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Bartcop Radio Show 94 is partly up 

Tuesday June 13, 2006  Volume 1781 - Kos he said so?

Quote of the Day

"She made news, ...she's good television." 
     -- Today Show producer Jim Bell, 
         on why Ann Coulter was given time 
         on NBC to slander the 9-11 widows  Link

 Note: Look for her to slander them on Leno on Wed 

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Zarqawi's Death
Abramoff Partner Murder
Another 9-11? 
Rummy and Haditha 
Bowers vs Coulter 
Trumpet Summons
Rove won't be charged 
Kos Challenged 
New Janet Jackson 


Barry Crimmins, (writes for Randi Rhodes)
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Get it at


"This was clearly a planned event, an act of asymmetric warfare waged against us." 
     -- Rear Adm. Harry Harris, playing the offended party in the Gitmo suicides,   Link

When John McCain and Admiral Stockdale were held in North Vietnam, if they knew they 
would be tortured every day until they died, with no chance of ever seeing their families again,
wouldn't suicide be the smart move?

How can you expect a man - any man - to accept never-ending torture for decades? 

Seems to me that if you torture a man for 4-5 years and gain nothing, you can't blame him
for killing himself.  Isn't that the smart way out, if you're the torturee? 

"An inmate kills himself in desperation, a US official calls it a very good PR job. 
  Can humanity be at that low?" 
    --L.Khan, Peshawar,   Link

Under Bush, there are no limits to how low Amerikkka can sink.

Think how many tens of thousands of Arabs would gladly give their life in a suicide bomb attack
to avenge the illegal capture, torture and death of a friend, a brother, a parent who died at Gitmo.

Bush plants the seeds of hatred and revenge all around the world and when they blossom, he and 
Condi and Dick and Rummy will say, "Who could have predicted?" and the American whore media
will say this was "unexpected" and the American sheep will buy it - probably with their last dollar.


Zarqawi's Death May Aid Insurgency
  by Ivan Leland  at


Since the first days, Bush has expected that eliminating key enemy leaders would be the magic bullet 
for winning the war. The reality, however, has turned out very differently. In this guest essay, Ivan Eland 
looks at the possibility that the killing of al-Zarqawi will become the latest false turning point.

Note:  is the most important site in the Internet



"By rounding up men from all over the world and confining them without charge or trial, 
  the United States has violated several U.S. and international laws and treaties." 
     -- Jumana Musa, of Amnesty International,  Link

Everybody knows that's true, but we're now living in 1939's Germany.
We know what our government is doing, but we choose to lie to ourselves.
We know what Bush is doing is illegal, but we're hoping other countries don't notice.

We're stuck in this real-life nightmare and we can't wake up.


Abramoff Partner & Murder


A man who purchased SunCruz Casinos with Jack Abramoff in 2000 has told authorities he knows
who killed the casino's founder the following year, according to a report published Friday.

Adam Kidan told authorities that John Gurino, who was later killed by a business partner, shot SunCruz
founder "Gus" Boulis in 2001. The paper did not say how it obtained the taped interview.

Kidan and Abramoff had previously insisted, through their attorneys, that they knew nothing about
Boulis' killing. Three other men are charged with murder in the case.

Nevermind the murdering, corrupt Republicans who are destroying America,
who was that redhead Bill Clinton was seen talking to last week?


Subject: the Coulter slut

Bart, you quoted White House spokesperson Coulter the slut as saying,

"Frankly, I'm not a big fan of the First Amendment."
   -- The Coulter slut,

> Can you name any Republican who supports the US Constitution?

Except HER right to free speech.
She seems to enjoy the right to freely slander anyone, anytime!

Mark S


Is Another 9-11 in the Works?
 Bush's malaise needs a jump start


Bush's determination to spread Middle East conflict by striking at Iran does not make sense.

First of all, Bush lacks the troops to do the job. If the US military cannot successfully occupy Iraq,
there is no way that the US can occupy Iran, a country approximately three times the size in area and population.

Second, Iran can respond to a conventional air attack with missiles targeted on American ships and bases,
and on oil facilities located throughout the Middle East.

Third, Iran has human assets, including the Shi'ite majority population in Iraq, that it can activate to cause
chaos throughout the Middle East.



Subject: Giuliani a hero?

Hi Bart,

Why is Giuliani considered a hero?
As I recall, his only contribution on 9/11 was walking around
looking shocked and concerned -- kinda like everybody else on the scene that day.

Jack Hughes

America was shaken that day, we were like children looking for "Dad" to protect us,
but Dad was wetting his pants and shaking so hard he couldn't go before a live camera.

