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Show 96 is up

 Tuesday   Aug 22, 2006  Vol 1823 - Deranged wacko

Quote of the Day

"War is not a time of joy."
    -- The most crooked president in history  Link

 But it is a time of massive profits.


In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Friedman Should Resign
Bush and the Obvious
TV News Vultures 
Mother Walkback 
Blair: Betrayed by Bush 
Bart's WMD guarantee 
Neil Young on Colbert 
Pundits Denounce W
Kelly Ripa "Best Regis" 


Bush Blew a Guy


"I allowed Lamont to distort my position on Iraq. He made me into 
  a cheerleader for George Bush on everything that's happened." 
   -- Joe "Kiss me, George" Lieberman, Bush's top cheerleader,  Link


Why NYT's Friedman Should Resign
 by Robert Parry

New York Times foreign policy analyst Thomas L. Friedman finally has come to the conclusion
that George W. Bush's invasion of Iraq - which Friedman enthusiastically supported with the
clever slogan "give war a chance" - wasn't such a good idea after all.

Noting that "it is now obvious that we are not midwifing democracy in Iraq. We are babysitting
a civil war," Friedman wrote, "that means 'staying the course' is pointless, and it's time to start
thinking about Plan B - how we might disengage with the least damage possible." [NYT, Aug. 4, 2006]

Yet, despite this implicit admission that the war has unnecessarily killed tens of thousands of Iraqis
and more than 2,600 U.S. soldiers, Friedman continues to slight Americans who resisted the rush
to war in the first place.

Twelve days after his shift in position, Friedman demeaned Americans who opposed the Iraq War
as "antiwar activists who haven't thought a whit about the larger struggle we're in," presumably a
reference to the threat from Islamic extremism. [NYT, Aug. 16, 2006]

Note:  is the most important site on the internet


When will Bush admit the obvious about Iraq?
 by Helen Thomas


President Bush is confident of ultimate success in Iraq, and he is patiently waiting 
for its achievement. I'm certain that unicorns exist, and I'm willing to hang around 
till they show up in my yard. We may both be deluded, but my delusion is a good 
deal less costly than his.


Subject: support for Her


Help me understand your position on "her."
Are you for the Democratic frontrunner? or are you for HRC?

ha ha

Looks like Gore is trailing by just 5 points.

In a scientific poll? 
Or a rigged poll at some super-big liberal website?

Will you throw your support to him if he becomes the frontrunner?

Probably, if he's a clear front-runner (more than 2-3 points) but only if
he promises to fight this time. Wait, he promised last time, too, so I dunno.

I for one will vote for him over my usual 3rd party pick if he chooses to go for it.
 Robert in Austin

So, *I* am voting Dem for sure and you're a maybe?
Why are you questioning me if I'm the only certain Demo vote in this conversation?


Teri in Olympia

Blair feels betrayed by Bush


The alliance between Bush and his pet Poodle is in danger after it was revealed that the Poodle
believes his master has 'let him down badly' over the Middle East crisis. A senior Downing Street 
source said that, privately, Poodle broadly agrees with John Prescott, who said Mr Bush's record 
on the issue was 'crap'.  The source said: 'We all feel badly let down by Bush. We thought we had 
persuaded him to take the Israel-Palestine situation seriously, but we were wrong. How can anyone 
have faith in a man of such low intellect?'"

If you'd been reading  you guys would've known back in 2000
that Bush was more stupid than a bag of horseshit.



"Many Democrats want to leave Iraq before the job is done. 
  I can't tell you exactly when it's going to be done...
    -- Der Monkey      Link

Can you guess, within 3,000 lives, how much longer your 
 blundering quagmire will be killing our soldiers?


Subject: more Hillary info


It is not enough that YOU say she leads in every scientific poll.
List the polls with links, or news stories with accompanying information.

Dave, if you're insinuating that I'm lying, why not bet $100 on it?
If you're going to throw down the gaunlet, throw that mother down.

I'm too busy to locate the FACTS for you for free.


TV News Vultures & JonBenet

The top story on TV news lately has not been the Iraq war or Lebanon or oil prices
that affect millions of citizens. TV's top story - JonBenet - affects very few people.

In a media system dominated by entertainment conglomerates, we get stories saturated by sex,
violence and celebrity: OJ, Princess Di, JonBenet, JFK Jr., Condit/Levy, child abductions (blonde girls),
Laci Peterson, the runaway bride, the missing teen in Aruba, etc.

