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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.

BCR Show 105 is near! 

Weekend-Monday  Feb 3-5, 2007  Vol 1922 - Yuma

Quote of the Day

"I think the federal bureaucracy responded 
  pretty quickly for Katrina -- and New York. 
  We set up the funds, we put people in place, 
  the monies were spent, the monies were 
  distributed." He shrugs.
     -- Our lying president, who still thinks he did
  a heckuva job by waiting five days to send help 
  to a dying New Orleans and Gulf Coast

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Hiding the Ball
Bush aids the enemy 
Sticks, Stones & Obama
Bush's Next Disaster 
Tex Gov is a Pervert 
Brazen Soldier Attack 
Iraq spiraling down
Pigboy Peace Prize? 
Lindsay Lohan & Diana 


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"If the United States continues to be bogged down in a protracted bloody involvement in Iraq,
the final destination on this downhill track is likely to be a head-on conflict with Iran and with
much of the world of Islam at large. A plausible scenario for a military collision with Iran involves
Iraqi failure to meet the benchmarks; followed by accusations of Iranian responsibility for the failure;
then by some provocation in Iraq or a terrorist act in the U.S. blamed on Iran; culminating in a
"defensive" U.S. military action against Iran that plunges a lonely America into a spreading and
deepening quagmire eventually ranging across Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan."
       --Zbigniew Brzezinski,   Link

Why can't the snot-nosed little boy be happy with just stealing Iraq's oil?

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Bush is Hiding the Ball on Iran
  by Robert Parry

George W. Bush is again guiding the nation toward a preemptive war - this time with Iran - without allowing
anything like a full debate of the underlying facts, probable consequences of the conflict or peaceful alternatives.

Bush is following the same course he chose in the run-up to war in Iraq: he insists that war is "a last resort"
yet puts in motion the engines of war; he times the release of alarming intelligence reports for maximum
political effect; he brushes aside doubts and warnings; he then presents war as unavoidable or a fait accompli.

Despite the painful lessons from the Iraq War disaster - including more than 3,000 U.S. soldiers dead and
Iraq torn apart by sectarian civil war - the key institutions of Washington, particularly the Congress and
the press, are playing similar roles, too.

The capital again is possessed of an air of unreality as the clock ticks down to a likely military showdown with Iran.

Though the documentary record is now clear that Bush set his sights on war in Iraq a year or so before the
actual invasion, the President is still believed when he insists now that he wants a diplomatic solution with Iran.

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Used with permission


"Democrats are concerned that will order air strikes against Iran in the next few weeks.
  They suspect Bush will order the bombing of Iranian supply routes and other sites that
  Bush claims contribute to American losses in Iraq. Under this scenario, Bush could ask
  for a congressional vote of support, which many Democrats would feel obliged to endorse
  or risk looking like they weren't supportive of the troops. Bombing Iran would also take
  attention away from the troubled situation in Iraq and cause a rally-round-the-president
  reaction among Americans, at least for a while."
       --US News Political Bulletin,   Link

Will America follow Bush into a third losing war?

I suggest the Democrats warn Bush ahead of time so they're not locked-into
supporting whatever vile madness Cheney's diseased mind dreams up to widen their wars.

And crazy America - we rally 'round our idiot each time he screws up.

 Bart's Law Number Two
Any time a person or entity makes a "mistake" that puts extra money (or power)
in their pocket, expect them to make that "mistake" again and again and again.

Bush can't afford to stop screwing up.

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Subject: Mr. Perfect

Bart, the chocolate has arrived!  And it is melt-in-your-mouth good!
Thanks for that; no finer way to enjoy the Scooter Libby trial updates
than fine tequila, fine chocolate, and BartCop Radio!

 Captmathman got the last 2006 pound of chocolate from South's Finest Chocolate Factory.

Mahdi Army gets unwitting aid from U.S.

The U.S. military drive to train and equip Iraq's security forces has unwittingly strengthened anti-American
Shiite Muslim cleric Muqtada al-Sadr's Mahdi Army militia, which has been battling to take over much of
the capital city as American forces are trying to secure it.

U.S. Army commanders and enlisted men who patrol east Baghdad, said al-Sadr's militias had heavily
infiltrated the Iraqi police and army units that they've trained and armed.

