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 Thursday   Aug 24, 2006  Vol 1825 - Rarely Surprised

Quote of the Day

"Liberalism will never understand 
  the need for violence in society..."
    -- Der vulgar Pigboy 

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
More War = Draft?
Safe Stem Cells 
The Smell of Fear 
Next Step a Draft? 
Inhofe in hot water
O'Reilly's sex problem
Snippy e-mail contest 
Sex abuse in His name 
Janet Jackson 


Bush Blew a Guy

The net's best advertising deal

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"I just wish the President could have another term in office." 
    --Katrina victim Rockey Vaccarella, who says Bush has done a heckuva job,Link


More War = Draft?
 by Brent Budowsky

The involuntary recall of 3,500 Marines demands an answer to this question: 
Is America headed for a return to the draft?

The problem is simple: the United States went to war in Iraq without sufficient numbers of troops 
leading to inevitable problems. My view has always been that it would have been better for the 
President to have finished the job of killing bin Laden in Afghanistan, rather than cutting and running 
on that job, and helping bin Laden escape, to charge into an unwise war in Iraq.

Once the decision to wage war in Iraq was made, the manner with which it was conducted created 
inevitable and catastrophic results that have caused major, long-term damage to American force 
structures, recruitment and restocking of equipment that will cost many billions of dollars to replace.

Note:  is the most important site on the internet


Embryo-Safe Stem Cells

A biotech company has found a new way of making stem cells without destroying embryos,
touting it as a way to defuse one of the country's fiercest political and ethical debates.

Some opponents of the research said the method still doesn't satisfy their objections and many
stem cell scientists and their supporters called it inefficient and politically wrong-headed.
But a spokeswoman for Bush called it a step in the right direction.

And Robert Lanza, an executive with ACT, which created the new stem cell lines,
said: "This will make it far more difficult to oppose this research."

Stem cells have become a Holy Grail for advocates of patients with a wide variety of illnesses
because of the cells' potential to transform into any type of human tissue, perhaps leading to
new treatments. But the Vatican, President Bush and others have argued that the promise of
stem cells should not be realized at the expense of human life, even in its most nascent stages.

So, the religiously insane are just going to change the reason they oppose progress?


Subject: no meters installed on the pipelines in Iraq

"A most surprising fact explained was that currently, there are no meters installed
on the pipelines to tankers along the coast. Each day untold thousands of gallons of oil
are being exported without accounting. This fact alone brings into question the real reason
for the war and Halliburton's generous contracts."

In David Rothmiller's response to Molly Ivin's article... I wonder if this is verifiable?

We've been talking about that for many years.
Why do you think they started this fake war?



"Bush says he does not care about Iran's nuclear program, 
  as long as they're not developing a nuke-u-lar program." 
     -- David Letterman


Subject: Voting for a third party candidate

Anyone who votes for a third party candidate is as delusional as Bush's supporters
who still think Iraq had WMD. What did those fools who voted for Nader accomplish
in 2000 other than helping elect Bush? I hope they're happy with the mess we're in now
because they helped elect Bush as much as his supporters.


Bill, not only are they going to do it again,
but some of them are proud that they threw the election to Bush.

They know a wasted vote helps Bush, 
but it's their "principles" that count, not the result.


The Smell of Fear

That $100-a-bottle perfume that passengers tossed into airport trash cans last week, along with
the lip gloss, toothpaste and shampoo, added the missing element of home-front sacrifice to the
war on terror, which may explain why initial media coverage was so enthusiastic and skepticism-free.

"This nation is at war with Islamic fascists who will use any means to destroy those of us who
love freedom, to hurt our nation." That was our president, of course, still reading "The Pet Goat"
to the nation, still quoted straight up as he simplifies a complex world for us.

Turns out that those of us who thought something smelled funny about the timing and all - peace had
just broken out in Connecticut, for instance - were getting a whiff of more than just discarded aftershave.


Subject: WPE shirt in Idaho

BC, made a trip to Idaho & Montana last week and was warned to be
careful because of my WPE and Impeach Bush Now! Bumper stickers.
I responded that most conservatives are yellowbelly cowards and I have no worries.

Anyway the wife and I went into a redneck café in a little farming town.
My wife said "Maybe you should change your T-Shirt". I was wearing my WPE.

I said "Ohhhhhhhh Nooooooooooooo" and laughed. The next thing I hear is a guy
at the counter saying to the waitress "Look,  Bush looks like a monster on that guy's shirt".

She said "Yes, he does look like a monster."
Then the guy says "You have to give it to em, they tell it like it is."
BC, even the hillbillies are waking up!

 Bernie of "Mega-Bartcop dittoes, Pigboy!" fame


Mike Malloy - weeknights on AAR

Subject: BCR feedback

Bart -

Feedback on show #96
As always, great fun.

I have to say, though, my favorite parts of ALL the shows are your own rants.
In 96, I totally ate up your analysis of John McCain's interview on Leno.
That was a thing of beauty.

I appreciate the great stuff you find on TV, but I'd rather listen to you ramble
and rave in your own truthful and delightfully twisted style.

