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Bartcop Radio Show 94 is up 

Thurs-Fri   June 15-16, 2006  Volume 1783 - Spend & Bleed

Quote of the Day

"I'm a Democrat. I want to run as a Democrat.
  I will be the Democratic nominee 
  and I will win the primary." 
     --Joe Lieberman, 04/11/06,  Link

"I am not going to close out any options." 
     --Joe Lieberman, 06/14/06, 
     saying he might leave the party,   Link

   Bye Joe, be sure and kiss W on your way out

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Moon, Bush, Cash 
Bush: Close Gitmo
Coulter, Carlin Kiss 
Attractions in Waco
Payments to Iraqis soar 
As America Rots... 
Mostly Dead Divas 
Do facts count? 
Kate Beckinsale 




"Are you going to ask that question with shades on?
  I'm interested in the shade look, seriously."
    -- Der Monkey, to a legally-blind reporter from the LA Whore Times,  Link

 We saw that on Jon Stewart last night, and I told Mrs. Bart,
"You're married to a man who's smarter than the president of the United States."

She replied, "The cat in your lap is smarter than the president..."


The Moon-Bush Cash Conduit
  by Robert Parry at


Sun Myung Moon has long boasted of his ability to "hook" politicians by putting money into their pockets 
and into their political machines. But Moon's most important catch may have come from the millions of dollars 
sunk into the powerful Bush family -- and the subsequent lack of U.S. interest in evidence of Moon's criminal activities. 

Note:  is the most important site in the Internet




"One senses a lack of interest in a Hillary candidacy. (She's not even running)
  The MSM has been telling us for years that Hillary is a 'rock star' with party activists, 
  but I'm not seeing that here. 'She can't win' seems to be the conventional wisdom." 
      -- Maha,  Link

 That's certainly the "wisdom" on some web sites.
 There is lots of money to be made by telling you she can't win.

 Ask yourself - who would finance such a campaign?


Bush: Gitmo damages US image
 His answer?  Torture them elsewhere!


Bush said on Wednesday that Gitmo, where three detainees committed suicide,
has damaged the U.S. image abroad and said it should be shut down.

Bush said Guantanamo is seen by some countries   the rest of the world as an example of
the United States  Bush not living up to the principles it  he espouses on human rights.

"No question, Guantanamo provides an excuse to say, 'The United States is not upholding
the values that they're trying encourage other countries to adhere to,"' said the Torture President.


Subject: story from Iraq

Bart,  got the WPE shirt, thanks much.

In other news: my friend is friends of a girl who was as normal as can be, joined the army to pay
for college, and returned after 6 mos in Iraq as a convoy driver. She's now full of more ticks that a Timex.

She blinks constantly, clears her throat every 5 - 10 seconds, talks really fast, and is basically a nervous wreck.
She said she can count the number of days they WEREN'T shot at on one hand, with fingers left over.
Took her a month after she came back before she stopped swerving around manhole covers,
and reaching for her weapon every time a car passed her on the freeway.

He asked her what the very worst part of the whole thing was, and you'll never guess what she said:

The fear of rape from US troops.

Says it's VERY common, but nobody talks about it, and that it's fueled by the supply
of forbidden liquor supplied by contractors (read; Halliburton, KB&R, etc.)

Thanks again, George...

I think they rape their fellow soldiers as a political statement: "You don't belong here."
The blame liberals for allowing women to serve, so they rape them to get even..


"Advice about life, people & politics."


Coulter and Carlin on Leno

Was it more depressing or boring?

Everytime Leno mentioned The She-Thing's name, the crowd roared with approval.
Of course, it was a very vocal minority giving the impression that America loves her.

After being introduced as a legend, Carlin came out and did that old bit,
"I'm a high-tech, low-life. I'm new wave but I'm old-school."

I was disappointed.

After that, The She-Thing came out and ranted while Carlin slept.
Clearly, the bad guys won that night.


Subject: flag burning

The Republicans are dragging out their second election year political stunt to further
curtail our rights with a flag desecration amendment. What does this mean?

All they have to do it print a flag on anything they don't want debated to make it an act
of flag desecration. If Republicans want to support and honor the flag they should pass
a law requiring that all flags be made in America.

I find it offensive to see Republicans posturing behind a flag that is made in  Communist China.

Marc Perkel
San Francisco, CA


Making a Killing poster spotted in anti-Bush video

Subject: Bart's Law


It's quite plain that dKos' polls make no effort to mislead,

Is it, really?
It's an accident that the misleading poll has been there 5-6 weeks?
It's an accident that people keep citing that as "proof" she's at zero percent?

But even if it is an attempt to mislead,
I thought the Number One Bartcop Rule was "Never tell the truth!"

