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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.

BCR Show 118 is near!

Wed-Thursday  May 23-24, 2007  Vol 1983 - Fraudcast News

Quote of the Day

"I love hearing the sound of my own
  voice because I love hearing somebody 
  who's right all the time." 
    -- Rush the vulgar Pigboy, in love with himself
        because no woman can tolerate his pompous ass 


In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Grieving Moms
 > Watergate II 
Memo: Hillary, skip Iowa 
Gonzales Must Go 
The World Loves Bush? 
Mess as big as Iraq 
Black Ops against Iran
Body in Euphrates 



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"Fuck you! I know more about (immigration) than anyone else in the room."
   --  John McCain (R-Crazy) to Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX)  Link

 I'm so old, I remember when McCain was half sane.  But then Bush cut his balls off
 in Carolina in 2000 and he's been  just another Bush poodle (Arf! Arf!) ever since, 
 sacrificing his presidency for His Lord and Master, Emporer Bush.

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Grieving Moms vs. Washington Pols
 by Robert Parry

The unspeakable suffering of these parents of dead soldiers stands in marked contrast to the maneuvering
over the Iraq War now underway across the river in Washington. There, George W. Bush appears quietly
planning another escalation of the Iraq War – possibly doubling U.S. combat troops by Christmas
– and many members of Congress are frightened of the political repercussions if they stand up to him.

But Senate Democrats – (That phrase now officially makes me sick) faced with a near-solid phalanx
of Republicans standing behind the President – appear eager to run up the white flag, give Bush pretty
much whatever he wants, and break for the Memorial Day recess.

The Democrats didn’t help themselves when they started their “negotiations” with the White House by
announcing that they would eventually give Bush a bill that was acceptable to him. That’s a bit like going
into a car dealership, declaring that you intend to pay the full sticker price and then trying to bargain.

"Democrats cave in again" isn't even news.
It's like, "violence in the Middle East," - it would be news if it did NOT happen.

But what choice do we have - where can we go?
Saying, "They're all the same, why bother?" is just another surrender.

Next time the Democrats write or call to ask for money, tell them
"Surrendering constantly is free - call back when you grow a pair," 
 and then hang up.

 Send e-mail to Bart

Worse than Watergate II
 If only we can convince the Democrats

The breaking point was last week’s revelation by James Comey that Gonzales paid a rude
nighttime visit to then-U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft’s intensive-care hospital room.

The goal of bursting into the hospital and alarming Ashcroft’s wife, in a scene reminiscent of
“The Godfather,” was to obtain the signature of the semiconscious attorney general upon a
document renewing an electronic eavesdropping program that Ashcroft’s Justice Department
had concluded was not legal. Gonzales had lied about this secret program in Senate testimony
when he claimed that it was not regarded as controversial within the administration; actually,
it was so controversial that officials at Justice, from the attorney general to the FBI director,
had threatened to resign in protest if it were renewed.

But don’t blame Gonzales; he’s just another lightweight zealot exploited by the Cheney White House.

Remember when they tried to charge Clinton with illegally getting Monica a job?
And the GOP said that was a "huge crime" that had to be investigated?

Remember when "Lawn-gate" was a big deal, that had to be investigated?
Remember when "Travel-gate" was a big deal, that had to be investigated?
Or those super-important Rose Law firm billing records that held the secrets to Heaven?
How many thousands of body bags did Clinton need for dead soldiers?

Now we've got a gang of nuclear-armed thugs taking over the world
and the Democrats are busy making promises to help Bush with Iraq.

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Subject: your confusion

Osama is NOT Sunni, he's Shia.

Are you sure? 
Osama was a Shia in Saudi Arabia?
How'd that happen?

Were the 9-11 hijackers Shia?
Why are we helping the Shia take over Iraq?
Is Bush saying, "Job well done" for 9-11?

Saddam was Sunni. He's dead.

Really?  How did he die?  Peach truck?

Iraq's new government is Shia. They're buds with Iran.

Dude, I'm giving you a 30 day block of Bartcop Radio.

