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Weekend-Monday June 10-12, 2006  Volume 1780 - Fate of Nations

Quote of the Day

"Nothing is more important in the
  face of a war than cutting taxes...'
     -- No hammer-having Tom DeLay  Link

  Wait, yesterday that Louisiana handjob said,
  "There's no issue more important 
     than banning gay marriage." 
       -- Sen. David Vitter  Link

 Isn't national security a top concern?
 We lost the Constitution over a third-rate issue? 

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Overselling Terror
Bolton vs The UN 
Ohio Buries Democracy 
Local Zarqawi 
It Sucks 2 b Coulter 
Bush & Nuremberg
Del Castillo Rules 
Find your True Center 
Lindsay Lohan Grew




"Within hours of Zarqawi's death,  John Murtha was on CNN saying we should leave Iraq and let
  the Iraqis work out their civil war just the way we worked out ours ... From beyond the grave, Zarqawi
  can only wish that the Democrats for a pullout had been able to affect their preferred policy already.
  Then this loathsome man who so needed killing would instead still be working his evil will."
      -- Rich Lowry,   Link

Handjob, is it OK if I point out that Zarqawi wasn't in Iraq when Bush invaded it.
Like thousands of others, he only showed up later, to fight and kill the invaders.

If/when we leave Iraq, no more soldiers will die there.
Why are you against a plan under which no more soldiers die?


Overselling Terror
  by Robert Parry  at


As the U.S. military completes its investigation of Haditha, the next phase likely will be
some form of court martial against Marines implicated in the case.

If that happens, Bush has made clear that he expects justice to be meted out to any Marine found
guilty of a war crime against Iraqi civilians. But, as we anticipated in an earlier article, virtually no
U.S. media attention has focused on the Nuremberg principles and Bush's culpability in the crime.

Note:  is the most important site in the Internet



"Frankly, I'm not a big fan of the First Amendment."
   -- The Coulter slut,    Link

 Can you name any Republican who supports the US Constitution?


Bolton vs The UN


There are some things that really get to John Bolton.
Don't ever criticize FOX News or Rush Limbaugh.
Bolton simply can't have that.


Subject: Re: Zarqawi's Dead Ass

This is really nothing to gloat over as you appear to be doing.
Do you get off on this kind of stuff?


Maybe you think we should've sat Zarqawi down and explained that beheading
American contractors that are in Iraq to restore power and water etc. is a bad, bad thing
and give him another chance?

Are you so anti-war that you're pro-Zarqawi?

Random Thought:
Why did Zarqawi never capture and behead an American soldier?
If you blow up a Humvee on some lonely highway, seems like it would be damn easy to grab
an injured survivor and put him on camera to beg for his life - but that never happened.

Is anyone else suspicious?


Ohio Republicans Bury Democracy
 Voting wasn't that much fun, anyway


A law that will make democracy all but moot in Ohio is about to pass the state legislature and to be signed
by its Republican governor. Despite massive corruption scandals besieging the Ohio GOP, any hope that
the Democratic party could win this most crucial swing state in future presidential elections, or carry its
pivotal US Senate seat in 2006, are about to end.

The GOP-drafted HB3 is designed to all but obliterate any possible future Democratic revival.
Opposition from the Ohio Democratic Party, where it exists at all, is diffuse and ineffectual.

HB3's most publicized provision will require positive identification before casting a vote. But it also opens
voter registration activists to partisan prosecution, exempts electronic voting machines from public scrutiny,
quintuples the cost of citizen-requested statewide recounts and makes it illegal to challenge a presidential
vote count or, indeed, any federal election result in Ohio.

Next to Florida (and Texas), Ohio is probably the most crooked state in Amerikkka.
They've making it illegal to challenge election results?
So why spend the money?
Why not just declare Ohio red on every issue and save the time and effort?


Subject: Coulter vs Giuliani

Why doesn't Rudy Giuliani speak out in support of these 911 victims?

His political career was over on September 10th, 2001.
The 911 attacks turned him into an instant hero.
His failure to rebuke Coulter makes him an instant zero.

Cookie in Birmingham

Rudy wants to be president.
He'll sell out those widows in a New York minute.


Barry Crimmins, (writes for Randi Rhodes)
has a downloadable, iPod-ready comedy album

Get it at

Subject: Does Rahm Emmanuel read

Bart, Rahm Emmanuel stood on the floor of the House and asked the Republicans
whether Coulter speaks for them.  To date, I have heard no answer, which is an answer in itself.


