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Thurs-Friday   Sept 28-29, 2006   Vol 1845 - Third botch

Quote of the Day

"The Iraq conflict has become 
  the cause celebre for jihadists..." 
   -- the National Intelligence report  Link

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
How to Avoid WW3
No War on Terror 
Two words got lost  
40 More Gonzalezed
Beyond the Pale 
CNN on Inhofe's attack  
Blind lead the Willing 
"Sorry?"  No... 
Willows screws up 




"If we weren't in Iraq, they'd find some 
  other excuse, because they have ambitions."
    -- the stupidest president in history,  Link

But Stupid, if Iraq is just an excuse to attack us,
let's bring the boys home and let them find a different excuse.

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How to Avoid World War III
  by Robert Parry

Though Bush presents himself as the tough-guy enemy of bin Laden, Bush's policies, in reality,
often have served al-Qaeda's interests. For instance, Bush's decision to divert U.S. military
resources from Afghanistan to the Iraq War enabled al-Qaeda's top leaders to survive and
it gave them an issue to exploit in their rebuilding effort.

Indeed, Bush's policies have dovetailed so perfectly with al-Qaeda's dream of engaging the
West in a worldwide struggle that CIA analysts believe bin Laden took the risk of releasing
a videotape only days before Election 2004 to help Bush gain a second term.
[See's "CIA: Osama Helped Bush in '04."]

This "Bush-bin Laden symbiosis" is likely to continue until Congress finally asserts
its power over making war or until Bush leaves office.

Note:  is the most important site on the internet

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Subject: the death of Emily Perez

Bart, someone has to pay for this carnage.
If the Democrats take back Congress in November,
Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi better not try to sabotage justice.

 John F

John, I expect Reid and Pelosi to announce that IF we take back congress,
they promise not to investigate the global crimes of our Fascist Thug President.

...or have they already promised that?

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Used with permission


"When Bush says, 'You're either with us or you're with the terrorists,' most people
  - particularly most moderate Muslims - look at his record of torture and rape and
  think, 'Well, I'm not with you.' "  
    --Theologist Reza Aslan,

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There Is No War On Terror
 by Robert Dreyfus


Although the Pentagon has garnered 90 percent of the money for the so-called war on terrorism,
and although the Pentagon's special operations command is supposedly in charge of the "war,"
it is not a war. Terrorism cannot be fought with tanks, planes and missiles. Rumsfeld cannot invade
the London suburbs or mosques in Hamburg or the teeming cities of Pakistan. Cells of angry Muslims
will coalesce spontaneously to seek revenge for real or alleged wrongs for decades to come. That is a
problem for the CIA, the FBI, and, especially, foreign police and intelligence services, not Rumsfeld.
"I hate the term 'global war on terrorism,'" John O. Brennan, who headed the National Counterterrorism
Center until last year, told me. "Rumsfeld and others insist very strongly on calling it a war, because
that allows the Pentagon to prosecute the military dimension of the conflict. It fits their strategy."

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Subject:  OddCatOut's Vegasfest Adventure


We headed for the Palms, arriving at the suite around 3:30 to find Bart muttering about no ice,
not enough chairs & blank T.V. screens.  He puts us to work immediately making nametags,
gearing up the screens etc.  D. 'tagged' the portal and started taking photos.

Folks start pouring in right away ready to play.  We were a motley crew with lots to talk about.
It was excellent meeting like minds some of whose names I remember Carole, Pete, Perkel,
Roo, Bob, Tom, Don & the Bart as well as those whose names I don't 'scuz I was too foggy.

Then came the moment we were waiting for!  Tequila Tasting!  WooHoo!
I could have paced myself a bit more however pacing in Vegas is somehow inappropriate.

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Two words got lost
  Amid Clinton-Wallace babble


"I failed."

Three times during the 10-minute squabble, Clinton acknowledged his unsuccessful attempts to
capture or kill Osama bin Laden and pull the plug on Al Qaeda during his presidency, each time
underscoring his sworn responsibility to have done so and his deep regret at having not succeeded.

"I tried and I failed to get bin Laden," he told Wallace, his words unencumbered by either 
sanctimony or spin. "I regret it. But I did try. And I did everything I thought I responsibly could."

This is why he left office with a higher approval rating than any departing president since such polling began.
History has proven that the strongest leaders are those who cop to their weakest moments.

