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 Wed-Thurs  May 17-18, 2006   Volume 1766 - Tony's Tar Baby

Quote of the Day

"Having said that, 
  I don't want to hug the tar baby 
  of trying to comment on... 
       -- Tony Snow, nervous at his first press briefing, Link

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Dixie Chicks & Bush
Land of the Free? 
What Will it Take? 
The World Hates Us
Politics or Insanity? 
In Bed with Libya
Tip of the Iceberg 
Patriot Act Theft 
Mandy Moore & Sex





"The expression tar baby is...used occasionally as a derogatory term for black people 
 (in the U.S. it refers to African-Americans; in New Zealand it refers to Maoris), 
  or among blacks as a term for a particularly dark-skinned person.  As a result, 
  some people suggest avoiding the use of the term in any context." 
     -- Word of the Day,   Link

OK, I'm all for beating up the bad guys, but that was a mistake, not a slur.
Tony Snow's too smart to throw down a race taunt on his new dream job.
After all, he's not Rush Limbuagh.

I think Tony's C:Promt  for "screw up" is "hug the tar baby."
He was nervous and he used a poor choice of words. 

Plus, the term wasn't always considered verbotten.

I'm not up on my Twain, but wasn't Huck's buddy named, Nigger Jim?
What's his name today, ...just Jim?

In Germany, it's illegal to speak about parts of their past.
Should it be illegal to look back at once we once were?

...just asking some questions.


Dixie Chicks, Valerie Plame & Bush
  by Robert Parry  as seen on  consortiumnews.com


A politician's reaction to dissent is often the true test of a commitment to democracy. Great leaders not only tolerate 
criticism, but welcome disagreement as part of a fair competition of ideas leading to the best result for society.

Certainly, no one who truly cares about democracy favors punishing critics and demonizing dissenters. But just such 
hostility has been the calling card of George W. Bush and his backers over the past five years as they have subjected
public critics to vilification, ridicule and retaliation. 

While Bush doesn't always join personally in the attack-dog operations, he has a remarkable record of never 
calling off the dogs, letting his surrogates inflict the damage while he winks his approval. In some cases, however, 
such as the punishment of Joseph Wilson and his wife, Bush has actually gotten his hands dirty. 

Note: Consortiumnews.com  is the most important site in the Internet


Boondocks should be here, but they went "flash,"
so they can't be copied and pasted.


"What Mr Snow meant to say was he 'didn't want to chase that Sambo.'" 
     -- Boy Genius,    Link

Mind you, I'm not saying it's wrong to attack Snow for saying that.
Would they let our guy go for a slip of the tongue?

Hell no, let the pummeling continue...


Land of the Free? 


Bush has managed to cross George Orwell with Sting. Every step you take, every move you make, 
Big Brother will be watching you...Even if you don't care about the privacy of your phone records, 
you might care that we have a president who feels no obligation to obey the law. You might care that 
if the government was secretly doing this, it may be doing other things that are even more worrisome. 
And you might care that one day, we may find that the free society we claim to cherish has become a police state.

Bill Maher said:
"I feel sorry for Osama - now he has to come up with new reasons to hate us,"
  meaning he can't hate us for our freedoms because we don't have many left.


What Will it Take? 


Bush signed a secret order in 2002 to wiretap without a warrant. Two weeks ago, Bush claimed authority 
to disobey more than 750 laws passed by Congress. And last week, USA Today reported that he has been 
secretly collecting the domestic telephone records of tens of millions of Americans.

This is nothing new.

In 2003, Bush invaded a sovereign country in violation of the UN Charter. His administration routinely tortures 
prisoners, rendering some to countries that have perfected the art of torture. The US laws prohibiting torture 
are absolute; torture is never permitted, even in time of war.

What will it take for Congress to stop the president when he has gone too far?


Subject: bartcop sign spotted at Montana anti-Bush rally 

Bart, this was from the front page of the Bozeman Daily Comical, I mean Chronicle.


Bob, thanks for that.
I blew up the upper left of your picture...

Next to WPE, that's my favorite.


World Hates Us, not Just Bush 
 We keep 'electing' him, we must enjoy murder


In increasing numbers, people around the globe resent American power and wealth and reject 
specific actions like Iraq and the campaign against Palestinian leaders, international polling shows.

In the past, while Europeans, Asians and Arabs might have disliked American policies or Bush, they still 
liked Americans. Polls now show an ominous turn. Now they think we're greedy, violent and rude.

Bush has soooo screwed this country - beyond what we can understand right now.
We might not get back what Bush threw away in our lifetimes. 



