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 Tues-Wed   Aug 15-16, 2006  Vol 1819 - Must love wars

Quote of the Day

"Ken Mehlman twice refused the chance 
  to say that the GOP supports Schlesinger 
  over Lieberman.   Fascinating." 
      --Political Wire,     Link  

 Damn, I almost feel a little sorry for Schlesinger.
 His own party won't support him?
 What did he do wrong?

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Bush declares victory
Hoping for Fear
Random thoughts 
MoDo hates her
God Fires Liars 
Foxes kidnapped
I Hate the DLC 
Sore losers 
Kate loses a Crowe


Bush Blew a Guy


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"Tony Snow said Bush will not endorse the 
  Republican running against Lieberman in November." 
        --Political Wire,    Link

This is getting weird...

Is Lieberman gay, too?

                       "Is he?"


Bush declares victory


On Monday, both Israel and Bush portrayed Hezbollah as the loser - and by extension,
its main backers, Iran and Syria. "There's going to be a new power in the south of Lebanon," Bush said.

But Hezbollah's leader, Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, claimed a "strategic, historic victory."

Much of the Arab and Muslim worlds would agree. Hezbollah's ability to withstand the Israeli military
- and hit back with deadly ambushes and cross-border rocket volleys - has given it heroic stature.

In Damascus, Syrian President Bashar Assad said the region has changed "because of the achievements"
of Hezbollah, and U.S.-supported political changes were "an illusion."

To the disinterested observer, it seems Israel has suffered their first defeat.
They began with the intent to "crush" Hezbollah.
They scaled that back to "inflict damage" on Hezbollah.
That was scaled back to "create a buffer zone."
That was scaled back to, "the world hates us more than ever."

They learned the Kissyface lesson - allign with Bush and you lose.


Hoping for Fear
  by Paul Krugman

We now know that from the very beginning, the Bush administration and its allies in Congress
saw the terrorist threat not as a problem to be solved, but as a political opportunity to be exploited.
The story of the latest terror plot makes the administration's fecklessness and cynicism on terrorism
clearer than ever.

Fecklessness: the administration has always pinched pennies when it comes to actually defending
America against terrorist attacks. Now we learn that terrorism experts have known about the threat
of liquid explosives for years, but that the Bush administration did nothing about that threat until now,
and tried to divert funds from programs that might have helped protect us. "As the British terror plot
was unfolding," reports The Associated Press, "the Bush administration quietly tried to take away
$6 million that was supposed to be spent this year developing new explosives detection technology."


Subject: Bush loses war

Bush just lost another war to Hezbollah, Syria, and Iran.
I say Bush lost the war because it turns out that it was Bush who talked Israel into fighting
a proxy war against Hezbollah and failed to get Syria and Iran involved in a larger regional war.

The losers in the war includes the people of Lebanon, a democracy almost wiped out by the
US and Israel.    Israel and the US are also big losers because this war was an unjust war and it
has turned world opinion against us. The winners, unfortunately, are Hezbollah, who held off the
Israelis and Iran and Syria who had the restraint to not get involved, and Islamic radicals.

Because America has a weak and stupid president, Bush has made us weaker while making
Islamic terrorists stronger. It is time we get rid of the Republican congress so that we can impeach
this criminal and restore America to be a force for good rather than the biggest threat to democracy
and freedom on the planet.

Bush has make us the bad guys now that we have destroyed
yet another nation we have to do whatever it takes to stop him.

Marc Perkel
San Francisco, CA



After 6 years, no one should be surprised at the levels Cheney can reduce himself to in his 
unending efforts to smear his political foes.  Cheney told reporters that Democratic voters 
encourage "al-Qaida" types. He then made reference to an "Al-Qaida for Ned" blog."
       --BerkshireEagle Editorial,   Link

Too bad the Democrats can't figure a way to fight back. How about, 

"Who made a deal with Hezbollah to steal an election in 1980?"


Cheney sold oil field equipment to Iraq in the nineties over at Halliburton,
and now Saddam's on trial for crimes he committed in the eighties!

Who's really helping the terrorists?

Did Osama do a commercial for Kerry?  
No, he did one for Bush and helped him win in 2004.
Who's really helping the terrorists?