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Subject: Green Day & U2 open the Superdome

Bono is a good guy, but now establishment old school. 

I disagree...
You can't fault him for his physical age - are you saying his ideas are old?

I would have more expected Billie Joe Armstrong to say something about the war than Bono. 
We have a German show from last year where Billie Joe introduces  "Holiday" with, 
"This next song is a big Fuck You to George W. Bush... 
 This song is not anti-American, it's ANTI WAAAARRRR!"

The reason I suggested Bono might say something is almost two years ago he/they won some 
award and he said, "This is fucking awesome" over the TV and ruined America's youth.
(Whereas when Bush sends them into a meat-grinder, that's patriotism.)
So the Fascist bastards linked him to the Janet Jackson Devil and started screaming.

Bono is the go-to guy when a city or a nation needs a lift.
U2 is like going to church - without all the horseshit.

Who else would've resurrected "The Saints are Coming" and then sequed into
"It's a Beautiful Day," a song about things getting better after a period of darkness?

Look for that in BCR 98 - out as soon as I get some spare time.
Hell, I might make Friday a radio day.

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The net's best advertising deal

 advertise on

40 More Killed in Iraq
 They showed signs of Gonzales


The bodies of 40 men were found in the capital in a span of 24 hours, police said Thursday.
They showed signs of  Gonzalez. Bombings and shootings killed at least 21 people around
Baghdad, including five people who died from a car-bomb explosion near a restaurant.

The bodies found in Baghdad, more apparent victims of sectarian death squads, 
(but there is no civil war, just the brink of it) had been dumped in eastern and 
western Baghdad in the past 24 hours, police said. All showed signs of Gonzales,
had been shot, and had their hands and feet bound, police Lt. Mahmoud said.

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"The U.N. said there is more torture going on now in Iraq than when Saddam was there. 
  If we could only get torture back to the Saddam levels maybe that would be a victory." 
      --Bill Maher, 

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Subject:  Bart, please refrain

...from calling Iraqi's 'goat herders' as a diminutive.
It, like 'rag heads', is a form of cultural racism.

Are you inventing your own "N" word, Bart?
You're above that--aren't you?

Dude, you crazy.

I didn't say "goat herders" as a diminutive, I said it literally
because I was talking about the goat herders in Afghanistan, not Iraq.

Do you (and other readers) know the story behind prisoners at Gitmo?
We invaded Afghamnistan and found some goat herder and promised
him $5,000 for every "Al Qaeda" he could point out to US troops.

Suddenly every mo-fo in sight became "Al Qaeda."
The bastard got about 600 lifetimes of income that day.
We filled Gitmo up with goat herders who didn't know Osama from Oatmeal.

Most of those involved in the current civil war in Iraq are patriots.  The difference between
our civil war and theirs is that there are more than two sides, and religion is involved.
And the US didn't have an occupying force to have to deal with at the same time.

But you're still on the wrong subject.
I was CLEARLY talking about Afghamnistan, and you made a mistake
and thought you'd run into the spotlight screaming "RACIST" at Ol' Bart.

When you fuck up that bad, it's best to do it out of the spotlight.
You're lucky I was in a good mood when you fucked up.

You should really be more mindful. 

No, YOU should check your "facts" before you make an ass of yourself.

I say that as an educated northerner to a lame ass, one-toothed southern Baptist idiot 
who's Confederacy was so stupid they tried to put the rush on Washington DC wearing 
bright red bulls eyes on their collective ass.


I can't tell if that last paragraph was an attempt at humor or more fact-humping
but I assure you I have all my teeth.  ...and who you calling a Baptist?

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Blind lead the Willing


Is it still called a compromise when the president gets everything he wanted?

A major detainee bill hurtling down the HOV lane in Congress today would determine the extent 
to which the president can define and authorize torture. The urgency to pass this legislation has 
nothing to do with a new need to interrogate alleged enemy combatants. The urgency is about an election.

Last time Congress rubber-stamped a major terrorism-related law no one had bothered to read in the 
first place, we got the Patriot Act. That alone should lead us to wonder whether there shouldn't be a 
mandatory three-month cooling-off period whenever Congress enacts broad laws that rewrite the Constitution.