"Half of them are JAM. They'll wave at us during the day and shoot at us during the night," said Lt. Dan Quinn,
a platoon leader in the Army's 1st Infantry Division, using the initials of the militia's Arabic name, Jaish al Mahdi.
"People (in America) think it's bad, but that we control the city. That's not the way it is. They control it, and they
let us drive around. It's hostile territory."

Hmmm, sounds like the Army commanders
have been listening to Bartcop Radio Show #104.

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"I am going to ask my staff to meet with the Department of Justice and the White House so we
can get to the bottom of these signing statements, and we are not going to take no for an answer.
We are a co-equal branch of government, and if our system of checks and balances is going to operate,
it is imperative that we understand how the Executive Branch is enforcing - or ignoring - the bills
that are signed into law."
     --Rep. John Conyers, who doesn't need to drop by Rent-a-Sac on his way to work,     Link

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Sticks, Stones and Mr. Obama


It's become a fad among some conservatives to refer to Obama by his full name: Barack Hussein Obama.
This would be merely juvenile if it weren't so contemptible. Republican lobbyist Ed Rogers, on "Hardball,"
was one of the early adopters of this sleazy tactic. "Count me down as somebody who underestimates
Barack Hussein Obama," he said.  Rush Limbaugh, demonstrating his usual maturity, got a chuckle out of
the senator's allegedly oversized ears, calling him "Barack Hussein Odumbo." And Tony Perkins of the
Family Research Council issued this e-mail alert: "Joining an already glutted field of hopefuls, Sen. Barack
Hussein Obama (D-Ill.) announced his candidacy for the 2008 Democratic nomination yesterday."

They think they can beat Obama by making him into a terrorist.
This would work in, say, Tennessee, but America is less racist than Tennessee.
I hope.

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Subject: Mr. Perfect

Dear Bart,

Ahem! Ahem! Ahem! Ahem! Ahem! Ahem! Ahem!

That's 7-in-a-row.....

Guess who's goin' for no. 8 in two weeks?
 Tom S.

Tom, does it count when you cherry-pick tournaments?

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Bush's Next Disaster
 by Joe Conason

Whatever George W. Bush may tell us about his intentions toward Iran, every action and order indicates
that he will seek to expand the war eastward from Iraq. Despite the warnings voiced by wiser military and
diplomatic advisors, the President still seems to be listening to the same discredited neoconservatives whose
fantasies and falsehoods drove us into the Iraqi quagmire.

If their plotting succeeds in provoking military conflict with Iran, the resulting carnage could indeed make
Iraq look like a "cakewalk," to quote one of the more stupid predictions that preceded the current war.

Imagine firefights erupting along the Persian Gulf and violent uprisings among the Shia masses in the
Baghdad slums and southern Iraq -- and then imagine the entire region convulsed by ethnic and
religious conflict. The potential consequences could be catastrophic, from the closing of the Gulf straits
and a new oil crisis to ruptured political alliances and terrible American casualties.

Yet regardless of these risks, the Bush administration's urge to provoke Iran is as unmistakable as its
preparations for a wider war. Nearly every day, the White House sends obvious signals of belligerence
to Tehran, with the same drumbeat heard during the months that led up to the invasion of Iraq.

C'mon, you senior Republicans.
It's time for you to pay a visit to the White House..

Somebody need to tell the boy that his little games are over.

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"Bush visited the New York Stock Exchange earlier this week. There was an
  awkward moment when Bush asked, 'When do I get to meet Dow Jones?'"
      --Conan O'Brien

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Subject: Re: Only Republicans get gifts from God


So why doesn't every gay family in America have the same right to dignified privacy to enjoy their
gifts from God that the fascist Cheney family does? Because the Cheney's are higher and mightier?
The fact is that Mary and her lesbian lover (and her father and lesbian porn writing mother) are enjoying
a pass fought for by gays and lesbians over the past 40 years, all the while being Olympic class hypocrits.

Think about it.
The Republicans talks a tough anti-gay marriage agenda to fool the religious right and get their votes,
giving them nothing in return. And on the other hand the Republicans says that they have a right to privacy
and dignity fought for and established by the left that the Republicans have railed against for years.

It's rare to find the art of hypocrisy so elevated that the practitioner can betray both allies and enemies
in one breath, pocketing the change with either hand.

