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Tuesday   Oct 3, 2006  Vol 1847 - GOP knew about Foley

by Bruce Yurgil

Quote of the Day

"We have thrown away the most valuable 
  asset we had -- the right to oppose both 
  flag and country when he believed them 
  to be in the wrong."
    -- Howard Zinn,   Link

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Pages fear GOP
Hastert, Boner KNEW! 
Handjobs laughing 
Why I hate Clinton 
Who Protected Foley? 
The Perv Pope? 
Bush Throws Gauntlet 
Sleazy and her Lies
Scarlett Johansson 



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"If there is a perception that the GOP ignored Foley's 
  problem to hold onto power, we are finished."
   -- Unnamed GOP leaders to Timmy the Whore

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Pages Fear GOP Retaliation
  by Robert Parry

Capitol Hill pages kept quiet about Rep. Mark Foley's suggestive e-mails for years out of fear 
that they would be blacklisted from future political jobs in the Republican-controlled U.S. government. 
This fear of retaliation was one of the lessons that the pages learned from watching how the adults 
behaved in today's Washington. 

Note:  is the most important site on the internet

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'The best news in the field.'

Subject: Bush's legal torture

Hey Bart,

What a fucked-up world we live in...

If any other country in the world would have legalized torture and/or accepted new legislation
like the one the American Congress has accepted now, all diplomatic relations would be suspended. 

However, I (living in The Netherlands) have to go and find out through internet what has actually happened 
with the new torture bill, because not one newsbroadcast or newspaper over here has clarified the impact 
the new torture bill has. They don't seem to want to know, and consequently the public over here doesn't 
know unless they go and find out themselves. I've read what the bill actually implies 

I know many people in the US don't support the current regime and I don't want to hold all Americans
responsible for what is happening because the decisions are made by politicians, but WHY THE HELL 

 Bart Van Der

Dude, what do you suggest?
The media covers for him and the Democrats are quivering in a puddle of urine.
Der Fuhrer runs the biggest military in the world and he riggs elections.

What do you suggest we do?

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Used with permission


"The Arctic is NOT getting warmer.
  It is actually gaining ice. It's getting thicker."
    -- Jim Inhofe (R-Pissquik) on CNN

 Gaining ice?
 You'd have to be from Oklahoma to believe that.

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Haster knew about Foley last year
 Now, Sweaty screams, "We must protect the kids."


Rep. Thomas Reynolds, head of the House Republican election effort, said Saturday he told 
Dennis Hastert months ago about concerns that a fellow GOP lawmaker had sent inappropriate
messages to a teenage boy. Hastert's office said aides referred the matter to the proper authorities 
last fall but they were only told the messages were "over-friendly."

"The improper communications between Foley and former House Congressional pages is unacceptable
and abhorrent. It is an obscene breach of trust," Hastert, Boehner, and Roy Blunt in a written statement.

Hastert and the others KNEW the pervert was tracking future victims and did nothing.
If the Democrats had any balls (should I finish this sentence?) they would DEMAND
that Hastert, Boner and Blunt step down and let them play some defense for a change.

  "But Bart, our job is to make things easier for the Republicans."

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Subject: American shame

When America tortures, the terrorists win.

But it all fits in with the psychosexual perversion that is this administration.


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Video shows 9/11 handjobs laughing

  "Ha ha - we're dead,
   you're still alive - ha ha"


More than 18 months before they carried out the worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil,
a new videotape shows two of the Sept. 11 hijackers laughing and smiling for a camera.

Mohamed Atta and Ziad Jarrah look much different in the tape than they do in photographs
made famous after the attacks in New York and Washington.

Osama also appears on the tape, released now to help the GOP in November.

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Subject: Woodward

Can we believe in the "better late then never" philosophy when it comes this book?

Thanks and keep up the great, plus entertaining work you do.

My guess is that Woodward is just a whore who wants more money.
When Bush was the toast of DC, Woodward was his biggest praiser.

Now that the war has brought Bush to the 30s in approval,
Woodward decides he can make more money telling the truth.

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The Death of AAR

Bart, you asked:

>So how did they fuck that up?