I like Rahm, a lot, and he's at least 20 times smarter than me but that's NOT how you play this.

You go on the offensive and insist she DOES speak for Bush and the GOP, then you have every
Democrat hammer that message home, hammer, hammer, hammer that message home, drill it home
again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again
until the GOP stands up in frustration and screams, "That crazy goddamn C-word does NOT speak for us."

That's how you start a war, Rahm. You don't politely ask a meek question and beg for a response.

Early in the TV show Dallas, Bobby Ewing went whining to his daddy Jock, saying,
"Daddy, Daddy, you made me president of Ewing Oil,  but JR refuses to play by the rules,"
 and Jock said,
"You fool, power isn't something that's given to you - power is something you take!"

I learned something that day 23-25 years ago, why can't the Democrats?

...they say, "that wouldn't be fair."

It's so easy, but the Democrats want to win wars by playing politely and by Queensbury rules.

Why can't they learn?

"This isn't some damn football game," to quote Fail-Safe (Weird, Larry Hagman was in that, too)
- it's the future of our country and the Democrats act like it's some Ivy League game of football.

I need a drink...


It Sucks to be Ann Coulter
 Someone else wrote this

Your hate-happy mouth has reached, even surpassed Fallwellian or Robertsonian levels,
yet news of Zarqawi's dead ass killed all the book buzz you tried stirring up. 

If the 9/11 widows use their tragedy to get political, as you claim, then what does it say 
about the person who mocks and belittles those who are supposedly exploiting the tragedy, 
simply to sell more books?

Oh, right, the suckiest human alive.


Subject: Veronica Mars

I've been telling people how great this show is from the first one I watched.
Everyone who got the first season through Netflix agreed.
The question is why it's not seen by everyone.

The network switched the night it's on but I don't know if that helped.
We all demand great TV but when we don't watch it when it's offered.


When Veronica Mars gets an important recording, she doesn't give the only copy to Chloe and
then run off and check on her damn girlfriend, giving the bad guys the opportunity to sneak in and
erase the recording and make the previous 15 episodes of the show completely worthless.

Have you ever seen such horrible writing in your life as on 24?
My Wizard of Ahhs had fewer writing gaffs than any episode of 24
Most shows on TV are crap, with crap for writing.
That's why Veronica Mars stands out, at least with the critics.

Trust me, if Jack Bauer or Veronica Mars was out to get me, I'd hope and pray it
was Jack Bauer because when Veronica Mars comes after you, ...that's your ass.



Put your voice on BartCop Radio



"Now Zarqawi has met his end, and this violent man will never murder again..."
     -- The Murder Monkey,  Link

When our Worst President Ever is forced to leave the White House, he will never again
be able to order our military to attack a helpless, third-world country and steal their oil.


Subject: Slandered

Ann Coulter has learned from her mentor, Rush Limbaugh that you can make big money by
being outrageous. In Rush's case he has appealed to the racists of the Republican Party to
make his millions. Ann in a similar fashion appeals to the hate mongers in the Republican Party
who support this corrupt and incompetent Administration no matter how dreadful.

Coulter and Limbaugh appease the Bush supporters who cannot defend all the stupid decisions
of George W. Bush. It's their only way to fight back the embarrassment.

 Joseph in Michigan


The Local View of Zarqawi...


[Zarqawi] won't be missed, whoever he is.
There is also doubt- who was he really? Did he even exist?
Was he truly the huge terror the Americans made him out to be?
When did he actually die?

People swear he was dead back in 2003

The timing is extremely suspicious: just when people were getting really fed up with the
useless Iraqi government, Zarqawi is killed and Maliki is hailed the victorious leader of
the occupied world! (And no- Iraqis aren't celebrating in the streets- worries over electricity,
water, death squads, tests, corpses and extremists in high places prevail right now.)


Subject: Good advice to Democrats

Bart, your "fight back" advice to the Democrats is sooooo on the money.
It is so obvious to a sensible person. That leaves out most big-time pols, too.

Concise, honest and to the point.
Can you imagine Kerry saying something like that?
Besides, we don't want to piss anybody off, now do we?

If whoever gets the nomination for our party would run off all the f-king consultants,
advisers and super-smart know-it-alls and put Bart on the job we got a hell of a shot.

