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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.


Tuesday   Oct 10, 2006  Vol 1852 - Torture légale 

Quote of the Day

"It is definitely a challenge to overcome. 
 Voters are in a throw-the-bums-out mood."
   -- Morgan Ortagus, Ohio GOP spokesman,  Link

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
A Way Out of Iraq?
GOP Sex Scandals 
Carrier Sails for Iran
Axis of Evil Haunts 
WPE testimonial 
DC Whorehouse 
Foley Consuming GOP   
The Macaca Cowboy  
Paris-Nicole truce?





"The fact that Cheney's willing to go after Democrats as harshly as 
   the Democrats are going after the White House gets the party faithful going," 
        -- GOP strategist Glen Bolger,   Link

Cheney is less popular than Bush, but he stays on offense.

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A Way Out of Iraq?
  by Ivan Eland

Bush has so badly lied himself into a corner that he now needs the bipartisan "Iraq Study Group"
- headed by James Baker -to tell the American public that things are rapidly going south in Iraq.

According to the New York Times, one commission member anonymously acknowledged, 
"There's a real sense that the clock is ticking, that Bush is desperate for a change, but no one 
in the White House can bring themselves to say so with this election coming."

But media reports of the situation on the ground in Iraq should tell the American people that Bush 
is lying to them about the prospects for success there.  It is unclear whether even this commission is 
capable of telling the truth about Iraq. White House officials and fellow commission members told the 
Times that Baker is unlikely to generate findings that do not have the prior, tacit approval of Bush.  is the most important site on the internet

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"Bush being Bush, he also delivered a head-scratching punchline, saying: "The United States 
  remains committed to diplomacy..." -- which is a little like Denny Hastert saying the GOP 
"remains committed to the safety and well-being of Washington pages."
    - Arianna Huffington, taking time away from her Clinton jihad to attack the enemy,  Link

Poor Arianna, I hope she's OK.
It's not like her to attack a Republican.

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Subject: Eagle spank Cowboys

Bart, I am a Eagles fan, I watched the game and I think that blue state bruising 
the Eagles gave the Cowboys was a metaphor for the November elections. 

A lot of beer seems to turn me into an optimistic prophet. 
DFG in blue PA

DFG, the difference is the Eagles wanted to win.
If we could only get the scared bunny Democrats to act like men...

    "But Bart, Mr. Rove wouldn't like it if we did our jobs!"

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Used with permission


"Three years ago, Bush said: 'We will not tolerate nuclear weapons in North Korea.'
  But how does one unaccept a nuclear test?"
    -- Lynne Duke, WaHoPo    Link

WaHoPo, why did you lie to put this madman in power?
Why do you continur to lie and cover up his crimes?

Screw you, WaHoPo.
You earn your name with every lie you tell.

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Republican Sex Scandals
 Why America and journalism needs standards

The Problem: Mark Foley, lusting after underage boys. He is outed publicly just weeks 
before a national election that the NeoCons are hoping to steal.

Strategy: Attack! Muddy the water as needed. Begin disinformation campaign.

Personnel to be activated: Matt Drudge, John Fund, Tony Perkins, Laura Ingraham, 
Ann Coulter take point. They will activate the third tier political operatives positioned 
around the country. Many of these have no idea that their powerful friends are lying to them. 

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Subject: Insider trading

I heard an interesting observation by someone taking part in "The World Can't Wait" protests. 

Someone monitoring all international phone calls would also be able to track the flow of 
all financial business, thus giving him insider knowledge that can be used to leverage billions. 

Sounds like our boy. 
No wonder they don't want a judge looking over their shoulder.

Bruce Yurgil 

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Tim Sneed examines everything from the current quagmire in Iraq, 
JFK, LBJ & MLK's fight for the poor, to Southerners and Minority Americans 
voting against their self Interest. He shows how poor are left out of the decisions 
that they pay for. He explains how they can prevent this from happening and move from 
being poor and taken advantage of.   Tim tells story after story on how the poor
must change and their "option" days are over.  Framed with real people, 
the book makes an important contribution to contemporary debates.

