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  Petition to reinstate Mike at AAR

  Malloy firing Outrage

  UnofficialMalloy Update

Friday Sept 1, 2006   Vol 1830 - Wanktard

Bruce Yurgil

Quote of the Day

"We are truly fortunate to have [Der Monkey}
  He remains the same man who stood atop the rubble 
  with a bullhorn [and an actor in a fireman's costume]
  vowing to fight back." 
      -- Rumsfeld,   Link

 "I hear you, and instead of vengeance 
  I'm going to cut & run on Al Qaeda so 
  we can invade Iraq and steal their oil!"

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
War Crimes 
Rudy's Grand Illusion 
Pipe Down, Rummy
Begat, Bothered 
Cute but Stupid 
Fake anchor, ho news 
Update from Malloy 
Court: Bush a drunk 
Lindsay Lohan sober


Bush Blew a Guy


"America-hating talk show host Mike Malloy
  was reportedly fired by Air America Radio today."
    -- Wonkette     Link

I had never been to  before - why do they hate Mike Malloy?
Or is wonkette just a right-wing hate site that hates all Democrats?

I went to their main page to get a sense of the page
and saw that Chelsea Clinton worships the Devil.

If they hate the Clintons and Democrats,  must be making a lot of money.

Update - Bart, Wonkette is on our side. 
                   They are unabashedly satirical.

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Double Standards on War Crimes
 by Ivan Eland

In Saddam Hussein's war crimes trial for the 1988 Iraqi "Anfal" campaign that gassed Kurdish villages,
his defense lawyers ...are asserting that the innocent Kurds who were killed were collateral damage in
an effort by the Iraqi government to rid its territory of Iranian fighters and their Kurdish allies during the
Iran-Iraq War in the 1980s.

Curiously, this defense sounds similar to Israel's defense of killing more than 1,000 Lebanese and
perpetrating widespread destruction of Shi'ite neighborhoods, apartment houses, water services,
electrical power stations, ports, factories, roads, and bridges in Lebanon in its efforts to punish Hezbollah.

Yet Saddam Hussein is on trial for war crimes and Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is still in office.

Note:  is the most important site on the internet

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Used with permission

Condi says no to WH run
 She'll say no until the Democrats stab Her


Kinda Sleazy Rice keeps trying, but she can't put those questions about presidential ambitions to rest.
Rice didn't appear to leave much wiggle room during interviews Tuesday in Salt Lake City.

"Will you run for president?" an interviewer from KUT asked Sleazy.

"No," she lied.
"That's an easy one."

If you-know-who doesn't run,
the Grand Old Facists will run Sleazy for sure.

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Subject: Malloy

Bart, but I'm pissed about the Malloy firing.
I had never heard of Mike until the night he started on AAR.
I found your site because he mentioned it on the air.

I was never a talk radio fan until I heard the Malloy show.
I was hooked almost immediately.
I finished my work day about 7pm and that is when Mike came on out here in CA.
I was able to wind down while Mike was railing against the Bush Crime Family.
It was the best way to spend a weekday evening.

Sacramento CA

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Subject: Vote Republican or Die!

The Republicans seem desparate. Their message is effectively "Vote Republican or Die!"

Their claim is that if we don't stay the course and achieve victory in Iraq then the
Islamic Terrorist Fascist Insurgents are coming to get you. Bush compares the war
in Iraq to fighting the Nazis in World War 2 as if it were some noble cause.

But we can never win in Iraq because the enemies are the same people
that we are trying to liberate.

The truth is that Bush has failed and the Republicans have failed.
We can either change direction now or wait till it gets worse and change direction later.
The question that voters have to figure out is how bad are we going to allow things to get
before we do something about it?

I say lets throw the bums out.

Marc Perkel
San Francisco, CA.

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Alaska Fred and the grandkids w/Whitey the Fishing Dog


"I know you love New Orleans, and New Orleans needs you.
  She needs people coming home. She needs people - she needs
  those saints to come marching back, is what she needs!"
      -- Der Monkey, trying to make sense

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Subject: they fired Malloy?