The Murdochs and Disneys and GEs that own our media system much prefer a nation of mindless
consumers and spectators over a nation of informed citizens. TV viewers know all the JonBenet or
OJ details - and almost nothing about how big corporations lobby against us in Washington..

I agree with that, but isn't there some room for a bona fide mystery?

How did the killer get in the house without being seen or heard?
How did the killer know he had time to write three different drafts of his ransom note?
If John was a gun owner and saw him, he'd be dead. Who gambles like that?

Early evidence (his wife, his lack of travel funds etc) suggests he's not the guy, but that means
it's a coincidence that Karr and the killer both sign notes with "SBTC?"   Hard to buy that.

Same with OJ.

How did he take a shower, drive across town and get rid of the knife and the wet suit
(he must have been wearing one or his hair would be caked in blood) in 20-30 minutes?

And the others...

OJ made fools of the bungling/crooked LA cops. Why would they draw OJ's blood,
    then take it to the crime scene, then lose some so Cochran could scream, "Planted evidence?"
OJ's case taught the bungling Boulder cops nothing - they made all the same mistakes.
JFK Jr - Lots of motives, lots of reasons to want him dead and very few answers
Condit/Levy - cops couldn't find a cadaver if it sat on the detective's desk
Blondes - how hard it is to hide a body on a tiny island?  Nobody saw anything?
Laci Peterson - don't get me started.
The runaway bride - sure, that was one nutty woman, not a national mystery or crooked cops.

Maybe if the cops could learn to do their damn jobs, the public could get some answers
instead of endless speculation about today's biggest mysteries.


Subject: I need another WPE shirt

I already gave my WPE shirt away after one wearing (I'm a bleeding heart). 
The gal I gave it to wore it over in eastern Montana (the supposed Republican 
side of the state), and got free drinks all night.  Please send ASAP as I'm thirsty!

Keep swinging.
Connie in Montana


Subject: Hezbolah

No sooner had bombing stopped last week than Hezbollah bulldozers were
busy clearing rubble, and Hezbollah social workers resettling refugees.

Perhaps Bush should ask Hezbollah to take over rebuilding New Orleans.

Another good point is:
Israel killed a lot of civilians and destroyed much of Lebanon.
Hezbollah is there with food and medicine, helping them rebuild.

So who is a better friend to Lebanon?


The mother of all walkbacks
 Saw it on


BUSH  The terrorists killed 3,000 of our citizens before we started 
              the freedom agenda in the Middle East.

Q: What did Iraqi have to do with that?

BUSH: What did Iraq have to do with what?

 ha ha - he's so stupid!

Q: The attacks on the World Trade Center.

Bush: Nothing. Except for it's part of - and nobody's ever suggested in this administration that 
           Saddam ordered the attack.

Boy, is Bush parsing his words, and not about a blowjob, either.
No, they never did say Hussein "ordered the attack." But they did justify the war
on Iraq by claiming "overwhelming evidence" that the two were "connected."



"Iraqi insurgents killed 20 people and injured 300 over the weekend. But in a sign of 
  how routine the bloodshed has become, the military reported 'relatively little violence.'" 
     --Think Progress,  Link


Oh, God...

Subject: Miscelany


The two-party system is hosed - two choices is not really a choice...


What good does it do to talk about a situation we're not in?
You might as well say, "If this were China.." but we're not in China.
We're in the situation we're in.  We should deal with that.


Subject: aggressive war and the WMD Guarantee

You like to cite these well reasoned pieces from pointing out that the Iraq 
Attack was a world-historical crime of the first order, and yet you insist on claiming that those in 
Congress (Hilary) who voted to give the monkey the go ahead for the attack did the only responsible thing.


Look, I'm not saying that they should be strung up like the Chimp should be, but since I firmly believe that 
they knew that Bush intended to use the Army he'd massed in Kuwait no matter what the inspectors found 
or what the Security Council decided, don't they share some responsibility?  It was obvious in Fall '02 that 
the Congress was the only institution with a chance of stopping the war -- but the "yes" voters chose not to do it.

You seem to be bending over backwards to say Bush didn't tell any lies.

You used to back up your defense of the "yes" voters in Congress by claiming knowledge of a "Nancy Grace 
guarantee," secret CIA Briefing which falsely assured the senate that Bush wasn't lying about the smoking-gun
-mushroom-clouds.  Recently, however, you admitted that calling it a "guarantee briefing" was probably a bit 
of an exaggeration.  You now rest your case on the following syllogism: if the senate vote for the Iraq Attack 
based on what they heard at a secret CIA briefing, then the fake "evidence" presented at the briefing must 
have been convincing to the senate.