They underestimated their audience.
To be honest, I just can't listen to AAR, and I'm rather solidly on the left.

But the tone of the station is shrill, they sometimes play as fast and loose with facts as Limbaugh, 
and frankly I expect more from the left than I do from the right, even on AM radio.

I've listened to Franken, Randi and Malloy and I haven't heard any "loose with the facts."
Do you remember anything specific?

Is there some sort of rule that says if you're stuck in the AM spectrum 
you have to hone your broadcast to appeal only to IQs below 100?

I had higher hopes for AAR.  But I just can't take their tone, 
and I'm quite certain they aren't winning any converts.

"Tone" is a hard thing to identify.
I was glad we finally got some truth on the airwaves - for once.

Update: Two people have written to say AAR is involved in some secret, 
last-minute attempts to remain on the air - should know "in a week."

If it works, maybe the new suits will re-hire Malloy.

BTW, I have nothing against Peter Werbe, but if they can afford his salary,
why couldn't they afford Mike's?

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"And before you accuse me of writing about news in your favorite entertainment magazine, 
  let me assure you Nancy Grace is entertainment...if, that is, you're the sort who watches 
  NASCAR for the crashes and Survivor hoping no one will. In the increasingly weird world 
  of infotainment, she is the belle of the Freakers Ball...[Grace] conveys by body language 
  alone the idea that we're all guilty of something...and she knows it."
    -- Stephen King in Entertainment Weekly,   Link

    "Stephen King is guilty!"

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Subject: Debbie Stabenow

Bart, thanks for the heads up on my senator, Debbie Stabenow, voting for the torture bill. 
She was the one person I didn't think I had to worry about:  She voted against Roberts and Alito, 
so I am completely shocked about her vote on Friday.  I contacted her office for a response, and to 
their credit, someone called me back first thing Monday morning.  The woman who called did not
have an answer for me; she said that Senator Stabenow had not yet said anything, so she would be 
sure to pass my information on to the Senator for her direct response. 

I can't support her anymore (she's up for relection next month).  This is one issue that can't be dismissed
as a hiccup in an otherwise exemplary record.  And if her response is, as with the few other Dem senators
who have made an excuse, that the courts can make the decision, it is even worse: these folks know that 
the Supremes are responsible for annointing this criminal President in the first place, and also that the 
makeup of the court is even worse now. 

Every time I think things can't get worse, they do. 
Keep hammerin'; I'll try as well.

I feel betrayed by Debbie Stabenow.
I ran some free ads for her, never dreaming she'd vote to let Bush torture.

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Who Protected The Foley Perv?
  from Jeff Gannon's rag 


It's one of the worst congressional scandals ever. A top House Republican who denounced 
sex predators as "animals" stands accused of acting like one. Mark Foley had served as a 
Deputy Majority Whip in the House and co-chaired the Caucus on Exploited Children. 
His forced resignation, after being exposed as a homo-perv who talked dirty to young boys, 
has done a lot of damage to the GOP. But it remains to be seen whether the liberal media 
and the Democrats can successfully exploit this scandal.

Knowing the scared gelding Democrats, I doubt it.
If Bush had a ten percent approval rating, they'd still be too scared to speak.

Brian Ross of ABC News broke the story and publicized the "sexually explicit" messages Foley 
sent to former congressional pages. Curiously, Ross never once used the word "homosexual" in 
referring to Foley's conduct. But if Foley acted out his Internet fantasies in real life, he will be 
exposed as not only a homo-pedo but a predator. The messages indicate Foley is extremely sick. 

I guess the lesson learned here is when you want protection from your crimes,
don't go to Haster - go right to Der Monkey-Furhrer.

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Subject: Mathman's Vegas Trip Report


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The Perv Pope?


Before scheming his way into DSt Peter's chair, Joey the Rat enforced church doctrinal orthodoxy, 
including a "secret Vatican decree which seemed to shelter the perpetrators and silence the victims 
of abuse", the Panorama program said Sunday.

This was a 1962 document which told top churchmen how to deal with perv priests.
It imposed an oath of secrecy on victims, witnesses and those probing abuse claims 
and said that anyone who talked would be excommunicated, the BBC said.