Mike Malloy was the only host on Air America who spoke truth to power.
Today AAR showed it's true colours by sacking Mike 30 before his fill in for Randi Rhodes.
Not even a chance to say goodbye to his loyal and passionate audience. This is the most telling factoid.

Mike Malloy although a tough personality. Was a team player. He would have exited gracefully.
The Pinheads at AAR made sure this would not happen.

In the meantime. Mike has given The Head on Radio Network
permission to rerun his old IEAMERICA Shows in his AAR Timeslot.

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Rudy's Grand Illusion
 He can't keep his 9-11 story straight


Giuliani offered a different explanation for his initial decision to go to the FDNY post on West Street:
"I wanted to join the Fire Department and the Police Department together at one command post, so I
asked where the Fire Department command post was." He had inadvertently described what he should
have done, indeed what his own protocol required him to do. But obviously, that story didn't fit the facts.
So by the time he appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show on September 27, he remembered things
differently. "And then when I got there," he said, "I wanted to make sure that the police department had
a command post so that we could communicate with the White House, and the fire department had one
so they could actually focus their attention on fighting the fire and the rescue."

By the time he wrote Leadership in 2002, he'd come up with a detailed rationale. He said the separation of
command posts was "absolutely necessary" because "the Fire Department had to lead the rescue and evacuation,"
while the Police Department "had to protect the rest of the city." Since the departments were "performing
different tasks," he argued, they had to have different command posts. Of course, the departments have some
different duties in virtually all emergencies, but that reasoning flew in the face of not only all modern understanding
of how to coordinate responses to epic catastrophes, but also all the plans Giuliani'sown government had put
in place. If it were true that different emergency functions required a separation of command, there would
have been no rationale for a coordinating Office of Emergency Management.

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Subject: You argue like a Republican!

Bart, you wrote:

> I get that blacks get sickle-cell and whites don't (or not as often) but that tells me that the gay gene
> might be 10 % in Group A, 9 % in Group B and 13 % in Group C, but always roughly 10%

That's about the stupist argument I've ever heard!

That's like saying that because Hispanic-Americans are 11% of the population, Nowegian-Americans
are going to be 9% Hispanic, Scottish-Americans will be 13% Hispanic and the Iranian-Americans
are 10% Hispanic, but always roughly 11%.

I'm not sure that fits at all.
The point is, there are gays in every sub-group of humans.
That doesn't mean that America is 9% Norwegian, but even if I make a mistake,
why would you link me to Republicans?  Can't a good guy make a mistake?.

You acknowledge that it is possible for certain portions of the population, defined by a genetic trait
(race), to be eliminated as carriers of a certain gene (sickle cell) but try to use that as an argument
that all groups will get roughly an equal distrubution of some other gene (your "gay" gene).
Sickle Cell is a genetic trait that we KNOW is not distributed evenly amonst the general population.
Why couldn't a "gay" gene (if there is such a thing) have a similar effect population?

I watch the hit tv show "House."
It's a detective show with the disease being the bad guy.
Often, they discover the problem by finding out the patient is, say, 1/4 Armenian and everybody knows
Armenians have a higher level of "X" in their blood than "normal" people, thus solving the mystery.

So, we're all human but some minorities have quirks - that's all I was trying to say,
yet you seem to find bad intent on my part. Why is that?

Your precious Science and Reality isn't really all that clear on whether a "gay" gene exists;

So, science is "wrong" when they say your odds of being gay increase relative to the number
of males born to your mother before you?  Are you in a position to say, "Science is wrong?"
Gee, that almost sounds like a Republican we both know, but I won't call you names.

...anymore than they are whether Pluto is still a planet.  So not only is your argument
contradictory on its face, you could be arguing for something that isn't even real .

Dennis in DC

I never represented myself as a medical expert.
I was kinda asking a question - and around here - one is often punished for doing that.

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Subject: Malloy

BartCop, please post something regarding the firing
of Mike Malloy at Air America Radio. It's outrageous.

John in Oakland

I can't remember the last time so many people were outraged do fast.
I was Malloy Petition signer #1800 and that was early.

