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 Friday  May 19, 2006   Volume 1767 - It don't work

Quote of the Day

"If you want to leave, good riddance." 
    -- Arlen Specter (R-PA), to Russ Feingold as he
        walked out of a bogus hearing on gay marriage,Link

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Bush on a Cruise Ship
Nazis, Skulls & BFEE 
Why I Hate Her 
Snarl w/ a Vagina 
Quack, Quack, Quack
WH Knew about 9-11 
Problematic execution 
War on Jim McDermott 
Mischa Barton DOA 





"What does this 'speaking truth to power' phrase mean? Well, it's a dumb-ass phrase
   and I hope the Democrats keep using it because it's going to go over everybody's head."
       --Rush the vulgar Pigboy,   Link

 Note: General Michael Hayden used that phrase yesterday, trying to get confirmed..


Bush on a Cruise Ship
  by Robert Parry  as seen on  consortiumnews.com


At a joint White House press conference May 16 with John Howard, as the two men stood
side by side, Bush slipped in a couple of zingers about Howard's bald head and supposed homeliness.

Bush joshed, "Somebody said, 'You and John Howard appear to be so close, don't you have any differences?'
And I said, 'Yes, he doesn't have any hair.'"

Getting a round of laughs from reporters, Bush moved on to his next joke: "That's what I like about John Howard,"
Bush said. "He may not be the prettiest person on the block, but when he tells you something you can take it to the bank."
Howard played the role of gracious guest, smiling and saying nothing in response to the disparaging comments about
his physical appearance.  Though many men are very sensitive about losing their hair, Bush seems to find their
baldness a source of humor, a way to put them in their place.

Note: Consortiumnews.com  is the most important site in the Internet



"Have you taken Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior? No? Then you're probably not in politics.
  How powerful are these  religious fundamentalists?  Powerful enough to make Howard Dean a
  temporary member of the 700 Club.  Well, he's on his knees, but I don't think he's praying."
     -- Lewis Black, on The Daily Show,  Link

 I expect to read a tsunami of outraged condemnation from the left-wall huggers over this.
 After all, only a war-loving, Bush-clone would suck up to the religious right, right?

 I lied.
 I'm not expecting them to give to Dean what they gave to you-know-who.


Nazis, Skulls & the BFEE


It must be very difficult to become a healthy adult in a family with a history of multi-generational pathology.
Normalcy must be an impossible goal to reach if your grandfather robbed bones from graves and then
made money for and with Hitler's war machine.

Fritz Thyssen wrote a book called, "I Paid Hitler." The title tells it all. Thyssen gave money to Hitler beginning in
the 1920s. The Thyssen empire relied on slave labor provided by the Nazis and they were Prescott's business partners.


Why I Hate You-know-who  ..and why you should, too
  by Arianna Huffington


There she was recently -- uptight, tentative, inauthentic -- trying to throw an off-handed bone to the U.S.
Chamber of Commerce by implying that young people are lazy and "think work is a four-letter word."
And the minute there was some blowback, she turned around and apologized to the youthful voters whose
fingers she'd slammed in the Chamber of Commerce door. And even used Chelsea as a crutch to explain
her turnaround.

She's become more processed than Velveeta.  Her fear has caused a complete disconnect
from who she really is and what she really thinks (that is, if she even knows anymore).

I read most of this, and I'm not sure I saw any facts, unless you count,
    uptight, tentative, inauthentic
    trying to - implying that
    lazy - some blowback
    turned around - apologized
    fingers she'd slammed in the door
    used as a crutch - her turnaround
    more processed - her fear
    complete disconnect - who she really is
    what she really thinks - if she even knows- .

    Does anyone see any facts in that sack of journalistic snakes?

    Reminder: IF she is the Bush-clone/anti-Christ Arianna makes her out to be,
    why can't Ariamma list any facts?     I'll bet she could list 100 Bush facts in 90 seconds.

