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 Weekend-Monday May 6-8, 2006  Volume 1759 - The Torture Business

Quote of the Day

"Ignatius writes in the WaHoPo that McCain 
  would not "sell his soul" to become President. 
  Yeah, right. What, giving Jerry Falwell a 
  reach-around was what, political foreplay? 
      -- Jo Fish   Link

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Bush Tide Lifts Yachts
Porter Goss and Hookers? 
Oil & the Antichrist 
"No More!" 
Gay Sex at Watergate?
Fear of Hillary 
Monkey turns Okie
Nicole Richie - Too Rich 


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"The bus to be used by the United States during the World Cup will not bear a flag for security reasons.
  The other 31 buses have large national flags of the teams painted on rear sides."
      -- AP,    Link

 Bush has so disgraced America.
 We can't even identify ourselves as Americans because of him.


Rummy Logic & Enduring Lies
  by Robert Parry as seen on  consortiumnews.com


Rebellion was in the air, with Rumsfeld acting like a crafty minister to an embattled king, fending off
citizens outraged over government lies and the growing death toll from a war built on deception.

As hecklers at a speech in Atlanta on May 4 accused the Bush administration of lying and then were
dragged away one by one, Rumsfeld appealed for civility and for renewed faith in Bush's honesty.

"You know, that charge [of lying] is frequently leveled against the President for one reason or another,
and it's so wrong and so unfair and so destructive of a free system, where people need to trust each other
and government," Rumsfeld told a crowd of international affairs experts.

Anyone who's followed the twisted course of Iraq War rationales had to marvel at Rumsfeld's chutzpah,
putting citizen accusers on the defensive and turning government deceivers into defenders of "a free system."
How could he expect such a transparent ploy to work?

But the cagey Pentagon chief may have recognized that he could still score with two target audiences:
die-hard Bush loyalists and the Washington press corps. The word "lie" - when applied to Bush - sends
Bush's backers into a fury and thus is studiously avoided by the mainstream press.

Note: Consortiumnews.com  is the most important site in the Internet


Bush's Tide Lifts only Yachts


Suxty-four percent disapprove of Bush's handling of the economy. It's strange.
Our economy has grown so starkly unequal that the statistician's view now says surprisingly little
about the average American's experience. Last quarter may have seen 4.8% growth, but hidden in
those numbers was a depressing factoid: Wages had only grown 0.7% - slower than housing, health
or gasoline costs. That's been the story of the last few years, a rising tide that lifts only yachts. It used
to be that economic growth ensured wide benefits across society. But the last four years of economic
expansion have been historic for the steadily increasing poverty rate - a depressing sign that inequality
has so split the poor from the rich that the two hardly inhabit the same economy.


Porter Goss and Hookers?


Ken Silverstein reports at Harper's blog on the spreading Cunningham-Wade-Wilkes prostitute scandal.
He says more lawmakers are being investigated. Sounds like he thinks Porter Goss is one of them:

I've learned from a highly-connected source that those under intense scrutiny by the FBI are lawmakers,
including one person who now holds a powerful intelligence post. [emphasis added]

They don't say if the hookers are men or women.
You figure Jeff Gannon was there.

I wonder of Scottie the Underbear had a hand in this?

Was Kenneth Starr involved?



Gay Sex at the Watergate?


Brent Wilkes (co-conspirator #1 in the Duke Cunningham scanal) knew how to
"grease the wheels" of Congress with cash, gifts, favors, and yes, "hospitality suites":

Wilkes befriended other legislators, too. He ran a hooker rooms in Washington
- first in the Watergate Hotel and then in the Westin Grand near Capitol Hill.

Hotline picked up on it, and we wondered aloud here whether the bedrooms hinted at
a sex scandal about to blow up on Capitol Hill, or whether there was a more benign explanation.
After all, no member of Congress would be stupid enough to, well, prostitute himself and the
legislative process by accepting the services of a hooker bought and paid for by lobbyists, right?

Well, folks, we may have ourselves a genuine sex scandal.


Subject: Colbert and the blood soaked lapdogs

Since election day 2000 I have done a lot of talking at my tv.
After 911 (I still say that "date" smells more of special ops than jihad), during that brief period before Bush
started killing in earnest, I talked at Wolf the Whore when he stoked up the blood lust and the jingoism on a nightly basis.
I even wrote him an e-mail or two, warning him that the blood spilled would be on his hands if his lack of professional
responsibility led to the death of innocent people.  Talk about a waste of time, eh?

