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Tues-Wed, Dec 5-6, 2006  Vol 1886 - Grim

Quote of the Day

"We are not winning in Iraq."
      -- Robert Gates, calling Bush a liar, 

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Gates: Realist or Neo-Con? 
Why I hate Hillary 
Losing the Good War
100,000 Cronies in Iraq
Whitewash group 
Two More Years 
Billboard Drunks
Low on Equipment 
Beyonce: Gay is OK



"No, he shouldn't be worried. He should be terrified." 
    --Senator Patrick Leahy, when asked if Bush should be "worried" 
       that he was to be Chair of the Judiciary Committee,  Link

I'm sure Bush is shaking in his fake boots.


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Gates: Realist or Neo-Con?
  by Robert Parry

The nomination of  Gates to replace Rumsfeld has fueled claims that Gates is part of the realist-pragmatic
group of advisors that served Bush the Older and now are being called upon to help Bush the Younger
extricate the United States from a quagmire in Iraq.

According to Bob Woodward, Bush has turned to Henry Kissinger (the personification of Realpolitik)
to assess the dire situation in Iraq which he remarked two weeks ago on the BBC was totally hopeless
in terms of Washington's various objectives.

Kissinger has argued against a precipitious withdrawl in U.S. troops strongly implied that they had become
bargaining chips in prospective negotiations with Iran - an argument that may have resonated with the
President with whom Dr. K may well have cleared the essay before publication.

CNN reports the Democrats are expected to cave in early.
As you might expect, John Kerry is leading the surrender,

Hey John, we had one of those, remember?
He rubber-stamped every stupid idea Der Monkey had.
How is Gates going to be any different?

Could you find another party to lead in surrender, John?

The other thing - I hate being lied to.
Every one of these surrender-monkey Democrats is promising,
"We're going to ask the really tough questions!"

Yeah, but Gates won't answer them - why the fuck should he?
You're going to confirm him NO MATTER WHAT,
so why should be bother to show you any respect?

Why bother with this handjob charade if you're going to confirm?
For whom is this dog-and-pony show?

I forget - who won that last election?
Why are we still acting like helpless losers?

Subpoena Robert Parry, get your facts together, and THEN vote.
And stop being a rubber stamp for the most hated politician in America!

Note: is the most important site on the internet

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Used with permission


"Not only did Bush know about it, he was specifically briefed 
  on the incident before meeting with Webb, and was cautioned 
  to be extra sensitive in speaking with Webb about his son." 
      -- Congressman Jim Moran (D-Va 8th district), Link

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Subject: Worried

I had John Gibson on while working... turned around to see the graphic on screen:
"Should Hillary be worried about Barack Obama?".... he he... the idiots.

The real caption they don't want you to see:
"Should the GOP be worried about a Clinton/Obama ticket?"... what fools.

The one good thing that can come out  of this long worldwide nightmare known as Bush43 is that people
will more than ever be willing to try something new.  A woman? a black  dude? what the hell...

Maybe the big broad middle is beginning to realize that rich white christianists
are mostly gonna just be  looking out for rich white christianists*.
 Ricardo in Mexico City

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Why I hate Hillary
 More huffing from Arianna


It is a cautionary tale about a perfect little girl who had a seemingly perfect little plan.
The perfect girl was named Hillary and her plan was to become President.
She set out to do everything her head -- and her consultants -- told her was right..

She also quietly and methodically began building her campaign team -- surrounding herself
with a gaggle of advisers and consultants, raising millions of dollars (and lining up a top-flight
national finance director to help her raise millions more), reaching out to power brokers in her
home state, and sending out press releases through the New York Times.  She hired a pro
to harness the energy of the Internet and help her win the favor of the blogosphere.

Please - stop listing all of her "crimes."

With Democrats on the rise, her perfect plan seemed to be working out perfectly.
And then came a rumbling in the distance. A rumbling caused by a boy named Barack.

