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Friday, Dec 8, 2006  Vol 1888 - Blood & Jello

Quote of the Day

"I would urge Bush to try recognize that 
  it is not about him. It's about our country." 
    -- Al Gore, talking to a brick wall,   Link

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Time for Bush to Go!
Clinton, Obama Rivalry 
Bush vows compromise 
Why I Hate Hillary 
Al Franken leaving AAR?
Bush killing Nawlins 
The End of the BFEE 
Killing Conservatism
Lindsay Lohan in AA 




"It's bad in Iraq. That help?" 
   -- the snot-nosed little boy, barking at 
       a reporter who asked if he was still in denial,  Link

 I'm old, and I've never seen anything like the mess this nutty bastard has created
 and it's only going to get worse because he's got nowhere to go.

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Time for Bush to Go!
  by Robert Parry

Bush had a point when he disparaged the Baker commission's plan for gradual troop withdrawals 
from Iraq by saying "this business about graceful exit just simply has no realism to it whatsoever." 
It's now obvious that there can be no exit from Iraq - graceful or otherwise - as long as Bush remains President.

Despite wishful thinking about Bush "making a 180" and taking to heart the Iraq Study Group's recommendations, 
Bush is making it abundantly clear that he has no intention to reverse course, negotiate with his Muslim adversaries 
or pull American combat troops out of Iraq.

Parry is exactly right, as always. All this crap about, "I'll listen to their suggestions" is just that - crap.
The spolied little boy wants what he wants and he doesn't care how many thousands of soliders have 
to die because he's never been told "No" before and he's too old to change.

He's not going to change course and he's not going to listen to anybody's suggestions.
The Baker Group wasted nine months because the snot-nosed kid has an ego problem.

I've said it before, I'll say it again.
The only way out of this mess if for senior Republicans to talk to him like they talked to Nixon.
Republicans may be forced to vote for impeachment - so Bush/Cheney will step down.

Note: is the most important site on the internet

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Used with permission


"Some reports are issued and just gather dust. And truth of the matter is, 
  a lot of reports in Washington are never read by anybody. 
  To show you how important this one is, I read it." 
      -- Dubya, lying about Baker's Iraq report,  Link

First of all, why would the Monkey admit he never reads anything prepared for him?
If he'd read the goddamn August, 2001 PDB that said "Osama is coming" we might still
have the WTC and 2800 people alive in New York, as well as the 2925 soldiers he's killed.

And gee, do you think he read it with the same intensity that he read the Texas Dept of Corrections reports 
on the innocent black people and grandmothers he executed in the years he pretended to be governor?

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Subject: your critics

Why do critics accuse you of hauling water for Hillary when all we want is a drink?
In a perfect world I want a million bucks, Shirley waiting  in the bed, and Ralph Nader as president.
I'll settle for anything but Repigs.

I hear that!

If I could I'd send you some of this cool weather from Iowa you're so fond of.

Jeb, with the wind chill, it's 8 degrees right now.
Boy, them cats sure like that fake fireplace :)

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Clinton, Obama Rivalry


The biggest change in this month's ranking of the presidential field is the flip-flopping of  Obama 
and Edwards on the Democratic side. Obama's initial signals of interest in a 2008 bid set off a frenzy
of media coverage and excitement with Democrats. While that energy still exists, Obama must now 
harness it into the nuts and bolts of building a national organization that can compete with Hillary.
Remember that Obama has never had a serious test in a run for elected office and must prove
he can take a punch from a rival.

It's time to get real. 
I like Obama just fine, but he's waaaaaay out of his league. This should be seen as a 
semi-test run, getting his name out there so people will remember him as a national 
player down the road, but there's no way he can challenge her - not this cycle..

The best asset Obama has is that nobody knows much about him.  Few negatives.
He gives good interview, and he's got that religious "let's work together" thing going,
but he's just too new to national politics to try to grab the big chair, especially this round.

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Bush vows to weigh Congress' Iraq ideas 
 He's lying - he's not going to weigh a goddamn thing


Bush pledged on Friday to consider the ideas of congressional leaders as he searches for a new 
strategy for his bloody quagmire. He is expected to announce his decisions in a speech before Christmas. 
"The president admitted that some new tactics might be needed," said Nancy Pelosi.

Nancy, you can't really be falling for that crap.
Don't you know this monkey by now?

Dick Durbin (D-Apologize) said no one expects Bush to endorse all 79 Baker recommendations. 
But he said he hopes Bush's ideas track with the themes of the report.