Eisenhower Carrier Sails for Iran
 Bush's War Hardon Means Iran Attack Likely

The nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Eisenhower is headed for the Persian Gulf region 
as I had predicted in a piece in The Nation magazine a few weeks back.

The Eisenhower strike force, according to my sources, is scheduled to arrive October 21, 
less than three weeks before the midterm elections that Bush can't afford to lose.

This build-up of naval power around the coast of Iran, according to some military sources, 
is in preparation for an air attack on Iran that would target not just Iran's nuclear enrichment 
facilities, but its entire military command and control system.

Will the dumber-than-dumb American voters rally behind Der Fuhrer 
as he starts a third war he can't win?

Iran has 400,000 military age males who are ready to invade Iran if we attack.
We're losing Iraq now - how much worse will 400,000 warriors make it?

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Subject: pink tutu photo

Hey, Bart, why don't you include Hillary in your infamous ballerina photo?  
These four are at least as vocal against Bush as Hillary is.  And she supports the Iraq war.  
Where is your consistency and intelligence?
Tom M

Tom, you want me to explain it again?

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Bush's 'Axis of Evil' Haunts his Monkey Ass
 He kicked three beehives that were dormant


Nearly five years after Der Fuhrer introduced the concept of an "axis of evil" comprising Iraq, 
Iran and North Korea, the administration has reached a crisis point with each nation: North Korea 
has claimed it conducted its first nuclear test, Iran refuses to halt its uranium-enrichment program, 
and Iraq appears to be tipping into a civil war 3 1/2 years after the U.S.-led invasion.

Each problem appears to feed on the others, making the stakes higher and requiring Bush to make 
difficult calculations. The deteriorating situation in Iraq has destroyed U.S. diplomatic credibility and 
limited Bush's military options, making rogue countries increasingly confident that they can act without 
serious consequences. Iran, meanwhile, will be watching closely the diplomatic fallout from North Korea's 
apparent test as a clue to how far it might go with its own nuclear program.

It keep getting worse.
If not for Katrina, would this idiot country still think Bush was God?
If not for Foley, would this madman still have high approval ratings?

I get mail from people in other countries:
"Bart, why are Americans so fucking stupid?"

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WPE testimonial from Bob Kincaid

 Audio  (54 seconds, G-rated)

    Wayne from the Bob Kincaid Radio Show on the Head On Radio Network

Hear Bob's radio show LIVE at 
Hear Bob's radio show archives at

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Subject: Catholics

Catholics will excommunicate you for divorcing a husband who beats you and the kids but they 
will not excommunicate sex offending priests. If I were a Catholic, I'd have serious issues taking 
communion knowing I am partaking with child molesters. 

I'm not a Catholic, in fact I am someone they would have burnt at the stake for three reasons:
I am a Protestant (Jansenite heresy), I am Dutch (first country to liberate from Rome/the Spanish Inquisition), 
and I'm a woman with brains and a mouth on her so they would have burnt me for being a witch.

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DC Whorehouse 
 Feds target DC escort service

With the capital already mired in its latest sex scandal, federal agents last week raided the home 
of a woman they allege has, for the past 13 years, operated a Washington, D.C. escort service 
that dispatched college-educated prostitutes to the homes and hotel rooms of well-heeled clients. 
A two-year probe by IRS and Claven agents has targeted the Pamela Martin & Associates 
escort service and its owner, Deborah Jeane Palfrey.

Those agents could be looking for Al Qaeda, but instead, they're busting college girls
because they think God doesn't want anyone to press the pleasure buttons He gave them.

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Subject: Disgusting

Bart, yesterday's Monkey mailer said,

>"I  served in Iraq and your divisive brand of vitriol is exactly what divides this country.
> I always knew that liberals were against the military...How many soldiers do you want to kill? 
> You probably enjoy the daily deaths of soldiers and marines, huh?" 

When did this soldier find time to memorize Karl Rove's playbook?  
I do not understand people who angrily assert their God-given right to die for a lying monkey.  

Anyway, I love your windbag site, don't change a thing.  
Ann in Philly  

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Foley Consuming GOP 
 Hurry, Nov 7, get here soon 


"The Foley scandal is sucking all the air out of the room," Shaw said in an interview. 
"It's a tough time; there's just total saturation right now."