A boy named Barack?
Sounds a little bit racist to me.

A surge of enthusiasm and support for the boy named Barack is threatening to ruin all of
the girl named Hillary's perfect plans -- like sand castles being washed away by a rising tide.
So, my little ones, what is the lesson to be learned from this tale?

Never trust a hatchetjob on the Demo front-runner from
Hell I learned that lesson a long time ago.

You know what they say: Obama Happens.

Obama happens instead of shit happens?
Hey Arianna, if I'm ever in trouble, don't "help" me, OK?

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Subject: She who must not be named

Hi Bart, I just read Arianna's little snippet today and I have to admit I can't disagree with her very much.

Basically she is saying what you have often said about her. 
She is bidding her time, biting her tongue and waiting for the right moment to speak out. 
That is what you said many times.  Now Arianna is saying it may be too late. 
I can't disagree with that. 

But the race hasn't started yet.
How many points should she have scored before the kickoff?

After all this time, I have a hard time thinking she may not be another Lee Hamilton. 

You're saying Bush will appoint her to chair all his Whitewash Commissions?
I must disagree.

I think you are being very harsh on us, the people that have doubts about her ability to go all the way. 

I think Democrats should stop lying about her.
I think Democrats should stop lying about her poll numbers.
I think Democrats should stop screaming, "Don't look at the polls!".
I think Democrats should stop going to Clinton fundraisers and then 
filing a report that says the people who attended secretly hate the Clintons.

I do disagree with Arianna on one point.  Obama, please stay home. 
You have a whole lifetime in front of you yet and in eight years you will be a rock star.

Thanks Bart.

I like Obama, but with just 2 years in politics, he's just too green.
He'll be formidable in 2016.

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Visit longtime, multi-year sponsor

Losing the Good War

Afghanistan was supposed to be the good war - and the war America was winning. 
But with Bush's inattention and mismanagement, even the good war is going wrong.

The latest grim news is that after years of effort - and more than $1 billion spent - Afghanistan's 
American-trained police force is unable to perform even routine law enforcement work. According 
to an article in yesterday's Whore Times, investigators found that the training program's managers 
did not even know how many police officers were serving, while thousands of trucks and other 
American-purchased police equipment have simply disappeared. 

That equipment didn't "disappear," it never f-ing arrived.
How do you lose 60 big trucks?   You can't.
If you're trying to hide 60 trucks - how you gonna do that?  You can't.

I'll bet Bush sold it to the rapists in Darfur for a handsome profit

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Subject: electability

It's because we do not want a Bush clone that we will not vote for Hillary.

<Big Al Gore sigh...>

greenbug, please use your head.

The choice in 2008 is NOT going to be Hillary vs Absolute Perfection.

Your choice will be the Democrat OR more of Bush's madness.
Please vote responsibly.

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"How do you ask a man to be the last to die for a bully's ego?" 
    -- Paul Krugman on Der Monkey's quagmire, Link

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Subject: Sgt Sadler

Bart, I read Sgt. Sadler's comment. I was an NCO for many years in the Infantry. 
At almost all levels. I'd question the integrity and competence (not to mention intellect) 
of any Non-Commissioned Officer who gleefully puts his men in harm's way for someone 
who was too drunk to get off the floor when it was his duty to fight. Sadler wouldn't be 
an NCO in my outfit.  That's for damn sure.

to "Tom the Republican".....did you know your chimp AXED ALL funding to Africa for 
birth control and family planning when he took office? Yup, Clinton actually TRIED to 
do something in Africa. (and he didn't need pressure from Bono)


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"We grieve the fact that John Bolton was not rewarded for his success and honored for it." 
     -- Tony Snow, on John Bolton's forced resignation,    Link

 Grieving over Bolton?
 I guess the dead soldiers can go screw themselves.

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Subject: She and Chinaco

Bart Dude,

I saw a bottle of Chinaco at the local liquor store yesterday. 
I almost bought it ($33.99) but I'm too broke for that right now.

