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Tuesday   Sept 12, 2006  Vol 1836 - Amnesty for Osama?

Bruce Yurgil

Quote of the Day

"Bin Ladin generally opposed 
  collaboration with Baghdad."  
    -- Senate Intelligence Committee report,  Link

Yet last night, Bush was still honking the
Osama-Saddam horn. Maybe if he read 
the GOP congress's report - he'd stop lying?

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
9/11's Dark Window
Bush hijacks 9/11
Clinton vs Terrorists 
The Strategy of Chaos
The Truth Is Out
Random Thought 
Iraq 'Beyond repair' 
Happy 40th Capt. Kirk 
Catherine Bell on TV  


Bush Blew a Guy


"One of the worst things about listening to those who rushed to ground zero after 9-11
  is that you can barely hear their stories. For many, the lungs hardly work.  As many as 
  seven in 10 of those who worked at ground zero have lung trouble because of their heroism."  
       -- NY Times Editorial,   Link
"I don't believe that you can say a particular problem came from this particular event."  
     --NY Mayor Bloomberg (R-Liar), denying the facts,    Link

"First responders who 
 cough up blood are lying!"

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9/11's Dark Window to the Future
  by Robert Parry

As the fifth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks unfolds, it has come to look less like a sad remembrance
of the past and more like a troubling glimpse into the future, a window to a new-age totalitarianism 
that looms before the United States, where a powerful right-wing government tells lies aided and 
abetted by friendly media corporations.

So, even as the CIA and the Senate Intelligence Committee finally acknowledge some of the many 
Iraq War falsehoods told by George W. Bush and his senior advisers, Bush's misfeasance and 
malfeasance are obscured by Disney's ABC-TV "docu-drama" pinning most of the blame for 
the 9/11 catastrophe not on Bush, but on Democrats.

With Disney's selection of a right-wing director and with the secrecy that surrounded the project -
that gave Democrats little time to react - "The Path to 9/11" also had the sickening feel of a 
collaboration between a giant corporation and the Republican government in power.

So, less than two months before a pivotal national election, with Americans increasingly wondering 
how the nation got into the mess it faces today, this joint project of Disney and pro-Bush operatives 
provides a narrative that focuses not on Bush blowing off CIA warnings of an impending attacks in 
2001 but on events dating back to 1993.

When the aide pressed Bush to get involved in the PDB that said,
"Osama determined to strike in US,"
he stood there waiting for an answer until Bush finally told him, 
"You've covered your ass, you can go now."

That's as involved as Bush or Cheney got until the towers fell,
but Disney's bogus movie claims they were all over it.

Note:  is the most important site on the internet

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Used with permission


"Factually shaky, politically inflammatory and photographically a mess, 
  The Path to 9/11 has something not just to offend everyone but also to depress them."  
     -- Tom Shales, reviewing the Path to 9/11 comedy,   Link

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Bush hijacks 9/11 to argue for quagmire 
 Hell, that ain't news - he's been telling that lie for years


Der Monkey trotted out the same old lies by invoking the memory of the Sept. 11 victims 
to argue for his never-ending bloody quagmire in unwinnable Iraq before a skeptical public, 
drawing protests from sane people who say he has politicized a national day of mourning.

"The safety of America depends on you supporting my oil theft in Iraq," he lied.

    "Saddam caused 9-11!"

In a prime-time handjob broadcast on Monday's anniversary of the day he went to sleep, 
the liar described a brutal enemy, ten feet tall and invincible except when we're led by him,
still determined to kill Americans, perhaps with WMDs instead of Willie Horton.

"If we do not defeat them now, we will leave our children to face my screw-up," Bush said. 
"We are in a war that is poutting $400M a day in my pocket, so let's roll."

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Terrorist Attacks Bill Clinton Stopped


Bill Clinton stopped cold the Al Qaeda millennium hijacking and bombing plots.
Bill Clinton stopped cold a planned attack to kill the Pope.
Bill Clinton stopped cold a planned attack to blow up 12 U.S.  jetliners simultaneously.
Bill Clinton stopped cold a planned attack to blow up UN Headquarters.

