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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.

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Wednesday  Feb 21, 2007  Vol 1930 - Rat eat Rat

Quote of the Day

"The world might be less stressful if Bush
  didn't so frequently convey the impression 
  that he has no idea what's going on." 
     -- Fred Kaplan,    Link

  The bad news is that Bush is 60.
  He'll never be any smarter than he is today.

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Bush's Losing War 
The Walter Reed Mess 
Maybe We Deserve it 
Why I Hate Her 
Is This America? 
Bush victims are SOL 
Swiftboating Hillary 
Clinton Bashers Weird 
Beyonce cleans up 


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"Why are people looking ahead to 2008?  Because people want to be over with Bush.
  And psychologically, if the next race has started, in our head, we kind of think,
 'Oh, OK, we're done with President Albatross, and we're on to the next thing.' "
      --Bill Maher,

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Bush Is Losing the 'War on Terror'
  by Robert Parry

The United States is losing the "war on terror" - in large part because too many people
in the Middle East and across the globe view George W. Bush as a bully and a hypocrite.

Bush has become the ugly face of America, mouthing pretty words about freedom and
democracy while threatening other nations and bludgeoning those who get in his way.
Perhaps even worse, Bush has shown himself to be an incompetent commander,
especially for a conflict as complicated and nuanced as this one.

Indeed, it is hard to envision how the United States can win the crucial battles for the
hearts and minds of key populations if Bush remains President. Arguably, Bush has
become a "clear and present danger" to the interests of the American people - yet
he still has almost two years left in his term.

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"If Iraq don't kill you, Walter Reed will."
    -- a military wife to her husband at Walter Reed Hospital,  welovebush.cmk

The Walter Reed Mess


This weekend's Washington Post series revealing the "other Walter Reed" was stunning.  It painted a picture
of abhorrent living conditions for our wounded soldiers in outpatient care.  The series described how one of
the outpatient facilities is marked by rodent infestation, mold problems, and crumbling ceilings.

"Supporting our troops begins with giving them a mission that makes sense and that doesn't needlessly jeopardize
their lives. It ends with an unconditional commitment to men and women who have made sacrifices few of us can
fully appreciate. We need a serious evaluation of the care being given to our veterans.

Critics of the President's escalation of the war are told that they can't both support the troops and oppose their mission.
I think that you can't support the troops if you send them into battle without proper armor, or deny them critical medical
care and counseling after they are injured. That is the definition of hypocrisy, and our wounded soldiers are paying the price."

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"Remember: citizens as well as non-citizens can now be indefinitely detained without access
  to a federal court. For your freedom, you have to rely not on the Constitution, but on the
  beneficence of one man: Dick Cheney. And you can be tortured if he decides it's in the
  interests of military necessity."
     -- Andrew Sullivan, Bush's former top (no oun intended) cheerleader,   Link

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Maybe We Deserve it

While America obsessed about Brittany's shaved head, Bush offered a budget that offers
$32.7 billion in tax cuts to the Wal-Mart family alone, while cutting $28 billion from Medicaid.

Now, after she shaved her head, it's the question being asked by her fans,
her foes and the general public: What was she thinking?"
     --  Inside Britney's Head, Sheila Marikar,, Feb. 19

What was she thinking? How about nothing? How about who gives a shit?
How's that for an answer, Sheila Marikar of ABC news, you pinhead?

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Blair to pull troops from Iraq


Britain will withdraw around 1,600 troops from Iraq in the "coming months," aiming to cut its force to
below 5,000 by late summer if Iraqi forces can secure the southern part of the country, Blair said Wednesday.
Blair said Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki had agreed to the plan, like he had a choice..

Dependent on Iraqi capability Britain would draw down further, "possibly to below 5,000" once a base
at Basra Palace is transferred to Iraqi control in late summer, Blair said.

"What all of this means is not that Basra is how we want it to be. But it does mean that the next
chapter in Basra's history can be written by Iraqis," Blair lied.

When does Tony start his job with The Carlyle Group?
Or will the BFEE decide it's cheaper to kill him?

