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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.


Weekend-Monday  Jan 6-8, 2007  Vol 1905 - Inside Job

Quote of the Day

"You're smirking. I don't like that."
      -- Tony Snow to the WH press whores,   Link

 Poor Tony, he puts up with Bush smirking all day
 so he doesn't want to see it from his good puppy press.

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
McCain bets on Bush 
Oil prices dropping 
Everybody hates Bush
Army recruits the Dead
Bush Making a Killing 
WH visitors now a secret 
Rape as a weapon
Catholics offer $48M 
Supermodel Josie Maran



"The one thing I know about Tom Delay, is that if I were to have a knife in me,
  it would be in my belly and not my back. He's always been up-front with me."
     -- Rep. Chris Shays (R-CT), describing how DeLay stabs his friends,  Link

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McCain risks future on Monkey's surge
 It's important to learn how to to gamble wisely


McCain (R-Pro-Torture)'s call for a big-ass surge of men into Bush's meatgrinder sets him
apart from the sane Republicans - and it could help him or bust his balls come 2008.

His Bush-is-sane gamble might appeal to hard-core Republicans, but it also has the
potential to turn off the 85% who say a troop surge is the last thing they want to hear.

"I have presidential ambitions, but they pale in comparison to our nation's security
If it destroys any ambitions I may have, I'm willing to pay that price gladly," McCain lied,
pretending that he's a stateman first and political whore to the BFEE second.

With McCain doing his best John Kerry impression, who does that leave?
Who's the front-runner now that McCain is choosing political suicide?

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Used with permission


"Reid, Pelosi and Biden should receive standing ovations and support for joining the battle
  and opposing the surge.  Joe Biden is making his move, unequivocally opposing the surge,
  and developing real and actionable lines of attack.  Biden has stepped to the plate with real
  leadership and taken the position, without any equivocation, that the surge is wrong, period."
    -- Brent Budowsky,    Link

Don't get me wrong - after six looooooooooong years of total silence, Joe Biden finally
finding the sac to actually speak out IS news, BIG news, but "real leadership?"  Really?
Not only is Joe speaking out, by Koresh he's also "circulating hard, actionable proposals."

Gee, I have a new hero ... NOT!

If the rolls were reversed, as we've seen them for so long, some Republican senator would get on
Meet the Whore and tell Timmy, without hesitation or equivocation, that the Democratic surge
"would only happen over my dead body" and then stick to it.

But that's not the kind of players we have.

In the real world, it's the Democrats who stand up and tell their Democratic president
that the platform he campaign on was "dead in the water," thus screwing their own team.

I've gotten some mail lately asking me to lighten up on the Democrats - and I want to.
But it would be nice of the Democrats gave us a sliver of a reason to be hopeful.
Bush "going postal" on mail-snooping is Test Number One for the Democrats.

Will they smack Bush's hands and warn him what will happen the next time he
takes action to overthrow the Constitution?  Or will they cave in yet again?

The Democrats haven't won a hand since 1998.
(We didn't win last November, they lost)
How can anybody bet on them with that record of failure?

I could probably make some money at 4-to-1 odds that the Democrats will
surrender (again) on this phone tapping issue, but that'd be bad money made.

They'll have to do something for people to have faith in them again.

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Oil prices going down, down, down

U.S. drivers could start seeing lower prices at the pump as early as this weekend, thanks to
the cascading price of crude oil and a seasonal dip in gasoline, analysts saythe fact that
the oil monopoly lost the congressional power to coddle the crooked oil bastards six weeks ago.

Gasoline prices typically fall in January amid weaker demand...

Total horseshit.

If the crooked Republicans stayed in power, oil would be $120 a barrel and climning, and
they'd say,  "All you have to do is look at Iraq and see why the prices continue to rise,"
and they'd also cite some mysterious fire at some refinery nobody ever heard of.

In the early nineties, health care costs were strangling America, but not as much as they're
strangling us now. So Hillary started working on her ill-fated HC plan and guess what?
Health care costs dropped dramatically. Why, ...maybe there's no need to reform anything?

But the GOP knows the old saying, "If you have your health, you have everything,"
and they couldn't afford to let the Clintonsget the credit for giving us "everything,"
meaning universal health care which would drop prices for everybody.

So the GOP circled the wagons (like they did in 2000 for BIG OIL) and yelled "Boo!" at the
scared-bunny Democrats, causing them to denouncing the Clintons - so we lost congress.
Remember - once the Republicans took over, they made it ILLEGAL to negotiate a
cheaper price for drugs - Christ what a rip-off!

