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 Weekend-Monday Aug 12-14, 2006  Vol 1818 - War on toothpaste

Quote of the Day

"Lamont's victory highlights what Democrats want 
  from their candidates -- a resolute opposition to 
  Bush's bloody quagmire. 78 percent of Democrats 
  want candidates who oppose the conflict."  
     --Zogby,  Link

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Israel Faults Bush
A Higher Power 
Nobody else see it? 
U.K. Pissed at Bush
Reason to Impeach 
Kissyface Drops Out
Lamont attacks Dick 
Monkey Speak 
Halle Berry X-Men


Bush Blew a Guy


Click to visit


"Cheney's comments about the election were ugly and frightening. They show 
 that he and his party will stop at nothing. Cheney and his crowd are all for free 
 and open elections - as long as they turn out their way. They are all for free speech
 - provided it supports the administration. They are all for the rule of law - as long as 
 the law does not prevent them from doing whatever they want to do. When elections, 
 speeches or laws are inconvenient, he does not hesitate to declare that they are 
 helping the terrorists. I can think of no graver offense against our democracy." 
      -- Ted Kennedy, finding the courage to speak out against the murderous thugs   Link


Israeli Leaders Fault Bush on War
   by Robert Parry

Amid the political and diplomatic fallout from Israel's faltering invasion of Lebanon, some Israeli
officials are privately blaming President George W. Bush for egging Prime Minister Ehud Olmert
into the ill-conceived military adventure against the Hezbollah militia in south Lebanon.

Bush conveyed his strong personal support for the military offensive during a White House meeting
with Olmert on May 23, according to sources familiar with the thinking of senior Israeli leaders.

Olmert, who like Bush lacks direct wartime experience, agreed that a dose of military force against
Hezbollah might damage the guerrilla group's influence in Lebanon and intimidate its allies, Iran and
Syria, countries that Bush has identified as the chief obstacles to U.S. interests in the Middle East.

Bush seems to be doing everything he can to build a bigger, meaner Iraq.
Remember, Iranian terrorists put Poppy Bush in the White House.
There's be no Bush Family Evil Empire without the Iranian terrorists and Hezbollah.

Note:  is the most important site in the Internet


A Higher Power
 James Baker to rehab Monkey's Quagmire

Besides Baker, the bipartisan task force is co-chaired by Lee Hamilton, (R-Whitewash).
Baker and Whitewash Hamilton recruited a handjob task force, evenly split between
Republicans who worship Bush and Democrats on the BFEE payroll. The Republicans
Sandra Day O'Connor, Alan Simpson and Edwin Meese. The Democrats include
Vernon Jordan, the lawyer who agreed with baker than Kerry would ask no questions
of Der Monkey in those lost-before-he-started 2004 presidential debates.

Vernon Jordan makes me sick.
After he and Baker agreed that Bush wouldn't have to answer any questions besides the 
silly puff questions from the adoring press, they had drinks and laughs - at America's expense.

Or, maybe he was under orders from Kerry to agree to every Baker demand.
Either way, the election was sealed when Vernon Jordan agreed to the fixed debates.


Subject: Mentos and Gatorade?

They were going to blow up planes with Mentos and Gatorade?

If that much power can be developed from such innocuous and readily available
substances I think we have just found the solution to our dependence on foreign oil.

Excuse me, I'm off to the nearest 7-11.


Nobody else see it?

We have 139,000 soldiers in Iraq.

On This Whore with Judas Maximus, McCain said we only have 7,000 in Baghdad.
You figure we have 2-4,000 in the smaller cities leaving about 120,000 unaccounted for.

If the unaccounted for 120,000 soldiers aren't guaring the pipeline, where are they?
They damn sure aren't securing the borders.
Where else can they be BUT guarding Bush's precious pipeline that's stealing the oil?

If Bush isn't stealing the oil, why not shut down the refineries and the piplelines
and use the entire 139,000 to finally gain control of Iraq and it's borders?

What else could explain the insanity of sending 139,000 soldiers there
and only using 7,000 to attempt (and fail) to control the biggest city?

Iraq pumps to 2.5M barrels per day.

At $75 a barrel, that's $187,000,000 per day!

Why doesn't somebody ask about that?

The troop positioning seems to prove the oil is all that matters to them.
What else could explain "stay the course" for this ongoing disaster?

"Oil makes the world go 'round..."


How does Ann Coulter sell so many books?