Why doesn't anybody mention the obvious?
Who's really helping the terrorists?

He accuses the innocent of the crimes he, personally, has committed,
but the Democrats are just too shy to bring up THE FACTS.

                     "Fighting never solved anything, Bart..." 


Subject: that terror plot


Didja ever stop to think that maybe the plot IS the terror? Think with me a minute:
A group of  "terrorists" get together and conjure up some bizarre scheme with a
"Snakes on a Plane" level of probability. Through whatever means they allow
themselves to get caught, and then they just sit back and watch the fun.

We will quite happily wreck our economy and give up our rights so we are
protected from wristwatch hydraulic fluid igniters or whatever other
MacGyver-esqe plan the "terrorists" supposedly hatched.

Sure the perpetrators will do some time in lockup, but they didn't have to go out
in a red mist screaming "Allah Akbar!" I think every time DHS & TSA screw with
our right to travel freely within our own country, the terrorists chalk up a win.


Dude, good point.
Next, Bush will fabricate a "paper bomber" and then we won't be allowed
to board a plane with any papers of any kind - while they laugh at us.

Hey - how about a "women's clothes bomb?"  :)


Dragonlady has always hated Her

I never had Maureen Dowd pegged as a woman-hater - until Saturday. That's when MoDo
unleashed the worst in a long series of attacks on Senator Hillary Clinton that was, frankly,
a pathetic scattering of weak, misogynistic crumbs. Look, you can oppose Clinton on many
grounds if you're a Democrat sizing up the 2008 field: her support for the war, some of the
failures of the Clinton presidency, even the clearly apparent size of her massive ambition
(though how this is a downside for a politician is beyond me). But too many of my friends
on the left are far, far from gender neutral in summing up Mrs. Clinton.

Let's run Dowd's column from Saturday's Times - headlined "Henny Penny Harridan"
through the handy code-word and loaded-phrase collander, shall we? Ready, go...

    Woman of passion (sarcastic reference)
    The Taming of the Shrew
    Bring Rummy to heel...
    Staged a drama in three acts...
    Queen of Hearts
    Climactic demand for his head...
    Hillary unmanned Rummy...
    She tartly summed up...
    You harridan hippy-dippy Henny Penny (In Rumsfeld's imagined voice)
    Hauteur, self-righteousness, scriptedness, infighting and belief in [her] own manifest destiny.....

Reads like a woman-hating Maureen Dowd column.

Each time I see a slur-filled, name-calling hit piece against Her, I come to the conclusion
that these haters have nothing substance on which to attack her - so it's all insults.
It's like they're getting paid by the slur, and they very well might be.

The most boring story in politics is Her 25-point lead.
So, to get attention, they attack her because Bush is doing such a swell job.


Subject: Oh, fire trucks, Bart

Regarding the business of Iraq and WMDs:

Any reasonable person had all the evidence they needed
to say it was highly unlikely that Saddam had such weapons.

You are a crazy man.
You just said "any reasonable person" had as much intel in 2003 as the CIA?
What are you - on something?

The point is Bush misused the intelligence, and had the CIA lie to the senate.
What a crazy position to take - that "everybody" knew as much as our top spies.

Your approach -- saying it is not a gamble any politician could or should take -- simply
justifies Dick Cheney. Remember him -- anything bad with 1% risk of  happening is to be
acted upon as though it was certain to happen.

Nobody said that.
You can't state my position for me.
I doubt the CIA said, "There's a one percent chance Saddam has WMDs,"
and that made the senate Democrats vote for war.

So by your standards, any corrupt group of politicos with the juice to influence its
intelligence-gathering organizations can create any outlandish, trumped-up reason they want
to justify war, murder, imprisonment, arms sales and what have you. I'm certainly willing to
risk my life and my family's lives on the bet that terrorism is a far smaller threat to them than
global warming, idiots with knives and guns, drunk drivers and oversexed clergymen.

But you miss the entire point.
The senate didn't get to pick-and-choose what intel to believe.
What part of "They were lied to" is hard to understand?
None of us knows what was said at the briefing, so we have no choice but to
assume that whatever they were told, it was enough to convince them.

However, you may be right if your point is that our senate Democrats were too scared
to raise a peep. If that's your assertion, recent history will back you up all the way.