That's what BIG PHARM got for backing the Party of Crooks - a monopoly on drugs.

And the Democrats let them do it.

 "We were only following orders from Mr. Rove."

Bottom line:
Big American corporations will rape the consumers to death with the help of the GOP.
But of the Democrats are in power, suddenly the prices fall and the GOP and their
whore friends on Wall Street will start spinning the "real" reasons that happened.

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Everybody hates Bush
He's down to McCain and Kissyface

  McCain and Kissyface - joined at the ass


The Little Emporer's plan to send more troops to the meat-grinder is in trouble on Capitol Hill,
with Republicans joining Democrats in saying, "What, are you crazy?" raising eyebrows before
Bush has a chance to make his case.

Next week Bush will unveil a new slogan for his failed policy that entails political, military and
economic verbage to win the war. The military solution, (Seriously) which has attracted the most
attention and skepticism from Congress, is expected to include an increase in U.S. troops,
possibly 9,000 additional troops deployed to Baghdad alone.

Bush also fired his sane commanders and promoted fresh faces who say, "This could work."

Even Johnny-Loves-torture-Mccain, a Republican who advocates sending more troops in Iraq,
said he wouldn't support additional forces unless he could cover his ass, politically.

"I need to know how others will vote before I vote," McCain said.

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Subject:  want to buy phony military medals?

I'm sorry have to inform you that the message and accept them please. all ribbons were hand made.
Proudly service U.S.A. Army. Navy. Air force. marine. Coast guard. state guard. and Foreign ribbons.

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Also, accept order from e-mail and accept from anywhere(world wide)
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If you want to see our products please click

Welcome to contact us.
Please send your mail to (Redacted)

Thank you.

Leu's Handicraft Co.

It's a crime to wear fake military medals - unless you're George W Dictator.

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How Wolfie rapes the poor


"Anyone that still supports Bush and his and McCain's war
  truly, truly are in the outer fringes of this country."
     -- Kos,   Link

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Subject: your stupid wetback comment

In response to your comment the other day regarding a video concerning illegal
immigration, you seem to have no problem with illegal aliens stealing jobs, affordable housing,
depressing wages, draining welfare systems and school budgets.

I'm curious, so tell me:
What is the position on immigration?
Bonus points for quotes.

I thought you were George Bush for a minute,

Funny thing, ... I never made any claims about being smart, but when you put me
up against our currect Emporer, ...those Catholics nuns are beaming in reflected glory.

...but then I realized something,  you have no job to steal.

You are correct.   I have no job.  I'm like that guy you see down at Knick Knack Alley
who plays songs on his guitar on the sidewalk with a tip jar, ...except I can't play guitar.
I depend on the kindness of strangers to put food on my family.

So, as far as you are concerned the rest of us working poor can just go fuck ourselves - right?

ha ha

Sal, if you can quote where I said "the working poor can GFO,"
I'll send you a pound of the best damn chocolate you ever tasted.

I have a feeling you're mad at somebody else besides Ol' Bart.
I mean, could you be angry with a good guy who's always right?

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I tried to read the story at that link, but it was unreadable because whore
had cartoons and spam and shit flying all around the page, blocking out the sentences.

If I was writer Michael Scherer, I'd be pissed as hell if I spend hours working on a piece
that thousands of people might try to read, but then find out they're blocked by some
crappy spam/story/banner "Cary Tennis" ad that kept flashing in the reader's face AND
blocking out a paragraph that might be the crux of the whole column.

I know whore has to make millions each day to pay allllllllllllll those writers,
but do they have to whore to THAT degree to keep publishing?

BTW, this was on a Mozilla-Firefox browser.
When I tried Internet Explorer, all I got was a blank page.

I'm so old, I remember a time when wasn't what they are now.

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These men returned from Iraq and are diving as part of therapy,
and a desire to lead normal lives.   This is the cost in human terms.
Bush's phony oil war aren't worth the price these young men are paying.
Keep hammering the point home of how horrible this whole mess is.

Kissyface cheating on Dubya with McCain?


"John's taking a gutsy position, [the surge]
  because he thinks that's right for America."
     -- Kissyface, still wearing W's school ring,   Link

"There's no way this Lieberman could have been re-elected if it was as simple as that.
   When you ask most Americans, 'Should we get out right away?' most of them say no."
    -- McCain, trying to get W's ring off Kissyface's finger,  Link

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Subject: No more pardons. No way. No how.

Did you notice all the talk about pardons during the Ford funeral?
How Ford was to be lauded for "forgiving" Nixon?