"When I was little we always lived in diverse neighborhoods. My grandfather would call 
  my black friends "tar babies." I didn't know any version of any definition of "tar baby," 
  but I knew what he meant, and he wasn't being a kindly old grandpa. He was an old 
  racist cracker who thought he was being clever." 
      -- Zookeeper,  Link

OK, but when Grandpa was a kid, that might've been clever.

Did Twain invent the term, and then it got passed on to the black child? 
Or was it the slang of his day?
Maybe Twain just used the language that most Americans used.

In my lifetime, black people won their civil rights, and I'm just 52.
In Zookeeper's grandpa's lifetime, things were waaaaaay different.


Only 3 states approve of Bush's Fascism

Bush using Patriot Act to Steal Freedoms 


All of this highly illegal activity is being done by the administration to reporters whose job it is to inform the people 
of any illegal and un-Constitutional actions by the government, which could potentially undermine the citizenries' 
freedom and liberty. Too, it is the job of reporters to provide such information in democratic societies, so citizens 
can make informed decisions regarding those that seek to represent them through the electoral process. Finally, 
the administration is using the Patriot Act to steal the freedom and liberty of the people, while pretending to be 
using the Act to protect their freedom and liberty. It doesn't get anymore Orwellian than that.


Subject: Her voting record


The Americans for Democratic Action (ADA) rates members of congress on their voting records. 
On a scale of 0 - 100, with 100 being the most liberal, you-know-who scored 100 for the 2005 session.

Brad O

Dude, thanks - I did not know that.
Maybe she's too liberal for me :)



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Fighting Quotes

"We're a nation of laws, and we must enforce our laws." 
      -- The most crooked US president in history, Monday  Link

"While America is a nation of immigrants, we are also a nation of laws, 
  and rewarding those who break our laws not only dishonors the hard work 
  of those who came here legally but does nothing to fix our current situation." 
      -- Rep. Tom Price, R-Ga., furious with Bush for rewarding lawbreakers,    Link

"Had he not done this, and something had happened, 
  you and the rest of the world would be clamoring." 
      -- Rep. Tom Price, R-Ga., praising Bush for breaking the law with wiretaps   Link



Subject: after tapping the phone companies, what's next? 

Now that we know that Bush has been tracking every phone call made by every person in the United States, 
or at least those made by ATT&T and Verizon customers it makes you wonder what's next? 

Have Microsoft and Apple collaborated with the NSA to plant spy software into Windows or Apple OS-X? 
Are they tracking everything we do online? That would be the next logical step in the progression of illegal spying.

So I would ask Apple and Microsoft, hopefully before the fact, 
if they intend to cooperate with the NSA to illegally tap our computers?

Marc Perkel
San Francisco, CA



Bush in Bed with Libya 
 Why would he... Oh, yeah, they have oil 


The normalization of U.S.-Libya relations is a natural marriage of an American administration desperate 
for friends and oil in the Middle East and a government that needs to open its economy to the outside world, 
Arab and exiled Libyan observers said Monday. The announcement was called proof that promotion of 
democracy is no longer a top priority of the Bush administration, which is grappling to hold Iraq together 
and has turned attention toward building alliances against a hostile Iran over its nuclear program. Libya 
has been ruled by Moammar Gaddafi since he seized power in 1969.


Subject: The rich got houses - what did you buy with YOUR tax refund?

Just to spite Bush, went out of my way to buy weed with mine.




Why do they call him 'President Monkey?'


Subject: too afraid to list a subject

Bart, you wrote:

> I say Osama is capable of many small strikes that would almost certainly paralyze America
> but for some reason, he's chosen not to paralyze America and I wonder why that is?

> Remember, The BFEE has a history of making secret deals with terrorists,
> and a secret deal with terrorists is how Poppy Bush took the presidency.

And I say you are a gullible idiot, to believe any of that shit.
I think you're a paid 911 Lies Gatekeeper.

In fact I know it.

Andy Schwarm

Well, Andy, in your little monkey-rant, you failed to be clear.

Are you saying it's impossible for some Al Qaeda handjob to steal a gas truck and drive it into 
an American grade school instead of some sheriff's office on Mozul?  I think you're wrong about that.

Why suicide 6 Iraqis and get maybe ten words in the New York whore Times when you could take out 
a school or a shopping center, kill hundreds of Americans, and become as immortal as Mohammed Atta?

Are you saying you can tell us why Poppy Bush, who was three weeks from becoming VP, can't explain
where he was for 40 hours when he secretly flew with Bill Casey to London, then Paris* to meet with terrorists?

If you Monkeys are going to make a wild-ass claim, I wish you could put your little monkey brains together 
and try to form some kind of semi-coherent message besides, "You are a gullible asshole."