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Subject: Have you given up on Mike Malloy?

I looked at you site today and there isn't one mention of the Mike Malloy situation anymore. 
What's the deal? Are you giving up? I'd at least like to see the link to the petition still there. 

We've got to keep fighting for him, 
and removing all mention of him from your site certainly doesn't help.

David, last I heard, Mike said he wouldn't work for AAR if they asked him back.
If that's true, it makes that petition moo.

Mike, do I have that correct?

(Petition has over 14,000 signatures now)

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"I've seen a lot of evidence on this. There are extensive contacts 
  between Saddam and al Qaeda and other terrorist groups.'"  
    -- Sen. Kissyliar, before Bush's bloody quagmire,  Link


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Subject: the wives of 9-11

Sure would like to see a investigation into the Millionaire Wives of 9/11.
I understand that every surving wife received over a million bucks? True ?
How about the folks that are just getting sick now?


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The Strategy of Chaos

The bloody results of [Bush's] policy are evident in the fast-crumbling Afghan state, where the resurgent
Taliban has essentially recaptured whole provinces and warlords reap the profits of record-breaking
opium crops. The fighters freed up by Musharraf's truces are now killing Americans, Canadian, Brits and
scores of Afghans. Afghanistan's President Karzai is incensed at the agreements, while the new head of
the British army, Sir Richard Dannat, says UK forces are "barely" coping with the unexpected level of
combat. But they can do nothing, because Bush has decided it is in its interests to back Musharraf's
domestic political moves - even if this costs American and allied lives. And so the chaos in Afghanistan
keeps growing. Pakistani officials now say that if Osama he is found he will not be arrested,
as long as "he is being like a peaceful citizen," Major General Khan told ABC News.

Meanwhile, in Iraq, the assassination of a top aide to Ayatollah al-Sistani, led to Sistani's alarming
admission: "I no longer have the power to save Iraq from civil war." Sistani, a relative moderate,
said he was disappointed in the Bush-backed government for its weakness and corruption.

Amnesty for bin Laden - from Bush's allies in Pakistan.
Was that the plan all along, George?

To let Osama go under circumstances where you could say, "I had no choice?"

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Subject: Reminder

Remember, Bush called 9/11 "hitting the trifecta". 
 E. L.

Not only that, he joked about it, again and again.
And those bastard Republicans laughed right along with him.

Oh how much fun they've had...

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Iraq and 9/11: The Truth Is Out


Two weeks before 9/11, national security wasn't even a top priority for the Bush administration.
Job security and health security were the top two major issues Bush planned to deal with in the fall
of 2001, according to a transcript of a speech Bush gave on August 31, 2001, to celebrate the
launch of the White House's new web site.

But 9/11 gave Bush the excuse he needed to execute a long-planned military strike against Iraq. 
Bush duped Congress and the American people into believing the country had ties to al-Qaeda. 
The senate released a report debunking those lies. For a majority of Americans, that's now old news.

Yet forty percent of Americans are still under the impression that the Iraq war is directly linked to 9/11.
A January 11, 2001, article in the New York Times, "Iraq Is Focal Point as Bush Meets With Joint Chiefs,"
should finally put an end to that debate and prove that the Iraq war was planned out as Bush was sworn in.

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Keith Olbermann, mad as hell at Ground Zero

"How dare you spin 9/11?!"

Subject: Bush losing the war on terror

Bush admits that Saddam was not behind the 9/11 attack, yet he uses 9/11 to try to justify 
his failed war in Iraq. Iraq had no terrorists until Bush created a place where terrorism can flourish. 
Why should they attack us over here when they can beat us there?

We are on the wrong path, headed in the wrong direction, and America is weaker than we were 
5 years ago. We are so bogged down in Iraq that we can't fight the war on real terrorism and all 
our enemies have to do is sit back and watch as we destroy ourselves. 