Youi must think I'm the dumbest log stuck in the damn
so I'll give you some BCR just to confirm your worst suspicions.

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Our dining room tables are handcrafted individually by Amish
master craftsmen with decades of table-building experience.
Each table is crafted with an eye for durability and strength.
Our tables are beautiful, heirloom quality pieces
that are designed to last for generations.

Please visit

Memo urges Hilly to skip Iowa
 That's a good idea - will she do it?


Hilly's deputy campaign manager wrote a memo this week urging her to bypass Iowa to spend time
and resources in New Hampshire, Carolina and other, larger states hosting primaries next Feb. 5.

The memo emerged days after a new poll shows her trailing Edwards and Obama in Iowa,
which is scheduled to hold the first voting contests next January 14.
There was no indication Wednesday that Henry's advice would be heeded

Why should Iowa pick our president?

Iowa killed Dean's campaign in 2004 and gave us the unmitigated Kerry disaster.
That disqualifies them - they should have the LAST caucus, not the first.

 Send e-mail to Bart

 Who said it first?

It would be nice to be able to say, "We never saw this coming," but that would be a lie. Deep down inside
we knew that the Democrats would eventually cower before Bush.  These Democrats are after all, more or less,
the same spineless crew that rolled over and voted for Bush to invade in the first place. And don't let them
rewrite history...Democrats knew the basis for the Iraq war was a pack of lies, they just didn't have the courage
to stand and be counted.


Now, right on cue, after months of bobbing and weaving and huffing and puffing and fronting and punking
--- the Democrats caved and have decided to write a blank check for Mister Cheney and Bush's Iraq War.
Everything Bush demanded the Democrats will deliver - including NO TIMELINE for withdrawal.


 Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: one question

Bart before I donate is your gambling under control?
I read what you said in that survey.

I say yes.  :)

Of course, it depends on how you define "control."
I'm told I have a "fish" rating at that web site I play at, but that's misleading.

Usually I do well on the first $2 tourney, I might win $4 or $9,
and once I'm playing with the other guy's money, it's all party from there.

Last time I played I won $10, then lost $5, lost $2, then $2 more.
With fees, I might've lost a dollar, but that's cheap for 2-3 hours of fun.

Since you were nice, like Michael in Godfather One, I'll let you ask this one time :)

On March 16, I deposited $79.
I have $30 left in my account.

$49 divided by 67 days = 73 cents per day on poker.

Mike Matasow, big time TV pro, lost $550,000 online in one weekend.
That computer no longer processes information.
Gabe Kaplan, Mister Kot-ter, best TV poker analyst ever, lost $7M playing poker.

I lose about 73 cents a day, so I think I have that under control :)
But thanks for asking, maybe others were wondering.

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Godfather IV 


"Last year, I organized the Rightroots effort to raise more than a quarter of a million dollars
 for Republican candidates in the last three months of the election. This year, if this immigration
amnesty bill passes, I'm going to organize a group of bloggers to raise money for any viable primary
challengers to pro-amnesty Republicans in the Senate.  I'm going to hunt down every piece of dirt I
can find on the pro-amnesty Republicans and release it.  If you're a Republican senator up for
re-election in 2008 and you vote for amnesty -- I've got two words for you: Scorched Earth..."
    -- Conservative blogger John Hawkins, Link

John, I wish you all the luck in the world.
BTW, e-mail me when you get that dirt - I'll help you.

 Send e-mail to Bart

Dennis Miller - Hitler Youth?

Subject: The cat & the cure

Ditto on the "cat and the cure" rant.   (BCR Show 100)
I damn near spit up a lung laughing at that story.

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Visit our friends at

Gonzales Must Go
  by John Dean

It's been clear for a while - and is becoming ever clearer - that Gonxales ought to resign, or to be fired.
Now, Congress seems determined to force Gonzales from office or send him to jail, whichever comes first.
This is plainly the right move.

The culmination of Gonzales's incompetence, dissimulation, and hubris is shocking. The fact that Bush
keeps him is testimony to Bush's own incompetence, dissimulation and hubris which are no longer shocking,
but rather standard procedure.

