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Friday, July 21, 2006  Vol 1803 - Snakes on a PlameJS

Quote of the Day

"The greatest idea stolen from me. 
   I'll bet you Brokaw heard my monolog on that." 
      -- the vulgar Pigboy  Click to hear Rush

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
A New War Frenzy
Bush's Burned Bridges 
Gods among men 
Iraq gets bloody 
Smart vs Grace
Lamont on Lieberman 
Block Unprecedented 
Israel troops massing 
Paris Hilton caught 


Bush Blew a Guy



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"Bush is probably going to have a lot of bills to veto after 
  this November when the Democrats take back Congress." 
     -- Stephen Colbert


A New War Frenzy
  by Robert Parry

In a replay of the emotional war frenzy that preceded the Iraq invasion, the Bush
administration and other Middle East war hawks are prepping the American people
for an even bigger conflagration. Like the run-up to the Iraq War four years ago,
the propagandists are depicting the confrontation in Lebanon in black-and-white terms,
at times crossing over into anti-Arab bigotry.

Note:  is the most important site in the Internet



"I was a Republican - until they lost their minds."  
    -- Charles Barkley, former black republican (super rich)  Link


Bush's Burned Bridges

Things fell apart so quickly. At the beginning of this millennium, the Cold War was over, 
the prosperous United States was the sole remaining superpower and global opinion was
largely sympathetic to U.S. aims....Only six years later, things couldn't be more different. 

The Bush administration's tunnel-vision approach to foreign policy has pushed the U.S. 
and the world into a devastating tailspin of conflict without end.

Gee, really?
Has that news finally hit the West Coast?

You big-time LA reporters need to read



"I know first-hand that people are not born gay."  
    -- Melissa Fryrear, who "cured" herself from lesbianism,  Link

 Was it during Reagan that America began to reject science?


Subject: She

Bart, if John Kerry wins the nomination for President in 2008, will you support him?

I won't have any choice but to support him.
I'm certainly not going to vote for someone who has no chance to win.
That would be stupid.

Seems to me that you spend a lot of time sniping at Kerry,
yet you complain loudly when folks snipe at Hillary.
 Jimmy the rabble rouser

Dude, Kerry gave the drunken Bush boy the car keys, so yes, I hold him
partially responsible for the 2560 dead soldiers killed in the bloody crash..

The difference between her and Kerry is she's going to be president.


Can't hear Mike Malloy live?

Sharp rise in Baghdad violence
 Can't hardly get noticed in Bush's world crumble

 Yahoo News

Bombings and shootings soared by 40 percent in the Baghdad area in the past week.
An American general said extremists were preparing "an all-out assault" on the capital
in a decisive battle for the future of Iraq.

Iraq's most influential Shiite cleric issued his strongest call yet for an end to Shiite-Sunni
bloodletting, urging all Iraqis to wake up to the "danger threatening the future of the country"
and stand "side-by-side against it."

Maj. Gen. William Caldwell said there had been an average of 34 attacks a day involving
U.S. and Iraqi forces in and around the capital since Friday ó up sharply from the daily
average of 24 registered between June 14 and July 13.


Click for larger graph

Bush can't see 50% with a telescope
yet the Democrats are still afraid to challenge him?

Subject: Dowd and Scheiffer

Hi, Bart.

Your comment on the media helping Bush get elected really struck a chord with me.
Just yesterday, Maureen Dowd devoted an entire column to the subject of his
overgrown frat boy demeanor and how ill-suited that is to a world leader.

I sent a letter to the Times reminding them that if she had written this column six years ago
instead of worrying about Gore's wardrobe he might not *be* a world leader right now.

It's interesting that you mentioned Bob Scheiffer's praise for Bush in the 2000 debates.
Ironically, I heard an interview with him just this morning.  He was upset about Bush's veto
of the stem cell research bill.  He was especially concerned because he is a diabetic and
might be helped by such research.  He didn't seem to register that, after all, he had gotten
what he wanted.  It's too bad that the rest of us have gotten it, too.

Lori in NJ

Lori, excellent letter.