The minister praised Ford for his act of forgiveness. A true mark of a Christian.
And then the media goes to the man in the street and they're all regurgitating this shit
about how Ford was to be admired for pardoning/forgiving Nixon, and how Ford
helped to heal our country through his actions.

So now we are all primed for forgiveness aren't we?
We all understand how laudable it is to forgive.

I'm sure of two things:
Bush will pardon his thugs when the law begins to close in on them and
The Democrats will be shocked, surprised and outraged when he does.

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Random thought...

Tax increase, yes, but only on the top one percent.

That's the secret to making the GOP eat it.

Democrats always have some 700-word explanation about a tax increase and when some windbag like
Biden finally gets done bloviating, all the Republican has to do is say, "They're raising your taxes,
I think you know what to do with your money better than some bereaucrat in Washington."

But if all the democrats has to say is, "Only on the top one percent," and then stop talking.
People will understand that they aren't in the top one percent and they'll likely agree with the Democrat.

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Subject: BCR feedback

Bart, love the show.  I sit in my cubicle at work and just play one after another all day.
I wish I could get the old lady in the cube next to me to shut up and let me listen!
I've heard shows 70 theu 81 so far and you asked for feedback, so here goes.

Love the weird songs from all over the internet.

Love to hear about K-drag & Planet Bart.

Love the late night/daily show clips & your commentary and please do continue to
go ballistic at those "news" clips we're supposed to believe, it's sooooo theraputic.

Love the stand up clips, please be sure to credit them
so us ADD types can remember who they are.

Beefs?  Well, I would love to hear more from Tommy Mack,
and I'd like to hear more clips from Randi & Mike Malloy.
It's good to be reminded we're not alone.

All the best!

mib, thanks.
I'm doing some BCR today - look for it soon.

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Why haven't they volunteered to fight
in Iraq for Dear Leader's Great Cause?

Is it cold where you are?
T-shirts, sweatshirts - and shotglasses.


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WPE long sleeve and sweat shirts just $25
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Get t-shirts, shots Here

We have a few shot glasses left.

Army recruiting the Dead
Army sends men to personally apologize to families

The Army said Friday it would apologize to the families of about 275 officers killed or
wounded in action who were mistakenly sent letters urging them to return to active duty.

The letters were sent a few days after Christmas to more than 5,100 Army officers who
had recently left the service. Included were letters to about 75 officers killed in action and
about 200 wounded in action.

"Army personnel officials are contacting those officers' families now to personally apologize
for erroneously sending the letters," the Army said in a brief news release issued Friday night.

If they can't manage a mailroom, how can they rebuild Iraq?

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 Washingtonians for Hillary


"The intelligence was obviously wrong. (Or Bush lied)
  If Congress had known the intelligence was wrong, (Or Bush lied)
  we wouldn't have even been voting."
     -- Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, on Bush's deception to authorize the quagmire, Link

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The vulgar Pigboy on immigration

Bush Making a Killing
Bush has spent $1M for every dead Iraqi

Soon, Bush will ask Congress to approve an additional $100bn for the task of making life intolerable
for the Iraqis. This will bring the total spent on Bush's bloody quagmire to almost $500bn - enough to
have given every Iraqi $18,700. I imagine that would have reduced the threat of terrorism somewhat.
Call me old-fashioned, but I can't help thinking that giving someone $18,700 brings them round to
your side more quickly than bombing the hell out of them.

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 Want to trade links?

Send e-mail to Bart

Open threads - anybody got anything they want to say?

Randy H knew that John Munch arrested Lewis Black in Baltimore in 1997
so he wins the last pound of South's Finest Chocolate for 2006.

(Randy, send me your address)

Special thanks to South's Finest Chocolate, the tastiest chocolate ever!

Add your comments to today's page

Click for subscription info, FAQs and Options


"Since his hanging, Saddam's public image in the Arab world, formerly that of a
  convicted dictator, has undergone a resurgence of admiration and awe. On the streets,
  in newspapers and over the Internet, Mr. Hussein has emerged as a Sunni Arab hero
  who stood calm and composed as his Shiite executioners tormented and abused him."
       --  Hassan M. Fattah,  Link

 Only Bush could make the Saddam monster sympathetic.

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Random thought...

I caught the premier of that new show on the FX network,
the network that brings us Rescue Me, The Shield and Nip/Tuck.

It stars Courteney Cox and it's called Dirt.
I loved it.

It was the most realistic portrayal of the media I've ever seen on TV, that's for sure. It showed
the American press as a nest of opportunistic, conniving vipers and back-stabbing bastards.
They are cocaine-rattled, manipulating, conscience-free scumbags who live and breathe betrayal.
Democratic campaign managers need to watch this show to see how the GOP operates.

