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Wednesday  Jan 10, 2007  Vol 1907 - Coven Mistress

Quote of the Day

"Sending more Americans would undermine 
  our strategy of encouraging Iraqis to take 
  the lead in this fight. And sending more 
  Americans would suggest that we intend 
  to stay forever..."
   -- Liar in Chief, June 2005   Link

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Well-Timed Execution
Why is Dad in Gitmo? 
Monkey vs. generals 
Bush and Abramoff 
Bush: Drop Dead  
O'Reilly vs. Colbert 
Bush seeks support 
Bush another Adolph? 
Lindsay's party habits




During our poker game...


"If we faltered, the forces of chaos would scent victory and decades of strife 
  and aggression would stretch endlessly before us. The choice was clear. 
  We would stay the course. And we shall stay the course." 
   -- LBJ, forty years ago

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Saddam's Well-Timed Execution
 by Robert Parry

Saddam's rushed execution looks even more suspicious now that the trial of his co-defendants has 
resumed with prosecutors playing an incriminating tape recording of the dead Iraqi dictator discussing 
chemical weapons - but now without any possibility of him fingering U.S. officials and others who 
may have helped him get the poisons.

Bush and his supporters are sure to cite the tape recording as further evidence of Hussein's guilt 
and thus vindication of Bush's decision to press ahead with Hussein's controversial hanging on Dec. 30.

But the troubling reality - virtually ignored in the major U.S. news media - is that Bush also
silenced a particularly dangerous witness who could have implicated prominent U.S. officials from
both his father's and his own administrations.

The American whore media refused to publish the facts about the worst president ever.
They continue to cover for him, they overlook his myriad of crimes and mistakes every day
and they always give him the benefit of the doubt, even after he gets caught over and over.

Note:  is the most important site on the internet.

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Used with permission


"We're damned tired of having power. We should be replaced."
    -- any senator who votes for Bush/McCain's bloody escalation 

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Why is my Dad in Gitmo?

Ten-year-old Anas el-Banna will walk to 10 Downing Street this week to ask: Why can't my Dad come home?
His father, Jamil, is one of eight British residents languishing at Gitmo, which opened five years ago tomorrow.

Mr Banna, was taken to Gitmo four years ago after being seized in Gambia. He was accused of having 
a suspicious device in his luggage. It turned out to be a battery charger. No charges have been made.

Reminder: Our American government PAID people to point to Al-Qaeda sympathizers.
The number I heard was $5,000 each, but I forget where I read that.

So if it's true, think of some poor goat-herder who sees maybe $300 a year, and suddenly
he's getting $5,000 every time he says, "That guy is al Qaeda!"

Everyone is going to be Al Qaeda when that happens, but Bush got what he wanted:
He got 600 warm bodies that he could legally declare "the enemy who wants to destroy us" 
and that gave him justification to torture anyone as he saw fit around the globe.

So Bush has 600 souls to torture, but he can't tell us what crimes they're guilty of or suspected of. 
He can't give us their names, either, because that only helps Al Qaeda 

...and if you disagree - how do they know YOU'RE not Al Qaeda?

Just curious, right now - are you proud to be an American?

 I'm still proud, Bart! Damn proud!  

 Nope, I'm not very proud to be an American under Bush

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Monkey bargains with generals
 Why did they agree to his hopeless escalation?

Pentagon insiders say members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff have long opposed the increase in troops 
and are only grudgingly going along with the plan because they have been promised that the military 
escalation will be matched by renewed political and economic efforts in Iraq.

The Post details the many reasons why military commanders doubt a troop increase will work 
("no backup options," concern the Iraqis won't deliver, concern over "fighting in a political vacuum"), 
but then, you really can't argue with the reasoning for pushing it through: "In the end, the White House 
favored the idea of more troops as one visible and dramatic step the administration could take." 

I'll bet the generals just hate to be micro-managed by a bunch of never-served assholes.
Because Bush, Cheney & Rummy tied their hands, the generals get the failing grade for this war.