Back in Washington, Republican strategists acknowledge privately that the Foley mess 
and allegations that House leaders were too passive in responding to them will remain 
an all-consuming distraction for GOP campaigns for the next week.

Woo Hoo!

Got gas?

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Subject: Debbie Stabenow

Bart, urge your Michigan readers to vote for Stabenow!  

I wrote her an email & expressed my displeasure with her vote on the torture bill, 
but other than that what option do I have?  Her opponent is 100% worse on almost all issues.

So Michiganders....write her a letter, complain about her vote, but then go out & vote for her!!  
We'll all be sorry if she loses. 


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A Cowboy named 'Macaca'


Last night, this crazy handjob who grew up in L.A., held a Western-themed fundraiser called a "hoedown." 
Those who gave $50 were dubbed "Ranch Hands." Those who gave more than $1,000 earned titles such
as "Buckaroo," "Cow Boss" or "Ranch Boss." Those who gave $10,000 or more to the Republican cause 
earned the title "El Ranchero Grande."  In Allen's worldview, there is no greater compliment.

Many contributors wore the requisite cowboy hats. A 10-foot-tall pair of cowboy boots greeted guests. 
A four-man old-time band played as the crowd munched on barbecue chicken and baked beans.


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Twelve things Ann Coulter has said

5. "Then there are the 22 million Americans on food stamps. 
     And there are the 39 million greedy geezers collecting Social Security. 
     The greatest generation rewarded itself with a pretty big meal."

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Sam wearing her WPE shirt, firing a .45

Sidebar: My mail often starts off with "Sam," or "Marc."
Sam is Sam, Marc Perkel is Marc Perkel
and my name is Bart

Subject: GOP sex crimes


The last few days of "this many Republicans have stuck their weenies HERE" 
and "well, this many Democrats have stuck their weenies HERE" makes me think 
that a solution to the problem would be to elect more people who don't own weenies. 

So, let more chicks in Congress, let a chick be president, 
and for fuck's sake, let chicks be priests.

Chicago, IL

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The net's best advertising deal

 advertise on

See Del Castillo live TONITE

1708 Vine Street
Hollywood, CA

Doors:  8:00pm
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Tickets $10 in advance
Call 323-493-3988
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$12 at the door.

Tell Rick, "Bart says hey"
Damn, wish I could be in LA tonight...

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'The best news in the field.'

The second most important site on the internet?

It's Richard Clarke's site.

Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

Click on the E!

Subject: Foley the Perv

Hi Bart,

The problem is not that Foley is gay, or that he communicated with 16-year-old males, 
but that he was unethical in doing so.  Making unwanted romantic overtures to a fellow 
employee or government associate is unethical.

What I find offensive is this harping on his being a "pervert."  
He is gay.  He came on to a 16-year-old male, which is legal in DC. 

Is there any evidence that the attempted to seduce anyone under the age of 16? 
If not, then he is simply a gay man and not a "perv."  If not, then he is not a "pedophile."  

If he did attempt to seduce anyone under the age of consent then he has broken the law 
and if guilty should be punished.  Yes, it's hard to imagine that a young man would be 
interested in someone twice or three times his age, but it happens.  And it isn't wrong 
as long as it is legal, and not coercive.  The difference in age is nothing he needs to be
ashamed of, as long as the relationship is legal and ethical.



First of all, don't think for a second that I play fair with these Nazi bastards.
They screamed "child molester" when Monica was 22.
I'm not doing my job if I don't return 22 with 16.

Second, with respect, you have this all wrong.
"Age difference" isn't the point.

Foley had a job, a career, a car, an apartment, a credit card, could buy liquor, etc.
His victim had $40 to his name and a used Schwinn.

It's the predator against the unsuspecting newbie.
How could you miss that point?

These aren't two people in the night, trying to find each other.
This is a serial molester going thru the House Page Yearbook with one hand.

Foley is the bastard who loiters at the liquor store, hoping young boys will drop by and ask him 
to buy their liquor. And Republican Foley's answer was, "Shit, I'll buy if I can party with you dudes."
That's not about age difference and it's not about being gay.