It's a never-ending game of (1) trap somebody, (2) threaten them with blackmail, but
(3) you won't expose them if they agree to narc on their star pals over some tawdry affair or crime.

Most critics hated it, but maybe it's just the truth that they hate.
If you want to see the press as they really are, catch Dirt Tuesday at 9 and 10 PM Central.
How often to you get to see the truth on TV?

Sidebar: We need The Shield and Rescue Me, especially, back on TV ASAP.

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Bush makes WH visitors a secret
 Now Jeff Gannon can visit all he wants

  "Can you be here by 8?  My bedtime is 9PM sharp."

Bush quietly signed a memo last spring in the midst of the Jack Abramoff lobbying scandal
declaring that records identifying visitors to the White House are not open to the public.

The May 17 document declares that all entry and exit data on White House visitors belongs
to the White House as presidential records rather than to the Secret Service as agency records.
Therefore, the visitor list is not subject to public disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act..

So Bush can rent as many boy-toys as he wants as he copes with impeachment.

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Rape as a political weapon
 Darfur?  No, the US Military

"I fear that she will kill herself. I fear that she will never have a happy life because she's
been so damaged by all of this," said Sara Rich of Eugene, Ore.

Sara Rich's daughter, Suzanne Swift, is the internationally known American military police officer
facing a possible dishonorable discharge for going AWOL. Swift, who suffers from PTSD, did not
want to rejoin the superiors who sexually harassed and assaulted her. As a result, she has been
charged by the U.S. Army with being absent without leave and missing movement for not being
present with her company when it left for Iraq in January of 2006.

Swift, 22, claims she was sexually harassed by one sergeant and coerced into a sexual relationship
by another sergeant while on duty in Iraq. After she was arrested at her mother's home last summer,
Swift was stationed at Ft. Lewis in Washington, where she claimed she was sexually harassed by
another commanding sergeant.

The moral of the story?
Killing slants, gooks and sand-niggers is a man's job,
and if some liberal bitch wants to play on the boy's team?
Well, she has to know she's going to get raped, sooner or later.


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Subject: the Smudge report

Bart -

Smudge quit updating his site several weeks ago;
apparently it was too much of an effort to keep it up.
He updated it sporadically for a couple of years.

I miss his site since it was a good central repository for
a lot of the sites I check daily (including yours!)

Gosh - MediaHorse, Smudge, dozens of other smaller sites all gone...

Damn, I wonder what we can go to keep you online?

RLR. we need people to subscribe.

After all these years, it's tough to keep working for minimum wage.
Seventy hour weeks get old after a while.

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Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

Click on the E!

Pickles killed her fiance
 Press is 'hands off' because she's a Republican


The Midland city attorney initially declined to release any information about the accident on the
grounds that it involved minors and therefore was exempt from disclosure under the Texas Public
Information Act.  Police listed two violations as contributing to the accident, both by Mrs. Bush.
One checked box read "disregard stop sign or light," and the other was illegible....

Note: I'm not eager to see Pickles in prison, but "no citation was issued?"
She ran a stop sign and caused the death of her fiance and no citation was issued?

If you back into a car doing 5 MPH in a parking lot, you get cited for it.
Perhaps the police looked into her soul and saw she was guilt free?

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Subject: Kissyface

Bart, Ol' Joe is like a "tooma" on McCain's ass,
everywhere McCain goes, there's Lieberpuke.

I bet if we could get him to run as McCain's VP
we could stop McCain in his tracks like ol' Joe did to Al.


 Send e-mail to Bart

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 Iraq pumped 3.5M barrels daily before Bush invaded
 and then they got their 2003 Halliburton upgrade

Bush's oil gouge, which is going to $100 a barrel
makes $350,000,000 Bush will steal every day.

No wonder they were so eager to start a war,

stealing  $350,000,000 every day.

It's the biggest theft in Earth's history.

Exxon made $10B profit in 90 days
 $100M a day - all profit - because Bush started a fake war


Bush's "Bring 'em on" death taunt is up to...

3,006....3,014 American victims

We lost another 8 while Bush pretends he's listening to all sides
when we all know he made up his mind months ago - SURGE!

How many thousands more will die in
the upcoming McCain Iraqi surge?

How many thousands more will die in
the upcoming McCain Iranian surge?

Will Bloomberg be their last, best hope after
McCain pisses away his chance to make history?

...and don't worry about BIG OIL.
Exxon makes $100M every day

Bush has killed more than 3,000 soldiers.

Do I hear 4,000?