The vaunted "American Media."  There they were at the Press Club, covered in blood.
Any sane person could see it.  Is it possible that the attendees did not?

Richard Cohen was offended by Colbert.  He thinks Colbert should have been nice and innocuous so as to get
another gig and help his career.  That, to me, is the most amazing thing about the warped attitudes of the millionaires
in the press and the Congress: not only are they craven cowards, they expect that everyone else is, too!
You'd think having millions in the bank and being an anchorman or a Senator would give you a little backbone.
Not for these degraded whores.

But how should a comedian treat a giggling murderer and a room full of his accomplices?
It seems to me that Colbert had a moral duty to tell them off.
Anything less would be to join them in their guilt and corruption.
Colbert was actually extraordinarily polite about it, under the circumstances.

Keep hammerin'.
neal in batavia


BILL CLINTON needs to be impeached

It's like a Bizarro bartcop.com


"I stopped respecting McCain when he gave Bush that obsequious hug after Rove attacked him,
  his military record, his sanity, and his family. That is what I call pathetic."
      -- neruda,  Link


Subject: fund raising idea

Bart, I found something that you might consider using to generate donations.

I went to a site that used the following on their page:

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Lisa T.            Scottsdale, AZ          $20

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Steve F.          Pittsburgh, PA           $35

People like seeing their "name in lights" even if it is just their first name and initial.
Perhaps this tool might generate more revenues for you.


Annie, thanks for that.

If a donor wants their name mentioned, we can make that happen.
Who will be the nicest person of the week?


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Oil, Iraq and the Antichrist


The price of a barrel of oil and gasoline at the pump have reached another all-time record high.
But few people understand how we got here, and what part the US invasion of Iraq has played.
The corporate media has focussed on a very predictable increase in demand for oil and said little
or nothing about the shrinking supply and the role that Iraq has played. Nor have they said anything
about the role of hedge funds, or how the oil companies manipulated refiner capacity in order to
create artificial shortages and drive up prices.

Instead, what the media does is use right-wing tools like David Brooks to parrot the oil company
talking points like they were a special revelation from God, while looking down their noses at a public
that knows in their bones it's a lie. As if it takes a genius to see the connection between record prices
and record oil company profits.



Fear of Hillary
  by Eleanor Clift


When was the last time we had such a dominant front runner this early who raises such anxiety about electability?
The answer is Ronald Reagan. It took a leap of imagination to believe an aging grade-B movie actor with orange hair
could win the presidency. Hillary's supporters are counting on the same act of faith in the political marketplace,
but they are far from making the sale. The angst among Democrats borders on insurrection over whether to
place their bets for '08 on Hillary.

Democrats want to win the so badly that they are leery of experimenting with the first woman, let alone
the first man as First Lady. "You can't put him on the stage with her; he blows her away. You can't do
nice little spouse events with him; they'd be the biggest events of the campaign," says the strategist, noting
that this would add to the unpredictable nature of a Hillary candidacy. On the other hand, if not Hillary, who?


Bush Decides To Start Thinking

Subject: BCR 92 - Best ever!

Hey Bart,
The latest radio show,  no.92,  is the best you've ever done.
Dunno why exactly, it just seems different all the way through.

I can't quite put my finger on it...

Dude, thanks for that.


The Grand Finale  of "The Brandon & Sean Show"
is next Wednesday.the 10th.
8 pm to 10 pm Pacific at www.kssu.com .
Go there and click on the "listen live" button.

"No More!"


No more killing.
No more raping and pillaging by the oil industry
No more torture of human beings
No more arrogant, blundering, incompetent leadership of our military.

Which means no more Donald Rumsfeld.

No more manipulation of our media.
No more arrogance and incompetence posing as leadership in the White House.

Which means no more Bush and Cheney!


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Random Thought

During Watergate, reporters learned to "follow the money."
Thirty years later, we have a MUCH bigger scandal with almost 2500 dead soldiers
but when was the last time (if ever) a reporter followed the Bush family money?

Just before Bush stole power, we had a Constitution, a right to have our vote counted,
skyscrapers in New York and a gallon of gasoline cost what, $1.39?

Under Bush, we've lost the right to vote, lost the Constitution, lost the WTC
and the price of gas is going up, up, up with talk of $100 fill ups coming soon.