For years or decades, they'll talk about the incompetent handjobs who run the US military
when all along the BFEE encouraged the chaos so they could pump, pump, pump Saddam's oil
out of wells that have no meters on them - stealing as much as $350M a day, some say.  

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Subject: Dem Surge Maneuvers 


I can't believe the Democrats can't figure out how to deal with Bush's plan to send more troops.

If he wants more, fine, it's his mess and he gets the troops/$100 billion, but on two conditions:

1. The war ends with his presidency; here's the troops and you'd better be right 'cos the endgame is,
     the last troops come out by the end of your're not leaving this for someone else.

2. Since it's all about 'sacrifice' Mr. Bush, what're you going to put on the table? 
    How about $100 billion worth of discretionary pentagon/CIA spending? That means cut backs to 
    the nuclear arsenal (far and away the world's largest), experimental weapons programs, foreign arms
    subsidies and propaganda efforts, and, last but certainly not least, you roll back that last tax cut for
    the wealthiest or you raise the corporate tax (your choice).

Dems are still triangulating over being perceived as unpatriotic quitters; they need to get to the heart 
of the matter and start some serious negotiations. Bush knows he's over a barrel but only if he's called on it.
This way the Dems look both responsible and 'committed to the troops' while also undermining him. 
Yes, more troops die, but at least the endgame begins.

Bartcop rocks, as always.
 Chris in Canada

Chris, I like #1 more than I like #2.

Your first idea works because it takes away his reason to stonewall the end game.
If it has to fail on his watch, he'd rather fail now and use the next 20 months to try to "re-legacy himself," 
but unless he's got cure for cancer or a plan for peace in the Middle East (kidding) he's toast already.

But your Number 2 idea?
They tell Bush, "Fine, but every penny you spend from now on comes from the super-rich."

He'll say, "That'll kill the economy," we say, "Clinton did great with that plan."
He'll say, "We can't afford it," we say, "You mean "The fight for humanity, itself?"

...or, ...they might roll over and give him whatever he wants, no strings.

The Democrats CAN'T be as spineless as I think they are.
They just CAN'T be.

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"Going back now some four years, who can point to even a single Bush administration decision 
  in Iraq, either strategic or tactical, that didn't turn out to be either a bad idea or a complete disaster? 
  Anything? One good call? When the president goes before the people on Wednesday, he is basically 
  saying, trust me...given the track record and the fact that few people outside the White House seem 
  to think this is a good idea, what possible basis is there to put any trust in Bush's latest gambit?"  
       -- Josh Marshall, right as usual.

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Subject: Joe Scarborough Pending Lawsuit Announcement

I have answered Joe Scarborough's "cease and desist" email/PDF threatening me with a lawsuit.  
The PDF is located in the link below and my open letter to Joe Scarborough.
Lisa Casey
producer of  

This isn't fair.
I've been trying to get some Republican scumbag to sue me for a decade.
I've said every libelous and slanderous thing I can think of about those bastards.
I've offered to defend myself while drinking Chinaco Anejo in court and I've even 
offered to pay the filing fees for the sons of bitches as an incentive - but I get no takers.

Life just isn't fair.

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Bush and Abramoff have met

As we saw as recently as last Friday, the Bush Administration has gone to great lengths 
to prevent any access to information documenting a relationship with Jack Abramoff. 
But that relationship exists. CREW was provided a photo of  Bush and Jack Abramoff 
taken at a campaign fundraiser in December 2003. The White House did not want anyone 
to see this photo. So, that begs the question: What else are they hiding?

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Subject: Oil refinery fires

Bart, you wrote:

> they'd also cite some mysterious fire at some refinery nobody ever heard of

I used to work for one of the big oil companies a few years back, and I can tell you, 
there are refineries made of nothing but plywood, just like a Hollywood movie set, 
that are built in uninhabited regions of the country, and every time they want to raise prices 
they set fire to one of them and send the film to the major news outlets...

Ha! Had you going there for a second, didn't I? 
But think about it; it really wasn't that hard to believe, was it?
 Kirk R.

Kirk, I think you're more right than you know.