My words are my words.
If someone else exxaggerates my position, I tell them to scale it back.
That's not a retreat on my part.

Of course, by the same logic, if there were Representatives who voted against the Iraq Attack
despite attending that CIA briefing, then it follows that those Representatives found the fake
"evidence" unconvincing.  Given that the majority of Democrats in Congress voted against the
Iraq Attack, it would appear that the "evidence" was none too persuasive.

I don't think the majority of senate Democrats voted against the resolution to use for IF NECESSARY.
I know Feingold did, I can't name another, but there might be.

Now, voting for aggressive war based on less than persuasive evidence is a bit of a crime in itself,
don't you think? 

I think a poorly thought out argument is a crime.
We don't know what was said in the briefing, but you're cock-sure it was less than persuasive?
I'd like to get you to a poker table so you can place large bets on that which is unknown.

If you agree that W should be tried at the Hague, how can you defend his enablers in Congress? 
It's not a matter of charging them with complicity in the conspiracy, it's just a matter of ceasing to pretend 
that the "yes" voters were the responsible, patriotic ones and that the "no" voters weren't.

My two cents.
Neal in Batavia

Oh, don't short-change yourself. I think your reasoning might be worth a full four cents.
That bold statement is your whole position - that Bush could not have had the CIA lie.
Bottom line: We don't know what was said in the briefing so it's hard to say, but whatever it was, 
it convinced them that action need to be taken.

My position is Bush lied to get the senate Democrats to vote to protect the country.
A vote to protect the country is not always a bad thing..

It's reeeeeeeeeeal easy to look back and say, 
"Why didn't they know in 2003 what we know in 2006?"


Neil Young on Colbert

This is more like it.
I was really disappointed when Neil was on The Daily Show - politics never came up.
I think Jon was so star-struck, he just wanted to ask him what it's like being Neil Young.


Subject: dream scenario

Here's my dream scenario -- the Democrats take over both houses of Congress in November,
impeach Bush and Cheney simultaneously and remove them from office. That would make the
Speaker of the House the president (either Jack Murtha or Nancy Pelosi would be fine with me).

Then Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld are shipped to The Hague to stand trial for war crimes.
All Bush political appointees are fired and replaced by the highest ranking career civil service employee
at the various agencies. Congress also re-institutes the broadcasting fairness doctrine which would put
right wing radio and TV out of business but would leave the internet untouched since we can compete
with them there because it doesn't take a gazillion bucks to start a web site.

Of course this won't happen until the Democrats get rid of their little pink tutus.

Gary, I love Jack Murtha for what he's doing, but they say he's waaaaaaay to my right.

America would never stand for the BFEE bastards to be sent overseas for justice.
I suggest we repeal the tax breaks for the super-rich and grab the windfall assets 
these bastards made from the blood of our soldiers.  That would hurt them.


The net's best advertising deal

Reach over twenty people per penny.

 advertise on

Hempfest Seattle

I wore that great tee shirt you sent me at this fest and I was treated like a celebrity.
With over 150,000 in attendance, it was definitely an anti-bush, anti-police state crowd,
under the bluest skies you'll ever see. Enclosed is a picture of Randi Rhodes addressing the crowd.
 R K in Seattle


Air America Sleeps
 While Ann Coulter conquers


Ann Coulter saturates the entire hard core base of the conservative and Republican machine. 
She launches on talk radio, Sean and Rush, etc.

Then, she moves to conservative cable, with Fox, MSNBC and CNBC, giving her the megaphone.
Meanwhile, conservative financed publishing, conservative financed newsletters, and the conservative
financed magazines give her a publicity blast. 

Then, finally, the networks.

Trust me: mark November on your calendar, for the next fearmongering scare that will be broadcast 
and rebroadcast, written and then re-written, though the same conservative media machine, then the 
same conservative cable channels, then the Fox-Lite cable, then the networks will have an election eve 
debate about whether liberals are dangerous to American security.

Perhaps by then, Air America will put out a press release. 

I heard Randi Rhodes say she had orders NOT to talk about the Ohio theft in 2004.

Democrats still have the majority, but you wouldn't know it to turn on a TV or a radio.
Why can't the majority get a word in?   Why does Nazi hate dominate everything?
We won three popular vote elections in a row (before Kerry skull-boned us) yet
the popular point of view can't be found on America's airwaves?

There's money to be made by giving the majority what they want - why can't we get it?

Phil Donahue had the biggest show on MSGOP and they took him off the air because
he said there was no reason to attack a defenseless, third world country like Iraq.
MSGOP lost money to please Der Boy Fuhrer - why? 