There are thousands of reporters who can get a story into the mainstream,
so why doesn't somebody follow the money to see who's behind Bush's madness?



"John McCain had balls at one time. Otherwise he wouldn't have survived the crap he did as a POW.
  He let saint Ronnie and Bush the First cut them off when he decided to join them.
  He let Bush the Lesser do it again and then rolled over for him to have his belly rubbed."
      -- Michael AK,    Link


Subject: Julie Pell

I'd like to propose a shot of Chinaco in memory of my friend Julie Pell, who died recently. She was the daughter
of former US Senator Claiborne Pell and was well known here in Rhode Island for being openly lesbian and
working for LGBT rights. Here's a link to one writer's remembrance of her:


A couple of excerpts:

"Prior to 1995, it was legal in this state to deny a job or an apartment merely on the grounds of sexual orientation.
And some of the bigots and knuckle-draggers in the General Assembly at the time endorsed such regressive thinking.

"As a member of one of Rhode Island's best-known families, the daughter of one of the state's most beloved politicians,
Pell's lobbying drew attention locally and nationally. She once joked that she never set out to become the Ocean State's
most famous lesbian (as if anyone would), but she had learned to live with the fact and use her powerful one-syllable
surname as a vehicle for change.

"She showed up at the Statehouse repeatedly, knocking on doors and spouting common sense. Eventually, she and her
allies prevailed against the insularity, junk science and religious zealotry of people who'd treat others as a lesser species
because of how they were born ... this in the 1990s, not the 1890s."


"I'd like to think her advocacy for civil rights prodded others into coming out publicly and doing good work.
I suspect it did, that being Julie 'Pell' carried more public swag than being Julie Jablonsky.

"If being the daughter of retired U.S. Sen. Claiborne Pell and his wife, Nuala, both civil-rights advocates,
gave Julie a little more courage to go public and a little less reticence to fight, we can be grateful.
She was born into soft surroundings but took on hard battles.
"How many people can you point to and declare with 100 percent certainty that she made life better for a lot of people,
that she stepped forward when needed, that she worked to right wrongs? Her father is one, his Pell Grants making it
easier for poor and working-class kids to attend college, and Julie was another, gone now at age 52."
(end excerpts)

I agree with what the writer said above. I would also like to add that even when Julie wasn't on the front lines of activism,
she was always a generous financial supporter of many good causes and always generous with her appreciation and praise
as well. The world would be a much better place if other privileged people gave as much to the world as Julie did. I am
honored to have known her and thankful for all of the ways she helped to make a better world for us all.

Take care,
Tina in Rhode Island



Judges Challenge Bush Wiretap Rules


A U.S. appeals panel sharply challenged Bush Friday over new rules making it easier for the feds
to wiretap Internet phone calls. A judge said the government's courtroom arguments were "gobbledygook."

The skepticism expressed so openly toward Bush's case encouraged civil liberties and education groups
that argued that the U.S. is improperly applying telephone-era rules to a new generation of Internet services.

"Your argument makes no sense," U.S. Circuit Judge Harry Edwards told the lawyer for Bush's FCC.
"When you go back to the office, have a big chuckle. I'm not missing this. This is ridiculous. Counsel!"

At another point in the hearing, Edwards said that his arguments were "gobbledygook" and "nonsense."


Subject: Mike Malloy defines Fascism


Check it out,


Sheryl Crow


"Rumors have been swirling around Washington that Porter Goss may have been involved in the poker
  and prostitute parties at the Watergate Hotel hosted by Duke Cunningham's defense contractors.
  It's hard to see how Goss's sudden departure is not connected to the Watergate II scandals."
     -- Jon Ponder,    Link


ABC had a camera on Bush while Colbert spoke



Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

Bush Brings his Lies to Oklahoma
 But crowd couldn't hear his lies - bad sound blamed


After the speech, some graduates said they couldn't make out clearly what Bush said
because of an echo in the audio system at Boone Pickens Stadium.

"I couldn't really hear it because the sound was so bad," said student Michelle Ward.

About 250 protesters held signs and chanted anti-Bush slogans a block from the OSU stadium.
One protester held a sign that read, "Worst President Ever."

"If he's coming to my town, I'm going to let him know he's not welcome here and that
Oklahomans are not as bright as they think," said Laurie Keeley, 25, a protester from Tulsa. .


