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 Thursday Aug 17, 2006  Vol 1820 - Israel Bissel

Quote of the Day

"There were almost no Democrats who 
  agreed with his position...   His position 
  is the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld position."  
    --Big Dog, smacking Kissyface,   Link

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Mission Accomp II? 
Racist Senator Allen
Mark Pryor: Fire me 
Frustrated Monkey
Pols Cry Wolf 
Losing ITMFA plate 
Feds: No Screwdriver
JonBenet Arrest
Jenna's in Paris? 


Bush Blew a Guy

Bartcop reader produces/stars in
anti-Bush rap video "Supadubya"
(Explicit lyrics)

Click for info


"I don't respect people who see things headed in the wrong direction 
  and because of their membership in the [national] culture of obedience 
  they keep their mouths shut." 
     --Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson,  Link


Another 'Mission Accomplished?'

Bush's startling assertion - that after 33 days of war Hezbollah had been defeated - once again 
raises questions about his ability to acknowledge reality when things don't turn out the way he intended.

From the transcript: "Hezbollah started the crisis, and Hezbollah suffered a defeat in this crisis. And the 
reason why is, is that first, there is a new -- there's going to be a new power in the south of Lebanon, 
and that's going to be a Lebanese force with a robust international force to help them seize control of 
the country, that part of the country."

My first question: Did he really mean to say that?



Fake apology from Sen. Allen

"This fellow here, over here with the yellow shirt, macaca, or whatever his name is,
 he's with my opponent," the fascist, racist Republican told his crowd of fascist, racists.

"Macaca," a genus that includes numerous species of monkeys found in Asia.
The man Allen was attacking was born in Virginia, but is of Indian descent.

Allen aide John Reid said that Allen campaign workers had nicknamed him "Mohawk"
because it seemed appropriate for Mr. Sidarth's hair style.  (He doesn't have a mohawk.)
Perhaps, Mr. Reid suggested, "Mohawk" morphed into "macaca," which was regrettable.

Regrettable my ass.
Watch the tape - Allen knew exactly what he was saying.
Racist bastards score points with racist voters by being racist assholes to minorities.

He says, "Welcome to America," to the dude who was born right there in Virginia.


Subject: my WPE shirt

You were good to your word, it is soft - and feminine, just what I wanted.
I will make certain that it is displayed.

Then you hadda go and add those other t-shirts
and now I want one of those, too, dammit!

Next thing you know, I'll be drinking tequila.


Rove, Cheney - under oath?

Plame's lawyer plans to use a legal precedent that allowed Clinton to be sued while in office
to force Cheney and Rove to testify in a lawsuit brought by Plame and her husband.

Joseph Cotchett said he will ask a federal court to order Cheney, Libby and Rove to testify
in depositions about their role in disclosing her classified status. The civil lawsuit accuses them
and others of conspiring to out Plame to punish her husband.

Cotchett said legal precedent for whether Cheney and the others could claim legal immunity
in the case comes, in part, from Paula Jones' sexual harassment case against Clinton.

"My boys ain't talking. If the judge rules they have to, we'll appeal
 until we get to Clarence, Tony, Johnny and ...whoever the others are..."



"Maybe what was some 
  kind of dream. I never believed things 
  like that could happen in the United States." 
    -- "Ben" Benatta, 9/11 Bush victim, cleared and 
           released after nearly five years in prison,   Link

     Welcome to Bush's Amerikkka, Ben

Poor bastard had the bad forture to be in the United States while the Democrats 
were in their cowardly, "Bush is great, we're his rubber stamps" phase.


Subject: GOP "logic"


Remember how after 9/11 O'Reilly, Hannity, and Coulter blamed Clinton
because he did not catch bin Laden after the1998 embassy bombings?

If Clinton was a failure because he failed to capture Osama after three years,
what does that make Bush and his five-year track record of ignoring Osama?

Keep swinging that Hammer of Truth!
Damon In Detroit

Damon, I agree.
Same goes for breaking up the "liquid" plot.
If they want credit for that, they gotta take the blame for 9-11.


Ed in LA
At the Hollywood Bowl for the CSN&Y  concert.
Next to "Let's Impeach the President" and "Rockin' in a Free World,"
this was the biggest hit of the evening. People were coming up to me
all night with high fives and "right ons."   Good PR for Bart.

Mark Pryor Begs to be Fired

Here's the very first sentence of the DSCC's formal mission statement:
"Our mission is to elect more Democrats to the United States Senate."

And yet here we have Pryor, one of the alleged leaders in that effort, working to see
that Joe Lieberman's gut-punch to the Democratic party is sustained and that he goes on
to defeat Ned Lamont, Connecticut's Democratic nominee for Senate.