When Giuliani said, "We'll get thru this, they can't defeat us," people reacted.
Then, the GOP-controlled American media made Bush out to be a great leader and a brave war hero.


Subject: I'm gay and getting married

My partner and I, and six of our adopted and foster kids, are going to Vancouver on July 1 to get married.
Lots of people will not view our marriage as sacred much less legal, but we will, and our kids will.

We own a suburban home together, share bank accounts, have a minivan.  Our kids call me Mama and her Mom.
We are honest, forthright, taxpaying citizens.  We don't get drunk or smoke or do drugs. The only difference
between my household and my neighbor's is that there is no father and the kids are of different races and ethnicities.
What would it hurt ANYONE to let our marriage be legal and let me put her on my insurance?


If you got drunk and slapped your wife around and shot up the place
you'd be a whole lot more like regular, ol, "normal" Okies.


Betty Bowers on Ann Coulter


In Godless, Miss turns her shrill furnace of brayed invective, fueled by a bottomless quarry of prickly
psychological damage, at the most despicable people in the world.  No, not the maniacal murderers
who flew planes into the World Trade Center towers, but the blameless Americans who had their
flesh burned off of their bodies in those buildings -- and the inconsolable spouses they left behind.

Yes, she directs an anger that shirks all management on women whose husbands were murdered on 9/11.
Apparently, in Miss Coulter's religion, the meek may inherit the Earth, but not before she's had a shot at making
them cry first.  With a mouth so busy frothing it apparently has no time to eat, Miss Coulter claims to be livid at
these opportunistic widows for being crass enough to remember the event that killed the father of their children.


Subject: Here's what I'm talking about



DailyKos Poll: Gore 53 Points Ahead

Al Gore:                     7513 votes/68%
Russ Feingold:            1721 votes/15%
Wesley Clark:              539 votes/4%
Mark Warner:              370 votes/3 %
John Edwards:             282 votes/2%
John Kerry:                    86 votes/0%
Hillary Clinton:               78 votes/0%

Does Kos really think Gore has a 53 point advantage? 

If he's not willing to stand by those numbers, shouldn't he take that poll down?
I think the biggest lefty web site has a duty to not mislead his readers, don't you? 

I have $500 that says Kos doesn't think Hillary is at zero percent.
So why would he publish such a misleading poll, one he knows isn't true?

What message is Kos trying to send?
He shows the scientific frontrunner at zero percent, tied with Tom Daschle.

Should the Number One lefty site demonstrate more responsibility?

Challenge to Kos:
Either put something on that page that says you don't think Hillary 
is at zero percent or accept my friendly $500 wager that says that you, Kos, 
predict that Hillary will get about zero percent of the next scientific poll.

We can settle up the day the next scientific poll is published.

Note: This isn't about Hillary. It's about honesty, integrity and responsibility.
Shouldn't the biggest lefty web site be at least as responsible as a comedy web site?



Put your voice on BartCop Radio



"Bush went into this war with a gung-ho, Wild West mentality and it has blown up in his face. 
  The neo-Cons are emotionally-retarded people in what is becoming an increasingly soulless country. 
  Every minute that Bush is in power, the USA becomes less credible." 
     -- Jane, speaking for the world, in London,  Link


Subject: no soldiers beheaded

Yeah Bart - back when all the beheadings were going on I also noticed that no soldiers were losing their heads
- just private contractors. Very suspicious.  I figured that one out around the same time that it was noted that 
the chairs, walls, and orange jump suits of the victims were identical to those at  Abu Graib, also the executioners 
didn't appear to be of mid-eastern descent. 

Can't remember which web site that I go to pointed those things out - was it Bartcop? 
You know, even those rare circumstances when the Bushites might tell the truth - I never believe what they say 
because they've lied way too many times.

Thanks for all you do-

My theory was that if they got caught, Team Bush could say, 
"We had to sell the war and a few deaths saved thousands, so that's why we what we had to do,"
but he knew he could never be forgiven for executing the soldiers that he, personally, sent to Iraq for no reason. 
He could always blame the contractors for their individual "greed."

Think - back in 2001, if someone told you:
Bush will to lie us into a war so he can steal Saddam's oil 
Bush will to declare himself above the law (signing statements)
Bush will build secret torture prisons in Eastern Europe.
Bush will take away the senate's right to filibuster
Bush will spy on everybody and throw out the Bill of Rights
Bush will out a male prostitute into the WH Press Corps
Bush will reserve the right to torture anyone he wants
Bush will make $20 trillion disappear and kill Medicare and Social Security

You might have laughed at them and called them a "conspiracy crack pot."

Now that we know Bush has done all this - and nobody has tried to stop him - why should
the Bush Gang to anything but continue with their plans for never-ending power?