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Bush to Generals: Drop Dead

When Bush lies to the American people tonight, he will be ordering his top military brass 
to take action they initially resisted and advised against.

Bush talks frequently of his disdain for second-guessing his commanders. "It's important to trust 
the judgment of the military when they're making military plans," Bush told The WaHoPo last month. 
"I'm a strict adherer to the command structure."
But as the situation in Iraq has deteriorated and public support for the war has dropped, Bush has 
pushed back against his top military advisers and the commanders in Iraq: He has fashioned a plan 
that adds up to 20,000 troops to the 132,000 U.S. service members already on the ground.

Bush knows more about how to fight a war than the lifetime soldiers. 
Did he get this military expertise in Mexico in 1972 with a nose full of flaky cocaine?

How many thousands more will die while the Little Dictator plays "Mission accomplished" again?

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"I doubt Hillary could become president because a woman should be 
  past her sexuality when she runs.  Hillary still has sexual power, 
  and I don't think people will accept that. It's too threatening."
   -- Sharon Stone, according to

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Bush seeks support for escalation 


The Little Dictator began promoting his plan to send more troops to Iraq, bringing more than 
30 Republican senators to the White House as part of a major campaign to rally the American 
people behind another effort to send innocent men and women to their deaths.

Senators who met with Bush said the president made it clear that he is planning to add 20,000 
U.S. troops to his bloody quagmire. They also said the president is arguing that his new plan has 
a better chance for success than past plans because of a greater willingness of  al-Maliki to commit 
Iraqi forces against all perpetrators of violence, including Shiite militias.

In the latest WaHoPo poll, only 17 percent agree with Bush-McCain's call for a bigger quagmire.

If those 30 senators are tired of having power, they'll stick with the Little Dictator.
How much more proof do they need after that last election?

That Bush bastard is poison and he'll destroy anyone who sticks with him.

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"I don't care who the Democratic nominee is,
  he or she is going to win."
    -- Doyle Brunson, Godfather of poker on Poker After Dark on NBC

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O'Reilly vs. Colbert

Whore Bill O'Reilly and Stephen Colbert, who has essentially based his character on him, 
will trade appearances on each other's programs Jan. 18.

"I'm really looking forward to speaking to a man who owes his entire career to me," O'Reilly said.

I can't wait.

Colbert will give it to O'Reilly worse than he gave it to the Little Dictator.
O'Reilly will act  hip and cool and in on the joke, but he'll be steaming.
Colbert will stay in character and needle whore O'Reilly's ass.
O'Reilly will get fed up and call on Colbert to speak as himself.
Colbert will stay in character and then say something that really 
    pisses off whore O'Reilly and he'll start screaming, "Shut up! Shut up!"
But Colbert will stay in character further enraging the whore O'Reilly.

After what Colbert did to Bush, why is O'Reilly looking to get his ass kicked?

I'm looking forward to this - and it's a double shot! 
First, Colbert will be on "The Factor," and then whore O'Reilly will enter "The Report." 

Can't wait...

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Military families harass Democrats
 They leave guilty Bush alone to harass the good guys?

Can somebody explain their rationale? seems proud of this - somebody explain, please.

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Subject: Impeach This Puppet of the War Profiteers

Now is the time to get out of Iraq. 
This is Bush's war without end that was based on lies about WMD. 

This was the biggest blunder by any U.S. president ever. 
The second worst blunder is the Katrina failed response by 
the same George W. Bush- the worst president ever. 

Get out of Iraq now or impeach this puppet of the war profiteers.
 Rose in Troy, Michigan

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Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

Click on the E!

Reagan aide compares Bush to Hitler

Reagan's Assistant Secretary of the Treasury compares Bush to Hitler on

"Bush is like Hitler," Paul Craig Roberts writes in a column. 
"He blames defeats on his military commanders, not on his own insane policy."

"Like Hitler, he protects himself from reality with delusion," Roberts continues. 
"In his last hours, Hitler was ordering non-existent German armies to drive the Russians from Berlin."

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Subject: Isn't anybody going to try to stop this madman?