Why does capitalism lose to Fascism?


Subject: war can be solved

Even though cultures and religions have been at war for thousands of  years the problem
of war can be solved. In order to have a war there has to be an agreement to go to war.
This agreement comes from a Vocabulary  of War.

In the Middle East Muslims and Jews kill each other, but in San Francisco Muslims and Jews
march together to protest for peace. The reason San Francisco is different than the Middle East
is that San Francisco uses the Vocabulary of Peace and the Middle East uses the Vocabulary of War.

We respect each other here. In San Francisco "we" are all "us", fellow members of the human community.
Over there "they" are "terrorists" or "Infidels" and "they" deserve to die.

The Vocabulary of Peace humanizes people. The Vocabulary of War dehumanizes them.
The difference is in the vocabulary and I think that if we change the vocabulary we can change the world.
It's harder to kill people when you see them as individuals. And they have a harder time hating you
when you are being respectful and considerate.

Marc Perkel
San Francisco, CA.

          Click  to  get  real.


Bart's friend Ray
I had it taken at the Ft. Smith National Cemetery -- to suggest
one reason WHY I think the giggling murderer is the WPE.
  I'm not very happy about the way things are going in America.
It's hard for me to be happy in a place where all I can think of
is the thousands of people the WORST PRESIDENT EVER
is getting killed -- in my name and under my flag.

That's why I look so sad in this picture.

Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

Click on the E!

Dems take Bart's advice, somewhat...
 Senseless for IA and NH to pick a president


Democrats agreed to shake up tradition by wedging Nevada between Iowa and New Hampshire
in the 2008 presidential nominating calendar and adding South Carolina soon afterward.

Advocates say it will force candidates to develop a broader message that extends beyond
the concerns of voters in Iowa and New Hampshire. But the altered schedule poses risks.
New Hampshire, for example, is threatening to move its primary even earlier, despite the
possibility that Democrats would punish candidates who campaign in states that cheat.

Hey, screw New Hampshire.
There's no reason why they get to pick our nominee every four years.

I've read quotes from Hamsterites like:
"I ain't voting for nobody unless I done shaked his hand."
Screw that ultra-elitist crap, and screw those stupid-ass traditions they have.

The idea that Wesley Clark had to go to some handjob eatery in 2004 and put on an apron
and flip pancakes for Hamsterites is so stupid it's hard to believe that idiotic ritual still exists.
I don't give a goddamn if Clark can flip pancakes - who the hell cares?
ALL that kissing babies and putting on a giant condom suit crappola makes me sick.

I have an idea:
Maybe the candidate could act like a dignified citizen instead of a dorky dork?

If I ran a campaign, my candidate wouldn't play the fool because "it's tradition."
Screw tradition - let's concentrate on winning.


Subject: BCR Show 96

Show 96 was super. I hope you can find some way to streamline your radio production
so that it won't be such a hassle for you, because every show is really a treat.
Clips, music, commentary -- even the fuck-ups are funny.

I now have the same opinion of the radio show that I've always had of the web page:
You are really doing great work and I hope you...




Subject: Randi who?

Note: A dude named Richard went to Seattle's Hempfest.
He wrote and said, "Was hot. was cool. was high. Randi who?"

I straightened him out, saying, in shorthand, "Randi Rhodes is the best person on our side - bar none.
Listen to her on Air America weekday afternoons.  You won't believe it."
Richard didn't like my shorthand.

When you or anyone else says, "best person on our side", my back goes up.
Can't help it.

Dude, neither can I.
You have to deal with your own problems - I can't help you.

First of all, while I am far more inclined to opt for Randi than, say, Pigboy, she's just one person.
Cindy Sheehan doesn't speak for me, nor does anyone else on the left. And Bart, I am radical left.
Not proud of it, just the way it is, and always has been for about forty years. I am not McCarthy
material, but I'm the next best thing that Bush & CO. might seize upon immediately to call unpatriotic.

Dude, have a good time at Hempfest?
Thanks for acquiescing that Randi might be a better person than the vulgar Pigboy.

I'm not really sure who Randi speaks for. You and I are on the same side, with disagreements.
Randi Rhodes is no doubt there ...but she doesn't speak for me.
I have lived for decades with the understanding that only I speak for me.

ha ha
Dude, trust me - Randi would be a severe upgrade.

And I was far too stoned to listen to her anyway. Her mic rang like Hendrix's feedback.
I never made out a word she said. At the end of it, there was a segment of the crowd who cheered wildly.
It was only by reading Bartcop that I knew that Randi Rhodes was the one giving the opening speech.