After all, with leaders like Bush, who needs enemies?

Marc Perkel
San Francisco, CA.

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Random Thought...

If Bush was innocent on 9-11,
why couldn't that 9-11 movie just tell the truth?

Since they changed the story, it can only mean the facts 
didn't serve Bush well so they had to change them.

To me, that's proof enough.

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"ABC's controversial The Path to 9/11  is eventually defeated by the sprawl of the story 
 and by stopping the story dead while the  [lying sons of bitches]  grind their political axes."
    -- Robert Bianco, TV critic USAToday    Link

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Subject: Portrait of Jesus

When we present Jesus as pro-war, anti-poor, anti-homosexual, anti-environment,
pro-nuclear weapons authority figure draped in an American flag, I think we are
making a travesty of the portrait of Jesus we find in the gospels.

 Joseph F

Joe, how can you say that?
Didn't Jesus brand the apostles with a hot coat hanger?

No wait, that was Bush at Yale - nevermind.

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Iraq: 'Beyond repair'


Iraq's biggest province has suffered a total breakdown in law and order in which al-Qaida
has emerged as the dominant political force, according to a military intelligence review.

The WaHoPo quoted military officers who had seen the report as saying the area was "beyond repair".
"We haven't been defeated militarily, but we have been defeated politically - and that's where wars
are won and lost," was one army officer's summary of the review quoted by the newspaper..

I saw CNN's Ramadi reporter say, "Privately, off camera, the generals say they need 
three times more troops before they could even make this a war. Right now they are
overwhelmed and have no chance at victory."

Meanwhile, some cute-as-hell reporterette showed video of the Taliban training 
less than ten miles from a US military base in Afghanistan.

Nothing is getting better - everything is getting worse, and all we get from these lunkhead
politicians is that Rummy is keeping his job because Bush wants him to stay there.

It just keeps getting worse and nobody will say anything out loud.

   "More doom and gloom, Bart?   Relax, Dubya is a genius!" 

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Mickey Mouse, 9/11 Co-conspirator

Subject: BCR 97 feedback

Hey Bart,

In BCR 97 you mentioned google searching  "unmetered oil wells".
So i checked it out and found some interesting articles including this.


From Iraq's Mission to the UN, there's finally been an answer to the months-old oil metering mystery.
Shell has been given the contract, and it will take from one to two years to implement. How the
accountability of oil flows and sales until then will be tracked has not yet been addressed, nor has why
it will take two years. For an oil port in Basrah, the process will be faster, but it remains unclear which
company has been awarded the work. [Editor's note: click here for Reuters article on this.]

Angry Liberal

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Women turned on watching chimp sex

According to a recent study, women are aroused by watching monkey sex.
Sure, they're more aroused by watching human sex, but the loving habits of
the bonobo are enough to bring out the primate in any civilized lady.

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ABC's Path to 9/11 is a LIE

Remember 9-11? How can we forget it?

That was some wretched crap on the cable whore news channels yesterday.

How bad should we feel?

Why do we need to wallow in this over and over?

On the 10th anniversary, will they still be arguing
about how high to build the next Al Qaeda target?

I don't think a $500 million momument shows enough love.
We should build a $500 billion dollar target for next time.

What good does it do to read the 2900 names?  For whose benefit is that?
Do the families really want to wade thru 2899 names to hear their loved one's?  Why?
Do the families feel better knowing everyone heard their loved one's name?
How could anybody benefit from that?

Then Bush gets on TV and says, "We were attacked five years ago."

Duh, we were?  I can't remember!

Seems to me there are two questions:
Are we safer now?
   The answer is no.

Did Bush fulfill his vow to steal Iraq's oil?

   "I'm going to steal Iraq's oil!"

He sure did, and a nation is grateful.

The last time I heard this many horseshit lies in one day was Reagan's funeral.