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Subject: Big Dog and Her


I just gotta say how much I love reading your optimism about the '08 election if Hillary runs.
It gives me a little hope for the democrats (although that's probably insulting Hillary, calling her
'just' a democrat).  I practically cheered when Bill opened up a can on Chris Wallace.

Despite the hatred of Hillary by the various left and right-wing blogs, the general population
seems to really like her (especially here in New York), as you keep mentioning by referecing the polls.
I have no doubts that, if she is nominated, she'll win.

Keep Swingin' that hammer
-Adam A. G

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Corky in his grey WPE shirt

Beyond the Pale
 by Molly Ivins


Oh dear. I'm sure he didn't mean it. In Illinois' 6th Congressional District, Republican candidate 
Peter Roskam accused his Democratic opponent Tammy Duckworth of planning to "cut and run" on Iraq. 

Duckworth is a former Army major and chopper pilot, who lost both legs in Iraq after her helicopter got 
hit by an RPG. "I just could not believe he would say that to me," said Duckworth, who walks on artificial 
legs and uses a cane. Every election cycle produces some wincers, but how do you apologize for that one? 

This bill is not a national security issue - this is about torturing helpless human beings without any proof they 
are our enemies. Perhaps this could be considered if we knew the administration would use the power with 
enormous care and thoughtfulness. But of the over 700 prisoners sent to Gitmo, only 10 have ever been 
formally charged with anything. Among other things, this bill is a CYA for torture of the innocent that has 
already taken place...Fellow citizens, this bill throws out legal and moral restraints as the president deems
it necessary - these are fundamental principles of basic decency, as well as law. I'd like those supporting 
this evil bill to spare me one affliction: Do not, please, pretend to be shocked by the consequences of this
legislation. And do not pretend to be shocked when the world begins comparing us to the Nazis.

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A battle for her life
 Molly Ivins fighting cancer


Molly Ivins is sounding anything but funny. She just buried her dear friend, 
Ann Richards, losing her to the same wretched disease that afflicts Ivins.

Still wearing the hat and black pants she wore to Richards' service, Ivins is reminded 
that cancer is not always the chronic-but-manageable disease she herself has battled since 1999.
It often kills.

"This disease is so not fair!" Ivins lets loose, one hand clenched in a fist.
"Cancer can kill you but it doesn't make you a better person," she says.

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'The best news in the field'

Subject: Clinton

Clinton is not and was not a slave of either the left or right.
He was a major part of a rise of third way politics: neither a pure left socialist nor a pure right capitalist.
He and his group take the best from socialism - the protections of the weak -- as well as the best of
capitalism - rewarding the innovative and productive.  Some call it just centrist but it is more than that.
Its progressive beyond the old '30s leftists stuck in the past as much as the old conservatives.

We don't need a third party.  There is a third way without a new party.
The third party politics is usually about extremists.  Extremists are unsatisfied with the centrist tendencies
of the two parties we have now.  Well okay the Republican Party before Reagan wasn't all conservative
all of the time so the GOP is becoming extremist and that could spell its end.  It could go the way of the
Whig/Federalist party which was replaced by the GOP.

Ole zenferret,
still thriving in Vegas

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Kissyface leads Lamont
 Joe, can't you take a hint?


Kissyface has a 10-point advantage over Democrat Ned Lamont among likely voters, 
according to a Quinnipiac University poll released Thursday.

"Ned Lamont has lost momentum," said poll director Douglas Schwartz. "He's gained only 
two points in six weeks. He's going to have to do something different in the next six weeks or
...Lieberman stays in for another six years."

The race is seen as a referendum on Bush's bloody quagmire.

You mean the Democrats are going to screw this up, too?
I blame, among others, Harry Reid.

He promised Kissyface he'd keep all his committee chairs if he won.
The Democrat didn't get that assurance, Kissyface did.

Harry, why won't you give the Democrat a break?

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Subject: Dear Nancy Pelosi

Dear Nancy Pelosi, I'd rather have Hugo Chavez as president than dumbya.
What on Earth were you thinking defending this President?

Hugo Chavez recommended people read Hegemony or Survival by Norm Chomsky.  
It (the paperback) is now #1 on

Clearly, Hugo Chavez is more in touch with the American people than you are.  
I am a Democrat and I desperately want to see Bush and the republicans go away
but if you Democrats continue to have no backbone it will never happen.

