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Bartcop Radio Show 94 is up 

Wed   June 21, 2006  Volume 1786 - Smokin Pajamas

Quote of the Day

"Iraq is the greatest strategic disaster in US history."
      -- Retired General William Odom,  Link

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
WaHoPo Smears 
Frist: 'Go Wobbly?' 
More Fitz Talk 
Veterans under Stress 
Rather: Goodbye Again
Guns & Kids Don't Mix
Boss Biz Barely
B.I.G. Retrial Delay 
Jennifer Love Hewitt


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"There were traces of torture on their bodies, very clear traces.
  It was brutal torture. The torture was something unnatural."
    -- Gen. Jassim, the chief of operations at the Iraq Defense Ministry  Link

        Died for Bush's greed


Wash Post Smears War Critics, Again
  by Robert Parry as seen on


One might think that a newspaper which helped fan a war frenzy might show some remorse 
before attacking critics of that misadventure. But that is not the way of the Washington Post.

One also might think that a newspaper would have some interest in holding dishonest politicians
accountable, especially when the consequences of their deceptions have been as grievous as 
George W. Bush's Iraq War lies. But that also is not the way of the Post. 

The Post's editors remain steadfast defenders of Washington's neoconservatives who pushed
the dangerous doctrine that military invasion was the way to "democratize" Muslim countries in 
the Middle East.  In 2002-2003, the Post's editors cast Iraq War skeptics out of the polite
opinion-page society - and are still at it.

Note:  is the most important site in the Internet 


Lying Quotes

"The reason I keep insisting that there was a relationship between Iraq and al-Qaeda 
  is because (smirking) there was a relationship between Iraq and al-Qaeda." 
      -- Dubya, November 1, 2002,  Link

"The president back then said there's no demonstrated link between Saddam and 9-11,
  and we're never going to make that argument, and he never has." 
    -- Tony Snow, claiming Dubya never linked 9-11 and Saddam,   Link


Frist: 'We cannot go wobbly'


Bill Frist declared Tuesday that "surrendering is not a solution" in Iraq as Democrats e
mbraced a proposal to start U.S. troop withdrawals this year, setting up an election-year 
debate on the war in the GOP-controlled Senate. 

We cannot retreat. We cannot surrender. We cannot go wobbly. The price is far too high," 
said Frist, in a campaign speech, suggesting that Democrats want to do just that.


Why go wobbly at the 2500 mark when we have the option to go wobbly after 7500 die?
Besides, there's still room at Arlington, right?


Subject: what 'cut and run' means


Perhaps the RepugnantCons don't really know what "Cut and run" means when they 
attempt to use the phrase as an epithet against Dems.  The expression is nautical in origin 
and refers to a situation when the ship's anchor can't be broken loose from the sea bed. 

In order to protect the vessel, the anchor rode is severed to free the ship so it may avoid imminent
disaster.   This is akin to an animal trapped in a steel trap that knaws off a limb in order to save it's life.

Knowing this, and incorporating the metaphor of "Ship of State," there seem to be few expressions 
more appropriate to the circumstances in Iraq than the need to "Cut and Run" so we might salvage 
from total ruin what remains of our State Ship. 

A Ross
Los Angeles


Ebert on Gore's Movie


The Gore documentary made a deep impression on me. I urge you to see it. You will not be seeing 
a "campaign film," or "sour grapes," or "Gore still being bitter."   Bush has repeated for six years that 
global warming "requires more study." If Gore has spent six years studying it, aren't his findings worthy 
of attention? Yes, I'm "being political." But saying the issue "needs more study" is a political statement 
when energy groups are among your major supporters and your family is in the oil business.


Subject: Demo cowardice 

Maybe even you, Bartcop, are afraid to address the real drawback Dems fear 
if they speak out against the Iraq war and Support Murtha...

They are scared stiff of the amounts of MONEY the AIPAC can muster to oust
AMERICAN lawmakers who offend the policies favored by the State of Israel.

ha ha

It doesn't take courage to get dragged into a debate about Israel.
It takes a mind with an IQ of less than 64 because even I'm too smart for that trap.

If you know your opponent is gonna get a zillion dollars in campaign finance help 
because you spoke out against the Iraq war, you tend to be somewhat muted.

