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 Friday Aug 18, 2006  Vol 1821 - Lawless Thugs

Quote of the Day

"Terrorists are waiting for the 
  Democrats to take control, let things 
  cool off and then strike again." 
     -- Orrin Hatch, (R-Tertiary Syphilis) Link

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Screw that judge 
Bush steals pensions
New Enemies Daily 
The Mexican Recall
Jimmy Carter 
I Hate Bill, too 
Timing was political
Kate Hudson & men 


Bush Blew a Guy

Click for info


"Imus and his buds have called him 'chicken wing Johnny Cochran,' called Sammy Davis Jr. 
'a one-eyed lawn jockey,' called Patrick Ewing 'Mighty Joe Young.'  Speaking of Gwen Ifill, 
  Imus said, 'Isn't the Times wonderful? It lets the cleaning lady cover the White House.' " 
        -- Richard Goldstein, "Celebrity Bigots",    villagevoice

I guess with Rush and Savage and the others spewing even worse slurs,
a slug like Imus can skate by under the radar with his racial attacks.
It just proves you can get rich by appealing to the worst in the GOP.


Judge: Bush snooping ILLEGAL

A federal judge in Detroit yesterday dealt Bush a major setback, ruling for the first time 
that his warrantless wiretapping program is unconstitutional and ordering an immediate end to it.

In a 43-page decision that likely will affect the mid-term elections, Judge Taylor ruled that Bush
was violating privacy and free speech rights, the separation of powers, and the law passed to 
govern domestic surveillance.

Bush: Screw that liberal judge

Saying we're at war and we need information, Bush ordered an appeal. 
Bush said, "We must have the tools necessary to protect this country in a time of war." 

This is all bullshit.
What Bush wants to do is spy on people without a record of who he's spying on.
That means Democrats. There's no other explanation for it, unless he thinks federal
judges are secret spies for al Qaeda. The only time the FISA court says no is when
there's no legit reason for the spying - such as your political opponents.

Bush can spy on anyone in the world - as long as he tells a judge who that is.
Balking at that proves this is all about Rove blackmailing political enemies.

Bush argued that his powers are limitless and that he can break any laws he wants
as long as he uses the old "Gotta spy on terra" excuse.

"I would say that those who herald this decision simply do not understand the nature 
of the world in which we live," Bush said. 

But Monkey, that means it's legal for you to rob banks and murder US senators?
And anyone who says that's illegal doesn't understand the nature of the world?

You belong in prison, Monkey.


Bush to steal billions from pensions
 If he's involved, a theft is taking place


Subject: Betting on Kissyface and others

Hello Bartcop,

I've been reading your website and have been enjoying it a great deal.
The information you provide on your site, as well as how the articles are written is fantastic.

I represent - the best source for political betting on the web - and some of the
political wagers currently being offered fit in with your most recent stories and could add an
extra dynamic to some your articles. Political wagers also serve as a great way to gauge the
public's opinion on any given topic and can prove to be very insightful.
Two of the most recent additions to Bodog's political wagers list include:

Will Joe Lieberman win his re-election campaign as an Independent candidate?

 Yes     -130 (10/13)
 No      -110 (10/11)

Will North Korea perform an underground test of a nuclear bomb in 2006?

 Yes     EVEN (1/1)
 No      -140 (5/7)

For more details on these and many more political wagers, go to:


Greg, thanks for that.
I hear from people every day who have knowledge of future events.


Lancaster, PA Aug 16th

Bush Makes New Enemies Daily
 by Ivan Eland

By using the favorite neoconservative phrase, "Islamic fascists," George W. Bush indicates
that he now shares the extremist notion that the United States is engaged in a "World War III"
against militants within the world's one billion Muslims.

Despite the U.S. disaster in Iraq and the Israeli failure in Lebanon, Bush also seems to believe
that applications of high-tech violence, such as targeted bombings, can succeed in this ill-defined
conflict -- although civilian casualties from air attacks are certain to simply recruit more Islamic
extremists determined to kill Westerners.

