Iranian handjob

You know the only reason he got elected is bush.

Good point.
If Bush wasn't always listing the countries he most wanted to invade,
maybe those countries would find fewer reasons to have to nuke up.

North Korea, for example - who'd want to invade?
They have nothing but starving millions, so who'd want to steal it?.


Saw it on  aliberaldose.blogspot.com

Subject: not smart enough to use subject headers

you guys are lame
there is no reason to impeach Bush

2377 dead soldiers for lies isn't impeachable?
But having a girlfriend is?

If the GOP position was "You only impeach for the most heinous crimes,"
you could maybe claim half a point, but you guys impeached Clinton over nothing.

how would u like to see your daughter taken away and raped then fed to starving dogs!!!????
well thats what he stoped by killed those people in iraq

Why aren't you in Iraq helping with the fight?
Iraq is either worth 2377 soldiers' lives or it's not.

so get a life
ur stupid

ur 2 fucked 2 write 2 me


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Hannity Stays with Bush
 The 'praise Bush' money is hueueueuege


"Let me be straight with you — I like George Bush," Hannity said.
"I think he's a man of principle, a man of faith. I think he's got a backbone of steel
and he's a real, genuine, big-time leader ... He's a consequential figure for his time.
We don't see it right now."

That's the call of the perrenial loser.
"Everybody hates our guy now, but in 100 years, they'll realize his greatness."
What else can you say when your boy is stuck in the ratings sewer?

Condi's the same way with the bloody quagmire.
"100 years from now, they'll realize his great war strategery."

They're so desperate for some kind of silver lining, and the best they can do is make a promise
that in 100 years or 200 years or 500 years, somebody might eventually say Bush isn't a big fuck up.


Visit  funnytimes.com


I was told that Laura Bush is not what we think she is.

She's not the doting wife who's blinded by love.
She's not the sweet and innocent, adoring better-half.

You can't help but compare her to Hillary.
Using that crteria, people think she doesn't understand the real world.
People think she just can't see the flaws in her husband.

I was told that Laura Bush is putting on an act - that she's part of this whole worldwide energy takeover.
(If Bush was a power-hungry, murderer-invader, how could someone as loving and sweet and giving as
 Pickles Bush stay with a monster like that, the reasoning goes.

I was told she does know.
The obvious inference was that Pickles is another Barbara Bush (R-Barracuda)

Mark the date - April 18th, 2006

Bart was the first to call it.
When Pickles is unmasked, you heard it here, first.

But expect the easily-fooled Democrats, at every opportunity, to gush over her.
It's part of our suicide stratergery to lose again in 2008.



Subject: Maureen Dowd

I'm willing to cut Mo(ho)Do a little slack.
Sure, she's often been on the wrong side of issues but,
she has been slamming the bushies pretty good of late.
Remember, she does work for the NYwhoreTimes.

As for the Times itself, charging people to read this shit
makes me mad as hell.


We can depend on Dowd to fabricate 1000 lies about our 2008 Demo nominee.

Then the BFEE bastards will be all over the TV saying, "Even uber-liberal Maureen Dowd
hates the Democratic nominee and she's admitted being the most liberal columnist in New York."

She's not going to vote Demo any more than Ivins or Huffington are.


Contest - how many faces can you identify?
Use the numbers.

The first person (cont US only) to get them all right wins a pound of
the South's Finest Chocolate - the best chocolate you'll ever taste.

Send your answers Here

If you're a Chocolate Lover,
you can't do without the South's (World's) Finest Chocolate.

Random Thought...

Did you know Steve Buscemi was in Pulp Fiction?
I would've bet he wasn't, but there he was - I was shocked.


Gingrich Worried about November


Newt Gingrich, a holier-than-thou who was caught sexing a goat and had to step down,
says incumbents sometimes forget they are in office to change the government, not to be changed by it.
And he is worried that the GOP is in for a bad time in the fall elections.

"When you get poll after poll telling you basically the same thing, you have to respect the right
of the people to say they want change," Gingrich said on Fox Whore News.

A new poll found that just 30 percent of the public approves of the. By a 49-33 margin,
the public favored Democrats over Republicans when asked which party should control Congress.

