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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.


Weekend-Monday, Nov 4-6, 2006  Vol 1871 - Mud Stuck

Quote of the Day

"Over the past five years, we have 
  done more than just philosophise."
    -- Der Fuhrer, telling the truth,  Link

 He's right.
 They have invaded, tortured, murdered, raped, looted, 
 bungled, lied, concealed, raped (They like rape)...

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Bush Will Say Anything 
Neocons turn on Bush 
Betty Bowers on Haggard 
Dems on Nat'l Security 
That bastard, Frist 
Nazi 'kids' meet 
Death for Saddam 
Colbert turned tide? 
Carrie's wheel stolen 






"Now the real work begins: The GOP has only two days to convince 
  their idiot base that Saddam was found guilty of the 9-11 attacks."  
    --Hoffmania,   Link

The crooked president and the American whore media have teamed up
to misinform can't-pay-attention Americans that Saddam was responsible.

How bad is it?
A third of Democrats believe that lie, too.

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Bush Will Say Anything
    by Robert Parry

The Nov. 7 elections are shaping up as a test of how gullible the American people have become.
In campaign stops, Bush is delivering a medley of his favorite lies, half'truths and non sequiturs 
about Iraq and the "war on terror." Yet the President's listeners seem to revel in the distortions, 
celebrating with shouts of  "USA! USA!" and responding on cue when Bush has them mock the Democrats.

"One of the lessons of 9-11 is that when we see a threat we have got to take that threat seriously 
before it materializes," Bush told a cheering throng in Springfield, Missouri, on Nov. 3. 
"It's an essential lesson in this new war. I saw a threat in Saddam Hussein."

Bush's talking point about this "essential lesson" is greeted like a golden oldie from the rally-round
-the-President days after 9/11. Though the consequences of Bush's faulty prediction about Iraq can 
now be measured in the deaths of more than 2,800 American soldiers and other horrible costs, 
it still works as an applause line.

Reminder: Bart's Law #1
Don't EVER tell the truth in a political campaign. 
People want to be lied to. 

Note: is the most important site on the internet

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Used with permission


"I am a deceiver and a liar. There is part of my life that is so repulsive
  and dark that I've been warring against it all of my adult life."
     -- Ted Haggard, explaining why the GOP hates themselves so much,   Link

"I can't put down the pipe!"

"He was preaching that marriage should only be between a man and a woman,
  and he's going behind his wife's back and seeing a gay man for sex -
  I felt like I owed it to the gay community to expose the hypocrisy,"
     -- Ted Haggard's gay lover,    Link

I wonder - do they hate Haggard now?
Do they hate him because he's "one of them?"

Or is this their opportunity to see that "good people" can be gay, too?

On CNN this morning, the now-top evangelical nut was asked, 
"Do evangelicals believe that Ted Haggard was born gay?"

And the cowardly liar answered, "Evangelicals are suuuuuuuuuuuuch
a diverse group, it's hard to say what each of them believe."

Yeah, the evangelicals span the entire spectrum - from stupid handjob to crazy handjob.

This cowardlt liar doesn't even believe the lies he sells to the stupid sheep.
He knows it's a political wedge issue and a great fundraiser for them.

It's all about the money and the power.

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Neocons turn on Bush
Perle, Adelman, Rubin and From

 "If elected, the Democrats will mess up my Iraqi Paradise!"


Several prominent neoconservatives have turned on Der Fuhrer days before critical midterm elections,
lambasting his incompetence in Iraq and questioning the wisdom of the invasion they promoted.

Richard Perle and Kenneth Adelman, who were both Pentagon advisers before the war, Michael Rubin,
a former senior Pentagon official and David Frum, a former Bush speechwriter, were among the neocons
who recanted to Vanity Fair.

"I just presumed that what I considered to be the most competent national security team since Truman
was indeed going to be competent," Mr Adelman said.  "They turned out to be deadly, dysfunctional."

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I'm living with war in my heart
I'm living with war in my heart in my mind
I'm living with war right now

Don't take no tidal wave
Don't take no mass grave
Don't take no smokin' gun
To show how the west was won
But when the curtain falls, I pray for peace
Try to remember peace (visualize)

In the crowded streets
In the big hotels
In the mosques and the doors of the old museum
I take a holy vow
To never kill again
Try to remember peace

The rocket's red glare
Bombs bursting in air
Give proof through the night,
That our flag is still there

I'm living with war everyday
I'm living with war in my heart everyday
I'm living with war right now
  -- Neil Young's Living with War

             Click  to  Order

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Subject: troops are dupes?