So - you were high and the local sound system wasn't perfect, so you reject the messenger?
That's bad luck for you, because Randi is spectacular.
Randi Rhodes and Mike Malloy make me want to forget doing BartCop Radio.

The 'best person on our side'? 
That's a rather simplistic viewpoint, my friend. 

It's shorthand, I'm a busy dude.

I mean no disrespect with that.

For years, people wrote and asked if I'd ever heard of Randi Rhodes out of West Palm Beach.
I said no, but that I was sure she's good in her own little small time way. 

Then she went to Air America and I heard four hours of her one Sunday and I couldn't turn her off.
She can rattle off a dozen Bush crimes in a single breath. She remembers names, dates and events
like she's part prosecutor and part encyclopedia and the best part? 

Her attitude. 
She's like Bart with an IQ of 164 in a really bad mood. 

Richard, you should hear her before you say she's not the best.


 Iraq pumps 2,000,000 barrels a day,
(and that was before the 2003 Halliburton Upgrade)

 Iraq oil output up to 2.5M barrels per day
 times today's oil price which is going to $100 a barrel
makes $250,000,000 Bush will steal every day.

You heard it here first.
Oil is going to $100 a barrel, then to $200

No wonder they were so eager to start a war

Bush's "Bring 'em on" death taunt is up to...

2607....2611 American victims

They got FOUR yesterday, 
so Bush can claim he didn't cut & run.

By Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Bush will have killed
more Americans than his old partner Osama.

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JonBenet: Here We Go Again


I'm convinced that one or both of JonBenet's parents are responsible for her murder.
This is my opinion, her parents never been charged and there is no hard evidence to convict them.

But even if JonBenet's parents are not directly responsible for her death, they are still indirectly
liable because they dressed their daughter like a floozy and coached her to act like a temptress.

Dressing a 6-year old girl like a grown woman may have won her many beauty contests,
but it also exposed her to the attention of dangerous pedophiles.

Have you noticed how creepy the pictures are on CNN?
They zoom in on JenBenet's face, so all you can see are her two eyes?
As if we're peering into the dead girl's soul?

CNN is run by pervs, but I guess you already knew that.


Duelling Pageants


We already know the Republicans are running on 9/11. They are undoubtedly gearing up for a 
five year anniversary commemoration in which the subtext, as always, will be portrayal of Republicans 
as being strong enough and tough enough to keep the country safe compared to the vacuous and naive
Democratic ninnies. The Republicans are counting on it to remind people of Bush's Bullhorn moment, 

Bush lying with a paid-for actor dressed as a fireman. It was a stunt, while standing on 
the bodies of the dead, and then he lied.  He promised to make "those people pay," then he
stole Saddam's oil and John Coward Kerry refused to mention it at the New York convention.

Do you think the BFEE made 9-11 a "September Surprise" because
another "October Surprise" would've been too obvious?

Do you think it's a coincidence that elections will always he held
soon after another 9-11 anniversary so they can use fear to win?

That brings us to the other big pageant this fall. A few days before 9/11 we are going to 
memorialize another day of national horror: the death of a huge swathe of an American city, 
while the president and John McCain shared a few laughs over birthday cake.



Subject: Her

Uh, Bart, you're the one claiming to know her innermost thoughts and motivations
That's why you dismiss her every misstep.

I guess that's possible - OR - I have a half-sense of politics in my blood,
and sometimes I can see the smart move and She's all about making the smart move.

The last two lines of your retort to [that hater] sound as if you're describing Joan of Arc.

And the last line was 

> If only people were willing to put their money where their hatred is.

Why do they criticize her?
Because she's so transparent.
Everything is so calculated.

Dude, those are hard charges to refute.
Like everyone with a bitch against Her, there's no meat to your accusation.
The Number One reason to reject our front-runner is, "She's so transparent?"
and "Everything is so calculated?"

That's why we're going to let the BFEE continue to rape the world?
Because Hillary is "transparent" and "calculated?"

The Democratic Party as constituted today is doomed.
The Progressives have had enough.
Hilary will stick with the DLC/DNC.
 John F

John, ...take a deep breath.
You "Progressives" had enough in 2000, too, remember?
That threw America back 50 years - that's not progress.

The Bush bastards must be stopped.
Who can stop him?



Party at the Palms, Sept 16
 Tickets are still available - first come, first tequila!

 Tequila update - Info

Remember - you need a number to get in.
When we run out of numbers, we're full.


Kelly Ripa up for "Best Regis"



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