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Thursday, Dec 7, 2006  Vol 1887 - Pearly

Quote of the Day

"All the Baker report really says is that Iraq is 
  a disaster and we have little choice but to start 
  pulling our troops out of the country."
      -- Josh Marshall,  Link

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Democrats Cave on Gates 
Panel: Bush is lying 
Lesbian Cheney Pregnant 
Bush steals Katrina cash
Looming Catastrophe
Bush & Gates fight 
Premeditated War 
Duh! in Arabic
Jennifer Aniston single



"America needs, and I need, for the Republican Party to get back up."
     -- Senator Joe Biden (D-Rubberstamp), Joe Biden is creepy

 Does Biden ever make sense?

 Hey Joe, that money you're doing to spend on a committee to explore
 your odds of becoming president?  Save your money - you can't win shit.

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Democrats Cave on Gates
  by Robert Parry

Though the Democrats won the Nov. 7 elections largely because of public anger over the Iraq War,
Bush has prevailed in the first post-election showdown over Iraq. He got the Senate Armed Services
Committee to unanimously approve Gates as Defense Secretary, with Democrats failing to nail Gates
down on any substantive point about war strategy. In effect, Bush has bought himself at least several
months to continue his "stay-until-victory" plan, even as more American soldiers and Iraqis die.

Democratic strategery seems to give Bush enough rope to continue hanging himself,
but how many more soldiers will die because they rubber-stamped this crook?

Note: is the most important site on the internet

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Used with permission


"Bush is an extraordinarily unpopular president. I understand this viewpoint is
  underrepresented in the mainstream media, but it is not underrepresented in the public at large."
      --Atrios, "Brief Reminder to Democrats",

Why do Democrats act like they still have to be Bush's bitches?
Can somebody get word to them that they won the last election?

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Subject: Neil Young

I was listening to BCR 83-4.
You were talking about McCartney and Jagger being whores for having sponsers for
their tours, even though they are two of the richest musicians today. I agree with that.
Why does either one need some "front" money to stage a tour?

My purpose here is to point out another very rich rock star who hasn't sold out. Neil Young.
I have written to you before about Neil but this time I want to help you to understand that
"being true to yourself" can still be the hallmark of a rich rock star.

Remember when his video was banned from MTV? It was called "This Notes For You".
He still won video of the year. It was the spoof on Michael Jackson and all the stars who
sold out to the corporate sponsers. His tour that year was called "Sponsered By Nobody".
I have the T-shirt.

When Metallica had that fit about the kids downloading free music, Neil said.
"I've made a lot of money. I'm not gonna worry about some kid getting a
free copy of a song I wrote." And you can listen to his new cd free!

How many rock stars do that.
I just thought that Neil deserved a shout out for all the above.
 Dave, Cincinnati

I just read in Rolling Stone that Pete Townsend planned to webcast one live song
from each American stop on The Who tour - but the financing fell thru.

Townsend can't come up with $1000 when tickets are $250 each?

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Panel: Bush is a lying bastard
 He hasn't been honest about the violence in Iraq


The BFEE has systematically underreported the violence in Iraq in order to suit
Der Fuhrer's policy goals, the bipartisan Iraq Study Group said.

The group recommended Wednesday that the lying bastards make changes in
the collection of data about violence to provide a more accurate picture.

The panel pointed to one day last July when U.S. officials reported 93 attacks
or significant acts of violence. "Yet a careful review of the reports for that single
day brought to light 1,100 acts of violence," it said.

Bush lied about 1100 acts of violence only being 93?
You mean our president has been lying to us about his bloody quagmire?

I'm shocked.

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Foreign policy explained

Bush steals Katrina money
 Fraud runs rampant under Der Monkey


The government is squandering tens of millions of dollars in Katrina aid, in some cases doling out
housing payments to people living rent-free, investigators said Wednesday. FEMA has recouped
less than 1 percent of the $1 billion that investigators contend it squandered on fraudulent assistance,
according to the GAO. Its report shows the disaster relief agency's struggles, one year later, to rush
aid to those in need while also preventing abuse.

       "Lookie me, Pickles - I'm a real gee-tar player!"

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Subject: War's over - we lost

For those who haven't figured it out yet the Iraq war is over and we have lost it.
Now we have to figure out how to get out of there and make the best of what we have left.
The Congress has a choice to make now. Are we going to face reality or are we going to send
more soldiers to die so that Bush can save face? I believe the sending soldiers to die for politics is murder.

This is Bush's war. Bush is far to dishonest and incompetent to handle the problems he created.
It is now time for Bush and Cheney to resign and step aside and resign. It is time to find someone
to clean up Bush's mess. American should not have to continue to bleed while Bush runs out the clock.
Bush can't handle it and it's time for him to get out. Getting rid of Bush will send a message to the rest
of the world that America is serious about change. Something that our friends need to see.