Otherwise, keep up the hammerin' and yammerin and all the entertaining stuff you do!
 Johnny Ro


Random thoughts...

If you're Catholic, married in the Church, and you get a divorce at the Courthouse,
and later on get back together, can you re-marry the same person in the Church?


Battling Quotes

"All the American policies have failed because the American analysis of the 
  situation is wrong; it is not related to reality. The slaughtered Iraqi man on 
  the street conveys the best explanation" for what's happening in Iraq."  
       -- Shiite Muslim parliament member Jalal al Saghir,

"There's been great progress over the last two years, and you've been here 
  enough where you've seen the situation ebb and flow just like it is now. 
  We're ebbing right now."  
        --Gen. George W. Casey Jr., Rosy Asessments on Iraq

Wait, let me get this straight:

It was a crime when Clinton tried to hide the truth about Monica,
but it's legal for this general to lie another thousand men into the ground?

"It's funny how shit works out... heh heh"


Jon Stewart Mocks Ken Mehlman

Subject: Innoculation theory

Hey Bart,

How can you defend the candidacy of any politician by claiming they voted for things
like the Bush War so they will be immune to swiftboat attacks when they run for president?

Those are precisely the kind of self-serving hacks that the country is trying to purge the government of.
Hillary is smart, but she has no idea which way the winds will be blowing in the summer of 2008.
I think you just stabbed her in the back with your "innoculation" theory.

 Lou K

I doubt that the most intelligent political operatives of our time would allow themselves
to be exposed by some low-IQ Okie tequilier with with a Bixby sweet corn fetish

You and I don't think big.

It's my guess, late in Bill's second term, they set a course for Her to be president.
Sure, Hillary could've voted the "right" way on every issue, and faded into history as a loser.
Instead, she played the game and now she's in a position to assume power..


Random thoughts...

Boy George (the singer) had one big hit and a couple of small hits
back in the late 80s, almost 20 years ago.  So why is that "news,"
and pictures of him picking up trash, the biggest story of the week?

If it hadn't been for Bush's phony British "liquid terror plot"
Boy George would be the biggest story of this summer - why?

Also, I wanted to put up a sample from BCR 96.
If you've heard BCR 96, and if something struck you as good or funny,
please write and say which bit you think is worth sampling for the others.

Oh, and if you would, make it a bit with Ol' Bart?
We already know the Mike Malloy and Randi Rhodes bits are great!



"From a military perspective, Hizbullah won. 
  Israel has been defeated from the beginning. 
  The Israelis have become a subject of ridicule."  
       -- Syrian President Bashar Assad,    Link

I'm not asking for a fight,
but does anyone think Israel won this mess?


Why I Hate the DLC
 by David Sirota

The DLC is funded by huge contributions by some of the largest and most powerful
multinational corporations in the world - companies like Chevron, DuPont, Enron, IBM,
Merck, Microsoft, Philip Morris, Texaco, and Verizon who eagerly forked over the
$25,000 entry fee to be on the DLC's "executive council." As the Prospect noted, the DLC's
"revenues climbed steadily upward, reaching $5 million in 1996 and, according to its most
recent available tax returns, $6.3 million for 1999. " Said the organization's executive director:
"Our revenues for 2000 will probably end up around $7.2 million."

Is Bush doing such a great job, that David Sirota must turn his guns on the Democrats?

He apparently wants big business to contribute all their donations to the GOP.
I guess that way, we can run one of those idealistic handjob campaigns where
we refuse all money that comes to us in large amounts?
Great idea - let's fight the Republicans with nickles and dimes!

And if that works, wouldn't it follow that we'd even have more success if
we allowed no contributions more than, say, fifty cents?

Sure, it's possible that Sirota has a point, but it's hard to get past all the name-calling
and hate-adjectives he crams into each sentence and yes, he's slamming Democrats.

Could someone get word to Dave that if we fire OUTSIDE from inside the circle,
more of us will be alive to vote on election day than if we shoot INWARDS?

Dave, is Bush that perfect?
You only have time to slam your own?

Non-political sidebar:
Sirota is hard to read, and so is Josh Marshall because they can't hardly get thru
each sentence without a link inside that sentence.  I counted 25 links - in one story.

