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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.


Tuesday  Jan 9, 2007  Vol 1906 -  Escalation

Quote of the Day

"Bush has asked TV networks to clear 
  their schedules at 9pm Wednesday. 
  Bush will announce the escalation 
  of his bloody quagmire."
     -- Political Ticker

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Rush to Armageddon 
McCain leaked on Rudy? 
Shias hanged in Iraq
The Pelosi Peril 
New Saddam Video 
Strealing oil legally 
Del Castillo robbed 
History of the BFEE 
People's Choice


"The lynching of Saddam has made the situation there very clear. There is no government
  in Iraq. There is only a very dangerous collection of gangs and death squads running
  rough-shod over the Iraqi people. Bush, with his fantasy of a huge American escalation
  to aid and abet these anti-Western thugs, doesn't get this."
      -- Faithful Progressive, a Christian blogger,   Link

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Bush's Rush to Armageddon
 by Robert Parry

George W. Bush has purged senior military and intelligence officials who were obstacles to a wider war
in the Middle East, broadening his options for both escalating the conflict inside Iraq and expanding the
fighting to Iran and Syria with Israel's help.

On Jan. 4, Bush ousted the top two commanders in the Middle East, Generals Abizaid and Casey,
who had opposed a military escalation in Iraq, and removed Director of Intelligence John Negroponte,
who had stood by intelligence estimates downplaying the near-term threat from Iran's nuclear program.

Most Washington observers have treated Bush's shake-up as either routine or part of his desire for a
new team to handle his planned "surge" of U.S. troops in Iraq. But intelligence sources say the personnel
changes also fit with a scenario for attacking Iran's nuclear facilities and seeking violent regime change in Syria.

Isn't anybody going to try to stop this madman?
He's backing us into a nuclear corner and he's clearly insane.
Senior Republicans need to pay a visit to the White House.

Note:  is the most important site on the internet.

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Used with permission


"Colin Powell is caustic in private about Bush's proposed ''surge."  Powell noted that
  McCain just heard from combat officers that they wanted more troops.  Said Powell,
 'The colonels will always say they need more troops. That's why we have generals.'''
      -- Robert Novakula, Prince of Darkness,     Link

I hope Powell isn't suggesting that the colonels and generals speak up and tell Bush the truth,
because when Powell had the chance to do that and save thousands of American military lives,
he chose to be Bush's bitch, so he lied to the Little Dictator and told him what he wanted to hear.

Colin Powell has thousands of dead soldiers on his bloody hands.

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Shias hanged in revenge for Saddam

Saddam's execution has inspired a gruesome cycle of revenge, with scores of Shia Muslims
found hanged from lampposts in Baghdad.

The residents of the city's Haifa Street will long remember the events of Sunday morning.
As shop owners raised their shutters and stall holders set out their stock, three minibuses roared to a halt.

Gunmen jumped out and pulled blindfolded prisoners on to the street. Ropes were tied to lampposts
and electricity poles. Those hostages who resisted were shot. Others who were still alive had nooses
tied around their necks and were then suspended in mid air to choke to death.

All were left hanging, and the victims received little sympathy from those who witnessed the events.

That's Bush's gift to the people of Iraq.
This is democracy, Texas-style.

By the way, how much more oil does Iraq have for Bush to steal?
When they run out, Bush will leave, so when is that?

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Did McCain leak on Rudy?

Publication of Rudy's secret campaign plan has so embarrassed Florida's new Gov. Crist that
McCain supporters fear it might backfire against their campaign for the presidential nomination.

The 140-page dossier was found on a Crist aircraft during his campaign for governor when Rudy
was in Florida to support his gubernatorial bid. With an early 2007 test scheduled for Florida,
Crist's support could be critical. McCain has been considered the early favorite to win his backing.

Some McCain supporters fear Crist might be offended by the efforts of John Weaver,
McCain's political adviser, to take advantage of the misplaced Giuliani document.

''I thought it was a security company,'' Weaver said of Giuliani's consulting company.
His comments prompted speculation that Weaver was responsible for making the dossier public.

I'd enjoy a dirty GOP primary - wouldn't that be fun?

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Subject:  My hoodie arrived today...

...and it is, indeed, a thing of beauty.  I plan to wear it proudly at the
January 27th march in D.C. sponsored by United for Peace and Justice.

            Click  to  Order

i might have mentioned before that during the September, 2005 march
on the White House I was sporting your WPE sign, and person after person
approached me asking where I got it.  I was happy to point  them to your site.

Keep up the good fight!
 Pam C.

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"There's a story: 'Cheney is going hunting, hunters beware.'
  Do we get these stories when Bill Clinton is around young women?"
     -- Rush, in the final stages of his tertiary syphilitic fever

Butt Rush, Clinton didn't shoot any women in the face probably.
He's not a bellicose, dangerous drunk like Cheney.