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Pipe Down, Rummy

 latimes editorial

Two Republican administrations ago, their mantra was "Let Reagan be Reagan."   Apparently Bush has
decided to let Rumsfeld be Rumsfeld - even when Bush himself is no longer the Bush who taunted Iraqi
insurgents with "Bring 'em on!" and posed in front of a banner proclaiming "Mission Accomplished."

           "I enjoy killing people!"

In a cranky speech Tuesday to the American Legion, Rumsfeld compared critics of U.S. policy in Iraq to
those who sought to appease Hitler before World War II.   For good measure, Rumsfeld suggested
that those same critics "blame America first."

One effect of Rumsfeld's outburst was to serve as a reminder that he is still in office. Once the public face
of the war in Iraq, he lately has been AWOL from the administration's public advocacy, ceding the spotlight
to Kinda Sleazy Rice. The assumption was that, although Rumsfeld remained fireproof, his cocksure contempt
for criticism was out of favor now that Bush has acknowledged that the prolonged U.S. presence in Iraq is
"straining the psyche of our country."

Maybe Rumsfeld never got the memo, or, if he did, he crumpled it up.

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The net's best advertising deal

 advertise on


"Can we truly afford to believe that vicious extremists can be appeased? 
  Can we truly afford to return to the destructive view that America -  not the enemy
   -  is the real source of the world's troubles?" 
       --  Rumsfeld, who wouldn't want to put that to a worldwide vote  Link

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Subject: Malloy

Shit, this sucks.
Another lame brain corporate decision by air america...and you can list them out:

- getting in trouble with their first owner, that lying sack
- signing exclusive deal with XM (thereby cutting out their entire audience on Sirius)
- jerry springer?!?!?
- jeanine garafalo?!?!?!
- hiring a former Clear Channel guy to run their web site and streaming operations
- now this, the best guy on the whole channel fired
- in austin they aired on 1600AM on the crappiest signal in town, then went and hired
   a right-winger engineer who was needlessly taking them off the air for hours at a time,
  then they bring back mike malloy and put him on at midnight (midnight to 3am! who the
   fuck listens to radio then?!?!? no one, that's who)
- the local channel here also delays randi to air ed schultz in the afternoon

fuck air america

Just like the pink tutu Democrats you cite all the time, they're cutting their own throats


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"He's not going to marry me.
Have you seen my baby?
Neither have I..."

Begat, Bothered, Bewildered
 by Dragon Lady

Bush has let Cheney and Rummy launch Cat-5 attacks on critics of the war. Darth Vader reiterated his
nutty pre-emption policy, and Rummy compared critics of Iraq to Chamberlains who appeased Hitler,
noting that "once again we face similar challenges in efforts to confront the rising threat of a new type of fascism."

Somebody needs to corner the defense chief and explain that it's not that we don't want to fight terrorism,
it's that we want to do it efficiently and effectively. Why is it necessary to scare the country, make false
connections between an ill-conceived war and fighting terror, and demonize critics with outrageously
careless historical references to Hitler and fascism?

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Subject: homosexuality

There are many, many factors that may contribute to someone acknowledging a homosexual lifestyle.
But having the genetic or biological disposition doesn't automatically make someone gay as you've suggested.
There are plenty of men out there that have the same genetic or biological disposition, but who have not become gay.

So, those men prefer to be shunned, beaten up and tied to fences?

It's clearly not as simple as either a "choice" or "biology."
The reasons someone becomes gay is a lot more complicated than that.

If science proved that it was genetic, would it change your mind?

Any subject that involves the mind, culture and emotions is bound to be
too complicated to reduce to simple terms.

I've know a lot of gay men and women over the years.
Most of them have many issues in common reflecting both nature and nurture.
Reducing the equation down to either extreme position would seem to be a disservice.

Dave the Left-wing Fundamentalist

Those gay men told you they made a conscious choice to prefer men?
IF that's what you're saying, I'd find it hard to believe.

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Update from Mike Malloy

Please treat my friend Peter Werbe with the respect he truly deserves.
He did not ask to be in this position. The righteous anger and frustration
should be expressed to Air America Radio directly.

212-871-8290 or

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Subject: the FBI

Bart, you asked,

> Can you tell me the last time the FBI arrested a bad guy we've heard of?

Does the name Tommy Chong ring a bell?