Gingrich thinks he's going to run for president in 2008.
Knowing the we-want-to-lose Democrats, they'll refuse to use Gingrich's
scumbag facts against him, "because we only want to win with the high road."

It's 9:15 in the morning and already,
the Democrats' suicidal tendencies make me want to start drinking...


The net's best advertising deal

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The Best Pot in the World


"I make something called 'Budder,' and it's the strongest, cleanest, stoniest stuff in the world," said BudderKing.
"It's virtually all THC. There's nothing better than Budder."

Somewhere, there could be a cannabis product that is stronger and purer than Budder. Still, people like
Cannabis Culture editor Dana Larsen, who has sampled some of the best cannabis extracts from around
the world, say Budder ranks at the top of the list.

"BudderKing gave me two hits at the 'Beyond Prohibition' conference in Vancouver, using his propane torch
and hot knife in the parking lot on the hood of his car," Larsen recalls. "It hit me real hard. It was the among
the very highest pot highs I've ever had. It was very clean, but I also almost felt like I was on a psychedelic."

I don't know about you, buy when I get super-high, there's nothing more fun
than playing with a propane torch and a hot knife in a public parking lot.

BTW, when's the next 'Beyond Prohibition' conference in Vancouver?


Subject: Iran's 16 day Nukey

This mass "OH NO!! Iran has the bomb!!" crap, was started by an article in Bloomberg, that seems to be
rapidly proliferating itself, and spontaneously mutating in the blogosphere, and around the internet. In it, they
attempt to claim that Iran Could Produce a Nuclear Bomb in 16 Days.  Dig a little deeper into the article,
and you will find that Stephen Rademaker is the White House contact, and person who is "releasing" the
(mis)information. Once you see Rademaker's name,  you can pretty much safely dismiss the entire thing as
more lies, and white house spin, designed to send ma-and-pa nascar into a "we gotta nuke them A-RABS" frenzy.

Why? Stephen Rademaker works for Robert Joseph, who was charged with muscling the CIA into letting
Bush use the "yellow cake uranium", "Saddam's gonna nuke us in 45 minutes" horse-shit in the 2003 State of
the Union address. I almost felt insulted after reading the article, because it is plain to see, that the White House
does not even give us, the American people, enough credit to even refine their scare tactics any.

You will notice above, in regards to Rademaker, that I said "mis" information. Because it is partially true.
It is true that Iran has 164 centrifuges, and that they have learned to enrich uranium. They need 54000 centrifuges,
all working in tandem, to do what the article actually CLAIMS to do, which is produce a working nuke, in 16 days.
So yes--
If  you have 54000 centrifuges all working in tandem at a nuclear plant,
you would be capable of producing a nuclear bomb in 16 days.

What the article is conveniently omitting, however, is the fact that the process of getting the centrifuges built,
getting them there, assembling the centrifuges on site, and arraying them into a  working system that could
actually be capable of having them work in unison, to enrich enough uranium to create a working nuke, would,
at the minimum, take 10 years to accomplish. And, that's with an experienced team of engineers, scientists,
and physicists that already know how to do it, and that's if they don't blow themselves up in the process.

Then of course, they could produce a nuke in 16 days.

Just take that into account when you hear this from someone in the future, and just explain to them,
that Iran is not going to bomb us in 2 weeks.

Wow, I just had a flashback to 1998..."some one set us up the bomb"



Nuke Iran?


"I keep up with things, I read the front page..."
    -- Der Monkey, trying to convince reporters he's aware of the world around him


Subject: While I was in Hanoi, something caught my eye...

Hi Bart,

Spent a couple of weeks in Hanoi meeting old friends.
Everybody's getting rich but the air is unfit to breathe.
Needed a hat and stopped bye this stand with a large selection.

They must read you even here!

Peter from NZ

Pete, thanks for that, but ask about my royalties, would you? :)


Who's Going to Hell?

Del Castillo fuses rock and Latin
  Brotherhood in stores now


 It's also the inaugural CD backed by a dream team that includes Austin's Lone Wolf Management
(which also represents ZZ Top), big-time booking from Creative Artists and a Los Angeles publicist.


Subject: Stolis vodka and fascism

Yet another good reason to lay off "designer" vodkas and have another shot of Chinaco.