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Subject: you

It's well known you are a gambler and not very smart.

 ha ha

My kickname in college was "easy money."

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Best Bush Moments of 2006 [VIDEO]

The Pelosi Peril

New House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who seems to be calling the Democratic policy shots on Iraq,
is threatening to abort President Bush's new plan for Iraq - to be announced tomorrow night - by
cutting congressional funding...Is history to repeat on the Democrats' watch? And how typical of
the party to threaten to cut the legs out from under the U.S. military effort. It's what it did in Vietnam
more than 30 years ago..."

I support stopping the war, but Pelosi needs to handle this funds-cutoff just right.
The BFEE and their whore media will run stories of the soldiers needing food and
medicine - but they were cutoff by the evil Pelosi woman.

I wish she'd take my advice and call for the people to pour into the streets to protest
this war, which would give her the political cover to do what she might have to do.

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Subject: Received the Goodness!

Stickers came in on Saturday, shot glasses and red WPE hoody on Monday.
Great quality all around.
Glasses are heavy and bright gold. We don't have jewelry that shiny!

Does jewelry ever bring the nectar of the gods to your lips?
If you can't use it, why have it?
 HH in Fresno

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Video: Senator McCain, kiss my ...

Is it cold where you are?
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We have a few shot glasses left.

New Saddam Video


The second clandestine video from Saddam's execution appeared on the Internet Tuesday,
showing the deposed Iraqi leader's dead ass, with a gaping neck wound, after his hanging.

The footage pans up Saddam's shrouded body. It apparently was taken shortly after Saddam
was executed and placed on a gurney. He was hanged shortly before dawn on Dec. 30.

As the panning shot reaches the head region, the white shroud is pulled back and reveals
Saddam's head and neck. The newest video leak was likely to increase the angry reaction
over the way the execution was carried out.

Don't you think Chippy the Chimp would've handled this execution better?


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"We're not stupid."
   - a "super-hawk" McCain staffer, insisting his boss is sane even tho he's throwing away
     an almost certain Republican presidential nomination to please the Little Dictator.

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O'Donnell more hated than Trump

If it came down to a vote, Trump may have an edge. In a USA TODAY/Gallup telephone poll,
Trump earned more favorable ratings than O'Donnell. Among 1,004 people polled, 41% said
they had a favorable opinion of Trump. For O'Donnell, 28% had a favorable opinion.

Wow, she has a lower approval rating than the Giggling Murderer?

I've always said the Democrats need a mechanism to throw out assholes like Kissyface.
Maybe the gays need one, too.

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Open threads - anybody got anything they want to say?

Randy H knew that John Munch arrested Lewis Black in Baltimore in 1997
so he wins the last pound of South's Finest Chocolate for 2006.

(Randy, send me your address)

Special thanks to South's Finest Chocolate, the tastiest chocolate ever!

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"Geraldo says that from now on, instead of being
  called a 'douchebag,' he'll go by 'bag of douche'"
    --Conan O'Brien, on FOX cancelling "Geraldo at Large" in favor of "At Large with Geraldo Rivera"

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Random thought...

The warmest January Saturday in the history of New York - 72 Degrees.

Maybe Bush is right - maybe the liberals are lying aboue global warming.

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History of the BFEE
 Tons of stuff you didn't know


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Subject: Catholic Priests Rape Young Girls Too

Dear Bart,

Being aware of the secrecy surrounding the abuse of young girls in the church, I'm curious why the majority
of the stories involving the rapes done by these pedophile priests only focuses on the young boys?
There are almost as many instances where the rapes involve young girls.  Yet, the media doesn't seem to
report about them as often.  Is it only deserving of outrage when it happens to young boys?

You'd think young girls being raped by priests deserves equal time with the young boys,
whether it happened to only one girl or 500, it's still just as abominable act and should not be ignored.

Kathleen W

Kathleen, I agree, but the press only reports the boy rapes.
If it doesn't hit the press, we don't know about it.

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Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

Click on the E!

Strealing Iraq's oil legally
 by Chris Floyd

Bush's new law will give Exxon Mobil, BP, Shell and other Bush cronies unprecedented sweetheart deals,
allowing them to pump gargantuan profits from Iraq's nominally state-owned oilfields for decades to come.
This law has been in the works since the very beginning of the invasion - indeed, since months before the
invasion, when the Bush administration brought in Phillip Carroll, former CEO of both Shell and Fluor,
the politically-wired oil servicing firm, to devise "contingency plans" for divvying up Iraq's oil after the attack.
Once the deed was done, Carroll was made head of the American "advisory committee" overseeing the
oil industry of the conquered land, as Joshua Holland of has chronicled in two remarkable
reports on the backroom maneuvering over Iraq's oil: "Bush's Petro-Cartel Almost Has Iraq's Oil and
"The US Takeover of Iraqi Oil."

