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Tuesday Aug 29, 2006   Vol 1828 - Federal terror

Quote of the Day

"60 percent say that 'most of the $44 billion 
  we spent on Katrina in the last year was wasted." 
       --Think Progress,  Link

 No, Bush stole that money, like he steals everything.
 Disasters are "profit opportunities" for him.
 Why do you think he causes so many of them?
 He wouldn't have made a dime if the levees had held.

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Cloaks and Daggers 
WH wanted me to lie 
The Bullshit Detector
The Sins of 9-11 
I'm supposed to believe... 
Hurry Up and Wait
Deserting in Droves 
I think I'm Guilty 
Brittany Murphy free


Bush Blew a Guy

The net's best advertising deal

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"There's also some deep, persistent poverty in this region. That poverty has roots
  in racial discrimination, which cut off generations from the opportunity of America.
  We have a duty to confront this poverty with bold action. So let us restore all that
  we have cherished from yesterday, and let us rise above the legacy of inequality."
      -- President Corrupt giving ANOTHER no-bid contract to Cheney's Halliburton,  Link

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Aero's Cloaks and Daggers
 by Barbara Koeppel

Torture at CIA secret sites is illegal. So too is the practice of the CIA transporting suspects
to other countries where torture tactics are commonplace.

To expose and halt such goings-on, members of Stop Torture Now and Code Pink gathered
last November at a rural airport in Smithfield, N.C., about 40 miles from Raleigh. Their target
was Aero Contractors, a charter airline company. The activists insist that Aero runs "torture taxis"
- secret rendition flights for the CIA

Aero's planes stop first at Dulles or at CIA facilities in Virginia to pick up flight plans, then fly to
Ireland to refuel, and from there to countries such as Britain, Pakistan, Germany and Turkey to
collect the suspects. On the final lap, they deliver the human cargo for interrogation to countries
such as Egypt, Syria, Jordan - all cited in U.S. State Department reports as having unclean hands
when it comes to human rights.

Note:  is the most important site on the internet

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Brownie: WH wanted me to lie


Michael Brown says the White House wanted him to lie about the response to Katrina.

He told ABC News "This Week with Judas Maximus that he stood by comments in Playboy,
and that the Giggling Murder Monkey wanted him to take the heat for the bungling.

"The lie was that we were ready and that everything was working as a team. Behind the scenes,
it wasn't working at all," Brown said as Judas played with his tail. "There were political considerations
going into all the discussions.  New Orleans did not evacuate and Mayor Nagin had no plan."

Brown said it was natural to want to put the spin on that things are working. "My biggest mistake
was just not leveling with the American public and saying, 'Folks, this isn't working."  He also cited
what he called an e-mail 'from a very high source in the White House that says the president said,
'Thank goodness Brown's taking all the heat because it's better that he takes the heat than I do."

Brown admitted that, as a political appointee, it was his job to fall on the sword for Bush,
but so many thousands of people died - we'll never even know the number.

I'll say it again:
It's possible that the reason Bush waited 5 days to send help is because they needed 5 days to
round up thousands of bodies of faceless black people they can claim "disappeared" into the
refugee relocation program which, like Iraq, was such a circle jerk nobody knows what happened.

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Subject: racial 'Survivor'

Will the ethnic group that wins be able to declare superiority to all the groups that lost?

I think it would be a hoot if the whites failed first.

Will nut-bags use the win to preach for the destruction of the non-winning groups
because they "obviously" can't survive anyway?

This is a TV game, not "destruction" of anybody.

I can't wait for next year's edition wherein the groups will be divided along religious lines.
The Christians vs. the Muslims vs. the Hindus vs. the Jews vs. the Taoists vs. the Buddhists.
Although wait, in order to be fair the Christians will have to be subdivided into the Catholics, Protestants...
oh wait, the Protestants will have to be divided up into the Anglicans, the Lutherans, the Baptists,
the Evangelicals... and the Muslims will have to divided up into the Shia and Sunni...............

At the end of that show we will all finally know once and for sure who is the One True God.
And that's a good thing, right?