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Subject: BCR Show 97

Bart, BCR radio is great!
Now that we don't have Mike Malloy's rants to listen to, BCR is there to fill the gap.
Love the WPE t-shirt, too. I ventured into Santorum country the other day, to a wine festival at Gettysburg.

As I was ready to pay the entrance fee, a woman snuck up and kissed me on the cheek!
I get approving reactions all the time, but that's the best one yet.

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"They didn't even get Albright's name right. Her first name is Madeleine, not Madeline. 
  Geez. For $40 million could these guys have at least hired a copy editor? 
  They don't even get the small things right. What a total negligent disaster." 
     -- John Aravosis,   Link  

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Happy 40th, Captain Kirk


The starship Enterprise began exploring space, the final frontier, 40 years ago this September.
Initially described as a five-year mission to seek out new life and new civilizations, explore
strange new worlds, and boldly go where no man had gone before, the series Star Trek took
its place in NBC's prime time lineup on Thursday, September 8, 1966.

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"George Tenet said that there were ties between Al Qaeda and Saddam
  going back for a decade.  There were ties between Iraq and Al Qaeda."  
        -- Condi Rice (R-Legs open) still lying, even after being caught,   Link


"George Tenet did a superb job for America. 
  It was a high honor to work with him, and I'm sorry he left." 
      -- Der Monkey, June 2004,   Link

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Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

Click on the E!


"Karl Rove's fall election strategy? He'll line up 9/11 families to accuse McCain, Warner and 
  Graham of delaying justice for the perpetrators of that atrocity, because they want to uphold the 
  Constitution. He will use the families as an argument for legalizing torture, setting up kangaroo 
  courts for military prisoners, and giving war crime impunity for his own aides and cronies. This is 
  his "Hail Mary" move; it's brutally exploitative of 9/11; it's pure partisanship. Decent people 
  must expose and resist this latest descent into political thuggery. Bush's first priority is a brutal, 
  exploitative path to retaining power at any price, you just got it."  
    -- Andrew Sullivan, President, Whores for Bush in 2000 and 2004,  Link

 Andrew, you told a thousand lies to get this monster elected.
 YOU have blood on your hands, Andrew.

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Subject: BCR 97 feedback

Just got through listening to the first part of show #97. nice job throughout. Some comments: 
I still say Bush's reason for the Iraq war is as simple as 'Remember this is the guy who tried to kill my dad'.
That is just simplistic enough to explain his inability to explain a logical reason, he can't use family honor 
as a reason to mortgage the health and wealth of the US, that would be treason.

The Steven's compliation was totally classic, I couldn't stop laughing. 
Tangled up in tubes. T-T-T-T-T-TUBES......Sen. Stevens meets Max Headroom. 

Absoutely loved the smackdown on the giggling murderer's inability to answer 
the simplest question, with all his giggling and stuoid comments.

Wish I could make one of these poker things, not much of a player myself, but would
love to get together with some like and somewhat like thinking people. 
Anyway, have a great time in Vegas, and keep that hammer swinging.

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Monkey see,
Monkey do nothing

Jennifer Pryor needs your help

Right now there are over 200 dogs and cats that are scared and depressed
because they were rescued and then suddenly taken away from their rescuer
and placed back into an animal control center. It isn't their fault, but the fault
of local officials and police that caused the confusing situation for these poor animals.

Jennifer Lee Pryor and Pryor's Planet have provided these babies with a lawyer
to help them but the fees are mounting and making it difficult for Pryor's Planet
to be able to help other animals in need.

We are asking everyone to think about the animals and how they must feel right now.
Day after day waiting for someone to take them out of their "jail" and give them
the love that they so deserve. Most of these animals are older or special needs
and were in the middle of treatment and recovery when this raid happened.
Now they are stuck and not getting the loving care they need.