    So where are the you-know-who facts?
    Do you think Arianna just forgot that facts counted?
    More likely, the facts didn't fit her tirade, so she chose to forget them.

Maybe someone should explain to Arianna that you-know-who's not running for president.
   The votes she needs right now are New York state votes, not votes from "Northern Oklahoma.".
   Like a lot of anti-You-know-who zealots, Arianna wants her to run to second base before she touches first.
   That's insane.
   Smart base runners win the next election before trying to win the next-next election.
   She was there when Bill lost the 1980 governor's race and she's no idiot.

Can we somehow get a question to Arianna?
   Can somebody ask her if she plans to vote Democrat for president in 2008?
   If she gives us a "We'll have to wait and see," I think we can take that as a 'no,' don't you?
   IF I remember correctly, Arianna didn't vote for the Democrat for cally Governor either, right?
   Just asking, but has she ever claimed to vote Democrat?

If somebody wants to try to tell me how to vote, they should at least be a Democrat.

   Can we somehow get that question to Arianna?



Mouse over Der Monkey

Subject: Why Osama hasn't struck America

Dear Bart, you're getting heat for this question....

I think the most plausible answer has already appeared on your site in the form of a cartoon:
OBL sitting in front of a cave adorned with a "Mission Accomplished" banner.


I disagree.
If there were no more attacks anywhere, that might make sense.

But why suicide yourself to kill 6 Iraqis when that same act could grab
worldwide headlines and force most Americans to stay in their homes?


Mary Cheney: Chip Off the Old Block
 She's Snarl with a Vagina



Separated at Birth?


"Our polling tells us people don't car much about the cost of gasoline..."
     -- Johan Goldberg on Larry King, speaking for the GOP

 If I was running the DNC, I could get some mileage out of that.


White House Tipped Judith Miller pre 9-11


Now Miller tells how the attack on the USS Cole led her, in July 2001, to a anonymous White House source
who shared top-secret NSA signals intelligence concerning an even bigger impending Al Qaeda attack,
perhaps to be visited on the continental United States. Ultimately, however, Miller never wrote that story.

So why didn't they tip NYC, the Pentagon and the airlines?
Judith Miller says they knew it was coming - yet they stayed on vacation and let it happen.

Judith Miller isn't just your garden variety slut reporter.
Judith Miller is Cheney's go-to-slut when he wants something leaked.

Judith, why didn't you print the story that 9-11 was coming?


Subject: only liberal with a gun?

Please Bart. surely you jest.  I'm a Liberal and I have plenty of  guns.
All my friends are Liberals and they all have lots of guns.
On top of the fact that every republican I know is a pussy and coward.

 ha ha

And once the people that they have fight their fights for them get fed up
you'll find out just what cowards they are. And personally,  I'm just
sitting here using my cleaning kit, waiting for the day.

 James T



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"The next six months in Iraq - which will determine the prospects for democracy-building there
 - are the most important six months in U.S. foreign policy in a long, long time."
     -- New York Times foreign affairs (and Bush whore) columnist Tom Friedman,11/03/03, Link

"What we're gonna find out...in the next six to nine months is whether we have
  liberated a country or uncorked a civil war."
    -- New York Times foreign affairs (and Bush whore) columnist Tom Friedman,10/03/04, Link

"I think the next six months really are going to determine whether this country is going to
  collapse into three parts or more or whether it's going to come together."
   -- New York Times foreign affairs (and Bush whore) columnist Tom Friedman,12/18/05, Link

"We're going to find out...in the next year to six months - if a decent outcome is possible there.."
    -- New York Times foreign affairs (and Bush whore) columnist Tom Friedman,05/16/06, Link

 Yet they never have to pay a price for their ongoing Nancy Grace guarantee that victory is at hand.




