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Weekend-Monday, Dec 9-12, 2006  Vol 1889 - Porcupine tragedy

Quote of the Day

"Long live the British press!  At the press
  conference, two Brits asked Bush why, 
  given your track record on Iraq, should 
  we believe you now? What Bush didn't do, 
  of course, was answer the question." 
  -- Dan Froomkin,  Link

 The gutless American whore press has been laying down 
 for Bush for seven years. Will they ever come to work?

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Gary Webb's Death 
Panel: Hastert a Perv 
GOP senator: War crimes? 
Stay Half the Course 
Boys will be boys 
Benny the Rat - Sane? 
They told you so 
Twilight Zone Monkey 
Katharine McPhee CD 


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"There was not one bit of argument. He didn't come back at us on anything."
    -- Baker member Lawrence Eagleburger, on Dubya's demeanor when he met with the ISG,  Link

 Well of course he didn't "come back with anything."  He doesn't have a brain.
 He's got to ask people on his staff what you said and then ask them what he thinks about it.

 He can't engage in adult conversation about anything that counts - you don't know that?
 If you ask him a baseball question, he might have a prepared answer,
 but this Monkey can't think and how can you be oblivious to that after all these years?

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Gary Webb's Death: American Tragedy
  by Robert Parry

Two years ago, journalist Gary Webb - his career and his life in ruins - killed himself. 
Though a terrible personal tragedy, Webb's suicide also marked the last page of a dark chapter 
in American journalism, the end result of his punishment at the hands of colleagues for helping 
expose the Reagan administration's contra-cocaine scandal. The major U.S. news media revealed 
itself more as an accomplice to government crimes than a watchdog for the people -- a precursor 
to the failure to challenge George W. Bush's false case for invading Iraq. 

Note: is the most important site on the internet

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Used with permission


"You wanted frankness - I thought we would succeed quicker than we did.
  And I am disappointed by the pace of success."
   -- Der snot-nosed punk, to a British reporter who asked for candor,Link

"Quicker than we did?"

"Did" is a term for the past.
 Bush thinks we have succeeded and that success is in our past?

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Subject: What lesson can we draw from Mary Cheney's pregnancy?

If turkey basters are outlawed,
only outlaws will have turkey basters.


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GOP senator: War crimes?


Oregon Sen. Gordon Smith, a Republican who voted for Bush's bloody quagmire,
now says the current U.S. war effort is "absurd" and "may even be criminal."

Thursday night, Smith called for changes in U.S. policy that could include rapid pullouts of troops.
He said he never would have voted for the conflict if he had known the intelligence that Bush
gave the American people was inaccurate.

"I can't support a policy that has our soldiers patrolling the same streets in the same way, being
blown up by the same bombs day after day," Smith said. "That is absurd. It may even be criminal.
I cannot support that anymore. ... So either we clear and hold and build, or let's go home."

It's about time the GOP realized that Bush is poison.
Alligning with Bush will kill your career, so they might as well tell the truth.

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Panel: Hastert is a Pervert
 Can he hold on to his lesser job?


Republicans failed for a decade to protect male pages from sexual come-ons by Mark Foley (R-Guilty)
- once described as a "ticking time bomb" - but they broke no rules and should not be punished,
concluded the partisan, Republican-controlled House ethics committee in an outrageous cover-up.

The committee harshly criticized The Sweaty Wrestler (R-Boy Toucher), saying the evidence proved
he lied about when he first heard of the problem. It rejected Hastert's contention that he couldn't recall
separate warnings from two House Republican leaders. Since he is a Republican, the Republicans
decided bioy-touching was OK as long as all involved were Republicans.

Hastert said he was pleased the committee found "there was no violation of any House rules,"
and that it was great to live in a country where boy-touching was legal.

These Fascists decided to give themselves a pass on boy-touching.
The voters punsihed them some, but they need to be punished again.
And again.

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Subject: Why she hates Hillary

Sometimes the simplest of answers is the truth.
Simply put, Arianna cannot stand Hillary because she's not Hillary.

Arianna wanted so very much to be in politics...and has failed.
So the green eyed monster has arisen and is blinding Arianna.
Sometimes jealousy knows no bounds.