Dude, that's like giving it away!

Also, if Hillary is nominated in 2008, I guarantee you that I will vote for her.
But, I will bet you a bottle of Chinaco Anejo that she will not win.

As we get closer, I'll take that bet.

Don't get me wrong. I like her and really would like to see her win. 
But, the whore media will tear her apart worse than they did Bill during Monicagate. 

I expect FOX Whore News to do that, but I think the rest of the media would do that 
at their own peril. At some point, the "normal people" are going to want to hear something 
besides rehashes about Monica and cattle futures from 30-40 years ago.

Plus the fact that at least ½ this country already despises her 
because of the whore media. I just don't think she can win.

Sussex, WI
U.S. Soldiers Killed In Iraq:             2904
WMD Found:                                       0
Cost of Bush's Lies:     $347,579,100,433 (some estiumates say $2 trillion)

DonP, the scientific polls say you're mistaken.

Bush is going to be a stubborn prick-bastard for the next 20 months and get another 1,000 soldiers 
killed (If we're that lucky) for no reason and I think voters will punish Republicans for standing up for 
his stupid, failed policies and the Democrat will hardly break a sweat before taking the oath.


Maybe Bush will become smart, sincere and loveable in the next two years?

I'll bet a case of Chinaco (that I don't have) that that doesn't happen.

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Now that America agrees with us...

WPE long sleve shirts $25
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WPE long sleeve sweat shirts $25
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100,000 Cronies in Iraq
 ...and nothing is getting done?


There are about 100,000 government contractors in Iraq, not counting subcontractors
sucking the US Treasury dry for doing nothing.

The survey finding is significantly higher and wider in scope than the Pentagon's previous estimate, 
which said there were 25,000 security contractors sucking the US Treasury dry for doing nothing.

It is also 10 times the estimated number of contractors that sucked the Treasury dry during the last
Gulf War that Der Fuhrer's Daddy started in 1991. This reflects Bush's reliance on friends and contributors 
for such jobs as providing security, torturing suspects, cooking meals, fixing equipment and constructing 
bases that were once reserved for soldiers.

So - the best thing we can do is install ANOTHER Bush cromy at Defense?
Fuck it - I'm not paying any more taxes to Halliburton's shareholders.

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Subject: from Ohio

First time emailer!

Two years ago my Republican family voted for Ohioan Republicans and George Bush!

In November 2006, my Republican family voted for Ohioan Democrats, 
and stated that Hillary Clinton will be our next President! 

Enough Said! 

Billy, careful - that kind of talk really angers some Democrats.

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Subject: Sgt. Sadler (Barry, is that you?)

This "comment" is consistent with the fact that military personnel tend to vote Repubilcan.

The servicemen and women currently in Iraq have essentially gotten what they voted for.
There are plenty of reasons, on my list, for getting U.S. troops out of Iraq (and all other
Arab-Muslum countries), ASAP.  Sympathy for the troops is not one of them.

IF you're saying that some men like being at war, I'll bet that's true.
We also have to worry about that madness that takes over normal men when they're under fire.

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Whitewash group Won't Rock the Boat
  by Helen Thomas

Don't expect any dramatic recommendations from the Iraq Study Group led by Baker and 
Lee Hamilton, (BFEE-Whitewash). The nine men and one woman on the panel are cautious 
Washington insiders who got picked for the job because of their don't-rock-the-boat reputations. 

After all, they might want to get asked to serve on another White House commission. This is unfortunate 
because the dire mess in Iraq demands bold action by the U.S. The real solution is a cakewalk out of Iraq
tomorrow. The world would stand in shock and awe. All it takes is courage.

We need to have a way to drum the pro-Bush bastards out of the Democratic Party.
When they needed somebody to cover-up Iran Contra, they went to Lee Hamilton.
When they needed somebody to cover-up their 9-11 crimes, they went to Lee Hamilton.
When they needed somebody to cover-up Iraq war crimes, they went to Lee Hamilton.