Most of the people I've met who glorify the military have never served in the military. 
All this stuff about protecting our country and fighting for our freedom is silly. I had many friends 
who fought in Vietnam and some who didn't come home. The ones who came home said they 
fought to stay alive and to keep their buddies alive. When they were in a firefight they weren't 
thinking about all that phony stuff like saving Democracy and protecting the homeland, they were 
fighting to save their asses. 

When you're in the military you quickly learn that you're just a number and the officers don't 
give a damn about you. The officers care only about looking good to their superiors and protecting 
themselves from any accountability. The cliché about crap flowing down hill is true. 
A perfect example is Abu Ghraib where the enlisted people took the hit for applying the 
policies formulated by the officers and civilians above them. So much for honor and integrity.
 Wild Bill

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Subject: Alyssa Peterson, 27

Bart, that story said,

"Peterson objected to the interrogation techniques used on prisoners. She refused
  to participate after only two nights working in the unit known as the cage.
  The Army has refused to describe the interrogation techniques Alyssa objected to"

I would doubt she pulled the trigger.  She "committed suicide" by objecting to torture.
My guess is the people who enjoy that sort of thing took care of the rest.

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Betty Bowers on Ted Haggard

I suspect that this will be a rather uncomfortable weekend at the Ted Haggard tax-free mansion.
You see, Reverend Haggard is a vociferous spokesperson against gay marriage and, until yesterday,
his wife probably had no idea she was actually in one.

Oh, I can hear some of you gals used to being around florists and Governors of New Jersey -- and Texas
-- cackling.  You think I'm selling the woman's intuition for pushily obvious queenery short.  But if Haggard's
unblinking congregation could sit and listen to such a liturgical Liberace week after week and not realize they
were in the presence of someone who makes Barry Manilow in a full-length mink look butch, they really need
to recalibrate their ability to detect prescription-strength doses of flamboyance.  Because if you can't tell that
Haggard is not just gay, but marabou mules wearing gay, you must have bought your refurbished Gaydar at
the same kiosk Tom Cruise got his E-meter.

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Picking up a soldier at the airport


"I had been promised that my remarks 
  would not be published before the election."  
    -- Richard Perle, on his anti-Bush remarks in Vanity Fair, Link

First, you trusted America's whore press?
Second, why did you want Bush to be free to bungle and kill 
another 2800 soldiers with no oversight for the next two years?

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Random thought...

Republicans keep saying they are voting early (absentee ballots and such) in droves.

That's spooky because they're doing it for this reason:
The exit polls are going to show a landslide for Democrats, but...
by laying this "we voted early" horseshit, they'll be able to say that's why
the exit polls all showed a Demo landslide - which isn't true - they'll claim.

Der Fuhrer and Himmler have been very confident for weeks.

Let's hope they don't fool the idiot Dems for the fourth time in a row.

  "They would never cheat - shame on Bart for even thinking that!"

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Dems vs GOP

"I didn't not have sexual relations with that woman."

And he didn't.

And he did.

Subject: from a soldier's blog

"Iraq is made of candy.

So, I've finally made it to Iraq, and guess what?
All that stuff about it being hot and unpleasant?


The entire country is made of candy.
From Bubble Gum Lane in Tikrit, to the chocolate palaces of Saddam Hussein,
this is a land of creamy nougat and sweet delights.  Rather then being peopled
with dour Muslim folk, the country is ran by delightful elves who tend gorgeous
candy cities, rising to the clear blue sky like a delicious chocolate Babylon.

In Iraq, we cavort and play to the merry piping of the pan flute by day,
and sleep peacefully under the starry skies by night.

Truly, this is a land of such surpassing glory as to be fit for ribald song.
This place sucks."

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Dems on National Security

DAVE: That's why they sent a third of the troops needed.

LISA:  And invaded a country that hadn't killed a single American in ten years.

DAVE: And lied through their teeth - "uranium from Africa, mushroom clouds, WMD".. all baloney.

LISA:  A billion people hate our guts now - the world used to love us.. That's sure making us safer.