Denton, TX

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Lie by Lie
 Chronicle of a War Foretold

The first drafts of history are fragmentary. Important revelations arrive late, and out of order.
In this timeline, we've assembled the history of the Iraq War to create a resource we hope
will help resolve open questions of the Bush era. What did our leaders know and when did
they know it? And, perhaps just as important, what red flags did we miss, and how could
we have missed them? This is the first installment in our Iraq War timeline project.

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Subject: to Mike Malloy

My first reaction is one of incredulity.
You have a huge following, there is no way they can claim poor ratings...
This is obviously a direct result of your championing the 911 truth movement...

Looks like you and Alex are right. They're going to do it, aren't they?
They're going for the whole enchilada - and they'll need one more big attack to justify total martial law...
And if this is so...your firing is just the tip of the iceberg.

The Establishment has recently gone full bore after the 9-11 truth movement.
Popular Mechanics, the CIA's favourite front organization, is leading the charge.
The latest release of the fake NORAD tapes is just another example of the blatant
psy-opping of the public. It looks like the powers that be have realized the incredible
groundswell for a new, independent investigation is too big to ignore.

Like Gandhi said, they've tried ignoring and ridiculing the 911 truth movement. It's failing miserably.
The next step is the open, aggressive attack - using their new powers granted by the Patriot Act.

It WILL get worse before it gets better...

Remember always, you have a friend up here. Contact me anytime...
 RB Ham

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Court agrees: Bush is a drunk


A middle school that censored the anti-drug, anti-Bush message on a student's T-shirt
violated the boy's right to free speech, an appeals court ruled Wednesday.

The shirt bore images of cocaine and a martini glass - in addition to messages calling Bush
a lying drunk driver who abused cocaine and marijuana, and the "chicken-hawk-in-chief"
who was engaged in a "world domination tour."

Zachary Guiles, a seventh-grader, wore the shirt once a week for two months in early 2004
and refused to cover the images after a parent and student complained. He was suspended
for one day that May, and the next day wore the shirt with duct tape covering the images.

So - the court rules that Bush can't regulate Free Speech?
I think everybody should get a t-shirt to celebrate!

Get t-shirts Here

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Subject: Rush

Bart, you quoted Rush:

> "The Russians deal with terrorists in a different way: they just kill them.
>  They don't put them on trial. They don't indict them. They just gas them to death."

But, isn't that all Saddam was doing when he slaughtered an entire village?
Wasn't his rationale that people from that village planned to kill him, so he had to kill all of the villagers?
I think Rush is saying its okay to gas one's own people if one thinks they might want you dead.


Republicans often see mass murder as the answer to their political problems.

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Kyra Phillips, cute but stupid
 CNN Anchor's open mic in the bathroom


When Kyra Phillips, CNN anchor, went to the bathroom yesterday completely
unaware that the audio from her microphone was being broadcast live.

"I've gotta be protective of my brother," she was heard saying as she washed her hands.
"He's married, three kids, but his wife is just a control freak!"

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Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

Click on the E!

"They want to blame America..."

Subject: Nancy Grace

She is sooooo out there!!!!!

And when she makes a guest appearance on Glenn Beck's show (another loon)
its like Prozac and Ritalin making out in a burnt out Chevy.

During a recent appearance on Glenn Beck's show he asked her what she thought of
the JonBenet mishap and she said : "Do you know what the real scary part about all this is?
Do you know what really breaks my heart?" then she bites her bottom lip, starts to tear up,
and softly closes her eyes. "Do you know why this is so personally upsetting to me?"

Beck : "why"

Grace: "because they're messin' with Lady Justice.......and it just ain't right."

ROFLMAO!!!! She is SO over the top!!!!!
Can you imagine her when she gets her period?

 Eve Blue

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Tons of 9-11 videos

Fake anchor for whore news
 CBS chops 20 pounds off 'fat' news reader


CBS thinks Perky is too fat to read the news, so they called their
airbrush team and had them slim Perky down to an acceptable weight.

Now Perky is a serious journalist - with airbrushing.

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 Iraq pumped 3.5M barrels daily before Bush invaded
 and then they got their 2003 Halliburton upgrade

Bush's oil gouge, which is going to $100a barrel
makes $350,000,000 Bush will steal every day.