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Subject: Bixby cornfest?

Hey Bart!

I've got an idea for you.  Why not combine poker, Chinaco tequila and Bixby corn?  

San Fran sounds funky (never been - might like to get there someday) but Bixby's closer 
and I've been meaning to get there one of these years ever since it has been promoted on  

I know it's only a month or so away, but I'm sure I'm not the only one who has thought of this.  
Is it cheap to fly into anywhere near Bixby?  I'd drive there from metro Detroit.  

Tulsa and Bixby connect, and Tulsa is a SW Airlines city.

Maybe there are others who might be interested in making the drive as well?  
I'm thinking it can't hurt to ask... so I'm asking.
 Tom at

Dude, you vastly mis-overestimate my ability to draw a crowd.
I can't get New Yorkers to drive across the bridge to Jersey.
I can't get Angelinos to take a $34 plane ride to fabulous Las Vegas!

I've thought about a Tulsafest, but if I can't convince people to go to a great city, 
how do I convince them to drag their ass to blazing hot Tulsa in the middle of July?

Did you know our state veggie is the baked potatoe?

 Send e-mail to Bart

The World Loves Bush?
 Jimmy Carter Is Wrong, claims newsmax

Bush and his whole family are very respected, even popular, with the man on the street in China.
It is a country he visited as a teenager and a country that respects both he and his father.
China is the largest nation on earth, population 1.3 billion.

India is the second most populous nation on earth, with 1 billion, and George W. Bush may be the most
popular American president ever in that country. I have made many visits to India over the years and
written a book about it. His respect among the majority Hindu population runs very deep. They see him
as the first Western leader to understand the threat of militant Islam.

This administration is widely respected in Eastern Europe, very popular in Poland, for example, and Slovenia.
I just came back from Saratov, Russia, my third trip in a year to that country, Bush is respected by Russians
everywhere who see him as a gutsy guy, a leader, and they like that.

I don't believe a word of this - and you shouldn't either.
You can't believe anything you read on
They have the credibility of FOX News, or an American newspaper.

 Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: Why do they hate her?

Hi Bart,

I've been trying to figure out why all the violent hate towards Hilary. 
I mean, disagreeing with her politics or being concerned about possible policies is one thing, 
but so many people talk about her like she's the anti-Christ. 

Maybe I'm fishing here, but could sexism have something to do with it? Are there that many people
that deep down don't think that a woman "has what it takes" to be a president and so decide to act this way? 

It certainly wouldn't surprise me if her detractors on the right think that way, although you'd hope that 
kind of thing wouldn't come from the left. Just trying to make sense of something that boggles the mind.

Keep hammerin'

 Send e-mail to Bart

The owner of  wants to sell his domain name.

The site is dedicated to "honoring" President Bush for staring into space 
for seven minutes after being told the second tower had been hit.

(Sound of crickets...)

Would you care to make a bid on

Yes, I would, Bart!

Subject: I'm a new subscriber

Listened to most of #117, was very good. 
You sound as fluent in the art as anyone on Air America (yeah, that's a compliment!)

 Send e-mail to Bart

You want a piece of me? Quotes

"I don’t know if they’re going to do a reprinting of Al Gore's book to get the facts straight.
  The fact-checkers may have to take a look at it."
     -- Tony Snow, lying SOB,

"My book, unlike the President’s State of the Union Address, has been fact-checked."
   --Al Gore, responding to the lying SOB,

Bush and his gang of thugs will be gone soon (hopefully) so the Democrats
need to saddle some young GOP guns with this "No global warming" argument.

Laying a little groundwork now can really pay off in a few years.

 Send e-mail to Bart

Check out

Subject: letter to Pelosi 

I've just read that you and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid 
have decided to become Bush rubber stamps for the Iraq "W"ar.

What good is it to have an opposition political party if you 
effectively stand for everything this corrupt administration stands for?