Vic in Santa Fe

I think people are missing the point:
Survivor was criticized for not showing enough minorities.

So what would happen if the whites outnumbered the blacks and voted them off?
That's be like real life, where everyone but the older, white, straight Christians get screwed.

To prevent that, they got equal numbers of each segment - and some good people think
this is the second coming of Adolph because Survivor wanted more minorities?

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"I have a roof over my head, my family's living there, we have air conditioning,
  we have running water, I can take a shower, shave. I can move on as I rebuild.
  Instead of sitting around complaining, you ought to be thankful for what we got.
  At least we were able to have miniature homes parked in front of our house -
  I even can get on the internet!"
     --Rockey the Republican, describing Bush's Paradise in New Orleans, Link

Funny, Bush had time to meet with this Rove-paid shill but not Cindy Sheehan.

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Subject: question

If you were running the Democratic Party, what besides forcing
the elected members of said party to grow a pair would you do?

First, I would slap them and remind them they are men and women, not scared bunnies.
Then I would demand that they become more aggressive and do their damn jobs.
Then we'd agree on a message to be repeated, again and again, such as,
"The course we're on is a disaster - we must change course."

Then, when they cry, "But I'm scared, Bart, and I don't know what to do,"
I'd tell them to read  for daily tips on how to fight the evil Fascists.

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The Bullshit Detector

#1 Bush is a fine fellow.
#2 Dubya never tells a lie.
#3 Despite the fact that all sorts of rules and regulations, such as the laws of wiretapping,
     and the Geneva conventions treaty, don't apply to him and his posse, he will absolutely,
     positively not serve a third term.

Can't tell if he's joking, but I'll give you a Nancy Grace Guarantee right here:
Nobody in history has voluntarily given up this much power before, and I'm sure,
because no gang in history jas ever had as much power as these Bush bastards..

They're stealing maybe $200M a day.
Tell me - why would greedy oil bastards give that up?

We're going to have a horrible terrorist attack and for our safety, Bush will
suspend the November election "until we can regroup and get back on our feet."

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Subject: WPE @ CSNY in NYC


Wore my WPE shirt at the New York Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young concert.
If you have the chance, go this show  is fantastic.
Neil broke all his strings on "Keep on rockin' in the  free world" and kept on jamming.
These old guys still can rock and call for the impeachment of Chimpy McFlightsuit at the same time.

Got many compliments and I would say " Just go to, you'll  be glad you did".
I had several people write it down they were so  moved.
Got to talk to Randi Rhodes, who is super nice, as she is on the air.

In the crowd, Donald Trump talking to (and dancing with) Salman  Rushdie.
Tim Robbins right behind them.
I need to bring a camera with me when I wear this shirt.

I also got a great response to the shirt at the farmer's Market in Cold Spring, NY.
Ran in to John Hall (former lead guy from the band, Orleans) who is running for Congress
in the 19th district as a progressive Dem. New York is a battleground state this year,
with 5 potential house seats up for grabs.

I'm with an organization, Citizen Action and we do phone banking and letter writing to try
to enact change for a progressive agenda.  We brought boxes of doughnut holes to the woman
that John Hall seeks to oust, Sue Kelly, because she supported the Medicare Part D Disaster.

If at any time you could mention our phone banks as something for people in NYC to do
(I know that it is narrowcasting, but what the  heck) I'll attach a flyer.

Thanks for the humor and once again for enlightening me to Chinaco, YUM!

Take care,

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"it will be hard 4 me 2 not b the boss."
    -- Rosie O'Donnel, apparently serving notice to her new co-workers
        that she expects to be the big cheese when she joins The View.

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The Sins of 9-11
 by William Rivers Pitt


The astounding level of blunt ignorance about 9-11 cannot be easily quantified. In a nation with
thousands of newspapers, thousands of radio stations, and a ceaseless data stream from CNN,
MSNBC, CNBC, Fox, NBC, ABC, CBS and PBS, some 70% of the population believe that
Saddam was centrally involved in that attack. Beyond that, what most people know about the
most important event in our history does not go much beyond "evildoers" who "hate our freedom."

