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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.


Tues-Wed, Nov 28-29, 2006  Vol 1882 - Weak-ass Clowns

Quote of the Day

"The level of violence in Iraq is so extreme, 
  it far surpasses most civil wars since 1945." 
     -- Nicholas Sambanis,  Link


In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Trust Robert Gates?
NBC to tell the truth? 
Quintload of Bad News
Judge smacks Bush 
Landslide Denied! 
Ignore Her lead 
Pope Suicidal?
Dowd, Queen Bitch 
Britney's a mess



"Is it just me or has Bush checked out of the crisis we know as 'Iraq'?
  Since the election he seems to have disappeared from the conversation entirely. 
  Like he's just checked out...Like it's not his problem any more." 
     -- Josh Marshall,


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Why Trust Robert Gates on Iraq
 by Robert Parry

Two decades ago, then-CIA deputy director for intelligence Robert M. Gates made wildly erroneous 
predictions about what would happen in Central America if the United States didn't bomb Nicaragua 
and overthrow its leftist government. Gates staked out a position considered too extreme even by the 
Reagan administration. But now, Official Washington is treating Gates as the returning Wise Man who 
will help guide the nation out of the Iraq debacle when he replaces Rumsfeld as Defense Secretary.

The House and Senate need to call Parry to testify.
...unless Reid and Pelosi would rather confirm him blindly? Without the facts?

Note: is the most important site on the internet

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Used with permission


"On the Sunday talk shows, the pundits talk about what the
 'U.S' ought to do with Iraq without ever mentioning Bush's name.
   -- -Alicia Rasley,  Link

That has pissed me off for years.

The cable bastards and the talk radio Nazis, especially, will rail for hours against
"the federal government" like it's a building that makes bad decisions so they don't
have to say anything bad about their great hero, Bush. 

Der Fuhrer rags on "the Washington insiders" as tho he's still in the private sector.

Bush is the federal government.
When "the government" does something stupid, that's Bush.

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Subject: Impeachment

For Chrissake Bart, even Clinton, at the '04 convention here in Boston,
admitted it was a mistake for him not to have served.

I'm sure you are mistaken about that.
He might've said he could've handled the ROTC thing better, but saying
"I should have served," means Vietnam was a good and noble war.
I think your anti-Clinton bias caused a blip in your usually reliable memory.

He even admitted that other men were braver than he.
I vividly remember that part of his speech.

Well sure, he's too smart to claim he was braver than those who fought.

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NBC to start telling the truth?
 Why would a whore announce that?


NBC News on Monday began referring to the Iraq conflict as a civil war, 
adopting a phrase that Bush and his fawning media have avoided.

Matt Lauer (R-Whore) said on the "Today" show that NBC News has decided that since Bush 
lost the election and a lot of power, they would now slant their news to suck up to him less.
They decided a change in terminology is warranted, since the Republicans lost so bad recently.

Theis news outlet, MSNBC, is using the phrase "Iraq: The Civil War" on the screen.

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Attack sparks fire at Iraq oil facility


A mortar attack ignited a huge fire Monday night at an oil facility in northern Iraq, shutting the flow
of crude oil to a major refinery, Two mortar rounds hit the pipeline facility near Kirkuk, according to
an official at the North Oil Co., speaking on condition of anonymity.

The fire was burning out of control and could take hours or longer to extinguish, and the flow of oil
from all of Kirkuk's rich fields has been shut down to the massive refinery to the southwest.

Bush can't even control the oil fields he stole?
Where do they hide to launch such attacks?
How do you shut down a $350M per day operation?

Operation Iraqi Liberation is sinking

As Prime Minister Maliki prepared to meet Bush this week in Jordan, Britain said it expects to
withdraw thousands of its 7,000 military personnel from Iraq by the end of next year, and Poland
and Italy announced the impending withdrawal of their remaining troops.

Bush's "coalition of the bribed" is bugging out,
making America the last country to die for a lost cause.

Iran's friend pays a visit

Iraqi President Talabani arrived for an official visit in Iran, where he is expected to seek its help
in preventing Iraq's sectarian violence from sliding into an all-out civil war. His departure was
delayed by a three-day curfew, which the government lifted Monday.

Reminder: Shiias in Iran are our enemy.
Shiias in Iraq are our friendly puppets and Shiias
in Lebanon are the enemy of our friends in Israel.

One problem:
American weapons and materials keep going to the wrong guys.
Or did you think all that C4 was made in Tikrit?