Random thought...

I predict the Democrats will choose "play fair" and let the GOP share power.
Why do I think that?

Because I know the old Democrats backwards and forwards.
Maybe the new blood will infuse some sac in this gutless party - ya think?

The good news?
Since the Democrats surrendered their milk money to the bully every f-ing day
last school year,  the worst we can do this year is tie - things can't get worse.

Isn't that a great position to be in?
Knowing things can't get worse because our surrender average is 100 percent?

C'mon, Democrats - make me look foolish, prove how wrong I am.

I'd like nothing better than to say, "They surprised me with their courage."
but it's so frustrating because we are the musclebound bully this time,
so it makes no sense to surrender to the 110-pound weaklings

If only we could get a message to the Democrats.

 Send e-mail to Bart

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 Discuss it on the BartBlog

Spokane Catholics offer $48M for rapes
 I'll bet they could've gotten it cheaper downtown

The Spokane, WA diocese agreed to pay at least $48M as compensation to
little boys they systematically raped, with permission, over the last few decades.

It is the latest in a series of multi-million dollar settlements offered by US churches
in abuse claims rising from the Catholic tradition of raping little boys in God's name.

Last year, the Los Angeles diocese agreed to pay $60M to settle dozens of lawsuits
alleging sexual abuse by priests who have engaged in the Catholic tradition.

Judge Zive said money would come from insurance companies, the sale of church property,
from pro-NAMBLA Catholic groups and from the diocese's loyal parishioners.

It's almost enough to make you distrust the Catholics.
If you're tired of reading about this, don't write to those who want it stopped,
write to the rapists and those who cover-up, excuse and condone the rapes.


 Send e-mail to Bart

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 Discuss it on the BartBlog

Bartcop Poker has been a great success, but we'd like to have it get even bigger.

I got to thinking about what might be causing borderline poker players to stay away in droves,
and I came to the conclusion that, with my mastery of poker, some might be afraid to play.
Tales of my greatness at the felt hath preceeded me, thus the less-than-stadium crowds.
Let me assure you, when it comes to poker, I'm no Tiger Woo  .

The second biggest factor was the $5.50 buy-in.
To sign up with or any of the "real" poker sites, you must have $50.

Fifty dollars at $5.50 a tourney means 9 tourneys, maybe 9 of entertainment.
(With a two-in-nine chance of winning $200) all numbers ficticious.

But fifty dollars at $1.25 a tourney equals 43 tourneys, or 43 hours of entertainment,
(With a two-in-nine chance of winning $360) all numbers ficticious.

I grew up Catholic, but still I know that 43 is greater than 9, so I propose this:
I suggest we change the buy-in to $2, which is a compromise between $1 and $5.

We'll set the next Bartcop Poker Tournament for a week from Wednesday,
unless the gang decides on a different night - we'll give you plenty of notice.

The borderline, I'd-like-to-play maybe players will be getting up to 43 hours of fun.
Those who choose to play higher limits will get fewer hours, but the 43-for-$50 bargain remains.

We'll get maybe 30-40 players, the next week we'll get 40-50 and we'll grow.
And when we hit 100 weekly players, we'll spin off a $5 game for "the whales."

Yes, you too can became a "poker whale"  at
If you play your cards right, you might even get your own private hostess.

 See you next Wednesday at the $2 buy-in game.
 After all, it's not about the money, it's about having a good time, right?

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January Special

Donate $24 (or more) and get a 

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but we now accept stamps.

Heartbreak in Dallas

Behind 21-20 with seconds to go, all Dallas needed was a chip-shot field goal
to win their first playoff game, on the road, against the Seattle Seahawks.


All Tony Romo had to do was put the ball down and let Martin Gramatica
make an easy kick -- just 19 yards, even closer than an extra point.

That's where it all slipped away from the Dallas Cowboys.
The Pro Bowl quarterback who saved their season ended it, too.

Romo's bobble on the field-goal try with 1:19 left led to a scramble that
ended 2 yards shy of the end zone and a yard short of a first down,
preserving a 21-20 victory for Seattle in a wild, wild-card game Saturday.


 That's gotta suck.

 Send e-mail to Bart

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 Discuss it on the BartBlog

They read it in Espoo, Finland
They read it in Junction City, OR
They read it in Singapore, Singapore
They read it in Puyallup, WA
They read it in Murcia, Spain

If you're not advertising on
you're passing up a whole lotta customers who need your product.

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Subject: Biden the ass

Bart, you wrote:

> Kerry wanted to lose with all his heart.

Let's face it
He didn't want to have to move into a smaller house

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