Dick, you can't really be falling for that crap.
Don't you know this monkey by now?
(Thanks for not apologizing for the Nov 7 victory.)

"We have got to start moving American troops and start bringing them home," Durbin said, 
with a Polyanna smile on his face like he believed what he was saying. 

I've always said - the biggest crime is lying to yourself.
Are Pelosi and Durbin falling for Bush's lies are are they just winking at us?
Please, Koresh - let it be a wink.

Bush said, "We talked about Iraq. We talked about the need for a new way forward in Iraq. 
And we talked about the need to work together on this important subject."

Pure lies.
00%, Grade-A, certified bullshit.

If there was a way to gamble on this I'd slap $100 down right now.
Bush is NOT going to change - this is all smoke and mirrors so people who glance at 
the headlines will say, "Maybe Bush has wised up," but that's not what's happening.

Can Ol' Bart be the only one who smells a rat here?

I'll tell you what's going on here:
Bush has a losing poker hand - but he's too macho to fold - so he keeps raising.
The insurgents know they've won, so they keep raising Bush - and he keeps raising back.

How much are we going to let him push into the pot?
He's already pushed 2925 soldiers lives into this losing hand.

And he says we must push another 2,000 lives (two years, if we're lucky) into this 
losing hand because we would dishonor the first 2925 soldiers lives if we don't.

The boy can't play poker and he's betting lives and billions that he can.

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Visit longtime, multi-year sponsor

Subject: Energy Crisis is among us,

Why do Democrats act like they still have to be Bush's ( oil company) bitches?
Can somebody get word to them that they won the last election?

They need to be slapped.

Oh please Bart, you must know by now that the Dems do not want to touch leadership 
because the next 10 years are going to be just horrible  for the American people.

Guess who's going to be president?

What else can the donkeys do to assure they will not win 
than to offer up a woman and a black man for president. Nothing.

ha ha
I'm glad I didn't say that.

I have only one solution, create a national permaculture draft, 
create co2 sequestration farms on all of the 100 coal plants that are going up.


Migrate civilians to the ocean deserts and use the new solar sea water desalination 
and sea water greenhouses to create solar wind  farms to connect power to industry.

I should be president. 

Can you get me some of what you're smoking?

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Why I hate Hillary
 by Arianna (Again?) 
 Can't she find anything else to write about?


Clinton is the quintessential political weather vane.

On Iraq, she remains a captive of her and her consultants' belief that the country isn't ready for
a female commander in chief who isn't a hawk. Unfortunately, she's misreading the zeitgeist.
Democrats are fed up with fence-straddling and triangulation. But that has become Clinton's brand.

How nice that Arianna can speak for all Democrats, while at the same time, Hillary holds
a commanding lead by twenty or more points - how does Arianna get away with that?

Smiling photo ops with Bill Frist, Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum. Backing a bill criminalizing
flag burning. Coming out against violent video games. Signing on to Bush's missile defense plan.
Shifting her language on abortion. Refusing to level with Americans on Iraq.

Hey Arianna,  if you're such an expert on running a winning campaign, 
why aren't you California's governor?

Did she even get two percent of that vote in 2004?

Meanwhile, Hillary's team was the first to win the White House back-to-back since FDR,
but Arianna knows more than the Clinton team about what wins Democratic races?

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Santa is Coming

Subject: the Virgin Birth 


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"We did not find one single person, and we interviewed over 200 people, who thought we 
  should stay the course.  We are going to pull out our combat troops out of Iraq over a 
  period of time and they have to begin to accept the new mission and we have to begin 
  to accept the primary mission of training and embedding troops." 
     -- Lee Hamilton, (BFEE- Whitewash)  Link

 Things are so bad, Lee Hamilton can't whitewash this mess away.

 The problem is - it's not going to work.
 How can we train to Iraqis (with insurgents embedded) to do a job we can't do?

 Does anyone think Iraq will be safer after the world's mightiest military leaves?
 Can't anybody tell the damn truth anymore?

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Subject: Pulling out

How do you pull out of Iraq quickly?  Answer is, you can't.
Even moving as fast as possible, you simply can't get the troops out 
as fast as they were put in - and didn't it take eight months to put them into place?

With violence escalating every day, who wants to be part of the last 500 Americans in Iraq? 
Where do they go to keep from being killed? 
How do you move 500 people all at the same instant out of the country?

These aren't trivial questions, retreats from a front are complicated and difficult, 
and it is very easy to lose more people during a retreat than during the actual fighting. 
See any military history or manual of war that covers such things.