Maureen Dowd is a lying whore who, lately, has been telling the truth.
When Clinton was president she lied and lied and forgave Bush's mistakes.
Too bad we couldn't even find ONE REPORTER to ask,
"How many felony convictions does Gov Bush have?"

And yes, Bob Scheiffer was staggered at Bush's "great command of world events,"
which just proves that he and the whore networks want Republicans in office - at any cost.

The GOP was smart enough to create a news network of lying whores.
The Democrats won't do that because, "It's wrong to spin the news."


I think I see a burning cross in that shadow....

Gods among ordinary men

Bush and his cadre of neo-conservatives may think that they are above the law and that 
they can act with impunity and without consequences. They may think of themselves as Gods 
who operate above the strata of ordinary mortals, as the result of their socioeconomic privilege. 
That is because other people have always born the cost of their wrong doing. When a president 
behaves as if the law does not apply to him in essence he is expressing his contempt for the 
people and the rules that govern civil behavior. That is why we have the enormous gulf 
between rich and poor, tax cuts for the wealthy, Iraq and the whole Middle East debacle. 
Bush, Cheney, et al. truly believe that they are better than the rest of us.
Like the spoiled brats they are, each of them became who they are because 
no one ever held them accountable for their actions. We are not holding them 
accountable now and innocent people are paying the cost.

Have you ever heard it plainer than that?


Subject: what about me?

I haven't been able to get BCR either, and I have been a subscriber forever!
I emailed your tech help, so as to avoid bothering you with nonsense like this, but have received no feedback.

My Username and Password no longer work.  It happened sometime after BCR 94 was posted.
What'd I do?  Why do you hate me? (smiley face)

Campy, I got you fixed up - writing was the correct thing to do.

We want every subscriber to hear Bartcop Radio.
If you are current and can't hear it, write and tell us.
It would help to put "Can't get Radio" in the subject line.


Elizabeth Smart vs Nancy Grace
 Somebody got put in their place

Grace did her best to act overwrought with anguish and kept reminding Elizabeth how 
victims donít like to talk about what happened to them. What does she do then? 
Nancy keeps asking her what happened and uses some of the most inane questions 
Iíve heard. At one point Smart looked over to the left as if Grace was out of her mind.
Finally she told Grace to back off.


Subject: Ford Suffers $123 Million Loss


Ford had a $123 million loss in the 2nd and the fags are to blame.
Our boycott of fag-friendly Ford no doubt has affected the sales.
God hates those filthy fags and you should, too.


Donald E. Wildmon, Founder and Chairman
American Anti-Faggot Association

P.S. Please forward this message to everyone who hates fags!

Don, why did God create "defective" human beings to be hated?
Isn't God smarter than that?

Didn't God know how assholes like you would react to his "mistakes?"
Why did God make so many "mistakes," Don?

Or maybe it's you who is making the mistake.
Who's right, Don - you or God?

Plus, what do you want gay people to do?
"Knock it off?"
"Crawl into an oven?"

Do you want them to be retrained to be "normal?"
I'm no expert, but if they can be turned straight, science would say
that means you, Don, can be turned gay, if you're not already.

As one of America's leading gay-bashing bastards, don't you have to
spend a whole lot of your spare time sniffing around a man's back door?

Funny that you'd choose to do that for a living, Don.
You ever get the urge to blow some pipe, Don?

C'mon, tell the truth, Don.  Haven't you ever wondered what it would be like to
be scooped up by some big, strong lumberjack so he could have his way with you?
Have you fantasized about what it would be like to be a helpless bitch in the arms 
of a big, powerful man. Do you get the tinglies "down there" thinking about that, Don?

You're a coward, Don, like the vulgar Pigboy and Michael Savage.
You make money by inciting the homosexual fears of the extra-stupid.
Shame on your cowardly, no-talent ass, fooling the stupidest of us.

I have more in common with Jesus than you do, Don.
That should make you feel bad.

I would tell you to go screw yourself,
but you'd probably get an erection, so I'll pass.


Can't hear Randi live?

Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

Today Marty's E! turns five years old!