As we said before - Joet the Rat was the Enforcer - he was their Karl Rove.

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Why I hate Bill Clinton
 by Arianna Huffington


The bipartisan love-in he's been engaged in over the last several years has resulted in jack-squat.
After providing Bush cover for his disastrous handling of Katrina, (I'm not familiar with that)
after trying to get himself adopted by George Bush, Sr., (Arianna, I hate it when they get cute)
after giving Laura Bush the keynote slot at his Global Initiative Conference, after going along
with Rupert Murdoch's fundraiser for Hillary -- after all that, he got exactly nothing.

That phrase in bold is wild, impossible to verify or quantify and reeks of handjob-ism.
Has Arianna ever offered a substantive reason to hate the Clintons?

All of Bill Clinton's tireless "bipartisanship" has been of no benefit to him,
of no benefit to the country, and has only benefited George Bush and the right-wing.

The last trashing of the Clintons was that they're all about themselves and grabbing glory.
Now you're pissed at them for not taking action that would benefit them, personally?

Why does Arianna continue to pretend she plays the game better than the Clintons?
It can only be that she wants a bigger piece of the "I hate the Clintons" cash cow.

When she becomes president, will Arianna flip-flop and suck up to her?
Or will she trash our new president for the next eight years?

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This book is written by Marty E's husband.
I'll bet it's good.
Wish I had time to read books.

Subject: the GOP's Foley problem

If the repugs have any more scandals like Foley, the corporate media 
may have to go back to covering the Iraq war to distract us from it.


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Sleazy and her Nest of Lies
 by William Rivers Pitt


Condoleezza Rice may have committed perjury before the 9/11 Commission. At a minimum, 
her testimony was a convenient mishmash of half-truths and omissions which served to paint the 
White House as innocent bystanders as 9/11 unfolded. Certainly, her testimony omitted the fact 
that the two most senior intelligence officials in the nation delivered a stern warning regarding an 
impending terror attack two full months before 9/11.

The Washington Post carried a story that described a desperate attempt by George Tenet and 
CIA counterterrorism chief  Cofer Black to draw Rice's attention to the looming threat of al-Qaeda. 
Tenet and Black insisted on a meeting with Rice on July 10, 2001. 

"Tenet had the NSA review all the intercepts," read the Post story. On June 30, a top-secret senior 
executive intelligence brief contained an article headlined 'Bin Laden Threats Are Real.' Tenet hoped 
his meeting would shake Rice.  He and Black had two main points.  First, al-Qaeda was going to 
attack American interests, possibly in States... Second, this was a major foreign policy problem that 
needed to be addressed immediately. They needed to take action that moment to thwart bin Laden."

The meeting, according to Tenet and Black, went nowhere. "Tenet and Black felt they were not 
getting through to Rice. She was polite, but they felt the brush-off," says Woodward in his new book. 

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Subject: Why Foley?  Why now?

Republicans leaked the Foley scandal to get Woodward off the front page.

Sad state of affairs,

That might be the smartest sentence on today's page.

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GOP tried to taint Foley story


Congressman Tom Reynolds' (R-NY) chief of staff, Kirk Fordham, tried to broker a secret deal 
last Friday to get ABC News to cover up the worst part of the Foley child predator scandal, 
the lurid five-plus-page instant message chat in which Foley asked a child to measure his penis 
and then led the child into a detailed discussion of masturbatory techniques.

Howie Kurtz (R-Whore) wrote about this in this morning's Washington Post, though at the time 
Kurtz didn't name names - he simply referred to the deal-maker as a "former chief of staff" to 
Mark Foley. It's subsequently been confirmed to me, by Kurtz, that the individual who reportedly 
tried to broker the cover-up deal was Congressman Reynolds' own chief of staff (and former 
Foley chief of staff), Kirk Fordham

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Subject: Nora Ephron

So Nora Ephron refers to something by the conman/wacko 
Werner Erhard as proof that Clinton's claim that "I tried" is silly?

Give me a break!

I don't know much about Nora Ephron, other than she hates Clinton 
so much she has declared catching Osama an easy task - easy as 
picking up a glass of water from a table.

No wonder Arianna welcomes her posts.

