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Bartcop Radio Show 94 is up - now with Radio Samples 

Thurs-Fri   June 22-23, 2006  Volume 1787 - Fake War Heroes

Quote of the Day

"An informed, educated, participating 
  American populous will get what it wants." 
    -- Rush, the vulgar Pigboy, describing how 
       Democrats won three popular votes in a row, 
       back when the votes were actually counted

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Gipper Khameini 
GOP Kills Bill
Rather and Zapruder 
She and the netroots
Rather Crashes 
Right Wing Lies 
Dems: Ways 2 Lose 
Jennifer Aniston nude


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Keeps Republicans away, smells better than garlic
Instantly qualifies you for "Enemy Combatant" status



"This debate should be taken more seriously than to simply retreat
  into catchy political slogans that debase the seriousness of war."
     -- Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-LessNazithenSome),  Link


Win One for Gipper Khameini
  by Ivan Leland as seen on


Cheney [demands] vigorous U.S. action against any possible terrorist threat even if it is only one percent likely.
The thinking supposedly is that the nation is better off safe than sorry when confronting potential risks, such as
terrorists with dangerous weapons.

The fallacy of the doctrine, however, is that since almost all threats are at least one percent likely -- which would
include those that are 99 percent unlikely -- the United States is compelled to dispatch the military around the
world chasing after an endless series of potential one-percent threats.

The other problem with Cheney's doctrine is that by eliminating a one-percent threat somewhere in the world,
the United States might strengthen one of that country's rivals, thus creating a potentially more dangerous threat,
which must then be confronted.

Note:  is the most important site in the Internet



"Why are the Democrats so conservative on this war?
  Is money steering the Democratics to a more conservative position on the war?
  I don't hear 200 Democrats out there talking against the war the way you are."
     -- Chris Matthews, (R-Scumbag) to John Murtha,  Link


GOP Kills Bill to Police Halliburton
 Why we went to war - to make Halliburton richer


Senate Republicans still saw fit to reject penalizing companies engaging in overt war profiteering
and fraud despite Dorgan spending a considerable amount of time on the Senate floor trotting out
example after example of the hideous abuse that has been occurring in Iraq.

"What we have discovered is pretty unbelievable," said Dorgan last week. "We have direct testimony
from physicians, Army doctors, and others about providing nonpotable water for shaving, brushing teeth
that is in worse condition as water than the raw water coming out of the Euphrates River."

"Let me describe some of the firsthand eyewitness issues in Iraq," Dorgan continued. "Brand new
$85,000 trucks that were left on the side of the road because of a flat tire and then subsequently burned.
25 tons, 50,000 pounds, of nails ordered by KBR, the wrong size, that are laying in the sands of Iraq.
42,000 meals a day charged to the taxpayers by Halliburton and only 14,000 are actually served."

          "He's our president and we stand behind him."


Subject: Clinton did blow it

Dear Bart:

I agree with Robert Perry.  In many ways Clinton did blow it. (See Link on Consortiumnews.)
He could have investigated Iran/Contra but didn't because he wanted to make nice with the Republicans.

What did Clinton get for all his making nice with the Republicans?  He got impeached.


In many ways Clinton did blow it and it has nothing to do with peace and prosperity.
His desire to make nice with the Republicans seems to be the business model for the
whole Democratic party, and look where it's getting us.

Warm regards,
Jim W

Jim, I don't think it's fair to argue from a WABAC machine.

You make it sound like, "Knowing he would be impeached for a non-crime,
Clinton still tried to be civil to the wild pack of dogs."
That's not what happened.

If you're going to criticize Clinton for something he did in 1993, you should use 1993 facts.
It's like, why did Nicole marry O.J. knowing he was going to kill her?


Their Barbarism, and Ours


The story really takes us back into the 8th century, a truly barbaric world," John Burns said,
describing what happened to two US soldiers whose bodies had just been found. Evidently they
were victims of atrocities, and no one should doubt in the slightest that the words of horror used
by Burns to describe the "barbaric murders" were totally appropriate.

The problem is that Burns and his mass-media colleagues don't talk that way when the cruelties
are inflicted by the US military - as if dropping bombs on civilians from thousands of feet in the air
were a civilized way to terrorize and kill.

When journalists maintain a flagrant double standard in their language - allowing themselves
appropriate moral outrage when Americans suffer but tiptoeing around what is suffered by victims
of the US military - the media window on the world is tinted a dark red-white-and-blue, and the
overall result is more flackery than journalism.


Subject: tortured and beheaded


I can only manage what those two kids went through before being killed.
I wonder if Bar-Uber-Bitch-Bush troubled her beautiful, atrophied mind with this story?