Subject: "highly regarded Dick"

Bart, I am in no way defending this Dick. However,
I have to ask you this question...have you ever been to N.H.?

I am not surprised by some of the adjectives used here for Hillary.
She is not going to win these people over. They know what they know and nothing is going to change it for them.

So maybe Dick is a dick, but I think 3/4's of what he lists here are probably actual quotes.

My guess is all those quotes were accurate, but that wasn't the point.

I could interview Christopher Hitchens and then say, "Reporters at The Nation
described Mother Teresa as, 'that dirty whore' and 'The Ghoul of Calcutta.' "

The man was described as "a pollster," to give him credibility, but he jettisoned that
credibility when he hand-picked some folks, then hand-picked some of their quotes,
pretending that he has "the scoop" on what "the people" think about her.

Sad to say, but most people are more stupid even than Ol' Bart.   They read a fake story like that,
then they read a fake poll over at, maybe catch some Rush or Hannity or O'Reilly,
then they feel  like they are "armed with the facts" that her Satanic ass is polling at near zero.

So, it's time to ditch the 25-point front-runner and give ...Tim Kaine another look?


Forced Perspective

This Jon Stewart clip is 
damn funny for 4 minutes,
but they suddenly stopped laughing 
when the point was brought home.

Take the time - it's 4 minutes.

U.K. Pissed at Bush
 by Lisa Myers (R-Slut) so it could all be a lie

U.S. and British authorities had a significant disagreement over when to move in on the
suspects in the alleged plot to bring down trans-Atlantic airliners bound for the United States.

British police were planning to continue to run surveillance for at least another week to try to
obtain more evidence, while American officials, reeling from the Lamont emergency, pressured
them to arrest the suspects sooner.

In contrast to previous reports, the official suggested an attack was not imminent, saying the
suspects had not yet purchased any airline tickets. Even worse, some had no passports,
so they weren't going anywhere - at least no "imminent" travel was possible.

Bush and Rove had to get Lamont OUT of the headlines, so they pulled this scary stunt.
The Brits will get LESS intelligence from this operation because King Goerge put his
political fortune ahead of the safety of both countries.

I believe he has broken the vow to "protect and defend the United States
to the best of his ability." I think he should be impeached for that - am I alone?

Plus this from

The London terror plan was "known" last Sunday by British and American authorities,
according to the Indian press. American Airlines flight 109 from London to Boston
boarded a family of five, however, after the plane left Heathrow authorities determined
that the father appeared on a British suspect list drawn up after the 7/7 London transit
attacks. At first, the pilot was instructed to fly all the way to Boston where U.S.
authorities could claim credit for apprehending the suspect.
However, the pilot, fearing for the safety of his passengers and crew, refused and quickly
returned to Heathrow without informing the passengers. Once on the ground, it was
discovered that the male had in his carry-on baggage the type of combination liquid
explosive and electronic device now being hyped by the British and American media.

This is all politics to those dirty bastards.

Too bad the Democrats can't find any fault with these crooks.

             "Bush is our hero... and that's not going to change."


Subject: Excuse...'representing millions'

Bart, You conveniently forget UNSCOM, Ritter and 91-98 rotorooter, proctology exam
of SoDamnInsane's weapons programs and the later UN testimony of IAEA Director
General Elbaradei and finally Hans Blix, all of whom were shouting from the roof tops
that Saddam had no WMD.  Political posturing and CYA by dems in particular is blaring.

Chris in Nevada

Dude, you're in Nevada - do you gamble?
You're acting brave because there's no price to pay when you're wrong.
I'll bet blindly (cause I don't have time to look it up) that you are wrong.

Did Ritter, Elbarandei and Blix say, "We're so certain Saddam has no WMDs
and no delivery systems for them that we'd bet our family's lives on that?"

Or did they say, "We're unable to locate or substantiate any WMDs far?"
I remember them asking for "more time" to inspect.
Why would they need more time after they'd concluded there were no WMDs?

A great thing about gambling is once you lose your money, that lesson is learned.
People are much less likely to pop off with "guarantees" when someone says,
"Are you willing to back up that guarantee with some cash?"

Your "You conveniently forget" came off as a taunt.
If you were that brave in Vegas, I'd take your money.


Subject: Wes Clark

Bart, Wes Clark = Waco!!

 Mike W

Mike, you have no idea what you're talking about.