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Subject: CIA Never Said Iraq Has WMD's

You "forget" that many CIA agents said just the opposite.
That there were no WMD's in Iraq.

Those agents were fired, then the CIA was "re-organized"...
Then after all that the remaining players said "sure boss".

This was all very publicized at the i learned it from
one of the senators who voted no.

Your memory sucks, therfore, so does your "analysis."

Best Regards,

Rob, one snarky letter doesn't change the facts.

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Whore Quotes

"Nobody in my office ever said there was an operational relationship between Iraq and Al Qaeda.
  It's just not correct. I mean, words matter."
    -- Quagmire architect Douglas Feith to Chris Wallace,  Link

"It turns out he did make that case that there was an operational relationship in a memo
  he sent to the Senate Intelligence Committee in October of '03'."
    -- Chris Wallace, caught telling the truth?    Link

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Subject: Howdy bartcop

It's your old buddy Capt Hardigan, long time no 'see'.
1996 sure seems like a million years ago.

Caught your snip of your radio show discussing The Pig Man.

Whenever you hear that bullshit story about comparing the number of troop deaths to the homicide rate,
keep this in mind.  It's a false analogy because he is not mentioning the TOTAL number of deaths in Baghdad.

A closer analogy would be to take the number of troop deaths and compare them to the number
of COPS killed in any metro area. If 3K + cops were killed in any four year period, say in L.A.,
their would be a state of emergency AND investigation, hearings, etc.

Glad to see you still up there, dude. You are the OB (Original Blogger)

Take Care
your friend

Good point, because Bush has killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqis.
Thanks for checking it.

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$36, 3 for $100

Click for details

shot glass photo by  mariomorgado

We have a few shot glasses left.
$25 a pair - cheap for a collectors item.

Court: Bush Victims Can't Challenge Cases
  Bush can torture them until the end of time - legally


In a victory for Bush, McCain and other torture lovers, a federal appeals court ruled Tuesday that
Gitmo victims cannot challenge their indefinite imprisonment. A Supreme Court appeal was promised.

The decision dismisses hundreds of cases filed by foreign-born victims in federal court and also
threatens to strip away court access to millions of lawful permanent residents currently in the United States.

It upholds a key provision of  Bush's Military Torture Act, which Bush pushed through Congress last year
to set up a Defense Department system to torture anyone Bush doesn't like. Now, victims must prove to
three-officer military panels that are innocent, which is the same system Mexico uses.

Democrats promised legislation aimed at giving Bush victims legal rights.
Attorneys for detainees said they would appeal this outrage to the Supreme Court.

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Subject: Reality is closing in on Bush

Our troop surge allow the British a window of opportunity to "cut and run" leaving Bush's war
for Bush to solve, and rightly so. This is  Bush's disaster and Bush and his right wing Republican
backers need to  own it. Are the soldiers over there fighting in vein?
Is it a lost cause? Is it a failure? Of course it is.

The only meaning that is going to come from these lives that are still being sacrificed for nothing
is that it will be a message to future generations to refuse to die for the wrong cause. And it is also
a lesson that teaches Americans that if we vote for Republicans and if we let Evangelicals use the
military to fight a religious war then we have to pay a price. If we don't rub their noses in their defeat
then those troops have truly died for nothing. Only by learning our lesson that this war was wrong
can give this war any value at all.

Marc Perkel
San Bruno, CA.

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Subject: Hillary's chances

Since her hubby received 43% of the vote in 92 and ten million less votes in 96,
why would anyone expect Hillary to win?

She's a Democrat running after a senseless Republican war gone wrong.

You claim to hate the media and claim that it is right wing but they are pulling for Hillary.

You are not sane.

If they were not pulling for her, they would have to admit that her numbers are so low,
that no matter who the Republicans run, she is unlikely to win.

Recent polls show her beating McCain and Rudy the Prissy bitch.
Read much?

Get used to the idea of saying president Gingrich.
 Carson the Banana salesman

Newt is the proud owner of a 15% approval rating.
He couldn't win if he was running against Der Murder Monkey.

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Is This America?