A majority of people are against this war. If only we could get the Democrats to 
agree with the majority and denounce Bush's twin meat-grinder war mistakes.
Are they all waiting for you-know-who to say it first?

How come you never bring this issue up, BC?

...because I don't have as much courage as you?


Subject: Neil Young and trains 

Hey BC,
Neil Young is indeed a player in the Lionel Train biz.


Dude, thanks for that. 


More Fitz Talk 


Just who and what is Patrick Fitzgerald?  Do we just take the White House's and GOP's word for it?

No one's really connected the dots on "Fitzy." While nearly everyone was back-slapping each other over 
the Libby indictment, nobody read the fine print.   Fitzgerald was groomed in Giuliani's office. He's a GOP 
and neo-con loyalist to the bone. More simply put, a trusted servant who could be counted on to contain 
criminal investigations that often result from large-scale Republican corruption.


Guns & Kids Don't Mix




Get your opinion on BartCop Radio



"The book's opening anecdote tells of an unnamed CIA briefer who flew to Bush's fake ranch 
in the summer of 2001, amid reports of a pending al-Qaeda attack, to call Bush's attention to the 
'Bin Ladin Determined to Strike in US' memo.  Bush reportedly heard the briefer out and replied: 
'All right. You've covered your ass, now.'" 
    -- Barton Gellman, in a review of Ron Suskind's book: "The One Percent Doctrine",  Link

If this was a sticky blue dress, the whore press would be all over this story.
But it's just Bush sleeping thru the 9-11 warnings, so they don't see a story there.


Subject: Murtha

Bart, they guy last issue said:

> John Murtha would make the greatest Dem House Speaker

Umů no.

Tip was a great left leaning or even truly liberal powerhouse.
Murtha is pretty conservative; a Democrat maybe but definitely a conservative for a Democrat today.


Zen, do you think Murtha's conservative side is what gives him his fight? 


More Veterans under Stress 
 War talk, images, add to the strain


Thousands of Vietnam veterans are seeking help for post-traumatic stress disorder, 
and experts say one reason appears to be harrowing images of combat in Iraq.

PTSD disability-compensation cases have nearly doubled since 2000, to an all-time high 
of more than 260,000. The biggest bulge has come since 2003, when war started in Iraq.

Experts say many veterans of past wars re-experience their own trauma as they watch 
U.S. troops in combat and read each new accounting of the dead.advertisement

"It so directly parallels what happened to Vietnam veterans," said Raymond Scurfield,
who worked with the disorder at Veterans Affairs for more than 20 years. 

Now & them we mention that as these combat veterans return from Bush two failed wars,
many of them are going to be carrying that stress with them for the rest of their lives.

How many have we sent into Bush's twin meat-grinders, 400,000?
And that will make what, 100,000 men & women who have trouble re-adjusting?

It's almost enough to make you sick.


Subject: Arnold's Army 

Oh please Bart, I wish we could all be spared this horse shit! 

I have a rep for publishing only the crazy stuff.

Nobody is talking about closing the door on immigrants. 

Wow! Did you really say that?

The people who make this claim are so disingenuous they refuse to differentiate
between those who are here legally and those who break the law to get here. 

I didn't know we were debating about the people who are here legally.
If someone is here legally, what is there to debate?

The argument (that all they are doing is looking for jobs and they'll do jobs no American will do) is crap. 
Americans won't work for the wages or in the conditions that an illegal will but they will do anything to earn their way.

(Bart does a shot)

Nobody ever asks what's South America's part in this? 
   Why can't they find work in their own countries? 
   They don't ask this because the answer is most countries south of the border 
    are so mind-boggling corrupt, they make us look pristine. 
Two, there is the argument that the United States stole half of Mexico.   This is true, we did. 
    Mexico today is a shit hole.  If we hadn't stolen half the country they'd be twice the shit hole they are 
    and they'd STILL be crossing our borders looking for us to take care of them.

Lucullus, NYC

Boy, I'm glad I didn't say that.


Subject: they blew it?

I don't see how anybody sane could look at the last 6 years, 
and then look at the 8 years before that, and say Clinton "blew it."


The craziest part is Democrats feel that way. 


Subject: almost as dumb as Der Monkley 

We were on spring break many years ago in Rocky Point, Mexico.