"Your support helps fund efforts to mobilize voters and ensure that the playing field
is level between our candidates and well-funded Republican candidates," it continues.

Here's an idea: How about removing anyone from the DSCC leadership
that does not oh, I don't know, support all Democrats running for the Senate?


Subject: Clinton haters

BC, every day, somebody bitches about the Clintons.
Today was my favorite by far:

> "They are completely entangled in their political alliances in order
>  to keep their lovely inebriated state of wealth and privilege afloat"

On CSPAN2, I saw the AIDS conference. The panel had Bill Gates and Bill Clinton.
Here are 2 powerful men, one is the richest man in the world, and one has more influence and
connections than most, and they chose to use that, money and influence, to help poor people.
They talked about all the progress that's been made, all the countries they traveled,
all the issues they addressed, and thought, ain't that nice?

But appparently, President Clinton is worried about his "wealth and privelege."
What a bastard!

I'll order a shirt soon.
I'm going to France in October.

Keep hammering,


Random thoughts...

A shot of Chinaco Anejo to the guy who thought up, then built the float
that followed Kissyface wherever he went in Connecticut.

It might have cost a few hundred dollars to produce, but look at what it accomplished.
It shows you don't need a ton of money to get a message out.
Mostly, you just need an idea and a half ounce of sac.

(I have some better Chinaco pictures coming)



Don Imus: ...what I had decided to do, I to ban everybody...every Democrat, 
          of which unfortunately too many of our guests are any way.  
          To ban them…ahhh, from the program, for turning their back on Lieberman.
Bernard McGuirk: We'll have to start taking phone calls from listeners, if we ban 
          Democratic politicians that, that bailed on Lieberman. Like Harold Ford.  
          Who hasn't bailed on him is the question.
Don Imus: Well, they ALL bailed on him. But what we'll also…I mean, we have a lot 
          of information about - uh, and maybe we can even dig up some old footage on 
          Chris Dodd, and a bunch of other people and uh, you know, this could get ugly.
             -- fossil Don Imus announcing his new "Fascists only" guest policy,   Link

I didn't think it was possible to have less respect for Don Imus than I had yesterday,
but it seems like every day we get another reason to hate these fascist bastards more..


Rick F

Subject: Wes Clark and Waco

Hey Bart~

I love your site (wear my WPE t-shirt LOTS), and that's why I must beg to differ....
This question of just what was the US military's involvement at Waco is worth re-opening.

What is law enforecement supposed to do if a religiously insane handjob has them
outgunned and has taken hostages?  What should law enforcement do - surrender?

Remember, the reason those kids burned to death was the fire department couldn't approach 
because Koresh was shooting armor-piercing bullets.  You can't blame Wes Clark for that.

If you want to hang someone for Waco, you should be looking at Reno or Clinton.
But the Republicans cleared them of any wrongdoing - so why re-open a settled case?

I want to know if our government ordered our military into service against American citizens.
And if so, I want to know WHO didn't have the balls to tell their higher-ups "no!"
In addition to Koresh, an awful lot of children died in that fiasco.

Like North Korea, like Lebanon, like Cuba, if your parent or guardian or rulers are insane, 
your life is in grave danger. Do we hang Clinton because those kids had back luck?

In fact, I'm seeing a parallel between Israel's ruthless attacks on Hezbollah targets
(submerged in civilians), and the ATF/FBI/???  actions at Waco.

I agree, to a point.
Those people, and you can add Dresden and Hiroshima and more to the list,
were in the wrong location at the wrong time. What can be done about that?

I'm gonna have nightmares tonight!
~Long live the new flesh~
 Liz in Ann Arbor


The Pols Who Cried Wolf
  by Molly 


I sleep more soundly at night knowing that Michael Chertoff is secretary of homeland security.
Ever since Chertoff [decided] that there are more terrorist targets in Indiana than in New York
or Washington, I've realized this guy could find a terrorist plot anywhere. Watch out for the
Amish - they'll run right over you with those buggies, and they all have pitchforks, too. 
I hear they're connected to Al Qaeda through Saddam Hussein.

Should you be suffering a fear shortage, consider the news of Lieberman's defeat.
According Cheney, Lieberman's defeat helps the terrorists. Yes!


The net's best advertising deal

Reach over twenty people per penny.

 advertise on


"Lieberman (De Facto R) today unleashed a vicious attack on Bernie Sanders
  - a longtime progressive hero.  The Lieberman campaign sent out an official email 
  attacking Sanders and Markos of DailyKos.  Apparently, this kind of sick smear game
  is Lieberman's twisted definition of 'bringing us together to get things done.'" 
     --David Sirota, attacking somebody besides Hillary,   Link

 Dave, I don't mind you attacking Kissyface, but do you remember George W. Bush?
 Don't you have anything bad to say about him?