In 1993, Clark's Commander in Chief called him and said,
"General, the FBI wants a tank. I order you to loan them one."

Clark said, "Yes Sir," and that was his involvement in Waco.

<Bart does a shot>

Why does our side keep spreading falsehoods about our most electable people?
Why do Democrats have such a hueueuege suicide complex?



"Lieberman is not only running as the de facto Republican in the race, he's running 
  as the worst sort of Republican, going on the trail claiming that any serious questioning 
  of our policy in Iraq is a victory for the terrorists. With Lamont, those guys might have 
  blown up the plane. Leaving Iraq is a win for the terrorists. That was after Wednesday 
  when Joe pledged to save the Democratic party from extremists." 
      --Josh Marshall,


Subject: Her: Bart I used to love you,

Hello Bart,
The Clintons are adept at clearing the playing field of any viable competition to Hillary.

That's called "politics."
They are good at it.
Don't hate them for being winners - they're on our side.

They are completely entangled in their political alliances in order to keep their
lovely inebriated state of wealth and privilege afloat. For their own necessity,
they are hogging the playing field and keeping fresh talent and ideas from emerging.

You're saying they were born into riches and privilege?
Or did they work their way up from extreme poverty to become the best?

So, the pickings are naturally pretty slim, but I'd put my vote on anyone except her
if I could vote in the Democratic primary. However, I think she will be her own
impediment to winning the presidency and maybe even the primary. To move to
the future requires change and sticking with Hillary who is a relic of the dysfunctional
Democratic machine is not going to get us there, in my opinion.

Let's all hop on the Kucinich bandwagon right now.
(I don't hate Dennis, he just polls at 1 percent)

You and other bloggers have tremendous political clout. Without your support of Hillary,
she wouldn't have the power to get out of bed in the morning. She would just be another
lobbyist parading as a senator. The Internet support is the thread that keeps her hanging on.

As far as I know, this is the ONLY site that doesn't hate her f-ing guts.
What other site tells you the facts - that she's 25 points ahead of the others?
Many Dem sites, some of the biggest ones, are telling outright lies about her.

Anyway, I'm not going to persuade you to change your mind about the Clintons,
but I wish you would reconsider having them bronzed -- they would make lovely monuments.

Thanks for "listening" and all the best to you,

Cute line about the bronzing, 
but I'm tired of Bush's wars and crimes so *I* want change.


Another Reason to Impeach

Keith Olbermann shows how every time Bush gets caught
or something embarrassing happens to him, they fake a terror alert.

...and the Democrats just take it - again and again.

When Clinton hit Saddam, a legitimate military strike, they screamed,
"Wag the dog! He's trying to cover-up Monica!"

But when Bush pulls his anti-Lamont stunt, they're all as quiet as they can be.

             "Bush is our hero... and that's not going to change."

I am so goddamn tired of the scared-bunny Democrats rolling over so this crooked president
can invade, murder, steal and throw away our constitution and the right to have our votes counted..

How did I get in such a spineless party?


The net's best advertising deal

Reach over twenty people per penny.

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"That may be the way Cheney sees it...but I don't see it that way, 
   and I don't think most Americans see it that way."  
     --Former Homeland Sec Chief Tom Ridge, on Dick Cheney's claim
        that Lamont's victory would encourage 'al Qaeda types',


Kissyface Will Drop Out
 Does Lawrence O'Donnell read

Lieberman came within four points of Lamont by climbing up on the shoulders of Bill and Her.
Now, both Clintons and everyone else in the Party are carrying Lamont on their shoulders.
In September, Clinton will be onstage hugging his new best friend in Lamont commercials.

(Cheap shot, O'Donnell - like Bill should shun the Demo nominee?)

The Clinton and Dodd defections will cost Kissyface ten points.
If Cheney continues to say nice things about Lieberman, it'll cost him another ten points.
And Lieberman campaigning alone, all alone, will look very bitter.
Voters aren't drawn to bitter.


Subject: Franken vs Her

Too bad that Al Franken didn't stay in New York to run against Hillary.
There's not a lot of flags being burned in Manhttan.
Guess that our senator is out of touch with her constituents (like Lieberman).

Cheryl T in New York

Cheryl, do you reject my "innoculation" theory?
Or are you not familiar with it?

In the summer of 2008, the GOP will try to paint Hillary as being 100 times more lefty
radical than Jane Fonda ever was. They'll claim she never once supported anything but
ultra-leftist, Code Pink, anti-family hokum legislation and many other lies.