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Get t-shirts, shots Here

shot glass photo by  mariomorgado

We still have a few left

Random thought...

I saw a poll, 3/4 of Republicans don't know that Rudy is pro-gay rights.
They don't know he's had three wives and they don't know he's a gun grabber.

Rudy's not going to be the GOP nominee.

John McCain (R-Torture Happy) is hated by about half of the right.

McCain's not going to be the GOP nominee.
He thinks he is, but he's not.

"Conservatives" don't like either one of them.

Who's going to be the GOP nominee?

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Remember Deanna from last issue?

Subject: Re: Dr Laura a worse person than Paris?

Shit, well Dr. Laura must be seriously bad. I'll have to do some research on her.
I'm not from the US but from Toronto, Canada so maybe that is the reason.
Plus I don't have cable.

Deanna, the thing is - she started out normal.
She'd give gays advice on how to meet the parents etc.
She was also against guns in the house because of kids.

Then she saw how much money Rush Limbaugh was making
and changed into a right-wing, moralizing, Atilla the C-word.

All she does is take calls, and when a woman starts with "I'm an unmarried mother,"
Laura grills her and if it turns out she's not a widow, Laura asks if the boy friend
leaves his money on the table when he's done screwing her.

That's why she needs to pay for those tacky pictures.


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Texas Gov in every young girl's pants


Bypassing the Legislature altogether, Republican Gov. Rick Perry issued an order Friday
making Texas the first state to require that schoolgirls get vaccinated against the sexually
transmitted virus that causes cervical cancer.

By employing an executive order, Perry sidestepped opposition in the Legislature from
conservatives and parents' rights groups who fear such a requirement would condone
premarital sex and interfere with the way Texans raise their children.

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Subject: What great economy?

People in the news media are asking why Bush doesn't get more credit for the economy.
Maybe it's because America went from the world's biggest  surplus under Clinton to the
world's biggest deficit under Bush.

Maybe it's because Bush ran the national debt up higher than all the presidents put together.
Maybe it's because the price of gasoline has tripled while the minimum wage has stayed the same.
Or maybe it's because this president has never got anything right so why would we believe he got
the economy right?

The reason people don't give Bush credit for the economy is because we just don't believe it.
 Marc Perkel
 San Bruno, CA.

I'd like to add that the American whore media is still playing that "mean" game where,
if Bill Gates and 29 of us are in one room, our average net worth is over $50 billion dollars.
Gee, it feels great to be in that crowd - doesn't it?

Meanwhile, the 29 of us have next to nothing.
That's why Bush's economy means nothing.

What would the stock market look like without oil company profits?
What woulf the stock market look like without back-dated stock options?

I wish the whore media would tell the truth about this economy.
It's been great for the super-rich, but for the rest of us - not so much.

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Del Castillo video from Austin's My TV

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"Did you see ExxonMobil's profit?   Oh, this is great!
  Makes me feel proud to be an American!
   -- the vulgar Pigboy, mocking the poorest people in America

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U.S. intel report: Iraq spiraling down


The U.S. acknowledged Friday that Iraq is spiraling downward, with sectarian animosity growing
and new Iraqi troops being added too slowly in a precarious mix that could draw the country's
neighbors into the violence if American troops leave.

The sobering assessment from the National Intelligence Council was seen by congressional Democrats
- and some Republicans - as new evidenceeven more more proof that Bush's Iraq policy is failing.

The report concluded that Iraq's security situation is likely to get worse over the next 18 months unless
the slide toward sectarian polarization and a weakening government is halted. Security forces - particularly
the police - will be "hard-pressed" to handle their new responsibilities because of divisions that are
tearing apart Iraqi society, the assessment said.

Any further negative event could hasten deterioration, it said.
"The challenges facing Iraqis are daunting."

Yet Bush officials said the report reinforced their view that Bush's victims cannot leave Iraq.

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Subject: RE: Why she hates Hillary

Hi Bart,

I'm so sick of the Clinton haters and bashers. I see the same irrationality among people who "just hate cats."
If you pursue their reasons, they have none...they "just hate cats." How freakin, idiotic and stupid is that?

I suspect Ms. Dowd suffers from the same irrational, jealous, if-only-that-were-me, syndrome.
Ms. Dowd would probably love to be in Hillary's place and be looked fondly upon by Bill.