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"The best news in the field.'


"Although these are Army Times and the 
  Military Times, they're a Gannet publication."  
    --Tony Snow, calling those publications left-wing rags,  Link

"I'll say or do anything for $50."

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That bastard, Frist


I love online poker! I play online several times a week.
It's one of my favorite things in the universe, next to beer pong.
And once again the watchdogs of morality have stripped me of an activity I adore.

According to, "Frist tacked the gambling measure onto a port security bill
in the final minutes before Congress recessed. The bill was passed by a vote of 409 to 2."

You creep! You fiend!
You snuck it through?

You lowlife. You slime.
You consumer of barnyard porn!

At the last minute, you tacked the gambling measure on to an anti-terrorism bill knowing
full well that any congressman who voted against it would be [labeled as weak on terror.]

These liars claim they want less spending and smaller government, but once they get in,
we're at war, spending skyrockets and the government is all over your civil and privacy rights.

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Post-Halloween Special - 1M shirts for $7M
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We have a few shot glasses left.

Nazi engineered 'kids' meet
 Hey - nobody chooses to be born


The children of a Nazi program aimed at creating an "Aryan elite" met Saturday in Germany
in an effort to banish the specter that has haunted many of them since their birth.

The "Lebensborn" or "font of life" project was a series of homes run by Heinrich Himmler's SS
that were to provide the stock to help run a Nazi empire. The homes were popularised later
as stud farms for a blond-haired, blue-eyed master race.

Matthias Meissner said the meeting was necessary to bring the homes out in the open
and lay some of the myths about them to rest.

"The aim was to take the children out into the open, to encourage them to find their origins
- but also to show that the cliche of the blond-haired, blue-eyed stud farm is not correct," he said.

Many children were ostracised after the war and they have remained a sensitive topic that's seldom
discussed in Germany.  There was the stigma of SS association -- was father a war criminal?

Life must be unbearable - knowing Papa was a Nazi bastard.


All this time, and they're just now getting to it?
I always wondered what happened to the blond-haired, blue-eyed kids.

They're just now coming to grips with who they are?
That's gotta be tough, especially in a country where "Nazi talk" was illegal.

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Random thought...

Why is the cat killer retiring from his senate seat?
To begin his run for the White House?

Is America that crazy?


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Subject: lower standards

During the Clinton years, in the military there was always money to do fun non-combat type
deployments, to get supplies and equipment for day to day stuff and for building projects.

Standards were must tougher also. To get in the Special Forces you had to be a sergeant,
have at least 5 years time in service and pass the grueling 3 week selection course, which
most didn't get selected.

That was just the get your hand on the doorknob. So by the time you graduated there
wasn't many there that you started with. I could go on and on but you get the idea.
The Special Forces were indeed the elite of the elite.
In my opinion the most highly trained and most motivated soldiers in the world.

In Bush's America to get apply for the Special Forces ALL you need
is to be male and over the age of 16 and pass a Physical Training test.


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Subject: The entertaining Christopher Hitchens

Bart, you wrote:

> Christopher, just to be sure you know - we don't want you on our side.
> Stay over there with the nasty-ass cavemen and the Fascist gay-bashers

Bart, I feel the same about Hitchens as you do.
But it was greatly entertaining to see him and the self-hating, but intelligent, Andrew Sullivan
both explaining to Bush-whore Paula Zahn that her hero is delusional, the other night on CNN.
I thought Paula's head was going to explode. Now, that's entertainment.

ha ha
Did they understand how stupid that makes them look?
After all the years they've been whoring about, "Bush is the real deal!"

As hateful as Hitchens is, I can't help but admire how he can still string coherent sentences
together when he's drunk enough to make the average man look for a place to lie down.
Back in the day, I could do that.

I think drinks should be served on the set.

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November Special

Chinaco Anejo shortage
If you come across a bottle of Chinaco Anejoand send it to me,
I will fix you up with a year of BCR membership - a $120 value.
PO Box 54466
Tulsa, OK  74155

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"I have heard that you were gay, sir, and I wanted to know if that was true," 
     -- reporter to "well-mannered, articulate and impeccably groomed"   Link
         (and single) Charlie Crist, Republican running for Jeb Bush's job  

Of course, he lied and said he wasn't because GOP candidates 
can't run for any elected office without a mask that bigots will accept.