Even in the most whole hearted attempt possible to get the hell out of Iraq, those people 
are stuck for at least another year, or possibly longer.  Ask Wesley Clark how long he thinks 
a pullout would take, if done to minimize casualties on our side - you probably won't like the
answer - and any off the cuff answer will almost certainly be on the short side.

PD, this is mentioned in BCR 100 - we're going to be chased out of Iraq.
It will be the biggest defeat in the history of the American military.
Those rag-tag handjobs are going to rub Bush's face in dog shit.

Bush knows this - and he knows nothing can stop it.
After Bush, they'll say Custer was a genius who had a little bad luck.

Bush starts drinking again.
We're in real trouble.

It's time for senior Republicans to pay a visit to the White House.

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Richard Perle, Neo-Con


"I think the situation on the ground is going to improve.
  I do think that progress is being made in a lot of Iraq.
  I think a year from now, we will have made a fair amount 
  of progress if we stay the course. If I thought we weren't 
  making progress, I'd be despondent."
     -- John McCain (R-Approves of torturing prisoners) Dec 8, 2005, Link

 Hell, he was that way on Nov 6th.

 "I'm so mad I could crap!"

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Spice Comedy

Subject: Where are Cheney and Coulter?

See Dick run. See Ann run.

Ever since the election, two of our favorite fascists seem to have vanished. 
I've heard nary a peep from either of them in all my web surfing over the past month.

Is it possible that Ann has taken a powder (strychnine, I hope) because 
she voted in the wrong precinct during the primaries and lied about it?

Could Dick have retreated to an even-deeper undisclosed location in anticipation 
of congressional hearings concerning...oh, I don't know...maybe a small matter of 
defrauding the government?

Will either get what's coming to them? 
Yeah, right.

Saul, would you settle for global comtempt and ridicule?
That, and they get audited so we can get back the stolen billions. 

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Al Franken leaving AAR?

The future senator from Minnesota may finally be giving up on Air America Radio - or what's left of it.
A knowledgeable radio source tells Radar that Al Franken is leaving "before the end of the year."

That's 23 days and counting. Franken is set to leave on a USO tour of Iraq next week, and will return
on Christmas Eve. Asked if he has made a decision, Franken played coy. "I don't know what's happening,"
he tells Radar. "It's not set in stone - I need to see what they're talking about."

I think he told Letterman he wasn't getting paid, so maybe he's using his last weeks on the radio
to pre-launch his 2008 campaign. I think he'll make a fine senator.
Without a doubt, he's ten times the man Norm Coleman (R-Fascist Dog) is.

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Bush wants to take you to a gay bar

Subject: Joe Biden Was a Plagiarist

He's never risen above that; he always takes the easiest path. 
I don't think he's stupid; he's just lazy and coward enough to 
always avoid a fight unless his back is covered by an army!


The plagiarism thing ...I could live with.
I probably dislike Biden less than you do.

Sure, he's a grand-standing, bloviating coward and a yellow-streaked toady 
whose idea of being a great statesman is joking with Kinda Sleazy about football
and such during the damn 9-11 hearings when we were hoping to get some 
straight answers from these theiving bastards, 

"Whatever you need, Mr Rove!"

...but at least he's not Patrick Leahy.

"Whatever you need, Mr Rove!"

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Killing Conservatism
 by Bob Burnett

With conservatives reeling from their election losses, and Bush's approval ratings heading for record lows, 
liberals have something to cheer about. Rather than gloat about Bush's ineptness, or the failure of the GOP 
Congress, liberals should focus on their opportunity to sink the conservative ideology that has dominated 
politics for twenty-five years. There are ten pillars of conservative political wisdom that liberals should attack.

1. Government is bad:.
2. Competence is overrated:
3. Cutting taxes fixes everything
4. The market will provide:

So, Huffingtonpost writes about other things besides why they hate Hillary?
I didn't know...

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This would have a greater punch if it was in color.

Nagin: Bush is killing New Orleans


New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin accused Bush of abandoning his legal obligation to help his city 
recover from Katrina. Nagin insisted that the city can't rebuild unless promised federal aid begins to flow.

"There is federal money out in cyberspace, there is money in the mail, ...but very little of that money 
has made it to our local governments and our citizens."

Under federal law, Bush is obliged to help restore New Orleans's vital infrastructure. Nagin said Bush
has approved more than $900 million, but local officials have not been able to access most of it.

"We're here to say to the federal government: 'Honor the law,' " said Nagin.