...unless one thinks evil men wouldn't kill for unlimited money and power.


Root causes of Haditha
  by Maj. Gen. John Batiste


There is a direct link between the alleged atrocities in Haditha and Rumsfeld. His poor decisions and 
bad judgment in 2003 and 2004 are the root causes for the prolonged challenge we now face. Haditha 
is but a symptom of a much bigger problem. Rummy got the war in Iraq terribly wrong, and he did not 
set the conditions for success...I am a two-time combat veteran in Iraq with many years of experience 
in peace enforcement operations in Bosnia and Kosovo.  I left the military after 31 years of service 
despite a promising career and promotion in order to speak out, to turn the lights on in a very dark room. 
I am honor bound to continue to do so. I have been a lifelong Republican.


What the difference between Gitmo and Auschwitz?

At Auschwitz, they had hope

Subject: Gannon on Bush

Bart, I wonder if  Jeff (The Cannon) Gannon "had a hand" in the mysterious choking-pretzle events of 2002? 
Maybe Pickles whacked George for two-timing her with 'Jeff'?? 

SALON reports The Cannon's White House access began a year later (Feb 2003); 
Maybe that was meant to give The Cannon a certifiable reason to stay in the loop?


Drew, or maybe George is into rough sex where your partner cuts off your air
as you near orgasm to heighten the effect (which I wouldn't know anything about.)

 "Yeah, I've choked the president...
    ...on more than one occasion..."


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Four charged in hate crime
 Republicans attack gay singer


Four Hitler youths were charged with a hate crime assault on a gay singer who was attacked
as he left a Manhattan gay bar, police said on Sunday.

Kevin Aviance, 38, who scored No. 1 dance hits on the Billboard charts with "Da Da Din" and more
recently "Alive" in 2003, was attacked late Saturday and kicked by four youths who called him "faggot."
He suffered head trauma and was in stable condition in a Manhattan hospital.

Police charged four Rush Limbaugh fans aged 16 to 20 with hate crime assault and hate crime harassment.
The Ditto-heads were being held pending arraignment, police said in a statement.



Subject: 'Worst President Ever'

Sir, Jacob Weisberg comes not to bury Al Gore on the op-ed pages of FT but to praise him,
"The inconvenient truth about Gore" (1 June 2006).  If I was Gore I would rather be buried.
Weisberg paints Gore's political life as an American tragedy.  His praise of Gore is weighted down
by references to a man he calls both coy and disingenuous.

In contrast, Eric Alterman has recently written of Gore's response to questions about a possible
2008 presidential run and described Gore's response as an "interesting answer in which he pointed out
that the transformation of our political culture into one of short soundbites was not one in which he felt
most comfortable or to which he thought he was particularly good at adapting."

I have little patience for pundits that desire a totally honest introspection in individual politicians such as
Al Gore while they are either incapable or unwilling to demand the same introspection of our political
process and journalistic establishments. It is no defense for Weisberg to quote others about Bush being
"the worst president ever" - - by the way, this quote was first penned by a blogger who writes under the
name Bartcop, not historian Sean Wilentz, although I am sure a reference to the erudite historian makes
the columnist more comfortable than admitting a guy sitting at his computer in Oklahoma saw through
Bush before the journalistic and academic establishment.

Next time, maybe an editor at FT can help Mr. Weisburg write a more honest and accurate act of contrition.

Paul Corrigan
Lexington, Massachusetts 02421


Polar bears going Cannibal?
 Less ice means less food - Global warming


Polar bears in the southern Beaufort Sea may be turning to cannibalism because longer seasons 
without ice keep them from getting to their natural food, a new scientific study has found. 

The study reviewed three examples of polar bears preying on each other from January to 
April 2004 including the first-ever reported killing of a female in a den shortly after it gave birth.

 "Please protect us from Bush and Big Oil..."


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White supremacists stage rally
 Encouraged by America's racist president

 Cheney at left, Rummy in red, Bush at right - where's Condi?


Calling themselves the 'ghosts of the Confederacy,' white supremacists from several groups held a rally 
at Antietam National Battlefield yesterday, the first time any group has been permitted to demonstrate 
at the site of the bloodiest day of the Civil War. About 30 men, women and children gathered... to 
commemorate their 'forefathers' who 'fought for our liberty as white men,' said Gordon Young, 
imperial wizard of the World Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.


The Trumpet Summons Us Again
  by Brent Bodowsky  as seen on


The source of the American crisis follows from one simple truth: George W. Bush is a war president and 
the war he wages is what Pat Buchanan declared in 1992: a culture war pitting American against American, 
a partisan war that treats American neighbors as domestic enemies, and a political war that uses every 
weapon of money, slander, abuse of the system and personal destruction in a single-minded quest for total power. 