Please go to: to make a donation
or use PayPal:

Bush campaigns on fear


Five years after 9/11, the kingpin of Abraham Lincoln's party is still dead set on fooling most of the people 
most of the time. Bush and his chorus of Republican pols, Cabinet members and neo-con sycophants would 
have us believe we're safer or, depending on political expediencies, not that safe. According to the president's 
pre-9/11 anniversary speeches on the progress of the war on terror, we're safer than we were before the attacks 
but not yet safe enough to steer clear of his failed stay-the-course strategy. Bush says al-Qaida is decimated 
but remains dangerous enough to destroy the entire civilized world. There he goes again.

It's odd yet satisfying to see the world come around to what we knew years ago.
What the hell took them so long?  
The evidence was clearer than Lake Concha.

New Readers:
You might enjoy a Trip Report from October, 1999

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 Iraq pumped 3.5M barrels daily before Bush invaded
 and then they got their 2003 Halliburton upgrade

Bush's oil gouge, which is going to $100a barrel
makes $350,000,000 Bush will steal every day.

No wonder they were so eager to start a war,

stealing  $350,000,000 every day.

It's the biggest theft in Earth's history.

Bush's "Bring 'em on" death taunt is up to...

2669....2671 American victims

TWO more Bush victims since last issue.

By Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Bush will have killed
more Americans than his old partner Osama.

Grandpa and Miss L 

TV Stuff


"Veronica Mars" (The CW, Tonight) - television's wittiest teen detective has yet to solve
the biggest mystery surrounding her riveting neo-noir drama: why no one is watching!

Despite acclaim from everyone from Stephen King to Bartcop to Kevin Smith,
this ratings-deprived masterwork of serialized storytelling has yet to become a
breakout hit, despite nurturing a loyal fanbase.

While the new CW network has only ordered 13 episodes for the show's third season,
fans are crossing their fingers with hope that the show will find its audience. Endearing,
intelligent and always surprising, "Veronica Mars" is a show that should not be missed.

This show doesn't insult your intelligence.

Tuesday, Sep. 12, 8PM & 9PM ET/PT
EP221 - "Happy Go Lucky"
As Aaron Echolls' trial is about to conclude, tensions rise as Veronica, her Dad and
her boyfriend Logan, the defendant's son, take the witness stand to testify against him.

EP222 - "Not Pictured"
After learning the identity of the perpetrator responsible for the bus crash,
Veronica hurries to warn others but ends up putting herself in an extremely perilous situation.

This is the scary one.
If you've never seen a episode, it'll be tough to follow, but the "rooftop" scene
in the second half of the second episode is about as chilling as TV gets.

I can't speak for Stephen King, but I'll bet even he was creeped out watching this.

Stephen - if this is true
- send me an e-mail.

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Subject: So, which is it?

How can the right wing go from "Osama's no big deal. He's just one guy, 
killing or capturing him won't make that much of a difference,"


"If Bill Clinton would have killed or captured Bin Ladden when he 
 had the chance 9-11 never would have happened?"

So, which is it?
It gets harder to figure out what these people want every time they open thier mouths.

They're going to have it both ways uintil someone like you or me calls them on it.
The Democrats are too scared to speak, so it's up to us.

 Send e-mail to Bart
 Discuss it on the Bartcop Forum

Path to 9-11 comedy

I didn't watch it, but Randi Rhodes said there was a scene, when Clinton was president,
where our special forces had Osama's house surrounded, but Sandy Berger refused to
allow them to capture or kill him.

We had no special forces in Afghanistan before 9-11.
And have you ever heard the term, "Osama's house" before now?

Randi said Clinton told Tenet that anytime they saw bin Laden - to "take him out."
But it seems the truth isn't good enough for the lying Republicans at Disney.

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I miss Mike Malloy

Bush tramples US flag



These photographs have not been altered. 
They were snapped last night by Jason Reed, working for Reuters. 
The captions are from Reuters, too. And the symbolism is plain enough 
to shout for itself, with no further comment from us. 

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Catherine Bell joins 'Army Wives'


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