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Subject: Violent expremists on the Beach in SF Impeachment Rally

Thank you for being Bart and being such a pain-in-ass to the
current cop of neo-Nazis allegedly running this county.

There was an event held at Ocean Beach in San Francisco and your posters were on display.

Thank you for keeping eyes open and hope alive.
  Chris in AZ

More protest pics at

That poster is from September 2005, almost 18 months ago.
I wonder why the big guys haven't organized a protest rally since then?

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 Iraq pumped 3.5M barrels daily before Bush invaded
 and then they got their 2003 Halliburton upgrade

Bush's oil gouge, which is going to $100 a barrel
makes $350,000,000 Bush will steal every day.

No wonder they were so eager to start a war,

stealing  $350,000,000 every day.

It's the biggest theft in Earth's history.

Exxon made $10B profit in 90 days
 $100M a day - all profit - because Bush started a fake war


Bush's "Bring 'em on" death taunt is up to...

3,006....3,014 American victims

We keep losing troops while the Little Dictator stalls for time.
We all know he made up his mind months ago - ESCALATE this war!

How many thousands more will die in
the upcoming McCain Iraqi surge?

How many thousands more will die in
the upcoming McCain Iranian surge?

Who will be the 2008 nominee after McCain
pisses away his chance to become president?

...and don't worry about BIG OIL.
Exxon makes $100M every day

Bush has killed more than 3,000 soldiers.

Do I hear 4,000?

Random thought...

Wait, ...there was a bowl game on last night?

I thought college football was over last week.
Why did they wait 5-6 days to play that one last game?
Shit, why not wait until February to play it - because that's sweep weeks.

It's not about sports,
it's not about football,
it's not about "who is the best,"
it's about how many millions FOX Network can milk out of "amateur athletics."

And I don't mind free enterprise, if that's what it takes.
But stop lying to me about "the spirit of collegiate competition."

That's horseshit  and more people should say so.

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Del Castillo band robbed

A popular local band recently had thousands of dollars of music equipment stolen from them.
The band del Castillo is seen here performing on the News 8 Austin rooftop

Del Castillo's brand new road trailer and some of their touring equipment was stolen the
morning of Jan. 4 from outside of their South Austin studio.

"It was very well secured. It had a boot on it and a lot of locks. They did it very quickly obviously,
because nobody heard anything. Also it happened during a big rainstorm so they knew what they
were doing. Nobody comes out in the rain," musician Mark del Castillo said.

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Bartcop Poker has been a great success, but we'd like to have it get even bigger.

What makes casual poker players stay away in droves?
Maybe tales of my mastery of poker makes them afraid to play.
Let me assure you, when it comes to poker, I'm no Tiger Woo  .

Another factor is the $5.50 buy-in.

This Wednesday - $2.50 buy-in.

This way you can play double the tournaments.
After all, it's not about the money, it's about having a good time, right?

Check back for the specific tourny number on Wednesday.

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Holding Intelligence Liars Accountable
 by Ray McGovern and W. Patrick Lang

All those who helped George W. Bush launch a war of aggression - termed by Nuremberg "the supreme
international crime"- have blood on their hands and must be held accountable. This includes corrupt
intelligence officials.  Otherwise, look for them to perform the same service in facilitating war on Iran.

"They should have been shot," said former State Department intelligence director, Carl Ford, referring to
ex-CIA director George Tenet and his deputy John McLaughlin, for their "fundamentally dishonest"
cooking of intelligence to please the White House. Ford was alluding to "intelligence" on the menacing
but non-existent mobile biological weapons laboratories in Iraq.

Note:  is the most important site on the internet.

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They read it in Taipei,
They read it in Durham,
They read it in Hellevoetsluis,
They read it in Braintree,
They read it in Milan,

If you're not advertising on
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It pays to advertise on


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Subject: You got W's ribbons wrong


You've got the flying monkey's ribbons labelled wrong.
The ribbon on the left is the unit citation, the one the right is for marksmanship.
The wings above the ribbons means "this monkey can fly".

The smirking, idiotic face in the picture is not Air Force issue, so I can't help you there.
I guess I'd be smirking too if I got to stay home in the Texas National Guard while other
pilots were getting killed or sitting in POW camps in 'Nam.

Although, it must of been pretty tough protecting Texas from the VC.

Keep It Swinging,
Vic O.

All I know is when asked to explain that picture, the Bushies said,
"He was just joking around for the picture so it's not really a crime."

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Jennifer Love Hewitt

 See more of her at BC Hotties  (15 new pages)

 Will she win a People's Choice Award tonight?


Also tonight:
House gets rid of that super-annoying detective storyline - it's about time.
Denny Crain goes to Nawlins to defend a Katrina doctor on Boston Legal.
Dirt returns with space monkeys

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