But why do her readers go along with that illogical horse hockey?
Does she have that 99% robot-ish dedication that's evident at dailykos?
I couldn't get 2/3 of my readers to agree that the sun is hot.

How do Arianna and Kos command that super-blind dogmatic allegiance?
Are their readers checking their minds and opinions at the door when they enter?

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Baker: Stay Half the Course
 by Greg Palast

They're kidding, right?

Baker's Two Big Ideas are:
1. Stay half the course. Keeping 140,000 troops in Iraq is a disaster getting more disastrous.
The Baker Boys' idea: cut the disaster in half - leave 70,000 troops there.

But here's where dumb gets dumber: the Bakerites want to "embed" US forces in Iraqi Army units.
Question one, Mr. Baker: What Iraqi Army? This so-called "army" is a rough confederation of Shia
death squads. We can tell our troops to get "embedded" with them, but they won't get much sleep.

2. "Engage" Iran. This is a good one.
How can we get engaged when Bush hasn't even asked them out for a date?
What will induce the shy mullahs of Iran to accept our engagement proposal? 

Answer: The Bomb.

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Boys will be boys
 by Gene Lyons

Looking back, it's amazing to contemplate the sheer unreality of the political discussion leading up to 
America's first "pre-emptive" war. The Post's Walter Pincus, whose excellent reporting casting doubt 
upon Iraq's imaginary WMDs got buried on Page A 23 back then, recently wrote an interesting piece 
looking at what some of the 126 House Democrats who voted against Bush's war were saying at the time.
None of these misgivings, Pincus noted, was reported in The Washington Post. The White House ignored them. 
Meanwhile, Chris Matthews lionized Bush as "our young warrior king." Newsweek's Howard Fineman 
discerned in him "a model of unblinking, eyes-on-the-prize decisiveness.

They're not talking that way now.

The White House and their talk radio Nazis always whine about the press being against them, 
but the truth is no recent president has gotten the six-year honeymoon that this bastard has enjoyed.

That's why we went to war - because the press idolized Der Fuhrer.
Everything he said, they assured us, was intelligent, on-target and true.

In most other professions, Matthews and Fineman would be laughed out of their jobs.
But everyone knows the whore press's job is to lie about the greatness of Bush and 
the Republicans while lying about the Democrats and their motives.

I haven't said it in a while - fuck the press.

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Subject: Dixie Chicks

When country radio demagogued that whole controversy
I went out and bought every single Dixie Chicks CD I could.
And I DO like their music..a lot.

When Taking the Long Way came out, I bought it and bought several more as gifts.

And, no, I can't say I've ever taken the huge risk they took.
 AK in Boise

I'm sure their management advised them to apologize, and their decision not to must have 
been pretty damn scary when the Clear Channel bastards organized their little witch hunt.

And then the whore media said, "America boycotted the Dixie Chicks" when it was 
those pro-war Clear Channel bastards and their near-monopoly that were actually guilty.

"War's great for our bottom line. We don't care
  how many soldiers lose arms, legs or lives."

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"Has the President so failed in his duties to the nation that he should leave office? 
  The answer to that question is yes, and the time for the President to leave is not after 
  months of continued national embarrassment but now. Clinton should resign." 
     -- USA Today editorial, Sept. 15, 1998,   Link

The whore newspapers that were super-eager to call for Clinton to step down because he had
a girlfriend remain supportive of the bastard who killed 3000 soldiers - because they are whores.

Again and again, America's whore press tells us that getting a blow job 
is worse than lying 3,000 soldiers into their graves for no damn reason..

Where is the logic?
Where is the sanity?

In a sane world, it wouldn't matter if Clinton was banging three interns at once,
as long as those 3,000 soldiers got to have Christmas dinner with their families,

But America is so hung up on sex - we must blame religion for that.

"Today, America is saddled with an unbelievably corrupt occupant in the White House. 
Bush is guilty of a long list of serious crimes, from torture to lying America into a war.
And what's the U.S. media's reaction to all this? 
Not one major newspaper has called for Bush to resign."

...and that's why they're known world-wide as "America's whore press."

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Subject: Punchy cartoon


What percent of the county commissioner vote do you think you'd get in Okieville?
Yet you think you know how to win an election anygoddamwhere?