Subject: Shirley

Hey . . . thanks for giving links that cost 10 bucks to read. 
I really want to pay that for news about Shirl.


Coop, I don't know what you're talking about.



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 Iraq pumps 2,000,000 barrels a day,
(and that was before the 2002 Halliburton Upgrade)
 times today's oil price which is $70.19 a barrel
makes $140,380,000 Bush stole just yesterday

...add to that, Iran pumps FOUR M barrels a day.

Once the sick bastard invades, that's 6 M barrels a day
times today's oil price which is  $70.19 a barrel
makes $421,140,000 dollars Bush will steal daily

No wonder they were so eager to start a war

...and what did it cost us?

2415  2417 soldiers


Spinning El Pigbo's Drug Problems
 Why Der Junkie Gets a Pass


When heroin charges first surfaced against Rush Limbaugh in 2003, the ConWeb was first to come to
his defense, as ConWebWatch documented. NewsMax, WorldNetDaily and the Media Research Center
did this by smearing his accusers, bashing the prosecutor, hypocritically attacking the tabloids where the
allegation first surfaced and shielding Limbaugh himself from blame.

With the April 28 announcement of the plea agreement regarding Limbaugh's doctor-shopping charges,
the ConWeb happily performed the same service once again.


Bart's Law #14


Men are pigs and they are dogs.
Men are so sex-crazed, they'll give up their empire for a giggling cheerleader.


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If you watch a lot of TV...

...you'll get hooked on this site right away.


Each week, she re-caps your favorite TV shows with Bart-style writing.

2:14:53. Back in the galley of the airplane, which isn't suspicious at all, Kiefer answers his cell phone, which is even
less suspicious. It's Chloe, telling him that the guy he wants is Hans Meyer in seat 12D, who is apparently a German
national with connections to Omicron International. You'll recall that Omicron is the defense contractor that
manufactured the Sentox nerve gas, and is also Henderson's employer (at least until 5:00 this afternoon, when he blew
the place up). Kiefer acknowledges and hangs up. Wasting no time, he saunters up to 12D, identifies himself as the
Air Marshal, and asks Meyer to come back with him to the galley. "We found something that we think is yours…
We'd just like you to come back to the galley and identify it for us so we can properly stow it." Meyer must be wearing
nose plugs, because instead of recognizing the pungent smell of bullshit, he agreeably heads aft with Kiefer (dirty!),
not even getting suspicious when Kiefer tells him to bring any carry-on items with him. My response to that would be,
"Why? Am I not coming back?" 


Subject: Birf Flu

Hey Bart, last issue you asked,

> Or will the BFEE makes billions from that disaster, too? 
> Is that the name of the game?

I agree with Swezey's first paragraph, but not the second.. Because his idea to 
"demand enough vaccine next winter for the entire population..." has two problems. 
A- he may be refering to TAMIFLU (which isn't a bird-flu vaccine, but is a ROCHE product that inhibits getting bird-flu; 

B- I'd guess there's some ties between someone near the top of Roche USA and the Bush people... like duct tape(!)
I thought there'd be a connection... the billions you astutely mentioned

BTW:  I went here, to see if I could strike gold:

Top of the list of RANGERS?  Jack Abramoff!!!)

Hammer 'em


 Call the all new, toll-free 
 GOP callers Welcome (snicker)

Subject: fear of Hillary?

Bart, you published:

> "this would add to the unpredictable nature of a Hillary candidacy"

All I can say is, since the predictable thing is that the Democrats will once again blow it
and snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, UNpredictability is the best thing since sliced bread.
Besides, if it's unpredictable, it's that much harder for the Rove slime machine to be proactive, eh, what?

So what's the drawback again?

Liz McLucy

Besides being the waaay-too-obvious front-runner, Hillary wants it
and she doesn't have any Skull&Bones brothership to distract her.

I'll go dark for 90 days if Hillary takes time off from a close campaign to go wind surfing.
I'll also go dark for 90 days if Hillary climbs into this Kerry costume.

I'll bet my car Hillary wants to win more than Kerry did.


Nicole Richie: Get me a Pizza
 Reality Star says she's "too thin"


"I'm not happy with the way I look right now."

Richie was visibly heavier in 2003 filming "The Simple Life" with Paris Hilton.
Richie said she gained weight during a stint in rehab for heroin addiction.
"I eat the worst foods -- salty cheese-and-grease kind of stuff."


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