Jet crashes, pilot dead

A U.S. Air Force jet with one pilot aboard crashed north of Baghdad. Al-Jazeera reported that
the pilot was killed. After the F-16CG jet went down, a witness said other U.S. warplanes rushed
to the crash site and circled helplessly above it. The U.S. military, which released a statement, did not
have any information on the suspected cause or the fate of the pilot.

Al-Jazeera showed wreckage in a field and what appeared to be portions of a parachute nearby.
The video included scenes of the dead pilot but that they were too graphic to air.

That pilot might've spent Thanksgiving with his family,
but Bush had made up his mind that he was going to have that oil.

Bush Diplomacy at work

Separately, police and witnesses said U.S. soldiers shot and killed 11 civilians and wounded five on
Sunday night in a Baghdad suburb. The U.S. military said it had "no record" of any operation in the area.

"We were sitting inside our house when the fun-loving Americans showed up and started firing at homes.
They killed many people and burned some houses," said one of the witnesses.

...and surveys say the majority of Iraqi people want us to leave?

I guess they just hate our freedom.

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"There will come a time, when a future President baffled by the insanity in the Middle East,
  will ask Dubya for advice. Then the fawning media will look back to his past 'toughness' and 
 'determination' when under fire. That seems unhinged now, but watch for it to happen." 
     --Victor Davis Hanson,   Link

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Subject: Impeachment

Of impeachment, Joe Biden said "that's looking backwards" and Al Franken said
"I think impeachment is a bad idea. We had it before and people didn't like it".
Can you believe that shit?

People's reaction had nothing to do with the fact that Clinton didn't commit an impeachable offense?
Biden, Franken and Pelosi (if she doesn't wise up) are in for a BIG surprise.
 John F

I'm not sure we need impeachment.
When they starting yapping under oath, evidence of real crimes will come out.
If that happens, if the Democrats just light up the facts, he'll probably step down.

If the rest of the country sees him the way we have since 1999, the GOP will remove him
so they don't have to go thru years of drip, drip, drip about multiple deadly felonies.

Besides, no matter what evidence comes out, Bush, Cheney, Rummy, Condi and the other
big criminals in this gang ARE NOT going to prison.  If that even looked like a possibility, 
the NRA would pass out free rifles to Republicans to keep that Murder Monkey out of jail.

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Gestapo thugs with automatic weapons
"take down" people playing poker.


Meanwhile, rapists, murderers and armed robbers
are wondering how they got away with their crimes so easy.


"There are two ways to build a legacy as president. You can do a great job in office 
  or you can hire some people to rewrite history after the fact in the hopes that you'll 
  come off better later.  Bush seems to have chosen the latter path.  He hopes to raise 
  $500 million to build a presidential library.  Bush's institute will hire lying Nazi whores
  and 'give them money to write papers and books favorable to Bush,' one insider said. 
  We thought Fox News was already doing that job for free." 
     -- Tim Grieve,    Link

History will be full of tales of the "genius Bush" who saved us from "Clinton's mess."

If you think that's crazy, just pick up a newspaper or turn on your TV or radio.
You can hear tales of the "genius Bush" who saved us from "Clinton's mess" right now.

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Landslide Denied!

Election Defense Alliance, a national election integrity organization, issued an urgent call today
for an investigation into the 2006 election results and a moratorium on deployment of all electronic
voting equipment after analysis of national exit polling data indicated a major undercount of
Democratic votes and an overcount of Republican votes in congressional races across the country.
These findings are an alarming indictment of the American election system in which 80% of voters
used electronic voting equipment.

The Edison Poll had a sample base of more than 10,000 voters, and showed Democratic House
candidates winning over Republicans by an 11.5 percent margin. The reported vote count showed
Democrats winning by a 7.6 margin, 3.9 percent less than the Exit Poll and far outside the poll's
+/-1-percent margin of error. This discrepancy entailed at least 3,000,000 votes.

So our victory should have been bigger but we got hacked?

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 Discuss it on the BartBlog

Subject: Time to tell W, "No"

As the lame-duck Congress considers the latest off-budget, supplemental spending request for
operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, Democrats should demand that W and his Republican't
Rubberstamps put up or shut up.

Either Iraq and Afghanistan are important enough to pay for - right now - or they're not.
We shouldn't borrow one more dime from China to pay for W and his Chickenhawks' manhood transplant.

Either raise the taxes, cut the WEALTHfare, or some combination of the two for America's best-off
(the top 1% of earners starts at about $350k/year), or bring our fighting men and women home.

If their mission is as important as W says it is when an election approaches,
it's important enough for W to get it paid for!
 Eddy the Pillar

Good point.
Bush says "We're fighting for civilization itself," but it's not worth paying for?