When they do, Hillary will point out that she voted for the war, she put her name on that
nutty-ass flag burning amendment, she proposed age limits on super-violent video games
and whatever else she has in her war chest. She's solving problems before they happen.

Because she's smart. That's what smart people do.

You don't wait until after you step into a hole and break your leg.
She's got a flashlight to prevent stepping in the hole in the first damn place.
Other Democrats aren't 1/3 as smart as the Bill-and-Her team.

She's going to be president and kick the petrol-fascists back to Texas.

...if she can survive the Democratic knives in her back.


Lamont attacks heartless Dick
 The more I know, the more I like this guy


"My God, here we have a terrorist threat against hearth and home and the very first thing
that comes out of their mind is how can we turn this to partisan advantage. I find that offensive,"
Lamont said in an interview Sunday with The Whore Associated Press.

Cheney suggested that Lamont's victory might encourage "the al-Qaida types."
Lamont said Lieberman's swipe at his candidacy "sounded an awful lot" like Cheney.

"It surprised me," he said. "It seemed almost orchestrated. It's sort of demeaning to the
people of Connecticut. ... I thought Kissyface and the heartless Dick were both wrong
to use that attack (strategy) on the voters of Connecticut."

Kamp Kissyface shot back.

"All Joe did was point out an important difference between the Bush approach to
national security and the Democrat's approach, which is what campaigns are all about,"
said Lieberman spokesman Dan Gerstein.

Yeah, Dude - we know.
That's why your guy lost - he sided with the losers and against his own party.


Subject: Del Castillo in Lexington, MI

Dear Bart:

My wife and I saw Del Castillo in Lexington, MI last Friday.
It was the first exposure to the group for both of us.
We really enjoyed the show and we have invited
some friends to go see them with us on Saturday.

I really enjoyed the guitar playing.
I can't tell you what they played except they closed with Solito Lindo(sic?)
They did say that they were moving to Lexington as it was the ultimate place.
(I told you this is a very nice place to be in July and August.)

My wife and I returned last night to see Del Castillo's second show.
We met 3 friends there.  The crowd was about 3 times as large as last night.
Mark and Rick were much more energetic as well.

They closed with a rousing medley that included Rick and Mark
dueling it out, both with guitars behind their backs.  Amazing.

Thanks for the tip.


Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

Click on the E!

Monkey Speak
 Outrage over Bush's 'fascist' remarks


Bush said: "It was a stark reminder this nation is at war with Islamic fascists 
who will use any means to destroy those of us who love freedom, to hurt our nation."

Describing Bush's remarks as "ill-conceived" and "inappropriate", expatriates from Britain, 
India and Pakistan said some stores in Riyadh had already withdrawn American products 
from their shelves in response to the US' anti-Islam campaign. "By linking Islam with fascism, 
Bush is stoking the fire of hatred against his country and his people, besides further expanding 
the recruitment pool of extremists," said the expatriates.

One British expatriate told Arab News that Bush's remarks were racist.

"Would the term fascist also apply to the members of other communities? 
We never speak of Christian fascists or Jewish fascists. On what ground 
has the US president used the term with reference to Muslims?" he asked.


Subject: WPE in LA Times

Saw this on the L.A. Times website this morning.

Pat in Kapolei


Bartcop Radio's Tally le Femme scoots
to work on her customized WPE shirt.

Subject: The Nancy Grace WMD guarantee?

Hi Bart,

We've been through this before, but have you yet found any press link for this
secret-cia-guarantee briefing.  Are you sure you didn't dream it?  Maybe in the
same dream in which you saw Hilary actually winning the Dem primary?

Last time I asked you for a link you told me to go to google.  I don't find anything like it when I google.
Of course, I don't claim to be a great googler. But, the thing is, I don't remember anything like a
"guarantee briefing" being reported in the press at the time.  And I was watching pretty closely.

I'd like to see a link to prove that this "guarantee briefing" isn't the creation of your imagination.
I'm not saying that you made it up on purpose.  I expect it's just a matter of interpretation.
You read about a briefing once, probably a long time ago.  You think Hilary is the Dem's best hope.
You want to explain her otherwise inexplicable Iraq Attack vote.  You dimly recall the report of a cia briefing.

In your mind it becomes a "Nancy Grace guarantee" rendering any opposition to the UOF treasonous.
Thus, Hilary was right to vote yes.  Case closed.  I'd just like to know a little more about this briefing,
since it has become so important to your political outlook.  So can you give us a link?