Jimmy the anti-she nut

I cited

Bart's Law #2
Any time a person or entity makes a "mistake" that puts extra money (or power)
in their pocket, expect them to make that "mistake" again and again and again.



Top Attractions in Waco


1. The Dr. Pepper Musuem
2. Texas Ranger Hall of Fame
3. Der Monkey's fake ranch
4. David Koresh's fake ranch



Put your voice on BartCop Radio


Ann Coulter's New Book Godless

Just $4.99

Save Almost $23!

saw this on Newsmax.
No wonder she's #1 on the Whore Times list.
The rich bastards are selling her $30 book for $5


"They have a live sex show in New Zealand. They have actual bulls 
  mounting a simulated cow. Good to see Ann Coulter getting some work." 
       -- David Letterman


Barry Crimmins, (writes for Air America)
has a downloadable, iPod-ready comedy album

Snippets in Part 3 of BCR 94

Get it at

Subject: Kos challenge


I will support and vote for the Democratic nominee for President ( I am a yellow dog democrat).

People get really angry when you say things like that.

Whether by scientific polls or just common sense, she is the Democratic front runner.
She has the name recognition, she has a huge war chest and the ability to raise plenty more,
and she is married to the Big Dog, the best damn President and politician in my lifetime.
When the time is right she will let the Big Dog bark.

As far as electability Gore and Edwards failed to carry their own states.
Hillary knows how to win and will fight back.

The Rocket City, Al

Dude, Democrats don't want to hear it!

And how dare you have an opinion of your own?

You'd better watch your ass...



Payments to Iraqis soar
 Military gave $20M "Sorry" payments


The amount of cash the US military has paid to families of Iraqi civilians killed or maimed
in operations involving American troops skyrocketed from just under $5 million in 2004
to almost $20 million last year, according to Pentagon financial data.

The dramatic spike in what's known as condolence payments -- distributed to Iraqi families
whose loved ones were caught in US crossfire or victimized during US ground and air assaults
-- suggests that American commanders made on-the-spot restitution far more frequently,

Killed your kids?
Sorry - here's $10,000 and it's on to the next house.


Subject: Kos poll 



Subject: Election 2008

Bart, please don't be a flim-flam man with your answers.
Do as you expect from others, tell the truth.
 Earl in Tucson

Earl, you have called me a liar without referencing the lie you think I told.
Explain yourself.


The net's best advertising deal

Reach over twenty people per penny.

 advertise on

As America Rots...


Ask any poor suffering bastard in the garbage dumps of Mumbai or Caracas to name the best place
in the world to live and most will answer "The United States." Maybe it's for all the wrong reasons.
And surely the image is driven by the global hype and bullshit of an America that cannot get over itself ...
cannot pause from its huckstering long enough to see that the America of both John Wayne and FDR
quit circling the drain thirty years ago. It has since been pulled asunder by spectacular greed and the
learned helplessness of the consumer state. And denial. The kind that allows us to sanctify the young men
starring in that horrific snuff flick over In Iraq as "heroes". But we were talking about the third world weren't we?
Where if you are eating spoiled cat meat and getting raped nightly in a Bangkok slum, things like a Cutlass
gunboat with busted springs and a Smokey Big Bite on a Sunday morning look good. Damned good.


Subject: financial screwing

As soon as next week the House will be voting on the Financial Data Protection Act 2006.

This bill is being pushed by the financial industry to Stop States from allowing their citizens
to protect their credit by freezing it. The financial industry does not like not being able to
have access to someones credit report at their leisure.  This has to be defeated.

Could you mention this and ask people to write their Representative.



Subject: marKos and Jerome with bartcop sticker

You seem to be attacking markos primarily because some people can't read DKos
any more clearly than some read your site... his poll postings have always made it clear
that they speak only for his readers who choose to respond.

"Made it clear?"  Perhaps to you and me, but a lot of people take that dailykos poll
as concrete proof that Hillary is tracking at zero percent. We can say, "That's crazy,"
but let's not say it's not happening because it is happening.

...and i suppose it's true that markos doesn't like hillary -- but i believe that's because, more scientific
poll results notwithstanding, he doesn't believe she can win (and, frankly, i would tend to agree.)

I would fight for (but not die for) his right to say that.
But I wish his "zero percent poll" was cited as "proof" less often.

Anyway, attached are Markos Moulitsas and his coauthor, Jerome Armstrong, simultaneously
plugging you, their book, and Montana's next new Senator, Jon Tester, who with enough support
will oust Sen. Conrad Burns (R-Abramoff) this Nov

best wishes,

Thanks for getting that, and thanks to Markos and Jerome for agreeing to pose with the sticker.


Stay the Course? What Course?