Al Franken said Monday that less than one percent of money for Katrina victims has been delivered.
He said there are 26,000 families who have applied for federal aid but that Bush's red-tape prevents
99 percent of them from receiving anything.  Will America allow this to continue?

I think it's a damn shame that "New Orleans" isn't on the front page of every newspaper and
on the nightly TV whore news every damn day, but we don't care because those victims are black.

If this was Providence, Rhose Island, where white people live, rebuilding would be Job One.

But who cares about the poor darkies? 
They probably voted Democrat anyway, right George?


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"There's only one thing worse than an overstressed Army and Marine Corps, 
  and that's a defeated Army and Marine Corps. We saw that in 1973. 
  And this is a recipe that will lead to, sooner or later, our defeat in Iraq." 
     -- Flip-flopping John McCain (R-Loves Torture) who was Mr. Stay the Course until Nov 7,  Link

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Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

Click on the E!

The End of the BFEE

Whatever happens from here, the king is dead (even with his head in place), and with it the power
and influence of a family dynasty brought down by the poisoned chalice of its ill-chosen successor, 
unworthy and unable to wear the crown and pass it to the next in line. Henceforth, all will know what
should have been clear all along. Behind every "Bush," there's a crime, and some of them are too
great to hide, make up for, or overcome. So it is with the lesson of George Bush, a very bad seed and a 
president only a mother can love. And even that's in doubt in a family that doesn't take defeat very well. 
Give them time, they'll acclimate.

Damn, did I write that?
Apparently not, but it sounds like something you'd read on  which you did :)

I know you're pinching yourself, wondering if this is real or just some mirage.
But tlook at it this way - what could save the little bastard's ass?

Peace in Iraq? 
Get f-ing real.

The Supreme Idiot kicked over the Muslim hornet's nest, creating the Sunni-vs-Shite civil war.
The only way this could get worse is if Ahmahandjob gets a nuke - and that's coming.

Al Gore, John Kerry, did you not think America  Earth was worth fighting for in 2000 and 2004?

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 Iraq pumped 3.5M barrels daily before Bush invaded
 and then they got their 2003 Halliburton upgrade

Bush's oil gouge, which is going to $100 a barrel
makes $350,000,000 Bush will steal every day.

No wonder they were so eager to start a war,

stealing  $350,000,000 every day.

It's the biggest theft in Earth's history.

Exxon made $10B profit in 90 days
 $100M a day - all profit - because Bush started a fake war


Bush's "Bring 'em on" death taunt is up to...

2920....2925 American victims

Bush killed another 5 soldiers since yesterday.

Exxon made $700M profit this week.

Think The BFEE is ready for this war to end?
Don't bet a soldier's life on that.

Bush has killed more
Americans than Osama.

It pays to advertise on

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Subject: Dixie Chicks - Grammy nominations

Hi Bart.

I really wish you could feature a little blurb about the Dixie Chicks, since they didn't back down 
after they lost their right wing fans (and huge money). In fact, the Dems should have taken a lesson 
from them about having some "cajones" before the war when they could have done something about it.

I doubt Tulsa will show 'Shut Up and Sing', but all your readers should go see it. They should force 
Joseph Biden's eyes open with toothpicks to watch what having a "backbone" really looks like.

 ha ha
That's good for 30 days of BCR.
Check your mail box.

And, they have been nominated for the Big Awards at the Grammys. Ha!!!!

In 'Shut up and Sing' there is a scene where Natalie Maines is watching Bush say 
"The Dixie Chicks should not get their feelings hurt just because people won't buy their records," 
and she immediately says "Fuck you" - looks right into the camera and says 
"That's right, fuck you."

Can you tell that I need a reckoning after 6 years of hell?
 Sheryl P

We owe the Dixie Chicks.
They gambled their careers on speaking out.
Gutless, knuckle-dragging Country music fans threw them out like yesterday's trash. 

I've never taken a gamble that big - have you, reader?

We owe Cindy Sheehan, too and Jack Murtha and Martin Sheen..
We owe everyone who spoke out before it was safe to speak out.

  Click  to  Say 'Thank You" to the Dixie Chicks

to three strong, brave women.

If only the Democrats had half the courage of the Dixie Chicks.

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"You cannot be a party that sees gay love, marriage and parenthood as the work of Satan 
  while Cheney's family is busy building a lesbian family as an integral part of it." 
      -- Andrew Sullivan, sloooooowly learning the difference between us and them,   Link

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Lindsay Lohan leaves an AA meeting
 ...and is on her way to meet Paris and Britney at a club


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