How can you be scared of a man with a 28% approval rating?
 Andy P

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"Voting for the Iraq resolution was the biggest mistake Hillary ever made
  and it remains the biggest obstacle to her winning the nomination.
  Democratic voters reluctantly forgave John Kerry and John Edwards for
  making that boneheaded decision the first time but they won't do it again."
   -- Digby, as quoted by Kos,   Link

 That's almost nearly an answer to the question I've been asking, but not quite.
 Digby is saying she won't be forgiven a second time, implying that she was
 already forgiven once for her "What I didn't know then" vote.

 Is she expected to go back in time and change her vote?
 How is she supposed to do that?

 Am I misreading Digby?

 When you read the article, it seems Hillary has two choices:
 She can vote Yes on war funding and lose the primary or
 she can vote No on war funding and lose the election next November.

 The Democrats have put their front-runner in a box - perfect!

 I knew we could screw up certain victory if we tried hard enough.
 We're Democrats - by Koresh we'll find a way to screw up.

 Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: Falwell

None of the presidential candidates attended the Falwell funeral. 
All said they were "too busy”!

 Send e-mail to Bart


"That sounds like the perfect marriage to me:
  seventy days a year under the same roof with your spouse."
     -- Rush, lusting after male teen prostitutes in the Dominican Republic again

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Black Ops against Iran

The CIA has received secret presidential approval to mount a covert "black" operation to destabilize
the Iranian government, current and former officials in the intelligence community say.

The anonymous sources say Bush has signed a "nonlethal presidential finding" that puts into motion
a CIA plan that reportedly includes a coordinated campaign of propaganda, disinformation and
manipulation of Iran's currency and international financial transactions.

Just like North Korea, just like Iraq, Iran wasn't a problem until Bush made it a problem.
They can't steal hundreds of billions (as easily) in peacetime, so they create wars and kids die.

 Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: I am done with you


I can now see why Atrios took your link down.
You have become part of the problem not the solution.
I can't believe you fell in lock step with the Republicans bashing Kerry.

Yes, Kerry fucked up a joke, but it was the right wing noise machine that jumped on it
and media who wouldn't leave it alone. He did nothing wrong. He has a right to speak for God's sake.

Anyway, I don't feel like going any further. 
There is no hope for you.
You're a left wing kook. 
It's that simple.

I am a Democrat and a liberal and you're hurting our cause, not helping.
So I am not ever going to hunt a link down for this site anymore. 
I am over you.

Susan, steaming in Illinois

You're right - that was a mistake.
Keery is a great politician and a skilled public speaker.
His 2004 campaign was the most brilliant campaign ever
and he looked downright presidential in that condom suit..

How could I have gotten everything so wrong?

I sure wish Kerry would decide to run again in 2008
because the Democrats need him now more than ever.

I like candidate Kerry - he's the best we've got.

 Send e-mail to Bart

Del Castillo in Austin VW commercial

Del Castillo
 Friday, MAY 25
Warehouse Live in Houston

 Saturday, MAY 26
Brewster St. Ice House in Corpus Christi

I wish I could be there...

 Want to trade links?

Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: a correction

I disagree with your view point, but that's not why I'm emailing. 
I think you should offer your readers a correction. 

Michael DelGiorno wasn't fired - he was given an even better job

Furthermore, I have to admit, I think your loose use of the term "fascist" 
disrespects those who suffered so greatly under fascist rule. 

Prove your opinions make you a better person: give your readers a better product. 

So his old station and his new station are proud to have a born again thief on the payroll?

Send e-mail to Bart

ha ha

I laugh every time I see that...

Shrum and Dumber


Political advisor Bob Shrum says he pushed Edwards to vote for war in 2002, and that he regrets it. 
Shrum is best known for his 0-8 record in presidential races. Amazingly, however, he was still widely 
courted by Democrats in 2004.   Shrum] is rich, famous and, despite his losing streak, still in great demand
-- Kerry, John Edwards and Dick Gephardt all vied for his services in 2004.

And if I know my Democrats, (and I do) they'll hire the Quitter/Loser again in 2008.