Note: Bush offered to join Crist and Jeb for some last-minute campaigning..
Crist refused - he's trying to win.

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Subject:  Military vs Bush

All four independent military papers,  the Army Time, the Navy Times,
The Marine Corp Times and The Air Force Times, are coming out against Bush.
A day before the election they are calling for Rumsfield to resign.

That are saying with a single voice that, "Regardless of  which party wins Nov. 7,
the time has come, Mr. President, to face the hard bruising truth: Rumsfield must go."

These independent papers can speak freely where those serving in the military can not.
The military is crying out for the voters help and they want you to vote Republicans out.
If you support the troops then listen to them now.
Rumsfield must go.

Marc Perkel
San Bruno, CA.

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Colbert turned the tide?
 Let's hope the tide has turned


The defining moment may have been when Colbert [put Der Fuhrer in his place]. Call it a cultural primary. 
His performance was judged a bomb by the Washington press corps, which yukked it up instead for a 
Bush impersonator who joined the president in a benign sketch commissioned by the White House. 
But millions of Americans watching C-Span and the Web did get Mr. Colbert's routine. They recognized 
that the Beltway establishment sitting stone-faced in his audience was the butt of his jokes, especially the 
very news media that had parroted Bush administration fictions leading America into the quagmire of Iraq. 
Five months later, a video of Mr. Colbert's dinner speech is still a runaway iTunes hit and his comic 
contempt for Washington is more popular than ever. It's enough to give you hope that the voters may rally 
for reality on this crucial Election Day even as desperate politicians and some of their media enablers try 
one more time to stay their fictional course.

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Subject: Rumsfeld

My Dear Bartcop:

Keith Olbermann says the Military Times Media Group (Publishers of the Army Times,
Navy Times, Marine Times & Air Force Times) will call for Donald Rumsfeld's resignation
or firing in Monday's editorial!

Just thought you would like to know!
 Stan in Durant

That's more bad news for Der Monkey, who just declared Rumsfeld is staying
because "he's doing such a great job" following the orders his generals give him..

It's as if Bush is trying to lose this election.

Is The Army Times a silly, handjob publication?
I went there Saturday to verify the Rumsfeld story (didn't find it) but I did see their TOP STORY

Help judge this year's 'Military Idol'

 Just three soldiers are still contenders for the 
 title of Military Idol, and you can help decide  
 which one should win Saturday. (more)

What the "F" is wrong with them?
Don't they know there's a war going on?

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"Testimony in the Foley investigation is proving that Hastert, 
  Reynolds and Rove knew full-well about Mark Foley for years.
  Foley didn't want to run again and Rove talked him into it."  
      --Andrew Sullivan, Fascist gay architect,   Link

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Subject: Kerry

I thought evangelicals were against gay marriage for reasons of morality.
Since evangelicals require that people who have sex get married, maybe their
opposition is based on not wanting to have to marry their gay lovers.

I'm surprised that Ted Haggard was caught in a relationship with a gay hooker.
I can't be an evangelical myself because it's just not my kind of life style.
I think I'll stick with being a heterosexual Atheist for moral reasons.

Marc Perkel
San Bruno, CA.

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The net's best advertising deal

 advertise on

Did Kerry know?

John Kerry not only knew that the voting machines could be hacked and votes manipulated before 
he conceded the election, he knew that in fact it had happened. Yes, that is right, Kerry knew there 
was evidence that the election could have been rigged and he still threw in the towel. I have always 
wondered how Kerry suddenly catapulted to the lead spot in that election. Could it have been a 
very orchestrated effort to make sure that if something went wrong and the Republicans weren't 
able to control and win the election as planned that someone who supported the agenda behind 
the war on terrorism would still be at the helm?

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Tuesday night in Live Chat
 Spend some time with friends - maybe even celebrating

Either way, we'll witness history together.
Will the Fascist bastards continue to ruin Amerikkka?
Or will the scared pussies get the subpoena power they need to clean up the cesspool?

Jon Stewart will be live that night, probably with more reliable news than the bastards
at FOX and CNN who allowed Bush's relatives to fabricate the results, which caused
the other sheep networks to fall in line because they're not in the news business.

See you tomorrow night.

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This Just In...

Pigboy: Jesus faked Crucifixtion


"Those aren't real nails" says the foul-mouthed, fear-mongering, drug-addicted scumbag. 