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Now that America agrees with us...

WPE long sleve shirts $25
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Ignore the 2008 Presidential Polls
 That's code for "Don't believe that She can win"

It's Giuliani Time       27%
McCain the Sellout   26%
Sleazy Rice               21%
Two Wives Romney   7%
Newt the Adulterer     6%

She          39%
Obama    23%
Edwards  10%
Gore        10%
Kerry        7%

OK, those are the facts they want you to ignore
Here's why they say, "Don't believe your eyes."

Most primary voters don't really start to pay attention until much closer to the election.

 For a lot of people, their minds are made up. They're voting Democrat in '08, whoever that is.

Obama at 23% strikes me as far more significant than any other data point in the poll.

Wait, I thought we were supposed to ignore this stuff - or should we just ignore the facts
 when they make Her look like a winner?  Stating your reasons might've helped that point.

Look out for the total obscure person who will inevitably emerge as an important player.

I remember that happening in 1991, when Poppy was at 90% riding his Iraq war.
Most of the Democratic field went to sleep, creating the first Clinton vacuum.

Long story short, don't read too much into these polls.

Long story short, she don't like Hillary and through the right combination of
looking at these facts and ignoring those facts, you can think that way, too.

Or, we could stop spinning and let the numbers speak for themselves.

Stop telling me 10 is more likely to win than 39.
Stop telling me the dark horse candidate has a better chance than the front runner.

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Howard Kurtz: The conventional wisdom is that American troops resent the media's coverage
                          of this war as too negative.  What did you find, when you were in Iraq?

John Roberts: By and large, I didn't hear any complaints about the coverage.
    --Exchange on Reliable Sources with Howie the Whore,

 ha ha
It's funny when Howie gets caught lying for Der Monkey.

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5. No "Bart Bounty" this week, gotta build the reserve back up.

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Maureen Dowd, Queen Bitch

Modo is such a grand bitch queen that she can fillet everybody. Her lessers don't have
her power and so they only sharpen their puerile wit on those whom they have dubbed
the "losers" --- the Democrats.

It would have been smart for bloggers to have disarmed Dowd when we had the chance,
by refusing to allow her any accolades when she went after the Bush administration.
But Democrats were so beaten down and marginalized during the early years of the Bush
juggernaut that we were only too happy to applaud Modo's QueenBee bitchiness when it
was directed at them. (At times, it was all we had in the mainstream media.)

Maybe those Digby folks need to be made aware of
I've been saying for years that the Dragon lady is no friend to Democrats.
She lied like crazy when the Clinton had power. She hates everybody.

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"It's easier to deny that this is a civil war, when you live in the most heavily fortified place 
  in the country within the Green Zone, which is true of both the prime minister, the national 
  security adviser for Iraq and, of course, the top U.S. military commanders. However, for the 
  people living on the streets, for Iraqis in their homes, this is civil war."
     -- Michael Ware, the bravest bastard in Baghdad,  Link

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Subject: Bartcop P.R. material

Hi Bartcop,

I was just thinking of a great way to taunt a friend, who does not yet "get" the Internet.
For 5-6 years now, I've namedropped "Bartcop" in our casual conversations about 9-11,
pink tutu Democrats, the whore media, Iraq, the  BFEE, etc., and he always reacts viscerally
at the name "Bartcop", even tho he digs what you have to say.

I have that effect on lots of people...

So I wrote him an e-mail with the subject line, "I wonder what Bartcop has to say about this...?"
and thought, "What a good hook for Bartcop's Internet-based banner advertisements."

I like it, because I have an opinion on most things and it's not manufactured opinion.
And I'm sure about that because I'm eating dog food compared to a GOP whore.

Anyway, maybe a wee bit too pompous for the Bartcop, but feel free to exploit as your leisure.

Hey, nothing's too pompous when you follow it with a :)

Keep on hammering.  Sources say at least twenty-three percent of
2006 voters read Bartcop at least once in the past 72 hours before the election.

Well, that goes without saying...

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Judge strikes down Bush on terror groups 


A federal judge struck down Bush's authority to designate groups as terrorists, 
saying his post-9-11 executive order was unconstitutionally vague. 

The Humanitarian Law Project had challenged Bush's order, which blocked all the assets 
of any groups or individual he designated "global terrorists."

"This law gave the president unfettered authority to create blacklists," said David Cole. 
"It was reminiscent of the McCarthy era."

Hmmm, sounds like Germany 1939 to me...