The monsters Caligula and Nero were both removed after the populace just couldn't take it any more.
The palace guards even went hunting them and in the case of Caligula anyone associated with them, 
though they spared Claudius.
It depends on the threshold of what people are willing to take, most of Bush's opponents have "resigned",  
were forced out or otherwise removed.  Those remaining want to hang on to their carees and lives.
There has to be a sweeping revolt, a meaningful 4th estate and a political will.
The political will is not there "witness the spineless dems" and the "go along to get along repugs".
The revolt is unlikeley because of the lack of uniformity. America is not a melting pot but a big stew pot 
with lumps of different stuff all over the place.

The media is 95% at the behest of it's corporate masters who back Bush.
None of this bodes well for the removal of this hideous monster in the whitehouse. 
The next 2 years will be a real horror show.

If you don't count all the soldiers who will be killed and maimed...

I'm looking forward to the rendering of the Little Dictator.
I'd like to think we're going to show him what real torture is.

Have you ever seen a president under this much pressure before?

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 Iraq pumped 3.5M barrels daily before Bush invaded
 and then they got their 2003 Halliburton upgrade

Bush's oil gouge, which is going to $100 a barrel
makes $350,000,000 Bush will steal every day.

No wonder they were so eager to start a war,

stealing  $350,000,000 every day.

It's the biggest theft in Earth's history.

Exxon made $10B profit in 90 days
 $100M a day - all profit - because Bush started a fake war


Bush's "Bring 'em on" death taunt is up to...

3,014....3,017 American victims

We lost 3 more since yesterday while the Little Dictator stalls for time.
We all know he made up his mind months ago - ESCALATE the quagmire!

How many thousands more will die in
the upcoming McCain Iraqi surge?

How many thousands more will die in
the upcoming McCain Iranian surge?

Who will be the 2008 nominee after McCain
pisses away his chance to become president?

...and don't worry about BIG OIL.
Exxon makes $100M every day

Bush has killed more than 3,000 soldiers.

Do I hear 4,000?

Random thought...

I read that Michelle Malkin (R-Coulter wannabe slut) is currently in Iraq.

Please, God, protect her while she's there.
I'm counting on you, God, to use your magical, mystical powers
to stat at her side and prevent her from being harmed any way.

Prayer works, ...right?

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"I love you so much, George.
I'll vote for any wars you want."

Why I Hate Hillary 
   by Jack Hitt, ...seriously 

 Is it me, or does she look kinda hot tied up?

Hillary-hating is such a national pastime, for both Democrats and Republicans, that it should be 
its own verb: "Hillarating." Typically, even her supporters make the case for her only after plowing 
through a lot of caveats, lessons learned, and after muttered contempt for some aspect of her person.

Who does that?
You say this happens, "typically," as in what, eight out of ten supporters?
Hillary is so hated most of her supporters hate her, deep down?

Hillarating is not like normal political hating - opposing someone's ideology, for example. 
Loathing Hillary happens on multiple levels, ranging from her marital choices and fashion sense
to her ambivalence on torture or support for a flag-burning amendment. And liberal feminists are 
as comfortable Hillarating as anyone else, perhaps more so.

So, it's important that you hate the Democratic front-runner,
You see, she's shrill, manipulative, cold as ice, Mena Airport, Travelgate, thinks she's so smart, etc.

Why, if you plan to vote democrat in 2008 you must be a helpless loser.
You must be mentally unbalanced to think this Coven Mistress could win.

Besides, all the cool kids are voting for Villsack. 
Don't you want to be cool? 

If Mother Jones hates Hillary, you should, too.
Don't look at the polls because they are lying.

For more, read any of the big-money sites.
They all agree, Hillary is for losers only.

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Subject: O'Donnell

But she doesn't represent gays, does she?  
Her gayness shouldn't enter into it, should it?  

Only asking, 

Her size might make her gayness an issue.
Is she the most famous gay person in America?

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Lindsay Lohan parties all night 
 After having her appendix removed that day

          See more of Lindsay at BC Hotties 


The night of her syrgery, she was dancing and partying until 5 in the morning. 

She was also seen drinking a clear substance from a water bottle .. 

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