I feared for my life in a car being driven by this moron who would take both hands off the wheel 
on the freeway to light up a hash pipe. I thought for sure we would become a fatality statistic.

When the federales pulled us over, he pushed our eightball into the seatbelt shroud and it took us 
45 minutes to get it out (hmmm...maybe that wasn't so dumb after all.)

The icing on the cake is: when a joint burned down to roach size, my friend put it on the car lighter 
and inhaled the smoke rising as it burned. When he handed it to the party jack-ass and said "hit that shit!", 
the monkey put his lips around the hot lighter and severely burned the inside of his mouth.

Oddly enough, he was the only one who got laid that weekend. 
Where's the justice?

Mike D

Hey, I went to Mexico once and got laid..screwed, too 


Subject: WPE t-shirt feedback

Hey Bart!

I just wanted to give you some feedback from the t-shirt wars. I wore the shirt to 
the local (right-wing) mall in fabulous Cobb County. (Death wish, I guess!)

Had two people react, though a bunch did a double-take. 
One asked where I got the shirt - gave her your site. The other was a typical Cobb right-winger. 
He stomped up and basically called me a liberal asshole. I took your training to heart and carved him 
a new one, using the arguments you teach so well. I think he thought I would cave to his "righteousness".
I was more than happy to prove him wrong!

BTW, the right-wing neighbor avoids me like the plague, now. 
If nothing else, that makes the t-shirt worth it! As soon as I can afford it, 
I'm gonna buy a couple more of 'em - they'll make great gifts!

Keep on hammerin', dude!

Dude, be careful with those right-wing strangers.
They're crazy for sure and possibly carrying a weapon.


Dan Rather to Leave CBS - Again
 He's doing 'farewell tours' like he was The Who 


Dan Rather, who was fired as anchor of the CBS Whore News after he mangled and bungled 
the story that effectually erased Bush's AWOL status from the nation's history books.   Rather's 
110 year career with CBS failed to prevent him from making the schoolboy gaffe of a lifetime, 
rushing a report onto the air without asking himself, "Could this be another dirty trick by Karl Rove?" 

Rather fell for it, and the whore media made the font the issue instead of Bush's wartime desertion. 
Dan, how could you be so f-ing stupid?

Because of Rather, future children will be taught what a brave war hero Bush was, instead of the 
AWOL coward that his service record reflects - allllll thanks to Dan Rather, the chump who failed 
to check his facts, thus forever putting to rest the fact that Bush deserted his post and disgraced the 
uniform of a United States serviceman during wartime.

Dan, I have an idea for your future: You could visit journalism classes all over America while singing,
"Oh mother, tell your children, not to do what I have done..."


Subject: Do know anybody as stupid as Bush? 

Welcome to Utah! 
I could walk outside right now and find a dozen people who believe that Dubya is annoited of 
God his-own-self, that Jesus rode dinosaurs to kill gay terrorists, that the Invisible Cloud Being 
hated black people until His University (BYU) kept getting its ass whomped by schools that had 
black players and then suddenly the ICB gave the Prophet, Seer, and Revelator a sign that said 
Let there be tailbacks!, that says women's role is to serve The Priesthood (men)--barefoot and 
pregnant is not a joke here.  And on and on and freakin' on. 

I know OK is bad for rednecks, but you've never been to Utah before (and probably don't want to). 
Or you can go to Utah County, home of Provo, in what's locally called Happy Valley, and find a whole 
population of people like that (with, swear to Koresh, only one (1, as in less than 2) liquor store in the 
whole valley, population about 500,000).  The reproduce like rabbits, so there are more of them every day.

RDale in the reddest of the red states, 
where Dubya still has over 50% approval.

Damn, suddenly I'm proud to be from Oklahoma :) 


Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

Fresh Disinfotainment Today from Michael Dare; Reader Review of 'Winter Soldier'; 
zEN mAN; recommended readings from David Bruce and that Madcat, JD.

Regis & Shatner to the TV Hall of Fame. 
Connie Chung sings.  Tinkerbelle talks.  Dan Rather walks. 

And tonight's TV listings (with Turner Classic Movies cross-referenced to the IMdB)

Click  The  E!


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 Here's my picture, Bart!