Behind all this hate stuff against Hillary and Bill is the old green eyed monster, jealousy.

Charles, that's not true for all women, in Dowd's case, I think you're right.

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Brazen Attack on U.S. Soldiers
 Two Senior Iraqi Generals Eyed
 You heard the story in BCR 104


Several Iraqis have been detained for questioning in the ongoing investigation of at least two senior
Iraqi generals suspected of involvement in an insurgent attack that killed five American soldiers on  Jan. 20 .
Four of the five American soldiers were abducted before being shot execution style.

Bush, of course, suspects Iran is responsible.

The attack occurred at a provincial government security compound in Karbala where the Americans
were meeting with local Iraqi security officers. Gunmen stormed the facility dressed like American
soldiers and driving SUVs, military officials in Iraq said.

The raid was carried out by nine to 12 militants wearing new U.S. military fatigues and traveling in
black GMC Suburban vehicles - the type used by U.S. government convoys. U.S. officials said
the imposters had American weapons and spoke English.

Bush wants this to be his 'Gulf of Tonkin.'
He's just itching for a reason to steal Iran's oil.

Does this mean they've bled Iraq dry?
Is that why we're moving on to fresh oil fields?

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Subject:  Molly Ivins

Bart, I'm a long-time reader and I've ignored your blind Hillary worship,
because I totally agree with you on 99% of the other things you say.

I don't worhip Hillary.
I just think the 20-point front-runner has the best chance.

You can bow down in front of whomever you want, but when you use that
to diss Molly Ivins because she didn't share your obsession with Hillary,

I'm a political writer. I wrote about politics for a living.
Can I write about the next president without being "obsessed" with her?

I have only one thing to say: Fuck you.

Why is "fuck you" the only thing a long-time readers has to say to me?

If Hillary would demonstrate even a little bit of what Molly had,
instead of shucking and jiving for the DLC, I'd be right there with you
in bowing down in front of her altar.

R. Dale in Utah

You think it's a scandal that Molly preferred the Greens to the Democrats?
She preferred Democrats farther to the left than most Democrats.

Why is vulgarity necessary when talking to a friend?

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Fake Flyboy Mousepad

Subject: Mary Cheney

Hey Bart,

Great points made, but the most important is that she still agreed with her dad that Wolf Blitzer
was out of line and trying to get "a rise out of my dad".  She can't have it both ways.

She did the same thing when Kerry spoke about her in the debates.  Kerry defended her and
her being gay, yet Cheney and his shrill wife turned it into some kind of unprovoked attack.

Too bad Wolf didn't have the simple common sense and backbone to ask Cheney,
"Specifically, how am I being out of line by quoting what your ardent supporters,
the Family Research Center have said about your daughter's pregnancy"?

Everyone caves in to Darth Cheney as soon as he gets snippy.
It's unbelievable.

Vacaville, CA

Plus, Wolf is such a whore.

During Monica, he was a pissed-off pit-bull, like Timmy the whore Russert,
but when it comes to lying about wars and dumping the Bill of Rights,
Wolf and Timmy the Butt Plug whore themselves to the Republicans.


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Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

Click on the E!

 Iraq pumped 3.5M barrels daily before Bush invaded
 and then they got their 2003 Halliburton upgrade

Bush is stealing $220,000,000 every day.

No wonder they were so eager to start a war,

stealing  $220,000,000every day.

It's the biggest theft in Earth's history.

Exxon made $10B profit in 90 days
 $100M a day - all profit - because Bush started a fake war


Bush's "Bring 'em on" death taunt is up to...

3,087....3,097 American victims

We lost 10 more over the weekend.
Mweean while, George W Custer pretends he's winning.

...and how much did BIG OIL make yesterday?
Exxon makes $108M - every day

(And that's just ONE oil company)

12 more soldiers dead while
Exxon makes $75,000 profit per minute

Bush can live with that.

Bush has killed more than Americans than Osama.

Subject: Exxon profits


Your column headlined Exxon Sets Profit Record stated that
'Exxon made $132,000 for each dead soldier.'  It seems your math is a bit off.

The actual figure is $48,288,508 per soldier.

You were dividing the daily profit by the yearly sacrifice ($108,000,000 / 818
is about $132 grand) instead of using the $39.5B annual profit figure.