No wonder they were so eager to start a war,

stealing  $350,000,000every day.

It's the biggest theft in Earth's history
and it continues every day while soldiers die.

Bush's "Bring 'em on" death taunt is up to...

2638....2642 American victims

FOUR more Bush victims since last issue.


By Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Bush will have killed
more Americans than his old partner Osama.

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Clinton, 9/11 and the Facts
 by William Rivers Pitt


The Clinton administration poured more than a billion dollars into counterterrorism activities across 
the entire spectrum of the intelligence community, into the protection of critical infrastructure, into
massive federal stockpiling of antidotes and vaccines to prepare for a possible bioterror attack, 
into a reorganization of the intelligence community itself. Within the National Security Council, 
"threat meetings" were held 3 times a week to assess looming conspiracies. His National Security 
Advisor, Sandy Berger, prepared a voluminous dossier on al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden, actively
tracking them across the planet. Clinton raised the issue of terrorism in virtually every important 
speech he gave in the last three years of his tenure.

Clinton's dire public warnings about the threat posed by terrorism, and the actions taken to thwart it, 
went completely unreported by the media, which was far more concerned with stained dresses and 
baseless Drudge Report rumors

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Subject: odd characters

Bart, what's up with this?

Not sure what that is.
When I copy-and-paste, some sites have all not-letter characters (- , : etc) turn to ???s.
It doesn't show up as I'm building the page - only after it's posted on the net.

Our experts are working on possible cures, but the biggest obstacle is that
I'm using the program I learned html on, Netscape 4.7.

I'd hate to have to re-learn html the right way.

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Subject: Neil in Vermont

How can anyone get uppity about Shirley pictures?
The nerve...


Neil used to be a normal guy, a friend, even.
But my support for the Democratic front-runner drove him completely insane.

When people are passionate about politics, they want you to be a carbon copy 
and hold their exact beliefs.   And if you don't, some people take it very personally.

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GOP senators lagging


"The environment for the majority party is extremely bad," says political scientist David Rohde. 
"There's certainly plenty of time for things to be shaken up ... (but) it would take something really huge" 
to turn around GOP fortunes. 

In the House, the number of seats independent analysts rate as up for grabs has been swelling.

In the Senate, Democrats need to gain six seats.
In Pennsylvania, Santorum (R-Religio-nut) trailed Bob Casey by 18.
In Ohio, DeWine was behind Democrat Sherrod Brown by 6 
In Montana, Conrad Burns, (R-Abramoff) was even money to repeat.

So, when the president's approval is under 40 percent, the Democrats can barely get traction?
Think how far ahead they'd be if they fought back a little?

Whatever lead the Dems has is only there because America can't stand Bush anymore.
If we could only get some sac in the Democratic Party...

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Rescue Me saved our lives?

Their season finale was so good, we watched it again last night.
Towards the end, nutbag Sheila accidentally starts a fire - and grabs a fire extinguisher.

She's in a mad panic, (flames everywhere) and she can't pull the safety pin out of the fire extinguisher.
I said to Mrs Bart, "This is lame - why can't the idiot pull the pin out of the fire extinguisher?
Why is the best show on TV hinging the season-ender on such a lame point?"

To prove how lame the show I called "the best on TV" was, I checked our kitchen fire extinguishers.

I'll be goddamned.

The pins in both fire extinguishers were locked in with those plastic handcuff thingys.
Swear to Koresh, when they re-charge your fire extinguishers (on TV, they were brand new)
they LOCK the sons of a bitches which makes it f-ing useless in a goddamn fire.

Why would they do that?
When your house is seriously engulfed in flames who can find the f-ing scissors?

I'll be goddamned.

Since Casa de Bart was NOT on fire, I had the luxury of peace and time to locate
the damn scissors and clip the plastic handcuffs off both of the goddamn fire extinguishers.

STOP what you're doing,
if you're at work or at home,
STOP right now and check
the goddamn fire extinguishers.

Go ahead - I'll wait.
If you haven't checked, they're probably locked.

If they are, unlock them.