She and the netroots
    by Kos


There's no doubt she faces some hostility in the netroots. I've had several reporters ask me whether
she has "reached out" to the netroots, to which my answer is, "no". "Ahh", think the reporters,
"So what she needs to do is 'reach out' more and all will be well, right?"

Nevermind that "reaching out", in political terms, seems to mean "have a meeting with Markos",
which is so freakin' stupid I can hardly stand it. I rarely do those kinds of meetings because frankly,
I never know what to say. It's not like politicians will ever say anything juicy anyway.
In any case, no, "reaching out" isn't enough. Not near enough.


Subject: "The torture was something unnatural"

Reminds me of the old saying, "Whatever goes around, comes around."
It seems to fit the situation.


The military families should be furious with Bush for baiting those suicidal handjobs,
but they're more likely to send him a contribution, instead..


Dan Rather and Zapruder


Dan Rather saw the Zapruder film and then reported that the third gunshot drove Kennedy's head
"forward with considerable violence". Shortly thereafter, Rather was elevated to network news
stardom where he has remained to this very day.

But the film shows his head thrown back...


GOP to Poor: Drop Dead


The US Senate on Wednesday defeated a proposal pushed by Democrats to raise the
federal minimum wage in increments from $5.15 to $7.25 an hour by January 1, 2009.

Ted Kennedy, a Massachusetts Democrat, (Yeah, we know!) unsuccessfully tried to attach
the proposal raising the wage for the first time since 1997 to a defense authorization bill.
While 52 senators backed the move, it failed to win the 60 votes needed for passage.

Too bad the poor can't vote in this country.
Since there are more poor people than rich, it would be easy to turn things around
but since they don't have the vote, they  ...what?  Are you sure?  They can vote?
Well then, why in the hell don't they?

Poor people are the biggest constituency in America, so why don't they demand change?
Why can't the Democrats convince people to vote their wallets?

Bush is giving our tax money (and money borrowed from China ) to the super-rich to buy
second mansions and Democrats can't find enough poor voters to turn that around?



Get your opinion on BartCop Radio



"Tonight, World Cup fever: I'll teach you how to distinquish between
  the boring scoreless games and the riveting scoreless games."
      -- Stephen Colbert, on The Colbert Report

Sorry to hear, starving Ghana (that's not a mistake) kicked our ass.


Subject: got my WPE shirt...

...and I love it.

Wore to a Sports bar and the bartender says to me,  "Jack's gotta see this"
to which I replied "I'm not gonna get my ass kicked, am I?"

He says "Oh no, he'll love it" so I showed it them & they all thought it was WAY COOL
and asked me where I got it, so I told them @  and they were writing it down.
So hopefully we'll be seeing some more of them in the northwest Iowa area.

Keep hammerin'
 The Dawg

Dawg, you did good.


Rather crashes - Bush flies high
    by Greg Palast


All the poor man did was repeat a story we put on BBC TV a year earlier
that Poppy Bush put in the fix to get his son out of 'Nam...

But Dan never reported this: the documentation detailing the fix. Why not? Because it opened up a far more
serious charge: that those who kept Little George out of war's way ended up very well rewarded. We ran that
full story on the world's biggest network, BBC, and we've never retracted a comma of it.   Nor, by the way,
has the White House denied our accusations despite our repeated offers to respond.

George's slithering out of combat turned into big pay-days for those in on the fix and its cover-up:
Harriett Miers (remember her?), Karen Hughes and Texas lobbyists..


Subject: Greg Palast citation

Bart, you were mentioned in Greg Palast's new book, "Armed Madhouse".
You're in the section "Acknowledgements, Sources, and Resources" on page 344.

Little error.... it says  instead of  But hey .....

Congrats, Larry Hicks

Dude, thanks for that,


The net's best advertising deal

Reach over twenty people per penny.

 advertise on

Subject: lefties hate Bart?


The Socialists didn't get federal protection for unions, THE DEMOCRATS DID!
The Greens didn't get us the clean water and clean air acts, THE DEMOCRATS DID!
The Socialists didn't get us social security, medicare, and medicaid, THE DEMOCRATS DID!


FBI Goes after Fake War Heroes
 Bush given a pass because he's rich


The FBI is cracking down on phony war heroes, who often buy medals on the Internet and wear them.
This year, federal agents have checked into scumbags masquerading as decorated veterans.  The cases are
sometimes difficult to prosecute because the phony scumbags have to be caught wearing the medal.

Well there he is right there!

Go arrest his fake ass!


Subject: She

She is the GOP choice for a 2008 Dem. presidential contender.
That's why she gets all the MSM coverage.