Say after me.
Bush get out!
Bush get out!
Bush get out!

Marc Perkel
San Bruno, CA

He's right - nothing can change in Iraq as long as they see American soldiers.

The Bartcop Plan must be adopted.  The Baker plan gets part-way there, suggesting we move
the troops from combat to support, but if the most bad-ass military on the planet can't bring peace
to Baghdad, how can ar army of newly-minted handjobs?

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Visit longtime, multi-year sponsor

Lesbian Cheney Pregnant
 But no room for her at the GOP Inn


Conservative leaders voiced dismay Wednesday at news that Mary Cheney, Cheney's lesbian daughter,
is pregnant, apparently from man-sperm, while a gay-rights group said Cheney the friend-shooter faces
"a lifetime of sleepless nights" for serving in a racist reich that has opposed the happiness of same-sex couples.

Mary Cheney, 37, and her I-hate-lesbians partner Heather Poe, 45, are expecting a baby in late spring,

Cheney and his Fascist thugs are on record as saying a child born to two mommies will grow up "funny."
Isn't that why hate groups deny the rights of gays to adopt?

If the Cheney grandchild can grow up with two mommies, why can't other kids?
Why is it always "different" when it happens to them?

...and where did they get this man-sperm?

    Thanks to

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Subject: tracks in the snow

That's John Bolton trying to find his way home.
 Chitown Danny

Could be, but I didn't see any tusk tracks.

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"This report gives a very tough assessment of the situation in Iraq.
  It is a report that brings some really very interesting proposals,
  and we will take every proposal seriously and we will act in a timely fashion."
     -- Dubya, telling Unka Jimmy to shove his fancy commission up his ass, Link

 The Little Emporer doesn't like to be told he's wrong.
 He's never heard those words before.  They mean nothing to him,
 but he knows he's been challenged and he hates that.

 If I was James Baker, I'd stay out of small planes.

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Subject: Gates


You've ripped Gates, and he probably deserves it for
the shit he pulled during the reign of "Bush the Greater."
However, ripping the  Dems for his confirmation is a bit premature.

The Dems won't be in charge of the Senate till January.
I'll wait  and see what they do then.
 John in Milwaukee

Did you know every Democrat voted to confirm?
The two no votes were Republicans - Bunning (Insane) and Santorum (Man-on-dog sex).

Just guessing, but I assume the Democrats voted for Gates because Rummy
was going to stay on the job until someone took his place at the Pentagon.

Or, maybe they figured every nominee will be a crooked liar and a Bush loyalist
but Gates is certainly less insane than Rumsfeld - so it was a net gain?

Or, maybe they're still afraid to anger Karl Rove.

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"They're all basically saying the same thing: This Iraq war is an utter disaster.
  This is the worst strategy mistake in the history of the United States. 
  This is a situation where there are no good outcomes."
     -- Al Gore, on the Today show,  Link

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Subject: Ignore the 2008 Presidential Polls

Monkey mail?


So, if I get this right, you supported Lieberman (29%) over Kerry (13%) in 2004 because he was the frontrunner?
That does not seem like you, but he was the frontrunner! Or were you the one saying "Don't look at the poles?"

I do not recall supporting Kissyface, I remember tolerating him.
I don't recall Kissyface leading Kerry by 16 points.
If he did, why didn't he ask Kerry to be on his ticket?
Unlike most every other pundit out there, my words are still there.
I choose not to hide what I've said in the past.

Instead of asking me to explain what I said in 2004, why don't you just look it up?

Re:More huffing from Arianna
I noticed you didn't take offense to HER being called "a little girl"
I think you are reaching with the "Boy" comment.
A little pick and choose out of context, maybe.

You think calling a black man "boy" is a good idea?

It's one thing to speak it once, but typing it twice in a column
that's proof-read by others means it wasn't there by accident.

If Obama takes the lead in the poles or even ties, will your tune change?
I doubt it.

You can doubt whatever you want.
I'm voting for the Democrat in 2008 - whoever that turns out to be.
Can you say the same?

Blind love for a "little girl" that has voted with the BFEE, what, like 95% of her short career?

What horseshit that is.
I believe the correct figure is five percent.
Your hatred for Her prevents you from seeing things clearly.

And as far as my "blind love," for the 50th time, I think someone with a 20-25 point lead
has a better chance to win than those who are eating her dust. 

You say that makes me crazy.
I say refusing to acknowledge that 42 beats 15 is your logic flaw, not mine.