"We knew damn well if Arar went to Syria, he'd be tortured. It's beneath the dignity of this country,
a country that has always been a beacon of human rights, to send somebody to another country to be tortured.
Let us not create more terrorism by telling the world we cannot keep up to our basic standards and beliefs."
   --  Patrick Leahy,on the CIA's kidnapping and torturing of Canadian citizen Maher Arar

On the day the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia ended in 1787, Benjamin Franklin told an inquiring citizen:
"We have a Republic - if we can keep it." Two years later, in a letter to a friend, Franklin was more rhapsodic about
the long-term impact of the American Revolution and its Constitution:

"God grant that not only the love of liberty, but a thorough knowledge of the rights of man, may [through our Revolution]
pervade all the nations of the earth."

But on January 18, 2007, Patrick Leahy assessed how Bush's war on terrorism has affected many people around
the world who do not hate us but no longer trust us as a lover of liberty and the rights of man. Said Leahy:
"Bush's secret policies have reduced America's standing around the world to one of the lowest points in our history."

I expect that future historians of our continuing decline will tell the story of Maher Arar.

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Open threads - anybody got anything they want to say?

Add your comments to today's page

Subject: Hillary

Hey Bart

Boy am I pissed.
I log on this morning, hit my fav liberal sites and WTF, does EVERYONE hate Hillary??
geezuz I am sure the freepers love seeing dems bash each other over her.

I for one am sick of it, it doesn't matter what she says those who hate her will hear
something different or spin it until it's totally out of context.

I am not sure what to say to the H haters anymore, and I am SICK of defending her.
I hope she gets elected and turns this damn country around.
HOW could this country get any worse?

Obama?  He can serve in her cabinet.

Keep swingin' Bart

What little money the Democrats have is going to the we-hate-Hillary site, the BIG ones.
Stupidly, I think, Hillary's camp is spending big bucks on the BIG sites who hate her the most.

It will be interesting to see what the we-hate-Hillary sites do after she wins the nomination.
Will Arianna and Kos and the others attack her every day as she runs against the Bush war machine?

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Harry Reid: This war is the worst foreign policy mistake in the history of this country.

Wolf the deaf whore: So, maybe I misheard you, but you're saying this is the worst
                                    foreign policy blunder in American history?

Reid: That's what I said.

Wolf the deaf whore:  Worse than Vietnam?

Reid: Yes.

Reid is right because we have no idea how bad this bloody quagmire is going to get.
Bush has turned tens of millions of little kids into America haters and they can't wait
to be old enough to be a suicide bomber and murder some Americans.

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Subject: yet another Hillary screed

Clinton backers keep saying that the White House provided phony evidence.

They say that because it's true.
Is it your position Bush didn't lie us into this war?

Clinton backers say they "cherry-picked" their intelligence from the CIA.
They hid evidence that was contrary to their position, and presented the "good" stuff.
What was poor Hilary to do?  She did the best that anybody could do with what was presented.

They say that because it's true.

If you were curious at that time, you could read around and find evidence that there was something crooked going on.
Go read the TalkingPointsMemo archives.  It did require you to go further than the Washington press whores.
So in a certain sense, we have Hillary doing the same thing Bush did.
She chose to trust the person that accused her of "trashing" the White House when the Clintons left.

Put in less hostile terms - she trusted the President when the nation (she thought) was under attack.
You say that looks like a bad decision in 2007?

The war vote for this was taken right before an election.  Frat boy had like 80% approval, and the democrats
were being cornered. A vote against would be political suicide for most Democrats at that time.
There are grey areas that people need to live with because they will not just go away.

I am neither for or against this woman, but I think if I was for her, I would want it to be because I
respected what she has accomplished over a career rather than seeing her dance on the head of a pin.

I'm going to vote Democrat for president because the Republicans are much worse.

Besides, when you constantly provide these perfect answers about why she voted for the war, you are only
giving you enemies control of where the argument goes.   The answer to any of these blowhards is that if she
did vote against the war, she wouldn't be around now to bug you, would she?  Why are you so afraid of her?

She reminds me of my bed wetting doctor.

