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Tuesday  Feb 20, 2007  Vol 1929 - Devil mocks

Quote of the Day

"I will screw him (Osama) in the ass!"
   -- Bush, talking about his former partner  Link

 ...but I thought Bush was an underbear.

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Shame on WaHoPo 
Victory not an Option 
No apology needed 
Why I Hate Her 
Moon/Bush Crimes 
Only in Oklahoma... 
Swift boating Hillary 
Closing arguments 
Brigget Moynahan's Ex 




"What I don't get is the nonbinding resolution. I don't get that. In the business world, 
  two weeks spent on a nonbinding resolution would be considered nonproductive."  
      --  Rudy Giuliani,      Link

Hey Prissy bitch, in the business world, is it productive to have 3150 dead 
and 2 trillion dollars lost on a four-year, failed, hostile oil field takeover? 

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Shame on the Washington Post, Again
  by Robert Parry

Just days before the Libby trial goes to the jury, the Washington Post published a bizarre front-page article
by right-wing legal expert Victoria Toensing suggesting that Fitzgerald and Joe Wilson should be put on trial.

Beyond the absurdity - and dishonesty - of Toensing's arguments, the Post illustrated the article with
fabricated "mug shots" of  Fitzgerald and Wilson.

Toensing, a deputy assistant attorney general in the Reagan administration, cites Fitzgerald, Wilson and several
other targets in proposed "indictments," each of which begins: "This Grand Jury Charges "

In the seventies, the Washington Post fought corruption.
Today they coddle it.

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"You may support or say we support the troops, but, so you're not supporting what they do, 
  what they're here sweating for, what we bleed for, what we die for. It just don't make sense to me."  
       -- Specialist Tyler Johnson, 21, first tour in Iraq,    Link

 Tyler, why fight the people who are trying to bring you home?
 We assume you don't want to sweat, bleed and die for Halliburton.

 Are we wrong?

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Victory Is Not an Option
  by retired general William E Odom

The new NIE on Iraq starkly delineates the gulf that separates Bush's illusions from the realities of the war.
Victory, as the president sees it, requires a stable liberal democracy in Iraq that is pro-American. The NIE
describes a war that has no chance of producing that result. In this critical respect, the NIE, the consensus
judgment of all the U.S. intelligence agencies, is a declaration of defeat.

Its gloomy implications put the intelligence community and the American public on the same page. The public
awakened to the reality of failure in Iraq last year and turned the GOP out of Congress to wake it up.
But a majority of its members are still asleep, or only half-awake to their new writ to end the war soon.

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Please visit


"How do you explain to the thousands of American troops now being poured into Baghdad 
  that they will have to wait until the summer for the protective armor that could easily mean 
  the difference between life and death?"  
      -- NY Whore Times Editorial, "Not Supporting Our Troops",   Link

"You tell them that this is what you get when you vote Republican. You then tell them
  to call Tommy Franks and Colin Powell and ask them why they told you to vote for Bush." 
    -- John Aravosis,    Link

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No apology needed


Far be it from me to get in the middle of a liberal purge, but would anybody mind if I pointed out that
the calls for Hillary Clinton to apologize for her support of the Iraq war are almost entirely bogus?

I mean, have the people calling for her apology actually read the speeches she delivered before the war?
Have they read her remarks during the war resolution debate, when she specifically rejected a pre-emptive,
unilateral attack on Saddam? Did they read the passages in which she called for a longer U.N. inspections
regime and declared, "I believe international support and legitimacy are crucial"?

If they went back and read what Senator Clinton was saying before the war, they'd be surprised, as I was,
by her approach. And they'd learn something, as I did, about what kind of president she would make.

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Subject: Hitler and Bush - tertiary syphilis

Actually there was a bio of Hitler's doctor during the thirties and early forties and Adolph's symptoms
and the treatment that was given fitted what the standards of the day called for to treat tertiary syphilis
- the book mentioned  that blood tests of the day wouldn't have detected this advanced level of syphilis
but that Hitler had all the symptoms - feelings of Godhood and rushes of power and a presumption that
he was inalienably right an anything he did.