That is, simply, incredible. It is also not an accident. This ignorance has a great deal to do with
the stunning mediocrity of the television news media, that empty well where most Americans go
to become informed. This ignorance also, and far more importantly, has a great deal to do with
the Clinton-era actions of a large number of conservatives, many of whom are in positions of
power today, many of whom are now making careers out of September 11.

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"It's the anniversary of Katrina, another hurricane is coming, and Bush is STILL
  on vacation, AGAIN - just like he stayed on vacation for a full three days after
  Katrina destroyed New Orleans....Yes, he's fully engaged...while on vacation at
  his rich daddy's "summer" home. Too bad the folks in New Orleans still don't
  have spring, summer, winter or fall homes."
     -- John Aravosis,    Link

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Subject: why they don't speak up now

Bart, you asked:

> Why don't they speak up NOW and save the next 40,000 amputees?
> Why don't the families of the dead-for-no-reason speak up NOW?

Very good questions. I don't think I have great answers, but I imagine it's difficult for a parent
to admit their child died for no reason.  I doubt many young parents in the USA hold their infants
in their arms, thinking its OK if they are mangled beyond recognition in 18 years for no good reason.

Even for good reason, having your young one die violently in a war is a rip-off.  How do you accept
that you willingly gave enormous life energy for your child's health & well being, to have them killed
like an animal for no reason?  Maybe it's more guilt & shame than some people can handle.

The worst part of that is, say you lost your 18 year old son, that self-delusional crap
might encourage your 16 year old to throw his life into Bush's meat-grinder in two years, too.

Co-workers & I recently had a conversation about the war, and one of the fellows has a son in Iraq.
His stance is that 100 years from now civilization will have a favorable view of Bush because
democracy will have flourished in the Middle East.  What do you say to the guy?


Andy, tell him the reason he talks about 100 years from now is because right now,
everyone agrees that Bush is a monster, a moron and a fucktard.

To me, that "100 years from now" crap is the same as "you'll understand once you get to Heaven."

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I'm supposed to believe...


I'm supposed to believe that the man who sat in a classroom reading a kids' book for seven minutes
AFTER he was told the country was under attack, who was warned repeatedly about imminent threats
against the country and chose to ignore them, who has traipsed off on vacation every time there is a
domestic or international disaster, is a decisive man-of-action with the fortitude to run a nation.

I am supposed to believe that God himself chooses my nation's leaders and that, in His infinite wisdom,
he chose a lying, thieving, self-absorbed, pro-torture, pro-war, lazy frat-boy jerk like George W. Bush.

I am supposed to believe that the same man who used family money and influence to duck military duty,
who has failed at every business venture he ever tried, who never did an honest day's work or
accomplished anything of value in his entire life, is fit to be Commander-in-Chief.

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"Bush wishes that we would forget Katrina, forget My Pet Goat, forget the August 6th memo,
  forget his frantic flight to Nebraska, forget his promise to wage a crusade, forget that he didn't
  even know the difference between Shi'a and Sunnis before he asked Richard Clarke to find
  phantom evidence against Iraq...Yes, if we can forget all of that, then maybe we can see him
  again standing on the rubble with his bullhorn, talking tough and making us feel better for a
  half a moment. For me, Bush will always be reading My Pet Goat."
     -- BooMan,  Link

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Another t-shirt winning e-mail

Subject: How do you want to be remembered?

I am writing to you on the behalf of all Americans.
Never in our history have we needed you more to rise to the occasion, challenging authority
to justify actions taken on our behalf and informing the public of perilous issues facing us all.

Where is your outrage? Where is your courage?
Instead of hourly celebrity updates, why not persistent coverage of any of the real issues?

History will remember two things, that our leaders have failed us but also that our press has
doubly failed us. First neglecting to rigorously question why these leaders deserved to be
elected in the first place. Where was the press in pursuing real answers concerning our
problems at hand (before the elections!)?   Then you've faltered a second time in allowing
the worst President of these United States to ever hold office and his conspirators to continue
their rampage unimpeded. You have failed to hold them accountable in the public eye either
due to sloth or willing complicity in their crimes.