Bush goes to Hamilton every time because the results are pre-wired.
Then Der Fuhrer gets to say, "The Democrats agree I'm innocent."

Lee Hamilton, Joe Kissyface, and remember this crazy bastard?

Whoops! Wrong baskethead. 

Remember this crazy bastard?

"I'm in prison now!"

Every day, he grabbed the House mic and screamed "traitors" at his own party while 
praising the sons of bitches trying to bring down our last legally elected president.

We need a way to bounce these traitors out of the party.

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Subject: Her

I've heard several people say they want anyone for president other than Hillary.

That's what we have now.

When I ask what exactly they find so horrible about her they have no answer or the generic 'I just don't like her.'

I get a lot of that, too. "She thinks she's so smart!"
If somebody wanted to argue the facts, they should say, "She voted for that horrid bankruptcy bill,"
to which I'd have to reply, "Yep, she sure did and I think she neeeds to explain that vote."
I'll bet her answer is that the bill isn't as bad as we think it is. (I haven't read it.)

She'd eloquent, well dressed, attractive, former first lady, Senator. But the neocon propaganda must work.

The left hates her because she's so far right.
The righ hates her becaiuse she's so far left.
So what are those swing-voters going to choose?

Like 2006, the choices on the ballot should be (1) More Bush or (2) Change.
Remember, "Clinton fatique" when we had peace and prosperity?
How sick is America going to be of that lying Murder Monkey in 22 months?
I think she's going to be president. (Diebold willing)

Personally I can't find anything objectionable about her.
She really pisses neocons off but they aren't going to vote for Howard Dean or John Edwards either.
If you want to win I believe the best thing to do is pick your own candidate and don't let the Republicans choose for you.
They did in the last 2. How did that turn out?
 Jack on D Deck

It might be some exciting stuff to witness.

Who's on top now?
Who will be on top on Memorial Day 2007?
Who will have the sense to stay out?
Who will go negative first?
Who will be the first to say, "That's not fair," and be right?

I think General Clark would make a superb running mate.

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Poker game Wednesday night

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The name of the tournament is
See you at the tables at Wednesday Night 8PM Central., 6PM Left Coast.

It only took me 10 minutes to get signed up w/ my bank account info.

Going to work on some BCR Wednesday.

Subject: Clinton dogged

Haha! Dick Harpootlian is a funny name, especially the "poot" part.
However, the last Senator to be elected President was Nixon in part because
Texas twice had the good sense not to elect Bush One to the Senate.

The last (and first) woman to appear on a Presidential ticket was Geraldine Ferraro
and that didn't go so good. And Hillary is ambitious, God forbid.
What we need is a plain spoken, beer-havin'-with aw, shucks, me-for president?
rootin' tootin' gerund manglin' straight shooter who will further unite us, right?
 Cal Waitpootlian

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by Marty Higgins

"I don't think the son of a bitch knows the
difference between telling the truth and lying."
--Harry Truman, who never even met Bush

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"Democrats blocked Bolton's nomination, preventing an up or down vote.
  They have deprived America of the right man at the right time at the UN." 
     -- John McCain, (R-Pro-Torture,   Link

 John, why are you trying so hard to be Der Fuhrer?
 You need a Wabac Machine so you can go back to the sixties
 so you can desert from the military just like your hero did. 

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 chocolatelovers  Click

Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

Click on the E!

Two More Years

We need people in Washington who are willing to stand up to the bully in chief. 
Unfortunately, and somewhat mysteriously, they're still in short supply. You can understand, 
if not condone, the way the political and media establishment let itself be browbeaten by Bush 
in his post-9/11 political prime. What's amazing is the extent to which insiders still cringe
before a lame duck with a 60 percent disapproval rating...Senior Bush aides, Newsweek 
tells us, are "dismissive, even condescending" toward James Baker, the Bush family consigliere
who is the dominant force in the study group, and the report. Of course they are. 
That's how bullies always treat their hangers-on.