Sound familiar?

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Why I Hate Her
 by Richard Cohen of the WaHoPo

Yet another man has betrayed Hillary Clinton.

What kind of fuctard writer is Richard Cohen?

This time it's George W. Bush, who not only deceived her about WMDs but, when granted congressional
authorization to go to war in Iraq, actually did so. This, apparently, came as a surprise to her, although in
every city, everyone knew that Bush was going to war. Among other things, troops were already being dispatched.

So I do not condemn Hillary, Dodd, Biden and Edwards -- for voting for the war. I would have done the same.
I fault them, though, for passing the blame to Bush as the guy who misled them.

What is he saying?
Is he saying Bush didn't mislead them?
Is he saying every senator had the same intel that Bush had?   (That's not possible.)
He would have done the same, but it wasn't Bush's fault?
Is Richard Cohen too old to make sense?

They all had sufficient knowledge to question the administration's arguments, and they did not do so.

Oh, he must be talking about Hillary's private CIA.

Not a single one of them could possibly have believed the entirety of Bush's case or not have suspected
that the reasons for war were being hyped. If they felt otherwise, they have no business running for president.

Yep, this crazy man is too old to make snese.

He says he would've voted the same way,
but how dare they vote the way they did!

It's easy to say, in 2007, that Bush's pre-war lies were too wild to believe.
Where is his pre-war column saying he knew it was all fake at the time?

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From: Ann in Philly

Subject: Hillary


John Edwards was right to say his vote was a mistake. He was lied to, just as everyone was being lied to,
including Hillary. That, however, is only a rationalization. Saying that Hillary voted they way she did because
New York was attacked is also a rationalization. Most of Hillary's responses to questions from voters have been
rationalizations, because she has not only not been willing to admit her vote was a mistake, but apparently does
not want to address the fact that something was deeply and fundamentally wrong about that vote.

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"Both of us have had a rethinking.  Clinton wasn't such a bad president.
  In fact, he was a pretty good president in a lot of ways, and Dick feels that way today."
    - Christopher Ruddy, talking about his partner, Richard Mellon Scaife

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"Some of her former antagonists say that terrorism and war have made Bill's political
  battles - gays in the military, Travel-Gate, Monica - seem remote, if not trivial."
    - David Kirkpatrick for the NY Whore Times,

The Whore Times didn't think it was trivial when they led the charge against Bill.

Remember, long after Whitewater was settled, the NY Whore Times said it should be
looked at again and they started that entire chain of crappola while Osama had his people
taking flying lessons and doing practice runs for 9-11.  

But now that Bush lied us into the Third World War, they're on his side, printing Judith Miller's
fake stories that were actually written by Cheney, who then says, "Even the liberal NY Times
agrees with me," to justifiy the lies that have killed so many thousands of innocent people.

Yeah, a blow job is kinda trivial, isn't it?

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$36, 3 for $100

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shot glass photo by  mariomorgado

We have a few shot glasses left.
$25 a pair - cheap for a collectors item.

Moon/Bush 'Ongoing Crime Enterprise'
  by Robert Parry

Rev. Sun Myung Moon and his business/political/media/religious organization have avoided prosecution for
a shark poaching scam despite evidence of Moon's direct involvement. Moon, who has poured billions of
mysterious dollars into pro-Republican media and into financial support for prominent right-wingers, got the
benefit of the doubt again from Bush administration prosecutors. They seem incapable of recognizing an
"ongoing criminal enterprise" when they see one, at least when it's done lots of favors for Bush and his family.

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Subject: cut funding for the war?

I think this would be the stupidist thing the Dems could do before the End of this summer.

The Dems have to let George Bush's "last chance run out" and if they stop it before Sept. 1st
THEY will collect ALL the blame for the failure of the Iraqi occupation.

This is Bush's War so it HAS to be His to lose.
He and the right wing say they will know if it is working by the end of the summer.
They have set their own end date.
I can not see the Democrats cutting their own throats for the difference of a couple of months.