America stands on the brink of an epic and historic election that will be remembered for generations. I believe the 
Democrats will win the House and make a run for the Senate with the possibility of a landslide. However, the hard 
lesson of the Duke Cunningham seat is that even with such enormous disapproval of the President and the status quo,
a well-funded, aggressively fighting, and totally committed Republican machine can prevail even in the district that is 
a hallmark of Republican corruption in Congress.

Note:  is the most important site in the Internet


Subject: Coulter

I have been sickened by the mere sight of that Coulter bitch for a long time. 
If I see her on a tv screen, I immediately change the station. 

Which begs the question - why does anyone give the bitch air time?
She is ugly, she is shrill, she is a liar, and I am sure a million other things that are equally vile. 
But, I do believe in kharma, and I am sure that we are all waiting for that day.

Please, make it happen SOON!!
 Joe Lake

Dude, the country is terribly divided.
Almost half the country loves her like they love the vulgar Pigboy.
The extra-stupid people are acsred and they look to Rush & Coulter for guidance.
The extra-stupid need to be reminded hourly that their prejudice isn't evil.


 Iraq pumps 2,000,000 barrels a day,
(and that was before the 2002 Halliburton Upgrade)
 times today's oil price which is $70.36 a barrel
makes $140,720,000 Bush stole justyesterday

...add to that, Iran pumps FOUR M barrels a day.

Once the sick bastard invades, that's 6 M barrels a day
times today's oil price which is  $70.36 a barrel
makes $422,160,000 dollars Bush will steal daily

No wonder they were so eager to start a war


...and what did it cost us?

Not much, just the lives of...

2492....2497 soldiers

They got FIVE over the weekend.

Rove won't be charged 
 Low key prosecutor only 99% sure he's guilty


Fitzgerald met with Judge Hogan before he notified Rove. Hogan has been overseeing the grand juries 
in the CIA leak case. Messages asking Fitzgerald to explain himself were not immediately returned.
Fitzgerald called Luskin late Monday afternoon to tell him he would not be seeking charges against Rove. 

"Knowing when to shut the hell up, we will not make any statements about the matter," Luskin said. 
"We believe the special counsel's decision should put an end to the baseless speculation about Mr. Rove's conduct."


Subject: advice for the Democrats

I recently received a begging letter from the Democratic Party.
I wrote back that when they show some spine, I'll show some green.
I don't expect to pay a penny.


I'm so old, I remember when Democrats tried (and won) elections.
Jeez, it was only ten years ago - what happened to us?



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A Tunnel without End
 Must be a UK paper, can't read this here


Friday night, three prisoners in Gitmo committed suicide. In a desperate attempt at spin, the US claims this was 
an act of war or a public relations exercise. The truth is quite different. Islam says it goes against God to kill yourself.
So what would drive a man to take his own life, despite his religious beliefs?  The 460-plus men in Gitmo have been 
held for longer than four years. Only 10 have been charged with a crime. Not one has had a trial. The men are not 
allowed to visit or speak with family or friends. Many have suffered serious abuse. Most are held on the basis of triple 
and quadruple hearsay, evidence so unreliable that a criminal court would throw it out. Yet the US says it can imprison 
the men for the rest of their lives. Imagine yourself in this environment, told you will never have the chance to stand up
in a court and present your side of the argument. What would you do if no one would listen, if you had been asking for
justice for four years and had nothing in return? How hopeless would you become?


Cheney to Specter: Shove your Oversight
 "I don't care what the Constitution says"


Senator Specter accused Cheney of meddling behind his back in his committee's business, 
bringing into the open a conflict that has simmered for months.

In a letter to Cheney, Specter said Cheney had cut him out of discussions with Republicans on 
his own committee about oversight of the administration's eavesdropping programs, a subject on 
which Specter has often been at odds with the White House.

The trigger for Specter's anger was a deal Cheney made with the other Republicans to block 
testimony from phone companies in the crooked administration's illegal spying program.

Specter, who had been considering issuing subpoenas to phone company executives learned of 
Cheney's actions only when he went into a closed meeting of fascist bastards this morning. 

Specter's tone in the letter was restrained, but he made no effort to hide his displeasure at 
having been sideswiped and handjobbed by Mr. Cheney.


 Call the all new, toll-free


 GOP callers Welcome (snicker)

Janet Jackson's new single out Monday


Jackson's new single, "Call Me" will hit radio outlets Monday. 
It's the lead single from "20 Years Old," to be released Sept. 26.


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