In this guest essay, the Independent Institute's Ivan Eland suggests that
Bush's enemy list may be expanding beyond control:

Note:  is the most important site in the Internet



"If Taylor Hicks has any skeletons whatsoever, if God forbid, he's gay,
  and if all these people in Mississippi who voted for him are like,
"Oh my god, I voted for a queer!" It's just too much pressure."
    -- Justin Timberlake, pointlessly attacking Taylor Hicks   Link.


Lisa, who can't stand Bush's
face unless it's behind bars.

Subject: the Bartcop guarantee

We got the BartCop guarantee that the Ramseys were guilty, because they "acted" guilty.

How can you be a lawyer if you misread every sentence that hits your eyes?
Here's what I said:

> There are two reasons not to talk to the cops about your murdered little girl:
> You killed her.
> You're protecting the person who killed her.
> I can't think of a Number 3, can you?

Obviously YOU can't think of a third reason or you would've mentioned it.
Jimmy, what's it like to be wrong all the time?

Completely different from the Nancy Grace guarantee because… well, I forgot why it's different.

I didn't forget.
Nancy Grace wants people put to death on her whims of suspecting guilt.
I asked a simple question that you weren't able to answer.

I forgot about that definitive proof of, they looked like they needed hangin'.

There you go again - making up quotes and pretending I said them.

What *I* said was things might've turned out different if they coooperated
with the police when the trail was still hot - you got a bitch about that, too?.

Are you really a lawyer?

Well, hold on to your hat Bart.
You'll still be able to give us your guarantee that the Ramseys did it.
I've studied false confessions, and from what I can see, Karr is classic.

Jimmy the Nut
Attorney at Wrong


Here is what I said about the JonBenet case eight years ago:

The last sentence is

> The killer likely will go free unless he/she/they confess.


The Mexican Recall situation

From the very beginning of the civil resistance that was born out of the election fraud in Mexico,
the federal government and the PAN candidate (armed with the noise machine that is their servile
mainstream media) have assumed a position in which they call for "peace".  They have continued
their pre-election memes of portraying AMLO and his supporters as dangerous disruptors of our
national order, as a threat to our civil life.

Yesterday, we got a taste of the truth.
It became apparent and clear exactly which side espouses violence and repression.


Subject: Rove, Cheney under oath

Their witchunt against Clinton will come back and bite them in the ass.

Pete K
North Arkansas jesus-land,

Nope, not gonna happen.
I'n sure because that might mean there is a God.


Random thought...

In 1980, Jimmy Carter was president.

The BFEE partners in terrorist Iran were holding our embassy employees hostage and therefore,
Jimmy Carter felt that lighting the official Chirtsmas Tree would be undignified. He refused to do it.

Twenty six years later, George W. Bush has no such qualms, no shred of dignity.
He's a ten year old boy, ready to jump on a Harley and play the monkey,

                       "Lookie me, Pickles - Vroom! Vroom!  I'm a biker!"

...after sending 2603 soldiers to their deaths for a lie.

Their "best" Republican president ever is a f-ing gnat
compared to the "worst" Democratic president ever.



"There are some good people in our country who believe we should cut and run."
       -- America's insane serial killer,  Link

"Bush has no policy to avoid cutting and running. And cutting and running is 
  exactly what he will have to do because the Iraq war is over, Bush lost." 
       -- John Aravosis,


I'm rich - are you?

Subject: fossil Imus

I fell asleep with MSNBC on and woke up to that dickhead, Imus.

He put a picture up of JonBenet Ramsey's killer, and said,
"God, look at him, he looks like Ned Lamont..."

Connie in Montana


Why I Hate Bill, too
  by Arianna "I hate them all" Huffington


The Democratic Party was pretty loyal to Bill Clinton in his hour of need.
Had it not been, it's not likely he would have finished his second term.

I don't remember it that way.
I remember every elected Democrat and TV pundit in 1998 agreeing that Clinton was, indeed,
a dirty scumbag, but that his scumbaggery was juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuust shy of impeachable.