Never took a stand on a big issue. Never took the lead. Most governors have done these thing.
Her husband has done these things. She has followed. Other than once first lady and name
recognition, what has she done to make her worthy of your unrelenting support?
 jam jovvvee

She's going to be president.
Forgive me if I saw that before you did.

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Social wisdom by Ed Morrill

Now that America agrees with us...

WPE long sleve shirts $25
(includes shipping and handling)
We have black only in sizes Small - XXL

WPE long sleeve sweat shirts $25
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November Special - $23 each, two for $40
(Must be shipped to same address)

We have a few shot glasses left.

Taps for the Constitution


It felt yesterday like paying last respects to the Constitution at the wake orchestrated by the Senate
Armed Services Committee. On the surface, the ceremony was about confirming Gates. But at a
deeper level, it was quite a sorry spectacle, as pretentious heads and patrician manners trumped
courage and vitiated the prerogative carefully honed by the framers for the Senate to advise and consent.

In other news, "at least 54 Iraqis were killed and scores wounded," according to the New York Times.
We've lost 30 soldiers in the last seven days. And five Marines were charged with killing 24 Iraqis,
many of them women and children, in the village of Haditha in November 2005.

No such bothersome details about Bush's war were allowed into evidence yesterday by the stuffed shirts
sitting in stuffed seats in a hearing room stuffed with 80 stenographers from our domesticated press.
Rather, the ornate hearing room seemed to serve as a kind of funeral parlor for the Constitution.

As Trent Lott threatens to use the filibuster to block legislation in the Senate in '07,
the Democrats are still too scared to use that power today - I wonder why?

Imagine Billy Batson sitting in New Orleans when Katrina struck. All he has to do is rub his
magic ring and say "Shazam" and he turns into Captain Marvel and he can save his city..

But he's a Democrat, so he fails to rub the ring and his city drowns.


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Subject: Arianna: Why I hate the Clintons

Arianna reminds me of when I was about 8 years old, and my little friend,
Doris arrived at school with a pair of "majorette boots" on that she had received for Christmas.
She had the Shirley Temple curls, and looked so cute. I had wanted a pair of boots like that
for so long, and I was so jealous of my friend.

I told her I didn't like them, that she shouldn't wear white boots in the winter; and that my parents
would have bought me a pair if only I'd wanted them. (Those were falsehoods), but as a child,
that was my way of trying to put Doris down in order to make myself feel better.
However, one would expect an ADULT to handle jealousy in a more mature manner.

Thankfully, I'm not jealous of Hillary, and I want her to be my President come 2008.
 Marian in Missouri

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Subject: Why does She get a free pass?


This is NOT Hillary's first Rodeo.
I completely agree with Bart that Kerry and Leahy are surrender-first WIMPS....
so why do you give Hillary a free pass for wimping out?

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Looming Catastrophe
 Baker panel says time to cut & run

Circumstances in Iraq are "grave and deteriorating," with a potential government collapse and
a "humanitarian catastrophe" if the U.S. does not change course and seek a broader diplomatic
solution to the problems that have wracked the country since Bush invaded, the panel said.

The Iraq Study Group painted a bleak picture of a nation that risks a "slide toward chaos"
without new efforts to reconcile its feuding religious and ethnic minorities.

Risking a slide toward choas?
You mean things could get worse there?

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Subject: tearful Poppy Bush

I did you see him crying his eyes out on TV?
He couldn't even get through the speech....crying about son
Jeb's 1994 defeat when he ran for gov. of FL the 1st time....

The author of Bush's Brain on Olberman's show tonight said he's really crying because Jeb!
was supposed to win that election & go on to become Prez of the US...but now Bush, Jr.
has screwed things up so badly & is so hated in the U.S. and the world that Jeb!'s chances
are screwed forever!...

There is justice in this world!...
 L in Tampa

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Bush & Gates fight: Are we winning?

At today's meeting with reporters, Tony Snow was asked about the Iraq Study Group's report
-- and today's surprise admission by Robert Gates that the U.S. is not winning the war in Iraq.
Snow said Bush has not backed away from his recent statement that the U.S. is "winning" in Iraq.
He also suggested that Gates seemed to say that maybe we weren't losing and we weren't winning.
And he charged that the press was being too negative about all this: "What I think is demoralizing
is a constant effort to try to portray this as a losing mission," he said.

So, Snow is upset that the press is lying less for them?

How can Gates be "the right man at the right time" for Bush's bloody quagmire
if he & Bush can't even agree on whether we're winning or losing?

Didn't Gates get the play book before he accepted the job?

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Subject: bipartisan madness

I say our choice in 2008 will be Democrat AND more of the BFEE crimes.
I think the tutus are high on their own kool aid. Lets see some CHANGE. 