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Why I Hate Her
  Huffington runs one every day

It's not a very big thing to say, 'I made a mistake' on the war, and typical of Hillary Clinton that she can't.
She's so advised by so many smart advisers who are covering every base. I think that America was
better served when the candidates were chosen in smoke-filled rooms.

Clinton Inc is going to be very unpleasant and unattractive and effective.

Obama is inspirational, and he's not from the Bush royal family or the Clinton royal family.
Americans are dying every day in Iraq. And I'm tired of hearing James Carville on television.

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Al Franken and the war

In his Playboy interview, Franken said he believed Colin Powell when he told the UN
that Saddam had WMDs and the aluminum tubes and mobile rocket launchers - whatever.
And he didn't have the added benefit of the CIA briefing the senate.

So, today's question is:

Is Al Franken too gullible to be a senator?

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GOP to 'Swift boat' Hillary

"Old enemies of Hillary are out in force," Stephen Braun writes. "Just weeks after she announced,
Clinton is being targeted by conservative and Republican-allied activists intent on derailing her
campaign before the start of next year's primaries."

Gee, I'm shocked.
I never would've thought such a thing possible - did you?

Braun reports that "a flurry of planned projects" include "a Michael Moore-style documentary film,
book-length exposes, and websites such as and"

She's already been vetted more than any woman in history.
What are they going to do, scream, "Mena Airport" and "Vince Foster" at her?

"The Swift boaters are now agitating to 'Swift-boat' Clinton," Braun writes.

I'd like to see them try.
She's not going to go windsurfing when they attack like Kerry did.
She's not going to issue orders to "play nice" like Kerry did.
She's going to fight back and she's got the brains, the will and the money to do it.
She's also got the best on-his-feet political thinker in recent history on her side.

Also, (unless the Dems screw this up for her) NaziCon 2008 goes first in 2008.
Like in poker, she'll get to see their play before she has to declare.

That's a hueueueueueueuege advantage - unless the Dems screw that up for her.

The paper reports that one Dallas business man, Dick Collins,
"gave $135,000 in seed money to"  is a teeny-tiny site that doesn't get 10% of the hits we get,
but the GOP puts up money because they want to win.

I wish somebody would send me $135,000.
I'd be dangerous with a budget.

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Subject: Bartcop: another DLC stooge


When you persist in defending a fake liberal like Hillary Clinton, a woman with (lots of insults)
it proves that you're really just a dork with a website looking for a little attention,
and who thinks it's "hip" to suck up to political celebrities.

ha ha

On the other hand, I'm pleased to meet you.
Can I get you a drink or a banana?

BTW, the DLC gave us our only back-to-back winner since WWII.

You clearly don't give a crap about the millions of humans suffering in sweatshops
or under the guns of American "allies" in places like Colombia,

That subject hasn't come up on
Why aren't you out raising money for those suffering in sweatshops?
You're to busy making an ass out of yourself on the Internet, Cubby.

you don't really care about civil liberties since you can't bring yourself to hold the Democrats
accountable for their servile, paranoid support for the Patriot Act and similar legislation,

Cubby, maybe you should step back while you still have all your body parts.
Nobody gives the Democrats a harder time than I do.

and I fully expect you to have a whole list of reasons for why it was right for us to bomb and invade
Iran if you're told by Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama or any of your other pseudo-liberal Democratic idols.

Cubby, I'm giving you a 2-day subscription to bartcop radio so you can hear me
set you straight on the ways of the world so you can be humiliated in private.

BTW, you used the past tense describing the bombing of Iran.
What year is it in Cubbyland?

Like way too many "liberals," you seem perfectly comfortable letting Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity,
Michael Savage and all the other neo-Nazi scumbags on the right tell you who you should support.

That probably the truest sentence ever - I do everything that those radio Nazis tell me to do.
I won't even bother with asking if you play poker.