Stop being so afraid of everything and start acting like a patriotic American. 
Bush is arguably the worst president in history.  
How you can defend that complete loser is beyond me.

People will respect Democrats again if they just stood for something, anything!  
We don't need any more pseudo republicans.  Nobody is going to vote for 
Democrats if they just continue to emulate republicans.


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Subject: Chris Wallace whore

I just called the Fox News(?) hotline, 1 888 369 4762, to ask them to get 
Chris Wallace to have Bush on and ask him the same question he asked Clinton.  

It would be great if a lot of people also asked them to do that.

 jim in sausalito
(Not Jimmy the lawyer)

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"On the golf course, Bill Clinton is known for his dislike of playing his ball where it lies, 
  scoring honestly, and taking his lumps as the rest of us duffers must. He makes his own score, 
  always a good deal better than the real number. Someone else should be trusted to do the 
  scoring when it comes to Clinton's time in office. In the history books, Clinton deserves 
  to be counted as the President who did not protect us against Al Qaeda..."
     -- Ronald A. Cass, whore and FOX News liar,   Link

Hey Liar, how many American civilians were killed by Al Qaeda on Clinton's watch?
I think the number is 5 or 6.  (WTC, 1993)

How many died on Der Monkey's watch?
About 2700 with another 2700 dead soldiers on top of that, so naturally, history will 
reflect that Clinton's 6 was worse than Monkeyboy's 5400 and it's going much higher.

Oh, and Bush killed about 130,000 Iraqis, and it's going much higher.
But you say that's all on Clinton?

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Subject: RE: Slate: Why we hate Clinton

Did these morons see the same clip I saw?
Not only was that the best thing I've seen politically in the last 6 years,
it was Bill at his best, speaking truth to the liars and their henchmen.

So Bill was pissed?  Good.  It's about time.

Where's the rest of damn Dems?

Take it to the people; when someone lies about you, counterattack twice as hard.
If Kerry had called those lying swift-boat hand jobs what they were, challenged them
to a debate, and maybe sued them in court for libel, he might President today.

Sel in Jax

Slate sees things like Bill Kristol.

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Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

Click on the E!

Subject: Bush is watching - listening


I am in the telecommunications industry and found this information to be very surprising and unsettling.
CALEA (Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act) is a law that has required telephone
companies to provide access to Law Enforcement Agencies to easily tap any call.  This is old news,
compliance was required in 2001 and we all now know the government has been using it extensively.

Recent news is that this applies to Broadband data connections (DSL, Cable modem, etc.) May 14th 2007.
What we as a phone company have to do is provide access for a Law Enforcement Agency to see the
data packets for any of our subscribers.   If they are 'tapping' your web habits they can see exactly
what you are seeing and doing online from web surfing to e-mail and everything in between. (#14 for compliance dates)

Please post something on your website as I believe it is extremely important for people to know about.
I heard nothing about this until I was informed recently at work to ensure my network is compliant.

Name withheld

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Take the FOX NEWS Quiz

CNN on Inhofe's attack

This morning, CNN anchor Miles O'Brien aired a piece on Jim Inhofe's recent Senate floor rant 
on the media and global warming. According to Inhofe, the media has falsely hyped the existence 
of global warming and have become environmental advocates and (his favorite word), "alarmists."

"I am a realist. I want to challenge the news media to reverse course and report on the objective 
science of climate change, stop ignoring legitimate voices in this scientific debate, and stop being 
used by the hysterical left. Breaking the cycles of media hysteria will not be easy since hysteria 
sells and it is very profitable, but I really believe the issue is getting worn out. They have not been 
able to come up with anything to support their side. ," he said. Borrowing a term from a British 
group, Inhofe told the media to give up their "climate porn."

In a world where Der Monkey, Rupert Murdoch and charlatan televangelists are admitting 
Global Warming is real, leave it to Pissquik to further embarrass Oklahoma once again.

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 Iraq pumped 3.5M barrels daily before Bush invaded
 and then they got their 2003 Halliburton upgrade

Bush's oil gouge, which is going to $100a barrel
makes $350,000,000 Bush will steal every day.

No wonder they were so eager to start a war,

stealing  $350,000,000 every day.

It's the biggest theft in Earth's history.

Bush's "Bring 'em on" death taunt is up to...