Happy Birthday to Marty's E!,
Happy Birthday to Marty's E!,
Happy Birthday to Marty's E!,
Now let's go get the BFEE!

Click on the E!

Lamont Leading Lieberman
 Will George cry when Joe loses?


Ned Lamont has surged ahead of Kissyface Joe Lieberman (D-?) and now holds
51% to 47% lead among likely Democratic primary voters, according to a new poll.

Says pollster Douglas Schwartz: "Lamont is up, while Lieberman's support is dropping.
More Democrats have a favorable opinion of Lamont, who was largely unknown last month,
and see him as a better alternative to Kissyface. But Kissyface's strength among Fascists and
independents gives him the lead in a three-way matchup in November."


Subject: what if they kill Americans?

What if Israelis start killing Americans? It could easily happen because
Americans are also pinned down by Israel's discriminate attacks.

If Israelis kill Americans then who's side are we supposed to be on?
I can't accept that Israeli lives are more important than American lives
or the rights of Israelis are superior to ours. If Americans in Lebanon
are killed by Israelis then Americans have the right to defend themselves.

Marc Perkel
San Francisco, CA.


Print out this wpe-business-card.pdf then cut them up.

If you bought a WPE shirt, it might save you a lot of trouble to
download that PDF and print out 2-3 pages and cut them into little pieces.
Sane Americans who stop you on the street will thank you for it.

Subject: my WPE t-shirt

Nobody sent their picture today?
If you sent it and I didn't print it, send it again.

Send in a picture of you in your WPE t-shirt!
Be seen by dozens!

 Here's my picture, Bart!

 Get WPE t-shirts Here

Subject: Sacred Sand

Bart, you wrote,

> We have thousands of square miles of plain-ass sand in DuPree, Oklahoma,
> where the Israelis could live for hundreds years and never see a blown up school bus.

Does that  come with a Bartcop guarantee, 
or would the Jews be at war with Okie's who claimed they stole their land? 

No, they'd BUY the land.
Land is dirt cheap here.
That's why I suggested Oklahoma and not San Jose.
For the first time, they could own their own land that nobody else could make a claim on.

I suppose that there is no chance that the KKK, Aryan Nation, or BFEE phase 3 would cause 
problems in the future. Do the Jews get to have their own army in Oklahoma to protect themselves? 
Do they get to have their own country so they can be certain they don't get voted off the island?


Nobody can guarantee the future, but I can guarantee they'd be SAFER here,
and isn't that what they want?

Oh, you're right - that's not what they want.

Geez, if the ICB gave them a beehive of poisoned, African bees, would they live with that, too?


Saw Del Castillo last Friday in KC.
 Details in BCR 95, but pictures don't work on radio
 Rick does not necessarily agree with
  everything printed on


Subject: Israel

That's interesting, because your hero Sen. Hillary gave a rabid speech to NY jews
supporting Israel's right to kill Lebanese civilians.  Heard it all on NPR.

Sealed her fate with me--NEVER would vote for her  now.  NEVER.
 Neil in VT

Neil, can I get you a cold, wet cloth?
I noticed your knuckles were bleeding...

Y'know, there are lots of reason I like Las Vegas, but one of the big ones is
if somebody says something that stupid, I have the option to slam a hundred dollars
down on a table and ask you if you're ready to back up a wild-ass horseshit story
like that and you can't hide behind, "But, ...but gambling is illegal here."

Funny that none of the "I can predict the future" types will be joining us in
Las Vegas, thus missing their chance to take my money by using their "special gift."

We both know she didn't say that, which means what she did say wasn't as bad
as whatever wacky story you have in your brain. You need to smoke one.



Over the years, I've had peoiple tell me, "Bart, I don't like Paypal.
I'd donate/subscribe if I could just put it on my credit card."

We just made a deal with the evil Republican bank.
We can now bypass PayPal - 
We can accept credit card payments directly.

American Express

Here's how that works:

Of course, PayPal still works too.

Last night, I was finishing BCR 95, when Mrs Bart called me to dinner.
When I got back, no sound of any kind - nothing.  I turned everything off and
back on and then checked all the wires and everything just as dead as it can be.
In Oklahoma, when the wind blows, we lose power and the 'piter comes back
under different setting, stuff I didn't even know about has been changed.