Fresh from his triumphal visit to Baghdad -- a place so dangerous he had to sneak in without 
even telling the Iraqi prime minister -- George W. Bush is full of new resolve to stay the course 
in his open-ended "global war on terror." That leaves the rest of us to wonder, in sadness and 
frustration, just what that course might be and where on earth it can possibly lead. This is a "war" 
in which three men held for years without due process at the Guantanamo Bay prison kill themselves 
by hanging, and their jailers are so unnerved and self-absorbed that they see the suicides as an attack. 
Rear Adm. Harry Harris's all-about-me lament -- "I believe this was not an act of desperation but 
an act of asymmetrical warfare waged against us" -- was worthy of delivery from Oprah's couch.


Subject:  the Kos poll


I spend a lot of time over at dKos.
One has to, really, to understand what's happening in Democratic politics.
But calling dKos the number one lefty site is pure Republican spin.

Wow, so it's true, I slandered him by calling him that?
There's not much slander in "Number One," so I assume the slander is in "lefty?"
I consider  a lefty site - do I slander myself?

The site is very mainstream Democrat.

Hmmm, "mainstream" implies they think like the majority.
Let's see if that holds up until the end of this issue.

Democratic politicians who think they can avoid dKos are kidding themselves.

I agree - that's why I think he should be careful with his "facts" and his power to persuade.

dKos is a very remarkable grassroots movement.  I have my problems with the site, but I have
my problems with any "movement" because the eventually develop a kind of "groupthink" mentality.

ha ha
No, I don't believe that for a second. (Cough!)

If Kos can make the frontrunner zero, can he also make August the coldest month?

But that's true of anything that becomes popular.
To assume that the site is radical left is a mistake.

Referring to dKos as a radical lefty site...

Wait - who did that?
Surely not me - I mentioned "most read" when talking about "Number One."

Jim H.

The drugs you get in Sausalito must be soooooo much better than what we get here.


Random Thought...

I wonder what it's like to state an opinion that's not backed up by the facts,
and then have 99 percent of your readers agree with you?

I wouldn't know. 
If I say the sun is hot, I'm told, "Stop lying and GFY."


Marty's Entertainment Page
always has good stuff.

Avery Ant's most recent rant, MSGOP cancels Maury & Connie, 
Gary Glitter goes to jail, and Charles Bukowski goes to the Huntington Library. 
A new zEN mAN, Hubert's Poetry Corner, and Purple Gene Reviews Coulter & Carlin on Leno 
As usual, recommended readings from David Bruce & that MadCat, JD.
 And tonight's TV listings.

Click  The  E!

WPE t-shirt Update

It's my understanding that single men who've purchased (and are wearing) an official WPE t-shirt from  are getting more hot monkey sex from fabulous babes than New York City fire fighters.

Hot babes hate the BFEE - everybody knows that.

So if you're getting too much fine tail, then don't buy an official WPE shirt from
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Send in a picture of you in your WPE t-shirt!

 Here's my picture, Bart!


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Mostly Dead Divas
 Tim Otte rocks New York


Mostly Dead Divas will be featured by Chelsea's 14th Street Framing Gallery in a solo show June 1st - 30th.
Fourteenth Street Framing Gallery, located at 225 West 14th Street between Seventh and Eighth Avenues

Tim has spent his advertising dollars on
If you're in New York, and have a chance to go by West 14th Street to see his art - take that chance.
Drop by, locate Tim and tell him, "Bart says Hey!"'s safe to shake his hand.


Subject: her fascist friends

Hey Bart,

Love your site, love your stuff.
Thanks for the much-needed laughs and links to important information.
I'm somewhat flummoxed by your unswerving devotion to her, though.



What's the most "devoted" thing I've ever said about her?
The way people talk, you'd think I collect photos of her hands.

Since the message still isn't getting thru, let me try again.

At this time, 
I think she has the best chance of winning - that's it.

Apparently, I'm the only Democrat on the web who thinks the frontrunner has a chance.
Why do I think that way?  Because I'm all about the logic.

I found some facts.

Do facts count anymore?

Cook Poll
Most likely to support

NY Senator   36
Al Gore         16
Edwards        12
Kerry            11

That means she's twenty points ahead - that's why I'd bet on her.
Not because I have "unswerving devotion" to her.
Why can't people accept my words as what I mean to say?

Hotline Poll
which one would you support?

NY Senator   38
Kerry             14
Edwards        13
Biden               5

That means she's twenty-four points ahead - that's why I'd bet on her.

NY senator stacks up against...
NY 57, Kerry 30
NY 52, Edwards 33
NY 66, Warner 15
NY 57, Gore 29

That means she's 27-51 points ahead - that's why I'd bet on her.