I tried to read a Josh Marshall column earlier today, it took me 45 minutes to get thru
the first three paragraphs because I was clicking on all those links.  Pretty soon, I had
nine windows open and I couldn't find my way back to Josh so I lost him and his column.

I blame the Catholics...


Subject: my WPE shirt

Just wanted to let you know about my WPE shirt's first day out.
We went to the Field Museum in Chicago, and I've never had
so many strangers come up to me in public before.

At lunch at McDonald's, the cashier seemed distracted by my shirt
but didn't say anything. Then as we were eating, a woman walked by
and told me she loved it.

In the gift shop, a woman took one look at me and yelled ahead to her friendas
who were walking out, "Come back here, you have to see this! No, it's worth it
to come back in here." So they came back and all laughed and nodded their approval.
The woman then told me I made her day.

In the Pawnee lodge built inside the museum, the employee there said he had to
disagree with my shirt. "Grant was much worse" he said with a grin. We proceeded
to compare notes on each president, and I think we tied.

Waiting at the front of the line at the King Tut exhibit, the employee who was waiting
for the signal to let us in asked why I thought he was the worst, so I started the long list.
Then she jumped right in and joined the tirade. My friends and I had a nice conversation
with her about the state of our nation and the world.

Then when we got to the main entrance of the Tut exhibit, where they give you a
brief introduction before letting you in, a woman said she loved my shirt, then her
friend said, "He's the anti-Christ," and a few others joined in the chorus.
And not one negative comment.

Can't wait to take it for another spin!


How to reach 100,000
people for less than $1.00

2 Fox News reporters kidnapped in Gaza
 No, not Sheperd Smith - Nothing on about this?

A Fox employee in Gaza said reporter Steve Centanni, a U.S. citizen, 
and a cameraman from New Zealand were kidnapped.

The men and their bodyguard were parked near the headquarters of the Palestinian 
security services when two trucks filled with masked gunmen pulled up and boxed 
them in, the Fox employee said. The gunmen took the two reporters from the sports 
utility vehicle, which was marked "TV," and drove away, he said.


Subject: Darwinism and Her

I'm with you Bart, I'd vote for Kucinich in a nano-second,
but he's not going to win, so I WILL vote for the Dem candidate.

This self destructive behaviour of the dems is a recipe for extiction.
If they want change then let's get a Democrat in there and THEN. work for change.


Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

Click on the E!

God Fires Falwell, Dobson et al.
 He got tired of them lying in His name


In a surprise announcement, God today demanded the immediate resignations of
Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson and James Dobson as his self-proclaimed spokesmen.

In a personal fax sent to each of these quasi-religious representatives, God stated that
"Because the three of you have consistently misstated and perverted my teachings for your own
aggrandizement I am forced to order each one of you to cease and desist using my name for your
personal profit. This command is effective immediately. Any violations will be dealt with severely."

Authenticity of the faxed document was verified by several scholars who said that it produced a
divine brightness that was not of this world and could only have come from the Creator. Professor
Richard Fenwick of Harvard's School of Divinity said, "There is no doubt that it is original. We can tell
this by the masterly use of language and the heavenly calligraphy. Clearly, this came from the Man Himself."


Subject: sounds like a winner

She said::

"What sense does it make to cut anti-terrorism funding to New York by 40 percent
  but give tax cuts to billionaires who live in New York City?" she said.

John Kerry NEVER was bright enough to GET IT about simple language.
Simple. Straight-forward. Duh.


Subject: Did you miss this?

Zvo (of "I used to love you Bart" fame) wrote,

> "So, the pickings are naturally pretty slim, but I'd put my vote
>   on anyone except her if I could vote in the Democratic primary."

If Zvo can't vote in the Democratic primary, that's because he/she is not a registered Democrat.
I was just wondering why you didn't shut them down at that point?

Dude, let's you and I smoke a peace pipe while we talk...

As you know, I have edited your words.
I don't think Zvo is the enemy.
Unregistered Democrats are not the enemy.
I think Zvo wanted more information on which to base a decision..

Lemme know if you want....
  -Rex Devious

Yes, I would like that which you have offered.

PS. Has Lamont got a pair, or what?

Yes, he seems to have a pair.
He's like a rock group with a monster first album.

