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 BCR Show 93 is Up 
Wed-Thurs  May 31-June 1, 2006     Volume 1775 - Itchy Trigger

Quote of the Day

"Democracy assassinated 
   the family that was here." 
    --Graffiti on a house in Haditha, Link

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Honoring the Dead
Whore Court Strikes
Monkey 'troubled" 
Bush's Fake News 
Haditha Disbelief 
Clintons & Media
Random Thought 
The Crumbling GOP 
Jolie-Pitt Baby


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"...maybe I should go. What if Bush were to give me an opening line like, "I share your pain,"
and I got to reply, "You want to share my pain? Send your daughters there. See how they like
getting bitten by sand fleas and asking you to stand in line at the post office with boxes of itch
cream and hand wipes and Gatorade for the 106-degree heat? And have them tell you they
can't do their job properly because they're itching all the time..."
   -- Elizabeth Irene Sullivan, whose lost a son to Bush's greed, on being invited to meet him,   Link


Honoring the Dead
   by Ivan Leland  as seen on


For more than four years now, the American people have been instructed to "support the troops."
That command has often translated into a prohibition against questioning Bush's war decisions,
including his choice to shift resources prematurely from Afghanistan to the invasion of Iraq.

The mounting death toll in both countries now is arguably the result of America's failure to conduct
a full and responsible debate about Bush's strategies before they were implemented. Instead, Iraq War
skeptics were baited by pro-Bush media/political operatives for supposedly undermining national
"unity" and failing to "support the troops."

The current version of this argument is that if the war in Iraq is not "won," the memory of the fallen
soldiers will be dishonored. Bush and his backers again hope to de-legitimize criticism of the war
policies, this time by invoking the troops who have already died.

Note:  is the most important site in the Internet



"A few nights ago, I listened as a writer for one big city newspaper dripped derision for the
soldier's life, squealed about the awfulness of Bush abandoning U.N. babysitting of Saddam,
and sniggered with a TV reporter at attempts to inspire 'awe' through a bombing  campaign.
I almost wished there would be a very loud explosion very nearby just to shut up their rattling."
   -- Karl Zinsmeister, Bush's new domestic adviser in 2003,  Link


Whore Court Slams Whistleblowers
 Shame on those who report Bush corruption


The Supreme Court scaled back protections for government workers who blow the whistle on
official misconduct Tuesday, a 5-4 decision in which new Justice     Samuel Alito cast the deciding vote.

In a victory for criminals, justices said the 20 million public employees do not have free-speech protections
for what they say as part of their jobs.

Critics predicted the impact would be sweeping, from silencing police officers who fear retribution for
reporting department corruption, to subduing federal employees who want to reveal problems with
government hurricane preparedness or terrorist-related security

The Democrats said Bush had every right to pack the Court with anyone he choose.
America is no longer recognizable to decent people.


Monkey 'troubled" by Haditha Massacre


Bush said Wednesday he was troubled by allegations that Marines had killed unarmed Iraqis.
"If in fact laws were broken, there will be punishment, like we punished that Plame leaker,"
is what Bush would've said if he had a shred of honesty in him.

Reading about this, there's one thing that soldiers and former soldiers keep saying:
If this happened, they had orders to do it.


Rage mail

Subject: Artfull dodging Issue 1773

Bart, about the WTC, you wrote:

> "I've been asking for proof you could put in one's hand - is this it?" --BartCop

What a nice dodge 'n weave you are doing.

If you're accusing me of lying, chew on a "screw you" until you make yourself clear.

Don't worry, I hear Malloy do this every week.
Like him, you've known all along, but you have to pay the bills.

What is it I've known all along?
Are you going to be obtuse the entire e-mail?

But you're each doing media, Left-wing media.  You knew all what was out there, but just like
Ed Schultz and Jay Marvin, who are ignoring it all, or like Ed where he cops to "buying a DVD"
and finding it "more than intruiging," they're doing, or will do, the same dance.

I guess "better late than never" is a slogan I need to adopt, but all this begs a question...

So, if I read you right, you're in the 50% who scream,
'You f-ing idiot Okie, it's about time you pulled your head out of your ass
 and see the proof you've been staring at for five goddamn years. Loser!"

How arrogant to try to straighten me out when half the Democrats disagree with you.
You apparently think you have a monopoly on wisdom and common sense.
Trust me - you don't.

Have you been doing a "Rush" on us?
Are you and Marvin and Schultz the Pig-Boy's of the Left?
By that I mean, is it all, totally selfish?
You only say what subscribers are willing to read?  Like Rush?

You must be new.
I constantly print e-mail from readers who can't stand the thought
of somebody having an opinion that differs from theirs.
And having an opinion can be damn expensive.