If they tamper with it, they own it.
It will become the Democrat's quagmire if they assume control.

Bush (and America's whore media) will say,
"We were winning until the Democrats stopped supporting the troops."

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Bush Using UNICEF for War Propaganda?

The feature at today is "Restoring schools in Iraq." The image is lovely, but it does not depict
the suffering that Mr. Bush and former Bush cabinet members like Ms. Veneman, current Executive
Director of UNICEF, have inflicted on Iraq.

Mr. Bush selected Ann Veneman to head UNICEF. Is Veneman now using the Children's Fund to
sanitize Bush's war? Is Bush using UNICEF as a medium for war propaganda?

See why Ann Veneman was Perhaps Bush's Most Dangerous Cabinet Pick.

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Wouldn't it be nice?

Open threads - anybody got anything they want to say?

Add your comments to today's page

Have the Beatniks found Sputnik?
 My good friend Jerry to hold press conference in San Fran

The official story is Sputnik I burned up upon re-entry on January 4th, 1958.
We here at The Beat Museum have recently discovered the official story may or may not be the full story.

Have The Beatniks Found Sputnik?
Friday 2/23/07
11 AM
The Beat Museum
540 Broadway (at Columbus)
San Francisco, CA 94133
Exhibit Opens to the Public at 1 PM

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"They sound tired but they don't sound Haggard.
  They've got money but they don't have Cash
  They got Junior but they don't have Hank.
     -- Dixie Chicks, "Long Time Gone"

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Subject: hating Hillary

It is bizarre that you think anyone against Hillary HATES her.  
Reminds me of my kids when they were in 2nd grade.  

You either LOVE someone or HATE them.  
Adults can usually see grays ... as in, "No, I don't care for Hillary 
and do not want her as president, but I don't hate her."  

Oh no!  
If you don't want her as president, you HATE her!  
I am rolling my eyes.

If someone makes an intelligent case for voting for a different Democrat, 
I won't say, "You hate Hillary."  

An "adult" attack on Hillary will list facts, not feelings.
That's the problem I have with Arianna and MoDo and others.

"She's so calculating she makes my skin crawl.
She thinks she's so smart. I can't stand her smugness
She wants everything both ways and always has."

...then I call them Hillary haters.
Do you have any anti-Hillary facts you'd like to list?

Ann had an intelligent, she's-not-my-fave letter today - did you see that?

One legitimate beef would be her vote for that horrid bankruptcy bill,
but Obama voted for that, too, so people don't mention it much.

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Only in Oklahoma...
 would they use books to stop bullets


See why I'm the smartest guy in this whole state?

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Subject: Hillary - cop - gun

No, when a city issues a gun and a badge to a cop - even though they authorize him to use deadly force,
they expect and demand that he use sound, professional judgment in the execution of that authority.
If a rookie cop foolishly kills innocent people, it would be ludicrous to suggest that by his having been
commissioned he had been granted permission to act foolishly.

I agree - it's ludicrous to suggest she authorized Bush's quagmire.
How do we differ on this point?

Clinton, like others in congress was manipulated into the untenable position of either granting Bush
the leverage the US needed to pressure Iraq - or of later being falsely portrayed as being weak on terror.

I believe that was a factor, but she didn't cast the deciding vote.

Bush's father had the good sense to delay a similar resolution vote until after the mid-term elections.
Dubya, though, politicized the resolution, and cynically put the congress behind the 8-ball on this one.

Should have Clinton voted "No"?   I'm not sure. The congress as a whole should have demanded more debate.
They were steam-rolled by a cheerleading press and by the cunning Rove-Cheney White House.

You're forgetting the CIA's briefing.
IF the CIA said, "Saddam has WMDs and the means to deliver them,"
then the senators were right to vote to defend the East Coast, right?

This is all on the dirty Bush crooks.

Subject: Hillary - cop - gun

First of all, I am not a Hillary-hater, I am just one of many who have a real problem with her October 2002 vote.

IF the CIA said, "Saddam has WMDs and the means to deliver them,"
I'd say she did the right thing.  How can you have a problem with that?