Keep hammering
Neal in Batavia

Neal, you're going about this the wrong way.
What you're supposed to do is say, "I got $200 that says you made it up."
That way, I'd make $200 and you'd learn not to make ignorant bets.
Until a price is attached to your recklessness, you'll continue to act that way.

It's a mistake to google for "guarantee briefing."
I hope I didn't use those words because *I* don't know what was said at the meeting.

But whatever was said, whatever "proof" was shown, it was enough to make them vote
to give Bush the power to wage was IF NECESSARY, which it obviously (now) wasn't.


 Iraq pumps 2,000,000 barrels a day,
(and that was before the 2003 Halliburton Upgrade)

 Iraq oil output up to 2.5M barrels per day
 times today's oil price which is going to $100 a barrel
makes $250,000,000 Bush will steal every day.

You heard it here first.
Oil is going to $100 a barrel, then to $200

No wonder they were so eager to start a war

Bush's "Bring 'em on" death taunt is up to...

2597....2601 American victims


By Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Bush will have killed
more Americans than his old partner Osama.


"Joe Lieberman would sell his mother to Iran's Ahmahanjob if it would guarantee him 
  six more years. It's not about partisanship or ideological purges. It's about the inability 
  to know when you are not wanted. When you have been rejected. So take a hint, Joe. 
  Then take a walk."  
       --TBogg,   Link



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Neil Young

Subject: British terror plot

Something in this story doesn't add up.
These alleged suicide bombers are all British citizens, some of them are middle-class
white kids recently converted to Islam.  I haven't seen any reports that the police found
any actual explosives or chemical precursors, nor any modified cell phones or Ipods to
be used as detonators.

I'm going to go out on a limb and predict that most of these suspects will be released
with no more than minor charges, and it may turn out that this was some kind of hoax
or frame-up, possibly to embarrass the police or to expose spys and traitors within Al Queda.

 Steve A.

Dude, I agree, why would they release any of them?
That would be admitting a mistake.

At least on this side of the ocean, our leaders don't admit mistakes, even when it's obvious.
Plus, if Oprah has them on her show Bush would sink deeper in the polls.

I don't think they'll release them for a loooooong time.


Gold's poker face wins him $12 million

                 Jamie Gold's $12 million in cash


When Jamie Gold bluffed, his opponents folded. When he had the best hand, they threw in
all their chips. With a run of cards, a huge chip stack and an uncanny knack for reading
other players, Gold, a talkative former Hollywood talent agent, cajoled his way to victory
Friday at the World Series of Poker for the $12 million grand prize.


TV Stuff

Weeds is back, starting tonight.
It's funny as hell and shows that flower smokers ...almost human.
Nancy's brother Andy hates Bush's thugs as much as any of us.

Are The Emmys next weekend?
Denis Leary should run the table.
His Rescue Me is TV's best show.

The William Shatner Roast next Sunday on the Comedy Channel.
Is that going to be killer TV or what?


Subject: Michael Moore

Bart, I thought, read, (in real time) that the reason for the near total support for
the stance against Saddam was to give a united front when Bush went to the UN.
Why don't I ever hear that now?

Good question.
If the Dem senators believed Bush's fake "evidence," I think they could be forgiven for
standing by him as we sent our troops into battle. Seems like all they need to say is:
"We had no idea Bush would be so petty, and lie about something as important
  as risking 100,000 troops for some bullshit so he could steal billions of oil dollars.
  We expected Bush to have the country's best interests at heart when he committed
  troops to battle and we were shocked to find out he was lying the whole damn time."

What did the Playboy article say?

I assume you mean Al Franken?
Franken said something like, "The reasons to go to war seemed authentic at the time."
I think he said he bought Colin Powell's pictures and maps - seemed like "solid evidence" at the time."

I can't blame the Dems for standing behind the President.  I do think they should have
bailed a long time ago though.   Yes.I will vote for HER, I'll vote for whoever the DLC
decides, but I'll  vote absentee because I may upchuck if I have to vote for Kerry again.

Democrats are inept, scared and suicidal, but they're not crazy enough to 
send John Kerry back into battle after his cowardly performance last time.


Party at the Palms, Sept 16

 New Updates - Info

 I need to hear from you.


Halle Berry on your computer

               Halle Berry at the X-Men premiere



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