The real story IS a broken media, so I kinda side with all the 9/11 Truthers
who wrote you angry letters, and didn't answer your APPARENTLY dumb question.

First, Newbie, I can't imagine any other site screaming "whore media" louder than this one.
To suggest I've ignore the subject makes you look more stupid.
Second, the last half of that sentence was too mangled to make sense.

I'm still boggled that you think 9-11 has been settled and everybody agrees on it but 
somehow Bart and Malloy are somehow keeping "the truth" away from everybody.

I say "dumb" because I don't "buy" that you haven't read all about 9/11.

I've read one book during Bush's presidency - Susan McDougal's - because I was stuck alone
at the car lot when my conputer wasn't working.  I don't have time to read my mail.
Why are you so cock-sure that I've got time to read anything?

Neither do I "buy" that Malloy hasn't, as he said before his interview with David Ray Griffin.
"I approach this as someone not well versed in...", or some such disclaimer Malloy led off with.

I don't know who David Ray Griffin is.
I guess I should read more.

Shit, this is depressing.

I gather you live in a dark f-ing place.
I feel bad about the bad choices you've made.

Maybe CheneyCo threatened you?  That'd make a decent headline:  "Blogger Admits He
Bowed to Threats."  Think of all the free pub for your site, all that sympathy money rolling in...

Bryan in Colorado

Cheney steals $100M a day, and, last time I checked, was the 38,000th biggest
site on the internets so I doubt Cheney spends a lot of time worrying about me.

I hope things get better for you.


15 year-old girl gets death threats for making...

Subject: Bush's My Lai

I am not trying to justify this action, but, I can readily understand it. First, you put young men
in harm's way, continuously, you make sure that they get plenty of time by constantly placing them
back in Iraq, while their home life disintegrates. Force these people to constantly patrol this area,
add in some Iraqi's that may have shown contempt in some way to these people have too few
troops on the ground to do patrols. Give them high powered weapons, and unclear orders as to
what can be done to people that maybe trying to harm them. Sit back, and then, of course,
wonder how these young men could have done such a horrible thing.

 John A

John, I'm not trying to make a joke here, but the constant itching would do me in.
Standing in 105 degree heat, sweating and itching all the time - I'd shoot something,
maybe my own damn foot so I could go home.



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Bushies welcome


Bush planted fake news on TV


Federal authorities are actively investigating dozens of American television stations for
broadcasting items produced by the Bush administration and major corporations,
and passing them off as normal news. Some of the fake news segments talked up
success in the war in Iraq, or promoted the companies' products.

Investigators from the FCC are seeking information after a report produced by a
campaign group detailed the extraordinary extent of the use of such items.



"While we watch what is arguably the worst president ever shit all over our Constitution,
the Geneva Convention, and everything it means to be an American, the only thing you have
to say is to call us Bush haters. Well, no shit. We've been "misled" into war, participated in
the slaughter of countless civilians, sent 2500 hundred of our soldiers to the Great Beyond,
practically crippled our armed forces, discovered that our president considers himself above
any act of Congress, and are now being spied upon in our own country while all too many
people shrug and say "so what?."  What's to hate?" 
    -- Mythsaje,


Subject: cars

A GM engineer asked me why so many people prefer foreign cars over American cars. 
I was in a trendy upstate New York restaurant and all 12 cars in the lot were foreign.  

Design problems and dealer repair problems would be 2 problem areas that I have 
experienced with my American cars.  I've never owned a foreign car. 
Are the foreign cars that much better?  

Ask your readers.

Jim, I financed used cars from 1995-2003.

I'm not anti-Detroit, but a small used car dealer would rather buy Hondas over Buicks
and the finance guy would rather have a lein on Japanese collateral, too.


Haditha Disbelief


"In this "company town" where everything and everyone caters to the well-being of the Marine Corps,
there is no shortage of people, both military and civilian, who are willing to give the benefit of the doubt to
the troops accused of unjustified killings last November in Haditha, Iraq. Denial and utter disbelief are the
overwhelming reaction to reports of the killings involving marines based here. If there is any truth to the
accusations then the troops must have been acting on direct orders, responding as they were trained to do."


Subject: voters

Hi Bart,

In the debate you claim:

> "I did say Bill won because he didn't ignore the center, where the voters are."

That is you, repeating the DLC's fatal flaw.
They are 0 for 6 and counting, and here is why.



Bryan, don't care why.
In 48 years, Bill was the only Democrat to win twice, so your "zero for 6" means what?

Gun owners were OK with Clinton and so were people who support the death penalty.
Basically, he answered the Kukakis question the right way and won twice.