If one is wanting a buzz, cheap vodka works as well as anything.
Nobody buys vodka for the taste.



"Change the culture of corruption in Washington.
The names say it all: Halliburton, Delay, Abramoff.
No bids, no oversight, no audits."

If I could, I'd vote for my good friend Fred Strack.

Subject: USAma bin Laden

Bart - Did you ever notice how "Usama" bin Laden became "Osama" bin Laden after 9/11?

The Republican spin masters who engineered this war and disseminated the bullshit
propaganda to support it did not want any USAma bin Laden jokes or puns.
They created their bogeyman and changed his name for the occasion.

If you look at bin Laden's wanted posters in the post office, it is USAma bin Laden.

DAVE in Michigan


Bush Killing GOP
 They're all worried about November


Intense and widespread opposition to Bush is likely to be a sharp spur driving voters to the polls
in this fall's midterm elections, according to strategists in both parties, a phenomenon that could give
Democrats a turnout advantage over Republicans for the first time in recent years. Polls have reflected
voter discontent with Bush for many months, but as the election nears, operatives are paying special
attention to one subset of the numbers. It is the wide disparity between the number of people who
are passionate in their dislike of Bush vs. those who support him with equal fervor.

Can our Democrats snatch defeat from the jaws of victory?


Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

Mrs. Bart asked me to take her to Springdale, Arkansas for some friend chicken.
This place is called "AQ Chicken," and it's so old, the chicken farm was right next door.
In the summer, you could hear them strangle the chickens while you ate - yum!

It's also famous for hosting Bill Clinton who, legend has it, flew Air Force One to
Springdale just to get some of that famous AQ Chicken. They had a photo of the
Big Dog chowing down he last time we visited them.

So, we drove the hundred miles to get there - and the chicken blew donkey.
It was rubbery and greasy and tasted worse than McDonald's fried chicken,
which I've never had but I can guess how bad it must be.

As we were leaving, I wanted to get a picture of the Big Dog, but to my horror, we found this:

They replaced Clinton's picture with Der f-ing Murderer.

So please, if you ever get to Springdale, Arkansas, skip the AQ Chicken
and send me a dollar for steering you away from this formerly-good restaurant.



Bush in the Crater
 by Andrew Sullivan


If US intelligence is as good in Iran as it was in Iraq, the chances of getting all of Iran's nuclear capacity
by aerial bombing must also be close to zero. So the gain would be fleeting. But the costs could be enormous.
The most pro-Western populace in the Middle East - the Iranian public - could overnight be turned into
permanent foes of the West. A bombing campaign could force most Iranians into the arms of the genocidal,
religious nutcases now running their Government. For good measure, we'd probably be faced with oil at nearly
$US100 a barrel; and the complete disintegration of what's left of Iraq, as the Iranian-allied Shia militias turned
on US forces. But there's another factor that makes a military attack on Iran a dangerous option for the
Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld axis. That factor is the US itself.


Subject: BartCast

Hey Bart,

Getting another show ready to post by tomorrow and just wanted to let  you know. 
Just curious, have you gotten and feedback yet? 
Anyone having and trouble getting the link to load or anything? 

Dude, I've gotten zero feedback, but that's not unusual.

I'll be slapping more shows up as soon as I get them done!
 Terry the Mac Dude

Thanks for doing this.


Never saw this before

Cheney's Thugs


They terrorize other government officials, and they're so secretive that their names aren't even
revealed to a harmless federal employee directory. And they've helped ruin the country.
Meet Dick Cheney's staff.

Bad heart, errant shotgun, and Halliburton stock options in tow, Dick Cheney has ruled the
White House roost for the past five years, amassing enough power to give rise to the joke
that George W. Bush is "a heartbeat away from the presidency."



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Subject: Bartcop: closet rethuglican?

Ok Bushcop, whatever you say. 
You're dishonest, delusional & dumber than dogshit.

I am not.

Bushcop is a closet rethuglican who resorts to bullying & editing comments
to make himself look smarter...........just like his hero, Bill O'Lielly.

ha ha
If my goal was to make myself look smarter, would I do this page?

Bushcop, have a few more shots of tequila to prop up your allusions of grandeur.
Maybe then you can continue to think you're a real force for change on the left, instead of the truth.
Which is that you're just a dumber-than-dogshit Okie redneck with a half-assed website.