Banana fact:
The banana plant does not grow from a seed but rather from a rhizome or bulb. 
Each fleshy bulb will sprout new shoots year after year.


Fascists vs Randi Rhodes?   Bet on Randi 
  by Greg Palast


ChoicePoint swore to Ms. Rhodes that they do not have or sell "credit" information. 
Yet, according to the company's own filing, among their other Big Brother products, they sell: 

"...claims history data, motor vehicle records, police records, CREDIT INFORMATION and modeling services
...employment background screenings and drug testing administration services, public record searches, vital record 
services, credential verification, due diligence information, DNA identification services, authentication services and 
people and shareholder locator information searches...print fulfillment, teleservices, database and campaign management services..." 

Uh, oh. 
They are either fibbing to the SEC (their CEO is already under investigation by the SEC) -- or they are prevaricating 
to Randi. They shouldn't do that, because, the lady has class -- she let ChoicePoint give their goofy alibi uninterrupted; 
but, lie to her, and, as my editor says, "she'll bite off a chicken's head while it's laying eggs." 

So who are you toying with, Mr. ChoicePoint, the SEC or Randi? 

ha ha
I'll bet on Randi Rhodes.

How about a Pay-per-View between her and Karl Rove,
that is, ...if we can set it up before he goes to prison...


Subject: Bush's wall

Bart, this wall that Bush proposed building - could it serve two purposes? 

The first to keep people out like Mexican immigents, terrorists and possibly those wily Canadians, 
but the second purpose to keep Americans from getting away. 

The U.S.S.R built a wall and what was the purpose? 
Its like we are all living in the Escape from New York/L.A. universe. 

Just wait for that big earthquake.

JT, I believe Bush has already made it illegal to leave the country
if you're of draft age, the bastard, so we have to assume the wall is for us, too.

...and I'm the only liberal with a gun?


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Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.


Politics or Insanity? 
  by Molly


I hate to raise such an ugly possibility, but have you considered lunacy as an explanation? 
Craziness would make a certain amount of sense. I mean, you announce you are going to militarize 
the Mexican border, but you assure the president of Mexico you are not militarizing the border. 
You announce you are sending the National Guard, but then you assure everyone it's not very 
many soldiers and just for a little while.

Militarizing the border is a totally terrible idea. Do we have a State Department? Are they sentient? 
How much do you want to infuriate Mexico when it's sitting on quite a bit of oil? 
Bush knows what the most likely outcome of this move will be.eadin


Subject: Pokerfest? 

Bart, this is ole zenferret now back in Vegas…
Let me know what I can do to help bring about another Las Vegas Pokerfest.

I now design card shufflers and dealer shoes that identify the cards as they are dealt. 
The dealers can find incomplete/invalid decks and the shoes can help track games.


Dude, I'd love to, but most Democrats would rather eat Bird Flu than play poker.
To fill a table I'd have to promote it for a month and that really makes people angry.

Too bad, there are few things I'd rather do than play poker and sip Chinaco with my friends.


"Watch me, Unka Donnie! I'm gonna throw a strike!"

"We've made our billions," 
throw it in the goddamn gutter for all I care...

Subject: WPE t-shirt reaction at polling place

Hi Bart,

I got the WPE Tshirt on Saturday. Just in time for the PA primary election today. 
Pennsylvania's legislators - especially the Nazi-Republicans, are very nervous, not only about the 
Miserable Failure Monkey, but also about the PA Cleansweep campaign to remove all incumbents 
for voting themselves a pay raise last year in the middle of the night that they were shamed into rescinding. 

I wore my WPE shirt to go vote. I had fun watching the smiles, giggles and a few jaws dropping. 
One old lady walked up to me and said she liked my shirt. Theres still a bunch of states that have 
not yet held the primaries. Would be great to hear of more people wearing their WPE shirts to vote 
and note the reactions of others present. 

I'll be wearing this shirt so much, I may need another.

Steve, thanks for that.
I think everybody should wear their official  bartcop.com  WPE shirt when they vote.

...and send in pictures of patriotic Democrats wearing their WPE shirts.


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  Bart, thanks for convincing me to click there

 Iraq pumps 2,000,000 barrels a day,
(and that was before the 2002 Halliburton Upgrade)
 times today's oil price which is $69.53 a barrel
makes $139, 060,000 Bush stole justyesterday

...add to that, Iran pumps FOUR M barrels a day.

Once the sick bastard invades, that's 6 M barrels a day
times today's oil price which is  $69.53 a barrel
makes $417, 180,000 dollars Bush will steal daily

No wonder they were so eager to start a war


...and what did it cost us?

2446  2450 soldiers

Four more families torn apart in one day by Bush's oil greed.