*I* see that and you don't, because I watch a lot of TV :)

Third, screw the legal definition.
If you get pulled over for DWI, the law isn't what makes you a danger.

In state "X," the legal limit is .12.
In state "Y," the legal limit is .08 (maybe even .06)
Your drunk ass doesn't know what state you're in.

Bottom line?
Local laws don't define morality.
I'm no lawyer, but apparently the legal age in Reynosa is Zero.
Does that make sex with small children OK?

Foley is preying on children so he can be their Lewis & Clark on sexuality.

Possible Silver Lining

It's possible that you didn't think of that because your life has been non-tragic.
Dude, mine too!
But I know bad shit happens to good people.

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Baker: Change Course, Idiot!


James A. Baker III, a longtime Republican thug and strategist, is preparing recommendations that
the spoiled child of his friend Poppy Bush reconsider his "stay-the-course" strategy in bloody Iraq. 
Baker said, "We are taking a look at other alternatives."

With his remarks Sunday on"This Week" with Judas Maximus, Baker joined a growing list of 
prominent Republicans critical of Bush's endless quagmire in the weeks before the coming elections.

Baker was on Jon Stewart last night.
I hate the way Jon has to play nice with the Fascist bastards, but what choice does he have?
The pussy Democrats can't even spell power, so if Jon wants influential guests...



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 Iraq pumped 3.5M barrels daily before Bush invaded
 and then they got their 2003 Halliburton upgrade

Bush's oil gouge, which is going to $100a barrel
makes $350,000,000 Bush will steal every day.

No wonder they were so eager to start a war,

stealing  $350,000,000 every day.

It's the biggest theft in Earth's history.

Bush's "Bring 'em on" death taunt is up to...

2747....2748 American victims

We only lost 1  since yesterday.

 "Bush's war costs $2 billion a week."
   -- so by all means, stay the course?

Bush has killed more
Americans than Osama.

Subject: Korea has oil

Bart, North Korea does have oil, but it's not enough to steal.

They do have OTHER reasons not to invade:

* a million-man standing army that is well-armed and well-equipped
* nearly impassable terrain, with the only land access route into North Korea being about the width of Tulsa
* and the national capital of one of our best allies standing within artillery range of the North Korean border.

If you want a REAL quagmire, and not one like the one in Iraq, just invade North Korea.

Jim, I'm sure Bush's North Korean quagmire will come after his Iran quagmire.
What will it take for the GOP to leash their angry rotweiller?

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Is God Green?
Marc Ash Interviews Bill Moyers

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TV Stuff

Dave has Alec Baldwin - will he run for the senate? 

Denny Crain (R-Crazy) falls for a little person on Boston Legal

Veronica Mars - The campus newspaper hires Veronica to do an undercover expose 
on the Zeta Theta sorority during rush week to investigate Parker's rape. 
The rapist shaves the heads of his victims afterwards. She'll catch him next Tuesday, 
and nobody serves revenge colder than Veronica Mars.

Did you see last week?
When she busted the "Welcome Wagon" gang, she and a friend set up chairs at the bust site
so they could watch and raise a toast when the cops slapped the cuffs on 'em.

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Subject: Debbie does Torture

I've had it with Stabenow and told her I'd never vote for her again. 
No more.
When she ran for Governor she so damaged a good Democrat (Wolpe) we got 12 years of John Emgler.
She played politics with Engler, he called her bluff and we got Prop B (?) a bad tax bill.
She's got a flag burning bill.
She voted for the bankruptcy bill.
She stood with Ted Stevens on the budget.
She stood against John Conyers on voting issues.
The list goes on.
And now TORTURE!

I will not hold my nose and vote for torture. 
I will not win by becoming them. It is to high a price. 
Never again.
Tony M

Tony, I get that, but you're wrong.

We either want to win or we don't.
We either want control or we don't.

Voting against Stabenow is a vote for Bush..

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Paris & Nicole Truce?



The feud between Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie appears to be over.

Cameras were there as Paris and Nicole broke bread at Dan Tana's in Hollywood last night. 
The pair arrived together in Paris' Range Rover and caused a frenzy at the front door not seen 
since Gorbachev and Reagan met in Geneva in 1985. 

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