Rush Limbaugh took time out from sacrificing chickens and small children to the Dark Lord, 
whoring for the GOP and desperately trying to hide the fact that he is, in fact, everything he 
professes to hate this morning, to cast doubt on the authenticity of Jesus' crucifixion.

"I don't buy it for a second", spluttered Limbaugh, whilst masturbating furiously over a picture
of  Bush in fish-nets and high-heels. "He's wriggling around on that cross like a spastic worm, 
arms flapping all over the place. He's a professional liar! Those wounds on his hands? Ketchup! 
Nails through the feet? Bought them in a joke shop! Crown of thorns? Crown of cotton wool. 
Spear through the side? Barely tickled him, and I ain't the only one that says so either."

"Jesus is lying!"

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Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

Click on the E!

This picture was taken on Halloween.
I wore my shirt while giving out candy and all the kids loved it.
Some parents asked where to get one - I said
I love your site and check it everyday.  Keep up the good work.


"We all have to move forward now. This doesn't make what Ted accomplished 
  here any less. The farther up you are, the more you are a target for Satan." 
     -- Christine Rayes, blaming Satan for Ted Haggard being gay     Link

Hmmm, sounds like she's saying at least two things:
Sometimes major church leaders are tools of Satan and
Gays can accomplish great things even in gay-hating churches

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USS Intrepid stuck in the mud
 Apt metaphor for what Bush did to the military


The aircraft carrier USS Intrepid was supposed to go to New Jersey for an overhaul,
but like the Bush quagmire, it's stuck in the mud so the move was postponed.

The Intrepid's giant propellers got stuck in the mud as the tugboats strained to move it. 
It eventually began inching backward out of its berth, but moved only a few feet.

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Subject: 'We have Osama and we're not giving him up' ?

You know, that's not the way I remember it.  I remember them saying,
"Show us some proof and we'll FedEx him right over."

We essentially remember the same thing - I write in shorthand.
How many months or years would it have taken to assemble that proof?
And after those months or years, what if the Taliban said, "We're not convinced?"

President MLK damn well would have shown some statesmanship and everybody
in the WORLD would have said, "Wow, those Americans are a class act."

America would never have stood for that.
2700 funerals in New York while the city smolders - and President MLK could
get away with saying, "Let's reject revenge, let's use our cool heads to resolve this?"
If MLK dragged his feet for months or years only to have the Taliban reject his proof
he would be forced to resign and his VP would not make the same mistake.

But no, America wanted catharsis, America wanted to kick some ass, and here we are.

You and I don't have the facts because Bush is lying - that's for certain.
But America wouldn't be denied attacking the attackers.
It was Bush's move into Iraq that was the "wrong war," not Afghanistan.

If MLK was in the park and some Bush voters started slapping his littlew girl around,
do you hew he would've turned the other cheek and offered to pray with them?
Protecting your own isn't a sign that you're a madman.

Bombing Afghanistan didn't rebuild the Towers.

But that's crazy talk.
Should we free every child murderer because keeping them in jail won't bring the kids back?.

Bush couldn't even get rid of the Taliban...

He could have if getting Osama was his goal, but instead,
Bush got a hardon for Iraq's oil and a noble cause was perverted for personal profit.

-- but getting rid of the Taliban could have been done in a much, much better way
than it was done, and nothing we did over there has been a credit to America.

If I read you right, you just called Pat Tillman a sap and a dupe.
You're calling everyone who volunteered to DEFEND AMERICA a sap.
That's crazy talk.

Tell me, if your house catches fire one night when you're out of town,
would you like some sap walking by to attempt a rescue of your wife & kids?

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 Iraq pumped 3.5M barrels daily before Bush invaded
 and then they got their 2003 Halliburton upgrade

Bush's oil gouge, which is going to $100 a barrel
makes $350,000,000 Bush will steal every day.

No wonder they were so eager to start a war,

stealing  $350,000,000 every day.

It's the biggest theft in Earth's history.

Exxon made $10B profit in 90 days 
 $100M a day - all profit - because Bush started a fake war


Bush's "Bring 'em on" death taunt is up to...

2829....2836 American victims

Bush killed  7 soldiers over the weekend.

While they were dying,
Exxon made $300M in profit

Why do the families stay silent?