He made Kissyface eat it, then two days later told Cheney to "suck it."

Hey, Ned, if you want a loose-cannon, smart ass in the room at volley time,

...I'm right here.



 Iraq pumps 2,000,000 barrels a day,
(and that was before the 2003 Halliburton Upgrade)

 Iraq oil output up to 2.5M barrels per day
 times today's oil price which is going to $100 a barrel
makes $250,000,000 Bush will steal every day.

You heard it here first.
Oil is going to $100 a barrel, then to $200

No wonder they were so eager to start a war

Bush's "Bring 'em on" death taunt is up to...

2601....2603 American victims


By Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Bush will have killed
more Americans than his old partner Osama.


"Imagine if the "Swift Boaters" took all the money it spent on dirty, 
  negative ads "supporting the troops," and actually bought things like 
  body armor that would, you know, support the troops."  
     -- AFV,


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Random thoughts...

By my count, there are 212 political humor sites on the web.
Yesterday, the 211th site did the old "Why did Israel invade the Lesbians?" joke.  is the very last holdout, I just refuse to do that joke.


I had me some fresh FAT killer corn yesterday.  

It was from 

and it was damn good.


Subject: George Allen's Racist Remarks

Hi BartCop 

You may have heard that 2008 presidential hopeful Sen. George Allen hurled racial slurs 
at a 20-year old Indian American at a recent campaign event.

Sen. Allen ridiculed a 20-year old Indian American student from Dunn Loring, Va. who
graduated from Thomas Jefferson High School in Fairfax County. "Welcome to America 
and the real world of Virginia," Sen. Allen said to the American of Indian descent, twice 
referring to him as "Macaca," according to accounts by the whore AP and the WaHoPot.

The word macaca refers to either a monkey that inhabits Asia or a racial slur against African 
immigrants. Allen's campaign manager dismissed the issue with an expletive and insisted the 
senator has "nothing to apologize for." This is not the first time Sen. Allen has confronted 
charges of insensitivity to race or ethnicity from minority leaders.



Sore losers
 by Joe Conason


The overthrow of Lieberman has intensified the anxieties of the Republican establishment
and their friends in Washington's professional chattering class. This week they were full of
furious insults, dire predictions and brazen lies about the political uprising of those well-heeled
peasants in Connecticut who dared to ignore the conventional wisdom and did what they felt
was best for country and party.

Not surprisingly, the most vicious and partisan attacks emanate from those same statesmen
and intellectuals whose propensity for fear-mongering and falsifying first led us into the Iraq
quagmire. They hate being held to account for the catastrophe they authored, which is why
they again stoop to questioning the patriotism of their critics -- in this instance, the ordinary
voters who went to the polls to register their dissent from George W. Bush's war.


Subject: Anne Coulter

Do you know you have a link to Newsmax to buy her book?

How does Ann Coulter sell so many books?

 Jimmy D

Jimmy, I'm the only guy who does the page, so yes, I must have known.

I was trying to make a point.

The point is - she sold a million hardcover books, that usually go for $39.95
because the work-as-a-team Republicans discounted the $40 book down to $5.

They did that so they could say,
"Ann Coulter speaks for the mainstream.
  Ann Coulter speaks for middle America.
  Ann Coulter speaks for the fly-over states.
  Ann Coulter speaks for every Mom & Pop business in America."

Of course, that's all a lie, but the Republicans work as a team.
(Unlike the let's-stab-our-front-running Democrats)

They figured out that even if you lose money printing a book, they can always claim
that Ann Coulter's hate-filled fascist crap was a "best seller," which "proves" that
fascism is what America really craves, ...and that Bush is the only man who can deliver it!

They're getting away with it, too. Just like they get away with, "America will be
stronger and we'll all be richer if the billionaires get yet another tax cut."

Damn, if only I could smack enough Democrats into fighting back.


Random thoughts...

Bush ran in 2000 as "the CEO president,"
meaning he was going to run America like a business.

What business do you know makes a profit by firing the competent people
and promoting the stupidest of the stupid (but loyal) handjobs on the planet?


Party at the Palms, Sept 16

 New Updates - Info

 I need to hear from you.


Kate Hudson one Crowe lighter



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