I asked Mrs Bart why the sons of bitches would LOCK the fire extinguishers
and she said, "Maybe it's their signal that they were checked and approved for use."
She's right, but what kind of sick bastard LOCKS something you need - in a f-ing panic
- to fight a fire?   How about a giant "I" that stands for "Inspected?"

Seriously - both of MY fire extinguishers were locked.
All these years my fire prevention tools were locked and would have been practically useless.
Learn from my IQ of 64 - check your fire extinguishers right now.

Denis Leary, you might've saved my ass.

If your fire extinguishers were locked, write and tell me.
Leary, you might've saved dozens...

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T-shirt contest winner

Subject: Shouldn't we be asking questions?

Subject: Shouldn't we be asking questions?

Why is it that we could spend over $100 million investigating a Democratic president
on trumped up nonsense, but when the worst president ever drowns New Orleans,
bankrupts America, guts Medicaid, wrecks the economy, illegally invades other nations,
and then lies about it every day - the media refuses to call him on any of it?

I implore you to call for an investigation into the illicit activities
that this administration may have engaged in while in power.

Tom in MI

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 Discuss it on the Bartcop Forum

Glenn Ford dies at 90


Glenn Ford, who played strong, thoughtful protagonists in films such as "The Blackboard Jungle,"
"Gilda" and "The Big Heat," died Wednesday, police said. He was 90.

Paramedics called to Ford's home just before 4 p.m. found Ford dead, cops say.
"They do not suspect foul play," he said.

I love to tell the story about Glenn Ford in Midway.

The way I remember it, Robert Mitchum was supposed to lead the American Naval Battle Group
in their defense against the evil Japanese who were doing to go all Fallujah on Midway Island.

At the last minute, Mitchum catches a patch of dry skin so the task fell to Glenn Ford, the rookie,
who didn't know his port from his starboard. Henry Fonda and Cochise (guessing) wondered if he was up to the job.

...and I'm like, "He's Glenn f-ing Ford! Of course he's ready. He's Glenn Ford!"

He delivered, too, in true Hollywood style.

Sidebar to the Really Old:
Do you remember the Andy Griffith when Barney predicted the Mayberry Bank would be robbed?
He explained to the bank president that evil might be ready to strike - and the bank president loved it and
called for his wife to come hear what Barney was saying, "Tell her Barney, tell her like you told me!"

So Barney repeats his "evil striking" monolog and the wife looks at the husband with bewilderment
and the husband says, "Glenn Ford - he's doing Glenn Ford in that one movie!"

And she gets it and Barney, insane with frustration, grabs the hair from the back of his head
and thrusts it forward in a manner such that he was made to look a lot like Jack Torrance.

Glenn Ford was a little before my time, like Steve McQueen was,
but they both played the man's man without getting all GOP John Wayne about it.

A shot of Chinaco for Glenn Ford.

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Subject: Impeach Action this weekend

Hey Bartcop, your readers should know that this upcoming weekend, Sept. 1st - 3rd,
freewaybloggers across the country will put up signs calling for the Der Monkey's impeachment.
All it takes is cardboard, paint, and nerve to put up a sign where people can see it.

Some good examples here:

Those who'd like to join in but aren't sure if they have the time or means really should read this:

The right to post political speech on public property is the most sacred and protected
right of free speech in American Democracy.  We really need to start using it.

-Scarlet P,

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Should Moms lie?


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Party at the Palms, Sept 16
 A few tickets are still available!

 No new updates

Tom the Pillar is driving from Michigan to Las Vegas.
If you can arrange to meet him on his way there, you can get a ride to
the big party for some gas money.  If I wasn't me, I'd take him up on that.

If you're (1-2 people) between Michigan and Vegas and need to get in on this
once-in-a-lifetime TequilaClass and Party of the Decade, give us a yell.

On Mexican Independence day, we're going to enjoy tequila.

I've tasted this at the Hard Rock.
It's like "You can't be serious" on your tongue.

The Tequila Class at The Palms is going to be remembered.

Remember - you need a number to get in.
When we run out of numbers, we're full.

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It was the worst August ever.
September, thanks for coming.

Lindsay Lohan - sober?
 She got carded at the Emmy bash

           "I need a drink reeeal bad."


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