Tip of the Iceberg 


A former intelligence officer for the NSA said he plans to tell Senate staffers next week that unlawful activity 
occurred at the agency under Michael Hayden beyond what has been publicly reported, while hinting that it 
might have involved the illegal use of space-based satellites and systems to spy on U.S. citizens. …

Tice said he plans to tell the committee staffers the NSA conducted illegal and unconstitutional surveillance 
of U.S. citizens while he was there with the knowledge of Hayden. … "I think the people are going to be shocked 
when I tell them what I have to tell them. It's pretty hard to believe," Tice said.

If you read  bartcop.com  I doubt you'll be shocked.
Not that we know everything, but we know the criminal in the White House.

From Bush's point of view, why obey any laws if nobody ever holds you accountable?


Subject: Don't Want Anyone Listening To My Phone Calls

I don't want the incompetent and corrupt fools listening to my phone calls. 
The Bush Administration is the worst ever. Everything they do is wrong. 

Iraqmire is the biggest mistake of the century, and Katrina relief is a close second. 
But Bush can't think of any mistakes that he has made? What a fool. 

He must be impeached and soon!
 Ike in Detroit


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Subject: Osama's 9-11 deal with Bush

The main reason they might have reached a deal  was that the Bushes 
and the Bin Ladens have been in business together for ages. 

So 9-11 became just another "deal"...just good business. 
 Karen in Boynton


Old TV Stuff

Idol - will it ever end?
Have you ever seen a more talentless bunch?
Simon is right, 90-95% of this is karaoke/wedding singer crappola.

In Joe Cocker's You Are So Beautiful to Me, when he sings the line, "You're everything I've hoped for," 
there's more magic in that one word "hoped" than there was in all of Taylor's soulless performance last night. 
He's probably a nice guy, and yes, he dances funny for a white guy, ...but is he a star?

At least he's better than Yamin-he's-still-on?
Buh Bye, Yamin.

New TV Stuff

USA Today calls Bones "one of TV's most enjoyable shows."
I agree, and if you've seen it, you'll want to watch tonight.
Dr. Brennan gets a major bomb dropped on her.

Law & Order closes it's 45th season tonight.
It's coming back next year - with personnel changes.
Sometimes characters leave the show because they get murdered.
Tonight, McCoy uses a corrupt DEA agent to trap psycho killers - what could go wrong?

Ugly TV Stuff

I have seen some of what I think is an accurate script for the next Sopranos episode.
The gang is going to capture and sexually torture Vito, their gay former partner (and top earner.)

Sidebar:  IF I was a crazed, sexually-repressed Republican bastard who felt it was 
very important to capture and torture gay men, I would do it with their pants still on. 

Seems to me that when you take off a gay man's pants to torture him, you're actually
revealing your own hidden desires to take a wild walk on the other side of the street.

It would be easier, cleaner, faster etc to, say ...break his fingers if you're into torture, but nooo.
They go places they don't need to go, so to speak, and I think it's going to change the show.
Plus, after what they do to Vito, they'll have to kill him - trust me.

I don't have the time to get into why we "love" these cold-blooded killers like Tony, Silvio,
Christopher and Paulie, but we kinda do - but I think that could change this Sunday.

Tony told his shrink that, bottom line, he's got more of a "who cares" attitude about gays,
but if Tony fails to stop this (it happens inside The Bing) the show could suffer for it.

Phil is the main invader, but everybody in the room is responsible. I'm sure it's too late to 
change now, and all this could be a red herring, but David Chase might be gambling with 
his golden franchise if he allows his loveable thugs to go "medieval" on Vito's tortured ass.

Their only chance, perhaps, is a super-short scene and then get the camera away.
If they linger, they could lose a big chunk of their audience in one night.


Subject: Okie gun shows 

What's so different about gun shows in K Drag?

 ...just wondering.


 Dude, Click  Here  and all your questions will be answered.

Feel free to forward that link to friends and family.
*I* was shocked, and I've lived with these guns nuts for 30 years.


 Call the all new, toll-free 
 GOP callers Welcome (snicker)

Subject: Rev Sanders

Bart, I know Rev. Sanders, and not only 
does he have a twinkle in his eye, he is always smiling!




 I'm doing a raspy-voiced BCR 93 tomorrow, see you Friday.


Mandy Moore Denies Sex Claims 


Mandy Moore has slammed claims she lost her virginity to Wilmer Valderrama. 

Valderrama says he bedded Mandy, Lindsay Lohan, Ashley Simpson and Jennifer Love Hewitt. 
Now Mandy has joined the chorus of young Hollywood girls calling him a liar. 


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