I'm sure I could do better than the bastards who advise their clients
to surrender before the votes are counted.

Arianna is faaaar too evolved to win an election in America... they prefer mountains of
useless hulking meat with a tiny, impulsive nerve center buried in a thick bony skull like Arnold's...
or slick, lip biting DLC whores like Bubba -- that's why she got two perfuckingcent.

You're right - Arianna is a much better politician than Bill Clinton.
(We really need a sarcasm emoticon)

It has nothing to do with knowing politics.

Oh really?
Winning elections has nothing to do with knowing politics?

You get dumber every day with this adolescent Clinton worship...
You're an embarassmentation, boy...don't that come sneaking through to you some times?

How embarrassed will I be when she takes the oath of office?

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Brit reporter:  "Are you capable of admitting your failures in the past?"

Der Fuhrer:  "You can answer that question, yourself."

     -- Hmmm, sounds like a clear "No" to me, Link

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Subject: What is victory?

I have yet to see a concrete definition of what "Victory" in Iraq is.
Its like running a race not knowing where the finish line is.

That's how the Bush boys win races.
If they ever get ahead, they say, "There's the finish line" and declare victory.
They've never won anything without cheating.

Bushboy throws "victory" around all the time, but what he needs to do is say
"This is what victory is....." then "This is how we get there..."

Any idiot can just use buzzwords all day long without actually defining anything.

Crazy Mike, he sorta covered that is his weasel-like way.
He says "Victory is when Iraq can defend itself and sustain itself,"
which leads one to ask, "So what does that mean?"

He can't put a real defnition - such as, "When car bombings get down to 25 per day,"
because that's not going to happen. With his weasel-words, he can proclaim that Iraq
can not "sustain and defend itself" and slither away like a Neo-Con cock roach.

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Pope spreads Christmas cheer
 Benny the Rat excommunicates Nebraska


A Vatican official has upheld the 1996 mass excommunication of perhaps hundreds of people
in Lincoln, NB affiliated with 11 organizations the diocese considers anti-Catholic.

In 1996, Bruskewitz ruled that membership in Call To Action and 10 other organizations was
"perilous and incompatible to the Catholic faith."   The groups include Planned Parenthood and
Catholics for a Free Choice, the Hemlock Society and several Masonic organizations.

No other U.S. bishops have issued similar excommunication orders.

Sheer f-ing lunacy.

If you live in Chicago, you can still go to their fictional Heaven.
If you live in Tulsa, you can still go to their fictional Heaven.
If you live in Hong Kong, you can still go to their fictional Heaven.

But if you have the bad luck to be stuck in Lincoln, Nebraska
where quick-draw Bruskewitz runs the local dog-and-pony charade,
you're going to burn in Hell for all eternity.

No wonder the world thinks Catholics are crazy.

Hey, Benny the Rat, why not just excommunicate all Democrats?
You know you want to - so why don't you?
Do you need that Democrat money so bad that you let "baby killers" contribute?

How can anybody who appreciates logic fall for this mess?

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Subject: why we hate Hillary

Because if she's elected, we will have another long national nightmare of peace and prosperity.

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They told you so
 by Paul Krugman

Shortly after Baghdad fell, The Weekly Whore Standard published a jeering article titled, 
"The Cassandra Chronicles: The stupidity of the antiwar doomsayers." Among those the article mocked 
was James Webb, now the senator-elect from Virginia. The article's title was revealing. People forget the 
nature of Cassandra's curse: although nobody would believe her, all her prophecies came true. And so it was 
with those who warned against invading Iraq. At best, they were ignored. A recent article in The WaHoPo
ruefully conceded that the paper's account of the war debate in the House - a resolution opposed by a 
majority of the Democrats - gave no coverage at all to those antiwar arguments that now seem prescient.

The American Whore Press has no accountability.
They're always on the wrong side of everything and they never have to pay for their mistakes.

They lie with every f-ing sentence they publish. 
They trivialize real crimes while elevating ant hills into mountains.

...and they're getting worse.