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Pope on suicide trip to Turkey
 Why is he inflaming the religio-crazies?


Pope Benny the Rat said Tuesday that Turkey is a bridge between religions and he appealed
for solidarity between cultures in his first remarks after arriving in the predominantly Muslim nation.

Like the faded rock star who says, "You people in Tulsa really know how to party,"
Benny told the Turks, "I really wanted to come to Turkey because Turkey has 
become a bridge between the religions."

"It is a democratic, Islamic country and a bridge," the pope said.
"I wanted to come to Turkey since becoming pope because I love this culture."

I think this trip is a mistake.
NOTHING can calm these religio-wackos down.
Not logic, not common sense, not the truth, not an apology - nothing.

Sidebar: Questions for The Pope:
Benny plans to visit Ephesus, last home of the Virgin Mary.
Why did Mary have to be a virgin?
    Catholics teach that sex between a man and his wife is a wonderful, spiritual blessing
    where man and woman and God can join together in sacred yada, yada, yada...
so why was Joseph denied that blessing by God?
   If Mary died a virgin, that means Joseph never received that 'sacred blessing?"
Did Mary consent to sex out of wedlock with the ghostly stranger?
   Or was she taken against her will?
It would seem the Catholic Church hates sex. Why was it so important for
   Mary and Jesus to never have sex of any kind with anyone?
The Virgin Mary holds the highest position "a girl" can hold in this Catholic all-boy's club.
   And Joseph was relegated to mere "Baby daddy" status while never having sex.

It's all so silly, yet people live their lives dedicated to this nonsense - amazing.

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Subject: The Who, concert review 


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The net's best advertising deal

 advertise on


"When Putin was first elected president the world was all atwitter: 
 'Oh, he's so urbane! He's so sophisticated!' I said, 'He's a former KGB agent. He's trouble.' 
  Once again, ladies and gentlemen, I knew what I was talking about." 
     -- Rush, the vulgar heroin junkie

Butt Rush, your hero Der Monkey looked into his eyes and into his soul.
Your hero Der Monkey said he was a good and decent man.

Does that mean Bush is as stupid as we've been saying for seven years?

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Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

Click on the E!

Saw it on

Christian Coalition pres.-elect leaves 
 He wants to hate more than they'll allow


AThe president-elect of the Christian Coalition of America has declined the job, saying they
wouldn't let him expand its agenda beyond opposing abortion and gay marriage. 

The Rev. Joel Hunter, who was scheduled to take over the hate group in January, 
said he had hoped to widen the hate rhetoricd to Bush-levels.

"These are issues that Jesus would want us to care about," lied Hunter, a Florida pastor.

Hunter announced his decision not to take the job during a board meeting Nov. 21. 
The group said Hunter left because of "differences in philosophy and vision." 
Hunter denied that he was asked to leave.

"They pretty much said, 'These issues are fine, but they're not our issues, that's not our base,'" Hunter said.

I think Jesus would concern himself with Darfur, not gay marriage.

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 Iraq pumped 3.5M barrels daily before Bush invaded
 and then they got their 2003 Halliburton upgrade

Bush's oil gouge, which is going to $100 a barrel
makes $350,000,000 Bush will steal every day.

No wonder they were so eager to start a war,

stealing  $350,000,000 every day.

It's the biggest theft in Earth's history.

Exxon made $10B profit in 90 days 
 $100M a day - all profit - because Bush started a fake war


Bush's "Bring 'em on" death taunt is up to...

2880....2883 American victims

Bush killed another 3 soldiers since Monday.

Since Monday,
Exxon made $200M in profit.

Think The BFEE is ready for this war to end?
Don't bet a soldier's life on that.

Bush has killed more
Americans than Osama.

Gates & the Iran Arms Sales
 by Robert Parry

While in charge of the CIA's analytical division in the mid-1980s, Robert M. Gates made wildly
erroneous predictions about the dangers posed by leftist-ruled Nicaragua and espoused policy
prescriptions considered too extreme even by the Reagan administration, in one case advocating
the U.S. bombing of Nicaragua.

Gates - now Bush's nominee to replace Rumsfeld - expressed his alarmist views about Nicaragua
and the need to bomb the country's military targets in a 1984 memoto then-CIA Director William Casey.
The memo has new relevance today because Gates's private advice to Casey suggests that Gates was
either more of an extremist ideologue than many in DC believe or he was pandering to Casey's personal zealotry.

Either possibility raises questions about Gates's fitness to run the Pentagon at a time when many observers
believe it needs strong doses of realism and independence to stand up to both a strong-willed President
and influential neoconservative theorists who promoted the invasion of Iraq.