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Chicago, Milwaukee Reject 'The Boss' 


Springsteen and his raucous 17-piece band failed to even fill the pavilion. Roughly 5,500 fans showed up, 
and the $92 ticket price knocked out the working-class audience that Springsteen and Seeger have championed.

Had this been one of Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band tours, the place would've been packed to bursting.
But with his rock persona on temporary hiatus, Springsteen faced a sea of empty seats Tuesday. 

The starchy atmosphere was not lost on the Boss.  In what is becoming a Springsteen tradition, 
he kicked off the concert almost an hour after the advertised 7:30 p.m. start.) 

A local union says promoters picked the wrong arena for Bruce Springsteen to perform the 
pro-labor music of folk singer Pete Seeger.

The decision to hold the concert Wednesday at the non-unionized Bradley Center was 
''bafflingly ironic and somewhat infuriating,'' said Paul Friday, who coordinates the 
Milwaukee chapter of a union of musicians, actors and stagehands.

''We're not really protesting,'' he said. ''We just want people to know Springsteen's taking 
the music of a very pro-union campaign into a venue like that.''

I hope Bruce isn't becoming another Robert Plant. 
Some artists, once they get major bucks, play for themselves instead of the fans.


Subject: other liberal sites despise you, why is that?

I just finished my daily rounds of liberal /antibush websites and i found detractors of you, 
in places i never expected.   Over at (one site) they even insult you by calling you 'republican.' 


There are dozens of reasons to despise Ol' Bart, but I think the fear factor explains it best.
We live in scary times and people get very upset if you have an opinion that differs from theirs.

Plus, there are those who are so far to the left, from their viewpoint, they see me and Bush as twins.
If you live in Seattle, you might say Spokane is "back East."


 Iraq pumps 2,000,000 barrels a day,
(and that was before the 2002 Halliburton Upgrade) 
 times today's oil price which is $69.34 a barrel
makes $138,680,000 Bush stole just yesterday

No wonder they were so eager to start a war

Bush's 'Bring 'em on' death count is up to...

2504....2507 soldiers

Judge postpones B.I.G. Retrial
 WF needs more time to list all the cops' lies 


The judge pushed the Notorious B.I.G. retrial to January 16 in the wrongful death lawsuit 
against the crooked Los Angeles cops.   Judge Cooper is giving the Wallace family's attorneys 
more time to seek information from the defense.

Cooper declared the mistrial after finding that the LA Cops intentionally hid statements by an
informant linking the killing to former LA cops Mack and Perez. After the mistrial, an investigation 
uncovered statements by a former Perez cellmate, who had told the department that the disgraced 
officer (shooter) had confessed to participating with Mack in Wallace's killing. 

Plaintiffs' attorney was seeking information from 27 city employees he said had contact with the statements. 

Can you believe 27 people in the LA cop house had access to evidence that their boys were 
involved in Biggie's murder - but they conspired to hush that up and let the perjury stand?

Ohhh, that's gonna cost them when it comes time to write the check to Mrs. Wallace.


Subject: elect a woman? 

Bart, on your website, a reader commented, 
"I don't think any woman can be elected at this time."

Are you old enough to remember 1960? 
"There's no way Americans would  elect a Catholic."



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"House Republicans forced everyone to spend an entire day discussing a non-binding resolution 
 praising the troops. Later they will debate a resolution declaring kittens 'adorable.' " 
     -- Jon Stewart


Subject: WTF?

That dude wrote:

> "The Clintons already had their chance. And they blew it."

Peace and prosperity is a bad thing I guess .
 Tim from Indiana

P.S. Show 94 was the best yet, keep it up old friend.


 Call the all new, toll-free


 GOP callers Welcome (snicker)

All Eyes on Her
 AKA Why I Hate Her  by Robert Scheer


Apparently, she's the only Democrat who matters.

Apparently, the Democrats are frozen, waiting for her to decide the Democrats' future.

Apparently, Kerry and Biden and Byrd and Kennedy and Boxer and Leahy and Reid, who have over 
200 years of senate experience between them, are mere pawns in the freshman senator's game.

She's running for a seat in the US senate, not the White House.
Expecting her to run for president before she wins her senate seat is ...illogical.


Jennifer Love Hewitt's Dog Shrink
  'Intuitionist' to reason with her dog



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