Arthur the Otter

I'm just in it for the money :)


 Iraq pumps 2,000,000 barrels a day,
(and that was before the 2002 Halliburton Upgrade)
 times today's oil price which is $71.98 a barrel
makes $142,960,000 Bush stole just yesterday

...add to that, Iran pumps 3M barrels a day.

Once the sick bastard invades, that's 5M barrels a day
times today's oil price which is  $70.82 a barrel
makes $359,900,000 dollars Bush will steal daily

That's a third of a billion dollars every day
No wonder they were so eager to start a war

...and what did it cost us?

2375  2377 soldiers' lives

On what date will Bush's oil snatch hit $100 a barrel?


Subject: 9-11

Nice link, with the video about the holes in the Pentagon.  It sure wasn't a 757 jet.
But, a 757 DID crash land in PA.

Too bad some real Americans thwarted Unka Dick's plans.
That hole was definitely a missile, and a cover up.
It'll be amazing when the truth about that day comes out.

But I feel a step closer to it because of the tireless work that you do.
You keep me well, well informed, much more than the mainstream whores do.
You may very well be the template for news of choice in the future
- the interpretation of the propaganda, with an entertaining slant.



Big $$ Strike Set for May 1

Don't spend any money on May 1.
This has never worked before, but everyone's talking about it.


Poodle Refuses to Roll Over



Tony Blair, poodle to America's Murder Monkey, has told his Massa to "GFY" in regards to Iran,
regardless of whether the move wins international backing, government sources claimed yesterday.

Amid increasing tension over Tehran's attempts to develop a military nuclear capacity, the Poodle
has laid bare the limits of his support for Der Murderer, who is on Iran like a fat kid on cake.
Blair privately told aidea he doesn't want to go down in history like he went down on Dubya.


Subject: comment

Bart, Molly Ivins wrote:

> the White House says if the president leaked it, then it's legal to leak it.
> No problem, the president can declassify at will, they said....

It's not legal just because Bush leaked it.
The lawful way to declassify information is for the President to sign a release form.
He didn't do that until nearly three weeks later when the sh*t hit the fan.
Fitzpatrick should compare notes from the statements made by Cheney and Bush
under oath during their dual deposition with the story Bush is spinning now.
Any difference equal two counts of obstruction of justice and perjury.
jack in pa

Jack, the Democrats have no problem with Bush committing crimes.
Maybe Fitz will see things clearer...


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Subject: big $$ strike May 1

Bart, you wrote:

> don't spend any money on May 1. Don't buy food, don't buy gas, don't go to a movie.
> Prepare in advance, then keep your wallet closed that day.

The problem with this working, Bart, is that if everyone prepares in advance there would be
no economic fallout to "feel." If everyone bought their gas the day before--or even waited till May 2,
the receipts will still even out at the end of the week. The only "drama" would be that businesses
were very slow that day yet no one would have lost a dime.

JL, I know Republican greed.
If they see even a slight dip in sales they will panic.

And the point of this (for me, anyway) isn't to help the immigrants.
If cash registers so silent for a day people will notice.
Maybe even the Democrats will notice how many millions of people are pissed off.

...nah, I'm lying to myself and I hate that.


 Call the all new, toll-free 
 GOP callers Welcome (snicker)

Why, that's what our president uses to murder people, too!

TV Stuff

Is Tuesday TV's best night?

Peabody winning Denny Crain and House are on tonight, along with Veronica Mars.
BTW, in the history of TV, has any other female lead in a show ever been raped?

I didn't see that episode (last year) but she mentioned it recently, telling a fellow victim,
"It sucks, ...then it sucks less," trying to offer some consolation to her.
It was well-handled, like everything on that show but nobody but Stephen King and us is watching.

...and Idol gets worse very week.
Those "theme nights" are nothing but long-ass commercials, usually for losers and has-beens.
Soon Rescue Me will be back - can't wait for that.

Jane Fonda on Dave (expect Cindy Sheehan's name to come up) and Bush's whore McCain is on Leno,
where he'll spew praise all over the Giggline Murderer who called him wife and kids names.


Anna Faris has Top Movie
 'Scary' Spoof brings in $41M



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