Have the corporate masters of our Fourth Estate prostituted its integrity to these simpleminded,
shortsighted, would-be kings? Is it any wonder that growing legions of your more educated
consumers turn to the web seeking some semblance of journalistic integrity?

Give us a Murrow for our age and the masses will flock to impassioned truth telling.
If not to raise us as a people, do it for the billions there for the taking.

The Fourth Estate, Royal Stenographer, or Corporate Sideshow, how do you want to be remembered?


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Deserting in Droves
 Who wants to die for Bush in Iraq?


Scores of American troops are deserting - even from the front line in Iraq. But where have they gone?
And why isn't the US Army after them? Peter Laufer tracked down four of the deserters.

They are the US troops in Iraq to whom the American administration prefers not to draw attention.
They are the deserters - those who have gone AWOL from their units and not returned, risking jail.

First Lieutenant Ehren Watada said that the war is morally wrong and a horrible breach of American law.
His participation, he stated, would make him party to "war crimes".

These conscientious objectors are a brave group - their decisions will result in long-term life changes.
To be labelled a deserter is no small burden. If convicted of desertion, they run the risk of a prison sentence
- with hard labour. To choose exile can mean lifelong separation from family and friends, as even the most
trivial encounter with the police in America - say, over a traffic offence - could lead to jail.s

Deserting on the front lines has to be one of the scariest things ever. Stuck in a strange land
wearing a uniform that'll get you killed, no money, can't speak the language - where do they go?
What do they do?

Head for Paris?

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Subject: Survivor

Bart, you said:

> "Until someone explains to me exactly what the problem is,
>  I'm going to hold my condemnation until I see something objectionable.
>  Maybe America's about to learn where we are on the racism evolutionary line."

Good for you!  The movie "Crash" was such an excellent movie
because it explored race relations and made people think.

What a great way to open initiate some critical thought among the couch potatoes.
 Jim in Topeka

Jim, great point.
How can we get past racial troubles if people can't explore them and make people think?

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Hurry Up and Wait
 Iraq gets cash, New Orleans gets promises


So far America has spent some $320 billion in Iraq for nation-building, whereas in New Orleans,
homeowners have so far seen precisely zero.

Not that there isn't talk. A federally funded program with the Disneyfied name of "The Road Home"
is due to start distributing thousands of dollars to uninsured homeowners . . . eventually. Additional
billions have been poured into the coffers of the Army Corps of Engineers, whose design flaws caused
the city's levees to rupture in the first place, and through FEMA which awarded more than 70 percent
of its contracts through a no-bid or limited-bid process to Bush's cronies who just pocketed the cash.

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Had enough?

Happy Anniversary, New Orleans

Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

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Another t-shirt winning e-mail

Subject: Bush's Incompetence

Today is the one year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. It is a good time to reflect on the
negligence and incompetence of the Bush Administration. How could Bush wait 5 full days
before sending in help to the dying people of New Orleans? Babies died of thirst, and elderly
drowned in their wheel chairs waiting for the cavalry.

Bush wouldn't end his precious vacation to save American families in the aftermath of the
worst storm to ever hit the U.S.   George W. Bush is the worst president ever. I'm glad that
the majority of Americans now realize how bad Bush is. His approval rating is around 38%,
which seems a bit high.

Todd in Troy, Michigan

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Random Thought...

Let's get scientific about homosexuality.

Is the percentage of gays equal in all sub-cultures?
Let's call it 10 percent, in case there's some tricky math.

Are 10 % of Jews gay?
Are 10 % of Eskimos gay?
Are 10 % of Iranians gay?
Are 10 % of Native Americans gay?
Are 10 % of Chinese mailmen gay?
Are 10 % of women in all those groups gay?

Trust me - the science is there.
Since that evidence is unreported (far as I can tell)
it must mean the sons of bitches in charge don't want us to know.