2706....2709 American victims

THREE more victims of Bush's greed

Bush has killed more
Americans than Osama.

Still, Never Having to Say 'Sorry'
  by Robert Parry

Almost 2 1/2 years ago, we published an article about the Bush administration's strange refusal to
admit to even one second thought about its approach toward al-Qaeda in the eight months before
the 9/11 attacks. This insistence on the infallibility of Bush and his inner circle is relevant again,
with Condoleezza Rice dismissing as "flatly false" criticism from Bill Clinton about the Bush
administration's pre-9/11 inattention to the threat.

Indeed, the Right is assembling what amounts to a counter-history -- complete with a fictional
docu-drama aired on Disney's ABC-TV -- pinning the blame for 9/11 on Clinton and portraying
Bush as a man of principle and resolve. When Clinton angrily protested this revisionist history
during a Fox News interview, he faced a new round of ridicule for his "crazed" reaction.

This Orwellian moment, in which the past is altered to justify actions in the present, reminded us
of that article from April 5, 2004, which was responding to an earlier phase of this evasion of
responsibility. We are republishing that story:

Note:  is the most important site on the internet

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Subject: presidents

Bart, you said:

> "Can you name a president who worked harder or accomplished more for 'the people' than Clinton?"

While I like Clinton, and disagree with the guy, I would submit George Washinton, 
Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Abraham Lincoln, and Franklin Roosevelt.  

Again, I like Clinton, but he can hardly be placed above these men.

Like everything, that was written at 90 MPH.
I meant modern presidents.

Nobody reading this ever saw your first four do anything and only a few saw FDR.
I'm not a history major, I just know what I've seen with my own two eyes.

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Subject: She works for Norquist


Hillary is a DLC Democrat.  
She gets her money and her marching orders 
from the same people who tell Lieberman what to say.  

Oh, that's more stupid than the Gold Star Mothers story.
Have you been listening to Nader again?

The DLC gets it's money and marching orders from 
the same people who tell the GOP what to say.  

Stop it, stop it, stop it.
You're not making any sense, ...Ralph.

The idea is to control both parties and the press so that the dimensions of the 
political debate can be contained and moved inexorably in a rightward direction.  
Even if Hillary wins, YOU LOSE, along with everyone else in the world.  

If only we had someone like ...Ralph Nader...

A Hillary presidency would be only arguably and marginally better than a Jeb Bush 
or a John McCain presidency, and would only pave the way for another disastrously 
fascist regime like Bill Clinton's eight years did.  

ha ha
I suppose ...Nader could solve that problem for us?

By supporting Hillary you are supporting Bush.  
I wish you would wise up and have the guts to admit that you have been wrong.
San Jose

Scott, Ralph's not going to be president.
Ralph's not even on the ballot in Novemnber.

What's on the ballot is:

Stay the course - vote Republican.
We need change - vote Democrat.

That's all.

All that pie-in-the-sky crap isn't on the ballot.
"We need to change the system," isn't on the ballot, either.

None of Nader's goofy bumper sticker quotes are on the ballot.
This is important - keep your eye on the ball.

By screaming this Nader horse-hockey, you're voting to stay the course.

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Catherine Willows screws up
 Marg Helgenberger's character does bad


Last week on C.S.I., Willows was in a crowded bar when the bartender slipped her a roofy.
She knew she was passing out and yet she failed to take action.

Girls, if you're alone in a public place and you begin to pass out, yell "Call an ambulance"
and then make a big production out of falling on the ground. Fall on the pol, table.
Fall on the food, but be sure everyone sees you passing out.  The alternative is having 
a  "good Samaritan" assist you to his room and help you out opf your clothes and 
you might not survive that.

She woke up alone and naked with no memories of how she got there. 
Instead of calling the cops like you're supposed to do (she's a cop, dammit) she stupidly 
tried to "process" herself by gathering semen and brushing her pubic hair into an envelope, etc.

I'm no cop, I'm not even a lawyer, but I'll bet self-processed evidence isn't admissible in court.
On a human level I can understand her not wanting everyone at work to know, but if a lady cop 
won't do the right thing, why should a waitress or a bank teller or a housewife do the right thing?

Why can't TV heroes do the right thing now and then?

Tonight we'll see how it plays out, but remember O.J.?
They didn't follow proceedure with his evidence trail and he got away with murder.

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