Why can't Democrats learn?

Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: How the F did I get in this party?

Words fail me on how pissed I am at the pink tutu Democrats right now.
Pelosi might as well be sleeping with Lieberman and Reid is probably blowing Karl Rove
(What happens in Vegas...).

I sent Speaker Pelosi an e-mail suggesting she resign immediately but since I'm not a constituent she won't read it.
These are the times I look for houses in Thailand.
What spineless weiners.

By the way, congratulations on God killing Jerry Falwell to convince you He exists!
 Steve in Seattle

Send e-mail to Bart

Our old buddy Rackjite

TV Stuff

We taped Idol last night, hoping to see all the "special guests."

The highlight?
Taylor Hicks "fixed" The Beatles' A Day in The Life.

Thank God for that.
The original is such a sucky song, but Mr Soul Patrol "fixed" it.
What's wrong with John Lennon - he didn't know that song needed yodelling?

Also, a big FY to the makers of my Digital Video Recorder.
It shut off when Seagate said, "and the winner is..."

I had to get online to find out who won.
Not that it matters, but it's fun to see their face when they get the good news.


I'm thisclose to getting Direct TV...  

(I know, don't write - but I needs me some TV signal)

 Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: Bart's Selective Hammer

Bart, your "hammer" appears to be as selective as that of the MSM.  

Uh-Oh, I feel a gratuitous assertion coming on...

You hammer the oil companies, blaming them for the Iraq fiasco, and you frequently hammer 
the Islamic "handjobs" -- but totally missing from you is any hammering of  the "handjobs" in AIPAC 
and Israel who played major roles in deceiving America into this war, and who're currently trying to 
maneuver us into another one.  

Why? -- cat got your hammer? -- or are you perhaps a Mossad agent whose function it is
to divert attention from the country that dictates American Middle East foreign policy?

You caught me - I'm a Mossad agent.

 Send e-mail to Bart

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Tequilafest San Francisco?

Who wants to host a tons-of-fun Poker/Fine Tequila party?
Who's got a big house, or a club house we can rent for a night?
Got a little more feedback, before long, we'll have half a dozen...

Is everybody just too old to party?

 Bart, I have the perfect place and
 I would love to host Tequilafest San Fran 2007!

Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

Click on the E!

A mess almost as big as Iraq


After weeks of refusing to back down to Bush on setting a timetable on Iraq, House Democratic leaders
face having to explain to their party's rank and file why they've now relented. Party officials said Monday
the next war spending bill most likely will fund military operations and not demand a timeline to bring
troops home, although it will contain other restrictions on Bush's Iraq policies. On May 1, Bush vetoed a
$124.2 billion bill that would have paid for combat through September as Bush requested, but demanded
that troops start coming home this fall. Democrats say they hope to send Bush a new bill by the end of the
week he will sign, and troops in combat will get the resources they need without disruption.

You watch - the Democrats are going to end up owning this war.

<Big Al Gore sigh>

Sometimes I wish I'd stayed at the car lot :)

 Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: Tequilafest

I'll be there.
 Bruce Yurgil

Hell, meeting Bruce Yurgil is worth the trip to San Francisco.
I met Bruce in DC at the big Juliefest in 2002 but we didn't even have a chance to talk.
I'd enjoy sharing a few shots of Chinaco with him in the great San Francisco HempFest!.

The Best of Bruce Yurgil
What if we had a Bruce Yurgil Toon-off?  

 Click to vote for your favorite Bruce Yurgil toon

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 Iraq pumped 3.5M barrels daily before Bush invaded
 and then they got their 2003 Halliburton upgrade

Bush is stealing $220,000,000 every day.

No wonder they were so eager to start a war,

stealing  $220,000,000 every day.

It's the biggest theft in Earth's history.

Exxon made $10B profit in 90 days
 $100M a day - all profit - because Bush started a fake war


Bush's "Bring 'em on" death taunt is up to...

3,422....3,434 American victims

12 more families destroyed by Bush greed since last issue.
14 if you count the families of the kidnapped.