I spent 10 years of my own life as a DJ and "radio personality" before moving on
to something that pays better and is actually useful - and I like to think I know talent
when I hear it.  Your whole presentation is intellectually sharp-as-a-tack, while being
comfortable, honest, funny, and even endearing.  What's endearing, you might ask?
The way you laugh.  Very endearingthe way you laugh makes me smile.
How can you not really like the hell out of someone with a laugh like that?
There's more, but we don't want to belabor the "endearing" issue, do we?

I can't help but think that even many RepubliCONs might be inclined to get their
minds right if they were exposed to regular doses of Bartthat would be those
who still have a shred of common sense left.  The rest, of course, are hopeless.

Keep on, oh Mighty One.  You're a great big crazy smile in a very dark world!
 Carolyn in OKC

 Carolyn, thanks for that.
 Someone else liked that McCain bit, so we'll make that the sample.

 This McCain beatdown is almost 20 minutes long, the show is six times longer.


Is the Next Step a Draft?


Iraq War veterans group says the call-up of thousands of Marines, announced by
the Pentagon Tuesday, is "one of the last steps before resorting to a draft."

"This move should serve as a wake-up call to America," said Jon Soltz, an Army captain
who heads, which raises funds for veterans running for Congress.
"Today's announcement that thousands of Marines will be called to go to Iraq
is proof that our military is overextended, and there is no plan for victory in Iraq."

While the Pentagon has repeatedly maintained the armed forces have met their
recruiting and retention goals, Soltz says, "Today's actions speak louder than words."



"I'm not proud that I never got an education.
  I'm not proud that I have ADD or that I'm dyslexic.
  I'm not proud that I'm a drug addict and a drunk,
  but things could be a lot worse - I could be Sting."
    -- Ozzy Osborne


Subject: Saddam's WMDs


Oh, c'mon. I know an idiot Okie who knew and was posting on his blog that the run up
to the Iraq war was entirely bogus. I have no problem giving cover to converts to the
anti-war cause, but the technical historical fact was that anyone who used critical thinking
skills taught in high school and readily available facts knew that there were no WMD.


You just said the CIA could not have had more facts or better info than Ol' Bart.
Seriously, that's just flat-out goofy talk.

Which of us is bending over backwards to force a point that won't fit?


Goodbye to the United States
  by Mike Rupert of

My country is dead. Its people have surrendered to tyranny, and in so doing, they have become
tyranny's primary support group; its base constituency; its chief defender. Every day they offer
their endorsement of tyranny by banking in its banks and spending their borrowed money with
the corporations that run it. The great Neocon strategy of George H.W. Bush has triumphed.

Convince the American people that they can't live without the "good things", then sit back and
watch as they endorse the progressively more outrageous crimes you commit as you throw them
bones with ever-less meat on them. All the while, lock them into debt. Destroy the middle class,
the only political base that need be feared. Make them accept, because of their own shared guilt,
ever-more repressive police state measures. Do whatever you want.


Subject: thank you

Thank you for advertising on

I am forming a campaign to have Jim Lehrer of the NewsHour fired and Robert Parry put in the anchor place. 
Think how different our world would be if Parry ran the NewsHour.

Yes, Robert needs his own show, and more people need to advertise on 
the most important site on the internet. We must support those who fight back.

Thanks for the note.


Iraq looms over 'Senator Macaca'
 Why do Republicans vote for racists?


Sen. George Allen (R-Racist.) sought to put controversy behind him as his "Macaca Tour"
rolled into Northern Virginia, while Democrat James Webb reached out to black leaders.

The senator has endured a week of criticism for ethic slurs he hurled at a Webb volunteer
of Indian descent. Allen continued with the lie that "Macaca" was a made-up name for a
dark-skinned Webb staff member. His critics said the word was a slur meaning monkey
and interpreted Allen's words and demeanor to be discriminatory and exclusionary.


Sex abuse in His name
 Is there any reason to trust religion?

Washburn, Mo. (WAP) - The minister of a rural Ozarks church, his wife and her two brothers
have been accused of molesting young girls from their congregation for years, sometimes as part
of a religious ritual, officials said.

The charge:
Rev. Raymond Lambert, 51, of Grand Valley Baptist Church, repeatedly had sex with
two underage girls with the help of his 49-year-old wife, Patty, according to court records.
The bastard told the girls, "We are preparing your body for service to God."
Patty Lambert's brothers are accused of raping girls as young as 4.

In America, this is no big deal, this is just how it is.
Sex-crazy men use religion to ensnare 4 year olds.
That's no big deal.

...but if those bastards had been growing pot, then we'd have a problem.


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Here's how you win:
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Be sure the reader knows you're not happy with Der Monkey and his murders,
rapes, torture, invasions, thefts, gas-gouging, military draft, Katrina or whatever.

Include the line "worst president ever" in it, somewhere.

Be firm, be angry but don't be crude or vulgar.
I know you can write an angry letter and still make it G-rated or PG.

We'll have ten winners - IF ten people send in their e-mails.

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Subject: liberals

Lydon B. Johnson sent me to VietNam in 1965. 
I don't think that fucking hemroid was a republican. 