Your page just keeps getting better.
 Bill from Wyo.


The net's best advertising deal

Reach over twenty people per penny.

 advertise on

Find your True Center
  by David Sirota


Inside the Beltway, Lieberman is called a "centrist" because he still supports Bush's misguided policies in Iraq;
Biden proved his centrist credentials when he helped gut consumer bankruptcy protections;  Evan Bayh is a
centrist because he votes for corporate-written, wage-destroying trade deals. And John Breaux, now a corporate
lobbyist, was labeled the ultimate centrist after working to stop Congress from cracking down on the drug and
health industry profiteers who backed his campaigns.

These are just a few examples of ...

Hmmmm, is David Sirota feeling OK?
Did he forget to attack a certain someone when he was making his list?


Subject: yearly Kos

Bart you should have been invited.
They were talking about some bloggers being visionaries for starting "progressive" blogs in ...2001.

Go figure...

 Comments? exclusive

Lawyers Accuse B.I.G's Family Of Lying


City: Rapper's kin are lying


Lawyers Accuse B.I.G's Family Of Lying


L.A. Lawyers Hit Back at B.I.G.'s Family
 E! Online


Lawyers Say B.I.G.'s Family Lied for $100M
 FOX Whore News


Rapper's family 'lied'
 News 24, South Africa


Going to "odious" and "absurd" lengths
 Edmonton Sun


It must be a bitch to be called "Liar!" around the world by dozens/hundreds of news outlets.

Suck on This


I may not know what odious means, but I know what absurd is.
Absurd is how many zeroes will be on the check The City of LA will write to Mrs. Wallace

Check out what the crooked LA Cops did here
(Reminder: This is not research material - this is how *I* see things.)

In a desperate ploy to throw the kitchen sink at the Wallace Family (call them WF) the crooked LA Cops
went to the judge and claimed, "WF lied about not knowing Boagni, they deceived this court! Liars! Liars!"

Judge to WF: "Is that true, did you deceive this court? Have you met with Boagni?"

WF to Judge: "We would never try to deceive this court since we didn't murder anybody.
 That name is not familiar, but we will check our notes and let the court know by Monday."

Judge to WF: "You do that, and you'd better come back with a good explanation."

Monday - WF to Judge: "Your Honor, I think we solved the mystery. We did meet with Boagni
and he said he was interviewed several times by the crooked LA Cops  (You can tell these are my words)
but there was no mention of him in the police reports they gave us so we figured he was lying
because we all know how the crooked LA Cops would never lie or withhold evidence.   (Cough!)

But, Your Honor, we have since discovered that, once again, the crooked LA Cops withheld
that evidence like they've been withholding evidence for ten damn years now."

Wait, you ask, "How crooked ar these LA Cops?"

Here's what up: When they went whining to the judge about getting cheated (when they were the ones
doing the cheating because they m,urdered B.I.G., ) they didn't ask for their million dollars back to 
punish the WF  - I wonder why?

You know what they asked for instead?
They asked that discovery be discontinued.

You see what that means?

They didn't want the million dollars, they wanted the judge to direct the WF to 
stop asking questions, to 
stop collecting the facts, to
stop interviewing witnesses in an unsolved murder-for-hire case.

Who gets desperate to stop the truth from getting out?

The guilty, that's who, and the WF played the hand perfectly and the judge saw the truth and ruled.

This is a very serious war, with potentially hundreds of millions of dollars at stake,
not to mention that we have crooked cops covering up murders-for-higher for gangland, hip-hop thugs,
not to mention what's left of the battered reputation of the crooked Los Angeles cops.
(Can you say, Rampart Division?)

That's why the crooked LA Cops had to win this one - but instead, they got caught in a tractor's nuts!

Damn, you know what that looks like to me?
The WF check-raised the City of LA.

In poker, when you have the best hand for sure, (It's called 'the nutz') you feign weakness.
"Who, 'lil 'ol me?  With a hueueueuge hand?
  Gosh, I'll need till Monday to check my cards and see!"

 ha ha

This WF seems to be one damn fine poker player, and get this - the City of LA still doesn't know they're beat.

As you sit there reading this, right now, The City of LA is still pushing stacks of chips into the pot.
Damn, I'll bet whoever taught the WF how to play poker must be a certified genius,
or at the very least have an IQ of 64.
One other thing, this is poker, it's not over until the last card is dealt.