It makes a bit of a difference.
And so do you.

Keep swingin' the hammer.

Rick, you are correct.
It's much less confusing to use the per year figure.

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Subject: dot connection in Plame outing

Considering the latest developments in the Iran nuclear issue, the possibility that we have assessed
the affair backwards seems to be ever more likely to be the true state of affairs, namely:

Plame was not outed to get even with Wilson, but that Wilson was used as an excuse to ROLL UP
the Plame operation and destroy the possibility of inside intelligence interfering with Bush's attack plans.

You might be on to something there. After Cheney outed Brewster Jennings as a fake company,
we no longer have eyes and ears in Iran to see what those religio-loonies are up to, nu-cu-ler wise.

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Vulgar junkie nominated for Nobel Peace Prize
 How many nominees are heroin junkies with their own mug shot?

         "Got any smack?  I have cash..."

Let's face it. The conservatives are jealous. Al Gore has been nominated for the
Nobel Peace Prize and they're peeved about it. So what to do?

Nominate a guy who has a mug shot, was suspected of using his house keeper to keep him in drugs,
while duping his radio audience for years. A man who enjoys taking holidays to places that top the list
as the underage sex capitals of the world. A man who then gets caught with someone else's libido pills
on the way back into the country after his all male holiday. But, of course, Rush gets a pass because,
after all, he is Rush Limbaugh.

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Subject: Molly was the best, but also a Naderite - that's her legacy too


I loved Molly and am going to miss her rather painfully.
She was one of the brightest stars on the progressive side:
enviable amounts of balls and brains and with a Flannery
Oconnorish take on politics that made her unlike anyone else.

BUT - part of her legacy is the 2000 election.
Covering Texas politics for years, she had a whiff - at least - of what a GWB pRe$idency would be like.
Yet she supported Nader and advocated vote swapping.  (The Green party, remember them?)

It was stuff like that gave Nader's disasterous and delusional campaign legs.  I don't know anything,
but if Nader hadn't targetted Florida to feed his diseased ego, he wouldn't have siphoned off votes
from Gore and the election wouldn't have been close enough for the monkey's minions to steal it.
And we'd be in year 6 of President Gore's reign.

If the lady ever expressed any regrets about her take on the 2000 election,
I am unaware of it and I stand corrected.

-Am I wrong?
keep Swingin!

I think you're right.
And she said she did not vote for Kerry in 2004.

I realize the Democrats aren't perfect,
but not voting for them makes the GOP stronger.

Staying at home on election day makes the GOP stronger, too,
because every religiously-insane voter is caught up in "Bush's godlinesss."

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Subject: Re: I knew, and everybody else should have, too


The evidence that the case for war was bogus was overwhelming.  Everyone with a dial-up
modem and a capacity for independent thought knew that BushCo was lying.  It was obvious.

I have no doubt that Dowd knew and plenty of doubt that Hillary did not.
That neither of them admitted it at the time is evidence of cowardice and dishonesty, not ignorance.

If Hillary really didn't know, then she is far too stupid to be president.
But she did know, which means she is dishonest and cowardly enough to continue the Iraq war until 2012.
 Scott in San Jose

Scott, I'm giving you 2 weeks of BCR so you can hear me straighten you out :)

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Saturday Night Poker

It was a great success!

Let's play another one Saturday (Feb 10th)
at 21:00 Full Tilt time, 8:00 pm Okie time.

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Truck bomber kills 135 in deadliest Iraq blast
  Just another day in Bush's bloody Paradise

"Thank you, Meeester Booosh."

A suicide bomber killed 135 people on Saturday in the deadliest single bombing since Bush invaded, 
driving a truck laden with one ton of explosives into a market in a mainly Shi'ite area of Baghdad. 
The blast, which Maliki blamed on Saddamists, caved in shopfronts and left the smashed bodies of 
shoppers strewn in the street. It came as U.S. and Iraqi troops prepared for a planned offensive seen 
as a last-ditch effort to stem worsening sectarian bloodshed that kills hundreds in Baghdad every week

"It was a terrible scene. Many shops and houses were destroyed," said one resident, Jassem, 42, 
who seemed to be more concerned with real estate than human lives.

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Lindsay Lohan, another Princess Diana?


 See more of  Lindsay  at  BC Hotties

 Now with dozens more pages

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