 Send e-mail to Bart
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 Iraq pumped 3.5M barrels daily before Bush invaded
 and then they got their 2003 Halliburton upgrade

Bush's oil gouge, which is going to $100a barrel
makes $350,000,000Bush will steal every day.

No wonder they were so eager to start a war,

stealing  $350,000,000every day.

It's the biggest theft in Earth's history
and it continues every day while soldiers die.

Bush's "Bring 'em on" death taunt is up to...

2619....2632 American victims

THIRTEEN more Bush victims since yesterday.


By Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Bush will have killed
more Americans than his old partner Osama.

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From Cigars to Bongs
 Hardon Kenny still doing God's work


President Clinton's impeachment nemesis Kenneth Starr is staying busy. The semen-stained lawyer
is expected to file a petition asking the U.S. Supreme Court to uphold the suspension of a high school
student disciplined for holding a banner across the street from campus reading, 'BONG HITS 4 JESUS.'"

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Your Falling Paycheck
 "Things are good," Bush lies


The economic expansion that began in late 2001 is on track to become the first since World War II
that fails to offer a sustained lift to the real wages of most American workers. Although the nation's
economy has grown and productivity has been strong, American employees have not shared in the
wealth they've helped to create. Wages and salaries now make up the lowest proportion of the
economy since the government began keeping records in 1947, while corporate profits have
climbed to their highest share since the 1960's.

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Subject: Survivor


1st off, I have to say I never watched Survivor since the first half of the first episode.
Frankly, I found it uncreative, and uninteresting.

That's how I regard your e-mails.

The only reason the network created it, according to the knowledge I have,

 ha ha
Quit it. that it's cheap and easy to produce.

They should search for more expensive, more difficult shows to produce?

This has been the modern philosophy of all of the networks.
No money going out, means more money coming in - that's one of
the reasons we don't have investigative reporting anymore.

Greed can be a bad thing, but you're basically saying television is inherently
worthless unless some expensive "things" are flying around your screen.
Tell me, is good coversation worthless, too?

That said, racial separation for Survivor contestants seems like a way
to make cheap controversy and increase ratings by attracting more bigots.

Oh, you're going to hate BCR 97.

I wouldn't intend to watch it anyway, feeling I can find equal excitement by
watching my kitchen trash basket or staring, for an hour, at my un-flushed toilet bowl.

Dude, you stare at your dookie for an hour?
Why did you tell me that?
T. M. I., my friend.

All that said, answer these questions and I'll watch it.
What does it prove?  What lessons will be learned?

Thanks.  I await your wisdom.
 Jimmy the nut

Well, since it's a future event, we'll have to decide after we see it.
But you're going to see people dropped into a mostly-habitable area and then ignored.

There will be power-grabs, there will be alliances formed and promises broken.
A hierarchy will form as the "poker betters" assume command and the "callers and folders"
will be content to follow the leader they see as the best mule to pull them forward.
Sex can be (and has been) used as a weapon.

It's a lot like,,'s exactly like politics.

Some snakes will assume good-ol-boy appearances and some wolves will pretend to be sheep
- until the timing is right for them to strike. Some people are strong but stupid. Some are weak and clever.

On top of all that, they add physical exhaustion, hunger and depression such as
watching the other team dine on filet mignon while your team chokes down raw fish.

It's called "Survivor" for a reason..

 Send e-mail to Bart
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Why we hate Her
 The NSWBC is calling her out


"spineless," "phony," "corrupt," "out of touch," "timid," "all show and no substance," and the list goes on.

If she's actually guilty of something, would they use those words?
If she was guilty and *I* was attacking, I'd offer some proof, some facts and some evidence.

She is a perfect example; an elected senator who has served six years in her seat, never taking a strong stand
in support of her constituents on any serious or controversial issue; a senator who has used her record-breaking
TV public appearances to say "nothing"; a senator whose senate office adheres strictly to a motto of "See no Evil,
Hear no Evil"; an elected official who has no record of conducting investigations into cases that are matters of
great concern to her constituents and to our nation; a senator who has consistently stood quietly on the sidelines
when the issues at hand demand public hearings - waiting to determine the direction of each blowing wind;
a politician who has her focus and energy on a campaign of shallow publicity glitz and her PR empire behind it.