...and how much did BIG OIL make yesterday?
Exxon makes $108M - every day

Bush can live with that,
because Iraq's oil wells have no meters
and his front company is moving to Dubai.


 $100M a day,
$200M a day,
$300M a day - where's that money going?

Bush has killed more Americans than Osama.


Tuesday on Leno, he took a camera crew to The Strip in Vegas and talked to drunks.
This guy told a story about how expensive the Vegas hookers are.

He said, counting his stolen wallet, he lost "about $400."
He mumbled something about $150, so he paid her either $150 or $250.

I have no experience with hookers in Vegas or anywhere else, but I'd guess that 
it's a lot like looking at a tequila menu and it sounds like he ordered the Cuervo Gold.

 Send e-mail to Bart

Atheist scout Darrel Lambert

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Veronica Mars goes out on top

I predicted revenge would be a bitch.

The local Skull & Bones Republicans were trying to recruit Veronica's friend Wallace,
so they put an illegal hidden camera in his dorm room to see what he was really like.

They caught his roommate Piz, canoodling around with a naked Veronica Mars, and because
they are dickless Republicans, they posted the soft-core porn tape on the net just for spite.

Veronica broke several laws to Phillip Marlow her way into finding out who they were and because
they pointlessly posted her naked ass having almost sex on the Net, she gave the college newspaper
the names of every Hearst Skull & Bones member going back to 1939.

I've said it before,

...if I had my choice of Jack Bauer or Veronica Mars on my ass,
I'd surrender to Jack Bauer before I'd mess with Veronica Mars,
but she's gone now - they had to make room for another "eat worms" reality show..

Let's hope Rescue Me can cheer me up starting June 8th...

Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: haters

Bart, you wrote

> There are so many "Democrats" who would rather see a Republican win than Hillary.
> Why is she still in this race, knowing that if she wins, she'll have to fight all sides?

Just like Bill did.  

Repugs will ignore, overlook, and excuse just about any failing or wrongdoing of “their guy”.  
Dems on the other hand, tend to focus on and lament same.  If they ain’t perfect, they ain’t worthy.

Send e-mail to Bart

I was hoping to finish BCR 118 today, 
but we're having massive thunderstorms, so I dunno.


Suicide bomber kills 20, 9 more U.S. soldiers die

Twenty people were killed by a suicide bomber in a crowded cafe near Baghdad on Wednesday,
while the U.S. military reported the deaths of nine more soldiers in the past 48 hours.

Iraqi police also said they had found the body of one of three U.S. soldiers who have been missing
since an attack on their patrol south of Baghdad on May 12. The half-naked body, with bullet wounds
and signs of Gonzales, was pulled from the Euphrates River.

Note: Whore Reuters changed the text from what you just read to whatever's there now.

When those three soldiers were kidnapped, I wonder if they thought about how Bush casually
threw away the Geneva conventions so he could get into some good, old, blood-thirsty torture?

The body they found Wednesday - he was the luckiest of the three. 
His torture has ended.  What are the other two going thru right now?

Can you imagine how scared those three soldiers were/are?
Knowing with absolute certainty that they were going to be tortured to death, because of Bush?

When I first heard they'd been taken, I thought, "I wish they were dead right now," but no,
the "evildoers" were certain to put them thru some of this...

and some of this...

and certainly some of this...

because that's what the American invaders did to some unlucky Iraqis, on Bush's orders.

The generals told Bush, "We can't torture because we don't want OUR guys tortured," 
and Bush said, "I don't care - torture them anyway," and this is what happens as a result.

And what about the other two that are still being tortured?
They're still being tortured - it's been what - 13 days now?
I can't imagine what 13 seconds of torture feels like, let alone 13 hours or 13 days.

You know those two are begging God to stop their hearts.

Just thinking about it gives me a painful thud in my stomach.

 Send e-mail to Bart


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Our motto for this year is - "No Anti-Bush Site Left Behind". So - if you have an anti-bush site and you are  choking on hosting fees or dealing with threats - let us know and we'll help keep you online. 

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