Your consistent blaming of Nader for the failures of the Democratic Party, your defense of meaningless
centrism because you think it will make you a "winner" if some Republican in Democratic clothing becomes
Senator or President and you have their bumpersticker on your car, your bland and empty "analysis" of
every issue in terms of whether it will play with the conservative, self-interested, nationalistic religious
majority in this country, prove that you're intellectually dishonest and more interested in popularity than
with making this nation or the world a better place.

ha ha

Blow it out your ass, Monkey.
Backing a one percent loser like Nader drove you crazy and you want to blame me?

Please, go ahead and support Hillary or Obama in '08.

Only if Rush and Hannity give me permission...
In Cubbyland, the right-wingers support Obama?.
Are you new to politics?

You smugly suggest that criticizing these pro-imperialist corporate shills will only help the GOP.

I said it because it's true.
A vote for anyone but the Demo nominee is a vote for a wider war.

In electing them, you'll be cutting out the middleman altogether, and no Democrat will ever be
able to pretend to some vast difference of political philosophy from the Republicans again.

Leonard in Durham, NC

My boot is a Size 11 - what size is your ass?

Banana Fact:
Never, put your banana in the refrigerator!
It'll turn brown like your eyes, Cubby.

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Bartcop Radio Security cap

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Then they will fear you.

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always has good stuff.

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 Iraq pumped 3.5M barrels daily before Bush invaded
 and then they got their 2003 Halliburton upgrade

Bush is stealing $220,000,000 every day.

No wonder they were so eager to start a war,

stealing  $220,000,000 every day.

It's the biggest theft in Earth's history.

Exxon made $10B profit in 90 days
 $100M a day - all profit - because Bush started a fake war


Bush's "Bring 'em on" death taunt is up to...

3,145....3,149 American victims

We lost 17 more in the last three days
while the Little Dictator frets over his failed legacy.

...and how much did BIG OIL make yesterday?
Exxon makes $108M - every day

(And that's just ONE oil company)

17 more soldiers dead,
but Exxon makes $75,000 profit per minute

Bush can live with that,
because Iraq's oil wells have no meters.

Bush has killed more Americans than Osama.

"Bart, the lyrics attributed to the Dixie Chicks were actually
written by Bluegrasser Daryl Scott (excellent version found on
the CD 'Real Time' with Daryl Scott and Tim O'Brien)."

Clinton-Bashers' Weirdest Twist

So according to Chris Ruddy, circa 2007, the man he considered a murderous rapist, Bill Clinton,
was a "pretty good president." Funny, but all the things that might have led one to that conclusion
- pushing through the NAFTA, signing welfare reform into law, ending the genocide in Kosovo
- were entirely in evidence during Clinton's presidency. The things that might lead one to think
Clinton was a bad president - the failure to get Osama bin Laden or to respond more forcefully
to the growing terrorist threat - are actually more apparent in retrospect.

And as for Mrs. Clinton, the woman Ruddy once considered a felonious, embezzling virago?
"She has moderated and developed a separate image," Ruddy says.

In "Can She Be Stopped?" I offered the suggestion that "America is tired of Clinton fatigue"
- that Hillary is electable in 2008 because the national disdain for her husband's personal conduct
in office will largely have faded away by then. Never in a million years could I have imagined that
Ruddy and Scaife would be among the earliest voices to offer support for my theory.

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From: Jimmy in Sausolito

Subject: Ah....

So Hillary now has four powerful supporters.

Rupert Murdock, David Brooks, Bartcop, and Richard Mellon Scaife.

I suppose that means that 1, 2, and 4 have all learned the error of their ways.
Or is Number 3 missing something?

Number 3 is missing the wealth that 1, 2 and 4 have.

Here's a question for ya, and don't be surprised when it comes.
What if Rush Fatass starts to support her?

ha ha
What if you wrote an e-mail that made sense?

Would that prove that HRC is the cure for fascism?

Sausolito Jimmy - able to find doom and gloom in a Demo presidential victory.

You're starting to keep some strange company.
 Jim H.

I haven't changed.
People like being associated with a winner.

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Subject: They lied about her vote on the bankruptcy bill

Hillary did NOT vote for banruptcy bill.


 Mr Smith

I'll be damned.
I'm always too quick to blame her.

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Beyonce's 'Master Cleanse'


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