This smacks of EVERY time there is a hint of Democratic leverage power. 
Capitulate, change nothing, excuse and pardon the crooks, then have Lee Hamilton 
pretend he is on our side and tell everyone to move along, there's nothing to see here.

If the dumbasses in the donkey party think people swept them into office; they are wrong. 
They merely got sucked into the vacuum of throwing some of the crooked bums out.

It is a shame that we will have to go through this cycle again before trying to help 
a third party system attack the corruption - there might never be a better chance.

I am curious, Do you see a massive correction once the Dems take office 
or was that the best we could hope for?

Bummin since the sweeping "Victory?" 

All we need to do it start putting toadies under oath and let 
Waxman and Dingell and the others tear into them.

Voters might not like the major crimes that could be exposed.

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by Marty Higgins

"As a comedian, with George W. Bush coming into office, 
I feel like the owner of a hardware store before a hurricane."
-- Dennis Miller, before he turned whore

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"In all my time in Washington I've never seen such smugness, arrogance, or such 
  insufferable moral superiority.  Self-congratulatory.  Full of itself.  Horrible." 
    -- Bill Bennett, (R-Hooded), attacking James Baker's Iraq report, Link

    "Some people are sooo full of themselves..."

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Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

Click on the E!

Premeditated War

Bush, the proud "war president," was rebuked in the recent election. The event was notable,
but it continued the surreal politics of premeditated war - a politics that has dominated the
last six bizarre, hideous years of our nation's history.

Two elements of the repudiation seem unreal. Not the fact of it, but the length of its gestation period
- those six years - and how tepid it was. Given Bush's record - lying us into war, torturing prisoners,
rewarding cronies with no-bid contracts, spying secretly on the nation's citizens, selling public policy
to Jack Abramoff's clients, ignoring laws with "signing statements" - one would expect the political
about-face to have occurred far sooner, and the protest to have been a firestorm. Bush loyalists in
Congress (and George Bush) should have been turned out angrily and en masse two years ago.

The Democrats' response?  "Impeachment is off the table."
Let us instead proceed with raising the minimum wage.

Apparently Bush's record is flawless, showing nothing remotely approaching
a high crime or a misdemeanor. Impeachment would be a "waste of time."

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Can you ID the animal
that's been in our back yard?

 Best guess is a rabbit.

 Iraq pumped 3.5M barrels daily before Bush invaded
 and then they got their 2003 Halliburton upgrade

Bush's oil gouge, which is going to $100 a barrel
makes $350,000,000 Bush will steal every day.

No wonder they were so eager to start a war,

stealing  $350,000,000 every day.

It's the biggest theft in Earth's history.

Exxon made $10B profit in 90 days
 $100M a day - all profit - because Bush started a fake war


Bush's "Bring 'em on" death taunt is up to...

2906....2920 American victims

Bush killed another 14 soldiers since Tuesday.

Since then,
Exxon made another
$200M in puuuuuuure profit.

Think The BFEE is ready for this war to end?
Don't bet a soldier's life on that.

Bush has killed more
Americans than Osama.


We set a new record for hits around election time.
Those of you who were advertising then got double the promised hits.

It pays to advertise on


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Subject: mentioned in court proceeding

Yes, it's true. is now in the official court minutes in Superior Court, New Brunswick, NJ.

Yours truly was called to jury duty yesterday and interviewed for the trail of just a delightful
young Mexican fellow who stands accused of breaking into a building and presenting a fake
Social Security Card for identification.

When the judge asked me, a potential juror, if I had any bumper stickers on my car
I replied loud and clear ", Your Honor".
The judge asked what sort of site it was and I said "Political humor."
  Rude Rich, co-host of Pokerfest Jersey  (Details to come)

Rude, sounds like you were polite and respectful to the judge.
Are you losing your edge?

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PO Box 54466
Tulsa, OK  74155
No livestock or stamps, please.


"I've talked to families who have died." 
    -- Bush, just now on CNN with Tony Blair

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Subject: "madness under fire"

What do you, personally, know about,
"that madness that takes over normal men when they're under fire?"

Not what you have read or heard, but personally know?
Only first-hand accounts can support a statement such as that.

Dude, I heard it in that Huey Lewis song.

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Christmas Gift Suggestions

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Duh! in Arabic

It's a shame there's no Arabic word for Duh! because that word would perfectly sum up the Iraqi 
reaction to the conclusions in the Iraq Study Group report. Nobody living in this country needs a 
high-powered bipartisan Washington committee to tell them that (a) the situation is "grave and dangerous"; 
(b) there's no "magic bullet" solution; (c) talking to Iran and Syria is the smart thing to do; and 
(d) the government of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki isn't up to scratch."

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Jennifer Aniston single again
 I wonder who got the mansion in Chicago?


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It sucks when kids have cancer

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