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Can you ID the animal
that's been in our back yard?

 I know what animal that is, Bart!

 Iraq pumped 3.5M barrels daily before Bush invaded
 and then they got their 2003 Halliburton upgrade

Bush's oil gouge, which is going to $100 a barrel
makes $350,000,000 Bush will steal every day.

No wonder they were so eager to start a war,

stealing  $350,000,000 every day.

It's the biggest theft in Earth's history.

Exxon made $10B profit in 90 days
 $100M a day - all profit - because Bush started a fake war


Bush's "Bring 'em on" death taunt is up to...

2901....2906 American victims

Bush killed another 5 soldiers since yesterday.

Since then,
Exxon made another 
$100M in puuuuuuure profit.

Think The BFEE is ready for this war to end?
Don't bet a soldier's life on that.

Bush has killed more
Americans than Osama.

Billboard Awards

Have you ever seen so many sloppy drunks at an awards show?

Janet Jackson probably did best - because she opened the show - no time to get drunk.
The Gwen Stefani came out and yodeled her new song - hello?
She looked great, but she was trying to channel Fergie - definitely not an upgrade.

The Fray won Digital Album of the Year (Oxymoron) but they were out of tune and off-key.
Who arranged their harmony? Al-Qaeda in Iraq?
And it was a damn funeral song (Coldplay, call your office!) 
Does nobody remember how to rock?
Are they really the future of music?

Then Tony Bennett won the Lifetime yada yada award.
Bennett was saluted by Queen Latifa and Chris Rock
Yeah, Tony Bennett is who they listen to when they party.

Mary J. Blige, one of the few sober performers of the night, did good.

Then a more-sober-than-you'd-think Courtney Love introduced the 
"once in a lifetime all-star jam (Christ, let's hope so) starring Kid Osama
and a too-drunk-to-play-Tush Billy Gibbons and Nickleback.

I would've bet money that Gibbons couldn't get too drunk to play Tush,
but I would've lost that bet.

Geez, this was such a mess, it made me think 
Paris and Britney might've given the night a little class.

 Send e-mail to Bart
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Subject: Kid Osama 

I think Kid Rock is an overrated piece of shit. 
He likes to pretend he's a self made motor city badass. 

His daddy is a well connected auto dealer$hip owner. 
Just another silver spoon bafoon.   I can't stand the jerk. 

I think Pamela dumped his sorry ass because she found out 
that deep down inside he loves that Creed guy!!!
 Danny Detroit


Kid Osama's year had its share of ups and downs (starring in 
a sex tape with Scott Stapp) and divorcing Pamela Anderson.

 ha ha

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Subject: Liberal Party of Canada picks Dion


Dion was my first choice from the start. He is the real deal. Dion is an honest man with integrity.
He is not a typical slick and sleazy politician. He is smart, tough and he understands that climate
change and sustainable development are THE issues facing not just Canada, but the whole world. 

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Christmas Gift Suggestions

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Low on Equipment


Field upon field of more than 1,000 battered M1 tanks, howitzers and other armored vehicles sit 
amid weeds here at the 15,000-acre Anniston Army Depot -- the idle, hulking formations symbolic 
of an Army that is wearing out faster than it is being rebuilt. The Army and Marine Corps have sunk
more than 40 percent of their ground combat equipment into the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, 
according to government data. An estimated $17 billion-plus worth of military equipment is destroyed 
or worn out each year, blasted by bombs, ground down by desert sand and used up to nine times the 
rate in times of peace. The gear is piling up at depots such as Anniston, waiting to be repaired.

Guess who's going to sell us new tanks to replace the ones Der Fuhrer destroyed?


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Beyonce: Gay is OK
Most hyper-religs are quick to condemn


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It sucks when kids have cancer

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