I also remember Democrats losing power in 1994 when they failed to be loyal to Clinton.
I also remember Sam Nunn's "Over my dead body" threats as Clinton took the oath.
I also remember Pat Moynihan screaming "Bastard" at Clinton for welfare reform.
If they sold stock in Democratic disloyalty, I'd take out a second mortgage on Casa de Bart.

Oh, and don't forget this:



The net's best advertising deal

Reach over twenty people per penny.

 advertise on


"Leaving before we complete our mission would create a terrorist state in the 
  Middle East, a country with huge oil reserves that the terrorist network would 
  be willing to use against those of us who believe in freedom.." 
      -- Dubya, explaining why he stole Iraq's oil,   Link


The timing was political
 Bush's Poodle helped, too

Nine days on, nobody has been charged with any crime. For there to be no clear evidence yet 
on something that was "imminent" and would bring "mass murder on an unbelievable scale" is, 
to say the least, peculiar. A 24th person, arrested amid much fanfare on Tuesday, was quietly 
released without charge the following day...None of the alleged terrorists had made a bomb. 
None had bought a plane ticket. Many did not have passports. It could be pretty difficult to 
convince a jury that these individuals were about to go through with suicide bombings, 
whatever they bragged about on the net.


Subject: you and Her

Bart, you're beginning to sound more and more like the Connecticut Wankee.

After all, we're either with Hillary or we're enablers of Republican thuggery, right?
  Matt v 

This is about math, it's about logic, it's about percentages.
She's so far ahead of the pack, there's no clear Number Two.

Statistically, nobody has a better chance to beat the GOP.
You can't argue with that.

I'm tired of losing.


Subject: JonBenet - third reason not to talk to police

Hey Bart,

Not an attack, but I'm surprised that you didn't see number 3 yourself…
You don't talk to the police when you know they are out to get you to satisfy
a DA that insists on "solving" the case regardless of the facts. In other words,
once they decide you are the target, anything you might tell them about another
suspect is simply discounted as an attempt to divert suspicion. Anything you say
that casts any suspicion on you or your family will be blown into a huge thing.

If I'm J.R. Ewing, with a smoking gun in my hand and Cliff Barnes's dead ass is at my feet,
and his blood all over my suit, yes, it would be a really good idea to remain silent as a stone 
until Gerry Spence gets there.

But when your 6 year old daughter is found strangled inside your locked home,
and you didn't do it and your family didn't do it, the faster they can rule out the parents,
the faster they can look elsewhere.

I was angry with Gary Condit for the same reason.
He refused to talk to the cops, so they stayed focused on him.
What other choice does a cop have when the family or lover won't cooperate?

But - I can see the future.
This is going to turn into one of those fights where nobody agrees with me.
Cheeses, it's tough being the only guy who's right.      (half a joke)

Next thing you know Nancy Grace is guaranteeing that you're guilty, a jury is so horrified 
that a child is dead that they need to convict someone, and well, you see where that goes. 

Might be a good reason to cooperate with them.

Additionally, you're assuming the family had information that would have pointed to this dude
…that hasn't been reported in the stories I've read so far.

Keep hammering!
Jeff B



"Jimmy Carter's conduct is traitorous. He is just simply a disgrace, 
  and he's been the most disastrous president in the modern era of this country." 
      -- Rush, the vulgar heroin junkie

Butt Rush, did Carter lie 2600 soldiers into their graves? 
No, that was Bush the Murderer.
Did Carter trade Stingers missles to terrorists, then deny it?
No, that was Reagan.
Did Carter make a secret, illegal deal with Hezbollah to grab power? 
No, that was Poppy Bush.
Did Carter have to resign the presidency in disgrace?
No, that was Nixon.

...and you say Carter was the worst?

Oh, and did Carter get busted for hillybilly heroin? 
No, that was you, Pigboy.