You're saying ...MSGOP keeps running positive stories about her - to trick her
into running so the GOP will have easy pickings in the general election?

IF she runs, she'll win.
If she thinks she can't win, she won't run.

Maybe the HH's will call that a retreat on my part, but it's just simple logic.
If the "She's who they want" idea catches on, and she fades in the stretch (horse racing talk)
we should know a good 20 months before the '08 elections.

If she can't win the nomination, she doesn't deserve the nomination.

They know she can't win.

No, they have an opinion about a future event.

That Vegas Pokerfest is looking better every day.
Could we get all the people who can see into the future to attend?
I would enjoy co-predicting the future, with instant cash rewards, with you.
Besides, it'd be your chance to "straighten me out," right?

Pokerfest/Tequilafest 2006 Vegas 


If you don't like Vegas, don't read about the upcoming twin fests.
It'll just make you angrier...


Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

Bush twin at Radiohead concert
Roger Waters, graffiti artist
'Gabba Gabba Hey!' in the UK
Book problems in Florida & Georgia
And Angelina's journal

Recommended readings from David Bruce and that Madcat, JD

Tonight's TV listings (Turner Classic Movies
cross-referenced to the IMdB)

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Debunking Right Wing Lies


How can followers of the "Prince of Peace" support the cold-blooded murder of innocent civilians
in a war of naked aggression? Did Christ not say "Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be
called the children of God"? Did Christ not say "...turn the other cheek"? And of the merciful, did he
not say that they, in turn, obtain mercy? Is the Bible not true? If not, then why do these people insist
upon being seen going to church? What is gained by maintaining frauds and pretenses?


Subject: writing fiction

Sometimes it helps to think of where you want the story to go
and then think up what needs to be said to get there.

Dude, are you talking to me?

Your Mexican jail story is good, and if writing is something you recently started, (ha ha) you are off to a good start.
It was beleivable except the part about giving the guy money while in jail. You could have said he told you that he
would help you if you would help him, which opens up numerous possibilities as to what he may want in exchange
for telling his relative to let you out. Capiche?


Dude, never figured you for gay.
That's cool, it's just that you're so pro-Bush.

The saddest part of that story is that it IS true, at least that's my version.
Carl recently told me his alternate version, which was weird after 30 years.

He didn't remember the loooong-ass ride to the jail,
and he said they kept adding "unlikeable" prisoners to our cell as inducement.

ha ha

Ol' Bart didn't need no inducement to get out of the Mexican jail.

Thank Koresh the story didn't end the way you fantasize about it.


 Iraq pumps 2,000,000 barrels a day,
(and that was before the 2002 Halliburton Upgrade)
 times today's oil price which is $69.34 a barrel
makes $138,680,000 Bush stole just yesterday

No wonder they were so eager to start a war

Bush's 'Bring 'em on' death count is up to...

2507....2510 soldiers

My good friend Ryan in Chicago has a guitar...

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Sometimes I do a beatdown on some Nazi bastard - this time it's Bill Bennett


This show came out to three discs, so we added some live Shirley for the fourth disc.
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the type that would get a wee Catholic girl bounced from school, so be prepared for that..

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"According to scientists ... one day we may have sex with robots.
  And if you want to know what that's like, just ask Maria Shriver."
     -- David Letterman


Subject: Cut and run...


Heard it on Randi Rhodes...  when the Rethuglicans say "cut and run", we respond with "lie and die"...

Even though they're lying and others are dying, it works for me...


Write to them, ask if Bush can get a month.

 Call the all new, toll-free


 GOP callers Welcome (snicker)

Dumb Dems: Finding New Ways To Lose
 by Frank Rich


The war is going so badly that it's hard to imagine how the Democrats, fractious as they are, could fail,
particularly if the Republicans insist on highlighting the debacle, as they did last week by staging a
Congressional mud fight about Iraq on the same day that the American death toll reached 2,500.
As Tony Fabrizio said: "The good news is Democrats don't have much of a plan. The bad news is
they may not need one." Actually, though, the Democrats did have some plans, all of them now capsizing.
The biggest was the hope that they could be propelled into power by their opponents' implosions.
On the war, Democrats are fighting among themselves or, worse, running away from it altogether....

The Democrats can always find a way to lose.
All they gotta do is hire Bob Shrum and then surrender at the earliest possible moment.

If they wanted to win, (should I even bother to finish this sentence?)
they'd hire a smart-mouthed, ready-to-fight Okie who enjoys doing battle..


Jennifer Aniston's Nude-Scene Shock
 That day, Vince's parents Dad came to watch



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