To answer your question:  It seems to me that when a city issues a gun to a rookie cop, they are trusting him
to use his best judgement, and certainly not to shoot anyone who he thinks the world would be better off without.

But isn't that, in essence, what Bush did?  And shouldn't Hillary, as other senators did, have realized that
Bush was not capable of handling the responsibility of handling said gun?
 Penny M.

I think that's obvious 2007.
But after all, he was the President.

When the President and the CIA says a real threat is "ready to launch,"
how was she supposed to say, "Maybe Bush is not the right president for this?"

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Bartcop Radio Minute

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 Iraq pumped 3.5M barrels daily before Bush invaded
 and then they got their 2003 Halliburton upgrade

Bush is stealing $220,000,000 every day.

No wonder they were so eager to start a war,

stealing  $220,000,000 every day.

It's the biggest theft in Earth's history.

Exxon made $10B profit in 90 days
 $100M a day - all profit - because Bush started a fake war


Bush's "Bring 'em on" death taunt is up to...

3,140....3,145 American victims

We lost 13 in the last two days
while the Little Dictator plays with himself.

...and how much did BIG OIL make yesterday?
Exxon makes $108M - every day

(And that's just ONE oil company)

13 more soldiers dead,
but Exxon makes $75,000 profit per minute

Bush can live with that,
because Iraq's oil wells have no meters.

Bush has killed more Americans than Osama.

The Departed - movie review

 Don't Click  unless you've already seen the movie

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Subject: Did Bush really visit Iraq?

He flies in, not telling anyone until the last second
He spends a few hours at the Baghdad airport
He flies home

It's like saying you've "been to" Chicago during a long holdover between flights.

Of course I wouldn't put it past him to fake the whole thing anyway,
but even so, it's not like he put himself in harm's way.

-Joe V

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 Excerpt: one could stop the momentum of a program which President Reagan himself had declared "operational."

NASA knew almost instantly that it was the O-ring joints that destroyed Challenger on January 28, 1986,
and they instituted a cover-up to prevent that knowledge from coming out. A few days later, a Presidential
Commission was convened to manage the news and steer attention away from White House involvement
in the launch decision.

My book documents these circumstances.


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"Rumsfeld will go down as one of the worst secretaries of defense in history," ."
    - John McCain, who must hate the troops,

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Subject: Ralph Nader

I think your anti-Nader stance is fortifying my consideration of him. 

I don't like Cuervo Gold, either.
You gonna go buy some?

I dislike the prick, but I am always refreshed to hear SOMEONE speak out against the Bush corporatocracy. 
He is ONE candidate against electronic vote rigging. 
Man, we could have used that voice over whatever has been exposed of Lieberman's policies - huh?

Y'know; I suck at poker and as proof I offer: I would have bet any amount that Kerry would win 
against a thieving war mongering profiteer who stole his previous trip to the carnival. 
Course I would have bet I'd hear him speak out against rigging the vote too, after his loss.

Nader's stated goal is to stop Hillary if she gets the nomination.
Since Nader can't win, that means he's working for the GOP.

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Closing arguments begin in Treason trial
  Will Scooter get a new nickname in prison?


Prosecutors began their closing arguments in the Libby treason trial Tuesday by scoffing at 
the idea that the guilty defendant was the victim of a White House conspiracy. 

Libby maintains that he learned about Plame from Cheney, forgot about it, then learned it again a month later 
from that whore Russert. Anything he told other reporters about Plame, Libby says, was just chatter and rumors, 
not official government information. Russert says he never discussed Plame with Libby.

Prosecutor Peter  Zeidenberg told jurors that, for Libby's story to be believed he had to forget 
nine conversations about Plame and invent two others.

"That's not a matter of misremembering or forgetting," Zeidenberg said. "It's lying."

When he's founf guilty, Bush will pardon him to keep his mouth shut
and the Democrats will be shocked and outraged by Bush's cover-up.

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Bridget Moynahan Expecting Ex's (Tom Brady) Baby



 See more of  Bridget  at  BC Hotties

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