Frustrated Monkey
 Why don't Iraqis enjoy our lovely occupation?


Bush expressed frustration that Iraqis had not come to appreciate our sacrifices and was puzzled
as to how a recent anti-American rally in support of Hezbollah in Baghdad could draw a huge crowd.
"I do think he was frustrated about why 10,000 [I heard it was 100,000] Shiites would go into the
streets and demonstrate against the United States," said one dude..

The White House would not comment on the discussion but a senior official warned against
drawing conclusions on what the president thinks based on things he said to his invited guests.


Subject: you and Her

bart, you wrote:

> Sure, Hillary could've voted the "right" way on every issue, and faded into history as a loser.
> Instead, she played the game and now she's in a position to assume power.

and you would never say anything even close to an excuse like that about anyone else but 'her.'

You can't say that, but I'll admit her situation is like no other.

you friends are trying to help you, bart. please listen to some of them. any other democrat is a pink
tutu for voting 'strategically,' but somehow she alone has a right to do it for political gain?

Biden, Lieberman, Kerry and Leahy will never be president.
No amount of strategery will ever put them in the Oval Office.

if politicians succeed by voting for bad policies, no one wins.

So, you're a Nader voter.
His goofy-ass, cutesy, bumper-sticker slogans helped put Bush in power.

get over it. soon. please. no one should be immune from criticism.

Tom, we either want to win or we don't. 
It's that simple.

If she voted against the war, if she was perceived as screeching like Cynthia McKinney 
and marched with Cindy, they'd have an easier time portraying her as "Hanoi Hillary" 
and we'd lose our best chance at breaking the GOP stranglehold on power.

Do we want the GOP stranglehold on power broken or not?
If she doesn't break it, who will?

Are you one of those people who says, "I'd rather lose with honor?"
I'm tired of losing.


Man loses ITMFA license plate
 Language alert

Glen Keenan got his shiny new personalized license plates on Aug. 1.
The letter from the Iowa Department of Transportation arrived a week later.

Please "voluntarily surrender" the new plates. Within 10 days.

"I don't know what to do, but I don't think so," said Keenan. "It's not obscene.
I really don't understand why I wouldn't be allowed to keep them."

Keenan tells me this is what his personalized Iowa license plates say: ITMFA.
He directed me to

 ha ha


Subject: some thoughts about Her


That will make her more unelectable, not impossible, but harder.
They will have to work harder to overcome those negative numbers.

Why do Democrats spend time listing her negatives?
It's the GOP's job to destroy the Democratic front-runner, not the Democrats'.
Reading this, every sentence feels like a step away from winning.


It says "Kentucky" but I lost the name.

Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

Click on the E!

Gentry charged with killing bear 
 They say his name was Billie Joe

Bobbie Gentry, famous for the number one hit in 1967, Ode To Billie Joe has been 
charged with killing a tame bear and then making it look as if it was a hunting trophy. 

Authorities say Gentry led the bear to the Tallahatchee Brige, where she force it to jump.
She was arraigned in federal court on a charge of conspiracy to falsely label an animal.


Subject: BCR 96

Hey Bart,

Great show, once again.
This one had great momentum (no, I won't use that 'other' stupid play on the word).

That bit on McCain and Leno was right on.
That sleazy weasle just digs himself deeper every time he opens his mouth.
He did the same shit on the Daily Show, and no matter how direct Jon was in his questions,
McCain would not answer him.  Actually when I see McCain smile these days, it makes me
think of Alistair Simm as Ebenezer Scrooge.  It's got that evil look to it. (wish I could find a photo)

Your clips of Randi  were great.  Same for Mike Malloy.
That letter on Nugent and Mike's commentary couldn't be more clear.
All the Neo Cons can do is instill fear to keep their "following" in line.
It is sickening.

Looking forward to 97
Keep swinging,

Grego in Colo

Look here - someone heard the radio show!
Thanks for the feedback.


So, Osama walks into this bar, see?
  by Greg Palast

So, Osama Walks into This Bar, See? and Bush says, 
"Whad'l''ya have, pardner?" and Osama says…

But wait a minute. I'd better shut my mouth. The sign here in the airport says, 
"Security is no joking matter." But if security's no joking matter, why does this guy dressed in 
a high-school marching band outfit tell me to dump my Frappuccino and take off my shoes? 
All I can say is, Thank the Lord the "shoe bomber" didn't carry Semtex in his underpants.

Today's a RED and ORANGE ALERT day. How odd. 
They just caught the British guys with the chemistry sets.
But when these guys were about to blow up airliners, the USA was on YELLOW alert. 
That's a "lowered" threat notice.


Subject: more about Her


The conversation will be about Her, not about the country.