Subject: my WPE shirt

Hey Bart:

Wearing my WPE shirt, I just returned from the Warner Brothers lot in Burbank.
There was not ONE negative comment. There were MANY thumbs up; many "great t-shirt"
and general smiles of commiseration that are usually reserved for strangers who suddenly
become intimate as the result of  a hideous bonding experience.

As I walked past Stage 16 (the enormous sound stage set of  Oceans 13) a basketball
crossed my path. I picked it up and threw it back to George Clooney, who has had a
portable hoop installed outside the set. George took one look at my shirt and shot me
a high five as he roared with laughter.

So - I may need another shirt in size medium for Mr. Clooney.
Yes, he has lost the weight from "Syriana".

Your faithful scribe from Hollywood,


Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

Click on the E!

Bush: Unconstitutional Again

The president and Congress should spend more time following the law and less trying to find 
creative ways to break it. In the latest judical rebuke of the Bush administration's tactics against 
terrorism, a federal judge in Detroit ruled Thursday that warrantless wiretapping of U.S. citizens
violates the Constitution and federal law. The decision is an embarrassment for President Bush, 
but it also should be a source of shame for Congress.


Subject: Kissyface vs Her

Bart, you are a strange man.

You're not the first person to tell me that.

On the one hand you pillory Lieberman for kissing Bush and for kissing that
for which Bush stands for, yet you hold Hilary harmless for the very same offenses.

On one hand, you're crazy.
On the other hand you think She and Kissyface are the same person.
Yes, compared to you, I'm "different."

My guess is that the name Clinton holds some charm for you, 
a charm that has since become no less than an earworm for you, 

An "earworm?"
What country did you grow up in? you dare not think evil of the word 'Clinton', lest it should understand your thoughts 
and eat with an even greater avarice and vengeance through your skull and into your brain.

Dude, you need to smoke one reeeeeeeeeal bad.

Most people I know personally who helped tube Lieberman in Connecticut have now turned
their attention to the real focus of the battle, the main candidate for their rightful scorn.

I'll guess - that's anybody but Bush?

That's right, Bart, as bad as Lieberman was, he was not nearly as damaging to Democrats
past, present, or more importantly future, as Hilary Rodham Clinton.
 Rich M

ha ha
Been in that Wabac Machine again, have you?

I thought the rallying cry against Liberman was "The people have spoken."
But when it comes to picking a president, the people aren't allowed to speak?

There's a word for people who refuse to let the majority rule - Republicans.


Todd w/ sons Quentin and Teague

 Iraq pumps 2,000,000 barrels a day,
(and that was before the 2003 Halliburton Upgrade)

 Iraq oil output up to 2.5M barrels per day
 times today's oil price which is going to $100 a barrel
makes $250,000,000 Bush will steal every day.

You heard it here first.
Oil is going to $100 a barrel, then to $200

No wonder they were so eager to start a war

Bush's "Bring 'em on" death taunt is up to...

2603....2605 American victims


By Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Bush will have killed
more Americans than his old partner Osama.

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"Bangkok is the city with the largest number of prostitutes per capita? 
  I think it fits with the name of the town." 
     -- Rush the vulgar Pigboy, just back from the boy-sex capital of the Carribean


GOP losing 'security moms'


Married women with children, the "security moms" whose concerns about terrorism made them 
an essential part of Republican victories in 2002 and 2004, are taking flight this year in ways that 
may provide a major boost for Democrats in the midterms. This critical group of swing voters is 
more inclined to vote Democratic than at any point since 9-11.

                             "We hate Bush and the Republicans!"


 No, it's not another slam on Kerry

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Overcoming Masturbation


Step 3. If you are associated with other persons having this same problem, 

            "Unka Dick, ...does he mean us?"


Party at the Palms, Sept 16
 Tickets are still available - first come, first tequila!

Scandalous Update - Info

Remember - you need a number to get in.
When we run out of numbers, we're full.


Kate Hudson's taste in men


Kate Hudson's relationship with Owen Wilson may be the reason 
behind her surprising split from Chris Robinson, reports

Kate Hudson, Heather Locklear, Katie Hubbard...
what makes the hot babes go for such goofy men?


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