FOX/Op-Dyn Poll
For whom would you vote

NY  53
Gore 12
Edwards 11

That means she's forty one points ahead - that's why I'd bet on her.

From the mail I'm getting, nobody has seen those numbers before.
When I call her the frontrunner, I'm told to go fuck myself.

The mainstream media (that she sold out to) refuses to print her poll numbers,
so people look to popular web sites to see how she's doing.

Besides  where else have you seen the facts about our frontrunner?


 Iraq pumps 2,000,000 barrels a day,
(and that was before the 2002 Halliburton Upgrade)
 times today's oil price which is $69.29 a barrel
makes $138,580,000 Bush stole justyesterday

...add to that, Iran pumps FOUR M barrels a day.

Once the sick bastard invades, that's 6 M barrels a day
times today's oil price which is  $69.29 a barrel
makes $415,740,000 dollars Bush will steal daily

No wonder they were so eager to start a war


...and what did it cost us?

Not much, just the lives of...

2497....2500 soldiers

...and we still have 2.5 years of fuckups to go


"They may be with you for the first few bullets 
   but they won't be there for the last tough battles." 
     -- Karl Rove, attacking  John Kerry and John Murtha, Link
          (Rove has no medals, Kerry and Murtha have five)

"Selective Service records show Karl Rove escaped the draft for nearly 
  three years at the height of the Vietnam War using student deferments." 
      --Rebecca Walsh,  Link


Eye to Eye in Iraq
 by Molly


I think we need to stop President Bush from looking people in the eye. On Tuesday, he told the 
new prime minister of Iraq that he had come to Iraq to "look you in the eye." Do we even know 
if the cultural significance of "looking someone in the eye" is known or accepted in the Middle East? 
Even if Middle Easterners are kindly disposed toward looking one another in the eye - say it's not 
considered rude or worse - would they know what to make of Bush's declaration to U.S. troops 
that he had come to look "Prime Minister Maliki in the eyes and determine whether or not he is as
dedicated to a free Iraq as you are." Who knows if Iraqis think this is determinable by the deep-eye look.


Subject: talking points

Bart --

The next time one of these Republican Chickenhawks in Congress questions a Democrat's patriotism.
remind them that under the leadership of the Chief Chickenhawks, more than 59,000 GIs have been
killed or wounded  in this phony war. That's the equivalent of Six Army Divisions..

Six Divisions.
Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney, and the Republicans in Congress have lost six American Army divisions.

Say it again, say it often and then talk about how THEY support the troops. Six freaking Army Divisions.
My God, we didn't lose that many troops on D-Day or in the Battle of the Bulge.

Why do our soldiers think this Administration is good for them?
Why do the American people think these thugs care a damn about the troops?
Why won't some Democrat stand up and say enough is enough.
Six fucking Divisions.

Patton is rolling over in his grave at this incompetence.

As long as young people are smiling as they sign up to join this fraud, what can we do?


Subject: saw Del Castillo Tuesday night

Hi Bart!

Del Castillo played here in Pittsburgh last night, and what a show it was!
It began with a roadie lighting a large censer (as a Catholic, you'll know what that is  :)  )
and a tape playing what seemed an invocation of the Mayan gods of music.

They began with an explosion of musical virtuosity.  On top of the pulsating rhythms of
the two percussionists and the bass, the del Castillo Brothers just went nuts, all over neck
of their Flamenco guitars with these ultra high speed riffs.  The singer Alex stood there
swaying in musical abandonment, and when he began to sing, he roared like fire.

It was a night to remember.

Your friend,


Del Castillo rocks the East Coast

  Click  to  Order

Fri -   June 16 - Annapolis, MD - Ramshead Tavern
Mon - June 19 - New York, NY - Joe's Pub  (Rude Rich - with bells on)


Subject: Bart

Bart, your choice of candidates and your source of income are not compatible.
 Jimmy the Beagle

You're right - I could make a lot more money by hammering Hillary.
That's what brings in the big bucks from Democrats - ignoring the facts.

 ...but who is finance the campaign of lies?


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3  months of 
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PayPal to
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Subject: She who must not be named

Bart, if "she" is the Democratic candidate for pwesident, Ima gonna vote fer her.

Firstly, she opposed making colonel Klink the head of the CIA, second she's probably still miffed
at being marginalized when trying to push a national healthcare program, 3rd she's the only politician
I've ever heard actually come out and use the term "vast rightwing conspiracy", and last but not least
if she wins, the die-hard republicans and the rightwing blog-gruppen will all need a 4 or 8 year supply
of duct tape to stop the bleeding from their temple-veins continuously bursting.



 Call the all new, toll-free


 GOP callers Welcome (snicker)

If I ran sales of Diet Coke...



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