Note: is the most important site on the internet

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Subject: Commander in Chief Clinton

You always hear about how soft Democrats are on defense. I was in the Army all through the 90's.
We went to Haiti and turned around enroute because Cedras gave up.
(a democracy Clinton preserved Bush pissed away)

We didn't have to fight. We went to war with Serbia and lost NOT ONE man.
Clinton gets blamed for Somalia but that was poppy Bush's mess.
I was there and not sent by Clinton. (anyone remember Poppy "home by Christmas") Bosnia?

Anyone hear anything about Bosnia anymore?
For God's sake, Clinton got the Jews and the Arabs to shake hands.

I remember the BFEE scuttling the 2000 Camp David peace talks, telling both sides
they could get a better deal if they waited to see if Der Fuhrer could steal the White House.

The GOP War Machine can't make $300M a day during peace time.

 I'm a small time gambler, Bart
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Subject: Michael Richards

Isn't anybody talking about the black guy that called Richards a "cracker-ass mother-effer"
BEFORE Richards ever uttered the N-word?

The tape was so garbled they had to run sub-titles, plus that web site
had to blur their name over what was left of the video.

You're right, tho - somebody called somebody "cracker"
and it wouldn't have made much sense for Richards to say it.

Another point:
I doubt if Richards would have gone into that tirade if he was a plumber or a waiter.
I assume there's some kind of autopilot that kicks in when you're a stand-up in trouble.
Richards seemed to have called up the wrong file at the wrong time.
Hell, he's 56 - if he was racist, wouldn't we have heard something by now?

In a BCR right before Mel Gibson got caught, David Spade did a joke that Mel was
moving out of his mansion because Britney and Federline lived next door, and that
Federline was "a little too Jew-y" for Mel to tolerate, proving that Mel's past was
out in the open before his DWI arrest - so his tirade seemed more real to me.

Another point:
What he said was plenty offensive, but then again, doing stand-up,
aren't you pretty much allowed to say almost anything?

Another point:
If the N-word is THE ONLY thing a white comic can't say in anger onstage.
Is there anything a black comic can't say?

If the answer is "No," if there's no corresponding ultra-taboo word for blacks, that means
they're not capable of making this kind of career-killing, can't-take-it-back mistake,
which puts Richards and every white comic, in an unfair position.
(I'm talking in shorthand, so don't misread this and have a cow.)

Too bad we lost Richard Pryor.
I'd love to hear his opinion on this.

 I'm a small time gambler, Bart
 Discuss it on the BartBlog

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After the "Civil War" War

For nearly six years, a supine press has given the Bush Administration veto-power over nomenclature. 
As a result, we've had Clear Skies policies that made clean air dirtier, and No Child Left Behind policies 
that have left children behind, and missions accomplished that weren't accomplished, and strategies for 
victory that weren't strategies, and "terrorists" conducting faction-on-faction violence with centuries of 
history behind them. Now, with any luck, the neo-Stalinist era of American political discourse is ending. 
Imagine what this newfound "civil war" courage could accomplish if it were applied to journalism itself. 
Did someone say "fair and balanced?"

 Send e-mail to Bart
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Britney Spears is a "mess"
 She's been hanging around "a bad element"

Britney Spears is being snubbed by publicists because she is such a "mess". 

I don't believe that - not for a second.
What, Hollywood agents are too moral to make millions of dollars off a "mess?"

Britney has lost weight and smartened up her look since she filed for divorce, but has been 
spotted smoking, drinking and partying hard with notorious socialite Paris Hilton.

ha ha

Now I believe it.

Paris Hilton is more evil than OJ,
more evil than Saddam, 
more evil than Hitler and the Devil combined.

Please, if you have some time today, please hate Paris Hilton, would you?

 Send e-mail to Bart
 Discuss it on the BartBlog

It sucks when kids have cancer


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Computer Tyme Hosting is owned by Marc Perkel, who first put Bartcop on the Internet back in 1996 and keeps  Bartcop online today. 

Marc hosts several other political sites including American Politics Journal, Political StrikesFaux News Channel, Seeds of Doubt and interesting sites like the
Church of Reality - a religion based on believing in everything that is real.

Our motto for this year is - "No Anti-Bush Site Left Behind". So - if you have an anti-bush site and you are  choking on hosting fees or dealing with threats - let us know and we'll help keep you online. 

 We also have that strongest server side spam filtering on the planet.
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Perkel's new Church

If it's Real - we believe in it!
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BCR Show #99 

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