Hmmm, if She's as bad as they claim, it sounds like She'd have a lot of trouble getting re-elected.
This slur has all the credibility of the Gold Star Mothers hoax.

By the way - who are "they?"
They are the NSWBC, or Nambla, and "they" are people we've never heard of.
Want to bet the financial backers of this group are someone we have heard of?

Is their goal to Swiftboat the Democratic front-runner - again?
Or is there goal to "get justice" for two dead men, as they claim?

I think the first 12 words of the excerpt provide the answer.

I must assume  wants Her taken down as well?
I hope I've never written a story as sloppy as this handjob/hatchetjob.
Read the story - count the buzzwords that stand in for facts and evidence.

 Send e-mail to Bart
 Discuss it on the Bartcop Forum

They're getting the truth in Albuquerque

Subject: Dems and immigration

I want to know why all the "leading Democrats" are in favor of wide open mass immigration,
and against closing our borders tightly as a way to better ensure our national security and
protect social systems like hospitals from financial ruin.

Who do the "leading Democrats" think you are?  I have neighbors who need jobs at fair wages.
"Leading Democrats" are abandoning the middle class and lower class to pander for cheap Mexican votes.
Do you think Mexicans with 7th grade educations and Catholic authoritarian traditions are going to vote for
Democrats who support liberal social policies, or modest social spending?  The Democratic current stance
on immigration is beyond stupid.

Why you would let corporate greed-heads and Utopian collectivists make border policy is not just puzzling
but disgusting, and not in the sturdy Democratic tradition of supporting Americans who work for a living,
and who need better wages, not worse wages due to a tsunami of immigrants.

And I'm no racist in any shape or form.  Don't get me wrong.
I''m going to vote for Democrats in November, even if I have to hold my nose.

Don the Day Trader

 Send e-mail to Bart
 Discuss it on the Bartcop Forum

Armitage: I think I'm Guilty


Richard Armitage was clearly agitated. He saw a column by Robert Novak.
Novak provided a tantalizing clue: his primary source about the Plame treason, he wrote,
was a "senior administration official" who was "not a partisan gunslinger." Armitage was shaken.
He called Colin Powell and said,"I'm sure he's talking about me."

Why aren't these bastards already on trial?
Did the gelding Democrats agree to shelve the trial until Bush leaves office?

 Send e-mail to Bart
 Discuss it on the Bartcop Forum

Subject: JonBenet's killer

Regarding the self-confessed "killer" of JonBenet, Mark Karr, remember I was the first to say
that I would be willing to bet that he now has a Swiss Bank account courtesy of Karl Rove;

Karr "confesses" to killing her, distracting the pervs in the whore media and the mouth-breather
republiKKKans, and now, surprise! surprise! suprise!, his DNA tests don't match, so he slides off,
back to Bangkok, to enjoy his RNC reward.

Is there anything that Karl wouldn't do to protect King George?

rdale in Utah

Don't forget - Homeland Security requested that Karr be held.
Is there anything Rove won't do to get Bush's failures out of the headlines?

 Send e-mail to Bart
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TV Stuff

Tonight, the finale of Season Three of Rescue Me, the best show on TV.
(The Veronica Mars people hate me for saying that.)
The finale of Season Two of Rescue Me was one of the best hours I've ever seen on TV.

Season Three was better than Season Two, so tonight's finale just might rock.

Seriously, TV's not supposed to be this good.
TV is supposed to hold you over till the weekend - when you could see a movie.

You should be watching Rescue Me.

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Party at the Palms, Sept 16
 A few tickets are still available!

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I see Spade's in town at The Mirage the 15th & 16th.

Hey Dave, contact me quick, and I might be able to get you half off
the ticket price to Bart's Private Tequila Class and Party of the Decade.

Your Fraulien Heather has to pay full price, due to her Monkey worship..

Remember - you non-showbiz types need a number to get in.
When we run out of numbers, we're full.

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Brittany Murphy un-engaged


Have you ever seen her look better?

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