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Subject: Kathy and TV

Dear Bart, I rarely disagree with you, but your attack on Kathy for not watching TV is a little off. 

I didn't attack her for not watching TV.
She has no business declaring that my entertainment choices are inferior.

She is absolutely right. 

No, she is 100% wrong.

A walk in the park is "getting a life", while vegging in front of the box or 
getting all worked up about some dumfucks on the box is not. 

There's nothing wrong with a walk in the park - and I wouldn't call her stupid for doing it, 
But a TV is a communication device, like the internet, like a mailbox, like a telephone.
To suggest that a communication device has no value is laughable.

It doesn't "sound superior" to say you don't watch TV, it just sounds like a really good choice. 

You got that right - it's a choice.
She should make hers, I should make mine.

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Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

Click on the E!

Wash Times: Hastert - resign!

House Speaker Dennis Hastert must do the only right thing, and resign his speakership at once. 
Either he was grossly negligent for not taking the red flags fully into account and ordering a swift 
investigation, for not even remembering the order of events leading up to last week's revelations
-- or he deliberately looked the other way in hopes that a brewing scandal would simply blow away. 
Hastert has forfeited the confidence of the public and his party, and he cannot preside over the 
necessary coming investigation, an investigation that must examine his own inept performance. 


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 Iraq pumped 3.5M barrels daily before Bush invaded
 and then they got their 2003 Halliburton upgrade

Bush's oil gouge, which is going to $100a barrel
makes $350,000,000 Bush will steal every day.

No wonder they were so eager to start a war,

stealing  $350,000,000 every day.

It's the biggest theft in Earth's history.

Bush's "Bring 'em on" death taunt is up to...

2711....2727 American victims

They got 16 since last issue

 "Bush's war is costing almost $2 billion a week."
   -- Boston Globe,   Link

Bush has killed more
Americans than Osama.

Bush Throws Down the Gauntlet
  by Robert Parry

Bush is gambling that the Right's powerful media apparatus, Republican organizational advantages
and the residual fear from 9-11 will trump the Democrats' abilities to convince the American people
that Bush's vision represents a dire threat to the future of their democratic Republic.

Bush unveiled his new strategy for holding onto Republican congressional majorities this past week
by making his demand for expansive powers, including the authority to deny habeas corpus rights
to detainees, the preeminent issue in the final days before the congressional recess.

..the final five weeks of Campaign 2006 now appear focused on Bush's stewardship of the "war on terror."

Bush has bungled this "war on terror," making it the biggest political mistake of our lifetimes,
but the Democrats - still frozen in fear - can't think of a way to take advantage of his bungling.

Hey Geldings, put Ol' Bart in charge for the next five weeks.
I'll make Bush cry on TV and we'll take back both houses and put his Fascist ass on trial.

Note:  is the most important site on the internet

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Dark day for sports

The Dallas Cowboys won, so it was a bad weekend.
To make it worse, Eldrick lucked out again.

Speaking of golfers, Byron Nelson died this week.
He was a great golfer, winning 18 tourneys in 1945, including 11 in a row.

And that was with World War II going on.
Tiger four-putts if he hears a camera click.

Think Eldrick's luck will ever let him win 11 in a row?

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Subject: I have to say...

Bart Cop,

Why does this Kathy person feel that she can comment on your comments about TV when she 
doesn't watch and in her own words says that she has never watched it for most of her adult life? 

Does she think that she qualifies as someone with the expertise to comment? :)
Well, then, how in the hell does she know what you are talking about?

I'll bet Kathy just had a temporary disconnect. 

Odds are she meant, "There's a lot of trash and fluff on TV," and she'd be right.
but there's also a lot of trashy and fluffy people - can't give up on humanity, right?

 Send e-mail to Bart
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Randon thought...

Isn't it crazy the way the GOP is trying to spin Foley's pedo problem as alcohol-related?
Have you ever been so drunk you wanted to sex up a 16 year old boy? 

Look for this in BCR 98.
I'm hoping to have Part 1 up today - if I can find a few extra hours.

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"The Republican National Convention."
  -- Scarlett Johansson, Nazi free, when asked,
     "Place where you'd never be found?" by Esquire Magazine

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