I have a call into Mr Fix It, let's hope for the best.

But, since I'm trying to arrange for BCR Show 100 to be recorded at The Palms Party,
We might just call Parts 1 & 2 of BCR 95 a show - and begin BCR 96 after Mr Fix It 
gets everything working again.  There's no way expensive equipment should break this often.

Guess I'm just lucky.


Subject: Greetings From Cilacap, Indonesia

What's really frightening is the 32% of Americans who continue
to believe that GWB is smarter than they are.

How you be?

Survived the mini tsunami here on Monday......we live less than a mile from the ocean
that swallowed 100 Cilacap locals and has another 75 so far unaccounted for.

An amazing site as we watched 300,000 people in a panic try to leave this city
by the sea with most of them using the only means available to them, their feet.

All kind of sad.

Robert, glad you're still with us.
Kinda creepy, those tsunamis.

I've been reading newspapers about 45 years and the only tsunamis I ever 
heard of have both happened while Der Monkey was warming the planet.


 Iraq pumps 2,000,000 barrels a day,
(and that was before the 2003 Halliburton Upgrade)
 times today's oil price which is going to $100 a barrel
makes $200,000,000 Bush will steal every day.

You heard it here first.
Oil is going to $100 a barrel, then to $200

No wonder they were so eager to start a war

"Fuck all y'all.
I was the best president ever!"

Bush's "Bring 'em on" death taunt is up to...

2557....2558 American victims

The Iran invasion is back on.


By Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Bush will have killed
more Americans than his old partner Osama.

Blocking Justice "Unprecedented"

Historians will tell you that it's unprecedented for a president of the United States to make 
the personal decision to halt an investigation of his own attorney general and his own attorneys, 
based on his personal decision. Earlier, the president played no role in approving clearances 
for the other people who were familiar with the program. It seems like this is a major

(We gave the dancing tutu senate democrats the day off)


Subject: Sidestepping the issue


It is much easier for you to simply regurgitate the "religious fanatic, "
Islamic Fascist, BS you hear day in and day out on TV.

ha ha

Ol' Bart?  Regurgitating Islamic Fascist, BS?


You've probably heard the audio.
I had no idea there was video.

...and, am I crazy?
Or does he mention
I'm probably crazy.

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"Bush made a number of gaffes at the G-8 Summit. 
  He gave a neck rub to the Chancellor of Germany. 
  So you know what that means?   He's drinking again."
      -- Letterman



"The average blogger is a 14-year-old girl writing about her cat."  
    --Alexander Halavais, Quinnipiac University in CT,    Link


 Call the all new, toll-free


Get your opinion on BartCop Radio

 GOP callers Welcome (snicker)

Israel troops massing on Lebanese border 
 Do you have a family survival kit assembled?

 Yahoo News

Israel massed tanks and troops on the border, called up reserves and warned civilians
to flee Hezbollah-controlled southern Lebanon as it prepared for a likely ground invasion. 

The army's chief of staff said forces would conduct ground operations as needed in Lebanon, 
but, like America's "compassionate conservatove," they would be "limited." 

When they push into Lebanon, we'll find out if Hezbollah has medium-range rockets 
stuffed with nerve gas and sarin and whatever else is cheap and unstable.

The medium range rockets can hit all the Israeli cities that count. If that happens,
Bush will likely endorse a "limited, compasionate" nuclear strike against Iran.

St Peter, call in all shifts because you're about to get busy.


Subject: Scarborough

After seeing Joe Sarborough on The Colbert Report the other night, I have to 
conclude that, apparently, Scarborough still fails to get that Colbert's schtick is 
totally mocking him (Scarborough) and the rest of the righties.  

One would think that after Colbert's outstanding performance at the Washington Press 
Corps dinner the righties would have figured him out by now. 
Could it be that Joe Scarborough, a guy with his own TV show, is that dumb?

NR, yes.


Party at the Palms, Sept 16

 Updates - Info


Paris Hilton caught blowing some dope
 Just like the president - Must be 21 to click



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