Why do some Democrats forget that we sometimes lose 49 states?


The Clintons & the Media
  by Joe Conason


Of all possible explanations for the mainstream media's preoccupation with the Clinton marriage,
the most innocuous is nostalgia for a better time, when we were able to worry less about war,
corruption, catastrophe and incompetence, and more about sex. Bad news only intensifies the urge
to ignore reality and focus on triviality - a predilection seemingly shared by several of America's most
important journalists, as well as a legion of mindless tabloid hacks..

It's the playboy theme that thrills cable-TV personalities, notably on Fox News and MSNBC.
Chris Matthews eagerly chewed over the Times investigation with various experts, including Tim Russert.
The Clinton marriage, they agreed, would become a matter of prime importance if she runs for President.



GOP Coin Dealer Guilty


A coin dealer and prominent GOP fundraiser at the center of an Ohio political scandal has 
pled guilty to federal charges he funneled about $45,000 to Bush's re-election campaign. 

Tom Noe, once a powerful political figure who also raised money for Ohio Republicans, 
still is charged with embezzlement of the state workers' compensation fund.

The investment scandal has been a major embarrassment for Ohio's ruling Republicans 
and given Democrats a better shot at winning state offices this year, including the 
governor's office, which has been under GOP control since 1991.


Subject: The YearlyKos convention in Vegas

That could be one hell of a poker game.
 Neil in VT

Sure, I wish I had heard about it sooner.


Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

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 Here's my picture, Bart!


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Greg Palast on Tour 


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 Iraq pumps 2,000,000 barrels a day,
(and that was before the 2002 Halliburton Upgrade)
 times today's oil price which is $71.29 a barrel
makes $142,580,000 Bush stole justyesterday

...add to that, Iran pumps FOUR M barrels a day.

Once the sick bastard invades, that's 6 M barrels a day
times today's oil price which is  $71.29 a barrel
makes $427,020,000 dollars Bush will steal daily

No wonder they were so eager to start a war

...and what did it cost us?

Not much, just the lives of...

2465    2471 soldiers


"If we, the journalists, are sitting in hot water, the troops are hopping around on Hell's coals.
  It's even worse for the Iraqi army and police. And then you've got the Iraqi people, who are
  not restricted to tours of duty and have no ticket out. So yes, absolutely, journalists face awful,
  dangerous risks in Iraq. But it's nothing compared to the people we cover."
     -- Kimberly Dozier, critically injured by a roadside bomb in Baghdad, last January,  Link


Random Thought

It never hurts to follow the money.

If global warming is a myth, why are insurance companies dropping flood coverage?
They seem to think these storms are getting worse and the odds are against them.

More insurance means more profits, but they dropped those policies because
they would have to pay a penalty for ignoring the facts - while Bush is free to.

But why worry about the planet when Jesus is going to be here soon?


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3  months of 
3 x 2 = 6 BCR Discs

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PayPal to
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The crumbling GOP base
  by Jeff Jacoby, (R-Whore)


Like a lot of conservatives, I won't be voting Republican in the congressional elections this fall.
Admittedly, I won't have a choice -- in Massachusetts, Republican candidates for Congress
generally spare voters the trouble of defeating them by not bothering to run in the first place.
But millions of conservatives will have a choice. And the closer Election Day draws, the clearer
it becomes that plenty of them will choose not to vote Republican. Unless something changes
dramatically -- and soon -- the GOP is poised to lose its most reliable voters, and with them
any hope of keeping its congressional majority."


 Call the all new, toll-free 
 GOP callers Welcome (snicker)

Use your mouse to pull the Monkey into the circle

Three Die in Capitol Hill gunfight
  Story from


Bush administration officials operated Memorial Day weekend damage control to cover up the deaths 
of three foreign intelligence operatives—two British and one French—involved in a Friday morning 
shootout in the House of Representatives parking garage.

The altercation turned into an exchange of automatic weapons fire over a pouch containing evidence files
documenting an operation to bomb the rail system along the Northeast corridor on Thursday—with the 
full knowledge of Bush and Blair who was in Washington while the operation was being hatched.

Teams of U.S.-French alliance (AFA) operatives—including CIA, NSA and FBI agents committed to 
holding the Bush administration accountable for criminal activities—had been electronically monitoring a 
British agent who they determined to be the leader of a black ops bombing plot planned for the purpose 
of disrupting northeast rail traffic via a fake terrorist attack.

Federal agents revealed that a taxi cab left the Rayburn building parking garage with three body bags 
just after the shootout which was covered up by Capitol Hill police on instructions from Bush officials 
who were in contact with television executives and House/Senate leaders.

Hmmm, ...any way to find out if this is true?


Angelina Jolie has African baby




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