Subject: gun shows in Salt Lake City

Bart, the last time I went to a gun show in Salt Lake City, the "Crossroads of the West Gun Show," before Bush.
I remember going in there was the same sign about NO LOADED GUNS, next to a huge glass jar
full of ammo that was labeled "all these came from unloaded guns!"

But the gun show was more rabid Clinton hate-fest than gun show.  Every other table was full of frothing-at-the-mouth
right-wing literature about the evil that was Bill Clinton. I wasn't about to say anything to any of those crazies about how
Clinton was one of the best presidents I'd ever known, so I haven't been back; I don't know what the show is like under Bush.
My friend stopped going too, now he goes to the big one in Reno every year.

Keep hammerin',
Dale in Utah

It's the same here.
All the gun shops have pictures of Bill & you-know-who with Hitler mustaches,
as though Clinton was trying to take away the rights we were guaranteed in the Constitution.

Now we have a real-life anti-Constitutional monster, denying free speech, denying free assembly,
reading our mail, listening to our phone calls, denying Ted Kennedy the right to board an airplane
and where are all those frothing bastards now?

I think it proves it was always about the dumbass-Okie-types who'd trade Jesus for Rush.
They don't know their rights, and they don't know that they've lost them.
All they know is Rush said "Clinton is the enemy" and they trust Rush - more than Jesus.

              "I am God and you will believe what I tell you!!"

 Click  Here  to hear Rush's own words.



Problematic execution
 What makes them so hard to kill?


Ohio had to try twice to execute Clark, 57, in a process that lasted nearly an hour and a half, believed to be
the second-longest lethal injection in the country.  The execution team struggled to find useable veins in both arms
of Clark, who had been a long-time intravenous drug user before his arrest 22 years ago. Then, after making the
decision to break with normal procedure and proceed with the execution with a heparin lock in just one arm,
the execution team was surprised when Clark did not respond as the 20 others who preceded him had.
Clark suddenly raised his head from the gurney and repeatedly told the team, "It don't work."

Clark asked the team, "Can you just give me something by mouth to end this?"


Subject: The world hates us



Subject: pokerfest Vegas

Bart, a pokerfest would be great.  I'll be flexible on the location,
but ideally it would be somewhere i can get to by train. (I love riding the train across America.)

If you feel the notion and want to put me in touch with those who have
organized these in the past, I will be happy to promote it.


Scott, I heard from you and Trevor in Chicago.
Can't play much poker with three players.

The whole nation is swept up in the poker craze, 'cept for Democrats,
and they're the ones who need to learn how to play the most.


Quack, Quack, Quack
 Why He's Already a Lame Duck


Bush is now locked in a triple-hammer hold that would defeat Houdini.

Public support for this president has evaporated to historic lows. Last week's poll put Bush's at 31%.
In the ABC poll, voters trusted Democrats over Republicans on all 10 of the issues the pollsters asked about.
That's a new one. The new polling is consistent with a long, relentless erosion of public support.

On the right flank, the party's Christian soldiers have stopped being such good soldiers. They are furious that
Bush and his Congress have delivered nothing on gay marriage, immigration, prayer in school, abortion etc..

"I can't tell you how much anger there is at the Republican leadership," said Richard Viguerie, a GOP conssultant.
"I have never seen anything like it."


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Subject: What did I do with my tax cut?

I used mine for a shot of tequila

Mike    Mesa Az


Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

Subject: Love the shirt

Bart -  just got the T-Shirt - It's great!
I'm wearing it right now.

Saw my Wingnut neighbor, and had to wander over there to see what he'd do.
He saw the shirt, turned purple, and ran into his house without saying a word!
I think I gave him a coronary!

 ha ha

Oh well, I didn't like him anyway...
Later, dude!


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 Here's my picture, Bart!


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Held Over

 Iraq pumps 2,000,000 barrels a day,
(and that was before the 2002 Halliburton Upgrade)
 times today's oil price which is $70.14 a barrel
makes $140,280,000 Bush stole justyesterday

...add to that, Iran pumps FOUR M barrels a day.