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Twilight Zone Monkey
  by Jonathan Chait

There is a famous "Twilight Zone" episode about a little boy who has fantastical powers. Through the misuse 
of his powers, the little boy has ruined the lives of everybody in the town. For instance, teleporting them into 
a cornfield, or summoning a snowstorm that destroys their crops. Because anyone who thinks an unhappy 
thought will be banished, the adults around him can do nothing but cheerfully praise his decisions while they 
try to nudge him in a less destructive direction. This episode kept popping into my head when I was reading 
about Bush and the Baker commission.  As president, Bush has enormous power, but he is treated by 
everybody around him as if he were a child.

That's so perfect, I'm going to toast Jonathan Chait with a shot of Chinaco Anejo.


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"If Mary Cheney's lesbian lover was pregnant, instead of her,
  what part of Mary Cheney would have made the child a 'Cheney?" 
       -- Kevin McCullough,  Link

 The Democrats have a chance to force the right into accepting gay families here,
 but of course they'll let it slip away because they are too afraid to speak - as always.

 How did I end up in a party is sacless, scared bunnies?


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Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

Click on the E!

Where Were You When John Lennon Was Killed?

We asked that question on the 20th anniversary.

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 Iraq pumped 3.5M barrels daily before Bush invaded
 and then they got their 2003 Halliburton upgrade

Bush's oil gouge, which is going to $100 a barrel
makes $350,000,000 Bush will steal every day.

No wonder they were so eager to start a war,

stealing  $350,000,000 every day.

It's the biggest theft in Earth's history.

Exxon made $10B profit in 90 days
 $100M a day - all profit - because Bush started a fake war


Bush's "Bring 'em on" death taunt is up to...

2925....2932 American victims

Bush killed another 7 soldiers since yesterday.

Exxon made $700M profit last   week.

Think The BFEE is ready for this war to end?
Don't bet a soldier's life on that.

Bush has killed more
Americans than Osama.

It pays to advertise on

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Subject: Bush Intent on Staying the Course

Bush obviously does not want to follow the Iraq Study Guide.
He would much rather stay the course and keep rewarding
war profiteers and the Big Oil companies.

We must impeach Bush out of Iraq for there is no other way.
By leaving Iraq Bush would have to admit that it was a huge
mistake to invade and occupy this country in the first place.

Bush never apologizes for anything.
We are still waiting for his apology to the citizens of New Orleans.
He let babies die of thirst and the elderly drown in their wheel chairs
while they waited 5 full days for the cavalry to show up.

Bush is the worst president ever.
 Willie in the D

Willie, you'll get no argument from me.

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"Congress has been extraordinarily timid on the question of conducting war. 
  Robust oversight has been lacking. It has not been a strong performance by the Congress." 
     --Lee Hamilton, (BFEE-Whitewash) of all fucking people,  Link

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Bartcop Presents Wednesday night Poker

When the GOP Fascist (I repeat myself) thugs tried to outlaw poker,
they forced me to move from my comfortable to
I hate change, mostly because I live a great life, so change is always my enemy.

But the thugs made me move to FullTilt and I'm glad I did.
At FullTult you plan play real money tournaments for just $2.25 or so.

You talk about a friendly game.
The winner gets $18 or so and the most you can lose in a tourney is $2.25.

Even if you're the stupidest, most aggressive and unluckiest bastard in America,
(George Bush, call your office) you still can only lose about $10 an hour.

So the thugs accidentally backed in to making Poker more accessible to more Americans.

Thanks, stupid thugs!

Note: Ask me about our online Charity Poker Tournament.

What if we could play poker and help some bald kids at the same time?

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F-ing madness

In the Baker Report, they studied one day in Iraq, I think it was Sept 1, 2006.
The thug-led American government said there were 93 acts of violence that day in Iraq.

The Baker Report said they were lying bastards - that there were 1,100 acts of violence that day.

Point One:
Those Bush bastards are lying, murdering thieves.

Point Two:
There were 1,100 acts of violence that day.

Think about that.

Bush brought 1,100 acts of violence every day to Baghdad.

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What a great weekend!

The Saints are coming!
They beat the Cowboy Monologs 55-7.

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Katharine McPhee's New CD


That is what a star looks like.
Want to see what a star doesn't look like?

America picks their Idol's funny.
Katharine McPhee will sell a ton of CDs..
The Confederate Dough Boy won't.

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