Dude, spell much?

I just thank God that Clinton or Gore, or that Lesbian bitch 
Hillary wasn't the leader of this country when 9-11 took place. 

Bush was warned, and when they pressed the issue he said,
"OK, you covered your ass," and then went on vacation and let it happen.
And you say you like the guy?

Bush has balls.

Bush has 2615 dead soldiers - and you like the guy?
How about that gay prostitute Bush hired to service him?
The Secret Service said Bush's gigolo visited the White House over 200 times.

Write to Bush - maybe he'll invite you for a three-way?

Wake up you fucking illitarate. 

 ha ha

If not, go back to where you come from, either a foreign country, or get a sex change to a pussy. 
The rest of the world will kill you like a magot, given the chance. 
 jallison in Carolina

The rest of the world hates us now, because after they hit the WTC, 
Bush stole Iraq's oil and killed 100,000 innocent people
instead of going after bin Laden like he promised.

  "I promise to steal Iraq's oil."

...and you say you like the guy?


Jim Inhofe in hot water
 He's the nuttiest handjob in the GOP

Sen. Jim Inhofe, head of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, tasked with
addressing [global warming and stronger hurricanes], remains unconvinced and continues to
wage a personal war against the belief in global warming. As the article notes, "Inhofe calls
global warming 'greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people'With no hint of
irony Inhofe calls global warming 'the big lie,' comparing the science behind it to Nazi
propaganda leading up to World War II."


"There are no unfed darkies in the Astrodome!"
"There is no crime in New Orleans."
"Our initial assessment is that the levees are holding."
"I blame CNN - they are showing fake footage!"
"Be assured. New Orleans is safe and protected."
"I'm doing a heckuva job!" 

Random Thought...

Bush is such a bad president, we've lost Pluto.


 Iraq oil output up to 2.5M barrels per day
 times Bush's oil gouge which is going to $100a barrel
makes $250,000,000 Bush will steal every day.

Oil is going to $100 a barrel, then to $200

No wonder they were so eager to start a war

Bush's "Bring 'em on" death taunt is up to...

2613....2615 American victims


By Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Bush will have killed
more Americans than his old partner Osama.

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O'Reilly's sex problem
 In his own words...



Subject: Donahue cancellation


The recent letter from Bryant about the Donohue cancellation verged on being "monkey mail." 
The facts about his show's removal from the airwaves are public knowledge thanks to leaked 
MSNBC documents in which the network argued that Donohue would be a "difficult public face 
for NBC in a time of war  He seems to delight in presenting guests who are anti-war, anti-Bush 
and skeptical of the administration's motives." 

The report also warned that the Donahue show could be "a home for the liberal anti-war agenda 
at the same time that our competitors are waving the flag at every opportunity." An email from a 
network executive, also leaked to All Your TV (3/5/03), suggested that it would be "unlikely" that 
Donahue could be used by MSNBC to "reinvent itself" and "cross-pollinate our programming" with 
the "anticipated larger audience who will tune in during a time of war" by linking pundits to war coverage,
"particularly given his public stance on the advisability of the war effort."

Thanks for your fine website and please keep on swinging.

Donahue, like Martin Sheen, was fired for being right about Bush's bloody quagmire.
Someone else pointed out that Olbermann didn't replace Donahue - Michael Savage did,
until he told a gay called to "choke on a sausage, get AIDS and die."


Too weird for Hollywood
 Fired, after 20 years of profits

 "I had Ron Hubbard's baby!"



     Season 2:   Click  to  Order

DVD Notes:
New characters, new revelations, same drop-dead dialog, and dead-on cool.

Crackling-sharp writing and topnotch acting
Echoes of the stellar Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Bart says:
If it wasn't for Rescue Me, Mars might be the best show on TV.
Without Rescue Me, it is the best-written show on TV.


Don't Count Her Out

For all her faults on the Iraq war, She is pretty solid on every other issue and makes a point 
to be a good Democrat. I wish she made better use of the unique bully pulpit she has. (In due time)

The press may yawn for Harry Reid, but they will cover our most famous senator. She certainly has 
not badmouthed her party at any given moment. That's also why many in the "netroots" need to take 
their head out of the sand with regards to her shot at the nomination. Among normal every day people
who happen to be Democrats, She is well-known and well-liked. She was first lady for eight years
- that is an advantage that not a single likely candidate in either party has.

Count her out at your own peril.


Subject: TATP


Your writer is correct. To "safely" manufacture TATP one needs 
a extremely controlled environment such as a laboratory would offer.

But the kicker here is the reason for this is that the materials become 
highly unstable to the point of pre-planned explosion.

So if the goal is to explode a plane...
B'Town, MAC,

Charlie, he also said, "One then must let the resulting solution stand
for an extended period at temperatures 33-50 degrees Fahrenheit... 
The time required is at least 24 hours and often several days."


Party at the Palms, Sept 16
 A few tickets are still available!

 Tequila update - Info

Remember - you need a number to get in.
When we run out of numbers, we're full.


Janet Jackson unshackled


When asked whether she would be okay with 
making sex videotapes, Jackson replied in the affirmative. 


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