Exxon's new slogan

$100M and 3.4 soldiers a day!

 Meanwhile, Bush's war costs taxpayers $2 billion a week.
He's the greatest president ever - if you have oil stocks.

Bush has killed more
Americans than Osama.

Saddam sentenced to Death


Isn't that the most amazing coincidence?
That Bush's puppet government would find Saddam guilty 2 days before the election?

Saddam committed these crimes before the BFEE went into business with him.
Once they no longer needed him, they charged him with old crimes.

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What a great weekend it was!

Saturday, she said, "You're taking me to lunch," so we did that.
We decided to try Tulsa's new Agave Mexican Grill and Cantina.
This was a fancy place, too. The booths cost about $4,000 each, which is
kind of a waste because with Mexican food you can so super-cheap on
the furnishing and declare it "authentic Mexican atmosphere."

As we walked in the door, I spotted a Tequila List standing upright on the bar.
I glanced at it and saw what every Mexican restaurant should offer:
Samples of three shots of tequila for $12.

They even had Don Julio Real ($50 a shot) and "Herradura" for $30.
I asked Juanita if the Herradura was the Suprema Selecion and her reply?
"We don't have any liquor - we're having trouble getting our liquor license."

Nobody wants to make any money in this country. They might make an extra thousand dollars 
a day profit with high-dollar tequilas, but they ran into a snag.  I've gotten two liquor licenses in 
Oklahoma so why can't this obviously-heavy-funded Agave Grill get theirs on-time?

Then we watched our Razorbacks dismantle those Struttin' Cocks from Carolina.

Sunday started out uber-perfect.
It was raining (Thank you, God) with temps in the high fifties, so we made ourselves 
a couple of toddies and went outside where I built a roaring fire in the chiminea.
We enjoyed the break in the 90-degree desert and loved every minute of it.
But we had no idea how great the day would get!

With 35 seconds left, the Redskins missed the winning field goal.
Seconds later, those cheating Cowboys got to set up a 35-yard field goal.
Then Dallas kicked is blocked and returned 30 yards to the Dallas 44. 
Dallas guard Kyle Kosier is called for cheating, moving the ball to the 29 as time expires. 
Since a game can't end on a defensive penalty, the Redskins kicked Dallas in the head to win.

Woo Hoo!
What a great weekend it was!

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Bargain Air Fairs
The best deals are when both sides win.

I have a couple of extra Southwest Airlines FF trips.
Maybe together we could come out ahead, but only in the right circumstances.

Southwest has some cheap prices - if you handle things right - like 14 days advance notice.
But if you find yourself in a situation, you don't always get a bargain.

Say you & a friend were in Jacksonville, FL and suddenly had to be in Seattle the next day.
Southwest would want $1360 for that round trip flight. So it would be cheaper for you
to sent me less than that and you could save some major bucks.

Remember, this would only work for us in certain circumstances.
If you plan your JAX-Seattle trip ahead of time, it only costs $620

So think about that.
I could make enough to almost get this flooded floor fixed and you'd save big bucks.

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Subject: "Even if you hate marijuana..."

The damage done by alcohol outstrips that of all other recreational drugs *combined* (look it up).
Marijauna isn't even in the same ballpark for toxicity.

Everyone knows that it's possible to overdo anything good, and that includes pot.
But if people have the choice, maybe some of them will switch to cannabis,
which would unarguably mean a healthier society.

Isn't this AMERICA, for fuck's sake?
I thought that meant freedom of choice, within reason.

And if "big alcohol" opposes this, then that's the same thing,
in spirit, as what the tobacco companies have done.

You're the best, buddy.

Americans refuse to make big decisions based on common sense and logic.
Instead, they try to do what some handjob claims some non-existent God wants.

The loving God wants people to be in pain for months or years?
The loving God wants cancer patients to be unable to keep food down?
The loving God wants glaucoma patients to go blind?

In America, religious insanity is a bigger problem than race.

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Carrie Underwood Country Awards
 Okie's wheel taken by Jesus



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Shirley has asked Billy Corgan, Jack White and
Paul Buchanan to help with her solo CD.   

Subject: Shirley Manson and Garbage

I was over at youtube and happened onto dozens of free Shirley Manson /Garbage videos.  
You probably already know about them, but if not you do now. search "garbage" or "shirley manson"

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