Things could still go wrong, but if *I* was a betting man, and if *I* owned any
City of LA Municipal Bonds, today would be a most excellent day to sell them.

                              Click  to  save  your  kid's  college fund

Disclaimer: makes no profit from saving your ass on the crooked LA Cops bond tip


Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

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                                          Cass at Coles in LA

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Random Thought...

Why would God allow suiciders to molest 72 virgins in Heaven?
Wouldn't he protect those poor women from their wrong-religion rapists?
(Everybody knows only Catholics are going to Heaven)

And even if God agrees to all that, what happens on the 73rd day?
The suicider has to settle for "used" women for the rest of eternity?

Sidebar to a Random Thought
If virgins are so highly-valued in Handjobistan, doesn't that mean a girl's
wedding day is when she turns from a "prize" into someone nobody wants?
That's stupid, even for a religion.


Bush & Nuremberg
  by Peter Dyer as seen on


As the U.S. military completes its investigation of Haditha, the next phase likely will be
some form of court martial against Marines implicated in the case.

If that happens, Bush has made clear that he expects justice to be meted out to any Marine found
guilty of a war crime against Iraqi civilians. But, as we anticipated in an earlier article, virtually no
U.S. media attention has focused on the Nuremberg principles and Bush's culpability in the crime.

Note:  is the most important site in the Internet


Subject: horn tootage

Bart, have you seen this from DU?

"But Bart should be hoisted to high places.  I am disappointed when I see someone
 with his incredible common sense, with less than a very large audience.
 He's so good I don't even spend time on his website anymore.
 It's almost too painful to see someone spell it all out so perfectly."


Dude, thanks for that.
I hope I don't "so good" myself back to the car lot.


 Iraq pumps 2,000,000 barrels a day,
(and that was before the 2002 Halliburton Upgrade)
 times today's oil price which is $70.82 a barrel
makes $141,640,000 Bush stole justyesterday

...add to that, Iran pumps FOUR M barrels a day.

Once the sick bastard invades, that's 6 M barrels a day
times today's oil price which is  $72.60 a barrel
makes $424,930,000 dollars Bush will steal daily

No wonder they were so eager to start a war

...and what did it cost us?

Not much, just the lives of...

2489....2492 soldiers

Kitty Chases Bad-Ass Bear Up Tree


A black bear ran into a territorial tabby named Jack who ran the furry beast up a tree - twice.
"We used to joke, 'Jack's on duty,' never knowing he'd go after a bear," said owner Donna Dickey.


Subject: Inhofe and sex

Isn't there something in the bible about sex being for procreation only?
If so, shouldn't the senator abstain from sex with his wife
if they believe they are beyond child bearing age?

 Tom B

Tom, I'll bet she cut him off decades ago...



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Halfway thru 2006, Del Castillo Rules
 This from a newspaper in Connecticut

 Click  to  Order


...indeed Del Castillo's "Brotherhood" is pretty much the frontrunner for top CD of 2006 - at this point.
"Brotherhood" is a frenetic, beautiful and irresistible concoction - part rock, part flamenco, part conjunto
- and the sort of record you'd expect if the Gipsy Kings, Los Lobos, Santana, and Teye went camping 
together in a tequila warehouse.

I can't take the damned thing out of my CD player.


Subject: the next Zarqawi

Hey Bart!

The buzz on the internet today is al Qaeda's almost found someone to replace Zarqawi.
To qualify you have to behead an infidel, plant an IED & write a book insulting the WTC 9-11 widows.

 Strat in Tampa

            "Hell, I can do that!"


Subject: gay marriage

It doesn't look to good for the "ban gay marriage act".
Unfortunately, the two senators from NY voted against the ban.

They can call it whatever they like, but marriage will always be the union of a man and a woman.
If they want civil unions that's fine with me.

Please don't triviliaze marriage by saying the people of the same sex can get married.
They can have a civil union.


Hmmm, sounds like,

"They can eat, but the front doors of restaurants will always be for white people,
  Please don't trivialize the front doors of restaurants.
  If they get hungry, they can use the back door."

Tell me, Anne, if you were gay and in love, would you want what every other couple have?
Or would you settle for whatever bone the bigoted, hate-filled, God-fearing, Bible-thumping majority 
was willing to throw you?


 Call the all new, toll-free


 GOP callers Welcome (snicker)

Lindsay Lohan: All Grown Up


"I've been through more than some people have in lifetimes." 


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