My naive little friend - whoever we nominate will be the victim of a million lies.
You saw what they did to Gore - and he just took it.
You saw what they did to Kerry - and he just took it.

Well, Hillary ain't no bandleader, and that's the difference between winning and losing.


 Iraq pumps 2,000,000 barrels a day,
(and that was before the 2003 Halliburton Upgrade)

 Iraq oil output up to 2.5M barrels per day
 times today's oil price which is going to $100 a barrel
makes $250,000,000 Bush will steal every day.

You heard it here first.
Oil is going to $100 a barrel, then to $200

No wonder they were so eager to start a war

Bush's "Bring 'em on" death taunt is up to...

2601....2603 American victims


By Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Bush will have killed
more Americans than his old partner Osama.

Monday we shipped a bunch of Chinaco Anejo shotglasses.
If you ordered a set before Monday, you'll probably get them today.

If you have enough light, send me a picture with your favorite beverage in it?

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My digi-cam doesn't do close-ups very well.

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Feds say no terrorism on diverted flight 
 Yet the cable whores spent all day on this latest Bush hoax

Two fighter jets were scrambled Wednesday to escort a London-to-Washington flight 
to an emergency landing in Boston after a claustrophic woman became agitated.

Fighter jets?
Were they going to shoot this unarmed woman in her seat?

The disturbance - coming just a week after Bush manipulated another fake terror alert 
- was enough of a concern that the pilot declared an emergency, which activated two 
fighter jets to escort the plane into Logan Artport.

But the whole morning and into late afternoon, the cable whores were screaming,
"Vaseline bomb! Armed terrorist! Had a screw-driver! Matches! ...and a letter 
from Osama, himself, were found on the terrorist" but it was all another handjob
to make people think Bush saved us, once again, from another devious terror plot.

Eventually, the cable whores were forced to admit, "We made it all up - nevermind."

An airport spokesman, Phil Orlandella, previously confirmed that the woman was carrying 
Vaseline, a screw driver, matches and a note referring to al-Qaida, but later backed off the 
statement. Naccara said it was not true.

How do you back off your confirmation?

"I don't know what she had on board with her, but we have been told she did not
have a screw driver, she did not have any liquids such as Vaseline, and any notebook
she may have had, it did not contain an al-Qaida reference," Naccara said. 

So, just like that mini-gambling debate we've been having - as long as there's no penalty
for screaming bad information to the country for hours and hours, they'll do it next time, too.


JonBenet arrest

A man suspected in the slaying of  JonBenet Ramsey was arrested Wednesday in Thailand.

CBS says he is a 41-year-old teacher and will be brought back to the US this weekend. 
Federal officials said the man was already being held in Bangkok on unrelated sex charges.

Why in the Wide, Wide World of Sports did the Ramseys refuse to talk to the cops?
Maybe this scumbag would've been arrested in 1996, but no doubt some idiot lawyer
told them not to talk to the cops so the trail got cold.

There are two reasons not to talk to the cops about your murdered little girl:
You killed her.
You're protecting the person who killed her.
I can't think of a Number 3, can you?

Patsey Ramsey died June 24th.
How different things might've been had they done the right thing a decade ago.

The murderous handjob called a press conference to say "No comment" to most questions.
The only thing he did say was that he "loved" JonBenet's death and that her death was "an accident."

I guess "accidents happen" when a man has his hands around the throat of a six year old girl. 

Could this guy just be a publicity seeking turd?
His wife says she was with him in Atlanta during Christmas 1996.

But, as always, the "news" outlets broadcast every rumor as a "fact."
I'm so old, I remember when America had a free press.


Steps to Overcoming Masturbation (no pun intended)


Step 5. When in bed, if that is where you have your problem for the most part, 
dress yourself for the night so securely that you cannot easily touch your vital parts, 
and so that it would be difficult and time consuming for you to remove those clothes. 
By the time you started to remove protective clothing you would have sufficiently 
controlled your thinking that the temptation would leave you.


Subject: JonBenet

I think it's simply a case of John Ramsey having enough money 
to pay a Thai sex offender to take the rap. C'mon we're not that stupid. 

Why did Patsy Ramsey write the ransom note?
Joan in MI

Joan, it was a cold case. 
Why drag it back into the spotlight if you're guilty?

It may end up they were extra stupid, but not guilty.


Party at the Palms, Sept 16
 Tickets are still available - first come, first tequila!

New Updates

Remember - you need a number to get in.
When we run out of numbers, we're full.


Paris Hilton and Jenna Jameson?
 Two blondes out to have a good time



Paris was chugging right out of a Grey Goose bottle and getting wilder by the minute.

She and Jenna started pawing each other and smooching and dancing provocatively.

Then things got crazy.


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a compliment when you throw some our way each month.

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