Once the sick bastard invades, that's 6 M barrels a day
times today's oil price which is  $69.53 a barrel
makes $420, 840,000 dollars Bush will steal daily

No wonder they were so eager to start a war


...and what did it cost us?

Not much, just the lives of...

2446  2454 soldiers


The War on Jim McDermott


McDermott tells me the story of how Boehner came to be his political nemesis. It's a long, slightly bizarre story
that begins in 1996 and involves leaks and litigation, plus a cast of characters that includes former Gingrich, Clinton,
a nosy Florida couple with a police scanner, and nearly 20 major media organizations. The story has its roots in a
previous Republican ethics scandal in Congress, but at its core it is about take-no-prisoners politics and a challenge
to First Amendment freedoms—a challenge that has alarmed free-speech advocates.

What concerns McDermott most these days is the story's ending, which is still unwritten.

Remember when Gingrich got caught plotting an illegal comeback?
The whore press focused on how the evidence that proved he was guilty was obtained.
Someone illegally pressed "Record" and caught the crime in progress, so that made it OK.


Subject: liberals & guns

BC, I know they know about my guns too, but I hope and pray many liberals out there
have taken the time and trouble to get armed without anyone knowing about it.
Either way, get one.

If you have kids, there are many ways you can put it away for the future.
No need to keep it loaded, but you may wish you had it later when it comes to country security.

...or when the city floods and Bush plays guitar instead of sending help.

    "Lookie me, Pickles! I knows how to play the gee-tar!"



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"We can't lose the House, folks. That's an imperative."
     -- Rush, very afraid that this gang of thugs might get put under oath,   Link


How Rigged is Idol?


Starting with Idol's 24 semifinalists, dialidol.com has correctly placed 18 of 21 eliminated contestants in
last place in the week they were dropped. Because of statistical margins of error, that low-ranking spot
often is a tie between several singers. Daughtry and last week's third-place finisher, Katherine McPhee,
finished in a statistical tie, but Daughtry's number was slightly lower.

Did you see the vote percentages?
Loser         33.fraction %
2nd Place   33.fraction %
Winner       33.fraction %

What does that tell you - that they're evenly matched?  No.
It tells me their phone lines are maxed out.

If they get 60M votes, but the modems can only handle 50M votes,
it stands to reason each contestant would max out his modem and thus produce a statistical tie.

Besides, they never claimed to be under oath, right?
Did you see Price Waterhouse vouch for the totals like they do at the Oscars?

When Yamin got the boot, Paula's pills kicked in.



Subject: about Tony Snow's tar baby

No way.  This was not a mistake.

That is certainly a valid opinion.
You could be 100% right..

Your WH staff knows what it is doing every minute of the day.
It has gamed the system for the longest of time.  You be too 'forgiving.'

I get accused of that a lot.
But after all, what is the spirit of  bartcopism  if not forgiveness?

This is a calculated use of the language to play to the 'good ol' boys.'
You know it.
So stop sucking up and go after your WH with gusto!
 R Sousa

PS. Bush Lied.  People Died.  Media Cheered.

I will try to be less fair in the future.


 Call the all new, toll-free 
 GOP callers Welcome (snicker)

Subject: guns & democrats

I submit that Gore lost 2000 because he promised to take away peoples guns.
He was careful to guarantee hunters loopholes for popguns, but he lost my vote then
and any Dem making the same promise now is tantamount to political hari kari.


I agree with everything except for, "he promised to take away peoples guns".

I don't think he promised that, but that was the perception and, as bad as he was,
he couldn't figure out a way to refute the bogus charge so it stuck.



Is my good friend Mike Malloy planning to vote Democrat in 2008?

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Mischa Barton DOA on "O.C."


Ryan loses control of the SUV and crashes. He is able to get Marissa out of the
flipped-over vehicle before it catches fire, but she dies in his arms along the side of the road.


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